DR. STEVE TURLEY: MAGA Forces Are CRUSHING The GOP Establishment!!!~”Trust Is Broken”: Lauren Boebert Exposes the Truth Behind the Speaker Battle~Matt Gaetz TORCHES McCarthy!!!


Matt Gaetz TORCHES McCarthy!!!

"Trust Is Broken": Lauren Boebert Exposes the Truth Behind the Speaker Battle

Before heading to the floor to continue to lead the charge against Kevin McCarthy becoming Speaker of the House, Lauren Boebert stopped by to explain her position and what happens next in the speaker battle.

Only the 20 brave Republicans shown below
voted against the ever-treacherous RINO Kevin McCarthy.  Which means that the other 202
RINOs are perfectly okay with a Speaker who
secretly colludes with the communist-run
Democrat Party to advance POTUS Imposter
Joe Biden’s utterly satanic agenda.


Vatican Asks That Biden Not Attend Pope Benedict’s Funeral


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/robert-spencer/2023/01/04/catholic-joe-biden-wont-be-at-pope-benedict-xvis-funeral-in-line-with-the-wishes-of-the-late-pope-n1658554;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The second Roman Catholic president of the United States, Old Joe Biden, will not be present at the funeral of Pope Benedict XVI on Thursday. This is not because Biden would ever pass up an opportunity to flaunt the Catholic piety he so ostentatiously displays for political purposes, but because he was rather pointedly not invited. Are the falsity and hypocrisy of Old Joe’s religious displays finally catching up with him?

On Tuesday, Karine Jean-Pierre fielded a question on the pope’s funeral, and characteristically bobbled it. “So let me just first say, ‘cause we haven’t been able to, uh, be on the record on this, uh, since the passing of the pope. So as the president said in his statement, as I’m sure you saw, he joins Catholics and so many others around the world in mourning the passing of Pope, uh —”

Here Jean-Pierre paused and gazed for a few moments at a word she had apparently never seen before and had no idea how to pronounce, “Emeritus,” which she pronounced “Emmer-itis,” as if it were some kind of disease. “—Emmer-itis, uh, Benedict the Sixteenth. He will always, uh, remember the pope’s generosity and me — a meaningful conversation they had when he visited the Vatican in 2011. So, to answer your question, uh, the U.S. ambassador to the Holy See, Joe Donnelly, will, uh, represent the United States at the funeral of the pope, in line with the wishes of the late pope and the Vatican. This is what, uh, this is what their requests were, this is what their wishes were, uh, and so, uh, that’s what you’ll see from the U.S.”

Now, wait a minute. The Vatican expressly requested that Joe Donnelly be at the funeral. The Joe Donnelly? It’s much more likely that they expressly requested that Old Joe not be present, which is strange in light of Biden’s self-conscious and pretentious displays of his Catholicism. Jean-Pierre herself added: “You know, the president, uh, as you know, he takes, um, uh, his faith very seriously. Uh, this is someone who is, uh, passionate about his faith. That’s not something I even need to tell you. You know this, uh, for yourself.” Yes, Old Joe takes his faith so seriously that he moves heaven and earth to make sure that every baby that can be killed will be killed. Why he’s a regular Saint Francis of Assisi?

On Wednesday, a reporter asked Biden himself why he wasn’t going to Pope Benedict XVI’s funeral. With his increasingly frequent dementia-borne testiness, Biden snapped, “Well, why do you think?” The reporter responded, “You tell me,” to which the ostensible president responded, “You know why.” Quixotically, the reporter persisted: “You can tell me, sir.” Then Biden said: “Uh, the reason I’m not going to the funeral tomorrow is that it would take an entourage of a thousand people to show up, not literally.”

All right, sure. The president, even an addled front man such as Old Joe, can’t travel light; he does have to have a lot of people with him, and Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni said Tuesday that “following the wishes of the pope emeritus,” which he likely knew how to pronounce, “the funeral will be held under the sign of simplicity.” Bruni added that it would be a “solemn but sober funeral. The express request on the part of the emeritus pope is that everything be simple, both with regard to the funeral as well as the other celebrations and gestures during this time of pain.”

Maybe that’s all there is to it. According to the Daily Wire, only Italy, and Germany, the two countries where Pope Benedict XVI lived and worked, were invited to send state delegations. However, “Poland’s President Andrzej Duda, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala, and Slovenian President Nataša Pirc Musar are among those who have already confirmed their attendance at Benedict XVI’s funeral in an unofficial capacity. European royals Queen Sofia of Spain and King Philip and Queen Mathilde of Belgium are also planning to attend.” But not Old Joe.

Could it be that the Vatican, or at least the circle of Pope Benedict XVI, didn’t want present at the funeral a man who so cynically uses the Catholic faith to get votes while ignoring its actual content? Was the Vatican’s request that Biden not attend the funeral a shot at his relentless pro-abortion activism and war against his Church’s teaching in this matter? The Vatican is too diplomatic to say, and Biden’s handlers know better than to acknowledge an obvious rebuke. But it’s fairly obvious nevertheless.

Islamic State threat rises in Syria and Iraq as U.S. and allied forces crumble in face of Turkish offensive


SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/01/islamic-state-threat-rises-in-syria-iraq-as-u-s-and-allied-forces-crumble-in-face-of-turkish-offensive;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

An article published in Sahara Reporters provides immediate insight into an ongoing, but largely forgotten battle with the Islamic State. The Islamic State (ISIS) threat continues in the Levant, despite the destruction of the caliphate by American and allied forces several years ago. In 2022 in Syria, America and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) killed 466 ISIS jihadis; 215 were taken prisoner. In Iraq, 220 ISIS jihadis were killed and 159 captured. The consequent total of 686 killed and 374 captured doesn’t provide the full picture. Between July and September, ISIS carried out 74 attacks in Syria and 73 attacks in Iraq. In addition, “there is a literal ‘ISIS army’ in detention in Iraq and Syria,” according to American Army Gen. Michael “Erik” Kurilla. There are over “10,000 ISIS leaders and fighters in detention facilities throughout Syria and more than 20,000 ISIS leaders and fighters in detention facilities in Iraq,” according to Kurilla. In total: 30,000 ISIS leaders and fighters remain in detention centers. Who is guarding them? That question will become clearer further on.

Turkey’s role in all this managed to escape mainstream media scrutiny during the height of the Islamic State caliphate. Even now, the question of Turkish influence in ISIS remains elusive. The Syrian Democratic Forces have been a crucial American ally in crushing ISIS in the region and continue to keep the Islamic State from proliferating once again. Yet our putative ally Turkey recently launched an assault against the Syrian Democratic Forces, which are made up mostly of Kurds. Turkey remains determined to drive the SDF out of Northern Syria and has been killing off SDF members. Once Turkey began its offensive in the region, America “reduced the number of partnered patrols in northern Syria with Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)…. ahead of a feared ground invasion by Ankara.”

To further illustrate the threat of the Islamic State, a Carnegie report stated: “the Turkish bombardment has recently targeted the security forces responsible for protecting Al-Hol camp which houses more than 55,000 families (some with ties to ISIS fighters), thus depleting the ability of our security and military forces to ensure the safety of the camps and the security of other detention centers.” The report further indicated an increase in ISIS activities that correlated with Turkish attacks, and stated that ISIS is “taking advantage of the fact” that the SDF “are busy defending the region and protecting the citizens against the Turkish aggression in the north.” The report concluded that “any Turkish military escalation against American forces “directly leads to an increase in ISIS activity.” The Syrian Democratic Forces declared in late November that they no longer have the capacity to continue guarding the Islamic State detention compounds if Turkey continued its offensive.

Inevitably, the 30,000-strong ISIS “army” in detention in Syria and Iraq, about which General Kurilla warned, is now a grave security risk, and a catastrophe waiting to happen.

This is also not the first time Turkey aided ISIS indirectly and underhandedly. Turkey has a problematic history of supporting Islamic State jihadists. The US Treasury Department has also stated that “throughout 2019 and 2020, Khanfurah’s Turkey-based money service business transferred funds to ISIS members throughout Syria.” Yet no one is adequately confronting Turkey as ISIS rebuilds.

The Kurds, meanwhile, have long struggled with statelessness and seek independence from Turkey. Their minority populations are significant in Iran, Iraq, and Syria, as well as Turkey. But Turkey demands that they submerge their identity and accept Turkish citizenship. Turkey views the SDF as a terrorist threat because it has direct links to the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK), which seeks an independent Kurdish State. The SDF’s mission, aside from battling the Islamic State, ostensibly remains the establishment of a secular, free state in Syria. According to the Middle East Research and Information Project, Arabs across Syria have joined the SDF despite the fact that it is Kurdish-led. The SDF has thus become a formidable force against Turkey, gaining increased support from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, despite being previously regarded as intertwined with the earlier and wider Syrian opposition.

Russia has warned Turkey to avoid escalation with the SDF in Syria. But where does America now stand in this battle? This question must be considered in light of the added component of sizable jihad forces (in addition to the Islamic State) that are calling for the murder of American troops and the U.S.’s evacuation from the region. The answer is that Joe Biden’s handlers are characteristically indecisive. According to an Atlantic Council report, Biden’s handlers have “approached Syria without a clear direction and purpose since taking office in January 2021,” while “Moscow further strives to situate itself as a dedicated mediator and guarantor of the status quo, warming its relations with Syria’s Kurdish leadership.” Biden’s handlers’ indecisiveness once again shows an America in decline as new global alliances are being created. The SDF now views America as a traitor. Increasing the complexity of the situation, which Biden’s handlers are ill-equipped to handle, is Russia’s war with Ukraine. Russia became close to al-Assad back when the Syrian president was weak. Now, Russia’s activities in Syria are linked to Moscow’s Ukraine strategy, as Russia has reportedly been recruiting Syrians to help fight in Ukraine. Israel is also busy in Syria, defending itself against Iranian proxies.

But the most important question remains: where does all this leave the battle against the Islamic State, which remains a global threat? One thing we do know: America isn’t dependable under Joe Biden’s handlers. It is no longer the leader of the free world. Recall how Biden’s handlers stepped aside in Iran deal negotiations and gave Russia a lucrative edge.

Turkey does not belong in NATO, but its President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is erratic, unpredictable, and prone to rage, which is likely a primary reason why no one relishes a confrontation with the country. Yet to turn a blind eye to a sustained attack on the SDF will have adverse consequences on many levels. With respect to controlling the resurgence of ISIS, the threat is not only regional but also global, via open-door immigration policies which provide an easy opportunity for ISIS infiltration.

Back in June, renewed talk about kicking Turkey out of NATO circulated.

At the time, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham suggested Turkey’s membership in NATO should have been suspended, if Turkish troops attacked the Kurdish forces who had helped the U.S. destroy the ISIS Caliphate.

Turkey did attack, and nothing happened. According to Newsweek: “NATO does not have the option to suspend or even expel members,” but “NATO members can unanimously decide to stop assisting that ally.” It’s high time that NATO shuns Turkey, a blatant enemy of freedom. Erdogan unequivocally declared his country’s values in 2021 when he stated about the Taliban that “Turkey has nothing that contradicts their beliefs.”

As the Islamic State capitalizes on the now-scattered American presence in northern Syria, and a diminishing Syrian Democratic Forces as a result of a Turkish offensive, it is difficult to avoid concluding that Russia and al-Assad are now the main foes of the Islamic State. Thanks to Turkey, a renewed caliphate will likely appear, stronger than the first one, given the fact that ISIS is thriving in Africa and the eagerness with which useful idiot globalists have welcomed the worst possible elements into their countries.

FBI claims decline in violence against Jews, Jewish groups say anti-Semitism in US has hit highest levels in history


SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/01/fbi-claims-decline-in-violence-against-jews-jewish-groups-say-anti-semitism-in-us-has-hit-highest-levels-in-history;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The irremediably corrupt FBI cannot be trusted.

“FBI Says Violence Against Jews Is in Decline. Jews Aren’t Buying It.,” by Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon, January 3, 2023:

The FBI’s latest annual report shows a decline in violence against Jews, findings that are at odds with Jewish watchdog groups who say anti-Semitic hate crimes have hit their highest levels in history during the past two years.

The FBI’s 2021 findings, released at the end of last year, have sparked accusations the federal law enforcement agency is deflating these statistics at a time when the American Jewish community is facing an unprecedented wave of anti-Semitism. At least one watchdog group is calling on Congress to investigate how and why the FBI underreported anti-Jewish hate crimes.

“At a time of record anti-Semitic hate crimes, it is appalling that the FBI’s data-gathering has been so badly botched,” said Kenneth L. Marcus, chairman of the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law, a watchdog group that combats Jew hatred. “This massive failure has undermined the purposes of hate crimes data precisely when we most need the data. If the FBI doesn’t quickly correct this problem, congressional committees will need to ask some serious questions.”

Marcus said the FBI’s 2021 statistics on hate crimes against Jews are “essentially useless” due to new reporting procedures that omitted statistics from organizations typically included in the federal agency’s yearly assessment. While the FBI claimed that violence against Jews decreased last year, groups such as the Anti-Defamation League reported that 2021 saw the highest levels of anti-Semitic violence on record. A report from the AMCHA Initiative, a Jewish advocacy group, last year found that assaults on Jewish students and their identities doubled in the 2021 and 2022 academic year.

Marcus, an attorney and former staff director of the United States Commission on Civil Rights, said the FBI’s inaccurate reporting is likely to prompt congressional oversight.

“In my experience overseeing federal civil rights data collections, congressional committees have historically taken a keen interest in the completeness and accuracy of governmental information provided to the public,” Marcus told the Washington Free Beacon. “It is hard to imagine that a failure of this scope would escape the notice of congressional oversight staff.”

“I am hopeful that the Department of Justice and FBI will clean up this mess on their own,” Marcus said. “If DOJ and the FBI do not fix this problem, however, by providing corrected and complete data to the public, we should not be surprised if Congress should get involved.”

An FBI spokesman acknowledged the 2021 report was lacking information from multiple agencies across the country. The spokesman blamed this lapse on a shift in how statistics are collected. Due to this change, many law enforcement agencies did not submit their hate crime information in time for the FBI to include it in the most recent report….

America Has Become the Greatest Exporter of Destructive Ideas

America’s war on truth, science, and children


SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/america-has-become-the-greatest-exporter-of-destructive-ideas/;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

At the present time, China is the greatest threat to world stability, Russia is the world’s premier aggressor nation, and Islamist groups are the primary exporters of terror and (religious) totalitarianism.

And, for the first time in history, America is the world’s major exporter of destructive ideas.

This is hard for me to write. One of my books is titled Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph. It contrasts American values with leftist values and makes the case that the American value system is the finest ever devised. I define American values — what I call the “American Trinity” — as “Liberty,” “In God We Trust,” and e Pluribus Unum (Latin for “From many, one”), the three American mottos found on American coins and banknotes.

No other country has those three national mottos. The book maintains that any country can adopt those values and any country that does adopt those values will be a good society. Its citizens will be the freest in the world and that country will prosper.

Indeed, those values are the reason Americans have been the freest people in the world and America has been, far and away, the greatest land of opportunity in human history.

But America has been gradually abandoning its unique value system and is consequently becoming a less free, less humane, less prosperous, and more corrupt country. In fact, at this moment, America is no longer the best country, the exceptional country, it has been since 1776. There may not yet be a better country. But that is cold comfort.

We are in the incredible position of being feared by many other relatively free societies; more than a few European countries actually reject America’s current values. And they are right to do so.

The most obvious example of America in decline is the perverse American doctrines surrounding transgender issues: the sex (“gender”) of any individual is not a given fact, “men give birth,” men who say they are women may compete in women’s sports, and physicians and children’s hospitals are right to surgically cut off the healthy breasts of young women and even girls who say they are boys.

America’s war on truth, science, and children has rendered America increasingly an outlier in the Western world.

More and more European countries are rejecting the perverse worlds of Yale and virtually every other American university, of The New York Times and virtually every other mainstream left-wing medium, of Boston Children’s Hospital and virtually every other children’s hospital, and of the University of Minnesota Medical School and virtually every other medical school.

Switzerland has just announced that as far as the Swiss nation and government are concerned, sex is not “non-binary.” In Switzerland, there are only two sexes, as has been the case in essentially every civilization in recorded history because that is the reality.

As reported by AP (but apparently not in The New York Times or elsewhere in the mainstream left-wing media), Swiss citizens “are entered into the civil registry as male or female, with no other option.” The Swiss Federal Council declared, “The binary gender model is still strongly anchored in Swiss society.”

Sweden — the American left’s most admired society until it broke with the rest of the West by allowing its children to stay in school during the Covid hysteria — has also broken with America on the transgender issue. Sweden’s National Board of Health and Welfare ended the practice of prescribing puberty blockers for minors under age 18; and as of December, mastectomies will only be offered in the rarest of circumstances.

Thomas Lindén, a head of the National Board, announced, “Young people who suffer from gender dysphoria need to be able to quickly receive an investigation and be offered adequate care measures, based on the health and medical services’ assessments of the care needs. Good psychosocial care is fundamental.”

In other words, if a Swedish teenage girl says she is a boy, Sweden will offer “psychosocial” care, almost never hormone blockers, let alone a mastectomy.

Between Sweden’s new policy on gender dysphoria and it's allowing children to stay in school throughout the Covid epidemic, an American must sadly conclude that at this time in history, Sweden cares for its young people considerably more than America does.

In England, last October, the National Health Service (NHS) announced, in the words of the Daily Mail, that “Children who believe they are trans are probably just going through a short-lived phase.” Therefore, logic and morality say, we should not make permanent life-altering changes to their bodies with drugs and surgery.

In addition, “The NHS England draft guidelines are part of the health service’s plan to close the highly-controversial Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) at the Tavistock clinic, the country’s only gender identity service for children. GIDS is scheduled to shut its doors in the spring after a review ruled that the service was unsafe.”

Typical of the changes taking place in the UK regarding transgender issues, Stella O’Malley, a psychotherapist, and director of Genspect, an international transgender care group based in England, advised: “Professionals working with children need to . . . make sure they aren’t inadvertently causing harm by providing short term relief that leads to long term distress. . . . At Genspect . . . . we don’t think changing pronouns helps anyone — it creates more problems than it resolves.”

In France, the National Academy of Medicine has issued a statement advocating “psychosocial support” rather than hormone blockers and surgery for young people with gender dysphoria.

Finland had already enacted a similar policy decision as early as 2020. Thirteen European countries now reject the American “non-binary” attack on human sexuality and children.

Sadly, with regard to children’s wellbeing, there are many countries in which American parents would rather raise their child.

I never imagined I would ever believe that.

I wish you a Happier New Year.