All Voting Machines Down in Mercer County, NJ

All voting machines are down in each district across Mercer County, New Jersey, according to officials. Voters can still vote using a standard ballot at their polling locations.



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Election irregularities have been reported across Maricopa County, Arizona, and now all voting machines are also reportedly down in Mercer County, New Jersey. Because elections have never been more safe and more secure.

Action News on 6abc tweeted, “#BREAKING All voting machines are down in each district across Mercer County, New Jersey, according to officials. Voters can still vote using a standard ballot at their polling locations.”

6abc’s article said, “More than a quarter of the state’s [NJ] House seats are considered competitive.” Machine malfunctions wouldn’t by any chance help stem a potential red wave, would they?

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Mercer County posted on Facebook this morning, “The Board of Elections has advised the county of issues with voting machines. Poll workers will be on hand to walk voters through the process. The board is working with Dominion, the machine maker, to resolve the issue.” You might remember Dominion from the highly irregular 2020 election.

Mercer County has not provided any updates as of this writing.

Fetterman Hires Shady Hillary Campaign Lawyer to Get Illegal Ballots Counted

Fetterman campaign sues to have incomplete mail-in ballots counted



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U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman has hired a notoriously corrupt and scandal-plagued Democratic election lawyer in a last-ditch effort to get Pennsylvania’s election boards to count illegal mail-in ballots.

Last month, we learned that the Pennsylvania State Department, led by Democrat Leigh M. Chapman, a left-wing voting rights activist, intended to count mail-in ballots that are incorrectly dated or undated. However, the state supreme court deemed those ballots illegal earlier this month and ordered them not to be counted.

The Fetterman campaign and two Democratic organizations hired Marc Elias of the Elias Law Group, a longtime Democratic attorney, to file a federal lawsuit on Monday demanding that the state’s 67 county election boards count those illegal ballots. The Elias Law Group claims that “thousands” of undated mail-in ballots have already been cast in the race.

Marc Elias is one of the most corrupt election lawyers in the nation. Prior to founding the Elias Law Group, Marc Elias was a partner at the Democrat law firm Perkins Coie, which, as you may recall, played a key role in the creation of the infamous Steel dossier. In fact, it was Elias who retained Fusion GPS to conduct the research that was ultimately used by Christopher Steele to generate the bogus document.

Elias has been retained by Democrats all over the country to challenge elections with absurd lawsuits. He’s even been sanctioned for making misleading claims in court filings.

I’ve previously expressed concern that there were shenanigans going on in Pennsylvania. According to a report from The Epoch Times, the Pennsylvania Department of State also sent out at least 249,000 mail-in ballots to unverified voters for the 2022 general election “due to an odd process for verifying the identity of those requesting mail-in ballots where people vote first and verify their identification later.”

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An unverified voter isn’t necessarily fraudulent and could simply be caused by typos, like an incorrect driver’s license number or a misspelling. But these discrepancies are supposed to be resolved before the individual’s vote is counted, and the failure to address them before the election leaves the process vulnerable to potential fraud.

Fetterman has trailed his Republican opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz, in most of the recent polls by a slim margin.

Pope FRANCIS praises Muslim Council of Elders, claims it is ‘committed to dispelling erroneous interpretations’ of Islam

With Russia’s war in Ukraine raging, Pope Francis joined Muslim, Christian, and Jewish leaders Friday in calling for the world’s great religions to work together for peace, telling an interfaith summit that religion must never be used to justify violence and that faith leaders must counter the “childlike” whims of the powerful to make war.

LIVE from the Mosque - Sakhir Royal Palace | Join us for Pope Francis' meeting with Members of the Muslim Council of Elders. Later, the Holy Father will move to the Our Lady of Arabia Cathedral to join an Ecumenical Prayer for Peace.



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The naive Francis twice said: “As-salamu alaikum!,” not realizing that in Islamic law, only Muslims may use that greeting, when greeting fellow Muslims. It means “Peace be upon you,” and to unbelievers, a Muslim is supposed to say “Peace be upon those who are rightly guided.”

He also said: “I offer you cordial greetings and I express my prayerful hope that the peace of the Most High may descend upon each of you: upon you, who desire to foster reconciliation in order to avoid divisions and conflicts in Muslim communities; upon you, who see in extremism a danger that corrodes genuine religion; upon you, who are committed to dispelling erroneous interpretations that through violence misconstrue, exploit and do a disservice to religious belief.”

It would be refreshing if the Muslim Council of Elders actually bothered to explain how the interpretations of “extremists” are “erroneous,” so that their influence in Muslim communities could be combatted. But they don’t do this, and the pope doesn’t seem to notice or care.

“Pope Francis to Muslim Elders: God ‘Never Incites Hatred, Never Supports Violence,’” by Thomas D. Williams, Breitbart, November 5, 2022:

ROME — Pope Francis told Muslim elders in Bahrain Friday that God is the source of peace and he “never brings about war, never incites hatred, never supports violence.”

“I have come among you as a believer in God, as a brother and as a pilgrim of peace,” the pontiff told the Muslim Council of Elders, so that “we can journey together.”

In passing, the pope also addressed concerns of alleged human rights abuses in the majority Sunni Muslim nation, especially of the country’s minority Shiite Muslim community. In recent years many Shiite activists have been imprisoned or deported, and the largest Shiite opposition group has been outlawed.

“I offer … my prayerful hope that the peace of the Most High may descend upon each of you … who desire to foster reconciliation in order to avoid divisions and conflicts in Muslim communities,” Francis said.

“We, who believe in [God], are called to promote peace with tools of peace, such as encounter, patient negotiations and dialogue, which is the oxygen of peaceful coexistence,” he said.

“Peace is born of fraternity; it grows through the struggle against injustice and inequality; it is built by holding out a hand to others,” he declared, which is made possible “by eliminating the forms of inequality and discrimination that give rise to instability and hostility.”

The pope praised his hearers for seeing in extremism “a danger that corrodes genuine religion” and for their commitment “to dispelling erroneous interpretations that through violence misconstrue, exploit and do a disservice to religious belief.”

“We need to put a future of fraternity ahead of a past of antagonism, overcoming historical prejudices and misunderstandings in the name of the One who is the source of peace,” he asserted….

UK spending $8,000,000 a day, including $1,300,000 for Afghans alone, to house migrants in luxury hotels



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Does anyone in the British government notice or care that the migrants are almost all young military-age males? Has no one at all pondered the implications of this? Clearly, an agenda is being implemented here, with the full cooperation of the British government, but no one seems to mind.

“Home Office staff scramble to book hotels for asylum seekers costing £7m-a-day as Tory backbenchers revolt over accommodation in tourist hotspots,” by Jessica Warren, Rory Tingle, Izzy Lyons, and Isabelle Stanley, Daily Mail, November 3, 2022 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

The Home Office was today continuing a frantic search for more hotel rooms for asylum seekers to relieve pressure at an overcrowded processing facility – as Tory backbenchers staged a revolt about the block-booking of prime locations in their constituencies.

Immigration minister Robert Jenrick said the Government was trying to transfer people from crisis-hit Manston in Kent ‘as quickly as possible’. But the move has sparked a backlash from backbench Conservatives angry about prime locations in their constituencies being block-booked.

Tory MPs who have complained about the use of hotels in their areas include David Davis (Haltemprice and Howden), Selaine Saxby (North Devon), Kate Kniveton (Burton), Jo Gideon (Stoke-on-Trent Central), Tom Hunt (Ipswich) and Katherine Fletcher (South Ribble)….

The Government is spending nearly £7million a day to house asylum seekers in hotels, it emerged last week. Out of this total, £5.6m is being spent on asylum seekers, while another £1.2m is being spent on bridging hotels for Afghans….

Four members of the RNLI were turfed out of the three-star hotel in Hoylake, Merseyside, without notice on Tuesday.

They came back to find their bags packed and left in the foyer after taking part in a hovercraft training session on nearby mudflats.

A source said: ‘The irony is off the scale. These migrants were picked up in the Channel by members of Border Force and volunteers from the RNLI. Now some of those volunteers, literally on a course to improve the ways they can save lives at sea, have been kicked out of their hotel by the very people they’re training to rescue.’…

It has also been revealed that four- and five-star hotels are being booked out for months at a time to house thousands of migrants….

MSNBC claims that efforts to remove pornography from public schools are ‘book banning’



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“Book banning is much more than just the removal of books from school libraries.”

Actually, that’s all it is: an effort to remove explicitly pornographic material such as Gender Queer from public libraries and public schools. But Ali Velshi and Reza Aslan are in the business of stoking Leftist hysteria, and they love posturing as the courageous enlightened against the benighted, willfully stupid bigots.

If Velshi is serious about his “Banned Book Club,” however, let him feature an author whose books are not subject to an official ban, but to the de facto ban of Leftist conformism. Let him discuss a book that cuts against the Left’s authoritarian agenda. Don’t hold your breath.

“Velshi Banned Book Club: The Concerted Effort to Ban Books,” NBCUniversal, November 5, 2022:

Book banning is much more than just the removal of books from school libraries. It has become a rallying cry for the Christian Right, and a wedge issue for these upcoming midterm elections. So how do you speak to religious fundamentalists about an issue like book banning? Reza Aslan, author of “Beyond Fundamentalism” has an answer, “The way that you defeat religiously-inspired hate is with religiously-inspired love….

IMMINENT FOOD CRISIS! – Fuel Shortage Could Lead To SOCIETAL COLLAPSE! – What You NEED To Know!

Josh Sigurdson reports on the controlled collapse of the supply chain and the grid as we come up on a complete collapse of the fuel supply in the United States and very little being done about it.

With less than 15 days left of the diesel supply, many are warning to deaf ears that the supply chain could see a complete collapse the likes of which we've never seen. Many experts and banks are even saying we are facing societal collapse.

We tried to warn Europe and few listened. Now they're facing the consequences if they did not prepare. Now it's coming to the United States.

All the while, the governments of the world are exacerbating the crisis in every way humanly possible and it all leads to the planned collapse of an empire and the rise of a new world order based on a cashless society, a Great Reset, and a controlled technocracy based in social credit and carbon credits.


Parents become outraged after learning adults were sleeping with their fifth-grade children at camp




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(Natural News) Several parents of students at a Los Angeles-area public school were outraged after finding out about sleeping arrangements at a school-organized science camp in nearby San Bernadino County.

Parents addressed their concerns with Los Alamitos Unified School District officials after Weaver Elementary School students were forced to sleep with adults.

“No parent should feel the way I feel after knowing what could have happened to my daughter,” said parent Suzy Johnson, according to KTLA5.

Parents said that their fifth-grade girls alerted them after some biologically male counselors at Camp Pali in San Bernardino who use the pronouns “they/them” spent three nights sleeping alongside them in cabins.

“I contacted the school and asked them if they were able to confirm that there was not a man actually sleeping in the same cabin as the girls. They were not able to confirm that,” noted parent Rachel Sandoval.

Emmi Teige, an assistant director of Camp Pali, explained to KTLA5 that what happened is really just the fault of lunatic Democrats who run the most screwed-up state in the union.

“Per California law, we place staff in cabins they identify with,” she said.

The outlet adds:

Parents say they are not accusing anyone of a crime, but they are angry the school district did not let parents know about the camp policy.

These parents say they just want others to be informed of the policy so that they can make decisions for their own families.

“It’s awful that children had to even experience this in fifth-grade camp,” said Johnson. “If I

was aware of it and I had initialed something saying this was going to be done at this outdoor science camp, I would have kept my children home.”

A school district spokesperson told KTLA5 that all concerns and complaints by parents and others are taken seriously and as such, district personnel are investigating. But again, if it truly is a state law that biological men and women can sleep with young children of the opposite sex for any reason, then an investigation will prove fruitless.

Shortly afterward, however, the district essentially claimed that the girls were lying to their parents in a statement issued to KTLA, saying there were no biologically male counselors sharing cabins with female students.

“While counselors may have used the pronouns, they/them, the use of these pronouns is not restricted to biological males. Biological females also use those terms,” the statement said, followed by a mishmash word salad about ‘rights’ and ‘equality.’

“Pali Institute is an equal opportunity employer and always has been, with diversity and inclusion among its core values,” the statement continued. “Its commitment to diversity and inclusion applies equally to its students.

“Pali Institute’s priority is and always has been to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of its students, with strict rules and guidelines that govern staff interaction with students,” the statement continued.

So again, someone is lying, and it is a good bet that it’s the school district or the Institute. Several young girls would not go home and tell their parents the same story — ‘we had to sleep with biological men’ — unless it were true (and what does the left tell us about such things — ‘Always believe girls’?).

What is also true is that the Democrat supermajority that rules California is insane when it comes to LGBTQ policies. Over the years, Democrats have literally trampled on the rights of men and women, boys and girls in the state who are not ‘confused’ about their gender in order to convey extra-special rights to a tiny minority of residents.

And now, those lunatic laws and policies are coming back to bite.

The solution is simple for Californians if a majority of them are smart enough to see it and ‘brave’ enough to accept it: Stop electing left-wing Democrats to office.

Sources include:

ANALYSIS: Biden regime to wage WAR OF TERROR against America as punishment for voting red



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) There exist at least two prominent competing theories about what’s going to happen tomorrow on Election Day.

Theory #1: The Dems will blatantly rig everything, right in the open, and dare conservatives to do something about it.

According to this theory, the Dems are done even trying to pretend to engage in a democratic election. They would just rig the whole thing and keep both the House and Senate, then try to provoke a kinetic reaction from conservatives so they can declare an insurrection and attempt nationwide gun confiscation. Martin Armstrong has publicly voiced his concern that Dems are going to rig everything.

The argument against this theory is that elections are decentralized and although cheating can happen in some areas, it seems extremely difficult to cheat nationwide in a coordinated fashion, on a race-by-race local basis.

Theory #2: Red wave sweeps the House and Senate, followed by Biden regime terrorism against “disobedient” Americans

This second theory seems far more likely to me. It looks like, according to recent polls and the frustration of Americans who are reeling from sky-high food prices, fuel prices, and rising violent crime, that a red wave is going to sweep across America, taking control of the House, the Senate, and several state governorships. This scenario has the advantage of allowing Dems and the complicit media to claim something like, “See? Elections aren’t being rigged, and 2020 wasn’t rigged either.” Yet it maintains Biden in power, along with the entire complicit bureaucracy, including the DOJ, FBI, FDA, CDC, and so on.

With this executive power, Biden can wage a war of terror against the American people by dismantling the food and energy infrastructure that keeps people alive. In fact, Biden has already promised to do exactly that. Over the weekend, Joe Biden directly promised to shut down all the coal plants in America, which would plunge the nation into an energy collapse scenario. As reported by, Biden said, “We’re going to be shutting these plants down all across America and having wind and solar.”

The problem, of course, is that you can’t scale up wind and solar according to grid demand. With coal plants, you can simply burn more coal as needed, and taper off when demand wanes. But wind power produces nothing when the wind isn’t blowing, and solar power produces nothing for roughly half of every 24-hour period, since the sun isn’t out. (And even when the sun is shining, the sharp angles of morning and evening sunlight produce almost no power anyway.)

And then, just in case you weren’t certain that Biden hopes to dismantle America’s energy infrastructure in order to please the “green Taliban” that dictates energy policy to Dems, he gave a speech in New York over the weekend, proclaiming, “No more drilling” for oil.

As Breitbart reports:

President Joe Biden told a climate activist on Sunday he would not allow any new drilling in the United States, just days after he complained that oil companies are not drilling enough.

“No more drilling. There is no more drilling,” Biden said, speaking to a climate activist as he finished up a rally in New York for Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-NY). “I haven’t formed any new drilling.”

Controlled demolition of America’s energy infrastructure under Democrats; Diesel shortages abound

All of this is taking place at exactly the same time a diesel shortage is starting to spread across America. According to, emergency declarations for diesel fuel delivery have been declared in South Dakota and Nebraska. From that story:

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem issued an executive order providing truckers hauling liquid fuel products with relief from Hours of Service rules due to “extremely low inventories and outages of certain liquid products including gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, propane, ethyl alcohol, natural gasoline, diesel exhaust fluid, and anhydrous ammonia.”

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts issued a similar emergency declaration on November 1 providing relief from Hours of Service requirements for drivers hauling gasoline or gasoline blends, diesel, fuel oil, ethanol, propane, and biodiesel.

The order was issued because “several multiple states including Nebraska are experiencing fuel shortages due to high demand for petroleum products.”

Anecdotally, some truckers are posting videos reporting diesel fuel outages at certain truck stops in other states as well. The problem appears to be spreading.

While we don’t believe diesel fuel will completely run out across America, there’s no question we are going to experience regional diesel outages and delayed refueling times, which will translate into delayed shipments of everything. Literally everything.

That’s because diesel powers trains, barges, boats, long-haul trucks, construction equipment, and much more. Without diesel, America’s economy grinds to a halt virtually overnight. It is astonishing that as America faces a diesel scarcity emergency, Buck Foe Jiden is promising to halt new drilling and shut down coal plants as well.

These are, by any rational analysis, acts of terrorism against America’s civilian infrastructure.

The Obiden regime relentlessly attacks civilian infrastructure when it suits them

Food producers and energy hubs are part of the civilian infrastructure that keeps America alive. We shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the Obiden regime is targeting this infrastructure, of course, given that they took part in the destruction of Nord Stream 1 and 2, condemning tens of millions of Europeans to a harsh winter with an extreme scarcity of heat energy, electricity, food, and fertilizer. By destroying Nord Stream pipelines, America proved it will commit acts of terrorism against domestic infrastructure in order to achieve desirable political outcomes such as disconnecting Germany from Russia’s energy supply. This forces Germany to avoid seeking alternative solutions or dropping the economic sanctions against Russia.

Ironically, the American people are currently living under equivalent economic sanctions inflicted by our own corrupt, illegitimate government. Tearing down energy infrastructure and food production/distribution hubs is a form of an economic embargo (or commodities embargo) that’s often used in wartime scenarios. Yet today, our own government is using these tactics against us. At the same time, Democrats are releasing violent prisoners onto the streets of America while enticing violent illegal aliens to cross into America, carrying illicit drugs (fentanyl), weapons, and human cargo (trafficking). This is all being done by design to first destroy America from within, then see it overrun by illegals. It’s a classic Obama move, which is no surprise since Obama is the one running Biden.

Bottom line: Watch for gas prices to explode, food scarcity to worsen, and Big Government to punish Americans for being “disobedient” by voting against the regime

It currently looks like a red wave is going to sweep across America on Election Day tomorrow. (Make sure to do your part and vote in person.) Should that occur, prepare yourself for the government punishment/harassment/terrorism that will quickly follow. The Biden regime will take every opportunity to starve, freeze, harass and otherwise torment the American people over the next two years. Why? Because they are authoritarians who delight in the suffering of others. This is who they are.

Biden will turn up the pain dial to eleven.

We should also expect false flag cyber attacks on the power grid and an assault on the banking system, potentially leading to bank bail-ins and freezes on banking infrastructure. At some point, the dollar collapses (on purpose), and people lose most of their life savings, retirement obligations, etc.

To survive all this, you need to be prepared with all the obvious things:

  • Extra food (at least six months’ worth, and more if you can)
  • Off-grid money (i.e. physical gold and silver as examples)
  • Emergency communications capabilities (satellite phones, terrestrial radios, etc.)
  • Emergency medical supplies and sanitizers
  • Alternative sources of heat this winter (wood stoves, for example)
  • Self-defense equipment as needed (keep it legal)

Download my full, free audiobook Resilient Prepping at to get solutions for all these categories and more.

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– If GOP sweeps the House and Senate, Biden regime will unleash terror
– Watch fuel prices skyrocket, more food infrastructure shutdowns
– Biden promises to HALT all drilling and END all coal
– America will be plunged into a third-world existence if Dems aren’t stopped
– Emergency diesel fuel declarations have been issued in Nebraska and South Dakota
– Americans are now SELLING THEIR BLOOD just to afford food
– 5G “kill grid” dystopian towers popping up all across NYC
– Water being siphoned out of aquifers for foreign-owned cattle ranches
– Illinois Governor will FORCE all children to be injected
– Elon Musk confirms Twitter employees were selling blue checkmarks for cash
– Elon has all the evidence of COLLUSION/conspiracy for the 2020 election fraud
– Why Bob Moriarty says we are experiencing a global uprising against tyranny
– Hedge fund giant warns of “global societal collapse”
– Interview with Dr. Ed Group about synthetic parasites and how to clear them





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