Prager U Video: Why is the LA Zoo Inviting Children to Their Drag Show?

"This is not a sexually-charged event."?


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The Los Angeles Zoo recently hosted an “All Ages” drag show in partnership with LA Pride, with tickets available for children and even infants. Aldo Buttazzoni attended the event for Prager University to ask parents, zoo administrators, and drag participants why children should be invited to participate in the sexually-charged event.

Check out the short video below to see how they respond:

In this video, I'm sharing with you why America is becoming Sodom and Gomorrah. LA zoo drag show is not family-friendly, this whole thing has been disguised as innocent when it clearly isn't, and the once great country that was America is deteriorating day by day. The body of Christ needs to WAKE UP.

REACTION: Children Invited To A Drag Show

PragerU personality Aldo Buttazzoni recently attended a “family friendly” drag show at the LA Zoo. Jill Simonian of PragerU Kids interviews Aldo about the experience and the need to preserve children's innocence. Don't miss this conversation packed with insight and calls to action for parents. Learn more about the evils of early sexualization of children, speak out, and take the pledge to protect children’s innocence:

Turkey’s Latest Genocide



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Many in the West heard of the severe atrocities the jihadists of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) committed against the religious minorities of the Fertile Crescent, especially Christians and Yazidis.  Several Western governments later classified these atrocities—which included massacres, crucifixion, torture, and sex slavery—as genocides.

Today, however, few are unaware that these same genocidal atrocities have resumed against the very same religious minorities who most suffered at the hands of ISIS in northern Syria—this time by another Muslim force with caliphal aspirations: Turkey, under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Between November 20-25, 2022, Turkey launched 2,500 attacks—air, mortar, drone, artillery, etc.—several miles deep into Syria’s northern border.  Governed by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES), this also happens to be where most of the formerly persecuted religious minorities, Christians, Yazidis, and Kurds, live.

During late November’s so-called Operation Claw Sword, Turkey killed 48 people, wounded dozens, and destroyed or damaged 2,300 civilian homes and buildings, including a children’s hospital, a health center, an electrical power station, essential oil and gas processing facilities, critical grain towers, and a major bakery.

As Save the Persecuted Christians noted, “Turkey appears focused on depriving the civilian population of food, heat, and water as winter sets in. It even dropped bombs on tent camps housing survivors of its earlier invasions,” as well as helped ISIS terrorists escape prison.

Lethal Turkish attacks have continued, prompting Genocide Watch to issue a Genocide Emergency Alert on December 7, 2022:

These military attacks by Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s regime are part of a wider Turkish policy of annihilation of the Kurdish and Assyrian [Christian] people in northern Syria and Iraq. Turkey has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity, including bombing, shelling, abduction, torture, and extrajudicial killings. The attacks are part of Turkey’s genocidal policies towards Kurds, Christians, and Ezidis.

Unlike the atrocities committed by ISIS in the same region, however, those now being committed by Turkey have received zero attention from Western “mainstream media”—not least because Turkey is a member of NATO, and therefore, apparently, shielded from criticism.

Fortunately, others are not silent.  In a recent webinar titled, “Is it Genocide? Turkey Targets Syria’s Christians, Yazidis & Kurds,” an expert panel hosted by Save the Persecuted Christians discussed and offered evidence against what they all referred to as Turkey’s “genocidal” actions against Christians, Yazidis, Kurds, and other ethnoreligious minorities of north Syria, as well as how the US and international community should respond.

Webinar moderator, Frank Gaffney, executive chairman of the Center for Security Policy, began by placing these developments on Erdoğan, “who fancies himself a new caliph,” and who is committed to resurrecting the Ottoman caliphate and enforcing “sharia, the supremacist doctrine of Islam,” which is “especially oppressive to Christians.”

Most if not all of the panelists agreed on and stressed various points, including that:

Turkey’s stated purpose for its aggression against northern Syria—that is, to create a “safe zone” along its southern border with Syria—is a pretext and excuse for its true motivation: “to remove religious and ethnic minorities,” said Charmaine Hedding, president of the Shai Fund.  Erdoğan’s ground forces, she added, include former ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Tahrir al-Shams jihadists who  “are committing massive human rights abuses and have an agenda to create a caliphate, and they will eradicate the religious minorities in this area.”

What Turkey is doing in northern Syria is not just a genocide, according to the international community’s legal definition of that word, but the continuation of an old policy.  As panelist Gregory Stanton, president of Genocide Watch, flat out asserted, “Turkey is a genocidal society… Turkey has conducted so many genocides in history,” with an apparent animus for one particular group: “Going back many centuries, it [Turkey] has been anti-Christian, and has tried to slaughter as many Christians as possible.”

Hedding agreed: “This genocide is a pattern we see, and it’s certainly nothing new….  What we will see is the end of Christianity and some Yazidis in this area if we allow Turkey to get away with it.  There will be a humanitarian crisis.”  Hedding added, “for those who say ‘Not on our watch!’ or ‘Never again!’—here it is, happening again.”

Turkey’s current victims—especially Christians and Yazidis—are, tragically, the descendants of Turkey’s previous victims, which it also “genocided” during the late 19th and early 20th-century death marches. As explained by Lauren Homer, president of Law and Liberty Trust, north Syria is precisely where the Ottomans had slaughtered countless Christians over a century ago.  Those now being targeted are their descendants.  Similarly, Turkey’s goal is “to finish what it started,” said Hedding, and “displace hundreds of thousands of people to recreate the demography of northern Syria and erase two thousand years of history.”

What Turkey is doing to the Christians and other minorities of northern Syria is part of a much larger plan to cleanse all of the descendants of the Ottoman Empire’s former Christian subjects, including those of Armenia and Greece, who both experienced genocides under the Turks and who are, once again, also being targeted by Turkey, as “part of its genocidal policies,” to quote Stanton.  “As soon as it was declared that ISIS was defeated,” Homer emphasized, “Turkey began attacking the very people who fought and defeated ISIS,” that is, the Kurds and other religious minorities who formed the AANES.

Turkey’s recent military actions in Arfin were highlighted as emblematic of that nation’s genocidal campaign.  There, hundreds of thousands of Christians and Yazidis fled, even as the Turks “were hunting them [Christians and Yazidis] down, going door to door,” said Hedding.

There was a “jihadi fatwa against these people,” said Homer, confirming that “Turkey has the same goal as ISIS which is to turn all of these areas into radicalized Islamist states.”  In the end, they destroyed 18 of 19 Yezidi temples; Afrin’s population of Yazidis has now declined by 90 percent since 2014. As for Christians, all of them, about a thousand families, have fled this most recent jihadist advance.

Kino Gabriel, a Christian (Assyrian) and leader of the Syriac Military Council, offered a unique “from the ground” perspective.  He stressed that the war on Christians in Syria has taken many forms over the years, and, in the modern era, traces back to the al-Assad dynasty’s implementation of Arabization, which saw Christians go from 25 percent of Syria in 1950 to 12 percent in 2010, with that number only getting smaller following ISIS, and now Turkey, which he reminded viewers is “a big supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and even those most radical factions.”

The panelists all agreed that the best way of moving forward was for the US, which “holds all the cards,” to call on Turkey, its NATO ally, to cease and desist.  While Turkey is and can exploit its NATO membership to get away with murder, Stanton explained that the US could easily suspend its membership, which would likely be enough for Turkey to decide its new genocide is not worth it.

For her part, Nadine Maenza, president of the International Religious Freedom Secretariat, repeatedly stressed that US support for AANES is essential, as it is the only suitable and democratic bulwark for protecting the religious minorities under its jurisdiction.

This article first appeared on The Stream.

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Raymond Ibrahim

Raymond Ibrahim, author of Defenders of the West, is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

Moderna Withheld Data From FDA Regulators to Get Bivalent Booster Approved

Moderna Withheld Data From FDA Regulators to Get Bivalent Booster Approved



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

How many times have we been treated, in the era of the New Normal, to exasperated corporate media hacks complaining about “misinformation” pushed by “conspiracy theorists” regarding the COVID-19 mRNA gene therapies deceptively marketed as “vaccines”?

As it turns out, the biggest purveyor of misinformation is the pharmaceutical industry, followed closely by the government and corporate media.

Via CNN:

The pharmaceutical company Moderna didn’t present a set of infection data on the company’s new Covid-19 booster during meetings last year when [FDA] advisers discussed whether the shot should be authorized and made available to the public…
That data suggested the possibility that the updated booster might not be any more effective at preventing Covid-19 infections than the original shots.

Specifically, Moderna hid data on actual infection rates among patients who were administered the original booster and those who got the bivalent “vaccine.” The reason is obvious: The data showed that the original booster resulted in fewer infections than the bivalent version, which clearly wouldn’t be good news for sales.

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1.9% of the study participants who received the original booster became infected. Among those who got the updated bivalent vaccine – the one that scientists hoped would work better – a higher percentage, 3.2%, became infected.

Research released by the New England Journal of Medicine found that “boosting with new bivalent mRNA vaccines targeting both the BA.4–BA.5 variant and the D614G strain did not elicit a discernibly superior virus-neutralizing peak antibody response as compared with boosting with the original monovalent vaccines.”

In English, that means they don’t work as promised.


When will Moderna get its Twitter account suspended for promulgating dangerous misinformation?

When will the White House collude to censor Moderna’s free speech?

When will Moderna’s licenses to create drugs get suspended, the way doctors were threatened with having their medical licenses suspended for spreading COVID “misinformation”?

When will CNN begin conducting ambush interviews of Moderna executives, as they do with defenseless independent practitioners like Dr. Mercola who challenge big pharma orthodoxy?

80 Illinois County Sheriffs Will Refuse to Enforce New Gun Laws

At Least 80 Illinois County Sheriffs Will Refuse to Enforce State's New Gun Laws



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

At least 80 county sheriffs and prosecutors have vowed not to enforce the new Illinois gun control law that bans 170 kinds of semi-automatic rifles and places limits on ammunition magazines.

“The right to keep and bear arms for the defense of life, liberty, and property is regarded as an inalienable right by the people,” said Iroquois County Sheriff Clinton Perzee. “I, among many others, believe that [House Bill 5471] is a clear violation of the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution,” he added.

Perzee said he would not use his jail to detain people solely for violating the new gun law.

“[N]either myself nor my office will be checking to ensure that lawful gun owners register their weapons with the State, nor will we be arresting or housing law-abiding individuals that have been arrested solely with non-compliance of this Act,” Perzee said.

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Governor J.B. Pritzker reminded the sheriffs that they took an oath to uphold the law. “As law enforcement, that’s their job and I expect them to do that job,” Pritzker said.

“It’s political grandstanding by elected officials. These are elected sheriffs,” Pritzker said during an evening interview with MSNBC.

Illinois gun rights groups are lining up to sue the state over the law. The “Protect Illinois Communities Act” bans 170 brands of semi-automatic rifles, limits ammunition magazines in pistols and rifles, and forces those with legal semi-automatic rifles to register their guns by Jan. 1, 2024.

Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul isn’t worried about sheriffs not enforcing the law. Center Square:

Attorney General Kwame Raoul said Friday if local law enforcement won’t act, someone will.

“As law enforcement agencies, there’s overlapping jurisdiction as well, so if they don’t do their jobs, there are other people there to do the job,” Raoul said.

Rhonda Ezell, who was a lead plaintiff in a case several years ago successfully challenging Chicago gun restrictions, said gun owners in Illinois need to stand up for their rights.

“They don’t care what color you are, where you reside, where you live, where you work. Their goal is to disarm America and they made that very clear,” Ezell told The Center Square.

What we have in Illinois is a public relations gambit versus the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. The only people who are affected by the new law are law-abiding citizens who will be forced to register their legal firearms. Are criminals and gang members going to turn in their guns or register their firearms? Pritzker and those who support him should stop talking about how “safe” Illinois is going to be after the passage of this law.

Lake & McHenry County Scanner:

St. Clair County Sheriff Richard Watson said in a statement he’s disappointed with the enactment of the law.

“I do not believe we should limit the protections that have been guaranteed to law-abiding citizens in the United States Constitution,” Watson said. “I will be supportive to any constitutional challenges that may occur.”

Watson did not explicitly say he would not enforce the measure as other sheriffs have.

Without an injunction blocking the measure, guns would need to be registered by the end of the year or owners could be charged with a Class 2 felony.

The Warning Christians Critically Need: Bethel, New Age, and the New Apostolic Reformation.


The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) is a popular and fast-growing new movement of Christians who emphasize signs and wonders and teach that God is giving a new revelation through new apostles and prophets. But is this biblical Christianity? This stuff used to be fringe. Now it's probably in your church in some way. Why is this dangerous, and how can you spot it? I talk with Holly Pivec and Doug Geivett, the authors of Counterfeit Kingdom, about this concerning movement.

Help Your Kids Think Critically

I got the great privilege to interview Elizabeth Urbanowicz, the founder of Foundation Worldview, about the tools she and her team have created to teach our kids critical thinking and life skills. I LOVE this stuff! Foundation Worldview is a Comparative Worldview Curriculum for kids and teens. Several years into Elizabeth's teaching experience, she realized that despite being raised in Christian homes, attending a Christian school, and being active in church, her students thought more like the culture than like Christ. So she did something about it! I ask her about this curriculum, discuss my personal interest in it, ask about parents that might feel discouraged, and overall how and why it's important to teach our kids -now more than ever!- about truth and critical thinking. Elizabeth's interview with Alisa Childers: Elizabeth's Interview with Mike Winger: Elizabeth's Information: Website for Curriculum:

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Otherkin, gender fluid, Trans-species, transgender... and everything in between. A question that people have asked me about this is… so what? Who is this hurting? People just live their lives and are just doing what makes them happy. Why do I care to speak out against something like this when people are just living their truth? And I have to say that this is a fair question. If we hear enough lies, then we no longer recognize what's true. I address this and more in this video. RESOURCES: Irreversible Damage : The Transgender Craze Seducing our Daughters by Abigail Shrier:

If There is no Free Speech, There is no Real Thought

We're finding more and more people embracing blatant lies thinking it's the high moral ground. As language becomes less expressive, minds are more easily controlled. Apathy makes people prefer the false peace of conformity to the tensions of liberty. Whatever and whoever has the power can pressure you into believing their version of truth.... even if they're flat-out lies. Anyone who opposes this is viewed as backward and ignorant. We live in a world where there is more and more intense social pressure to accept that there is no such thing as objective truth. There's only power. Whoever holds the power decides what is true and false. The value of truth claims depends on who's making them. More and more people are knowingly believing lies out of fear of opposing them. In possibly one of my favorite interviews I've done so far, Greg Koukl from Stand to Reason addresses free speech and what this really means.

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Andrew McCabe Calls on Biden’s DOJ to Obstruct GOP’s Classified Documents Probe

Andrew McCabe Calls on Biden's DOJ to Obstruct GOP's Classified Documents Probe



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

On Friday afternoon, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio)  announced an investigation into Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents, some of which were labeled top secret. Andrew McCabe, the disgraced former FBI deputy director, and current CNN senior law enforcement analyst, promptly urged the Biden Justice Department to obstruct that investigation.

“Chairman Jim Jordan announced this House Judiciary Committee investigation into the DOJ actions related to the President’s handling of the classified documents today,” explained CNN anchor Anderson Cooper on Friday night. “How much does that impact the DOJ's ongoing investigation?”

“I certainly would advise them — if they were willing to listen to my advice — I would advise them to take a very hard line against that,” McCabe said. “There is a clear precedent here of not sharing information from an ongoing criminal investigation with Congress. And I think the DOJ is in a very strong position to resist on those grounds.”

“Who knows what comes of that resistance?” McCabe continued. “Maybe DOJ leadership starts getting subpoenaed. And ultimately, that fight will end up in the courts. And that could drag things out. That’s going to be an additional distraction to DOJ. But it shouldn’t disrupt the actual conduct of the investigation. So, that’s a — it’ll be a separate but related set of stressors the DOJ has to deal with.”

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Of course, there’s no reason to believe the Biden administration wasn’t going to obstruct this investigation anyway since they’ve already been obstructing investigations. But, boy, what chutzpah for McCabe to suggest that the administration’s investigation of Biden should supersede the GOP’s.

Obama and his administration fought and obstructed every investigation into its scandals, and the Biden administration will do the same. They’ve been using Obama’s playbook from the start, and they will make the Obama administration’s constant attempts to block the inquests look like child’s play.

The Biden DOJ can’t be trusted to conduct a fair investigation of Joe Biden. But the Obama administration pulled that stunt too — several times — and always vindicated itself. McCabe knows the Biden administration won’t hold Biden or anyone else accountable, which is why he wants the administration to block the GOP’s investigation — because he knows Jim Jordan will.