This Line Brought Down the House During Ron Desantis’ Speech



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On Tuesday, Ron DeSantis was sworn in for a second term as Florida’s governor. While there was much to cheer throughout the speech (PJM’s Jeff Reynolds has more here), one line stood out in particular.

Calling Florida a “promised land of sanity” in a sea of cities being destroyed by woke ideology, DeSantis noted that “Many of these cities and states have embraced faddish ideology at the expense of enduring principles. They have harmed public safety by coddling criminals and attacking law enforcement. They have imposed unreasonable burdens on taxpayers to finance unfathomable levels of public spending. They have harmed education by subordinating the interests of students and parents to partisan interest groups.”

“They have imposed medical authoritarianism in the guise of pandemic mandates and restrictions that lack a scientific basis. [applause] This bizarre, but prevalent, an ideology that permeates these policy measures purports to act in the name of justice for the marginalized, but it frowns upon American institutions, it rejects merit and achievement, and it advocates identity essentialism,” said DeSantis.

The crowd went wild when he declared: “We reject this woke ideology! We seek normalcy, not philosophical lunacy! We will not allow reality, facts, and truth to become optional. We will never surrender to the woke mob. Florida is where woke goes to die!”

The applause began before DeSantis could get halfway through that passage and culminated in a standing ovation from the enthusiastic crowd.

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A line that struck a similar note also received a standing ovation: “We must ensure school systems are responsive to parents and to students, not partisan interest groups, and we must ensure that our institutions of higher learning are focused on academic excellence and the pursuit of truth, not the imposition of trendy ideology,” the governor said. “Florida must always be a great place to raise a family — we will enact more family-friendly policies to make it easier to raise children and we will defend our children against those who seek to rob them of their innocence.”

DeSantis has his pulse on the base of the Republican Party. Rather than sitting back and letting the left destroy his state, he’s been the most aggressive, successful governor in the country, battling back the forces of evil that seek to entrap our children into a life of pain, misery, and dysfunction. But the applause lines in this speech are more than just partisan talking points aimed to stir up the base. As we saw in Virginia, where Glenn Younkin became governor after focusing on kitchen-table issues — namely protecting our children from harm — and in Florida, where DeSantis won by nearly 20 points (including winning with independents, Hispanics, and women) there’s nothing that animates voters more than fear that their children are in danger. DeSantis, as a husband and father, understands that at a gut level, and it’s a winning message for 2024 should he decide to run for president.


The Inauguration Of Governor Ron Desantis And Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez:


Prager U Video: The Truth about Gender-Affirming Care

Kaylee McGhee White shares the truth about this alarming new trend.


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If someone told you that they advocate for the chemical castration, sterilization, and physical mutilation of children and young adults, you’d probably think they were a monster. So why do progressives who push for “gender-affirming care” get a free pass? Prager University’s Kaylee McGhee White shares the truth about this alarming new trend.

Check out this short, must-watch video below:


America, Behold Your God

Understanding George Soros’ self-image is key to grasping much of what’s going on these days.



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George Soros contributed $128,485,971 to Democrat candidates in the 2022 midterm elections, which no doubt played a considerable role in the outcome. And it isn’t as if we weren’t warned. As far back as 2004, then-Senator Hillary Clinton (D-What The Hell Happened to MY Turn) declared: “We need people like George Soros, who is fearless and willing to step up when it counts.” Soros himself then came to the podium and said: “It is the first time that I feel that I need to stand up and do something, really, uh, imp–, uh, and become really engaged, um, in the electoral process in, in this country.” Oh, he’s engaged in the electoral process, all right. That’s our problem.

One indication of the difference Soros made was that he gave, according to Politico, “$1 million for the Georgia runoff, which Sen. Raphael Warnock won on Tuesday night, giving Democrats a 51-seat majority in the Senate.” He is also working for the long term. Politico added that “last January, Soros seeded Democracy PAC with $125 million, a ‘long-term investment’ in his political priorities. The group was formed to support pro-democracy ‘causes and candidates, regardless of party, and to invest in ‘strengthening the infrastructure of American democracy: voting rights and civic participation, civil rights and liberties, and the rule of law,’ Soros said in a statement at the time.”

Soros’ statement was, of course, a steaming pile of misleading blague and deception. He claims to support pro-democracy causes and candidates, regardless of the party but gives only to Democrats. His concern for “the infrastructure of American democracy” quite clearly refers not to our actual republic, but to “our democracy” that the Left is constantly claiming to protect, by which term they actually mean their own hegemony.

Soros has an eye for detail as well. The Capital Research Center (CRC) reported Friday that his “influence on left-wing DA candidates is often wildly underestimated. Since 2016, when Soros first began to back the campaigns of district attorneys (presumably as part of the ‘Resistance’ to the Trump administration), CRC researchers have tracked more than $29 million in funding from Soros through a personal network of political action committees (PACs) formed specifically to back left-wing DA candidates. In total, Soros cash has generously supported over 20 individual candidates, many of whom won their elections and remain in office today.”

The result? “Skyrocketing violent crime, countless murders, little to no accountability, limited prosecutorial experience, a proclivity for scandal, and a tendency to unfairly prosecute political adversaries.” George Soros, CRC added, “certainly has a type.”

So what’s it all about? What is George Soros trying to do? Soros shed some light on this question back in June 1993, when he told the UK’s Independent: “It is a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.”

He has apparently inexhaustible amounts of money and an unshakeable dedication to backing candidates and causes that have the effect of weakening America and making it more squalid, poorer, and more dangerous than it was before he began showering Leftists with his largesse. If Soros is a god, or more precisely, if he thinks of himself as one, he is a god of vengeance and destruction, visiting harm upon the United States of America for evils real or imagined, and imperiling its very continued existence as a free society in the process.

George Soros is 92 years old, and can’t live forever despite his pretensions to divinity, but his son Alexander stands ready to carry on his work, and the destructive influence of this malignant family will likely be felt long into the future. The ray of hope amid all this is the fact that George Soros is not really any kind of god, and that eventually even his power will be broken. The will of human beings to live in freedom and dignity is given by the real God and cannot be extinguished, no matter how many billions Soros may throw against it. In the meantime, however, the United States of America is in for difficult times, as this hubristic megalomaniac continues to devote obscene sums of money to corroding our national power, unity, and cohesion.

Open Borders and Weaponized Mass Migration: Fuel for Globalism

The Deep State is using open borders and weaponized mass migration to overrun the United States and the Western world to advance its one-world agenda, warns The New American magazine's Alex Newman in this episode of Behind The Deep State. Right now, millions of illegal immigrants are crossing the border, and are being given papers and released into the United States by the Biden administration. This has been a boon for cartels and human traffickers. And incredibly, numerous Republicans are plotting with Democrats to provide amnesty to these tens of millions of illegal immigrants, turning them into Democrat voters and making America a one-party state, just like happened to California after previous amnesties. Wars started by globalists destroyed many of the nations these migrants are fleeing from, but the mass migration encouraged by globalist predators is not humanitarian. Neither is the "we need workers" pretext supported by evidence and facts. The goal, as UN officials have explained, is ending nations and national sovereignty.

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Washington D.C. Is a Den For Demons

Demonic influence is not like what Hollywood puts in its movies. Most people are in a spiritual battle, but many don’t put up a fight.


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Hamas-linked CAIR still hasn’t condemned the New Year’s Eve jihad attack in Times Square



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NYPD’s counterterrorism top dog: Time Square jihadi ‘is not representing, you know, the Islamic religion’


Thomas Galati, the department’s chief of intelligence and counterterrorism, was quoted as having told ABC News in an interview….”He is not representing, you know, the Islamic religion but rather, you know, a very, very small percentage of people that get radicalized,” Galati added….

Screenshot taken from the press releases section of the website of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) at 6:30AM PT / 9:30 AM Eastern on Tuesday, January 3, 2023. There is no mention whatsoever of the Times Square jihad attack. Plenty of room, however, for condemnations of an Israeli politician and claims of dubious “anti-Muslim hate crimes.”

After past jihad attacks, Hamas-linked CAIR was likewise silent for days, until after their silence was noted, a backdated press release suddenly appeared. So don’t be surprised if a press release dated January 1 suddenly turns up. But there isn’t one there as of this writing.

In the absence of any action to teach young Muslims to reject the jihad ideology, such condemnations are spurious and misleading anyway.


Hamas-linked CAIR: Irrelevant, self-serving, dangerous, and constantly on the TV news



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Two stories reported in the news in rapid succession featured the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

On December 28, we learned that Jaylani Hussein, the executive director of CAIR in Minnesota, welcomed charges brought against Minneapolis Police Department officer Justin Stetson for the violent arrest of a man named Jaleel Stallings.

Police fired rubber bullets at Stallings when they saw him out after curfew during the George Floyd riots. Stallings began blindly returning fire but surrendered when he saw that he was shooting at the police. Nonetheless, Stallings was beaten and is now the recipient of a one-million-dollar settlement from the city of Minneapolis.

Jaylani Hussein had nothing to do with any of this. Nor should he have had any influence in the bringing of charges against Justin Stetson. Yet NBC affiliate KARE11 justified its inclusion of Hussein in its broadcast about the Stetson case by saying that Hussein had “led calls for accountability in this case for months.” But what exactly does that mean?

Could it be that what KARE is calling leadership is simply KARE paying attention to Jaylani Hussein’s press conferences? Did Hussein really have a role in the decision to charge Stetson, or was he simply using the incident to draw attention to himself, with eager help from the media?

We have seen in the past that both the city and police have ignored Jaylani Hussein’s calls for police reform. As a result, Hussein got angry and went to his friends at the TV stations, who then put him on air saying “Minnesota does not care about black lives” and “Minnesota killed George Floyd.”

There is no evidence that Jaylani Hussein had anything to do with the case against Justin Stetson. Instead, we have yet another example of a TV station promoting CAIR and building it up into something it is not.

In the second story we learn that CAIR is calling for hate crime charges in the case of an assault of a Salt Lake City bus driver.

After asking “Where are you from?,” Cameron Michael Ward viciously assaulted bus driver Neil Uemura.

“All that trauma caused my left eardrum to be ruptured, a scratch in my cornea, and a laceration about that big on the back of my head that required six staples to close it up,” he said.

Investigators have not yet determined a motive in Uemura’s case, but Uemura believes he may have been targeted because of his race.

So even though authorities have not determined whether hate was a factor, and even when a hate crime investigation is almost certainly going on without any prompting from CAIR, the TV station broadcast CAIR’s demand that police should investigate this as a hate crime.

However, there is actually evidence that this is not a hate crime. The assailant, Cameron Michael Ward, has been in the news previously. Last July, reported that police had another violent encounter with him:

Police were called Tuesday afternoon to the area of 8000 S. State Street on a report of a man climbing pillars near an overpass, according to a police booking affidavit. As officers approached Ward, who was only wearing a pair of shorts, he “immediately lunged at an officer causing both (men) to fall to the ground. The officer struck the back of his head against the concrete sidewalk and obtained a concussion due to the impact,” the affidavit states.

As a second officer attempted to place handcuffs on Ward, Ward bit the officer’s hand and squeezed it to the point that the officer had to be treated for possible broken bones, according to the affidavit.

If it is determined that Cameron Michael Ward is not well, that would not change CAIR’s position one iota, because CAIR wants inflated hate crime numbers, which it can exploit for its own purposes. Nor does it care whom it harms in pursuit of its agenda; that includes other Muslims including former CAIR National board member Lori Saroya and former CAIR Ohio executive director Roman Iqbal, as well as children and the mentally ill. There is an entire category of CAIR broadcasts in which the organization demands hate crime charges against people who are clearly in need of medical attention. In fact, Jaylani Hussein said it himself recently when he was asked if the woman who tried to set fire to the East Grand Forks mosque was possibly mentally ill. He said it didn’t matter, it was still a hate crime.

Two things need to become common knowledge:

First, CAIR is irrelevant. All of its TV news appearances are statements about its opinion or feelings about something in the news. The organization itself has no value as news.

Second, CAIR is dangerous. Through either malevolence or incompetence, it managed to touch off a terrorist incident in Colleyville, Texas. There are over 100 examples of CAIR representatives using the media against individuals including school principals, elementary school plays, elected officials, judges, business owners, Facebook groups, children, the mentally ill, and other Muslims, and they have been doing this for years. Tamar Herman is suing CAIR in New Jersey for exactly this kind of behavior. An elementary school teacher, Herman sought police protection after she became the subject of a rumor on social media. Instead of cooperating with the police and school investigations, CAIR reps got on TV repeatedly calling for Herman to be fired.

In her state lawsuit, she claims that Ms. Muhammad, the fencer, and CAIR-NJ were “motivated by a combination of greed and a fierce desire to burnish their brands as fighters against Islamophobia,” and that her reputation was so damaged that she can never be hired by another public school district.

The legal papers also cite Governor Murphy’s social media commentary, but he is not named as a defendant.

Filed on Oct. 5 in Union County Superior Court, the state suit also alleges that Ms. Herman is so afraid for her safety in the community where she taught for 20 years and also lived that she has had to permanently move out of her home. – NY Times

It is going to take more strong pushback such as the Herman lawsuit to get the media and CAIR to modify their conduct; otherwise, this sinister organization is going to hurt more people.

“MN AG: Ex-MPD officer Stetson charged with assault in Jaleel Stallings case,” by Samantha Fischer, KARE 11, December 28, 2022:

MINNEAPOLIS — The Minnesota Attorney General’s Office announced former Minneapolis police officer Justin Stetson will face assault charges for his alleged use of force against Jaleel Stallings in the 2020 unrest that followed the murder of George Floyd.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison says his office charged Stetson, 34, with one count of third-degree assault. The felony offense carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison if convicted….

Jaylani Hussein, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations Minnesota (CAIR-MN) and a leading voice for police accountability in this case, said he welcomes the attorney general’s decision to charge Stetson.

“The third-degree charge here is appropriate. Obviously, we could charge more,” Hussein said. “But it also shows that we do need independent prosecution when police officers are involved.”…

“Man charged in attack on UTA bus driver and police officers,” by Pat Reavy,, December 27, 2022:

SOUTH SALT LAKE — A man accused of “brutally assaulting a UTA bus driver for no reason and with zero provocation,” according to prosecutors, and then trying to disarm two police officers, is facing several felony charges.

Cameron Michael Ward, 25, was charged Tuesday in 3rd District Court with two counts of disarming an officer, a first-degree felony; aggravated assault, a third-degree felony; two counts of assault on an officer, a class A misdemeanor; and interfering with an arrest, a class B misdemeanor.

On Dec. 20, a Utah Transit Authority bus driver pulled into the Millcreek Trax Station at 210 W. 3300 South, and stepped off the bus. Ward approached the bus driver and asked, “Where are you from?” according to charging documents.

Ward then “punched (the bus driver) several times in his face and head” and continued to punch and kick him after he was knocked to the ground, the charges state. After getting up, the bus driver was knocked to the ground a second time and Ward “attempted to gouge out (the man’s) left eye, which caused a crescent shaped laceration to (his) left cornea,” according to the charges.

The bus driver was taken to a local hospital to be treated for several injuries and received six staples to close a cut. He told police he believes the incident was a hate crime and that he was attacked because he is Asian-American, the charges state….

McCarthy’s Bid for House Speaker Remains Uncertain

McCarthy’s Bid for House Speaker Remains Uncertain

Newt Gingrich Shreds the Never-McCarthy House Republicans

Newt Gingrich Shreds the Never-McCarthy House Republicans on Fox News: They’ve Got a ‘Psychological Problem’

McCarthy HUMILIATED as Matt Gaetz Becomes De Facto SPEAKER!!!



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Despite the issuance of new House rules and a conference call by Representative Kevin McCarthy on Sunday night, the number of “Never Kevins” has grown from five to 14.

The proposed rules include giving Republicans a “vote of confidence” rule that would allow five or more members the power to move to “vacate the chair.” The original group of five “Never Kevins” are demanding that that motion may be made by just one member.

The proposed rules also would allow lawmakers to insert in a spending bill moves to reduce and not increase government spending, along with the power to reduce salaries of government officials or to fire them. They include a move to allow lawmakers 72 hours to read a bill before voting on it and to create a committee to investigate the weaponization of the FBI and the CIA against American citizens.

In addition, they would end proxy voting and Zoom committee meetings. It also would move to put term limits on members of the Office of Congressional Ethics, which would immediately remove all but one Democrat from that committee.

McCarthy himself acceded to demands that he move to oust Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and give conservative firebrand Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) membership on the coveted Oversight Committee. In addition, McCarthy offered to investigate the “select” January 6 committee, scrutinizing specifically the failure of the committee to address security breakdowns that allowed violence to get out of hand.

In spite of these verbal concessions, there was no movement by the original five “Never Kevins” and precious little that McCarthy was hoping to count on from the other nine. Not long after the late Sunday night conference call, the nine put out a letter to their colleagues announcing that any concessions McCarthy said he would make were still insufficient: “Thus far, there continue to be missing specific commitments with respect to virtually every component of our entreaties, and thus, no means to measure whether promises [by the House Speaker] are [being] kept or broken.” 

Adding to McCarthy’s woes was the announcement from the anti-tax group Club for Growth that it would score negatively any member of the party who votes for McCarthy.

The House opens at noon on Tuesday, with the first order of business, after administering the oaths of office to the members, being a vote for speaker of the House. If the vote fails to give McCarthy a majority of those present, it would be the first time since 1923 when the first vote failed to nominate the House speaker. In that year, it took nine ballots before a candidate for speaker gained a majority vote. 

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McCarthy Falls Short in Second Vote for House Speaker



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Update 5:58 p.m. ET: The House has adjourned after failing to elect a Speaker of the House. The third vote saw 20 Republican votes against McCarthy, not 19. The House will reconvene on Wednesday at noon and try again.

Update 4:05 p.m. ET: Kevin McCarthy has just lost the second round of voting for House speaker, falling short by the same number as the first vote. While multiple alternative candidates shared a cumulative 19 votes in the first round, in the second vote, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) received all of the 19 votes. Democrats once again voted unanimously for Rep. Hakeem Jeffries. The latest vote will certainly put pressure on McCarthy to step aside for a consensus Republican candidate.

Original story:

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy failed to obtain the necessary 218 votes to become the next House speaker during the first vote on Tuesday.

Reps. McCarthy (R-Calif.), Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.), and Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) split most of the votes, but no candidate received more than half of the vote (218) which is required to win the election. It has been nearly a century since the majority party failed to elect a speaker on the first vote, explains Fox News.

Given that some Republicans have previously declared their opposition to McCarthy, it was widely expected that he would need more than one round of voting to win the gavel.

A group of five conservatives led by Biggs and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) has publicly stated that they will not support McCarthy under any circumstances and have called on him to stand down to make room for a more viable candidate.

“It’s true we struggle with trust with Mr. McCarthy, because time and again his viewpoints, his positions, they shift like sands underneath you,” Gaetz told reporters before the vote. “If you want to drain the swamp, you cannot put the biggest alligator in charge of the exercise.”

However, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) says McCarthy has earned the position of Speaker. “Under Kevin McCarthy’s leadership, House Republicans crafted a bold vision to put America back on track,” she said.

In other news, the GOP is dysfunctional.