Another ‘Conspiracy Theory’ May Be About to Come True: The WHO Could Decide if You Get Medicine, When You Travel, and What You Write on Social Media




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A tip of the tinfoil hat to my conspiracy theory friends. You’re right again.

The president of the United States would NEVER hand over immense power regarding healthcare, travel, and censorship to the World Health Organization (WHO), right?

Tucker Carlson broke a story on Thursday that every American needs to understand regarding the “Global Pandemic Treaty.”

This January, the Biden administration submitted a series of proposed amendments to something called the International Health Regulations (the IHR). Now, the Biden administration’s amendments, along with those from several other countries, will be combined to create a new global pandemic treaty. “We need a pandemic treaty.” That treaty is set to be adopted starting this weekend in Geneva at the World Health Assembly.

Now, the full text of the treaty is not yet finished, but a W.H.O. working group has summarized what it’s going to look like. The document begins by promising to restrict the W.H.O’s authority just to pandemics. Calm down, it’s just pandemics: “W.H.O. Secretariat to play the leading, convening and coordinating role in operational aspects of emergency response to a pandemic.”

In a nutshell, the WHO wants:

  • total control over the world’s pandemic response
  • to distribute medicine on a basis of “equity”
  • to censor any “disinformation” that doesn’t agree with what they say
  • have real-time information about when/where YOU travel. You know, for the “health security of the world, comrade”

That means unelected officials from other countries will have a ridiculous amount of power over Americans. There is no apparent accountability. I think the word for this is “communism.” Can it REALLY happen? Buckle up.


  • President Trump removed the U.S. from the WHO and Gropey Joe brought us back in
  • The WHO lied and ran cover for China during the “pandemic.” China claimed COVID couldn’t be transmitted from human to human. The WHO backed up that lie. WHO covered for China re: the origins of the Hong Kong Fluey. The WHO’s bigwig, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, went so far as to congratulate China on its handling of the Bat Stew Flu
  • Tedros is from Ethiopia. He once called an outbreak of cholera a simple case of “acute watery diarrhea” among a group of people whom Tucker suggests Tedros found to be “disfavorable”
  • Tedros is a friend of Lord Fauci
  • This all links China, the WHO, and Fauci. See the problem yet?
FACT-O-RAMA! Chinese doctor Ai Fen tried to warn the world about COVID. China made her disappear.

If this treaty goes through, the WHO would potentially have total authority over worldwide emergency operations. The WHO, not our own government,  would control how future pandemics are dealt with in the U.S. They’d also decide what is and is not a “pandemic.”

The treaty is full of nonsense, like this,

National and global coordinated actions to address the misinformation, disinformation  and stigmatization that undermines public health.

Which means censorship in the name of “public health reasons.” Pssst, that’s communism.

WHO would have the capacity to deploy proactive countermeasures against misinformation and social media attacks. You know, like Facebook and Twitter are already doing.

If this treaty goes through, foreign agents will decide who gets vaccines and medicine based on “equity.”

From the treaty,

Equitable and effective access to vaccines, therapeutic, diagnostics, and essential supplies  and for clinical trials.

Healtchcare workers and most vulnerable get medicine first.

Most vulnerable? Who gets to decide who is the most vulnerable? The WHO, that’s who.

But no one would use this power to keep medicine from getting to “certain groups,” right?

Wrong. The CDC is all about vaccinating minorities first, and 25 states are ok with that. Now imagine this sort of equity racism on a global scale.

WHO will have the power to “develop standards for producing a digital version of the International Certificate of Vaccination and Prophylaxis.” This means that something the “tinfoil wackjobs” have been warning us about could very well become a reality, the beginning of a New World Order.

You can watch Tucker brilliantly spell it out here in the first 15 minutes of his monologue, or you can read it here. Please watch it. It’s arguably one of the most important stories of the year.

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Economic Fascism and Biden’s Use of the Defense Production Act


Biden SEIZES control over domestic food materials using Korean War-era emergency powers

Economic Fascism and Biden's Use of the Defense Production Act


FLORIDA GOP Rep. Kat Cammack rages at huge stockpile of baby formula at border center

Baby Formula Shortage in the US Despite Warehouses in the Southern Border Full

This chart shows how quickly the nationwide crisis has escalated. The scale of the crisis is revealed in the new analysis, which shows that only 43 percent of the usual national supply of baby formula is available

One image showed mounds of infant formula featuring handwritten dates, likely to denote expiration, of June 2023

The congresswoman claims she went down south Sunday and surveyed the facilities herself, finding not only an amass of formula, but other necessary infant supplies such as diapers, wipes and clothing



GOP Rep. Kat Cammack reveals a video of a huge stockpile of baby formula at border center after being slammed by the White House for sharing a photo of supplies being given to migrants while Americans struggle to feed their children

  • Rep. Kat Cammack took a trip to the southern border on Sunday and revealed more stockpiles of infant formula, diapers, wipes, and clothing
  • She claims there were several warehouses filled with supplies for migrants
  • Cammack says more supplies are headed to the border despite the nationwide shortage that has left American families struggling to find formula
  • The congresswoman was accused of lying about the stockpile last week
  • She hit back at her critics Monday night, sharing footage from the facility and branding members of the Biden Administration as liars 
  • Meanwhile, Abbott Laboratories has reached a consent decree with the FDA, which is an important step towards reopening its Sturgis, Michigan plant 
  • The company says it could reopen in as few as two weeks after it gets approval from the courts, which must now approve the consent decree 
  • However, the FDA has yet to give them the authority to resume operations


Steve Bannon warns “the system is collapsing” – global supply chains are cratering and it’s NOT just temporary

Image: Steve Bannon warns “the system is collapsing” – global supply chains are cratering and it’s NOT just temporary



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) The battered ship known as the United States of America is sinking, and so is the rest of the world.

Thanks to globalization, Mystery Babylon’s tentacles are now everywhere. And as that system collapses into its own footprint to make way for the New World Order, so goes every country and system tied into it.

In a recent episode of his “War Room” program, Steve Bannon of Real America’s Voice laid out how and why “the system is collapsing.”

“This is a collapse of a complex system,” Bannon explained, revealing how each piece of the puzzle – or each card stacked in the house, to use another analogy – is falling right on schedule.

Everything from the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic to the war in Ukraine seems to have been contrived for this very purpose: to collapse the global economy on purpose.

“The baby formula, the diesel gas, India just declared they’re not going to ship any wheat out of India, Sri Lanka is absolutely burning to the ground due to food shortage – back in the 1930s, this was called ‘Beggar Thy Neighbor,'” Bannon further explained.

You can watch a roughly 15-minute video clip of Bannon speaking about this and other issues at

There’s no way to stop prophecy from being fulfilled

Governments and their corporate-controlled media mouthpieces would have us all believe that the continued breakdown of the supply chain coupled with massive inflation has to do with protectionism.

Bannon, however, says that none of this is about protectionism. It is about pulling the rug out from underneath the current world order to topple it straight into the ground – a controlled demolition if you will.

“They hope that stuff comes at you so quickly that you lose it,” Bannon said, offering his own optimistic opinion about the future.

“In the fog of war, we’re going to look through this, understand what’s going on, not panic at all whatsoever, and make sure that we enforce policies,” he added about how conservatives are supposedly going to rise up to help a phoenix rise from the ashes of all this.

This writer is not as optimistic. For one, all of this was prophesied long ago and is now coming to pass exactly as the Bible said it would. Secondly, there is no chance of turning things around by voting if elections are completely fraudulent, as we now know they are.

The collapse of the food supply is perhaps the biggest indicator that we have crossed the Rubicon. There will be no going back or fixing anything once grocery stores run empty with no more trucks coming to refill them.

There will be no bouncing back from there no longer being enough food for everyone, resulting in food riots.

“Before the export ban, India was expected to be one of the top-10 wheat exporters for the 2022-23 crop season,” tweeted author Javier Blas.

“Removing all (or part of) India’s expected wheat exports creates a massive hole in the global supply and demand. Wheat prices will rise further, and quickly #OATT.”

In the comment section at a story about Bannon’s statements, someone asked how it will ever be possible to “save America … since a revolution is illegal,” referring to the January 6, 2021, “insurrection” incident.

“How many Republicans are traitors to their own party and their constituents, why are Republicans not following the money of these traitors?” this same person asked.

Another wrote that the plan of the current administration, anyway, is to “bring down America by 1,000 cuts,” which is exactly what we are now witnessing at breakneck speed.

More related news coverage about these issues can be found at

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Russian officials: American biolabs in Ukraine conducted illegal experiments on rivers and infected children with tuberculosis



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(Natural News) Russian officials are claiming that the biological weapons research laboratories in Ukraine have conducted illegal experiments on the country’s rivers and deliberately infected children with tuberculosis. The Russian government claimed that the children infected with tuberculosis were native Russians living in eastern Ukraine.

According to General Igor Kirillov, commander of Russia’s Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Protection Troops, the Defense Ministry’s investigation into American-funded bioweapons labs has provided the Russian government with substantial evidence proving that the Ukrainian government in Kyiv attempted to infect residents of the Luhansk region with a highly pathogenic strain of tuberculosis in 2020. (Related: RUSSIAN CLAIM: Democrats, Soros, and Gates set up Ukraine biolabs to make money for elections.)

“Leaflets made in the form of counterfeit banknotes were infected with the causative agent of tuberculosis and distributed among minors in the village of Stepove,” said Kirillov. Since 2014, this village has been occupied by pro-Russian separatists in Luhansk.

Kirillov added that the organizers of these experiments deliberately targeted less hygienic children, including kids who were more likely to put random things in their mouths and handle food without washing their hands.

The general added that bacteriological studies among children in Stepove confirmed that the isolated bacteria investigators found on the leaflets were resistant to first- and second-line anti-tuberculosis drugs.

“The infection of the banknotes was most likely artificial since the material contains extremely dangerous strains of the pathogen in a concentration that can ensure infection and the development of the tuberculosis process,” noted Kirillov.

Kirillov added that the spread of tuberculosis through the Luhansk region exhibited signs of “deliberate, man-made contamination [using] leaflets with biomaterials of

high pathogenicity.”

The Russian government further claimed that the experiments on children were run by foreign specialists of uncertain nationality who entered Ukraine through third-party nations to conceal America’s involvement in the experiments.

These specialists were quickly evacuated from biolabs in the eastern portions of Ukraine to the country’s west shortly before Russia launched its invasion. Kirillov said they took with them all of their equipment and the drugs they used.

American-supervised specialists conducted experiments on Ukrainian rivers

At a recent meeting of the United Nations Security Council, Vasily Nebenzya, Russia’s ambassador to the U.N., alleged that the U.S. is using its experimentation in Ukraine to develop bioweapons. These experiments include studying how water-borne pathogens spread.

“Ukrainian specialists, under the supervision of American colleagues, have regularly carried out a collection of water samples from rivers flowing through Ukraine,” said Nebenzya. “The aim here is to establish the presence in them of specific dangerous pathogens, including cholera, typhoid, hepatitis A and E, and to evaluate the way in which they spread through the water in order to draw conclusions on the ability of these pathogens to incapacitate.”

“Then the collection of these samples was sent to the United States,” continued Nebenzya. “We have a logical question: Why? Why is a collection of dangerous pathogens being collected by the United States, which might then be spread through the waters of this region?”

Nebenzya warned that the results of America’s experimentation on river-borne pathogens could be used “to create a biological catastrophe, not only in Russia but on the whole [region] through the waters of the Azov and Black Seas and in Eastern Europe.”

During the same Security Council meeting, Nebenzya also accused the U.S. of deliberately refusing to strengthen the Biological Weapons Convention, a global treaty banning the use and prohibiting the development of bioweapons.

Nebenzya accused the U.S. of providing incoherent statements regarding American biological research activities and claiming that all activities “are by definition peaceful and ‘beneficial’ for the international community.”

U.S. diplomats are also refusing to speak with journalists who demand answers regarding American cooperation with Ukrainian biological research activities, including such activities that contradict statements made by leading American officials.

Furthermore, Nebenzya has accused American representatives of rejecting an initiative to augment the Biological Weapons Convention that would require countries to report military biological activities conducted beyond their territories.

“This means that the U.S. intentionally blocks attempts to reinforce the Biological Weapons Convention regime, which aims to make it possible to efficiently detect violations of the Convention,” said Nebenzya. has more on the U.S.-funded biolabs in Ukraine.

Watch this clip from the May 16 episode of “The Stew Peters Show” discussing Russia’s accusations.

This video is from the What Is Happening channel on

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Former Canadian general captured in Ukraine by Russian forces was in charge of bioweapons laboratory.

Russia says Pentagon spent $224 million on bioweapons programs in Ukraine.

Ukraine is basically a biological weapons outsourcing nation for NATO.

Jeffrey Prather: Ukraine is the biolab for fifth-generation warfare and global inflection point for Great Reset – Brighteon.TV.

Sources include: