Florida: State Farm drops support for books promoting transgenderism to 5-year-olds after uproar~TIME TO BOYCOTT OR CANCEL YOUR POLICY!


State Farm ended a partnership after being accused of recruiting agents to push books about gender fluidity on young children.

Would a “good neighbor” give your kindergartner these books?

SEE: https://caapusa.org/2022/05/would-a-good-neighbor-give-your-kindergartner-these-books/

Woke Backfire! State Farm Insurance BUSTED Sneaking Creepy Books Into Schools! What Is Happening?!


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Controversy began after it was discovered that State Farm auto insurance company was “encouraging its agents in Florida to donate books promoting transgenderism to 5-year-olds to their local schools or public libraries, according to an email shared by a whistleblower.”

Thanks to the whistleblower! Without him or her, State Farm would have continued contributing to the abuse of kindergarten-age children.

State Farm decision-makers in Florida have demonstrated that the company cares nothing about the psychological well-being of children. Only money. Promoting transgenderism to young children is nothing short of child abuse. 

It is appalling that any organization could support transgender indoctrination to young, impressionable children as a “required curriculum” in the first place.

“State Farm drops support for GenderCool Project,” by Olafimihan Oshin, The Hill, May 24, 2022:

Insurance company State Farm says it has ended its partnership with the LGBTQ GenderCool Project amid criticism from conservatives over books for younger children on transgender issues.

In a statement on Tuesday, the company said that while it will continue to back organizations that are focused on LGBTQ issues, it does not support a “required curriculum in schools on this topic.”

“As a result, we have made the decision we will no longer be affiliated with the organization,” State Farm said. “We will continue to explore how we can support our associates, as well as organizations that align with our commitment to diversity and inclusion, including the LGBTQ+ community.”

The Washington Examiner reported on Monday that State Farm’s partnership with the nonprofit advocacy group included encouraging its agents in Florida to donate three books to local public libraries and schools.

The three books GenderCool promoted were “A Kids Book About Being Transgender,” “A Kids Book About Being Non-Binary,” and “A Kids Book About Being Inclusive,” which the group marketed in a three-book bundle to children who are 5 years of age or older.

“The project’s goal is to increase representation of LGBTQ+ books and support our communities in having challenging, important and empowering conversations with children age 5+,” State Farm had said in an email.

The move from State Farm comes nearly two months after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed into law the Parental Rights in Education bill, better known as “Don’t Say Gay.” It prohibits primary school teachers from classroom instruction related to sexual orientation and gender identity, while educators of all grade levels are prohibited from instruction on topics that are deemed not “age appropriate or developmentally appropriate” for their students…..


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I’m Convinced Democrats Want More School Shootings; Here’s Why

Biden: ‘Just This Month, We Thought that White Supremacy Was Finally Being Got Hold Of’


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/matt-margolis/2022/05/28/california-democrats-apparently-want-more-school-shootings-n1601612;

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In the aftermath of any mass shooting, there’s always a universal desire to prevent them from happening again. Everyone wants to “do something” to address the problem… at least, I thought they did. I used to believe that the radical left genuinely believed that gun control would stop mass shootings, but now I’m convinced that it is not their primary objective.

On Thursday, mere days after the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, the California State Senate voted to repeal a law requiring that law enforcement be notified when a student threatens violence against school officials.

Why would they do such a thing? How many times have we heard that mass shooters showed warning signs before their offenses, including threats of violence? Why would such a commonsense requirement like reporting a threat of violence to law enforcement to be repealed?

Because of racism!

The law was endorsed by ACLU California Action, which claims that the requirement disproportionately affected minorities.

“Once students make contact with law enforcement, they are less likely to graduate high school and more likely to wind up in jail or prison. These harms fall disproportionately on students from marginalized groups: Black, Indigenous, and Latinx students,” ACLU California Action said in a statement.

“Our existing system has led to alarming disparities in the type of students who are most likely to suffer these harms,” California state Sen. Steven Bradford, a Democrat, told the Daily Caller. “Black students, Latinx students, students of color, and students with disabilities are disproportionately referred to law enforcement, cited, and arrested.”

“SB 1273 will reduce law enforcement involvement in schools and give teachers and administrators, who are often best suited to determine the appropriate response, the flexibility, and power they need to support students,” Bradford added, before noting that teachers and administrators will still be able to use their discretion instead of being required to call law enforcement.

As if that somehow makes it better?

“In a study of mass shootings from 2008 to 2017, the Secret Service found that ‘100 percent of perpetrators showed concerning behaviors, and in 77 percent of shootings, at least one person — most often a peer — knew about their plan,'” explains David Harsanyi of National Review.

Isn’t threatening violence against school officials a warning sign?

Leftists Spin Disinformation, Gin Up Hate for Heroes Who Rescued Dozens From Uvalde School

Biden: ‘Just This Month, We Thought that White Supremacy Was Finally Being Got Hold Of’


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/athena-thorne/2022/05/27/reprehensible-leftists-spin-disinformation-gin-up-hate-for-heroes-who-saved-dozens-from-uvalde-shooter-n1601643;

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It’s no secret that Leftists who were all buttered up to stoke anti-cop hate on the second “Floydiversary” were bitterly disappointed to be upstaged by the horrendous school massacre in Uvalde, Texas. Former president Barack Obama committed a particularly egregious faux pas when he persisted in tweeting about “muh racism” before the elementary school victims were cold.

“As we grieve the children of Uvalde today, we should take time to recognize that two years have passed since the murder of George Floyd under the knee of a police officer. His killing stays with us all to this day, especially those who loved him,” tweeted the self-centered, tone-deaf former president.

“Sorry about your tragedy, but we’ve been prepping our 2022 anti-law enforcement campaign for months now, so please direct your attention this way.”

The lust to hate on cops was already stoked and would not be denied. Even a horrific tragedy like a child massacre couldn’t derail it. Anti-police forces quickly adapted to repurpose the Uvalde shooting into an opportunity to gin up cop hate.

Leftist disinformation leaders seized upon a snippet of an interview deliberately misinterpreted it and spread the poison to their easily manipulated followers. Shamefully, the officers they were smearing were among those who courageously entered the building during the active shooter incident — some while off-duty — and safely evacuated dozens of children and teachers.

The despicable fake narrative arose from a video of comments made by Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman Lt. Christopher Olivarez to KENS 5 reporter Vanessa Croix. The exchange that triggered multiple Leftists to fly off the handle occurred when Croix prompted, “And we’ve also heard word that a Border Patrol agent was struck with gunfire. A few officers were shot. We’ve heard that some law enforcement officers actually went into school to get their kids out. Can you talk about that?”

Olivarez answered, “Right. So what we do know, Vanessa, right now, is that there were some police officers, and families trying to get their children out of school because it was an active shooter situation right now. It’s a terrible situation right now. And of course, just as we mentioned, the loss of life. It’s just a terrible, it’s a terrible tragedy. … But again, we’ve got to keep acknowledging those brave men and women that actually were there on the scene that met this suspect. And, of course, we know that they were met with gunfire. Some of them were shot. But at the end of this, the suspect was shot and is now deceased. The threat is now neutralized.”

Mediaite reported the clip under the misleading headline, “WATCH: Texas Police Spox on Live TV Confirmed Cops Went In for Their Own Kids During Uvalde Shooting.” The first two paragraphs of the story read:

Texas Department Public Safety spokesman Lt. Christopher Olivarez confirmed to a reporter during a live shot that police officers went into Robb Elementary School to get their own children during the massacre.

Amid outrage over reports that frantic families who complained about police inaction during the massacre were held back by police, a clip of a live interview with Olivarez from Tuesday has gone viral.

The quick-to-believe-anything-bad-about-cops crowd swung into action to amplify the faulty interpretation.

Uncommonly gullible Lefty activist lawyer Qasim Rashid bleated, “My God. It wasn’t just that cops waited 40 min to storm the school. A Texas DPS Lieutenant confirms cops stormed the school to get only their own kids and leave while the terrorist was still killing kids. Horrific. Horrific. Horrific.”

Get only their own kids and leave? How on earth did he come up with that scenario?

“The reason the Uvalde cops went in to save their own kids but not other people’s kids is because we literally train all cops in the country to be #Cowards. They’re supposed to only care about themselves and not the citizens. Attend any police training and you’ll see this taught!” declared hard-left “Young Turk” Cenk Uygur.

Off-duty U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agent Jacob Albarado was getting a haircut when he got a text from his wife, Trisha, a teacher at Robb Elementary School. “There’s an active shooter,” she wrote. “Help. I love you.”

Because this is Texas, Albarado’s barber had a rifle handy, which the agent grabbed and took to the school with him.

When he arrived, a tactical team was already preparing to enter the building. Albarado and several other officers organized themselves and went in to start evacuating students to safety. Two officers with weapons drawn covered two others as they went classroom-to-classroom, clearing the rooms and leading dozens of panicked children and teachers to the sidewalk outside.

Albarado’s wife as well as his second-grade daughter, a student at Robb, were in a different part of the building than the barricaded shooter. Albarado eventually located his daughter, paused to hug her, then continued onward with his team to get more students safely outside.

Compare and contrast that reality to the ludicrous misinterpretation of a police spokesman’s words by the thought leaders of the Left. What can these people be trying to accomplish? More curious, how do they even have jobs?

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The news that the deranged shooter was barricaded inside a classroom for an hour and a half while law enforcement apparently misjudged and mishandled the situation is infuriating enough. Obviously, there will be substantial analysis, policy improvement, and even punishment where it is warranted. But when there is already plenty of rage and sorrow to go around, what reason can there possibly be to make up ugly things that never happened and disseminate one’s bigoted hate-fantasies? Why defame good, brave people who stepped in to help?

That the officers had loved ones of their own in the school could only be a cause for condemnation to perpetually angry people whose judgement is impaired by hatred.