Free Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips It’s clear: They’ve been jailed for telling the unwelcome truth about the state of our elections today.

BELOW: “2000 Mules” virtual premiere: Eric Metaxas, Dinesh D’Souza, Deborah D’Souza, Catherine Engelbrecht, Gregg Phillips, Danielle D’Souza Gill, Brandon Gill, and an unidentified couple.

"She's in Jail! What a Disgrace!" - Trump Calls Out Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips

The Unnecessary Incarceration of Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips

WRONGFULLY JAILED: Dinesh D’Souza On True The Vote Being Jailed For Not Revealing Source

Engelbrecht & Gregg Phillips Taken Into Custody


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In yet another of the Left’s increasingly brazen miscarriages of justice, Monday, November 7 will mark a week since the leaders of True the Vote, Catherine Engelbrecht, and Gregg Phillips, were imprisoned in Houston for refusing to disclose the identity of an FBI informant. But as is always the case with the Left, there is much more to this case than that: the imprisonment of Engelbrecht and Phillips is part of the Left’s efforts to cover up its own election crimes. Engelbrecht and Phillips are deeply committed patriots; the Freedom Center was privileged to help Catherine Engelbrecht launch True the Vote in its first promotional video, which was filmed in David Horowitz’s living room with David as its endorser.

These are heroic individuals on the frontline of the battle for American democracy, and now that they’re directly in the Left’s crosshairs, they should be supported by every patriot.

Engelbrecht and Phillips have maintained, quite rightly, that whenever they have acceded to demands to reveal their sources in the past, the Left has doxed and harassed those sources. It’s also quite clear that this legal harassment that Engelbrecht and Phillips are experiencing right now is designed to distract attention from and obscure what they’ve discovered about severe vulnerabilities in our elections process. Once again, Leftists are covering up their own misdeeds.

The Texas Tribune reported last Monday that Engelbrecht and Phillips will “remain in jail until they release the name of the man.” They’re bearing up well: on Wednesday, according to Gateway Pundit, “Catherine delivered an audiotaped message from prison to thank all of her and Gregg’s supporters for their ‘prayers and kind messages of support.’ Engelbrecht announced that they are appealing their cases to the Fifth Circuit Court and are praying for a good result. She also asked that Americans remain focused on the upcoming election and encourage everyone they know to vote. She ended her message by saying, ‘God bless America. And I’ll see you soon…’”

We hope so. They’re in prison now as the result of what they discovered about the 2020 election, and their release would be a small measure of justice amid the monstrous wrongs that were committed during that election and are still being committed today. The Texas Tribune notes that Konnech, an “election management software company,” filed suit against True the Vote, claiming that its allegations against Konnech’s founder and CEO, Eugene Yu, “led to personal threats to him and his family and damaged his company’s business.” This is a familiar Leftist tactic: when exposed or even simply criticized, claim that the negative coverage has exposed you to threats of violence from the unhinged “right-wing extremists” that loom so large in Leftist propaganda but are so hard to find in real life.

What’s really going on is an attempt to cover up what Engelbrecht and Phillips have discovered. “In podcasts and interviews,” the Tribune reports, “Phillips described a dramatic night in early 2021 in a Dallas hotel, where a man he later identified as Mike Hasson revealed what True the Vote has said was hard evidence of Konnech’s alleged influence on the 2020 election.” True the Vote found evidence that Konnech “had stored American poll worker data on a server in China.”

Meanwhile, the charges that True the Vote has made against Konnech have been demonstrated to be accurate by an unlikely source: the Los Angeles district attorney’s office. Eugene Yu “is facing felony charges of grand theft by embezzlement and conspiracy to commit a crime. The Los Angeles district attorney’s office said Yu and Konnech violated the company’s contract with Los Angeles County by illegally giving contractors in China access to data that was supposed to be stored only in the United States. Yu has filed a motion to dismiss the charges, arguing that even if the charges are true, they aren’t criminal. Los Angeles prosecutors have acknowledged receiving an early tip from Phillips.”

So True the Vote uncovered evidence that China had access to American elections data. That’s the real reason why they’re in prison today, and why it is such an immense injustice that they are. Just as Leftists have woven an elaborate fantasy of a January 6 “insurrection” in an attempt to defame, discredit and destroy Donald Trump and his supporters, so also they’re doing everything they possibly can to keep the full truth about their chicanery in the 2020 election from coming out. One supporter of Engelbrecht and Phillips summed it up succinctly: “This is what tyranny looks like.”

Yes, it is. And it must not stand. Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips must be freed immediately, without being required to disclose the name of their confidential informant. The American people are watching Joe Biden’s Justice Department closely, and more and more people are realizing that there is a two-tier justice system: one to protect Leftists such as Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton, no matter how serious their crimes may be, and another to persecute patriots who still believe in the promise our free republic offers. Attorney General Garland: End this injustice now. Free True the Vote.

HOLOCAUST OF THE UNBORN: Babies are DYING because their mothers got “vaccinated” for covid

Image: HOLOCAUST OF THE UNBORN: Babies are DYING because their mothers got “vaccinated” for covid



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(Natural News) One of the most concerning side effects of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” is that they seem to be preventing reproduction by killing babies still in the womb.

Rates of stillbirth, new reports indicate, continue to increase as fully vaccinated mothers fail to deliver their children in growing numbers. As many as 28 out of 29 women, depending on the data source – that statistic comes from Pfizer itself, believe it or not – are experiencing stillborn deliveries in the covid injection era.

A hospital in the Fresno, Calif., area circulated an email internally that suggests stillbirths are up big time – 500 percent, in fact – compared to pre-Operation Warp Speed. That email was leaked to the independent media, which is reporting on it while the corporate media ignores it.

As far as mainstream news goes, Fauci Flu shots are still the best and greatest thing a person can take to protect against the Chinese Flu. In reality, though, the shots are having a depopulation effect on those who take them. (Related: Earlier this year, it was reported that at least half a million spontaneous abortions have occurred as a result of covid injections.)

The nurse says she heard of two mothers whose babies developed blood clots in the womb

Prior to the release of the shots, stillbirths were relatively rare. At the hospital in question, about one or two occurred every three months or so. Now, dozens of stillbirths are occurring monthly – a substantial increase.

The Epoch Times, which first reported on the revelation, reached out to the head nurse who wrote the email to inquire about why she referred to the cases as “demise patients.” She has yet to respond.

California Today, which also reported on the leaked email, put together a video segment that you can watch on the RAIR Foundation website.

If you are an Epoch Times subscriber, you can also watch a 25-minute video exposé about the leaked email at this link.

Epoch has a live chat associated with the video in which one woman claims she suffered not just one but two stillbirths after getting jabbed back in early 2021.

“I was a ‘liberal’ and believed my doctors,” this person wrote. “I’m so glad word is getting out about this. Hopefully, others can be spared this horrible pain.”

Another person mentioned the “Under the Skin” documentary, which discusses the problems sheep who get vaccinated with mRNA shots for brucellosis suffer. Many of the sheep died not long after the experimental drug was injected into them, the film explains.

“I am a nurse and I have heard of two mothers whose babies have had blood clots in the womb,” wrote another. “I have NEVER heard of such a thing before. It’s just hearsay, though. I have no actual evidence.”

Someone else asked what it is going to take for more people to come to a realization that these shots are dangerous and have no business being injected into people’s bodies based on everything we now know about them.

“Herod did the same thing with his massacre of the innocents,” wrote someone else, referring to the famous Bible story about the genocide of all male children two years and younger in the vicinity of Bethlehem, where Jesus Christ was born.

“I will repeat one virologist who said, ‘whoever made the virus is satanic, however, whoever made the vaccines is 10 times as satanic,'” wrote another person, referring to the two different types of spike proteins in the virus versus the injections.

Want to learn more about the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines?


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Stillbirths are skyrocketing in the post-covid vaccination era, leaked hospital email reveals

Image: Stillbirths are skyrocketing in the post-covid vaccination era, leaked hospital email reveals



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(Natural News) An employee at a hospital in Fresno, Calif., leaked an email to the media showing that stillbirth rates have been spiking ever since the introduction of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

In August of this year, there were 22 stillbirths at the facility, the email revealed. And the trend is only expected to continue, it went on to state. (Related: Some of Canada’s most-vaccinated areas saw a 28-fold increase in stillbirths due to covid injections.)

So far in September, there have been seven stillbirths, though at the time of reporting only eight days had passed in the month. Extrapolated to October, we would expect the total number of stillbirths at the hospital in September to be around 40, or more than twice that of August.

Prior to Operation Warp Speed, the average number of stillbirths per month at the hospital in question was less than one. Only about two deaths every three months were reported at the facility prior to the rollout of Fauci Flu shots.

The Epoch Times, which was among the first to obtain the email in question, reached out to the head nurse who sent the email for clarification. No response was received as of this writing.

As many as 28 out of 29 pregnant women who get “vaccinated” lose their babies

According to Dr. James Thorpe, a Florida physician who specializes in maternal-fetal medicine, the contents of the leaked email are consistent with the findings of more than 1,300 peer-reviewed papers that have been published in the last 15 months.

Severe complications and death are both common outcomes post-injection for the Chinese Flu. Only a fraction of these cases appear in the government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), however.

“This shot was designed to cross into the ovary; this shot was designed to cross into the brain barrier. This shot was designed to go everywhere,” revealed Dr. Chris Alan Shoemaker in a powerful speech on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada.

“And that’s why people are dying in such strange circumstances, unexplained circumstances, and the numbers are horrific. Sixty-seven percent of people who get the vaccine while pregnant lose the pregnancy.”

It turns out that Pfizer’s own internal document shows that the figure is even higher, with 28 out of 29 pregnant women losing their babies after getting jabbed for the Wuhan Flu.

This is why Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi has repeatedly warned pregnant women against taking the vaccine(s). To do so is to basically have a death wish for the baby since the chances of stillbirth are exceptionally high.

“The vaccine package insert from Biotech even says that pregnant women aren’t allowed to be vaccinated because vaccine injury cannot be ruled out,” Bhakdi says. “And if a young woman decides to get vaccinated, she should avoid becoming pregnant for two months.”

Despite the warnings, many pregnant women have gone ahead and gotten injected anyway, resulting in many additional stillbirths and the needless suffering associated with this tragic loss of unborn human life.

“They knew and they did nothing about it,” wrote a commenter. “They knew the clot shot didn’t stop transmission and they lied. Biden lied and millions died or will die.”

“All the grandstanding and ostracization of those who were skeptical and smart. All the relatives mocked and shamed their children into getting it. They have no shame. They think we’ll forget. I for one will never forget.”

Another pointed out that these revelations are why some, including Emily Oster of The Atlantic, are now calling for covid “amnesty” – because they know We the People want not just answers but justice for these crimes against humanity.

The latest news about Chinese Virus shots can be found at

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A calendar of FIVE important events this week: Election night coverage, Democrat civil war, preparedness supplies availability and docu-series launch

Image: A calendar of FIVE important events this week: Election night coverage, Democrat civil war, preparedness supplies availability and docu-series launch



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(Natural News) There are at least five notable things happening this week that are worth paying attention:

Tuesday, Nov. 8th – Election Day

Make absolutely sure you go vote in person on Election Day. In fact, voting on Election Day is better than voting by mail or voting early because voting on Election Day makes it more difficult for Dems to cheat. It’s critical to overwhelm the cheating effort in real-time so that their vote-rigging algorithms can’t keep up (which is exactly how the Dems got defeated in 2016 when Trump got elected).

Make sure to vote against all Democrats because the Democrat party has become: 1) The party of grooming and pedophilia. 2) The party of censorship and oppression. 3) The pro-war part trying to start a nuclear war. 4) The party of food inflation, sky-high fuel prices, and escalating debt. 5) The party of intolerance, racism, anti-white hatred, and discrimination against Asians, Christians, Hispanics, Blacks, and now even gays.

Tuesday, Nov. 8th – Brighteon.TV election evening coverage featuring Dr. John Diamond, Alan Keyes, Jeffrey Prather, and many others

Beginning at 6 pm Eastern on Election Day, Brighteon.TV will be offering live coverage of election results. Hosted by Dr. John Diamond, this coverage will include Dr. Alan Keyes, Jeffrey Prather, and myself, among many other guests. We will provide live coverage through the evening, ending at 11pm Eastern (that’s the current plan).

Notably, several other independent media broadcasters are also covering Election Day results. This includes:

– Brannon Howse from Worldview Report:

– Alex Jones and the InfoWars team at or

Wednesday, Nov. 9th – Democrat “Civil War” begins

On Wednesday, prepare to witness the “Democrat civil war” unfold as the finger-pointing blame game begins for the disastrous results of the election. Watch for fierce behind-the-scenes battles between the Pelosi camp (blamed for being too mainstream and not radical enough) and the AOC camp (blamed for being too radical and offending moderate Democrats), along with plenty of condemnation heaped on Biden and his handlers for operating a zombie president who lacks any semblance of cognitive function.

The best part of this will be watching Democrats double down on stupid as they refuse to listen to the very clear messages voters are telling them: 1) Drop the pedophilia, transgenderism nonsense, and child grooming lunacy. 2) Stop shutting down energy infrastructure and make gas affordable again. 3) Make food affordable again. 4) End the censorship tyranny and authoritarian thought police scheme that seeks to silence all dissenting views.

Predictably, Democrats will reject what voters are demanding and, instead, will claim Republicans are trying to destroy democracy and murder children (which, ironically, is exactly what Democrats are doing…).

Wednesday, Nov. 9th – Propaganda Exposed Uncensored Edition begins

Also on Wednesday, the first episode of the new, expanded Propaganda Exposed Uncensored Edition goes live. This is a free-to-watch, nine-part docu-series featuring dozens of top experts sounding off about the covid conspiracy, vaccine injuries, psychological terrorism by the media, and much more.

Register to watch the entire series for free at

You can optionally purchase digital downloads or thumb drives with the full program. Any earnings we receive from affiliate revenues are now 100% pledged to purchasing and distributing food for America’s hungry families. The food shipments begin in January, and we will publicly detail the total dollar amount purchased and where it’s being shipped to be distributed through ministries, food banks, or other groups that help feed the hungry across America. See more details in this earlier announcement.

Thursday, Nov. 10th – Health Ranger Store Early Black Friday Event begins – with Ranger Buckets back in stock

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Bonus item: Saturday, Nov 12th – Brighteon Autism Conference replay

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Central banks all over the world are buying gold at a furious pace

Central banks all over the world are buying gold at a furious pace



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Central banks all over the world are accumulating gold reserves at a record pace not seen in 55 years.

According to the World Gold Council (WGC), central banks all over the world purchased a record-breaking 399 tons of bullion during the third quarter of 2022, massively raising the global demand for precious metals.

The WGC also noted that retail demand by jewelers and buyers of gold bars and coins was also strong, with the world’s demand for gold during the third quarter amounting to 1,181 tons. This amounts to a 28 percent year-over-year increase in demand. (Related: Health Ranger Report: Gold and silver can help safeguard your assets as the COLLAPSE of traditional pension systems looms.)

While demand for physical gold assets like bars and coins increased, demand for exchange-traded funds (ETFs) storing bullion for investors shrank. Physical assets, especially precious metals, are typically seen as safe investments during times of economic uncertainty or turmoil. But as central bank-mandated interest rate hikes continue, investors are seeing ETFs as less valuable and are trading them in for other assets.

The WGC noted that a substantial amount of the gold purchased during the third quarter was bought by central banks that did not publicly report their purchases. The central banks of Turkey, Uzbekistan, Qatar, and India were among the largest buyers.

The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey purchased 31 tons, bringing its total gold reserves to 489 tons. This does not include the 46.8 tons of gold bars and coins retailers purchased – a more than 300 percent year-over-year increase in gold purchases in the country.

The Central Bank of Uzbekistan was next, purchasing 26 tons. The Reserve Bank of India followed with 17 tons, pushing its reserves to 785 tons, and the Qatar Central Bank purchased 15 tons of gold.

“Looking ahead, we anticipate central bank buying and retail investment to remain strong,” said WGC analyst Louise Street.

Many central banks keeping their gold purchases secret

Just under a quarter of all gold purchases for the third quarter went to the central banks mentioned above and other publicly identified institutions. The rest went to mystery buyers.

The People’s Bank of China rarely discloses how much gold it is buying or how much is currently in its reserves. But trade data shows that the country has been importing vast amounts of bullion. Last year, it imported 821 tons of gold. This year, it has imported 902 tons so far, already surpassing the 2021 total.

The gold that China imports is also on top of the more than 300 tons the country’s gold mines typically produce each year.

Russia, the world’s second-largest gold mining nation, typically produces more than 300 tons of gold per year. But since the beginning of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, Russian gold is no longer welcome in many parts of the world. Sanctions have also made countries like China and India more cautious about importing huge quantities of Russian gold.

This has raised speculation about whether or not the Central Bank of Russia stepped in to purchase more gold. The country’s foreign currency reserves held by non-Russian banks and financial institutions are currently frozen by sanctions, making it less attractive for the central bank to make more currency purchases.

Other possible major buyers include Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states of Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. All three nations have reaped massive windfalls as demand for oil surged, and financial analysts believe they have been plowing cash into foreign assets, possibly in gold to diversify their holdings.

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