Kamala Harris Cancels God and Life in Declaration of Independence

Kamala Cancels God and Life in Declaration of Independence


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Forgetting the Declaration of Independence’s words while campaigning in 2020, Joe Biden famously said that all “men and women [sic] created by — you know, you know, the thing.” Now Kamala Harris has quoted the Declaration, too, and perhaps knows the “thing” but doesn’t want to say the thing.

That is while giving a Sunday speech in Tallahassee, Florida, marking the 50th anniversary of the now-overturned, unconstitutional Roe v. Wade opinion, Harris cited the rights mentioned in the founding document but omitted the very first one: life.

Moreover, while she did say that we are “endowed” with certain rights, she neglected to mention the endower: God. And many find this just too convenient to have been a Biden dotard moment, as mentioned a right to life and the Creator of life wouldn’t exactly have buttressed the pro-prenatal infanticide appeal she was issuing.

Harris’s glaring omissions occurred at the beginning of her remarks. After she stated that “we collectively believe and know America is a promise — a promise of freedom and liberty — not for some, but for all,” she added:

“A promise we made in the Declaration of Independence [states] that we are each endowed with the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

The Declaration’s actual text reads: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The first right is a prerequisite, too. After all, there can’t be any liberty or pursuit of anything if there’s no life in the first place. Related to this, Harris preceded the above remarks with more than a touch of irony. Mentioning how she and others were “mourning” the “senseless gun violence” that took place in Monterey Park, California, on Saturday, she passionately said that “this violence must stop” — in a speech advocating violence in the womb. But Harris, who is often mocked for being inane and incoherent, was mainly, and roundly, criticized for her life omission.

Get a Life, Kamala

As to this, Representative Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.), no stranger to the world’s slings and arrows herself, wrote Monday in response to Harris:

Fellow Colorado Republican representative Ken Buck opined similarly the next day:

Commentator Catherine Hadro weighed in, too, tweeting:

Then, some “said the omission exposed her argument as weak,” reported Fox News.

“‘When you have to omit entirely one of the most integral parts of the Declaration of Independence in attempts to further your argument, said argument is immediately and objectively powerless,’ the Senate Working Group’s Leslie Ann Robertson said,” the site continued.

“‘This point is obvious but when the ‘right to life’ blows up your message so bad you have to pretend it doesn’t exist then maybe your message isn’t very good,’ GOP operative Matt Whitlock said,” Fox also informs.

What does exist, though, at least in the world according to Kamala, is a right to kill. In her Sunday speech, she used the term right(s) 16 times, and 10 of those instances related to prenatal infanticide. She spoke of how “50 years ago today,” activists “won a fight in the United States Supreme Court to recognize the fundamental constitutional right of a woman to make decisions about her own body — not the government.”

How this can be squared with the government compelling women to take a largely untested “vaccine,” Harris did not explain.

Harris continued in that vein, talking-point style, speaking of how Americans for nearly 50 years “relied on the rights that Roe protected,” how “last June, the United States Supreme Court took away that constitutional right — a fundamental right, a basic freedom,” and how Congress “must pass a bill that … protects reproductive rights.” She even channeled climate-con kid Greta Thunberg at one point, saying of those who’d defend the unborn, “How dare they? How dare they?!”

For those interested (and with strong stomachs), Harris’s entire speech is below.

Of course, Harris doesn’t mean a word of this. Remember that this is the woman who, when asked by The Late Show host Stephen Colbert how she went from essentially calling Biden a racist and sex abuser to being BFF with him, replied while cackling, “It was a debate!… It was a debate!” In other words, “Don’t you know, idiot, that I’m just in this for the power? It’s all Kabuki theater.”

Perhaps as much as any other politician, Harris is the very embodiment of power lust. She doesn’t care about unborn babies or about mothers, either — or anyone’s “rights.” She wants power for power’s sake.

But for a reminder of what Harris is indifferent to, in worldly gain’s name, you can watch an interview (video below) with three women who are sincere — three ex-abortion center workers. The testimonial of one of them, Deborah Edge, was particularly heart-wrenching.

“I remember — I-I-I have a visual, all the time I always remember this; it’s very disturbing to me,” she said, describing what transpired during certain abortions. “He [the abortionist] would hold the fetus by the feet and kinda’ pull down and insert the claws; and when he would squeeze them, you can see that that baby’s toes spread open [reacting to the pain].” (This portion begins at 8:58.)

Of course, all this violence, claiming more than 600,000 lives a year, is done without guns — and also, Kamala Harris should note, without God and respect for life.

Four Illegal Immigrants Bused to NYC, Caught Shoplifting $12,000 Worth of Swag

Four Illegal Immigrants Bused to NYC, Caught Shoplifting $12,000 Worth of Swag

Migrants bused to NYC arrested after stealing $12K from Macy's


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/kevindowneyjr/2023/01/24/four-illegal-immigrants-bused-to-nyc-caught-shoplifting-12000-worth-of-swag-n1664472;

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Despite being allowed into the country, given a free cell phone, food, a bus ticket to New York City, and a free room in a midtown Manhattan hotel, four lads from south of the border decided they need more free booty.Related: Hold on to Your Huddled Masses: New York City Doesn’t Want Any More Illegal ImmigrantsFour illegal immigrants were busted stealing more than $12,000 worth of goods from Macy’s at the Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island, N.Y.

FACT-O-RAMA! The Roosevelt Field Mall is located where the Roosevelt Field airport once stood. Charles Lindbergh took off from Roosevelt Field when he made his iconic trans-Atlantic flight in 1927.

The greedy purloiners must have thought that Democrats run Macy’s and helped themselves to $12,489 worth of plunder.

The grab four made their escape in a four-door BMW. The driver was observed driving erratically and was quickly pulled over by Nassau County police.

The scroungers are:

  • 19-year-old Wrallan Cabezas Meza
  • 21-year-old Miguel Angel Rojas
  • 27-year-old Rafael Rojas
  • 30-year-old Jose Garcia Escobar

Two of the scavengers were released. The driver was issued numerous citations.

Angel and Rafael Rojas have been living rent-free at NYC’s Westin Hotel, where rooms go for $80 per night, plus “tax recovery charges and service fees” of $43.86.

Hotel workers have complained the immigrants physically fight with the staff, drink all day, consume drugs, and have sex in public.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been whining that the Big Apple — a self-proclaimed sanctuary city — has had its fill of illegal immigrants. Texas has hilariously bused roughly 41,000 illegal immigrants to New York City. Adams claims he can’t house anymore. Then why did he close down the homeless shelter he had built on New York’s Randall’s Island?


Why Do Our National Leaders Have Such Sticky Fingers?~CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS FOUND IN MIKE PENCE’S HOME

Why Do Our National Leaders Have Such Sticky Fingers? Mike Pence Finds Classified Documents in His Indiana Home


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/rick-moran/2023/01/24/why-do-our-national-leaders-have-such-sticky-fingers-mike-pence-finds-classified-documents-in-his-indiana-home-n1664587;

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First Trump, then Biden, and now former Vice President Mike Pence have discovered classified documents in their possession long after their terms in office had ended.

It ain’t rocket science, guys. A document marked “Top Secret,” “Secret,” “Confidential,” “Restricted,” or “Official” can’t be stuffed in a briefcase and taken home. The procedures for handling classified documents are clear, concise, and straightforward. There is no wiggle room. And there are no exceptions for violating the law.

No wonder the Russians and Chinese have most of our secrets.

For our VIPs: The Inevitable Stalemate Over Classified Documents

Now we learn that former Vice President Mike Pence discovered classified documents at his Indiana home. The discovery came about as a result of a search of Pence’s Indiana home and his office at the political advocacy group Advancing American Freedom, following the Biden document imbroglio.

Fox News:

According to his team, Pence informed the National Archives on Jan. 18 of a small number of potential classified documents found in two small boxes. Another two boxes contained copies of vice presidential papers. The National Archives then informed the FBI per standard procedure.

Pence attorney Greg Jacob wrote on Jan. 18 Acting Director Kate Dillon McClure of the White House Liaison Division National Archives and Records Administration to inform her of the papers “containing classified markings.”

After the documents with classified markings were discovered, they were immediately put into a safe, according to the Pence team.

The documents were collected by the FBI at Pence’s home in Carmel, Indiana, on Thursday evening, Jan. 19. Pence was in Washington, D.C. for the annual March for Life when the FBI collected the documents.

It’s not like these guys were fleeing a coup d’etat in the dead of night, leaving Washington with only the clothes are their backs. They all had a couple of months to prepare for their departure, so why these searches couldn’t have been conducted between the election and the inauguration of the next president doesn’t make sense.

Ultimately, the searches should have been unnecessary. Whether the marked documents were taken to make an officeholder’s memoirs more authentic or whether they thought it was really cool to possess important, secret documents to show their friends after they were out of office is immaterial. It’s mind-blowing that no matter the reason, these documents were negligently mishandled, and the primaries involved — Pence, Trump, and Biden — should all be punished.


Classified Docs Found at Mike Pence’s Home Raise New Questions


SEE: https://thenewamerican.com/classified-docs-found-at-mike-pences-home-raise-new-questions/;

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Greg Jacob, the custodian of Pence’s White House records, has revealed that former Vice President Mike Pence had a small number of classified documents at his home in Indiana, and after Pence notified the National Archives, FBI agents were sent to retrieve them on January 19.

Pence had previously said that he had not brought classified documents home with him after leaving the vice presidency.

“The transfer was facilitated by the Vice President’s personal attorney, who has experience in handling classified documents,” wrote Jacob in a letter to the National Archives on January 22.

Pence notified the National Archives that he had found the documents at his residence on January 16. According to Jacob, Pence had been unaware of the documents being at his house until then. But after he heard of the discovery of classified documents at President Joe Biden’s personal residence, Pence sought the assistance of personal counsel to make sure no such documents existed at his home, as well. It was not revealed what the subject matter of the classified documents in Pence’s possession was.

It is also not clear what was in the classified documents found at former President Donald Trump’s Florida residence, but press reports have indicated that documents in possession of President Biden from his days as vice president include documents having to do with Ukraine. Biden famously was taped bragging to the Council on Foreign Relations that he had gotten a prosecutor in Ukraine fired — a prosecutor, it should be noted, who was investigating a company in Ukraine connected to his son, Hunter. Hunter Biden was reportedly making about $50,000 per month while sitting on the board of Ukrainian energy concern Burisma Holdings.

“This discovery by Pence’s attorney is a very interesting reinforcement of the contrast between how Biden & Pence are properly cooperating and returning documents versus Trump stealing them, hiding them, and obstructing justice into their return,” said David Brock, president of the Biden-allied group Facts First USA. Brock’s caustic remarks no doubt are a signal as to how the Left will spin the Pence revelations to help Biden and hurt Trump.

On the other hand, the chair of the House Oversight Committee, Representative James Comer (R-Ky.), showed no immediate indication that he would back off his investigations in the aftermath of the Pence revelations.

“Former Vice President Mike Pence reached out today about classified documents found at his home in Indiana,” Comer said. “He has agreed to fully cooperate with congressional oversight and any questions we have about the matter. Former Vice President Pence’s transparency stands in stark contrast to Biden's White House staff who continue to withhold information from Congress and the American people.”

Representative Mike Turner (R-Ohio), the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said he planned to “ask for the same intelligence review and damage assessment” that he had requested regarding Biden, “to see if there are any national security concerns.”

Jacob appeared to stress Pence’s cooperation in his letter to the National Archives. “I expressed to you my expectation that the substantial majority of the documents in the four boxes would, upon examination, be found to be personal copies of other records that were previously transmitted to the Archives.”

“All of the documents within the boxes, and within the sealed envelopes, remain in the exact place and order in which they were discovered on January 16. The Vice President is not waiving any privileges pertaining to the clearly labeled materials.”

Pence asked for help “after it became public that documents with classified markings were found in President Joe Biden’s Wilmington residence.”

Meanwhile, six more classified documents were found during the search of President Biden’s home in Delaware on Friday.

After the Pence revelations, commentators such as Clay Travis and Buck Sexton (who took over the national radio show of the late Rush Limbaugh) speculated that former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush might also be in possession of classified documents.

Regardless, the revelation of documents in the possession of former vice presidents Biden and Pence raises other questions. First, could the National Archives have really been unaware of such documents in the hands of Biden and Pence from their days in the vice-presidential office, but then have so much supposed concern about classified documents at the Florida home of former President Trump? After all, whatever documents were at Trump’s home, they were clearly more safely secured than whatever documents Biden had at his home — in the garage, of all places! It is hard to imagine that the average person would put sensitive and important documents of his own in the garage rather than in a safe.

In addition to that, as a former president, Trump could have declassified — and he has claimed he did — those documents before he left office and before he took them to Mar-a-Lago. On the other hand, neither Pence nor Biden had any legal authority to take possession of classified documents, let alone declassify them.

The Pence revelations — coupled with the Biden revelations — demonstrate the rank hypocrisy of the Left with their cheering on a high-profile raid on Trump’s private residence and their general defense of Biden. And then there is the hypocrisy of Biden himself, who told 60 Minutes that Trump’s possession of classified documents was “irresponsible.” Despite that, Biden has expressed that he has no regrets about his own keeping of documents.

There is no doubt that the U.S. government over-classifies documents. However, there are still times when documents need to remain classified for the protection of the country. But Biden still possesses documents from the time he was in the U.S. Senate!

The Pence revelations will no doubt take some of the heat off Biden, but considering that nothing was done to Hillary Clinton and her 30,000 government emails that she hosted on a private server — many of which she simply deleted from her laptop — one can safely predict that nothing will be done to either Pence or Biden over their carelessness.

Surely, one would hope there will be some reform to the entire process of the transfer of classified documents once a person leaves public office — or in the case of Hillary Clinton, while in office — but don’t count on it. Not unless it would give the Left some benefit.