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Critical Race Theory ‘Is the Real Hate Crime Against Asians’

Asian American Group Eviscerates Critical Race Theory:

'A Hateful, Divisive, Manipulative Fraud'



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Backlash is rising against the Marxist critical race theory (CRT) behind The New York Times‘ “1619 Project” and other efforts to indoctrinate Americans with the idea that American society is fundamentally or “structurally” racist. This week, the Chinese American Citizens Alliance of Greater New York (CACAGNY) issued a powerful statement condemning critical race theory and urging Chinese Americans to oppose it.

“Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a hateful, divisive, manipulative fraud,” CACAGNY declared. “One way or another, CRT wants to get rid of ​too many Asians​ in good schools. Asians are over-represented.​ CRT is today’s Chinese Exclusion Act. CRT is the real ​hate crime​ against Asians” (emphasis original).

Critical race theory teaches that any racial disparities must ipso facto be proof of some hidden racial bias or discrimination, regardless of civil rights laws explicitly forbidding such discrimination. Since Americans of Asian ancestry are overrepresented in colleges, universities, and certain high-income professions, CRT effectively teaches that American society is structurally biased in favor of Asians.

“CRT appears in our workplaces under the cover of ​implicit bias/sensitivity​ ​training​. It infiltrates our schools pretending to be ​culturally/ethnically responsive​ ​pedagogy​, with curricula such as the New York Times’ ​1619 Project​ and Seattle’s ​ethnomathematics​,” CACAGNY argued. “From its very roots, CRT is racist, repressive, discriminatory, and divisive.”

1619 Project Backlash Is Building in Statehouses Across the Country

The Chinese American group laid out the main “dogmas” of critical race theory, including (emphasis original):

  • You are not a person. You are only your ​race,​ and ​by your race alone you will be judged​.
  • Justice is about equal ​rights​, but ​Social​ Justice, or ​equity,​ is about equal ​outcomes​. Only Social​ Justice matters; Justice does not. To achieve equal outcomes, ​forget equal rights​.
  • All unequal outcomes by race — ​inequity​ for short — are the result of racial ​oppression​.
  • All Blacks are oppressed and all Whites are oppressors. This is ​systemic​:​ never ask ​whether oppression occurred, only ​how it occurred. Everyone and everything White is ​complicit​.
  • If you are White and won’t admit you are racist, you are racist by ​implicit bias​. To reduce implicit bias, you must self-criticize, confess to ​privilege​, apologize to the oppressed race.
  • Whiteness​ is belief in, among others: ​achievement​, ​delayed gratification​, ​progress,​ schedules​ and ​deadlines​, ​meritocracy​, ​race-blindness​, the ​written word​, ​facts​ and ​objectivity (they deny​ lived experience)​ , ​logic​ and ​reason (​they deny​ empathy​), ​mathematics​ and science ​(until they are ​de-colonized and ​humanized​).
  • CRT suppresses dissent with ​cancel culture​: publications withdrawn, college admissions rescinded, online presence wiped out, business relationships ended, jobs terminated.

The Chinese American group presented three instances of CRT at work. In June 2020, Seattle ran an “anti-racism” training that began with the claim that all White people have a natural sense of racial superiority. The session required participants to confess their complicity in “white supremacy” become “less white,” and become accountable to black people in their every thought.

In August 2017, Nevada high school senior William Clark took a mandatory class in which the curriculum told students that white people are racists who enjoy the privileges of oppression. Classmates, teachers, and administrators allegedly began harassing Clark merely because he was identified as white.

In January 2021, a teacher in Cupertino, Calif., told an elementary school math class that students lived in a dominant culture of white, cisgender, educated Christians, and that the culture was created to hoard power. As CACAGNY explained, “a Chinese parent found out about this and organized parents to stop it. It reminded them of Mao’s bloody Cultural Revolution.”

NYC Principal Urges Parents to Become ‘White Traitors,’ ‘White Abolitionists’

Although Chinese Americans “are people of color and therefore start from the oppressed side of CRT’s binary,” CACAGNY explained that “as we overcome discrimination and achieve upward mobility, we are now White by adjacency” (emphasis original). The Chinese American group claimed that Black Lives Matter rioters with CRT signs assaulted a CACAGNY rally supporting merit-based education.

CACAGNY condemned various forms of sleight-of-hand that allow universities like Harvard and top high schools to select “lower-qualified Blacks” over “better-qualified Asians.”

CACAGNY called on Asian Americans to loudly denounce critical race theory and to fight back.

“We need to recognize CRT through its fraudulent packaging, call it out, ​resist​. Parents need to watch for CRT in schools, talk to each other, and organize, like the Cupertino Chinese parents,” the group argued. “Regardless, parents need to speak with their kids to ​anti-indoctrinate​ (or ​un-doctrinate​) them at home. This needs to start early because CRT indoctrination also starts early. Don’t trust schools and teachers blindly.”

CACAGNY acknowledged former President Donald Trump’s executive order to ban CRT on the federal level but noted that President Joe Biden rescinded that order upon taking office. That means state and local efforts provide the most promise.

Republicans in various states have filed legislation to ensure that schools do not indoctrinate kids with the 1619 Project. These efforts are likely to grow.

CACAGNY made powerful arguments against Marxist critical race theory without mentioning that this ideology inspired much of the destruction of the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots over the summer. While protesters rightly expressed outrage at the treatment of George Floyd, many of the protests devolved into looting, vandalism, and arson in which lawless thugs — acting in the name of fighting racism — destroyed black livesblack livelihoods, and black monuments.

When vandals toppled a statue of George Washington in Portland, they spray-painted “1619” on the statue. When Claremont’s Charles Kesler wrote in The New York Post, “Call them the 1619 riots,” Hannah-Jones responded (in a since-deleted tweet) that “it would be an honor” to claim responsibility for the destructive riots.

Parents of all races should oppose this dangerous and divisive ideology. Critical race theory pits Americans against one another on the basis of skin color, teaches children a basic distrust of the social elements that make America great and inspired violent and deadly riots.

Tyler O’Neil is the author of Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Follow him on Twitter at @Tyler2ONeil.

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Cashing-in on COVID?

Another Biden Nominee Raises Eyebrows

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Yet another would-be Biden appointee has come under heightened scrutiny. This time, it’s former Obama Surgeon General and current Biden nominee Vivek Murthy.
According to a new story from the Washington Post, Murthy had previously served in the same role under President Obama and was reported to be a close public health advisor to then-candidate Biden throughout his 2020 campaign.  Therefore, it came as little surprise that he would be nominated to fill his old role under the new administration.
During his past tenure in office, his partisan pronouncements about Second Amendment freedoms constituting a public health hazard earned him the ire of many conservatives.
This time, he is facing new questions about his financial dealings during the pandemic.  While many Americans suffered job losses and financial hardship with the spread of the coronavirus last year, Murthy’s recently-filed ethics disclosures show the pandemic actually functioned as something of a boon to his personal income.  
Since January of 2020, Murthy disclosed a whopping $2.6 million worth of income he raked in from consulting services and speaking fees related to the pandemic. He also accepted stock options and compensated advisory roles for several companies.  Notably, he was paid $400,000 by Carnival Cruise Lines, parent company of the Diamond Princess that was quarantined at sea for 39 days in the early days of the pandemic, and another $402,000 from vacation rental giant Airbnb.  In fact, as quarantines trapped vacationers at home and shrunk travel budgets, Murthy’s name was repeatedly invoked by Airbnb in what appeared to be an effort to monetize the former surgeon general’s medical expertise to encourage vacationers not to cancel or postpone their stays.
Now, Murthy’s COVID windfall is raising eyebrows as he seeks confirmation before the U.S. Senate.  In fact, if confirmed, the report states that Murthy would enter the normally obscure role with the most financial entanglements of any other surgeon general nominee in recent history.  The optics of this situation have not been lost on ethics and transparency watchdogs, who have questioned whether such a surgeon general could credibly render impartial and trustworthy counsel about the pandemic. They’ve raised concerns related to the revolving door Murthy would be walking through from government to private sector and back and his lucrative history of consulting on all things COVID.
Public health emergencies are no time to take gambles with the public’s confidence in the guidance issued by government officials.  Contradictory and nonsensical orders on masking, ever-shifting definitions of herd immunity, the unreliable COVID PCR test, and the decisions about schools reopening and lockdown orders that have no scientific backing have done nothing to inspire confidence in the federal government’s response to the pandemic‒ and neither, it seems, will Vivek Murthy.

Planned Parenthood Plays Big Role in Transgender Revolution


Planned Parenthood More Involved in Transgender Revolution Than You Realize



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Journalist Abigail Shrier recently shed light on Planned Parenthood’s increasing involvement in what some call “transgender activism” or the transgender revolution.

In a post on her Substack account, Shrier describes reading a Twitter thread from a former Planned Parenthood employee—a person she later interviewed. In both the thread and interview, the former employee highlighted the abortion giant’s increasing involvement in prescribing hormone treatments to patients.

Shrier, a freelance writer and author of “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters,” describes the former employee’s tweets about Planned Parenthood’s new mission:

‘[T]hey still provide vital services for women,’ she wrote on Twitter, and anti-abortion activists ‘will jump at any opportunity to smear them.’ But she went on to write: ‘Having said that, their recent roles in trans activism are abhorrent, and they’re digging their own grave.’

The Planned Parenthood clinic where she worked was located in a small town of roughly 30,000. Abortions were the clinic’s ‘bread and butter,’ something this employee fully supports. But, she noted, ‘trans-identifying kids are cash cows, and they are kept on the hook for the foreseeable future in terms of follow-up appointments, bloodwork, meetings, etc., whereas abortions are (hopefully) a one-and-done situation.’

As Shrier said in her post, revenue statistics on Planned Parenthood’s treatment of transgender patients are difficult to find, and few numbers are available.

The Daily Beast posits that Planned Parenthood is now one of the largest U.S. providers of “transgender health care.” Planned Parenthood’s website for Central and Western New York states: “Nationally, Planned Parenthood is the second largest provider of Gender Affirming Hormone Care.”

There’s no specific mention of what other locations call “gender-affirming therapy” in Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s 2018-2019 annual report, but other local Planned Parenthood locations do mention it in their annual reports.

For example, the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts stated in its fiscal 2018-2019 annual report that over 300 patients received “Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy.” 

A 2017 informational pamphlet from Planned Parenthood said the organization’s “health centers in 17 states offer hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for transgender people,” adding: “From 2013 to 2015, there was an 80% increase in Planned Parenthood affiliates that reported offering HRT to transgender patients.”

The way these treatments appear to be distributed at the clinics is difficult to assess because Planned Parenthood’s marketing materials are vague; as far as I can tell, nothing online explains its process of prescribing hormone treatments.

But pieces of the puzzle are available online from others.

Shrier wrote:

The clinic employed a gender counselor who had ‘no actual professional credentials or formal training other than being MtF’ (that is, a male-to-female transgender person).

Adolescents would come and speak to this gender counselor and Planned Parenthood would then forward the counselor’s ‘notes to an actual licensed mental health professional somewhere off-site, and rubber stamp approve the patients to begin their transition. This is basically how they circumvented the requirement to speak to an actual counselor,’ according to the employee’s Twitter post.

Medical doctors and nurses are on staff at individual Planned Parenthood clinics and affiliates, but not one member of Planned Parenthood’s leadership team has any medical training or experience that would qualify him or her to know even the basics of using “gender-affirming hormone therapy” at a managerial level.

Stories of clients receiving hormone treatments via Planned Parenthood abound on the internet. It’s wise to approach these posts with caution since we don’t have independent corroboration with Planned Parenthood and often the writers don’t post their real names.

However, we have enough posts and the stories are so similar that these written accounts support the former Planned Parenthood employee’s claims, at least anecdotally.

A search of threads on the popular website Reddit reveals multiple firsthand accounts mirroring many aspects of the former employee’s tweets, including the fact that it was relatively easy to get what this person refers to as “hormone replacement therapy” but doctors call cross-sex hormone therapy.

On a thread posted two years ago, another person described her experience: “I called PP [Planned Parenthood] and told them I needed to set up an initial consultation for cross-hormone therapy; they booked me, did some bloodwork, and when I came back they wrote me a scrip [sic] and set a follow-up. Done deal.”

Another person, who claimed at the time to be “nonbinary,” posted on Reddit a year ago about the experience of being prescribed testosterone at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Virginia:

They had me do a finger prick to test my hemoglobin or something (lol) but other than that they didn’t make me take any hormone tests because they said the way that they judge things is by meeting up with me every three months at first to see if I’m getting to the results I want and adjusting my dosage. They started me on .25 ml/week, which is a pretty low dose. So I didn’t have any blood work done, just a finger prick and a urine sample and that was it. I got my prescription for .25 ml/week that day and was able to pick it up at a CVS down the street in about two hours.

I read dozens of similar stories of people who wanted to transition, and the process seemed stunningly simple. They just set up an appointment at a nearby Planned Parenthood and quickly and easily received prescriptions for cross-sex hormone therapy. Some had seen a psychologist and received a green light; others didn’t mention it if they had.

Of course, the risks of cross-sex hormone therapy, or what some imprecisely refer to as “hormone replacement therapy,” are serious. Shrier relayed the risks in her post:

Risks include deepened voiceenlarged clitoris, increase in red blood cell count and greater risk of heart attackinfertility, vaginal and uterine atrophyendometrial cancer—as well as all the unknown risks [that] come with any major and novel intervention.

It’s not clear or compelling why Planned Parenthood is participating in these activities at all. At the least, it should be far more difficult to receive cross-sex hormone treatments at Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood has over 600 “health centers.” If each affiliate provided cross-sex hormone treatment to 300 patients a year, the statistic cited by one affiliate in Massachusetts, that’s upward of 180,000 people per year. And it’s almost as easy as setting up a dinner reservation.

I emailed Planned Parenthood’s national press office for comment about the organization’s services, but did not receive a reply as of this writing.

It’s no secret that Planned Parenthood is an abortion industry giant, one that wrongly raked in $1.5 billion in taxpayer money over three years, according to a 2018 report.

It’s unfortunate that Planned Parenthood has turned its attention to the transgender revolution, prescribing cross-sex hormone therapy quickly, easily, and often to the detriment of the health of those seeking the treatment.

The Daily Signal publishes a variety of perspectives. Nothing written here is to be construed as representing the views of The Heritage Foundation. 

Have an opinion about this article? To sound off, please email [email protected] and we will consider publishing your remarks in our regular “We Hear You” feature.  

South Korea to release $7 billion in frozen assets to Iran after consulting with Biden’s handlers



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

While Biden may well be looking for ways to save face in a standoff with Iran, he just gave the thumbs up for South Korea to release $7 billion in assets in Iran. Biden likely hopes this gesture will move Iran closer to negotiations with the U.S. If Biden is lucky, this money will lead Iran to soften its stance and return to the negotiating table, so as to restart the disastrous Iran nuclear deal that saw over $100 billion flow into the coffers of the Islamic Republic. That was a windfall that allowed the mullahs to continue their jihad in the region and globally; another such windfall is in the offing.

To facilitate the trade with Iran of humanitarian items, such as medicine and medical equipment, South Korea has been seeking to use a Swiss channel backed by the U.S., known as the Swiss Humanitarian Trade Arrangement (SHTA), to use the money through Swiss companies’ sales of goods to Iran.

But the trade of humanitarian items just frees up money for other activities. Who could forget Iran’s deceptions? These include its violation of the nuclear deal, and its own admission to having done so, as well as its boastful, repeated threats and provocations regarding its military capabilities. Yet far too many Western leaders have never recognized the implications of all this.

“Foreign ministry says Iran’s assets to be unlocked through consultations with US,” Korea Times, February 23, 2021:

The Iranian assets locked in South Korea will be released after consultations with the United States, the foreign ministry said Tuesday, after Iran claimed it has reached a deal with Seoul on how to transfer and use the frozen money.

According to Iran’s government website, the agreement was reached Monday (Tehran time) during the meeting between Iran’s Central Bank Gov. Abdolnaser Hemmati and South Korean Ambassador to Iran Ryu Jeong-hyun.

It said that the two sides agreed on the destinations for the transfer and that the Iranian central bank informed Seoul of the amount of the money it wants to be transferred.

Tehran has been pressuring Seoul to unblock about US$7 billion of its assets frozen in two South Korean banks due to U.S. sanctions. Seoul has been in talks with Washington on ways to release the money without violating the sanctions, including expanding humanitarian trade with the Middle Eastern country.

“Our government has been in talks with Iran about ways to use the frozen assets, and the Iran side has expressed its consent to the proposals we have made,” the foreign ministry said without providing further details of the proposals.

“The actual unfreezing of the assets will be carried out through consultations with related countries, including the United States,” the ministry said.

Earlier this month, a foreign ministry official said Seoul was finalizing talks with Washington about using some of the frozen funds to pay Tehran’s U.N. dues in arrears, to which the Islamic republic has also agreed.

To facilitate the trade with Iran of humanitarian items, such as medicine and medical equipment, South Korea has been seeking to use a Swiss channel backed by the U.S., known as the Swiss Humanitarian Trade Arrangement (SHTA), to use the money through Swiss companies’ sales of goods to Iran.

Despite the denial from Seoul and Tehran, speculation has mounted that Iran’s discontent over the frozen funds is related to its recent seizure of a South Korean oil tanker and its crew members in the Persian Gulf early last month….

Federal Judge Slaps Down CDC Order Stopping Residential Evictions

Federal Judge Slaps Down CDC Order Stopping Residential Evictions



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

In his ruling Thursday against the CDC’s unconstitutional overreach, U.S. District Court Judge J. Campbell (“Cam”) Barker declared, “Although the COVID-19 pandemic persists, so does the Constitution.”

At issue was whether a federal agency — in this case, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC — had the power to prevent landlords from evicting tenants during the pandemic. Or, in the words of Barker, “whether the federal government has [the] authority to order property owners not to evict specified tenants.”

Barker continued:

Here, after analyzing the relevant precedents, the court concludes that the federal government’s Article 1 power to regulate interstate commerce and enact laws necessary and proper to that end does not include the powers to impose the [CDC’s order].

The order from the CDC ignored any such constitutional restraints, declaring unilaterally its power “to … halt residential evictions to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.”

Its order had no time limit:

Under this Order, a landlord, owner of a residential property, or other person with a legal right to pursue eviction or possessory action, shall not evict any covered person from any residential property … during the effective period of the Order.

Thou shalt obey, or else, said the CDC: Anyone who violated the order could face up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $250,000. 

The lawsuit was brought by several plaintiffs who either owned rental properties or managed them, and was presented to the court by the Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF) and the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF).

When the lawsuit was originally filed last October, TPPF General Counsel Robert Henneke stated, “The federal government cannot interfere with private property rights or our clients’ access to the courts to exercise their rights under state law. The CDC uses a facially absurd and twisted logic to suggest its intrusion into private property rights is a public health issue.” This logic, he added, “has inevitably and predictably allowed [politicians and government agencies] to exploit the [issue].”

Following the decision, the legal groups said that this ruling is likely to be the first of many:

[This] decision is the first of what will ultimately be many decisions by the federal courts rolling back the executive and regulatory overreach of the administrative state….

The current administration has shown no restraint.

We are preparing cases across the constitutional spectrum to defend against unrestrained government action.

Much comfort may be drawn from this case: There are judges who understand and will defend the Constitution when it is assaulted; “Cam” Barker was a Trump appointee; governmental overreach is generating many similar court cases and lawsuits; and the court system is the final arbiter and backstop or roadblock to unlimited federal tyranny using the COVID-19 scare as an excuse.

Although Trump’s appointees to the Supreme Court have greatly disappointed many by ignoring legitimate constitutional issues surrounding the 2020 presidential election, the more than 200 federal judges appointed by Donald Trump, including Barker, are going to have a lot more to say about defending and restoring the Constitution to its rightful and proper place in restraining governmental overreach.

Interview: Mike Lindell – Update of “Absolute Proof” and the Election Steal

William F. Jasper, senior editor of The New American magazine, interviews MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell regarding his documentary on election fraud “Absolute Proof,” his censorship battles with Big Tech and Big Media, the cancel culture attacks on him and his company, and the lawsuit against him by Dominion Voting Systems. Lindell anticipates his lawsuit to reach the Supreme Court, at which time he states all of the evidence will come out and vindicate the claims made in his film regarding Dominion and Smartmatic’s role in the 2020 election. The New American also reached out to Dominion Voting Systems to request an interview with CEO John Poulos. At the time of this posting, we had not heard back from Dominion. We will be following up with that interview if Mr. Poulos responds to our invitation.

FLORIDA GOVERNOR Ron DeSantis Kicks Off CPAC 2021 and He Nails ‘America First’ Principles Without Saying It

ABOVE: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis waves as he is introduced at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Friday, Feb. 26, 2021, in Orlando, Fla. (AP Photo/John Raoux)



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

If you saw Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis kick off CPAC 2021, you know he must be thinking about the national stage at some point. ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp introduced him—to loud applause and a not-so-insignificant number of catcalls. He welcomed everyone to Florida, an oasis of freedom. Yes, attendees have to wear masks through much of the conference, but that is a city and business decision. Many Floridians I talked to predict that DeSantis will ban mandatory masking when cases drop below a certain level. This sentiment shows how much confidence Florida conservatives have in the governor and his commitment to protecting their freedoms.

Of course, DeSantis did a riff on Florida being an open state and how he couldn’t have attended if CPAC were in a closed state. He also shared the results of the state’s choice to remain open. He emphasized that schools are open and that all Floridians have the right to earn a living and operate the businesses they may own. DeSantis has a balanced record on COVID-19 policies in a state with a significant number of residents over 65.

The Florida death rate related to the pandemic is 27th in the nation, lower than many lockdown states, like New York and Michigan. Unemployment in the state is also lower than the national average, even though tourism remains lower than usual. Florida’s budget also remains intact without having to spend a single penny of the state’s rainy-day fund. DeSantis confidently says Florida got it right.

The most interesting part of DeSantis’s speech was how he boiled down America-First principles and hit all the hot-button issues for conservatives, putting his wins on display. For an Ivy League lawyer, he is eloquently plainspoken and oozes authenticity. In addition to his successes in COVID-19 management, he touted election integrity in Florida. The state reported 12 million votes by midnight on election night. Then he committed to signing the first legislation in the nation that will ban ballot-harvesting and third-party funding.

There was a round of applause when DeSantis said he would also be taking on Big Tech censorship. When the Florida legislature comes into session, he says they will pass legislation to address several issues, and he will sign it. Florida’s law will address privacy, election integrity, and political speech in a set of ambitious reforms. “In Florida, we are not going to let the terms of the debate in our country be set by oligarchs in Silicon Valley,” DeSantis said.

He also boiled America First down to things Republicans will refuse to accept, and they were very well received. “We cannot, we will not go back to the days of the failed Republican establishment of yesteryear,” he began.

Then DeSantis hit the top three policies that put Americans’ property and security at the forefront of policymaking—succinctly, clearly, and plainly.

  • We reject open borders. We support American sovereignty and the American worker. Building a movement on open borders and cheap foreign labor is like building your house on quicksand.
  • We reject military adventurism and maintain a strong defense to protect our nation and its people.
  • We reject weakness in the face of threats from China to include their actions in international trade.

The governor closed with a tribute to Rush Limbaugh, stating that the flags in his state had flown at half-mast to honor Limbaugh’s life and contributions. He encouraged conservatives to take a page from Limbaugh’s book, noting that standing for the right thing often comes at a personal cost. You may be attacked, smeared, and even canceled by the major organs of our culture. DeSantis noted that Limbaugh was the first target for cancelation, and it was never successful. He declared that conservatism devoid of a backbone is doomed to fail:

Anyone can spout conservative rhetoric. We can sit around and have academic debates about conservative policy. And I am not saying you don’t do any of that. But the question is when the Klieg lights get hot, when the left comes after you, will you stand strong, or will you fold? So, enjoy CPAC in Florida. As you leave to go back home, although if you’re not from here I don’t know why you’d want to leave here. But when you do and you engage in the battles ahead, hold the line. Stand your ground. And don’t ever, ever back down.”

DeSantis is undoubtedly positioning himself for reelection in 2022 by articulating a record of decisive, bold action in Florida. Wading into more significant national and foreign policy issues may hint at his goals beyond the Florida governorship.

"Rush showed that fighting the left required strength and that conservatism devoid of backbone is doomed to fail." @GovRonDeSantis #CPAC2021 #AmericaUnCanceled

— CPAC 2021 (@CPAC) February 26, 2021


Do Lady Gaga-Themed Oreos Contain Pedophile Symbolism?

Design etched in cookie appears in FBI pedophile symbolism memo.

OREO Share Kindness



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Internet researchers are questioning whether limited edition Oreos dedicated to pop star Lady Gaga contain hidden pedophile symbolism.

After the special sandwich cookies based on Gaga’s Chromatica album hit stores late last year, people began noticing one wafer featured a small heart inside a larger heart design, a symbol designated by the FBI as a secret code used by pedophiles.

“The GirlLover logo (Glogo)… is a small heart surrounded by a larger heart, which symbolizes a relationship between an adult male or female and minor girl,” reads an FBI intelligence bulletin publicized by Wikileaks, showing a pink version of the symbol.

“To specifically indicate the pedophile’s gender preference, members of pedophilic organizations encourage the use of descriptions such as ‘boylove,’ ‘girllove,’ and ‘childlove,’” the law enforcement sensitive memo reads. “These symbols have been etched into rings and formed into pendants, and have also been found printed on coins.”

Read the FBI bulletin:

The Gaga-themed cookies made by Nabisco are wrapped in hot pink packaging and are pink in color, containing a green cream filling reminiscent of toxic sludge.

The color pink is a beacon for both little girls and pedophiles alike, as noted in a WFLA report which uncovered toys geared towards little girls containing the hidden pedophile markings.

A mom took her two-year-old daughter to a Monster Truck show and came back with a souvenir that puts children in danger. The symbols on the toy are a secret code used by pedophiles.


But when she got answers she nearly threw up. Her toddler’s souvenir held a sick secret. The Monster Jam toy contains a symbol, a disgusting calling card for creeps. This is a code for pedophiles.

“This is pink, this is geared towards little girls especially at a predominantly male event.”


When a pedophile sees children with the heart symbol, it’s code meaning this child is ready to be traded for sex.

The symbol emblazoned on the Oreos was enough to cause outrage on social and alternative media.

Entertainment site questioned whether the symbol could be a coincidence or evidence of sinister intentions.

“If these really are the same symbols perhaps Lady Gaga isn’t even aware of it,” the site’s editor writes. “However, given the weird stories that have come out about children being mistreated in Hollywood over the years, she also could possibly be fully aware and chose to promote the symbols purposely.”

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House Passes ‘LGBTQ’ Equality Act Despite Serious Concerns Over Its Constitutionality Relating to Religious Liberty


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The Democratic-controlled U.S. House of Representatives passed the controversial Equality Act in a 224-206 vote on Thursday despite growing concerns over how the legislation would affect religious liberty, women’s sports, as well as other concerns. The bill now heads to the Senate for consideration.

The Equality Act’s passage included the support of three Republicans, including Reps. Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania and John Katko and Tom Reed of New York, who joined the Democratic majority in voting to pass the bill.

“The LGBT community has waited long enough,” said Rep. David Cicilline, D-R.I., who is a homosexual and the lead sponsor of the bill. “The time has come to extend the blessings of liberty and equality to all of Americans regardless of who they are and who they love,” Cicilline asserted.

The purpose of the Equality Act as set forth by Cicilline and its sponsors is to expand the legal protections afforded under existing civil rights law in employment, housing, education, public accommodations, as well as in other areas, to include sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes and making it illegal to discriminate against the added classes regardless of religious or conscience objections.

The bill, which was opposed by the majority of Republicans in the House, has been met with much opposition from Christian groups, as well as social conservatives, who express that the bill will inevitably lead to Christian persecution, conscience violations and other actions that will result in the loss of freedom.

As previously reported, within hours of taking his oath of office, Joe Biden signed an executive order barring discrimination based on “gender identity” and “sexual orientation.”

These moves follow the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark 6-3 decision in Bostock v. Clayton County, which was written by Trump-nominated, conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch. In the Bostock case, the high court ruled that a civil rights law protects both homosexual and “transgender” people from what it considers “job discrimination” in employment. One of the cases involved surrounded a funeral home that fired a man who wanted to wear a skirt uniform at work.

The court decided that a section of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, known as Title VII, which bars job discrimination on the basis of sex, among other traits, may be read to include homosexual and “transgender” employees.




1. The Equality Act explicitly guts religious freedom

2. Endangering women’s privacy and safety

3. Women’s sports

4. Ideological enforcement in medicine

5. The abortion mandate

6. Demonizing the Bible


Prager U Video: What Are Your Kids Learning in School? A window into our children’s classes during lockdown.


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Has the leftist indoctrination so prevalent in college reached down into our elementary and high schools, too? If so, what can concerned parents do about it? Jill Simonian, Director of Outreach for PragerU Resources for Educators and Parents, has answers. Don't miss it!

Biden Invites Tidal Wave of Illegals into the U.S.~Welcome to the business boom for smugglers of illegal migrant children.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Joe Biden, the open borders president, is proposing amnesty legislation to provide the 11 million plus illegal aliens in this country a pathway to citizenship. During his CNN-hosted town hall meeting on February 17, Biden confirmed that such a pathway for citizenship must be included in any immigration bill that he would consider signing. The term “alien” would no longer be used in U.S. immigration law. Until the illegal aliens successfully complete the path to U.S. citizenship under Biden’s “reform” legislation, they are to be referred to as “noncitizen,” which is defined as “any person not a citizen or national of the United States.” 

In the meantime, through executive action, Biden is handcuffing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers in arresting and detaining illegal immigrants in the United States for eventual deportation. U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton at least managed to slow things down a bit. He issued a nationwide preliminary injunction on February 23rd against moving ahead with implementation of Biden’s 100 day pause on most deportations. But Biden’s political appointees at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) are undoubtedly searching for any loophole they can find.   

Biden is allowing some migrants seeking asylum, who have waited in Mexico for months under the Trump administration’s  “Remain in Mexico” policy, to enter and remain in the United States pending adjudication of their asylum applications. The catch and release policy is back as the aliens melt into communities across the country, where they can compete for jobs with unemployed U.S. citizens and increase the risk of further coronavirus spread.

Biden’s immigration policies are a disaster in the making, and he is just getting started. Biden’s welcome mat is encouraging thousands more migrants from Central America to join caravans making their way to the United States for easy entry. The number of illegal aliens has already increased since Biden took office. “When you send the message that you are not serious about immigration enforcement, you can’t act surprised when you see a massive influx of people that you have to manage,” said Jon Feere, a senior adviser to ICE during the Trump administration.

The overflow has forced the Biden administration to reopen border detention facilities to house unaccompanied migrant minors who have entered the country illegally, often with the assistance of smugglers. One reopened facility with bars in its windows will house up to 700 migrants, aged 13 to 17. This facility was used by the Trump administration for just a month back in 2019. When Trump was in the White House, such facilities were called “cages” by Trump haters. Biden himself said, “Under Trump, there have been horrifying scenes…at the border of kids being kept in cages.”

Now, with Biden in the White House, the same facility used during the Trump administration has been rechristened by Biden’s lapdogs in the media as an "overflow facility” or "emergency facility.” There is no end to the left’s hypocrisy.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki declared at her press briefing on February 24th that the Biden administration’s policy “is not to expel unaccompanied children who arrive at the border.” What a boost for the smugglers' business prospects! Then Psaki gave excuses when asked about the Biden administration’s detention of children. The reopening of the detention facility is only “a temporary reopening,” Psaki said. It’s all because of the COVID-19 pandemic, she explained. “There needs to be spacing,” according to Biden’s mouthpiece. “To ensure the health and safety of these kids, HHS took steps to open an emergency facility to add capacity where these kids can be provided the care they need before they are safely placed with families and sponsors.”

Instead of encouraging smugglers to transport more and more illegal migrant children to the U.S. border, how about taking steps that will dry up the demand for their services? Just put the kids the smugglers have already brought here on planes taking the kids back to the countries they came from. The middle seats can be kept empty, with masking required during the entire flight to guard against the spread of the coronavirus. Why should U.S. taxpayers have to pay for testing, vaccinations, and general care of illegal alien minors who were no doubt smuggled into the country? The smugglers surely don’t do any testing for the coronavirus before they dump the children over the border in the United States.

Some Democrats in the border states are getting queasy. “The way we’re doing it right now is catastrophic and is a recipe for disaster in the middle of a pandemic,” said Texas Rep. Vicente Gonzalez. Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar observed that “we gotta be careful that we don't give the impression that we have open borders because otherwise, the numbers are going to start going up. And sure enough, we’re starting to see numbers go up.”

Of course, progressives do not think Biden has gone far enough yet. Democratic-Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, mistakenly believing that Biden has been in office for two months, tweeted the following: “It’s only 2 mos into this admin & our fraught, unjust immigration system will not transform in that time. That’s why bold reimagination is so important. DHS shouldn’t exist, agencies should be reorganized, ICE gotta go, ban for-profit detention, create climate refugee status & more.” She also condemned the Biden administration’s decision to temporarily house unaccompanied children in detention facilities. “This is not okay, never has been okay, never will be okay - no matter the administration or party,” AOC tweeted. At least she is consistent in her extremist pro-illegal alien advocacy.

So far, Joe Biden has used his presidential powers to kill the Keystone XL pipeline, ending employment of at least 11,000 Americans, while expanding the pipeline for more illegal aliens to enter the country and take jobs away from Americans. He is also maneuvering to move the illegal aliens already in this country through the citizenship pipeline. Something is very rotten in Biden's vision of America.

Anonymous Snitch Group to Dox ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Trump Voters

Through hundreds of legal measures, the Nazi-led German government gradually excluded Jews from public life, the professions, and public education. The goal of Nazi propaganda was to demonize Jews and to create a climate of hostility and indifference toward their plight. On Kristallnacht—the Night of Broken Glass—Jewish businesses and synagogues were destroyed in the first act of state-sponsored violence against the Jewish community. Many Jews who had the means tried to leave Germany but encountered countless bureaucratic hurdles.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

U.S.A. – -( “Help Us Fight Domestic Terrorists!” with its slogan “Keep America Honest” urges anyone and everyone. “We’ve created this organization to ensure that those responsible for the election of Donald Trump can never threaten our nation and our freedom again. We’re building a list of known Trump voters to be submitted to public officials willing to take action. Join us in ensuring freedom always rings!”

Join you? After you libel 79+M Americans as “domestic terrorists”? More to the point, who are you?

“We’re a diverse group of patriots and People of Color looking to make a positive difference in America by unmasking Donald Trump voters,” they declare. “We believe that the majority of Trump voters only supported his presidency anonymously. It’s clear that the true majority of Americans opposed Donald Trump in public, but it’s our duty to expose those who actually supported him in private.”

They followed that up with a non sequitur quote against the tyranny of standing armies from James Madison, interestingly the Founding Father who penned the Second Amendment. It goes without saying that’s the issue that attracted so many Trump voters against the gun-grabbing Democrats. And the “About Our Team” blather still hasn’t answered the question of who “they” actually are, and whether this is really a “team” or just some lunatic loser with a website, and a white one at that, the claim of being diverse and the “PoC” appropriation notwithstanding.

And it’s a cowardly, hypocritical lunatic loser at that if the WhoIs domain registry can tell us anything about someone who proposes to lob rocks from the safety of the shadows. The website is registered through a Panamanian proxy.

That’s not the only thing that’s cowardly about all this. If you want to be a snitch, you have the option to turn in friends, family, and acquaintances anonymously, just like the Stalinists, the Nazis, and the Chicoms!  There’s a “group of patriots” for you! And note the update that they’ve “added filters to stop the names of prominent Democratic officials and contributors from being added,” to keep the list “Republican.”

So, what else do they tell us about this “effort”?

“We’re compiling the information in a secure database to be released to the public at a later date, or to public officials if we decide that releasing the names publicly constitutes significant risk,” they proclaim. “If you have strong feelings regarding the potential use of this data, or would like to see it released publicly, let us know!”

What delegated powers Democrat politicians have for avenging themselves on Trump voters is left unsaid, although there are certainly some who have made their desire to pursue treason charges clear. While the site links to a government voting laws page, it offers no legal insights on whether the vengeance it seeks could be construed as a conspiracy to encourage voter intimidation and suppression.

There’s also no indication if they are qualified to determine “significant risk” and have the resources to make restitution should their evil irresponsibility be legally found to have contributed to an injury or worse to a growing list of threatened and/or attacked Trump supporters. That said, there’s every indication they are maniacs urging retaliatory terror against any whose votes they want to punish.

Did I mention they are cowardly maniacs?

Who else has noticed that these are the same people who demand our guns?

This site is so ridiculous, a part of me wonders if it’s really not just a goof, or even a trap by “friendlies” to get leftist snitches to out themselves by submitting entries, and then doxing them. Could be. Could also be some clinically narcissistic, psychopathic, and sadistic troll with delusions of significance.

You can sign me up, comrade. I wasn’t a “Trump voter” per se as much as a Trump agenda voter because he didn’t go nearly far enough for me, but feel free to “out” me to anyone pathetic enough to turn to a twitching loser snitch like you for “guidance.”

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea


New Discourses: Maintaining and Expanding the Ban on Critical Race Theory

Maintaining and Expanding the Ban on Critical Race Theory



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

It’s virtually certain that a Biden administration will not maintain President Trump’s executive order that was issued in response to using Critical Race Theory in employee training circumstances in federal agencies and contractors (“Executive Order on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping”). I think that, if anything, can be assumed with very high confidence. There are a number of important points to make about this issue, then. I want to list four important points about the order, the ideas it contains, and the environment we find ourselves in around it.

These are:

  1. it offers no protection at the state level (or local), which is needed;
  2. it is incomplete in one important regard—neglecting other factors of identity besides race and sex;
  3. we’ve been systematically misled, if not lied to, about it ever since it was issued; and
  4. those who wish to overturn it—including university presidents, provosts, and departments, prominent journalists, and many Democratic politicians, plausibly to include Joe Biden and his administration relatively soon—must be held to account for this desire in the terms of the executive order itself, not in made-up terms that don’t apply to the situation.

Awareness and action are required on all four of these domains.

State-Level Protection

Whether or not the Biden administration maintains this executive order or not, its protections apply only to federal-level agencies and contractors and therefore do not apply to state agencies and contractors. Indeed, I’ve been asked about this repeatedly since the order was issued in September 2020: “I work for the state of [say, California]; does President Trump’s order apply for my job?” The answer is usually “no.” This is an obvious problem.

Regardless of what is happening at the federal level, our state (and city) employees need the same protection that our federal employees gained from the order, which protects from being forced into workplace training sessions that teach a number of “divisive concepts” (discussed below) and the attendant abuses we’re all becoming familiar with as these wrongheaded, unevidenced trainings have become standard throughout our society. Obviously, this protection is needed even more if Biden’s administration overturns the order at the federal level, both to offer it somewhere and to create the kind of pressure that can make the federal government think a bit harder about its top-down manipulations of employees whose salaries are paid for by taxpayers who may have different positions of conscience on the relevant issues.

Our governors (obviously, mostly Republican) and state legislatures can make up for this pair of problems quite directly—as can our mayors and city councils. Governors can issue their own executive orders mirroring the original federal order, applicable at the state level, and state legislatures can do one better and make the contents of the orders into state law, thus protecting their citizens in an important way. I call upon them directly to do so as soon as possible. If they do, I also recommend they read at least the next section (below) to patch a hole in the existing federal order.

Filling a Hole

The relevant federal executive order is, as will be made clear below, something of a masterpiece in the way it is written, but it presents a significant hole (that I already know is proving troublesome for people who have to deal with the encroaching Critical Theory ideology): race and sex aren’t the only dimensions of “identity” that the Critical Theory activists make use of. That list is quite exhaustive (and exhausting—the famous queer Theorist Judith Butler even referred to it as “that exasperated et cetera” that has to be added to every list of identity factors within the intersecting ideologies of Critical Social Justice Theory), but at the very least, a properly patched order must include gender, sexuality, and disability status in addition to race and sex.

My recommendation would be that any similar orders issued should tackle the issue of “factors of identity” in a way that covers a wider gamut of possible factors than just race and sex—at the least explicitly naming all of gender, sexuality, and disability status—as off-limits for discrimination, stereotyping, scapegoating, or otherwise applying what the executive order refers to as “divisive concepts” in the context of a mandated workplace training or educational setting that treats the ideas as uncontested facts (rather than the conclusions of a particular theoretical approach).

We’ve Been Lied To

Almost every critical article or statement that has been made about the federal executive order has been misleading in at least one significant way, and the record needs to be set straight. We hear nearly ubiquitously that President Trump issued an executive order that bans “diversity training” or “racial sensitivity training.” We hear from universities that President Trump banned the teaching of Critical Race Theory, which allegedly violates academic freedom, and significant challenges against the order have been issued by a large number of universities and university departments consistent with this claim against it—many openly calling to defy the order (possibly legally, as will be clarified momentarily, making this a publicity stunt).

These statements aren’t just misleading; they’re flatly wrong—they’re lies, at least from anyone who actually bothered to read Section 10 of the order. Since that very pertinent section seems to have been missed, I’ll quote the two relevant subsections here:

Sec. 10. General Provisions. (a) This order does not prevent agencies, the United States Uniformed Services, or contractors from promoting racial, cultural, or ethnic diversity or inclusiveness, provided such efforts are consistent with the requirements of this order.

(b) Nothing in this order shall be construed to prohibit discussing, as part of a larger course of academic instruction, the divisive concepts listed in section 2(a) of this order in an objective manner and without endorsement. (emphasis added)

It is impossible to have read this section of the order and reached the conclusion that it prohibits or bans “diversity training” or “racial sensitivity training.” It only prohibits that subset of those trainings that rely upon the “divisive concepts” outlined in Section 2(a) of the order (discussed further below). As it was recently reported that (Democratic leaders claim that) the executive order put a stop to nearly all federal-level diversity training, the conclusion is that nearly all diversity training is not genuinely “diversity training” but instead something based in the divisive concepts that—I hope we can all agree once we actually look at them (below)—should be banned. We should be asking journalists and (mostly Democratic) politicians who misreported this why they did so, and also (as we’ll discuss in the next section) why they would want these “divisive concepts” being part of responsible diversity and inclusion training in the first place.

We can also see that the “academics” who have claimed that the order violates their academic freedom are misinformed, at best, or lying, as Section 10(b) of the order explicitly says that’s not the case. It is still perfectly permissible under this order to teach the various Critical Theories, including Critical Race Theory, as academic theories, but that must be done “in an objective manner and without endorsement,” i.e., not as though they are statements of uncontested facts or undisputed “truths” about the world. It’s frankly shocking that our academics would be this confused about such a plain and clear statement that maintains their academic freedom unless it’s that they just failed to do their basic due diligence in reading the order that they’re so vigorously condemning in terms that don’t even apply.

The relevant executive order—and spin-off orders issued or passed into law at the state or local level—does not limit academic freedom or the ability to conduct diversity and inclusion activities (including training). It has been a gross abnegation of duty on the part of our journalists, academics, and (mostly Democratic) politicians to have said, plainly and repeatedly, otherwise. They should be asked why, and they should be pressed further on why they would want to challenge the order, or ones like it, in the first place.

Proponents Must Want Division

Again, as I have read the executive order several times, I’m perplexed as to why any American or reasonable and decent human being living in the twenty-first century would want it overturned. Since many do, since presumably a Biden administration will as well, and since I try not to assume people are as evil as they often sound in ignorance, I have to assume the executive order has not been widely or properly read. Nevertheless, as we can see from Section 10 above, the order only prohibits applying the “divisive concepts” listed in Section 2(a) and then only in particular ways. It’s therefore important for us to look at these concepts directly from the order and evaluate them.

Before listing them, with commentary, I want to stress why we need to be familiar with what the executive order says. It’s very simple. Anyone who wants to overturn this executive order or resist creating copycat orders at the state (or city) level must want to leave room to engage in at least one of the behaviors it prohibits. The questions are “which ones?” and “why?”

Here is the list of prohibited “divisive concepts” given in Section 2(a) of the executive order, with my own commentary added in italics in square brackets added to most of them:

(1) one race or sex is inherently superior to another race or sex [outright bigotry or supremacy—note that this also prohibits white supremacy, patriarchy, (homophobia, ableism, exasperated, etc.)];

(2) the United States is fundamentally racist or sexist [i.e., “systemic” bigotry/oppression];

(3) an individual, by virtue of his or her race or sex, is inherently racist, sexist, or oppressive, whether consciously or unconsciously [even by “complicity,” like “white complicity” or “brown complicity];

(4) an individual should be discriminated against or receive adverse treatment solely or partly because of his or her race or sex;

(5) members of one race or sex cannot and should not attempt to treat others without respect to race or sex [this is a repudiation of identity-blindness, e.g., colorblindness, and seeks to make identity, like race, relevant and central to all interactions and phenomena];

(6) an individual’s moral character is necessarily determined by his or her race or sex [direct rejection of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” perspective];

(7) an individual, by virtue of his or her race or sex, bears responsibility for actions committed in the past by other members of the same race or sex [a kind of identity-based “sins of the father” and guilt by association];

(8) any individual should feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress on account of his or her race or sex [believe it or not, this kind of thing is advocated under Critical Theories of identity (Critical Social Justice) under models like “the pedagogy of discomfort”)]; or

(9) meritocracy or traits such as a hard work ethic are racist or sexist or were created by a particular race to oppress another race [this ideology rejects meritocracy].

The term “divisive concepts” also includes any other form of race or sex-stereotyping or any other form of race or sex scapegoating.

Anyone who is calling for this order to be overturned or who is arguing against passing it into law, both on the federal level or, hopefully, on the state levels, must be held to account on this point: they must want to leave room to engage in at least one of the eleven things listed above. We have to ask them which ones and why.

If you find someone who is against this order or similar, ask them what it is they disagree with. Have them be specific—which “divisive tenets” do you want to engage in and why? Ask them:

Do you want to claim that certain identities are inherently superior to others? If so, why?

Do you want to claim that the United States is fundamentally bigoted? If so, why?

Do you want to claim that certain individuals—because of who they happen to be in terms of identity factors like race, sex, (gender, sexuality, disability, exasperated, etc.)—are intrinsically bigoted or complicit in bigotry? If so, why?

Do you think that people should be discriminated against or receive adverse treatment because of factors of identity? If so, why?

Do you think that people should have to treat people according to their identities instead of as equals? If so, why?

Do you believe that people’s moral character is in some way determined by who they happen to be? If so, why?

Do you believe that people should be held morally responsible for things that were done by other people who happen to have the same identity factors that they do? If so, why?

Do you think that people should be made to feel uncomfortable (or in anguish!) over factors of their identity? If so, why?

Do you want to say that merit was not a significant, if not the, determining factor in how people came to occupy the professional positions they occupy? If so, why?

Do you wish to engage in identity-based stereotyping of some other kind? If so, why?

Do you wish to engage in identity-based scapegoating of some other kind? If so, why?

These questions must be asked clearly and repeatedly of anyone who condemns this executive order, calls to have it overturned, or resists attempts to bring it fully legislatively into law at the federal or, via copycat orders and legislation, state (or local) levels. They must want to leave room for at least one of these, and they should be able to articulate which ones and why, and they must be held to account on the point every single time it comes up. Should they only want to engage in a small number of these and repudiate the others—as they definitely should—they should be pressured to support the passage of similar or amended orders or legislation that offer the maximal amount of protection against the mainlining of these “divisive concepts” in our taxpayer-funded workplaces.

Again, this isn’t a mere think-piece. It is a call to action. While it would be ideal that this order is maintained at the federal level until it can be passed into law by Congress (which would merely strengthen the Civil Rights Acts), these protections are needed just as explicitly at the state (and even local) level as well. Our state governors, state legislatures, and even mayors and city councils should take action on this immediately and should be vigorously held to account, as noted above if they resist or refuse. When they do, they should patch the hole in the federal order by including other factors of identity, at the least including gender, sexuality, and disability status. Meanwhile, we should be holding our professionals—academics, journalists, and politicians (especially Democratic ones)—to account for why we have been and are still being misled about this order. We deserve answers about why they have got this issue so wrong (laziness or malfeasance?), and we have to start asking for them as often as necessary.


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