Pelosi Gets Religion, Uses It in Naked Attempt to Manipulate Conservatives


Nancy Pelosi, The Pro-abortion in chief, meets the Pope October, 2021

US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi SHAMELESS and HYPOCRITICAL dares to meet with Pope Francis, in the midst of a nationwide debate over the legality and morality of abortion laws.

U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi


Dr. Taylor Marshall observes that all three branches of the USA will not be held by a single Protestant: they are dominated by “Catholics” in the shape of Pope Francis’s global agenda.

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Tito’s Handmade) is ostensibly a Catholic, but she doesn’t exactly wear her religion on her sleeve. Her most famous connection with her Church is her public rejection of its teaching on life issues, and her determination to protect and strengthen the “right” to commit what the ecclesiastical authorities she claims to respect say is murder. But Pelosi doesn’t hesitate to invoke her religion when it seems useful to her to do so, that is, when she thinks it can help her advance her far-Left agenda. On Tuesday, she pulled out the Gospel of Matthew to justify sending $40 billion to Ukraine during a time of steeply rising inflation, astronomical gas prices, and a baby-formula shortage.

Speaking on the House floor about the aid package for Ukraine, the superannuated hypocrite said, “So when you’re home thinking, ‘What is this all about?,’ just think about ‘When I was hungry, you fed me,’ in the Gospel of Matthew.” It was bitterly ironic to see a woman who has strenuously insisted for years that her religion had no place in her politics suddenly invoking the words of Jesus to justify her preferred public policy, but Leftist politicians have never shied away from even the most cynical and manipulative grandstanding. She clearly intended to co-opt opposition to the Ukraine aid package by portraying it as un-Christian, hoping to intimidate Christian conservatives into thinking that if they opposed it, they would be going against the very words of the Gospel itself.

Pelosi’s transparent ploy wasn’t working with at least one of those Christian conservatives. William Davis, whose Twitter bio says he is Catholic and conservative, responded trenchantly to Pelosi, “For I was a defense contractor, and you gave me even more taxpayer money.” Others pointed out that Pelosi had never sponsored a comparable payout for the hungry and homeless on the streets of her district in San Francisco.

Pelosi did, however, take recourse to the same rhetoric last October, when, during an event in San Francisco, she quoted to the city’s mayor, London Breed, the same passage in Matthew, again as she touted big-government socialist measures that have manifestly failed. “Madam Mayor, it’s always a joy to be with you while we’re talking about low-income housing, affordable housing, public housing, and the rest, and to hear you speak from your own personal experience about it. ‘When I was hungry, you fed me. When I was homeless, you gave me shelter. When I was naked, you clothed me,’” quoth Nancy. “All of those things in the Gospel of Matthew, the Mayor brings to the experience.”

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Pelosi has even situated her staunchly pro-abortion stance within the context of her alleged religious commitment. In September 2021, touting her pro-abortion bill that would circumvent the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Pelosi reminded us, “I come to this as a Catholic and a mother of five, in 6 years and 1 week, and the joy that all that meant to us.” Then in March 2022, arguing that Roe should be upheld, she said it again: “I am a devout Catholic … Mother of five children in six years and one week. This is a precedent of the court. It should be upheld by the court. This really gets me burned up, in case you didn’t notice, because, again, I’m very Catholic, devout, practicing, all of that.” All of that, yeah. Apparently, the idea was that if she, as a supposedly devout Catholic, so firmly supported Roe, then so should we all. But exactly how the connections actually go in Pelosi’s tangled mind is not always entirely clear.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) tweeted, “I voted NO to send $40 Billion American tax dollars to Ukraine. That bill does things we should not be doing. Americans are suffering from a baby formula crisis, a border crisis, skyrocketing inflation and fuel crisis, and they are fed up with America last politicians.” It’s refreshing to see that at least some politicians in Washington are not as self-serving, calculating, and disingenuous as Pelosi. But apparently not very many.

The money is going to Ukraine, with no regard for the crises here at home, and with the America-First president still vilified and ridiculed by the political and media elites even now that he has been well over a year out of the White House. Pelosi reminded us of the priorities that she and God, in that order, ought to have. It is us peasants’ job, as far as she is concerned, simply to fall in line.

FLORIDA Governor DeSantis Mandates Teaching About Crimes of Communism



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There are a lot of talkers, but Gov. Ron DeSantis is providing a master class in how to actually fight the Left, not just talk about it.

It’s not enough to just try to push critical race theory and gender grooming out of schools. The bigger question is what replaces it. It’s not enough to drive out the bad, you have to replace it with the good. And you have to push back against the Left, instead of getting bogged down on the defensive about trying to keep their pet topics and agendas out of classrooms.

Gov. DeSantis clearly understands that.

Public school teachers in Florida will soon be required to dedicate at least 45 minutes of instruction on “Victims of Communism Day” to teach students about communist leaders around the world and how people suffered under those regimes.

Speaking at Miami’s Freedom Tower before a crowd of local lawmakers and supporters, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed House Bill 395, which designates Nov. 7 as the state’s official “Victims of Communism Day,” making Florida one of a handful of states to adopt the designation.

Lefties are predictably falling into the trap of denouncing the move which just makes DeSantis’ point for him about their Communist and socialist sympathies.

The bill, which DeSantis signed along with two street designations in honor of Cuban exiles, would require the instruction to begin in the 2023-2024 school year. It would require teaching of Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong and Fidel Castro, as well as “poverty, starvation, migration, systemic lethal violence, and suppression of speech” endured under those regimes.

“That body count of Mao is something that everybody needs to understand because it is a direct result of this communist ideology,” DeSantis said, noting that tens of millions of people died in China under his rule. “I know we don’t need legislation here to do this but I think it’s our responsibility to make sure people know about the atrocities committed by people like Fidel Castro and even more recently people like Nicolas Maduro.”

That comes as the DSA is holding a lovefest with Maduro.

Vice is already fuming that, “Florida teachers can’t say gay, but they are required to teach about the “victims of communism.”

“Acknowledging that queer people exist and have human relationships? Bad. Nuanced conversations about America and race in school and the workplace? Also bad. Nearly hour-long nakedly political lessons on the “victims of communism”? Good—and mandatory, if you’re a public school in Florida.”

This is what actually going on the offensive looks like.

david wood: Aborting the Image of God

"So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them" (Genesis 1:27). Men and women are created in the image of God, and we image God in a variety of ways. How do we image God when we produce children? And what do we abort during an abortion? Let's find out.

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RINOs are Panicking as Patriots are Taking Over the Republican Party! We’re going to see how Republicans In Name Only are trying to derail the surge in support that we’re seeing for Ultra Maga candidates, particularly in Pennsylvania, and stick with me to the very end of the video when we’re going to see EXACTLY why patriots are the only ones who can win and win big; you are NOT going to want to miss this!

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Destroying the food supply is the PLAN: Australia trashes fresh avocados while infant formula shipped to US border as America’s own babies go hungry

PHOTOS OF THE "AMERICA LAST AGENDA": Pallets of Baby Formula Go To Illegal Immigrants While American Shelves Are Empty

As American families deal with a shortage of baby formula across the US, a Florida Republican lawmaker has released images of dozens of boxes of the coveted product at a migrant processing facility near the US-Mexico border. Rep. Kat Cammack shared pictures of “pallets” of infant formula at the Ursula Migrant Processing Center in McAllen, Texas on her Twitter and Facebook pages Wednesday. “The first photo is from this morning at the Ursula Processing Center at the U.S. border. Shelves and pallets packed with baby formula,” she wrote in a tweet accompanying side-by-side photographs of full and bare shelves. “The second is from a shelf right here at home. Formula is scarce. This is what America last looks like.” Cammack’s office shared several additional images supposedly from the same location with The Post on Thursday. The Post was unable to immediately independently verify the location of the images or obtain additional information about the history and frequency of shipments or the distribution of the formula. Source:




republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) In tomorrow’s Situation Update podcast, we’ll cover all the crypto carnage and market implosion that’s accelerating right now, but for today’s podcast, we focus on the deliberate food destruction that’s taking place across the world in order to engineer mass starvation.

In the United States, the largest manufacturing plant of infant formula was shut down in February by the FDA, citing unclean floors and microbiological contamination of the powdered formula products. The company in question is called Abbott Laboratories, and I find it astonishing that the company didn’t have sufficient epoxy floors and non-porous wall surfaces to meet FDA requirements in its manufacturing facility. That’s why the FDA shut it down, and it seems that in this case, the FDA actually did its job correctly.

But the infant formula shortage is now so pronounced that we’re starting to hear calls to reopen the facility even without the safety measures in place, alongside bizarre claims that even if some children die from bacteria contamination, far more might die from a lack of infant formula. Therefore, the argument goes, it’s okay to sell contaminated infant formula products — a completely insane idea that smacks of the “greater good” justification for toxic vaccines, in fact.

We remind mothers that they can make their own infant formula at home, since the Abbott Laboratories formula products are, in my opinion, complete garbage processed food ingredients such as corn syrup solids and processed milk proteins. The shortage of this junk food is actually a blessing if it teaches moms to make their own formula or switch back to breastfeeding.

The Weston A. Price Foundation provides recipes for homemade infant formula here. (Hint: You’ll need some cod liver oil…)

The Biden regime has been shipping baby formula to the southern border to feed the babies of illegal immigrants while America’s babies starve

While America’s infants are faced with starvation, the Biden regime — thrust into power through a criminally rigged “election” — has been shipping pallets of infant formula to the US southern border to feed the babies of illegal immigrants.

This is yet more proof of the “America last” policy of the Biden regime, which seems to go to great lengths to punish the American people and dismantle America’s infrastructure, almost as if the Biden puppetmasters were waging war against America. (Well actually, they are.)

The first photo is from this morning at the Ursula Processing Center at the U.S. border. Shelves and pallets packed with baby formula.

The second is from a shelf right here at home. Formula is scarce.

This is what America last looks like.

— Kat Cammack (@Kat_Cammack) May 11, 2022

It’s not just the border, either. While America’s food infrastructure is crumbling, more and more American people are wondering why Joe Biden and the US Congress are sending $40 billion to Ukraine while US children are starving. Babylon Bee offers the perfect headline that captures the insanity:

It seems like, to get any infant formula in America today, you either have to be the child of an illegal immigrant or the child of a Ukrainian national.

Australia dumps thousands of avocados in landfills and claims it’s necessary to “support farmers”

Meanwhile, it seems like the vaccine-induced lobotomies have really taken a toll in Australia, where avocado industry leaders have become so mentally retarded that they are throwing away thousands of avocados in landfills while claiming this “supports farmers.”

They’re literally just dumping truckloads of fresh, healthy avocados, even while much of the world is facing food scarcity. These are probably the same people who ordered everybody to wear masks and take covid vaccine injections. Now, they’ve lost the ability to function in a rational manner, and they think farming is the process where you grow food and then trash it before anybody gets to eat it.

It truly makes you wonder how long humanity has left remaining if we’d already lost the ability to recognize the value of food.

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Food inflation in the U.S. breaks 42-year record… and there’s no end in sight



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(Natural News) The Consumer Price Index (CPI) exceeded expectations, rising by 8.3 percent in April as food inflation broke a 42-year record.

Everything from meat to dairy to baby products and beyond is now up about 10.8 percent on average at grocery stores. And sadly, the situation is likely to get even worse in the coming weeks and months.

The following breakdown shows the percentage at which food prices are rising based on category:

• Ground beef: up 14.8 percent
• Steak: up 11.8 percent
• Bacon: up 17.7 percent
• Pork chops: up 14.0 percent
• Chicken: up 16.4 percent
• Fresh fish: up 13.0 percent
• Fresh whole milk: up 15.5 percent
• Coffee: up 13.5 percent
• Fresh fruit: up 8.3 percent
• Lettuce: up 12.7 percent
• Salad dressing: up 13.1 percent
• Soup: up 13.1 percent
• Baby food: up 13 percent
• Breakfast cereal: up 12.1 percent
• Bread: up 9.1 percent
• Biscuits and muffins: up 10.1 percent
• Lunchmeat: up 14.4 percent

Since last April, real average hourly earnings decreased by 2.6 percent

Dining out or grabbing takeaway is hardly any better. Fast-food prices are up about seven percent, on average, while full-service restaurant prices are up an astounding 87 percent. Even vending machine prices have risen by about 7.1 percent.

The official numbers suggest that inflation is still rising month by month, but now at a slower rate of increase compared to previous months. This is assuming the government is telling us the truth about inflation numbers.

Compared to March, prices went up another 0.3 percent in April, making it the 11th straight month that inflation has been above 5 percent.

In March, prices rose at an annual rate of 8.5 percent. Since September 2021, April is the first month that year-over-year inflation numbers were not higher than the month earlier, though they still exceeded expectations.

“Economists had forecast CPI to rise by 0.2 percent for the month and 8.1 percent compared with a year ago,” reported Breitbart News.

“Core CPI, which excludes food and energy, rose 0.6 percent, well above the 0.4 percent estimate. Compared with a year ago, core prices were up 6.2 percent, above the 6.0 percent expected.”

Meanwhile, average hourly earnings for all employees actually fell 0.1 percent from March to April, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. From April 2021 to April 2022, real average hourly earnings, seasonally adjusted, decreased by 2.6 percent.

Both the stock market and the cryptocurrency markets continue to tumble amid all the chaos. These high inflation numbers suggest that the Federal Reserve will need to raise interest rates at a much faster pace moving forward if there is any chance of prices stabilizing.

“Don’t forget that inflation is cumulative,” wrote someone at Breitbart. “8.3% today is ON TOP OF what it was a year ago. The annual % may decline a bit, but the overall % never declines.”

“And besides, 8.3% annually is a fake number. It’s about twice that, maybe more, as everybody knows.”

“A lot of inflation is hidden by the way the statistics are created,” explained another. “For example, the true cost of housing: if you have a fixed interest mortgage, your mortgage payment doesn’t increase, and when that is included in the mix of your other expenses, it apparently lowers your personal inflation.”

“In addition, people that would ordinarily be buying a house simply won’t buy, because they can’t afford to. So most of the housing cost inflation (which has to include the impact of skyrocketing mortgage rates) doesn’t hit the nationalized inflation rate.”

“The same is true of automobile costs, and there are many other examples. In some cases, it may not be a deliberate rigging of the statistics, but in others, it probably is,” this same commenter added about how the public is being deceived.

More related news about rising food prices can be found at

Sources include:

Two Federal Agencies DOJ & FTC Investigating Musk’s Purchase of Twitter Shares~MUSK PUTS ABRUPT HOLD ON PURCHASE


Elon Musk drops Twitter deal bombshell; PUTS HOLD ON PURCHASE

Two Federal Agencies Investigating Musk’s Purchase of Twitter Shares



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Just when he thought he might escape a federal investigation into his purchase of shares of Twitter, Elon Musk now has two government agencies looking into his initial purchase of shares of the social-media company back in March.

Open Markets Institute (OMI), a George Soros-backed liberal think tank, released a statement in April asking the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Department of Justice (DOJ), and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to look into Musk’s takeover of Twitter. OMI said “it believes the deal poses a number of immediate and direct threats to American democracy and free speech. Open Markets believes the deal violates existing law, and that the [FCC], the [DOJ], and the [FTC] have ample authority to block it.”

FCC commissioner Brendan Carr rejected the request:

The FCC has no authority to block Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, and to suggest otherwise is absurd.… We will not entertain these types of frivolous argument[s].

In an interview with Fox News on Tuesday, Carr supported Musk’s purchase:

I’m hopeful that Elon Musk is going to bend Twitter’s content moderation toward a greater embrace of free speech.

No such support was forthcoming from the other two agencies. Instead, the FTC and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) each have launched their own investigations into Musk’s initial purchases of shares that were later followed by his offer to buy the entire company.


According to the Wall Street Journal, Musk violated an SEC rule requiring timely disclosure of more than five percent of the company’s outstanding shares. He had until March 24 to file that disclosure.


He didn’t file it until April 4.

Daniel Taylor, an accounting professor at the University of Pennsylvania, thinks the SEC has a strong case against Musk but doubts that they will pursue it:

The case is easy. It’s straightforward.

But whether they’re going to pick that battle with Elon is another question.

Musk got sideways with the SEC earlier when he Tweeted that he had arranged enough financing to take Tesla private. The SEC fined him $20 million and requires him not to Tweet about Tesla without first getting his attorney’s approval. Musk says the SEC pressured him into pleading guilty, threatening to bombard him and his company with endless lawsuits unless he complied.

Jill Fisch, a securities and law professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Law School, said that it’s unlikely the SEC would attempt to derail the agreement at this late date. The board has already endorsed and approved the purchase, and the SEC lacks the power to stop such “take-private” transactions, according to Fisch.

Aron Solomon, the chief legal analyst for Esquire Digital, a lead-generating company for attorneys, agrees: “There is no way that the SEC, the DOJ, or any other similarly-situated body will even consider laying a finger on this deal.” It is simply “too big to fail,” said Solomon, adding that intervention “at this point would [hurt] the existing shareholders whose shares Musk is acquiring.”

The Federal Trade Commission is also investigating Musk for failing to file certain reports to various anti-trust agencies that he was taking a substantial stake in Twitter. Those rules don’t apply to passive investors, but when Musk filed that he was seeking to take over the company, the rules kicked in.

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