Defense Department: Iran can ‘produce enough fissile material for a nuclear device in less than two weeks’~Member of Iranian government influence network visited White House at least five times for high-level meetings;

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Good thing Old Joe Biden sent them six billion dollars, eh?

“Iran can produce fissile material for a nuclear bomb within 2 weeks – US,” by Tovah Lazaroff, Jerusalem Post, October 1, 2023 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Iran can produce enough fissile material for a nuclear bomb in less than two weeks, the United States warned as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday held a security assessment with Defense Minister Yoav Gallant that focused on threats from the Islamic Republic.

“It is assessed that Iran is not pursuing a nuclear weapons program at this time,” US Defense Department stated in a report it published on Friday called the “Strategy for Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction” in 2023.

Israel has long warned that Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons is a top global threat, but the US stated that when it came to weapons of mass destruction it was most concerned with China and Russia.

Those two nations “present the principle weapons of mass destruction challenge,” the report stated.

North Korea, Iran and violent extremist organizations “remain persistent regional threats that must be addressed,” the report explained.

Iran, in specific, it noted, “has the capacity to produce enough fissile material for a nuclear device in less than two weeks.”…



DOD Launches New LGBTQ+++™ Propaganda Offensive, Showcases Transgender Major

DOD Launches New LGBTQ+++™ Propaganda Offensive, Showcases Transgender Major


"Two days before the Fourth of July, the Biden administration’s woke Department of Defense celebrated a male U.S. Army major who has decided he is female, declaring the man’s journey “inspires us all.”

Maj. Rachel Jones, a biological man who identifies as a woman, serves as the U.S. Army Sustainment Command Cyber Division chief, G6 (Information Management), according to the U.S. Army, which lauded Jones for living “her truth.”"



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The Department of Defense has trotted out a new stunning and brave transgender for its audience to celebrate. Who exactly the DOD hopes to reach with this kind of Social Justice™ and propaganda remains very much unclear.

@USArmy Maj. Rachel Jones found solace after coming out as a transgender female. Her journey from battling depression & suicidal thoughts to embracing authenticity inspires us all. #WhyWeServe,” the DoD posted to Twitter yesterday, accompanied by an article posted to the army’s website titled “Living authentically saves Soldier’s life.”

Via U.S. Army:

Coming out as a transgender female saved Maj. Rachel Jones’ life.

The U.S. Army Sustainment Command Cyber Division chief, G6 (Information Management), struggled with depression and suicidal ideation for most of her life. Today, she is living her truth and is no longer battling depression or suicidal thoughts.

The observance of Pride Month, celebrated every June, was first recognized by the Department of Defense in June 2012. It is a time when the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community come together to celebrate love and authenticity. Many LGBTQ+ people must overcome deep-rooted fear, shame and adversity in order to live as their most authentic self, though.

The road to self-acceptance was not easy for Jones. Before coming out privately to her therapist, Jones lived every day deeply depressed and suicidal.

“When I was growing up in the 80s and 90s there was a lot of anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric. I don’t think many people meant to do that, but it’s something I heard as I was growing up repeatedly. So much so that I was convinced I was inherently evil for being transgender,” said Jones. “The pressure of hiding all of the time was so bad I grew up depressed and suicidal to the point that I always had a plan to end my life.”

Readers may recall a similar propaganda production released by the DOJ’s counterparts at the CIA featuring a “cisgender millennial who’s been diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder” to sell the agency to the public.

There’s no way that even government propagandists are out of touch enough to actually believe that any of this hot garbage is going to achieve the ostensible objectives of pulling more high-quality recruits into these agencies and departments. So the question becomes: what’s actually the point of all of this?

Is it national demoralization? If so, they’re doing a bang-up job. Even if I were interested (I’m not because every war the government has prosecuted since WWII has been predicated on BS in my opinion, not to mention wildly counterproductive and unsuccessful), I would not join after having seen this nonsense out of principle.

And I’m not alone: every branch of the US armed forces is unable to effectively recruit.

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Meanwhile, America’s geopolitical enemies (not mine and maybe not yours, but definitely the multinational corporate states) China, and Russia are releasing decidedly unwoke recruitment propaganda.

Pentagon’s Anti-White Diversity Chief Comes up With a Novel Way to Excuse Her Own Racism

REP. Elise Stefanik Slams DoD Over Radical DEI Chief, Calls to ‘Realign’ Priorities ‘Away from Woke Ideologies’

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 01: House Republican Conference Chairman Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) speaks during a town hall event hosted by House Republicans ahead of President Joe Bidens first State of the Union address tonight on March 1, 2022 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images)


Who is Kelisa Wing? Defense Dept equity officer and author of 'anti-racism' books mocks 'white folx' online

Kelisa Wing  social justice  DEI woke Department of Defense

Kelisa Wing, chief diversity, equity, and inclusion officer in the Department of Defense’s education branch, has put white people on blast in a series of tweets.

Pompeo: Biden's Pentagon only wants to focus on 'green energy and racism'

‘Woke’ Department of Defense Equity CHIEF Kelisa Wing has a History of ANTI-white Twitter posts


"“Agitate, Agitate, Agitate”— Military's New Diversity Chief Hawks Books, Advocates “Revolution” In K-12 Schools"

"Kelisa Wing advocates a racial reckoning, a revolution in the Pentagon's K-12 schools. How’s that good for readiness?"

QUOTES FROM ABOVE LINK: "Despite the relatively recent publication dates, many DoDEA school libraries already carry the books. Our review of all 160 DoDEA school libraries showed that 11 of the schools collectively carried 45 copies of Wing’s books:"



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The diversity, equity, and inclusion chief for the Defense Department’s schools is in hot water over what is being termed “racially disparaging” remarks, but Kelisa Wing is no Bull Connor. Wing, who actually describes herself as a “woke administrator,” has indulged in today’s most culturally acceptable form of racism: hatred of white people. She has belatedly drawn the attention of lawmakers for remarks she made back in 2020 and 2021 and is fighting back with an interview published Friday in Military Times. Her defense? She made her hate-filled and racist remarks as a private citizen, not as an employee of the Department of Defense. There, now, don’t you feel better?

Wing said flatly: “No, I did not make disparaging comments against white people. I would never categorize an entire group of people to disparage them.” Really? Let’s see. According to a Sept. 2022 Fox News report, Wing, who has since deleted her rancid Twitter feed, tweeted in June 2020: “I’m so exhausted at these white folx in these PD [professional development] sessions this lady actually had the CAUdacity to say that black people can be racist too … I had to stop the session and give Karen the BUSINESS … we are not the majority, we don’t have power.”

Wing was misusing the Left’s insane lexicon here, for “folx,” as Merriam-Webster, which is now as woke as everyone else, tells us is a spelling that is “used especially to explicitly signal the inclusion of groups commonly marginalized.” So the exhausting white people in Wing’s meetings couldn’t have been “folx,” but Wing had more than enough racist anti-white tweets to maintain her woke bona fides.

Wing frequently expressed exasperation with how insolently white people dared to behave in her presence. “If another Karen tells me about her feelings,” she exclaimed in one tweet, “I might lose it.” When a critic took issue with Wing’s claim that “racism is ingrained in the very fabric of our country,” the diversity, equity, and inclusion chief’s response was succinct: “Bye Karen.”

Now, however, Wing has tried to explain all this away by insisting that she was not speaking in her official capacity: “I’m speaking now as a private individual, about my private free speech from July of 2020.” She also attempted to justify her remarks by claiming privileged victimhood status:

I was in a space where I was the only person of color. The purpose of that was people wanted to reconcile what was happening at the present time. In the middle of that session, someone just called out, “Well, Black people are racist, too.” It didn’t have any context to what we were talking about, and I started to explain to her that yes, everybody can be racist. But we’re talking about systemic racism and how that impacts people and their ability for housing, their ability for a lot of things. That’s something that I thought we were there to discuss….I can’t advocate for equity and access and opportunity and then not be willing to advocate for myself when an injustice is happening for myself. I have to stand up at some point, and this is the right time.

Well, great. But she is supposed to be the “diversity, equity, and inclusion” supervisor for the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA), which, according to Fox, “provides K-12 education to the DoD community in the U.S. and all over the world.” How will Wing avoid bringing her own racism into her work?

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With just that concern, according to Military Times, “20 Republican lawmakers, including members of the House Armed Services Committee, wrote to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, demanding to know whether DoD officials were aware of Wing’s tweets before they placed her in her current position. Lawmakers also asked Austin whether DoDEA endorses ‘the ideology’ in those tweets and whether it’s been incorporated into the curriculum proposed by DoDEA.” These are important questions. Yet the lawmakers sent Austin two letters about this in January and have received no response. The ostensibly marginalized and oppressed, you see, don’t think they have any obligation to address the concerns of their putative oppressors.

In reality, of course, Austin and Wing are cosseted elitists, not oppressed at all. Austin apparently doesn’t deign to answer questions from those who have no power to cause him any professional difficulty. And if they get too close, he, like Wing, can just cry “racism.” Works like a charm.

Defense Department’s Statement on Biden’s Bodacious Balloon Boondoggle Is Baloney

Defense Department's Statement on Biden's Bodacious Balloon Boondoggle Is Baloney



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Now that the infamous Chinese spy balloon has finally been shot down after it had traversed the United States and thus apparently completed its mission, Old Joe Biden and the people who are really running this regime are in furious damage-control mode. It’s easy to see why: in one move, Biden’s handlers have managed simultaneously to enrage the Chinese and look weak and dithering, and so Biden’s Defense Department has now issued a statement attempting to downplay the whole thing and throw some shade upon Old Joe’s bête noire, Donald Trump. The DOD is claiming that not one, not two, but three Chinese spy balloons flew over the U.S. during his administration, and President America First neither told the American people nor did anything about them. See, Old Joe doesn’t look so bad now, right? The only problem is that the DoD’s story raises more questions than it answers.

Trump, as you might have expected, denied this, declaring on Sunday morning: “The Chinese Balloon situation is a disgrace, just like the Afghanistan horror show, and everything else surrounding the grossly incompetent Biden Administration. They are only good at cheating in elections, and disinformation — and now they are putting out that a Balloon was put up by China during the Trump Administration, in order to take the ‘heat’ off the slow-moving Biden fools. China had too much respect for ‘TRUMP’ for this to have happened, and it NEVER did. JUST FAKE DISINFORMATION!” Many, of course, will dismiss Trump’s denial, just as they dismissed his denials of the Russian collusion hoax and a thousand other charges against him that turned out to be false all along, but there is more also that casts doubt upon the Defense Department’s assertion.

Mark Esper was a top Trump administration official, serving as Secretary of the Army from November 2017 to July 2019 and Secretary of Defense from July 2019 to November 2020. He recounts: “I don’t ever recall somebody coming into my office or reading anything that the Chinese had a surveillance balloon above the United States. I would remember that for sure.” That raises several possibilities. Esper himself may not be telling the truth, in an attempt to cover for his old boss. The second possibility is that there were no Chinese spy balloons flying over the U.S. during the Trump administration, and the Defense Department is the one that’s lying, in an attempt to cover for President Dementia and his China-linked son.

A third possibility is that three Chinese spy balloons did indeed conduct high-altitude surveillance over the United States during the Trump administration, and the Defense Department knew about it but didn’t alert Esper or Trump. Inconceivable? Not in the slightest degree. DefenseOne reported back in November 2020 that Jim Jeffrey, who had served as Trump’s special envoy for Syria, boasted that he circumvented Trump’s orders to withdraw American troops from Syria by lying to the President.

Jeffrey, according to DefenseOne, acknowledged that “his team routinely misled senior leaders about troop levels in Syria.” Jeffrey explained: “We were always playing shell games to not make clear to our leadership how many troops we had there,” and said that “the actual number of troops in northeast Syria is ‘a lot more than’ the roughly two hundred troops Trump initially agreed to leave there in 2019.’”

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Jeffrey decided to thwart the will of the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces because, he said, the order to withdraw from Syria was “the most controversial thing in my fifty years in government.” Jeffrey even boasted about his defiance: “What Syria withdrawal? There was never a Syrian withdrawal. When the situation in northeast Syria had been fairly stable after we defeated ISIS, [Trump] was inclined to pull out. In each case, we then decided to come up with five better arguments for why we needed to stay. And we succeeded both times. That’s the story.” Cool story, bro. And not in the least implausible. We discovered the existence of the Deep State during the Trump administration because of its boasts about thwarting his agenda while inside the government. Jeffrey was just another Deep Stater.

Even now, Old Joe claimed Saturday that he had wanted the balloon shot down on Wednesday, but was overruled by the Pentagon. So Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark “Thoroughly Modern” Milley is now the Commander-In-Chief? Who elected him? Of course, that question could be asked about a lot of people these days. But given the Deep State’s hatred of Trump and long record of deception, there is abundant reason to doubt the Biden Defense Department’s face-saving statement and not a whole lot of reason to believe it.

GUNNING FOR US: Biden admin continues arming more federal agents than members of the U.S. military: Why?



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(Natural News) In another sign that Barack Obama and his sycophants are really in charge of Joe Biden’s White House, the current administration is rushing to arm as many federal agents as possible, the same way Obama did during his two terms.

The question is, why?

According to a report by The Federalist, the Biden regime appears to be arming more agents than U.S. Marines, adding that “the idea that agencies are empowered to effectively create their own laws and go out and enforce them with armed federal agents should be alarming.”

“Congress authorized $80 billion this year to beef up Internal Revenue Service enforcement and staffing, Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy warned that ‘Democrats’ new army of 87,000 IRS agents will be coming for you.'” wrote Mark Hemingway for the outlet.

“A video quickly went viral racking up millions of views, purporting to show a bunch of clumsy bureaucrats receiving firearms training, prompting alarm that the IRS would be engaged in military-style raids of taxpayers,” he continued.

“The GOP claims were widely attacked as exaggerations — since the video, though from the IRS, didn’t show official agent training — the criticism has shed light on a growing trend: the rapid arming of the federal government.”

Hemingway goes on to cite a report issued in 2021 by the watchdog organization Open The Books, “The Militarization of The U.S. Executive Agencies,” which noted that more than 200,000 federal agents now have been authorized to carry firearms and make arrests, noting that currently, there are only 186,000 Americans serving in the Marine Corps.

“One hundred three executive agencies outside of the Department of Defense spent $2.7 billion on guns, ammunition, and military-style equipment between fiscal years 2006 and 2019 (inflation-adjusted),” the report says. “Nearly $1 billion ($944.9 million) was spent between fiscal years 2015 and 2019 alone.”

Open The Books also reported that of all agencies, the Department of Health and Human Resources has 1,300 firearms including a single shotgun, five automatic carbines, and 189 automatic weapons of all kinds. Even NASA has armed agents; the country’s space agency has a SWAT team with all the associated weaponry, along with breaching shotguns, machine guns, and armored vehicles.

Meanwhile, the Environmental Protection Agency now has drones, radar equipment, night vision goggles, and GPS trackers — along with a stockpile of guns.

“A 2018 Government Accountability Office report noted that the IRS had 4,487 guns and 5,062,006 rounds of ammunition in inventory at the end of 2017 — before the enforcement funding boost this year. The IRS did not respond to requests for information, though the IRS’s Criminal Investigation division does put out an annual report detailing basic information such as how many warrants the agency is executing in a given year,” Hemingway wrote.

He added that, according to the watchdog report, more than 100 Executive Branch agencies have investigators who carry firearms, and what’s more, there isn’t an independent authority that monitors or tracks the use of force across all federal agencies.

RealClearInvestigations contacted agencies from the HHS, EPA, and others who refused to provide or said they didn’t have up-to-date stats on how often firearms in their possession were used or details on how armed operations were carried out.

“I would be amazed if that data exists in any way,” Trevor Burrus, a research fellow in constitutional and criminal law at the libertarian Cato Institute, told Hemingway “Over the years of working on this, it’s quite shocking how much they try to not have their stuff tracked on any level.”

Of course, refusing to track the number of firearms or how each agency is using them means that the federal government has plausible deniability for those uses.

What we do know is this: The more guns the government has, the more necessary it becomes for private citizens to protect and defend their Second Amendment rights. Any federal entity pushing gun control while arming up reveals they are intent on becoming tyrannical.

Sources include:

Kansas City: Muslim who worked for Defense Department lied about his contacts with ISIS



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The Defense Department was happy to hire Mohammad Rafi Mohammadi. Doing so proved they weren’t “Islamophobic.” The Defense Department would never dream of hiring an opponent of jihad violence and Sharia oppression of women. That would be “Islamophobic” in their eyes, and the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) would be all over it, with lavish media coverage. And so this happens, and it will get hardly any media coverage at all.

“Kansas City man who worked for DoD lied about contacts with ISIS recruiters: Authorities,” by Bill Lukitsch, Kansas City Star, October 22, 2022:

A Kansas City area man once employed under contract as a translator in Afghanistan for the U.S. Department of Defense is accused of lying about his contacts with two recruiters aligned with the ISIS group that was responsible for the bombing of Kabul’s airport in August 2021, which killed 13 American service members.

Mohammad Rafi Mohammadi was arrested Sunday in Kansas City as part of an investigation led by the FBI’s local field office. He faces one charge in the U.S. District of Kansas of making false statements in reference to obtaining his security clearance, a crime that carries a maximum penalty of five years in federal prison.

According to an affidavit filed in the case by an FBI agent, Mohammadi sought that clearance for work as a contract linguist, and answered a question falsely on a federal form in August 2019. On that document, Mohammadi denied ever associating “with anyone involved in activities to further terrorism,” court papers say.

Before then, the FBI and federal prosecutors allege Mohammadi sought to provide support for two people who were actively seeking to recruit and train members of ISIS-K, a division of the terrorist organization centered in Afghanistan’s Khorasan province.

Investigators based their conclusions in part on a review of Mohammadi’s public Facebook posts, social media messages, and statements he allegedly made to a confidential informant in 2021. Mohammadi was also interviewed by the FBI in early October.

Among the evidence referenced in support of the criminal charge were records obtained from Western Union that allegedly show Mohammadi wired $2,000 from a branch in Lenexa to a person in Afghanistan with the aim of having $400 given to an ISIS-K recruiter, identified as Individual #1, in May 2018. Authorities allege Mohammadi also shared Facebook posts around the time concerning that person’s arrest by Afghani national security forces….

The Defense Department Has a ‘Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer.’ Here’s Why She Hates You.

Kelisa Wing

‘Woke’ Department of Defense Equity CHIEF Kelisa Wing has History of ANTI-white Twitter posts



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

If you’re a patriotic American, black, white, or whatever, who believes in the equality of dignity and rights of all people, regardless of race, Kelisa Wing, the Department of Defense’s chief diversity, equity, and inclusion officer, hates you. Beyond all the double talk and can't, that’s what “diversity, equity, and inclusion” are all about.

Wing, who calls herself a “woke administrator,” demonstrated that she would be a perfect person to serve as a diversity, equity, and inclusion officer when she took to Twitter and unleashed her hatred against white people. Now, this angry, self-righteous racist oversees diversity, equity, and inclusion for the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA), which, according to a Tuesday Fox News report, “provides K-12 education to the DoD community in the U.S. and all over the world.” It “directs…education programs for school-age children of Department of Defense personnel” and “provides support and resources to Local Educational Agencies throughout the United States that serve children of military families.”

Once her rancid Twitter feed started to get media attention, Wing protected her tweets, but the cat was already out of the bag. In June 2020, Wing wrote: “I’m exhausted with these white folx in these [professional development] sessions.” Wing was misusing the Left’s insane lexicon here, for “folx,” as Merriam-Webster, which is now as woke as everyone else, tells us is a spelling that is “used especially to explicitly signal the inclusion of groups commonly marginalized.” So the exhausting white people in Wing’s meetings couldn’t have been “folx,” but Wing has more than enough racist anti-white tweets to maintain her woke bona fides.

In another tweet, Wing complained that “this lady actually had the audacity to say that black people can be racist too…I had to stop the session and give Karen the BUSINESS…we are not the majority, we don’t have power.” “CAUdacity” is “Caucasian audacity,” and you can see how marginalized poor Wing really is: she had to stop the session and lecture this uppity white woman about how powerless black folx such as Wing herself actually are. Indeed.

Wing frequently expressed exasperation with how insolently white people dared to behave in her presence. “If another Karen tells me about her feelings,” she exclaimed in one tweet, “I might lose it.” When a critic took issue with Wing’s claim that “racism is ingrained in the very fabric of our country,” the diversity, equity, and inclusion chief’s response was succinct: “Bye Karen.”

Wing likes that “Karen” moniker, which became popular in the early COVID-19 days referring to a certain type of self-righteous busybody. Donald Trump, says Wing, is the “whole [almost certainly autocorrect for white] boy version of a Karen” and former education secretary Betsy DeVos is “the queen of Karens.” Yet Wing herself, so full of herself and certain of the righteousness of her own views, is the quintessential Karen. She doesn’t seem ever to have demonstrated a level of self-awareness that would have enabled her to realize that.

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Wing is also the co-author of several Leftist indoctrination books for children, including one entitled What Is White Privilege? It’s full of what you would expect: “White privilege hurts a lot of people. If you are White you might feel bad about hurting others or you might feel afraid to lose this privilege….Overcoming White privilege is a job that must start with the White community….[W]ill you really feel good at the end of the race when you look back and see others fighting obstacles that you didn’t even have?”

The book doesn’t just cast white folks (not folx, remember) into the outer darkness where they will weep and gnash their teeth. It says reassuringly: “There is hope! By learning more about White privilege we can work to spend it. Privilege is like extra money in your pocket that you didn’t earn.”

When Wing got her diversity, equity, and inclusion job at the Department of Defense in December 2021, the Department proudly said that she “has been involved with diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts for students and schools over many years, authoring several books on the topic.” DoDEA director Thomas Brady said: “Kelisa Wing is exactly the right person to lead our efforts in building on the foundational work done to support meaningful change in our organization.”

Yes, she is. She is exactly the right person to do what diversity, equity, and inclusion departments everywhere are designed to do: sow resentment and division and hamstring the actual efforts of the organization foolish enough to establish one. The mission of the Defense Department is to defend the United States from military threats. Instead, it is distracted by fantasies of racial discrimination and victimhood propaganda. What could possibly go wrong?

Biden’s Defense Department Urges Killing U.S. Babies for National Security

The woke military is destroying the village to save the village.



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Biden’s Secretary of Defense sponsored a Rand paper that claims abortion is vital to national security. The paper, “How the Dobbs Decision Could Affect U.S. National Security”, warns that the inability to promptly kill children due to the Supreme Court’s decision will lead to “higher health care, child care, and education costs”.

If you don’t kill ’em, you’ll have to teach ’em.

While lefties loved attacking Rand, a think tank created by a defense contractor that is now a subsidiary of Boeing, only when lefties fully took it over did it become capable of this level of sociopathy. Civilized societies didn’t send women into front-line combat except as an act of total desperation. The Biden administration has financed a survey arguing that not only should we send women into combat, but that we’ll have deployment issues if we don’t kill their babies.

Moloch wept.

The Rand survey argues that “Women play an integral role in the U.S. military. A threat to their health and well-being is a potential threat to our national security.” A footnote however cautions that “although we use the term woman or women throughout this piece, we recognize that these terms are not necessarily inclusive of all individuals who might seek abortion services.”

Even abortion feminism draws the line at recognizing the existence of women as anything except a political ploy. Think of all the men who need military abortions too.

Like Admiral Rachel Leland Levine who has been accused of killing more people than every branch of the military combined. Unfortunately, they were all American citizens trapped in nursing homes. But, as Rand might point out, he did dramatically cut health care costs.

No wonder they made him an admiral even if it’s of the Gilbert and Sullivan variety.

The Rand survey alarmingly warns that the Department of Defense might have to expand its child care program “to accommodate any additional births that occur as a result of women having children that they might not have had otherwise” which is a scary prospect since it already spends “over $1.2 billion annually on child care costs”.

Or about 0.2% of the F-35 fighter jet cost overruns. And the jets don’t fly themselves. Children will have to grow up to fly them. Treating children as a national security liability is backward. Without children, there’s no one in the military to defend society or anyone to defend.

The military is struggling to find recruits. Birth rates are falling. The number of actual Americans continues to decline. The lack of abortion isn’t a national security threat: abortion is a national security threat that has killed more Americans than any foreign enemy. Arguing that babies are a threat to national security is a literal example of destroying the village to save the village.

The Rand survey frets over a projected “2,800 female DoD civilian employees with unintended pregnancies annually and between 4,400 (HRBS) and 4,700 (WRHS) active-duty servicewomen with an unintended pregnancy each year.”

Scary stuff.

If only there were some simple and easily accessible means of preventing unintended pregnancies that could be easily taught and distributed to functioning adults.

The military already offers free contraceptives. The Biden administration is rolling out more contraceptive clinics and pushing free IUDs. There’s even a ‘Decide and Be Ready’ app that provides information about available contraceptives for women in the military. Anyone who can be trusted to serve in the military can also figure out how the pill, condoms or chastity works.

Or maybe they’re not qualified or can be trusted to serve.

The Supreme Court’s decision finding that there had never been a constitutional right to abortion is not a threat to national security. The woke brass is the real threat to national security.

And according to them, everything the Left doesn’t like is a national security threat. The only things that aren’t national security threats are actual national security threats.

Passing off abortion as a national security issue adds it to the portfolio of such urgent national security issues as diversity, global warming, and transgender rights. When mobs of foreign migrants, some of them terrorists and cartel members, rushed the border, the military was not allowed to do anything because millions of foreigners invading the country wasn’t a national security issue. Leftist mobs attacking the White House wasn’t a national security issue either.

But abortion? Now there’s a real national security issue.

Ever since Obama took over the White House, the military has been used as a piggy bank and front for every leftist agenda item. We lost the war in Afghanistan, but the brass makes sure that every branch of the military has an equity office and is having conversations about systemic racism. The VA may be broken, but it’ll offer transgender surgery. The Air Force’s planes won’t fly, but its leadership is now black. Fat Leonard is on the loose, but Adm. Gilday will make sure everyone is reading Ibram X. Kendi. The Army can’t meet its recruitment numbers, but its ads feature lesbian weddings. At least there’s a plan to finally win a war.

Against “climate change”.

Former Admiral James Stavridis and Supreme Allied Commander of NATO had an op-ed urging, “Biden and the Pentagon Can Declare War on Climate Change.”

Stavridis had learned nothing from Xerxes trying to whip the sea into shape.

Every leftist agenda item is described as a way to win wars and maximize our “lethality”.

U.S. Pacific Air Forces claimed that using the right pronouns would “improve our interoperability, efficiency, creativity, and lethality.” The People’s Republic of China must be terrified of the ruthless lethality of our correct pronoun usage. Who needs aircraft carriers anyway?

The Air Education and Training Command claims that the Air Force “increases its warfighting capabilities and lethality by attracting talent from a diverse body of applicants”.

Nothing is as lethal as racial quotas. To meritocracy.

Abortion is the latest grand contributor to our military’s lethality. Just on the wrong side.

The pathway to restoring our national security begins with new military leadership that pushes out the cocktail party political generals and admirals who take their marching orders from the Washington Post instead of their oath and duty to defend the nation against foreign enemies.

Then maybe there will be leaders who know that their job is to kill the enemy, not our children.

Queering the Military: Biden’s DOD Goes All Out for Pride Month



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The Biden Defense Department has ordered saturation bombing. No, not a saturation bombing of Russia or Afghanistan. The Biden Pentagon is carrying out a saturation propaganda bombing of the U.S. military and the American public. It’s LGBTQ+ Pride Month after all, so, of course, we must have an all-out offensive to show our total embrace of “diversity.” And it’s not just a Pride Day or Pride Week. We must carpet bomb our troops and our taxpayers for an entire month with indoctrination on the wonders of gender fluidity and the horrors of oppressive patriarchal cisgender heteronormativity. Thus, the Pentagon has joined with Disney, State Farm, Google, Apple, the UN’s World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, the Council on Foreign Relations, and hundreds of other woke corporations, politicians, and globalist NGOs in a month-long orgy of agitprop for any and all things polymorphous perverse.

The U.S. Marine Corps stirred a hornets’ nest on June 1 with a tweet featuring a combat helmet with rainbow-colored bullets strapped to it. “Throughout June,” the tweet said, “the USMC takes Pride in recognizing and honoring the contributions of our LGBTQ service members. We remain committed to fostering an environment free from discrimination, and defend the values of treating all equally, with dignity and respect.”

The U.S. Air Force tweeted a black-and-white photo of an arguably female airman giving a salute with a rainbow-adorned arm. The tweet says: “Happy Pride Month! We are the best #USAF by leveraging the diverse backgrounds & strengths of each member of our total force. We are committed to making the #AIR FORCE a place where all can reach their full potential.”

The U.S. Army went a bit edgier, with a biracial lesbian couple bedecked in white t-shirts and rainbow face paint hugging, along with a biracial homosexual couple in uniform and in a slightly more sedate embrace. The Twitter message: “Happy #PrideMonth! Throughout June, the #USArmy joins the Nation in paying tribute to the selfless and dedicated service of brave LGBTQ Soldiers & Civilians who have made our military stronger and the nation safer!”

Meanwhile, the U.S. Space Force tweet featured a toy astronaut with a rainbow flag and “QUEER SPACE” emblazoned across the dark void of outer space, apparently claiming it for the LGBTQ+ “community.” The text reads:

“Maj. Gen. Leah Lauderback spoke on how the LIT is working to change policy, change minds, and create opportunities for LGBTQ+ members of the military during an interview with @airandspace.”

Back on terra firma, the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency’s tweet included an animated graphic of hands painting a series of rainbow-colored diagonal bands, along with text declaring: “At DIA, our success depends on the skills and backgrounds of a diverse and inclusive workforce. During, #PrideMonth join us as we celebrate our #LGBTQ+ teammates for their contributions to our mission.”

Naturally, the tweets from the various military services and DOD agencies were but the opening volley in the month-long psychological operation. Stars and Stripes, the official newspaper of the Department of Defense, for instance, provides our men and women in the military services with articles such as “June brings a plethora of colorful Pride events” and “Meet the Navy veteran who created the transgender pride flag.”

The DOD Pride orgy includes a deluge of posters (see here and here), memos, ceremonial events, speeches, and invocations (yes, prayers) lauding LGBTQ Service Members.

“Pride Month is a time to come together to honor the contributions of LGBTQ+ people,” said Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen H. Hicks in her speech at the 11th LBGTQ+ Pride Ceremony at the Pentagon on June 7.

“The Defense Department strives to lead on issues related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, including for LGBTQ+ people,” she said. “DOD is committed to ensuring and promoting an atmosphere of dignity and respect for all civilian and military personnel,” Hicks continued. “We strive to make the Department of Defense a workplace of choice for all Americans willing and qualified to serve. In doing so, we set a bedrock foundation where all personnel are valued and given an equal opportunity to succeed.”

The Defense Department, Hicks said, is developing a diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) “strategic plan to guide and direct activities to further those initiatives within the department.”

“To that end, Secretary [Lloyd] Austin and I are committed to holding leaders at all levels responsible for fostering climates of inclusion that support DEIA,” Hicks continued. “Pride Month is a time to celebrate our progress, and it’s also a time for the department, the nation and the world to acknowledge the challenges that remain and to reaffirm our commitment to equality for LGBTQ+ people.”

Biden Launches LGBTQI+ Pride Tsunami With Proclamation

The U.S. Armed Services are not the only target of the Biden administration’s “Pride” obsession, of course. Every federal agency and Cabinet office has instituted similar LGBTQ+ propaganda campaigns. Joe Biden kicked off the month-long crusade with a presidential “Proclamation on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, And Intersex Pride Month, 2022”

“During Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex (LGBTQI+) Pride Month, we reflect on the progress we have made as a Nation in the fight for justice, inclusion, and equality while reaffirming our commitment to do more to support LGBTQI+ rights at home and abroad,” Biden said in the lengthy declaration that fervently embraced all the LBGTQ talking points.

You may have noticed that someone in the White House added: “Intersex” to the Biden pronouncement and an “I” to the LGBTQ+ lineup. It doesn’t end there; there is always a new group of deviant “victims” who demand to have recognition. So, we have LGBTQIAPD+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, Pansexual, Demisexual) and even more ridiculously “inclusive” acronyms with letters to represent those identifying as Skoliosexual, Bigender, Agender, Androsexual, Metrosexual, Two-Spirit, and on and on. Thus the “+” sign becomes a +++ ad infinitum.

It Didn’t Start With Biden

Even though Joe Biden boasts of being the most pro-LGBTQI+ president in our nation’s history — and he is doing everything within his power to prove it — he would not be able to be pushing the perversion agenda so aggressively except for the decades of groundwork that had already paved the way for his current offensive.

Twenty-four years ago, in a June 1998 article entitled “The Queering of America,” The New American exposed the master plan for this agenda, as presented by queer strategists Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen in their book After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90’s

Kirk and Madsen are two Harvard-trained professionals in neuropsychiatry, public persuasion, and social marketing. They called for a massive new media, public relations, and advertising “propaganda campaign.” “Gays must launch a large-scale campaign … to reach straights through the mainstream media,” the authors wrote. “We’re talking about propaganda,” they wrote, noting that “propaganda relies more upon emotional manipulation than upon logic, since its goal is, in fact, to bring about a change in the public’s feelings.”

“The main thing,” they asserted, “is to talk about gayness until the issue becomes thoroughly tiresome.” (Emphasis in original.) Accordingly, they said, the “free and frequent discussion of gay rights by a variety of persons in a variety of places gives the impression that homosexuality is commonplace. That impression is essential, because … the acceptability of any new behavior ultimately hinges on the proportion of one’s fellows accepting or doing it.”

Naturally, the hedonists of Hollywood and Big Media were already on board with this and began implementing the specific Kirk-Madsen schemes to super-saturate popular culture and daily “news” with everything LGBTQ, while simultaneously demonizing all who opposed their systematic attacks on our moral foundations.

Kirk and Madsen called upon their fellow deviants and allies to fuel this revolution by harnessing their fury, hate, and rage against their heterosexual oppressors. “Fury galvanizes,” wrote the authors. “Now it must drive all of us to decisive action. America in the 1990s is the time and place for rage — ice-cold, controlled, directed rage.”

The duo left no doubt that the revolution they advocated was nothing less than total war against America and Biblical morality. In their own words, they refer to their subversive insurgency as “war” and constantly invoke aggressive, military terms such as “Trojan Horse,” “deception,” “propaganda,” “war strategy,” “battle tactics,” “hand-to-hand combat,” “rage,” “fury,” “enemy,” “war conference,” “attack,” “hate,” “vilify,” “destroy,” “conquer,” “subvert,” etc.

We wrote at the time, “The militant sodomites have made it explicitly clear that tolerance is not sufficient; they demand positive ‘approval’ from society, manifested in the enactment of laws granting them special rights, and the abolition of the residual laws that impede their full homoerotic expression and deny their full access to children. Moreover, as we shall see, they insist on the complete ‘conversion’ of ‘straight’ society, which involves the therapeutic cleansing of all ‘homophobic,’ ‘homo-hating,’ ‘anti-gay bias’ attitudes.”

Elon Musk or Bill Maher for Defense Secretary?

Perhaps someone will start a petition calling on Biden to fire Defense Secretary Austin and replace him with someone more committed to our national defense than to wokeness and social engineering. Maybe someone such as Elon Musk or Bill Maher.

Musk set off the left-wing Twittersphere on May 31 with a tweet declaring, “June is almost here” accompanied by a meme showing a whirlwind of corporate logos in rainbow colors and a man in the foreground screaming “Here it comes!”

As to be expected, Musk’s post elicited an avalanche of outrage from the LGBTQI+++ mob bashing the billionaire as a homophobe and transphobe.

Bill Maher has also enraged the alphabet mob for daring to say, “Someone needs to say it: Not everything’s about you.” 

In his HBO Real Time monologue on May 20, Maher angered “progressives” by poking fun at LGBTQ trendiness and (horrors!) suggesting that children should not be experimented on with hormone therapies and transgender surgery. He cited surveys showing the LGBTQ+ population “doubling every generation.” 

“According to a recent Gallup poll, less than one percent of Americans born before 1946 — that’s Joe Biden’s generation — identify that way: 2.6 percent of boomers do, 4.2 percent of Gen X, 10.5 percent of millennials, and 20.8 percent of Gen Z,” Maher said, as an animated graphic charted the dramatic increase in sexual “diversity.” “Which means if we follow this trajectory we will all be gay in 2054,” he joked, then continued:

When things change this much, this fast, people are allowed to ask: “What’s up with that?” All the babies are in the wrong bodies? It wasn’t that long ago that when adults asked a kid “what do you want to be when you grow up,” they meant “what profession”

“It’s a blow being struck in culture wars, using children as cannon fodder,” Maher warned, before continuing:

And never forget: Children are impressionable and very, very stupid…. They’re kids; it’s all phases! Gender fluid? Kids are fluid about everything. If kids knew what they wanted to be at age 8, the world would be filled with cowboys and princesses. I wanted to be a pirate. Thank God no one took me seriously and scheduled me for eye removal and peg-leg surgery.

Bill Maher may be a liberal-left atheist and self-identified hedonist, but he obviously has more sense and courage to stand up to the dangerous subversion of the alphabet mob than do Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and his Pentagon underlings.

Economic Fascism and Biden’s Use of the Defense Production Act


Biden SEIZES control over domestic food materials using Korean War-era emergency powers

Economic Fascism and Biden's Use of the Defense Production Act


“GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE”~What’s Going On with This Weird New Army Recruitment Video?

Creepy New Army Recruitment Video Looks Like an Ad for the New Joker Movie



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The U.S. Army has come a long, long way from “Be All That You Can Be” — an odd and unsettling new recruitment video that touts Army psyops, proclaims “All the world’s a stage,” and asks, “Who’s pulling the strings?” Apparently, if this video is to be believed, shadowy forces in the Army are. But it’s not at all clear what exactly the video is intended to accomplish, or what point it is trying to make.

The video, which is entitled “Ghosts in the Machine", is apparently a production of Fort Bragg’s 4th Psychological Operations Group-Airborne, which posted it on YouTube. It starts out like a movie trailer (actually, it is very much like a movie trailer throughout), leading off with a quote from Sun Tzu in white type on a black field: “If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.”

Is that some reference to the weakest president in U.S. history, Old Joe Biden, and to his opponent in the Kremlin? Are we supposed to be reassured that Biden’s manifest weakness is all part of some elaborate psy-op designed to lull America’s enemies into complacency? Your guess is as good as mine. The whole video is gnomic, elusive, and determinedly obscure as if the Army were trying to appeal to millennial dweebs who spend their time reading dark graphic novels and figuring out ways to hack into corporate computer systems.

And maybe they are. The Charlotte Observer points out that “the video, posted May 2, starts innocently, with benign clips of cartoons and images of empty city streets and subways. But the vibe grows increasingly disturbing, with footage of a shadowy man, anxious stares at dark skies, violent riot scenes, and soldiers being deployed. ‘Have you ever wondered who’s pulling the strings?’ the video asks. ‘You’ll find us in the shadows at the tip of the spear. … Anything we touch is a weapon. We can deceive, persuade, change, influence, and inspire. We come in many forms. We are everywhere.’” So is the Army now boasting about lying to the American people and spreading propaganda in order to influence people into changing their views? Is that really a good look in this age of the Disinformation Governance Board and overwhelming media manipulation?

The video certainly gives the impression that the Army is proud of its power to “deceive, persuade, change, influence, inspire.” The Observer notes that “the 4th Psychological Operations Group, also known as PSYOP, defines itself as ‘Masters of Influence’ and practitioners of ‘information warfare,’ according to its website. That means the mere act of people debating its video is a sign of success.” The Group states: “We conduct influence activities to target psychological vulnerabilities and create or intensify fissures, confusion, and doubt in adversary organizations. We use all available means of dissemination – from sensitive and high tech to low-tech to no-tech, and methods from overt, to clandestine, to deception.”

Related: Yet Another Conspiracy Theory Comes True: ‘At Least 20’ Feds Embedded at Capitol on Jan. 6

But why is the 4th Psychological Operations Group telling us all this? If it really does all this, isn’t it more effective if it remains in the shadows? Why is it coming out now and boasting about its alleged activities and powers in front of the world? In a lengthy attempt to decipher all the symbolism in the video and discern its actual point, The Pipeline noted: “Here’s the odd thing — clandestine Army units like this DON’T make recruiting material, because that material brings unwanted attention. Have you ever seen an official Delta Force recruiting video? Exactly.”

But if it isn’t really a recruitment video, then what is it? It is certainly an announcement of this group’s presence, and a warning, as if we needed another at this point, that we cannot uncritically accept all that is reported and presented as fact.

That much is axiomatic, and then adding to the oddity of the whole thing is the fact that Col. Chris Stangle, who is the commander of the 4th Psychological Operations Group, on Friday gave the military website Task & Purpose a full explanation. He said that “the video was created in-house, both as a recruitment effort but also to literally show people what they can do — part of psychological operations is creating persuasive media. Stangle said that the artist behind the video tailored it a bit after the iconic horror film JAWS, where the filmmakers showed restraint in actually showing the shark. Instead, viewers knew it was lurking just below the surface.”

Stangle added: “Drawing on this approach, we kind of sought to create a piece that doesn’t show what a PSYOP soldier does necessarily because it’s so complicated and there’s so much about it — quite honestly. It’s just not incredibly sexy — but what it feels like to do our craft when we’re successful. And we think that kind of allows the audience to immerse into what our world is, and what our craft is.” Okay, but that’s still about as clear as mud as to what the video is all about and why the psyops unit was trying to say it. As the video says, “Anything we touch is a weapon.” Duly noted.

THEY KNEW: Three months before covid was unveiled, DoD awarded Ukraine a special “Covid-19 Research” contract

Image: THEY KNEW: Three months before covid was unveiled, DoD awarded Ukraine a special “Covid-19 Research” contract



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) On Nov. 12, 2019, more than a month before the first “case” of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) appeared in communist China, a company called Labyrinth Global Health Inc. was awarded a lucrative contract by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) to conduct “Covid-19 Research.”

Keep in mind that at the time, nobody knew what Covid-19 was because it would not receive that official name for another three months. The DoD knew about it, however, and was spending American taxpayer dollars to conduct “research” on it.

Another little tidbit worth pointing out is that this Covid-19 research was instructed to take place in Ukraine, which is currently at the center of a global media hysteria campaign over the recent invasion by Russia.

It turns out that the DoD contract with Labyrinth was part of a much larger contract for a “Biological threat reduction program in Ukraine,” shedding new light on the situation. (Related: The Pentagon-run bioweapons laboratories in Ukraine were recently exposed for tampering with bat coronaviruses prior to the plandemic.)

Another partner in all this was none other than Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance, as well as Ernest Wolfe’s Metabiota. Both of these companies were involved with whatever this biological weapons program entailed, which is still being uncovered on a daily basis.

The American government is full of deep state parasites that are spending your tax dollars on global bioweapons programs

According to the U.S. government’s “USA Spending” website, which tracks federal spending information, the American deep state has already spent a mind-blowing $3.63 trillion as part of its “response to Covid-19,” as of April 12, 2021.

Since that time, the U.S. government has certainly spent even more than that, as this endless money pit of “virus-fighting” reaches epic costs that are almost unfathomable – a trillion is a lot, it turns out.

Also available on the USA Spending website is an “Awards Search” function that shows another contract being awarded by DoD to a company called Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp., which calls itself “a global engineering, procurement, consulting and construction company specializing in infrastructure development.”

That contract came years earlier on Sept. 20, 2012, and is described on the website as being for “Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services.”

“Obviously this is very vague and most likely of little interest to anyone who happens to stumble across it,” reported the Daily Exposé (U.K.). “But there is something contained deep within the details that should be of interest to anyone and everyone.”

“The ‘Award History’ for the contract contains a tab for ‘Sub-Awards’ detailing the recipients, action date, amount, and very brief description for 115 Sub-Award transactions. Most of the Sub-Awards are extremely mundane for things such as ‘laboratory equipment for Kyiv,’ or ‘office furniture for Kyiv.'”

“But there is one Sub-Award that stands out among the rest, and it was awarded to Labyrinth Global Health INC for ‘SME Manuscript Documentation and COVID-19 Research.'”

In this section, it is fully revealed that the U.S. deep state knew about covid long before the rest of the world did, and was sending money to companies doing “research” on it in Ukraine.

Somewhere between $21.7 million and $116.6 million was spent to have Black & Veatch lead this “Biological threat reduction program in Ukraine,” even though the company’s stated purpose has nothing to do with such matters.

Labyrinth is similarly unsuited for such matters based on its mission statement, which claims that it is a “women-owned small business with deep expertise and a proven track record supporting initiatives for scientific and medical advancement.”

A deeper dive into this subject is available at the Exposé.

The latest plandemic news can be found at

Sources for this article include:

BREAKING: AI-powered DoD data analysis program named “Project Salus” SHATTERS official vaccine narrative, shows A.D.E. accelerating in the fully vaccinated with each passing week

Image: BREAKING: AI-powered DoD data analysis program named “Project Salus” SHATTERS official vaccine narrative, shows A.D.E. accelerating in the fully vaccinated with each passing week



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) An AI-powered Dept. of Defense program named “Project Salus,” run in cooperation with the JAIC (Joint Artificial Intelligence Center), has analyzed data on 5.6 million Medicare beneficiaries aged 65 or older. Data were aggregated from Humetrix, a real-time data and analytics platform that tracks health care outcomes. Legal analysis from Thomas Renz of is included in a breaking video interview, below.

The alarming findings show that the vast majority of covid hospitalizations are occurring among fully-vaccinated individuals and that outcomes among the fully vaccinated are growing worse with each passing week. This appears to fit the pattern of so-called Antibody-Dependent Enhancement, where the treatment intervention (mRNA vaccines) is worsening health outcomes and leading to excess hospitalizations and deaths.

These data, presented here, shatter the official Biden / Fauci narrative that falsely claims America is experiencing, “a pandemic of the unvaccinated.” The data show that the pandemic actually appears to be accelerated by covid-19 vaccines, while unvaccinated individuals are having far better outcomes than the vaccinated.

Furthermore, according to these data (shown below), the single best strategy for avoiding post-vaccine infections and hospitalizations is natural immunity derived from a previous covid infection.

The full analysis is entitled, “Effectiveness of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines against the Delta variant among 5.6M Medicare beneficiaries 65 years and older” and is dated Sep. 28, 2021. The presentation of these data consists of 17 slides, which are available at the Humetric website in slide form, also posted on Natural News servers in this PDF version which is more convenient for viewing and printing.

From the JAIC Project Salus document:

In this 80% vaccinated 65+ population, an estimated 60% of COVID-19 hospitalizations occurred in fully vaccinated individuals in the week ending August 7th.

By August 21st, 71% of covid-19 “cases” were occurring among fully vaccinated individuals:

In this 80% vaccinated 65+ population, an estimated 71% of COVID-19 cases occurred in fully vaccinated individuals.

These data reveal that as the Delta variant approached a 97% infection rate, “cases” and hospitalizations among fully vaccinated individuals showed striking increases with each passing week.

Key findings of the DoD / JAIC / Project Salus / Humetrix analysis

Throughout the slides, “VE” refers to vaccine effectiveness. “Breakthrough” means a failed vaccine, where a fully vaccinated person is diagnosed with covid. Many of those people require hospitalization and ICU treatments (see the slides below).

Some of the key findings of the Project Salus analysis include:

  • The effectiveness of mRNA vaccines is confirmed to wane over time.
  • With each passing week, those vaccinated with mRNA vaccines show an increased risk of vaccine failure/covid infections requiring hospitalization. From the analysis: “Odds ratio increasing to 2.5 at 6 months post-vaccination.”
  • Natural immunity works: A prior covid infection greatly reduces the odds of a vaccinated person needing hospitalization from subsequent infection.

Vaccine failure dramatically worsens within 5-6 months after being vaccinated

One slide from the analysis reveals that so-called “breakthrough” infections — vaccine failures — increase with time, showing a near doubling of breakthrough infections among those vaccinated 5-6 months ago vs. those vaccinated only 3-4 months ago.

These data end on August 21st, 2021 but the trend does not appear to be flattening. As more data are added to this analysis each week, it seems almost certain that breakthrough infections rates will continue to rise over time in vaccinated individuals. We do not yet know what will happen in 9 months after vaccination, but these data show cause for serious concern.

The following chart reveals that both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are showing the same pattern of worsening “breakthrough” infection rates over time. Notice the upward trend of all the bars in this chart, meaning both mRNA vaccines are producing the same increase in infections among the fully vaccinated:

Once the Delta variant took hold, 71% of COVID-19 “breakthrough” cases occurred among the fully vaccinated

As the following chart shows, 71% of COVID-19 “cases” were breakthrough cases (vaccine failures) once the Delta variant reached 90% spread across those infected.

Understand that the authors of this document state that those who are jabbed are not considered “vaccinated” until two weeks after they received the injections, which means that infections, hospitalizations, and deaths which occurred from 0 – 14 days are ignored in this data set.

In reality, that means the percentage of “fully vaccinated” people responsible for breakthrough infections, hospitalizations, and deaths is substantially higher than what is shown in these data. If they are claiming a 71% rate, it may, in reality, be more like 80% or even 90%, but we don’t know for sure because they are hiding all negative health outcomes for the first two weeks after the vaccines are administered (by claiming those people are “unvaccinated,” which is a deliberate deception being used to try to hide the harmful effects of vaccines).

Ethnic groups hit hardest: Native Americans, Hispanics, and Blacks

Finally, a horrifying slide in the data set reveals that one of the highest risk factors for being hospitalized after being vaccinated is simply being of Native American descent. According to the data in this slide, Native Americans face around 50% higher odds of being hospitalized after being vaccinated, compared to other ethnic groups such as Whites.

Hispanics face a slightly lower risk which appears to be around 40% higher odds. Blacks face around 25% higher odds.

Why is this the case? The gain-of-function properties which were engineered into the SARS-CoV-2 biological weapon — via Fauci, Daszak and the NIH — target ACE2 receptors which exist in higher densities in targeted organ systems of many minority groups such as Native Americans, Hispanics and Blacks. This has led many observers to conclude that the covid spike protein — which is generated in the bodies of those who take mRNA vaccines — is a race-specific bioweapon designed to achieve the depopulation of minority groups. Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, has engaged in many efforts to bring this to the attention of his followers, for example. The data provided by the DoD / JAIC / Project Salus document shown here appear to support the plausibility of such theories.

Other factors that greatly increase a person’s odds of being hospitalized after receiving vaccinations include kidney failure (ESRD), morbid obesity, chronic liver disease or receiving chemotherapy.

Natural immunity offers documented protection against future hospitalization

Finally, the data presented in this document shows that natural immunity — listed as “prior covid-19” substantially decreases the risk of hospitalization after receiving covid-19 vaccines. (See slide above.)

What this means is that the best way to ensure the safest outcome of a covid vaccine is to experience a covid infection before getting vaccinated. This dramatically reduces your risk of negative health outcomes.

Then again, if someone has already had covid, why would they need a vaccine in the first place? If anything, these data show that anyone choosing to receive covid-19 vaccines is making the wrong choice if they desire to avoid infections, hospitalizations or deaths.

Natural immunity, once again, is revealed as the most effective status that reduces negative outcomes.


In conclusion, these data from the DoD / JAIC absolutely shatter the false narrative of Biden, Fauci, Walensky and other “authorities” who are still attempting to gaslight the American people into thinking that hospitals are filled with unvaccinated people. In reality, the vast majority of hospitalizations and deaths are occurring among those who were fully vaccinated, according to the 5.6 million people studied in this particular data set (Medicare).

Importantly, post-vaccine health outcomes are worsening over time, meaning that the vaccines appear to be gradually damaging the immune system over subsequent months, making vaccinated individuals far more vulnerable to subsequent infections.

This is the very definition of ADE (Antibody-Dependent Enhancement), about which many analysts such as Dr. Sherri Tenpenny have warned. Now, it appears that ADE is no longer merely a theory but rather a confirmed phenomenon reflected in official Medicare data.

Attorney Thomas Renz told Natural News today that these data should immediately result in not just the FDA’s revocation of mRNA vaccine EUA and approval status, but that the FDA, Fauci, and Big Pharma’s top executives should be sued under RICO Act violations for racketeering and organized crime.

The full interview with Thomas Renz is available here:

Sources for this article include:

BIOWARFARE BATTLEFIELD: CDC, DoD running black ops missions to RELEASE pathogens across America, specifically targeting health freedom advocates



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) We now have yet more evidence pointing to the ongoing CDC / DoD black ops “pathogen release” warfare activities that were responsible for not only the deliberate spread of measles at Disney Land (to push SB 277 in California) but now are targeting health freedom speakers, advocates, and their family members in order to suppress the truth and terrorize those who speak it.

Today’s Situation Update podcast (below) brings you the shocking true story of a man arrested in 2018 who told police he was running a “secret mission involving a virus.” The man carried a DoD weapons permit and owns a company (which I shall not name here) whose name is a thinly-veiled word that means protein engineering. That company had posted customer lists and credentials involving the CDC, FDA, DoD, and DHS, among others. Disney was also listed as one of the clients, via a separate Wikileaks document (mentioned below).

The person in question, who I shall not name here because I don’t want to flag automated text search spiders, claims to have worked on the Barack Obama presidential campaign and later served as an FDA consultant on PCR technology, which became the basis for the covid pandemic fraud. In addition, this person was named in a Wikileaks document release as a known government intelligence operative with deep ties to a long list of secret projects that I also shall not name here, because they would set off numerous, dangerous red flags. But if you recall the name of the mystical seeing stones in Lord of the Rings, then you know the name of one of the deep state projects I’m referring to. (Pippin tried to hold it, but it burned him…)

The arrest of this person was covered by the Boston Globe, Vice,, and other publishers, but none of them were able to connect it to the much larger story taking place now. The man was arrested with multiple rifles, six laptops, comms gear, tactical vests, a grenade launcher, and a DoD weapons badge, all in a hotel room where he somehow had video surveillance of the room in question. (The story gets very bizarre.)

The trail of that arrest goes cold in 2019, by the way. Since then, not a peep.

Chad Chaddington posted a video about all this on Brighteon last week. This is how I first became aware of this story:

The CDC runs “vaccine deep state” operatives who are deploying biological weapons against health freedom speakers

Fast forward to 2020 / 2021. We now have health freedom speakers and their family members being targeted with what are believed to be aerosolized bioweapons — perhaps spike protein nanoparticles — which are sickening many people at certain public events. I’m not going to list the names here (listen to the podcast below for the full details), but a long list of speakers and their family members have been targeted and sickened.

In fact, I was hit by this weapon when I spoke in Tulsa earlier this year, along with many other speakers who were also severely sickened. I self-treated the sudden onset of aggressive symptoms with chlorine dioxide — and I shared this publicly on my podcasts at the time — which resolved the symptoms literally overnight. I am personally aware of another person who was sickened at the event and nearly died, taking about 3 weeks to recover. (See the site for details on chlorine dioxide and why flooding your body with oxygen produces such dramatic effects.)

Just recently, many attendees of other health freedom events have been targeted and sickened. Note that I am in no way attempting to tell healthy people not to attend these events, but rather to protect yourself with powerful natural medicine before you attend any such events, as it’s clear these events are being targeted by CDC / DoD black ops teams which are deliberately releasing pathogens.

In other words, the government and the CDC are waging biowarfare attacks on the American people right now, right here on our own soil. DARPA originated the bioweapon as MERS, then Fauci funded the weapon’s gain of function via Wuhan, then China perfected the ACE2 affinity of the spike protein which was separately produced in large quantities. Vaccine deep state operators likely released spike protein nanoparticles on New York City in February / March of 2020, setting off the pandemic hysteria and media campaign that led to the push for mass vaccinations, while Big Pharma made sure the toxic spike protein nanoparticles were inserted into the vaccines and called “antigen targets.”

The result is that now, the biological weapons are in the vaccines. Perhaps this is why vaccines are now confirmed to be killing TWO people for every ONE person they “save.”

Or as James Howard Kunstler explains:

Contrary to the behavior and statements of public health officials and politicians, the news is out that the spike proteins produced by the vax’s mRNA genetic reprogramming are toxic agents that create disorder in the major organs and blood vessels. The news is also out, despite strenuous suppression, that early treatment of Covid-19 with a kit of cheap drugs defeats the disease. People must conclude that there is a malevolent purpose behind the suppression of early treatment. They may also conclude that the vaxes are poison.

The same poison inserted into the vaccines is apparently being released to target speakers at some health freedom events

We fully support health freedom events and encourage all Americans to peacefully rise up and resist the covid tyranny. At the same time, we want people to be on the lookout for the black ops “vaccine deep state” perpetrators who are pulling this off. Sadly, it is extremely easy for them to accomplish this since spike protein nanoparticles are invisible to the naked eye.

People attending these events should be on the lookout for perpetrators who are using handheld spray bottles or atomizers to spray others, perhaps with such bottles disguised as antibacterial hand sprayers.

Furthermore, if you are a speaker at one of these events, I strongly suggest you bring your own food and do not trust any food coming out of hotel kitchens or nearby restaurants, as the vaccine deep state might easily lace incoming food supplies with bioweapons. The same is true with water supplies. Bring your own food and water. (I often travel with a commercial blender so I can blend up smoothies and drink those all day.)

Be sure to record videos at public events. If people are sickened, forensic video analysis may be able to identify perpetrators who weren’t previously obvious.

Most importantly, protect your health with nutrition and emergency remedies. Personally, I don’t travel without chlorine dioxide, colloidal silver, black cumin seed oil, oregano oil, iodine, and other essentials which can cover a variety of health support needs. I have even begun to carry a supply of prescription ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, too. I’m also beginning to recommend people investigate sources of shikimic acid such as star anise herb, certain types of pine needles, and fennel seeds (which can be chewed raw to release their shikimic acid).

I am also urging prominent people in the health freedom movement to warn and prepare your spouses or family members who may attend such events. They are being targeted, too, and more than one health freedom advocate has already lost an elderly relative to the spike protein death agenda (via hospital homicide, typically).

As much as I fully support health freedom events, knowing what I know now, I feel obliged to publicly state that immunocompromised individuals may be wise to avoid such events for the time being. That would include people who are very frail, or who have compromised immune response due to other types of pre-existing illnesses such as severe respiratory disorders. Make your own decision, of course, but be aware that what I’m sharing here is very real.

Listen to my full Situation Update podcast below for more details on this rapidly unfolding threat to the people of America

And yes, your government is waging war against you, deploying weapons of mass destruction against truth-tellers across America. If you live in America, you are living in a Bioware battlefield, and the enemy running the bioweapons is the CDC and rogue elements of the DoD itself, both of which are funded by taxpayer dollars. In other words, this rogue government is taking your dollars, using them to build biological weapons of mass destruction, then deploying those weapons against you in order to cover up its own agenda of mass genocide.

As Kunstler writes:

Is Dr. Fauci desperate or just plain crazy? The question may be moot, because it looks like he’s out of running-room on his whole crusade, Covid-19, vaxes, authoritative bullshit, and all. The story has fallen apart. It looks an awful lot like the government is trying to harm people health-wise, while it destroys jobs and small businesses and ruins households financially, and that counter-story is spreading faster now than Covid-19. It’s fair to ask whether all that has destroyed the legitimacy of the people in charge — but that is only one of several issues converging to detonate the people’s faith in their own government.

It’s not even that “China attacked America” with covid, you see. The real story is that America built the weapon to begin with, laundered it through China with Fauci NIH funding, then the US government deployed the weapon against its own people. The enemy here isn’t merely China. It’s the criminals in your own rogue, illegitimate government that’s run by crooks, fraudsters, and anti-human genocidal maniacs. (Oh, and don’t forget all the satan worshippers, too…)

Get the full details in today’s podcast:

GOP Letter: Defense Secretary Must Probe Milley. Phone Calls to Chinese General Were “Treason”

GOP Letter: Defense Secretary Must Probe Milley. Phone Calls to Chinese General Were “Treason”



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

More than two dozen GOP congressmen have demanded that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin open a special investigation into General Mark Milley’s secret phone calls with his Communist Chinese counterpart.

The 27 congressmen, led by Representative Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, a retired Army general, accused Milley of treason in a letter to Austin dated September 16. Milley is chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff,

During the phone call, as The New American reported earlier this week, Milley promised General Li Zuocheng advance warning of any attack should the nations go to war. The revelation appears in a new book, Peril, by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa of the Washington Post.

The Calls

Milley rang up the Red Chinese general because of what he perceived to be President Trump’s irrational tilt toward war with the nation. That claim, of course, makes it appear as Milley did the right thing.

“In a pair of secret phone calls, Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, assured his Chinese counterpart, Gen. Li Zuocheng of the People’s Liberation Army, that the United States would not strike,” the Washington Post reported about the book.

The first call was prompted by Milley’s review of intelligence suggesting the Chinese believed the United States was preparing to attack. That belief, the authors write, was based on tensions over military exercises in the South China Sea, and deepened by Trump’s belligerent rhetoric toward China.

Woodward and Costa provide two damning quotes from Milley.

  • “General Li, I want to assure you that the American government is stable and everything is going to be okay,” Milley told him. “We are not going to attack or conduct any kinetic operations against you.”
  • “General Li, you and I have known each other for now five years. If we’re going to attack, I’m going to call you ahead of time. It’s not going to be a surprise.”

Milley also discussed seizing control of the nation’s nuclear weapons with leftist House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The hate-Trump leftist called Milley after the mostly peaceful protest in Washington, D.C., on January 6 to say Trump was “crazy.” Milley agreed.

Milley also reminded his underlings that he would have to sign off on any nuclear attack.

President Trump called the Milley’s conversations treason, and said he had no intention of attacking China.

 The GOP Letter

After citing the two calls, the letter from the GOP congressmen accuses Milley of treason.

“Milley called the Indo-Pacific Commander and instructed him to call off all military exercises in the South China Sea, following up by assembling senior officers and mandating that any order to launch a nuclear weapon must include GEN Milley’s involvement,” the congressmen wrote. He also established a “parallel chain of command” with regard to launching nuclear weapons:

To conspire with a communist, malfeasant, hostile, and genocidal government regarding our intentions — or lack thereof — with utter disregard to the implications of said “promise” on our national security or our Service Members, is nothing short of craven (at best) and treasonous.

Mainstream media reports this story as if America were rendered a great service by Gen. Milley, as if he simply were trying to ward off the supposedly unpredictable behavior of the elected President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. To be clear, however, if Mr. Woodward’s account is true, Gen. Milley’s pledge to China is nothing less than outright treason.

Later on 8 January 2021, Speaker Pelosi reportedly contacted Gen. Milley, with the latter allegedly pledging that “the nuclear triggers are secure and we’re not going to do — we’re not going to allow anything crazy, illegal, immoral, or unethical to happen.” 

The conversation with Pelosi, the congressmen wrote, attempted to make national security a partisan issue.

The congressmen thus demanded a formal AR 15-6 investigation of the rogue general, and the results by October 6, and want his security clearance suspended.

Most AR 15-6 probes are informal and deal with minor incidents. One officer handles the probe. A formal investigation deals with serious matters and involves hearings before a panel of officers.

DoD: COVID-19 Jabs to Become Mandatory as Early as Mid-September



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced he will seek President Biden’s permission to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for all military members by mid-September or when the jabs get regulatory approval.

In a memo to all Department of Defense (DoD) employees, Austin wrote:

I will seek the president’s approval to make the vaccines mandatory no later than mid-September, or immediately upon licensure by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), whichever comes first.

If a vaccine is approved by the FDA, Austin can make it mandatory without the president. According to the memo, the Pfizer-BioNTech jab is expected to receive such approval as soon as early September. If it doesn’t happen, Austin is poised to still mandate it. While legally informed consent of servicemen is required prior to receiving vaccinations issued under an emergency use authorization (EUA), such as all three COVID-19 vaccines used in the United States, the president has power to issue a waiver for informed-consent requirements if he determines that it is “in the interest of national security” to do so, and ultimately add COVID-19 jabs to the list of mandatory shots required by troops.

In the meantime, the Pentagon will continue to comply with current protocols set by the White House for the unvaccinated employees, and if the infection rate continues to rise, Austin stated, he will not hesitate “to act sooner or recommend a different course to the President if l feel the need to do so.”

Austin added the move is necessary to keep the forces “healthy and ready,” and urged all DoD military and civilian personnel, and also contractors, not to wait for the mandate, and vaccinate now. “Get the shot. Get healthy. Get ready,” the memo ends.

The memo follows the president’s announcement last month that mandated all federal workers either attest to their vaccinated status, with penalties including criminal prosecution if they lie, or submit to strict “safety” rules such as weekly testing, mandatory mask-wearing, social distancing, and general prohibition to travel for work. At the time of the announcement, Biden also asked the Pentagon to determine “how and when” the COVID-19 vaccine would be added to the list of the vaccines that armed forces “MUST get.”

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby detailed in a press briefing the plan to implement the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

First of all, he clarified all the troops will not have to be vaccinated by mid-September — but the request to the president to authorize the move will be filed no later than mid-September, unless the FDA approval comes first. Noting the urgency of the plan, he said that all the services are going to be tasked to develop and submit vaccination implementation plans within “a couple of weeks,” based on their own deployment schedules, manning constructs, and differences in number of unvaccinated personnel. Until that happens, all unvaccinated members will have to follow certain protocols and restrictions, details of which Kirby said he did not have. Finally, Kirby underlined that the Pentagon is ready to speed things up to counter the uptick in COVID-19 forces. He also added, “You can consider this memo not just a warning order to the services but to the troops themselves.”

President Biden was fast to assure the public he would approve the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for the military without waiting for the FDA:

I strongly support Secretary Austin’s message to the Force today on the Department of Defense’s plan to add the COVID-19 vaccine to the list of required vaccinations for our service members not later than mid-September.

“We are still on a wartime footing, and every American who is eligible should take immediate steps to get vaccinated right away,” Biden also said in a statement, and added the vaccines are ”safe and effective,” and they will “save lives. Period.”

Associated Press reports that according to the Pentagon data, more than one million troops are fully vaccinated. At the same time, the branches vary widely in their vaccination rates. The Navy reported that more than 74 percent of all active-duty and reserve sailors have been at least partially vaccinated. The Air Force is a bit behind, with more than 65 percent of its active-duty and 60 percent of reserve forces having received at least one shot, while the Army only got less than half of servicemen rolling up their sleeves.

Secretary Austin reported in late July that 70 percent of personnel had received at least one dose while adding “we are going to continue to push — push hard to ensure that we’re making the vaccine available to the force.”  

While several military leaders reportedly said they did not expect much resistance from troops, who are “accustomed to getting mandatory shots,” many troops are looking for legal advice on their rights to opt-out of a mandate.

Former Army lawyer Greg T. Rinckey said he has been contacted by “hundreds” of soldiers, marines, and sailors wanting to know their rights and whether they could take any legal action if ordered to take an unapproved jab.

The rights of the active-duty personnel are limited, and refusal to comply with a mandate would be a violation of Article 92 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, a punishment for which includes a dishonorable or bad-conduct discharge (an officer would be dismissed), two years confinement, and forfeiture of all pay and allowances. Servicemen do have an option to resign or request to opt-out of a mandatory vaccination, since the DoD may authorize a temporary or permanent medical or administrative exemption to a required vaccine. Religious exemptions may also be granted. In June, the legislation H.R. 3860, which would ban any mandatory vaccinations for U.S. military members, was introduced by Representative Thomas Massie (R-Ky.). Thus far, that legislation has garnered 30 Republican House co-sponsors.

Petition to Remove Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Editors' note: The hour is late. We need to mount a mass campaign to oppose the betrayal of our country by the Biden Administration and a military leadership that is undermining troop morale and sabotaging our country’s ability to defend itself. Please sign the petition below and spread the word.

Petition to Remove Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin:

No institution in America – from government offices to schoolrooms to corporate boardrooms and beyond – is safe today from the divisive racism of Critical Race Theory and the “1619 Project.” both of which posit that United States history is rooted in slavery and white supremacy, and that “whiteness” is an incurable disease. The institution whose subversion poses the greatest threat to our national security is the U.S. military, whose head is Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. General Austin is a determined advocate of these repulsive anti-American views.

As Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin has incorporated both Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project as core elements of the Pentagon’s military training programs, under the guise of “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.” He has further ordered a purging of the military ranks of what he calls “extremists,” defined as opponents of these noxious views and supporters of former president Donald Trump.

The consequence of dividing our troops by race and gender, and regarding one community of Americans as oppressors and beneficiaries of race and gender-based privileges is a direct threat to unit cohesion and military morale, the core elements of an effective military force.
That’s why I hope you’ll join me, and demand the Removal of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

If you are a 19-year old and pondering whether it is worth risking your life for your country, the teachings now current in the United States military will cause you to have second thoughts about the country you are supposed to defend.

On April 9, 2021, Secretary Austin issued a memorandum announcing the establishment of the Countering Extremism Working Group (CEWG) to spearhead the military’s internal witch-hunt of “extremism” in the ranks.

To lead the CEWG, Austin appointed as his senior adviser, a black American named Bishop Garrison, who has made no secret of his profound contempt for former President Trump and the millions of people who voted for him. In July 2019, for example, Garrison wrote: “Support for him [Trump], a racist, is support for ALL his beliefs. He’s dragging a lot of bad actors (misogynists, extremists, other racists) out into the light, normalizing their actions. If you support the President, you support that.”

As part of the re-education of our fighting force, Austin’s officers have required recruits to watch a film portraying Democrat presidents – and only Democrat presidents - as civil rights heroes, thus dividing military personnel along partisan political lines as well.
Please add your name to this petition right away, and demand the Senate remove Secretary Austin.

Richard Torres-Estrada, the new “chief of diversity” for Special Operations, has compared President Trump to Hitler. His appointment came as part of a plan for embedding intersectionality into Special Operations diversity training through the “interconnectedness of matters relating to culture, ethnicity, religion, class, race, and gender”.

“The job of the Department of Defense is to keep America safe from our enemies,” explains Austin.  “But we can't do that if some of those enemies lie within our own ranks.”

Or, if they preside over those ranks.

Secretary Austin claims his planned purge “is not about politics or political views.” Yet, nearly all 18 members of the Combatting Extremism Working Group in charge of the purge supported Joe Biden and the Democrats in the 2020 elections. Six of them are radical Islamists including a Pakistani national, who is not even a citizen. This is hardly surprising since in his first days as Secretary of Defense Austin ordered hundreds of former President Trump’s appointees from at least 31 Pentagon advisory boards and panels, to resign.

To guide his political purge, Austin has recruited the Southern Poverty Law Center, a notorious, fact-challenged smear operation which has routinely labeled conservative organizations and individuals like the American Enterprise Institute and Trump HUD Secretary Ben Carson as “hate mongers.”

In a world as dangerous as ours where our chief adversary China is openly and aggressively building what it hopes will be the most dominant military force in the world, having a divisive, morale-sapping, politically partisan Secretary of Defense in charge of the nation’s defenses is itself a threat to national security.

On May 10, 2021, Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier, a commanding officer with the U.S. Space Force, released a self-published book titled Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military. “As a commander of young military professionals, all of whom have taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution,” wrote Lohmeier, “I became concerned that race-based identity politics would erode the trust and confidence these young people have in their country and in the Constitution.” In his book, Lohmeier recounts stories of white officers who left the military because they grew tired of being told that “they are racists solely based on the color of their skin.” He describes high-school students as reluctant to join the armed services because “they are unsure what their country stands for anymore.” And he cites black West Point cadets who, as a result of the Marxist propaganda with which they have been indoctrinated, are “conflicted about swearing an oath to defend a white supremacist country.”

For expressing his concerns, Lohnmeier was fired from his command and removed from his Space Force unit, whose task is the tracking of ballistic missile launches.


David Horowitz

David Horowitz


Biden Ended Use of Defense Funds for Border Wall. Here’s Where The Money’s Going Instead.

Biden Halts Use of Defense Funds for Border Wall. Here’s Where the Money Is Going Instead



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The fate of America’s border wall is uncertain as the Biden administration pursues a markedly different course on immigration than that of former president Donald Trump.

Biden is reportedly giving back more than $2 billion that had been redirected from Defense Department projects in order to fund the border wall long sought by President Trump. Furthermore, the Biden White House is asking Congress to cancel other remaining border wall funds.

On the campaign trail, Biden vowed not to build “another foot” of the wall along the southern U.S. border. One of the president’s first actions in the Oval Office was to pause the wall’s construction. He also called for a plan for use of the wall funds to be submitted within 60 days, a deadline that lapsed in March.

“Building a massive wall that spans the entire southern border and costs American taxpayers billions of dollars is not a serious policy solution or responsible use of Federal funds,” read a release from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

The Department of Defense (DoD) has already started ending border wall construction projects that used diverted funds. The Biden administration has said they are halting expansion of the wall wherever legally possible.

The monies that had been allocated for the wall will now go to 66 different defense projects, including for military housing, on-base schools, and training facilities.

Additionally, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is reviewing land that was acquired by eminent domain over the past year for the border wall. If DHS deems tracts of land not to be needed, it “will work to return the land to its prior owners.”

Yet the administration is required to use an estimated $1.9 billion in funds on border barriers because they were directed to do so by Congress. For this reason, the White House is “reiterating its call for Congress to cancel funds it previously appropriated for border barrier projects so that these resources can instead be used for modern, effective border management measures to improve safety and security.”

The Biden DHS seeks to use those funds to prioritize “urgent life, safety, and environmental issues resulting from the previous Administration’s wall construction,” as well as for clean-up of DoD-funded construction sites.

Earlier this year, the Biden administration said it would resume construction of a flood wall in the Rio Grande Valley area of south Texas and address soil erosion on the U.S. border along San Diego, California.

Under President Trump, the federal government built 52 miles of new slatted structures where no barrier had previously existed and added hundreds of miles of replacement fencing. 

Supporters of the wall argue that using defense funds for the wall is not “diverting” at all because a border barrier that repels foreign invasion is a core national defense activity.

In the absence of presidential initiative on border security, some Republicans are seeking to stop illegal immigration at the state level.

Texas Governor Greg Abbot, a Republican, has announced that he will build a wall along the southern border.

“Long term, only Congress and the president can fix our broken border,” Abbott said in Del Rio. “But in the meantime, Texas is going to do everything possible, including beginning to make arrests, to keep our community safe, to keep the cartels and smugglers out, and to keep your community safe.”

Earlier this month, Abbot moved to close more than 50 shelters in Texas that house approximately 4,000 migrant children, arguing that the federal government cannot legally force the state to continue issuing licenses in reaction to a federal problem. The Biden administration has threatened to sue unless that order is rescinded.

Even Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the agency whose purpose it is to enforce federal immigration law, has taken a softer approach under Biden. The agency has terminated a Trump-era office that focused on victims of crimes linked to illegal immigration.

Notably, Texas Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, Biden’s pick to lead ICE, opposed ICE raids to deport illegal aliens during the Trump administration.

“I do not support #ICERaids that threaten to deport millions of undocumented immigrants, the vast majority of whom do not represent a threat to the U.S.,” Gonzalez tweeted in July of 2019. “The focus should always be on clear & immediate safety threats. Not others who are not threats.”

‘Papers Please’: Government Prepares to Issue COVID-19 Vaccination Cards

A Department of Health and Human Services employee holds a COVID-19 vaccine record card Nov. 13, 2020, in Washington D.C. The cards will be sent out as part of vaccination kits from Operation Warp Speed. (Department of Defense photo)

A display shows items that will be provided with COVID-19 vaccines at Operation Warp Speed headquarters in Washington, D.C. Nov. 13, 2020. Operation Warp Speed is an effort by several U.S. government components and public partnerships to facilitate the development, manufacturing and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:
You knew it was coming, and now it is official. COVID-19 vaccinations could begin distribution in the next three weeks, according to WSAV in Savannah, Georgia. With the glorious two-step vaccine that is likely to make you feel ill for a few days with each dose, you will get a COVID vaccination card:

The Department of Defense on Wednesday released the first images of a COVID-19 vaccination record card and vaccination kits.

“Everyone will be issued a written card that they can put in their wallet that will tell them what they had and when their next dose is due,” Dr. Kelly Moore, associate director of the Immunization Action Coalition, said in a CNN report.

There is a rationale for providing the patient with a record. According to the CDC:

“For most COVID-19 vaccine products, two doses of vaccine, separated by 21 or 28 days, will be needed. Because different COVID-19 vaccine products will not be interchangeable, a vaccine recipient’s second dose must be from the same manufacturer as their first dose.”

Of course, the information on the type and date you received the vaccine could be given on a piece of paper or something less formal than a card. It is not hard to figure out how this record is likely to be used, so if you get the vaccine, laminate it. They were nice enough to make them wallet-sized.

This will allow a whole range of businesses and services to require you to show the card in order to shop, get a haircut, or use other services. Hotels and airlines may decide to require proof of vaccination to travel. This is despite no significant outbreaks on planes or associated with hotels.

This is insane for several reasons. First, the news regarding immunity in recovered patients is very positive. Studies of those who have had COVID-19 demonstrate that while antibodies provide the initial response, a long-term response from T & B memory cells in the immune system is durable and provides protection from reinfection. If COVID-19 is similar to SARS, studies have shown this long-term immune response is still active after 17 years. The good news is that the two viruses have a structure that is 80% similar, and they utilize the same method to enter cells.

Why would someone with active immunity need to receive a vaccine? The short answer is they don’t. The CDC and the testing companies should be working on an accurate test for commercial use to detect this response. If the experts assert that this virus will act wildly different from its close cousins, they will need an extraordinary explanation.

Next, some percentage of the population has the same-long term immune response based on exposure to other coronaviruses. The same commercially available test for recovered patients could be administered before vaccination to see if it is necessary. This is not to encourage anti-vax sentiment, but if natural immunity exists, it seems the decision to take one should be between a patient and his or her doctor.

Finally, there is some rather disappointing rhetoric coming out of Pfizer’s chairman. With all we have understood about how vaccines function for decades, the statement also stretches credibility. Albert Bourla told Dateline NBC  that the pharmaceutical company was “not certain” if the vaccine prevented the coronavirus from being transmitted, adding, “This is something that needs to be examined.”

This makes one wonder what 90% effective means. It appears it means it is effective in causing a vaccinated person to develop antibodies against COVID-19. It is hard to understand why this would not be sufficient to stop transmission if it effectively stops illness. According to the CDC, people who don’t become ill with COVID-19 are not primary drivers of infection, and a recent study in China found 300 asymptomatic cases with no transmission to their nearly 2,000 close contacts.

It also seems like this is something that could have been tested during the trials. The COVID-19 vaccine does use new technology, but how the immune system works once it is triggered is not. If the virus can be transmitted from a vaccinated person, these companies have developed a therapeutic, not a vaccine by any traditional definition. Vaccines provide immunity, and vaccinated persons act as a brake on transmission. If this is not the case, it would require another extraordinary explanation.

It will be tough to sell a vaccine that changes absolutely nothing about the public policies governing the way many Americans live. Masks, distancing, and shutdowns will still be possible. Figuring out the answer to the possible transmission after vaccination is now job #1 for Pfizer.