China: Disinformation, Espionage, and Lies

And the American media plays along.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Michael Ledeen is a Shillman Fellow of the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

Just how big is China? Plenty big. It's big enough to hold more than a billion human beings, and it has managed to keep workers employed and to encourage them to save nearly half their annual income. China's performance in the 21st century is most impressive, with large official gains in imports and exports, and most significant numbers are up.

The problem is that China keeps inventing its numbers. For decades, regional and local administrations have lied to the federal government about their performance. This tactic enables regional governments to reduce the taxes they pay to Peking, and also to hide funds they pay overseas agents for espionage work. 

Approximately every ten hours there's a new case. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is studying the possibility of opening a new counter-intelligence center to increase the efficiency of their work against the Chinese. Experts who have studied Chinese data have concluded that it is systematically falsified, and a new counter-intelligence center would help sort it all out. Moreover, a new center would enable the American intelligence community to penetrate the network that provides China with its many sources of information.

In recent weeks, leading scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have been indicted on charges of smuggling classified information from the United States to China. Professor Gang Chen was arrested in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and charged with wire fraud, lying on his federal income tax return and failing to report a foreign bank account. Prosecutors said he was acting out of loyalty to China, with whom he had collaborated at least since 2012 in a variety of ways, at the same time receiving 19 million dollars' worth of assistance from unreported Chinese sources.

There are several such cases, many of which are as yet uncovered, and the FBI's push for a new anti-Chinese counterintelligence center underlines the seriousness with which the government views the matter. And while they're at it, the bureaucrats could fold several layers of manpower into their new center; Customs, for example, seized 25,000 phony Viagra pills in Los Angeles ports last month, along with tens of thousands of pairs of counterfeit shoes, jewelry, and the standard supply of electronics. And during the past year, roughly 51 percent of anti-virus paraphernalia was sent from China.

Chinese spokespersons gave most of the credit to the United States and called for Washington to open its laboratories at Fort Dietrich, Maryland. This is a replay of Soviet disinformation during the Cold War, and an attempt to suppress criticism of Chinese products. There is widespread refusal within China itself to take the domestic product, with significant numbers of people saying that Chinese leaders should be the first to take the drugs.

But this pushback against Chinese medicine is rarely reported in the Western press, which simply reports official statements critical of American products.

And so American mass media play the Chinese game.

Biden Takes ‘Death to America’ Terrorists Off Terror List, Replaces Them With Republicans

Democrats say Muslim terrorists aren’t terrorists, but their political opponents are.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

The Biden administration responded to protests against its stolen election by embedding a domestic extremism office into the National Security Council. The man in charge of making it happen, Joshua Geltzer, had previously denied that Black Lives Matter was a terrorist threat and had attacked the Trump administration’s response to Antifa and BLM violence in Portland.

That means that the only domestic extremists the NSC will be fighting are Republicans.

Even while the Biden administration is preparing to double down on Obama’s abuse of the national security state to target his political opponents, it’s also giving real terrorists a pass.

Joe Biden, whose biggest bundlers included the Iran Lobby, announced he was ending support for American allies fighting the Houthis, and then went even further by preparing to remove the terrorist organization whose motto is, “Death to America”, which took American hostages and tried to kill American sailors, from the list of designated foreign terrorist organizations.

The motto of Iran’s Houthi Jihadis is, "Allahu Akbar, Death to America, Death to Israel, Curse the Jews, Victory to Islam." The Houthis took over parts of Yemen as a result of the chaos unleashed by Obama’s pro-Islamist Arab Spring. Since then they’ve been engaged in a protracted war while causing a local famine by confiscating food from the local population.

Last year, the Trump administration had finally secured the release of three American hostages, Sandra Loli, an American aid worker who had been held for 3 years, another American who had been held for a year, and the body of a third American, in exchange for 240 Houthis, including three dozen Islamic terrorists who had been trained in the use of missiles and drones by Iran.

Like those launched at the USS Mason.

The Houthis lived up to their “Death to America” slogan by repeatedly launching cruise missiles at the USS Mason which had been protecting shipping in the area. And they lived up to the second half of their slogan by ethnically cleansing the remaining local Jewish population, locking them up, and confiscating their homes and land. Local reports stated that the Houthis were “cutting off water & electricity to Jewish homes and preventing Jews from purchasing food."

“No Jew would be allowed to stay here,” one of the Jewish refugees said.

The Iran-backed Islamic terrorists fight using 18,000 child soldiers. The soldiers, many abducted, some as young as 10, are taught to hate America and to kill enemies of Iran.

None of this stopped Biden’s State Department from taking the Houthis off the terror list.

“Secretary Blinken has been clear about undertaking an expeditious review of the designations of Ansarallah,” the State Department claimed. “After a comprehensive review, we can confirm that the Secretary intends to revoke the Foreign Terrorist Organization and Specially Designated Global Terrorist designations of Ansarallah.”

‘Ansarallah’ or ‘Defenders of Allah’ is what the Houthis call themselves. Blinken had only been confirmed on Tuesday. By next Friday, he had already somehow completed the “comprehensive review”, amid all the other minor business like China, Russia, and a global pandemic, and decided that the Islamic terrorists whose motto is “Death to America” aren’t really terrorists.

How can the Biden administration deny that Islamic Jihadis backed by Iran who attacked Americans are terrorists? The State Department claimed that this, “has nothing to do with our view of the Houthis and their reprehensible conduct, including attacks against civilians and the kidnapping of American citizens." Not to mention the attacks on the USS Mason.

But the Biden administration isn’t even going to pretend to care about attacks on our military.

The Bidenites are claiming that they're taking the Houthis, whom they don't deny are terrorists, off the list of designated terrorist groups because of the "humanitarian consequences".

That’s a lie, no matter how often you hear it in the media because Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the United States would be providing licenses to “humanitarian activities conducted by non-governmental organizations in Yemen and to certain transactions and activities related to exports to Yemen of critical commodities like food and medicine.”

That’s despite the fact that the humanitarian crisis in Yemen was caused by the Houthis.

Nevertheless, the media, echoing propaganda from the Iran Lobby and Qatar, a close terrorist ally of Iran, has falsely claimed that the Houthis are the victims of the Yemen famine. A number of politicians, mostly Democrats, but some Republicans, as well as various aid groups, have pushed this same disinformation campaign about the causes of the Yemen famine.

America and its allies have spent billions providing food, medicine, and other humanitarian aid to Yemen. That aid has been seized by the Houthis who have used it for their own troops or to resell on the black market. This is a familiar problem from Syria to Somalia, and aid groups have refused to honestly address their complicity in aiding the terrorists who caused the crisis.

There’s no money in admitting that the aid an organization is providing is being seized by the terrorists, prolonging the conflict and worsening the humanitarian crisis. Some aid organizations share the same goal as the Houthis of worsening the crisis because it boosts their donations.

That’s why international aid organizations don’t want to talk about the Houthis taking their food donations, or about their use of child soldiers. “It’s a taboo,” an anonymous aid official had said.

When Secretary Pompeo announced that the United States was finally designating the Houthis a foreign terrorist organization, the United Nations took the lead in claiming that it would cause a humanitarian crisis. But the UN's World Food Program had already admitted that its food shipments weren't getting to the starving people because the Houthis were intercepting them.

The Middle East director for UNICEF also admitted that the Houthis were seizing food.

An Associated Press investigation found entire stores selling "cooking oil and flour displaying the U.N. food program’s WFP logo." The former Houthi education minister said that 15,000 food baskets that were supposed to go to hungry families instead went to the Houthi terrorists whom the Biden administration is defending. Massive amounts of aid have been pumped into Yemen, and the famine has only grown worse because the Houthis have used starvation as a weapon.

The only way to end the famine is to end Iran’s grip on Yemen through its Houthi terrorists.

That’s obviously not what Biden or the Democrats have in mind. The loudest Democrat voices against designating the Houthis as a terrorist group have a troubling history with Iran.

"Reversing the designation is an important decision that will save lives and, combined with the appointment of a Special Envoy, offers hope that President Biden is committed to bringing the war to an end,” Senator Chris Murphy tweeted.

Murphy had been among the loudest voices against the designation.

And Murphy had met with Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif last year. That same year, he had advocated lowering sanctions on Iran for “humanitarian reasons”. Biden had also joined the push to use the pandemic as a pretext for reducing sanctions on the terror state.

That same year, the Left succeeded in forcing out Rep. Elliot Engel, one of the few remaining pro-Israel Democrats, and replaced him with the militantly anti-Israel Rep. Jamaal Bowman, whose election was backed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and her antisemitic ‘Squad’.

Engel, who had served as Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, was replaced by Rep. Gregory Meeks, a strong backer of the Iran Deal. Meeks’ position was cheered by Iran Lobby groups. As far back as 2009, Meeks had declared at a hearing, “I have developed a tremendous appreciation for the work of the National Iranian American Council. I am pleased that we will hear the perspective of NIAC’s President, Mr. Trita Parsi.”

Emails released allegedly showed Parsi telling Iran's Foreign Minister, "I am having a meeting with Gilchrest and Meeks, and they asked for our assistance in getting some communication going between the parliamentarians."

Speaking to the Islamic Republic News Agency, the official state news agency of the Islamic terrorist state, Chairman Meeks allegedly stated that he was willing to travel to Iran and had been engaged in dialogue with Iranian legislators.

Meeks took the lead in attacking the designation of the Houthi Islamic terrorists as terrorists, arguing that, “No solution in Yemen will be sustainable unless the Houthis are involved.”

And that gets at the real reason why Biden and Democrats oppose the designation.

It’s not about humanitarian aid, which would have kept on going anyway, only to be stolen by the Houthis. It’s about supporting Iran’s bid to take over parts of Yemen in order to control shipping and tighten the grip of the Islamic terrorist regime over the entire region.

The ‘diplomatic’ solution advocated by Biden and the Democrats would finalize Iran’s grip over parts of Yemen. Designating the Houthis as terrorists would get in the way of another in a series of Islamist dirty deals with Iran that began with Obama and that will continue on under Biden.

Even while the Democrats insist loudly that the Houthis must be part of the solution in Yemen, they just as vocally cry that the Republicans must be isolated and eliminated in America.

The Democrats militarized D.C. with an armed occupation and are criminalizing political dissent. They have claimed that one riot, after a year full of them by their own activist wing, requires a permanent state of emergency that will be run through the National Security Council.

The Biden administration is not only taking the Houthis, and likely other Islamic terrorist groups, off the terror list, it’s putting the domestic political opposition on its terror list. This is an extension of the same Obama policy that illegally shipped foreign cash to Iran even while it was using the NSA to spy on pro-Israel members of Congress and on the Trump campaign.

The Democrats are happy to fight terrorism by designating their domestic political opponents as terrorists while removing the “Death to America” Houthis who have kidnapped and killed Americans, who fired on the USS Mason, and ethnically cleansed Jews, from the terror list.

And what do the Houthis plan to do with their newfound support from the Biden administration?

In addition to sanctioning the Houthis, the Trump administration sanctioned three of their leaders, beginning with Abdul Malik al-Houthi. The Houthi leader has made it clear that he intends to build up the same missile program that was used to attack the USS Mason.

“To have rockets that could reach far beyond Riyadh, this is a great achievement,” he said, referring to the Saudi capital.

He also promised to send terrorists to fight against Israel.

“Many of Yemen's tribesmen are ambitious to fight against Israel, and they are looking for the day to participate along with the freemen of the Islamic nation against the Israeli enemy,"

This is the terrorist group that the Biden administration and the Democrats are bailing out even while they’re criminalizing the Republican political opposition as terrorists.

“Death to America” is something that the Houthis and their Democrat supporters can agree on.

Biden says he’ll return to nuke deal if Iran reverses ‘nuclear steps’~Khamenei demands immediate end of sanctions



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Biden says he “will seek to revive the nuclear deal, but insists that Iran must first reverse its nuclear steps.” But he’s in a standoff with Iran’s supreme leader Khamenei, who said: “If they want Iran to return to its JCPOA commitments, the US must completely lift sanctions. And not just verbally on the paper. They must revoke the sanctions in action.”

Biden is deluding himself if he thinks that any nuke deal with Iran will be authentic. He is following in the disastrous steps of Barack Obama, who enabled Iran to increase its nuclear capabilities and deceive naïve infidel countries. And still Biden’s willingness to return to the deal isn’t enough for Khamenei, who knows exactly what Iran is planning.

Iran-based dissidents — many who have been imprisoned by the regime — are not so easily fooled. They are urging Biden to maintain sanctions, knowing all too well about the nature of the deceitful, jihadist regime which aims to build a nuclear bomb.

In late January, Israel announced that attack plans against Iran were being revised in light of Biden’s return to the nuclear deal. This was a prudent move in light of  Iran’s violation of the previous nuclear deal under the Obama administration, and its own admission to having violated the deal, as well as its boastful, repeated threats and provocations regarding its military capabilities.

“Biden will not lift sanctions to get Iran back to negotiating table,” Guardian, February 7, 2021:

President has said he will seek to revive the nuclear deal, but insists that Iran must first reverse its nuclear steps.

oe Biden has said the United States will not lift its economic sanctions on Iran in order to get Tehran back to the negotiating table to discuss how to revive the Iran nuclear deal.

Asked if the United States will lift sanctions first to get Iran back to the negotiating table, Biden replied: “no” in an interview with CBS News, which was recorded on Friday but released on Sunday ahead of the Super Bowl.

Donald Trump, the former president, unilaterally withdrew the US in 2018 from the atomic deal, which saw Iran agree to limit its enrichment of uranium in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions. Biden has said he will seek to revive the deal, but insisted that Iranmust first reverse its nuclear steps, creating a contest of wills between the nations.

Asked if Iran had to stop enriching uranium first, Biden nodded. It was not clear exactly what he meant, as Iran is permitted to enrich uranium under the 2015 nuclear deal within certain limits.

“Will the US lift sanctions first in order to get Iran back to the negotiating table?” CBS News anchor Norah O’Donnell asked.

“No,” Biden responded.

“They have to stop enriching uranium first?” O’Donnell asked. Biden nodded.

Earlier on Sunday Iran’s supreme leader urged the US to lift all sanctions if it wants the country to live up to commitments under its nuclear deal with world powers, according to state TV.

In his first comments on the matter since Biden took office, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was quoted as saying: “If (the US) wants Iran to return to its commitments, it must lift all sanctions in practice, then we will do verification then we will return to our commitments.”

“This is the definitive and irreversible policy of the Islamic Republic, and all of the country’s officials are unanimous on this, and no one will deviate from it,” Khamenei added Sunday, reiterating Iranian leaders’ previous remarks that the US must ease its sanctions before Iran comes back into compliance….

Universities get billions from Islamic entities, Biden drops rule forcing revelation of cash from propaganda centers



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Meanwhile, universities reported receiving $3.1 billion from Qatar and more than $1.1 billion from Saudi Arabia, and that’s just what was reported: “Federal law requires schools to disclose substantial foreign gifts and contracts to the Department of Education (DOE) twice a year. Many have for years failed to do so, while others severely underreported the income.”

With the Muslim Brotherhood, the Wahhabis, and others pumping billions into America’s universities, it’s easy to see why so many Americans, and young people in particular, see “Islamophobia” as a genuine threat and jihad violence and Sharia oppression as fictional constructs of an alleged “hate industry.” The propaganda is skillful and relentless. Then on top of that is the propaganda from China, as detailed here. All this is why the fog of misinformation and disinformation is so thick these days, it’s hard to see three feet ahead.

“Biden quietly nixes Trump-era rule combating Chinese Communist-funded ‘propaganda’ centers,” by Benjamin Zeisloft, Campus Reform, February 7, 2021:

The Trump administration attempted to enact a policy that would force American universities to reveal cooperation with chapters of the Confucius Institute. President Joe Biden quietly revoked the policy a few days after his inauguration.

Axios reported that in the final days of his presidency, Trump enacted a policy that would compel primary, secondary, and postsecondary institutions to disclose all contracts and transactions with the Confucius Institute. Under the policy, schools that do not report information would lose certification for the Student and Exchange Visitor Program.

Records from the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs revealed that Biden nixed the policy on January 26.  A spokesperson for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed to Campus Reform that the policy was rescinded.

Seth Cropsey — director of the Center for American Seapower at the Hudson Institute — told Campus Reform that the policy could be part of the Biden administration recalibrating on Sino-American relations. However, he said hopes that the new administration is not trying to “placate China.”

He expressed hope that the Biden administration is not trying to “make overtures… that make it sound as though the United States is unaware or uninterested in their military buildup, their aggression against neighbors, their militarization of the South China Sea, and their successful efforts to steal intellectual property.”

In terms of Confucius Institutes, Cropsey remarked that it is “not normal practice, and for good reason — namely, academic independence and freedom — to allow an outside organization… to say nothing of a country that is a strategic competitor to the United States, to be able to choose professors in a program… within a university.”…

Where’s the Outrage? Biden Fires 56 Trump U.S. Attorneys



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

In what most of the media is characterizing as “a routine” event, Joe Biden has asked 56 U.S. attorneys appointed by Donald Trump to resign.

Indeed, it used to be a routine announcement. It’s part of the transition and shouldn’t draw any scrutiny. In with the new, out with the old, farewell, and good luck.

Except when Trump did it in 2016, you’d think it was the end of democracy. This was the headline story on the MSNBC website after Trump asked for the resignations on March 13, 2017.

Trump sparks new controversy with U.S. Attorney dismissals. Ten years after the last Republican White House had a U.S. Attorney scandal, Donald Trump has one of his own.

What “scandal”? The U.S. attorney for New York, Preet Bharara, threw a tantrum because he says Trump promised he could stay. He refused to resign and was promptly fired. The media blew this tantrum into a clash between the executive branch and the judicial branch.

But when Biden does it, it’s “routine.”


And then there was CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, who complained of Trump, “one would have thought they’d have handled it better.” Blitzer’s colleague, Jim Acosta, complained, “They’re off to a very slow start… So it’s not surprising they’d do it in this fashion.”

The New York Times headlined its coverage, “Trump Abruptly Orders 46 Obama-Era Prosecutors to Resign.” One can still be looking for the Biden announcement on the Times’s website.

The media misconduct remained consistent with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Routine practices were always criminal for the big bad orange man, while remaining admissible for Democrats.

In Biden’s “routine” firing of U.S. attorneys, he allowed two of them to stay on.

Fox News:

The U.S. attorneys will begin transitioning out of their roles, with the exception of the prosecutor overseeing the federal tax investigation into Hunter Biden, David Weiss for Delaware. John Durham, the U.S. attorney for Connecticut, will resign from his position as U.S. attorney but will stay on as special counsel to continue his now years-long investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Tuesday was asked about Weiss and Durham, and said that those “decisions were made in order to fulfill his promise of maintaining independence.”

It was politically smart for Biden to continue the Hunter Biden probe. He really didn’t have any choice because it may eventually lead back to him. But he could have taken the risk and asked for Weiss’s resignation too. That he didn’t is significant in that he wants to keep the focus on Trump impeachment and his pandemic relief bill.

For all the machinations of the media to destroy Trump’s presidency, none of it mattered in the end. All they ended up doing was destroying what was left of their credibility with the vast majority of the American people. And it’s things like this that sealed their fate.


Biden Purging DOJ: Trump-appointed U.S. Attorneys Must Resign by End of Month



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The Left’s march through the institutions continues. 

As a further part of Joe Biden’s effort to purge the executive branch of any vestige of Trumpism, his Department of Justice has now asked U.S. attorneys appointed by Donald Trump to step down from their posts by the end of the month.

According to a senior Biden administration official who spoke to Fox News, 56 U.S. attorneys have been given until February 28 to resign.

“We are committed to ensuring a seamless transition,” said Acting Attorney General Monty Wilkinson in a statement. “Until U.S. Attorney nominees are confirmed, the interim and acting leaders in the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices will make sure that the department continues to accomplish its critical law enforcement mission, vigorously defend the rule of law, and pursue the fair and impartial administration of justice for all.”

Earlier this year, the Biden Justice Department said that “nearly all presidential appointees from the previous administration offered their resignations, though U.S. Attorneys and U.S. Marshals were asked to temporarily remain in place.”

The DOJ also said that before the start of the transition process, approximately a third of the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices were being directed by acting or interim leadership.

The department further stated that Biden will make an announcement related to nominations to be confirmed by the Senate “as that information becomes available.” 

Current U.S. attorneys will begin transitioning out of their roles. This does not include David Weiss, the prosecutor in charge of the Hunter Biden federal tax investigation.

John Durham, the U.S. attorney for Connecticut, will step down from his U.S. attorney role but remain in the DOJ as special counsel to continue his investigation of the origins of the Trump-Russia probe.

Asked about Weiss and Durham on Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that those “decisions were made in order to fulfill his promise of maintaining independence.”

Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden, is reportedly a subject/target of a grand jury investigation. Per a source, a “target” who has a high probability of having committed a crime, whereas a “subject” is someone who is, as yet, unknown to have committed a crime.

Suspicious foreign transactions (from “China and other foreign nations,” according to one source) were reportedly what gave rise to the investigation of Hunter Biden, which apparently began in 2018.

In another pending change-up, the Biden Justice Department wants Michael Sherwin, acting U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, to leave his current post but remain as some sort of special prosecutor to continue his work overseeing the prosecution of those involved in the January 6 Capitol breach. Sherwin has vowed to “bring the most maximum charges we can based upon the conduct.”

The feds have thus far charged over 150 people in the Capitol siege.

The news of the DOJ’s “de-Trumpization” should serve as a reminder to Americans that Democrats are playing for keeps; they want to leave no available avenue for citizens to turn to have their constitutional liberties protected against growing usurpations by the Left.

If President Trump vowed to drain the swamp, Joe Biden is filling it back up.

Sadly, when Democrats are in power, they tend to be much more effective than Republicans in ensuring that the government is staffed by people who share their vision and will not attempt to sabotage their program from within. 

While President Trump achieved much during his time in office, he would have done well to take a few more pages out of the leftist playbook and purge the executive branch more completely of establishment hacks appointed by past presidents.

Of course, the mainstream media always plays a role. The major outlets hardly bat an eyelash as Biden seeks to totally transform the Justice Department. Meanwhile, anytime President Trump attempted to fire a holdover from the previous administration, the media screamed bloody murder.

This writer has regularly noted the importance of working at the state and local level now that the Marxist Left has a growing stranglehold on the federal government. The recent case of Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt nullifying a Biden executive order with an order of his own is one example of the model to follow.


Gab CEO Andrew Torba Bans Secular ‘Paganist’ Media From Interviewing Him~Christian Media Welcome



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Gab CEO Andrew Torba is my new favorite Twitter troll since Donald Trump was banned. Torba who runs the fastest-growing free-speech social media in America—where you can get verified and they won’t ban you for liking your president—has the answer to our problem with institutionalized bigotry against Republicans. The left owns every major media company and has infiltrated every institution in American government and culture (including the board gaming industry).

Torba’s response is brilliant and also funny. “New PR policy at Gab until further notice,” he wrote. “If you’re not a Christian reporter or from a Christian media company you will be ignored. All other press statements will be published on our blog for pagan propagandists to pick from.”

In case you think he’s kidding, he’s been posting his emails with journalists.

The media types have, of course, gone insane with this messaging and are accusing Torba of violating the First Amendment. Civics education in America is a criminal operation. Is anyone civically literate? What the imbeciles are calling “free speech” is really a different right—the right to free association. “You are not entitled to my time, pagans! Doesn’t mean you can’t speak freely on Gab though,” wrote Torba. “Free association, private company, deal with it.”

After fighting like hell to separate all of his infrastructure from the Big Tech censorship machine of Silicon Valley and finally emerging with a free-speech platform that tech giants can’t delete, Torba is showing conservatives that they need to think radically differently about surviving this new reality. You can’t conduct business as usual with people who hate you and want you eradicated. “We don’t just need our own social network, we need to build our own economy. The Silent Secession,” wrote Torba.

The left wants you to not be able to feed your family. They will do it to a disabled veteran. They will do it to an interracial family. They will do it to you. Torba is suggesting a vaccine against cancel culture is building a culture that isn’t cancellable. While Torba’s announcement was absolutely intended to rile and trigger Christophobes on the left, it raises a great point. The cancel culture warriors are a roving band of wrecking balls who are determined to drive Christians and conservatives out of business. Why would we work with them in any way?

Author of SJW’s Always Lie, Vox Day, has rules for surviving an SJW attack. At this point, it’s only fair to lump the fake news media into the social justice warrior category. They are activists out to destroy everything you hold dear. Rule number seven, “make the rubble bounce,” is what Torba is employing right now. Only in Torba’s case, he’s already survived their purge attempt but he is continuing to take the fight right to the pagan media instead of waiting around for an attack to happen again. Day wrote,

Whether you survive the attempted purge or whether you don’t, it’s very important to observe who has defined himself as an ally, an enemy, or a neutral party during the process. The choices people make will pleasantly surprise you about as often as they disappoint you. Once everyone’s choices have been made clear, your task is simple. Target the enemy at every opportunity. Hit them wherever they show themselves vulnerable. Play as dirty as your conscience will permit. Undermine them, sabotage them, and discredit them. Be ruthless and show them absolutely no mercy. This is not the time for Christian forgiveness because these are people who have not repented, these are people who are trying to destroy you and are quite willing to harm your family and your children in the process. Take them down and take them out without hesitation.

If you have any SJWs working under you, fire them. If you have an SJW relying upon you for something, play dumb and assure him that he’ll get it on time, then fail to deliver, all the while promising that it’s going to be done next week. Above all, understand that the normal rules of live and let live are no longer in effect. The more you disrupt their activities and their daily routine, the more difficult they will find it to purge you. Assume that you are on your way out—if you’ve followed the previous advice given, you should already have your landing zone prepared and are only waiting for the right moment to exit— and salt the earth. Leave devastation in your wake so that it will take weeks or even months for them to try to recover from the damage of your purging.

We have too few people on our side who understand this. We’re in a fight for our very right to think. This is a free speech war and only one side is fighting it: the censors. Innocent people are losing their livelihoods while conservative pundits are blathering about “principles” and “civility.”

I’m thrilled that Torba is playing to win. The question is, why isn’t everyone else?

Luckily, Salem Media Group is a Christian media company that doesn’t hate America and I have reached out to Torba to book him on my weekly podcast which you can hear every Friday if you’re a VIP subscriber. I expect to hear from him soon. Then I’m going to help Gab get more exposure and he’s going to help PJM get more readers.  See how this works? It’s no different than what the Washington Post and the New York Times have done with David Hogg. Hollywood has an entire award system they built just so they could give their friends awards. We could do that. But we don’t. We keep thinking they’re going to give us a shot at the Pulitzer. Why don’t we just build our own journalism awards? What we need right now is the kind of innovation to break away from the culture of rot that has been forced on us and people like Andrew Torba are showing us how. Be like Torba.

PJMedia is ahead of the curve with our VIP membership which gives you UNCENSORED, never-to-be-deleted by Big Tech, content and supports our efforts to become uncancellable. Sign up today and stick it to the propagandist pagan media.

Lawyer Argues Before Judge as a Cat in Hilarious Zoom Fail

Biden’s ‘American Recovery Act’ Includes Hidden 150% Obamacare Expansion

Missing from the released pandemic relief summary, the expansion of Obamacare is proposed at the end a 90-page legislative proposal



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Any mention of a temporary expansion that breathes life back into Obamacare was mysteriously missing from a summary of the House Democrat pandemic relief stimulus proposal released to the public by House Ways & Means Committee Chairman US Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA), Monday. But it’s there.

Tucked away at the end of the $1.9 trillion 90-page legislative proposal is verbiage that outlines the first expansion of Obamacare in more than a decade.

One of the two proposals held in the proposed legislation would fully subsidize Affordable Care Act (ACA) coverage for people who earn up to 150 percent of the federal poverty level.

The new Obamacare eligibility table now incorporates people making more than 400 percent of the federal poverty level. That table affords subsidies for first time application, capping their total premium costs at 8.5 percent of their income.

Another proposal included in the legislation would cover 85 percent of a person’s health insurance premiums for those laid-off during the pandemic utilizing COBRA, access to their employer-based health insurance.

“Our nation is struggling, the virus is still not contained, and the American people are counting on Congress to meet this moment with bold, immediate action,” Neal said in a statement. “From increasing direct assistance to those who need it most to expanding tax credits for low- and middle-income workers, we deliver substantial solutions in this package.”

Neal’s legislation proposals are written as budget reconciliation measures, which means House Democrats can pass them with a simple majority. They would need no support from Republicans in that chamber.

The nine proposals outlined in Neal’s legislative outline make up roughly half of the $1.9 trillion package offered by Democrats. The package includes the $1,400 direct payments to Americans.

President Biden signed an executive order last month ordering the reopening of Obamacare’s online health insurance marketplaces. People seeking health insurance under the law will be offered the chance in a few weeks.