NINA JANKOWICZ: At Last We’re Getting Some (Chilling) Hints About What the Disinformation Chief Wants to Do

"Only "trustworthy" people like Nina Jankowicz should be verified on Twitter and able to add context to other people's tweets."


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Old Joe Biden’s handlers haven’t been able to give us a clear answer about what the Department of Homeland Security’s ominous new Disinformation Governance Board is actually going to do. But now its censorship power-drunk chief, Nina Jankowicz, has provided a detailed description of an authority she wants to have in order to fight this alleged disinformation, and it’s downright chilling.

So far, the powers behind the Disinformation Board haven’t been able to get their stories straight about exactly what “disinformation” the Board would supposedly combat. When Politico first revealed the existence of the Board, it said it would be “countering misinformation related to homeland security, focused specifically on irregular migration and Russia.” Then DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas went further, saying it would “combat this threat not only to election security but to our homeland security.” Jen Psaki then suggested that it would be dealing with supposed disinformation about “COVID for example, and also elections and eligibility.” Under fire over this brazen assault on the First Amendment, Mayorkas claimed that the Board would not be dealing with the statements of American citizens at all.

Jankowicz, however, appears to have different ideas. In a video that surfaced Tuesday, Jankowicz is speaking to a panel of nine people; seven are visible, and two have their cameras turned off. The disinformation czarina spoke of how Leftists must start to micromanage Twitter in order to combat the speech of those whom they hate.

The available video begins with Jankowicz dropping a bomb about Twitter verification: “Um, and I am eligible for it because I’m verified, but there are a lot of people who shouldn’t be verified who aren’t, you know, legit, in my opinion, I mean, they are real people but they’re not, um, trustworthy.” Now, Twitter verification began simply as a way for prominent people to be distinguished from impersonators. The Leftists who have been running Twitter muddied the waters somewhat when they began taking away some people’s verification badges (the famous blue checkmark) or denying it to some highly popular accounts for the crime of dissenting from the Left’s line. But now Jankowicz wants to take the idea of the blue checkmark as some badge of honor to a new level, denying it to those whom she considers not trustworthy. Why we should trust her judgment in this is left unexplained.

Jankowicz continued, “Anyway, so verified people can, um, essentially start to edit Twitter, the same sort of way that Wikipedia is, so they can add context to certain tweets. Um, so, just as an [sic] easy example, not from any political standpoint, if President Trump were still on Twitter, and tweeted a claim about voter fraud, someone could add context from one of the sixty lawsuits, uh, that went through the court, or, uh, something that an election official in one of the states said, perhaps your own secretary of state, uh, and, and his news conferences, something like that, adding context so that people, um, have a fuller picture, rather than just an individual claim on a tweet.”

“Not from any political standpoint.” Sure.

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It’s unclear when this panel discussion was filmed. Twitter, of course, began adding fussy notes to certain dissident tweets, enforcing the Leftist narrative, in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election. Jankowicz apparently wants to go that one better, empowering certain people (chiefly herself, no doubt) to hound dissidents (especially, of course, the hated Trump, if the Twitter fascists hadn’t shunted him off the platform already) with their harassing “context” every time they step out of line.

Is this the sort of thing the Disinformation Governance Board is going to do? Will individual censors be provided to prominent dissidents, with some being strict and others lax, after the manner of gulag prison guards? Or will this be a group effort? Time will tell, unless the efforts to stop the flagrantly unconstitutional Board before it even gets started are successful.

It will be interesting to see how those efforts shake out. Will there be any Democrats, any Democrats at all, who will be willing to stand up for the First Amendment? Will Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney explain to us that we really have to forget about this freedom of speech business, and accept the “corrections” of our moral superiors and the guardians of acceptable opinion? Will protestors surround the homes of Supreme Court Justices, trying to menace them into voting for the destruction of America as a free society?

Now is the time for patriots to stand for freedom, whatever the cost. It will be interesting to see who does, and who does not.

‘2000 Mules’: D’Souza Says There’s an Easy Way to ‘Bust’ the Ballot Traffickers, ‘But It’s Not the Way You Think’



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Dinesh D’Souza’s film “2000 Mules” opened in theaters across the country this week and has garnered a firestorm of criticism from those on the left who deny that voter fraud is a problem and continue to declare that 2020 was the most “secure election in history.” D’Souza and others featured in the film disagree, citing evidence collected from geolocation data as well as film footage from dropboxes in key states.

The movie was co-produced by Salem Media (the parent company of PJ Media), and features D’Souza, along with Katherine Engelbrecht from True the Vote, and Gregg Phillips, who has worked all over the world in data intelligence for 40 years. It also features conservative luminaries Larry Elder, Dennis Prager, Seb Gorka, Charlie Kirk, and Eric Metaxas, all of whom D’Souza and Englebrecht attempt to convince that there was widespread fraud in the 2020 election.

Early in the movie, the five conservatives appear a bit skeptical about what they’re about to see.

“I am agnostic on this question and I’m awaiting more information,” said Prager. “Show me the proof … I have not gone on board of ‘I know for a fact that this was a fraud.'”

Metaxas said, “Most Americans know we don’t know what happened and are not okay with that.”

“We have crumbs, we have evidence here and there, but the picture is far from complete,” added Charlie Kirk.

Larry Elder explained, “The reason many Republicans are saying ‘let’s move on’ is that bold accusations need bold evidence, and they haven’t seen it … show me the money.”

“The people who say that, ‘let’s move forward,’ are people in the elite who see Trump as an anomaly,” said Gorka.

By the end of the film, the men were much more certain that widespread fraud had occurred in the 2020 election.

“I think that if every American saw [the evidence presented in the movie], I think it would move the needle,” said Prager. “However, [the Left’s] ability to keep their side ignorant is total. They have ruined Election Day in America. That’s provable. And that’s enough for me to fight the left with every fiber in my body.”

“It’s ballot laundering,” declared Kirk. “Looks pretty convincing to me. I don’t think we’ll ever know the full story, and what makes this so compelling and unique is once the ballot enters the system, it’s really hard to reverse-engineer it. But when you have the cell phone geolocation data and then the actual footage of them doing what you expect them to be doing, taking pictures of the ballots, taking gloves off, visiting multiple times, I mean, it seems pretty clear to me.”

“This is a smoking gun,” said Elder. “This is O.J. Simpson being seen leaving the scene of the crime. I don’t care how partisan you are, you can’t dismiss all of this. How do you explain somebody going to a whole bunch of dropboxes with a whole bunch of different ballots on the same night at 3:57 in the morning? How do you explain that? That alone! I’m sorry, I think a whole bunch of people in this country are going to go, ‘Oh my God.'”

“What do we have empirically?” Gorka asked. “We have data, geolocation, we have video of people harvesting ballots. Do we know who those ballots were for? We can’t know who they were for. However, you have to inject common sense. Are we saying that in the centers of Democrat-held districts we are seeing hundreds and hundreds of visits to dropboxes with pro-Trump ballots? It beggars belief. ”

Metaxas didn’t offer a final comment but seemed to nod along in agreement with the comments of others.

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“2000 Mules” offered some compelling evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 election. Although they were not able to prove empirically that mules were delivering ballots by the thousands to dropboxes in key states, it sure looks suspicious. Unfortunately, geolocation technology has limits and cannot pinpoint an exact location, such as a ballot box. While it appears that there were individuals who were indeed traveling between ballot dropboxes and various non-profits at rates that would defy common sense, it’s possible that there are other explanations for at least some of them, e.g. delivery drivers, cab drivers, etc. And D’Souza and Engelbrecht both admit that the ballots were legal ballots, even though they were delivered illegally.

“The ballot itself is legitimate. It’s not a fake piece of paper,” said D’Souza. Englebrecht added, “These are not phony ballots.”

So while ballot-harvesting is illegal in about half of the states, including the ones featured in the film, ballots delivered by mules still must count if they were cast by eligible voters. The mules themselves may be prosecuted for their crimes, but that still would not invalidate the ballots they submitted. Therein lies the problem.

“When you mail in a ballot, you have a security envelope with a signature verification standard that’s been all but washed away,” explained Engelbrecht. “And as soon as it’s taken out of that envelope, then you have a disconnect and the ballot is private.”

“Let’s say we got access to every single ballot thrown into the ballot boxes. Would we be able to prove this is a fraud?” asked Prager.

“It’s the perfect crime because … the evidence has no connection to the person who’s meant to be voting,” Gorka added. “That’s the problem. As soon as it gets taken out of the [security] envelope, the identity disappears.”

D’Souza said there’s an easy way to “bust it” but “it’s not the way you think.”

“It’s not to go find the ballots in the ballot mix. You can’t do that. The way to find it is these guys [True the Vote] have the cell phone identification of all of the mules. All of them. So law enforcement has to step in at this point, and the next step is to go and interview the mules. Who paid you, where’d you get the money?”

If that seems like a stretch, remember that the FBI has a history of using such data to identify and prosecute individuals, as they did in the wake of the January 6 protest at the Capitol. Wired reported:

Court documents show that the initial Google geofence warrant included the US Capitol building and the stairs leading down to Capitol plaza. They also reveal that within days or weeks, the FBI had access to personal information about many of their owners, including at least the account name, email, and phone number. None of the legal experts WIRED spoke with had heard of another case where the personal data for devices in a geofence warrant had been unmasked at this scale…

…However the FBI secured the information, court documents show that before the end of January it had a trove of personal data from Google that it could use to easily identify suspects, or confirm their presence inside the Capitol in a narrow window of time. Investigators first excluded anyone authorized to be in the Capitol on January 6, such as members of Congress and their staffs, law enforcement, first responders, and government employees. That left the FBI with a set of Google accounts and related data that it could search as its investigations proceeded.

While the breach of the Capitol included a handful of bad actors, most who were in attendance that day were peaceful protesters — grandmas and grandpas from the Midwest and other ordinary citizens. If the FBI can use (abuse?) its power to secure warrants to unmask Americans who wandered past some barricades at the Capitol, they can surely wield it to round up vote-traffickers and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

At the conclusion of the film, D’Souza says, “Without free and fair elections, we are not a democracy; we are a criminal cartel masking as a democracy. Never before in history has a presidential election been as thoroughly corrupted by coordinated fraud across multiple states as we now know took place in 2020.”

It’s well past time for the FBI to investigate claims of widespread ballot harvesting. Our constitutional order hangs in the balance.

$40 Billion To Ukraine is Money Laundering for Globalists and Evil People

Marjorie Taylor Greene calls out lack of baby formula, Ukraine aid

Ukraine has been the money laundering capitol of the world for a long time. The war is not stopping that, it is accelerating it to new heights.

Video Source: 1) War Room Pandemic - Steve Bannon and Jake Bequette to discuss Ukraine Funding 2) Ben Swann - Is $33 Billion in U.S. Funding to Ukraine Going To Nazi's? 3) Zelensky Admits Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion Has Integrated With Ukraine’s Military and We’re Supposed to Be Okay With That 🇺🇸 The New American:

America Last: Congress Approves $40 Billion To Ukraine As We Face Multiple Crises At Home

Joe Biden again tried to put blame on anyone but himself for inflation and rising costs in America, while also making yet another laughable gaffe. Democrats are all speaking out in support of their activist friends breaking the law in front of Supreme Court justices' homes and Congress approved $40 billion in new aid to Ukraine as America faces a baby formula shortage and loads of other problems here at home. Plus, Dominion lawsuit updates and much more.

$40 Billion To Ukraine, Baby Formula Shortages & Biden: Is Our Opposition Being Controlled?

DR. STEVE TURLEY: The truth about Ukraine is starting to come out! We’re going to look at just how outrageous the $40 billion dollar aid bill for Ukraine actually is, we’re going to see how Ultra Maga America First representatives are standing up against it, and stick with me to the end of this video when I’ll reveal how the truth about what’s really happening in Ukraine is starting to make its way into the mainstream, and completely demolishes any justification for this bill; you are NOT going to want to miss this!


Elon Musk REVERSES Trump Twitter Ban! ‘Morally Wrong and Flat Out Stupid’!!!

Elon Musk has announced that he will indeed reverse President Trump’s Twitter ban, calling it ‘morally wrong and flat out stupid’! We’re going to hear for ourselves what Musk had to say, we’re going to see how studies actually corroborate his decision to reverse the ban and stick with me to the very end of this video when I’ll reveal precisely why the worst nightmares of woke leftists are being realized right before their very eyes; you are NOT going to want to miss this!


Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen: Overturning Roe will be ‘very damaging’ to ...

Sunday Morning Futures host Maria Bartiromo joins 'Fox & Friends First' to discuss Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen's assertions that abortions are good for the economy and the $40 billion Ukrainian aid bill that passed the House.


Biden Administration Winks at Mob Rule on Abortion~DEVOUT CATHOLIC Pelosi Encourages Protesters’ ‘Righteous Anger’ to March~Chicago’s GAY Mayor Issues ‘Call to Arms’ Against Supreme Court~California to become the first “abortion tourism” state~Hannity: This is a ‘disgusting attempt’ to destroy the independence of America’s judiciary

A "Catholic" president believes a woman has an inherent right to “abort a child”

Dan Ball W/ Elizabeth Johnston, The Sanctity Of Life



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

President Joe Biden’s outgoing press secretary, Jen Psaki, was asked by reporters last week to explain the president’s use of the words “abort a child” when commenting on who should make that judgment. Psaki ducked the question. She responded only that “the President’s view on a woman’s right to make choices about her own healthcare is well known, well documented, well stated.”

President Biden also said that certain basic rights, such as the right to privacy, are inherent rights. They do not come from the government, President Biden said, “but because I’m just a child of God; I exist.”  He would recognize, of course, that a pregnant woman too is a “child of God” who also has an inherent right to privacy.

However, in the pregnant woman’s case, according to the expansive concept of privacy adopted in Roe v. Wade, her inherent right to privacy means that she can make the choice, in President Biden’s own words, to “abort a child.” Conversely, in this way of thinking, the aborted child does not exist as a “child of God” with the inherent right to life but is considered instead to be a throw-away body part.

Indeed, Jen Psaki refused to answer whether the president supports an unlimited right to abortion, even up until the moment of birth. “He supports the right of a woman to make choices about her own body with her doctor,” Psaki insisted.

The Declaration of Independence recognized that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

During the course of the nation’s history and Supreme Court interpretations of the Constitution over time, these basic rights have been extended to all “persons” and given deeper meaning as they are applied to new circumstances.

However, it is one thing to interpret the fundamental principle of “liberty,” as that word is used in the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution, to include a notion of privacy in someone’s intimate personal relationships that is protected from undue governmental interference. It is quite another thing to say that the protection of one’s privacy intrinsic to one’s own liberty extends to extinguishing another living being created in the image of God.

Abortion presents complex policy issues that are better left to be sorted out by the political process in which the people have a say through their elected representatives. Creating a completely new constitutional right to “abort a child” does violence to the true meaning of unalienable, God-given rights that are considered so fundamental to ordered liberty that they are beyond lawmakers’ discretion to deny.

President Biden and his press secretary have no problem referring to the right of a “woman” to make choices about her own body, evidently assuming that everyone knows what a “woman” is. Well, not everyone, as we saw during the Senate confirmation hearing of President Biden’s choice for the Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson.

"Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman?’" Senator Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., asked the Supreme Court justice in waiting. "Can I provide a definition? No," Ms. Jackson responded. "I can't."

Thus, after Justice Stephen G. Breyer formally steps down as an associate justice this summer, he will be replaced by a justice who could not, or would not, even provide a definition of the word “woman.” Will she refer to "pregnant people" or "birthing people” instead as the class of individuals with the right to make choices about their own bodies and "abort a child," in order not to offend transgender men?

The Biden White House is so angry about the potential overruling of Roe v. Wade that the president and his spokesperson did not speak out for days against plans by pro-abortion extremists to carry their militant protests to where conservative Supreme Court justices live and where Catholics worship.

“I think the president’s view is that there’s a lot of passion, a lot of fear, a lot of sadness from many, many people across this country about what they saw in that leaked document,”  White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said, referring to the leaked draft opinion overruling Roe v. Wade written by Justice Samuel Alito.

A radical pop-up group known as Ruth Sent Us, named after the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is one of the extreme leftist organizations behind an effort to intimidate Supreme Court justices by invading their privacy at home.

Another radical group involved with coordinating protests to pressure the Supreme Court to uphold Roe v. Wade is Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights. Its website calls for people opposed to “patriarchal domination” and “female enslavement” to “resist” and “fill the streets with our fury.”

Is a replay of the disruptive anti-police protests of the summer of 2020, which led to violence in the streets, in the offing?

The Ruth Sent Us group published the residential locations of six conservative justices and urged its followers to “rise up” in protest against them “to force accountability.”  

Some radical pro-abortion activists gathered outside the homes of targeted Supreme Court justices on Saturday, in one case loudly chanting “No uterus, no opinion” outside of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home.

A reporter described the pro-abortion protest scene outside of Justice Kavanaugh’s home as "one of the scariest things" he had ever witnessed. He characterized the protests as an "attempt at intimidation."

Justice Alito and his family reportedly have been moved to an undisclosed location out of concern for their personal safety.

The radicals’ raucous protests outside the justices’ homes may have violated a federal law prohibiting pickets, parades, or demonstrations “near a building or residence occupied or used by” a judge “with the intent of interfering with, obstructing, or impeding the administration of justice, or with the intent of influencing any judge…”

But don’t expect the Biden Justice Department to take any action to enforce the law. Attorney General Merrick Garland is too busy monitoring parents’ behavior at school board meetings.

On May 9th, following the protests at two justices’ homes over the weekend, with more planned for this week, Jen Psaki finally tweeted the following statement:

“@POTUS strongly believes in the Constitutional right to protest. But that should never include violence, threats, or vandalism. Judges perform an incredibly important function in our society, and they must be able to do their jobs without concern for their personal safety.”

The White House also put out a statement on May 9th declaring that President Biden “strongly condemns” a Molotov cocktail attack on a Wisconsin pro-life group’s office over this past weekend.

Too little too late. President Biden himself should have gotten ahead of the mounting danger to the Supreme Court justices’ safety and the risk of violence. He should have addressed pro-abortion supporters directly with an urgent message for them to stand down from taking actions intended to intimidate any justices.

President Biden failed to do so.

Instead, President Biden managed to find time last week to insult the many millions of law-abiding Americans who believe in former President Donald Trump’s America First agenda. The president degraded his office by outlandishly claiming that the “MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history — in recent American history.”

That distinction belongs to Antifa and other far-left groups prone to violence. 

Pro-abortion radicals not only hate the Supreme Court justices who may overrule Roe v. Wade, as well as the institution of the Supreme Court itself. They also hate the Catholic Church.

Pro-abortion radicals have no compunctions about defacing churches with pro-abortion graffiti, which they did last week to a Catholic Church in Boulder, Colorado.

Pro-abortion radicals also have no compunctions about interfering with Catholics’ freedom of worship, as they did last Saturday when they blocked the entrance to a New York City church.

And that is not all. Ruth Sent Us also tweeted the following threat on May 7th: “Stuff your rosaries and your weaponized prayer. We will remain outraged after this weekend, so keep praying. We’ll be burning the Eucharist to show our disgust for the abuse Catholic Churches have condoned for centuries.”

Where is the self-declared devout Catholic Joe Biden’s outrage over a threat to burn the Eucharist? President Biden found time recently to condemn Islamophobia, but he has given hatred directed at Catholics by members of the Democrats’ progressive Left base a free pass.

Leftists have a habit of demanding rights for themselves and their own causes, including freedom of speech and privacy while having no problem denying these same rights to their declared “enemies.”

The Democrats' far-left base believes in mob rule rather than the rule of law. It is past time for President Biden to repudiate them. 


DEVOUT CATHOLIC Pelosi Encourages Protesters' 'Righteous Anger' to March

Pelosi Encourages Protesters' 'Righteous Anger' in Marching Illegally in Front of Justices' Homes



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

U.S. Code § 1507 states that “any individual who “pickets or parades” with the “intent of interfering with, obstructing, or impeding the administration of justice, or with the intent of influencing any judge, juror, witness, or court officer” near a federal court or “near a building or residence occupied or used by such judge, juror, witness, or court officer (emphasis mine)” will be fined, or “imprisoned not more than one year, or both.”

It’s no surprise that Joe Biden’s Department of Justice hasn’t lifted a finger to arrest anyone obviously trying to interfere with a Supreme Court decision. It’s also not particularly surprising that Joe Biden’s U.S. Marshals Service hasn’t been tasked with protecting the homes of conservative justices who are under threat.

But the biggest non-surprise of all is that Biden doing nothing about prominent Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) all but encouraging and justifying violence against the justices.

Fox News:

“While we have seen and heard extraordinary anguish in our communities,” Pelosi, D-Calif., said, “we have been moved by how so many have channeled their righteous anger into meaningful action: planning to march and mobilize to make their voices heard.”

In the statement, Pelosi also attacked Republicans and the Supreme Court over the expected ruling, and says that Democrats will “fight relentlessly to enshrine Roe v. Wade as the law of the land.”

“Righteous anger,” indeed.

“Republicans have made clear that their goal will be to seek to criminalize abortion nationwide,” Pelosi said. “Republican state legislators across the country are already advancing extreme new laws, seeking to arrest doctors for offering reproductive care, ban abortion entirely with no exceptions, and even charge women with murder who exercise their right to choose.”

None of those proposals have passed in any state legislature. Pelosi is dancing with strawmen to gin up outrage against the justices. And given the hysteria that Pelosi and other Democrats are generating against the justices, any such rhetorical incendiary devices could motivate some radical left crackpot to attempt to give Biden a few more Supreme Court picks.

This should concern Attorney General Merrick Garland. But the man who wanted to sic the FBI on parents protesting at school board meetings — a purely local matter — is predictably quiet when federal judges are under threat from a hysterical mob of left-wing crazies.

Fox News:

According to senior fellow at the National Review Institute and Fox News contributor Andy McCarthy, the Biden DOJ is being silent on this for the same reason as the White House: “They are elevating their political interest in portraying the draft Supreme Court opinion as extreme over their constitutional duty to execute the laws faithfully and protect both the Court and the justices.”

“I would note that months ago, when Attorney General Garland unjustifiably dispatched the FBI to investigate parents who were protesting the inclusion of racist and anti-American materials in school curricula, Garland claimed that the Justice Department had an interest in protecting teachers and school administrators. Not only was it untrue that schools were under siege; the relationship between parents and schools is a state and local issue, not a federal one — hypothetically, if a parent were to assault a teacher, it would be a state crime, not a federal one,” continued McCarthy.

Garland is just Biden’s errand boy. He does what he’s told to do. But Pelosi’s veiled threats against the justices, claiming that some anger is justified and should be encouraged, puts the Speaker outside the lines of acceptable behavior in a volatile political atmosphere.

Chicago's GAY Mayor Issues 'Call to Arms' Against Supreme Court After Abortion Decision Leak

Lori Lightfoot elected Chicago mayor, becoming first black woman and ...



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is keenly aware of what she did when she issued a “call to arms” to fight the Supreme Court. With all the violence in her own city, maybe it is just background noise like gunshots on a Saturday night.

The mayor, who presides over a city with the 10th highest murder rate in the country, thought nothing of turning up the flame under an already roiling mob of “protesters” who are quite literally obstructing justice by blocking the homes of Supreme Court justices.

A far-left group leaked the addresses of the justices’ homes and a map for how to get each one, and since then the mobs have begun camping outside the homes of Brett Kavanaugh, John Roberts, and Samuel Alito in hopes of changing votes after a leaked draft decision on Mississippi’s Dobbs case suggested that the Court would send the issue of abortion back to the states.

Lightfoot’s “call to arms” came after a news conference in which she vowed to make the Windy City a “sanctuary” for abortion for women — but not for babies.

She promised $500,000 of other people’s money to pay for “free” abortions for people who come to Chicago to take advantage of the city’s newly declared “sanctuary” status.

“Proud to stand side-by-side with fearless women leaders of Chicago,” she wrote online. “We will fight like hell to protect reproductive freedom for women here and across the country.” What she doesn’t say, of course, is that even if Roe v. Wade and Casey v. Planned Parenthood decisions, the flawed “canon” of law untethered from the Constitution, are removed, the issue of abortion goes back to the states.

Lightfoot probably didn’t read Justice Alito’s majority opinion, but if she did, she would see that he included a proviso that this decision affected life and not other jurisprudence.

But Lightfoot, like many other people, knows that the gay marriage decision Obergefell v. Hodges, which somehow found same-sex marriage in the Constitution, may also one day devolve back to the states, where marriage always has been. She doesn’t want that to happen, thus her call to arms.

In a Twitter thread, the Chicago mayor, who’s gay, said to her “friends in the LGBTQ+ community” that “the Supreme Court is coming for us next. This moment has to be a call to arms. We will not surrender our rights without a fight—a fight to victory!”
Screenshot from Twitter

Lightfoot doesn’t trust the same voters who put her into office to decide the issues of marriage and abortion.

As Michael Quinn Sullivan, the publisher of Texas Scorecard, put it, “if this isn’t a call to insurrection, what is?”

Look for Sullivan to have his taxes audited next year.


California to become the first “abortion tourism” state, luring pregnant women to the state with funds for airfare, lodging, meals



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) With the landmark 1973 Supreme Court Ruling (Roe v. Wade) soon to get the ax, California is already preparing to become the first ABORTION TOURISM STATE. A new bill, proposed by California senators Nancy Skinner and Anna Caballero, would pay pregnant women to travel into California and terminate the life of their baby. This program would financially incentivize women to get pregnant and abort their babies, over and over again.

This new package (Senate Bill 1142) would provide pregnant women with all the funds they need for a free abortion vacation. The bill calls these abortion vacation amenities “practical support services.” These funds include money for airfare, lodging, meals, dependent childcare, gas, and other financial assistance – as long as the women commit to aborting their babies. This program can target women at any stage of their pregnancy, even when the baby is viable outside the womb.

California Democrats look to regulate the population by controlling and coercing women

California Democrats are literally trying to regulate the population of the United States by coercing women into convenient abortions, at any stage of their baby’s gestation. The state would issue abortion vacation funds to various nonprofit organizations in the form of grants. Additionally, the law would require the California Health and Human Services Agency to conduct an “educational and outreach campaign” to lure women into abortion. The Agency would be tasked with developing a website, pointing women in the direction of the nearest abortion provider. After they make travel arrangements for the abortion, the targeted women can be reimbursed for practically all expenses related to the trip.

For the Democrats, this program is obviously all about control, as they take other people’s money to dictate predatory medical procedures over a woman’s body. In the process, they degrade the woman and discard innocent human life, while providing NO assistance to help the woman or her child find healing, life, dignity, and a future together.

High-level Democrats would love to end Roe v. Wade, because it allows them to control women at the state level, using taxpayer funds to dictate a pregnant woman’s future, while shouldering her loss, shame, and guilt. Democrats do not care about a woman’s choice, or else they would provide financial assistance programs to support her baby and the woman’s mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Protecting human life is more important than ever, as predatory governments and corporations prey on women and offer no hope for their situation, their family, or their future.

California already disregards body autonomy rights in favor of coercion and death

California is already pushing abortion for women. Abortion is financially incentivized by the state’s Medicaid program. California taxpayers are forced to pay for population control, as women are coerced into violating the body autonomy rights of the most vulnerable – their own child. Private insurers are even forced to pay for abortions under state law. California legislators are trying to erase the “right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” from the U.S. Constitution by guaranteeing unchecked abortion rights in the state’s Constitution.

Democrats pretend to be about “women’s rights,” but their actions suggest they only care about destroying the next generation of women and men. Suddenly, in California, it’s all about “my body, my choice” – as the state disregards the basic human rights of the unborn, allowing unchecked dismembering and vacuuming of their body parts, straight from the mother’s womb.

Of course, these fetal organs are valuable in the organ trafficking industry. The vaccine industry notoriously uses fetal organs to replicate pathogens for their biologics. Perhaps the state of California is being used to keep this organ trafficking industry viable, as the vaccine industry expands. Ironically, California is the same state that has vanquished all body autonomy rights, forcing adults, children, and babies to succumb to destructive vaccine mandates and passports (that are also causing further harm and loss of life).

Sources include:


Hannity: This is a ‘disgusting attempt’ to destroy the independence of America’s judiciary

Sean Hannity discusses the left’s ‘tacit’ approval of the violence being exhibited by pro-choice extremists

Texas Library Association Hosts Drag Performers, Workshops on Social Justice and LGBT Community ⋆ Elizabeth Johnston

Texas Library Assn. Hosts Drag Queen Storytime, But TFP Protests

Click on the following link to protest Drag Queens reading to children --


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Late last month, school librarians from across Texas gathered for the four-day “Recover, Rebalance, Reconnect” lineup which featured drag queens, a talk from prominent racial justice scholar Ibram X. Kendi, and workshops on social justice and building community around LGBT identities.

Texas Library Association (TLA) hosted drag performers Justin Johnson and Joseph Hoselton, respectively known and dressed as their alter-egos “Alyssa Edwards” and “Jenny Skyy,” as The Christian Post reported.

Johnson was featured as the conference’s “After Hours Keynote” speaker while Hoselton led a “Drag Queen Storytime” for the sake of promoting “literacy and community collaboration through dynamic storytelling and music.”

Drag queen storytime events have gained popularity across the country over the last five years, gaining praise from the LGBT community and controversy among conservatives and Christians in equal measure.

This is something we have often covered here at Elizabeth Johnston ministries, particularly in instances when drag performers featured at the events, often geared towards particularly young children, have been exposed as having an unvetted history of sexual crimes against children — or even, in one horrifying case, seen to have exposed themselves to the children.

The TLA’s conference also featured a talk from Kendi, the author of “How to Be Anti-Racist” and one of the most high-profile promulgators of so-called “racial justice” or what has been come to be known as critical race theory and which many have raised concerns about its presence in American public school classrooms.

There was also reportedly a workshop called “Building Community Relationships for LGBTQIA+ Patrons” as well as one on “diversifying” library collections to introduce more material on “identity, culture, diversity, bias, and social justice.”

The Post notes that the TLA is a charitable nonprofit made up of workers at taxpayer-funded libraries in the state.

New World Order: Great Reset, DePopulation Agenda & Global Surveillance Being Set Up

Steve Shultz interviews Mel K, who will be discussing the New World Order Reset into 2030, global surveillance and how we must awaken and resist, and much more! Note: We will NOT be broadcasting this episode on our YouTube channel so make sure and join us at all our other sites!

Mirrored copy of "MEL K: '2030 - The Great Reset Agenda'" posted 3 May 2022 on the Elijah Streams channel on Rumble.

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BOYCOTT NOW!: Target Goes All In on Gender Grooming

Target Releases Line Featuring Chest Binders, Packing Underwear Ahead of LGBT Pride Month ⋆ Elizabeth Johnston


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Retail giant Target has released a collection of LGBT clothing in collaboration with “queer-owned” brands which features chest binders and packing underwear for transgender shoppers.

The Daily Wire notes that this is not the first time Target has made headlines for its LGBT-themed products and has notoriously sold Pride-themed clothing for children and babies in the past.

The retailer has released two collections in collaboration with TomboyX and Humankind, which it says are both “queer-owned, female-founded brands.”

The TomboyX collection features an array of trans-friendly undergarments, such as chest binders and packing underwear that are meant to assume the appearance of male genitalia as well as bras and boyshorts.

The Humankind collection, meanwhile, offers “gender-affirming swimsuits” according to Bustle, which noted that such swimwear is “notoriously difficult to find.”

Reps for Target confirmed to Bustle that this is the first time that Target has stocked its shelves with compression tops.

June is Pride month, which has become a prominent occasion in the United States and across the western world featuring parades, events, and a wide array of rainbow-colored merchandise.

Target, known for its bold marketing themes, has taken full advantage of the cultural phenomenon.

This month’s Pride collection features some products such as towels, shirts, tote bags, flags, and toys. Some of the tags read “For the queer lovers and everyone in between, for the rebels that fight to forever be seen.”

Target also offers Pride-themed children’s items such as shirts for toddlers which declare that “Trans rights are human rights” or feature the wearer’s pronouns or rainbow-colored onesies and matching family sets.

Their stores also sell trans-themed toddler books, like “Bye Bye Binary” and “The Pronoun Book.”


Taco Bell to Host “Drag Brunch” to Celebrate LGBTQ Culture



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The latest American corporation to embrace the far-left “woke” agenda is the fast-food chain Taco Bell, which recently announced that it will host what it calls its “Taco Bell Drag Brunch” in select cities across the United States. The brunches will be hosted by drag model Kay Sedia and will include local drag performers.

The first event was held on May 1 in Las Vegas. From there, the show will move to Chicago on May 22, Nashville on May 29, New York on June 12, and Fort Lauderdale on June 26.

The events are being put on by the Taco Bell Foundation and are an attempt to support the It Gets Better Project with a grant intended to expand workforce readiness resources for LGBTQIA+ youth.

Despite the stated purpose of the grant — to support LGBT youth — you must be 18 years old to secure a reservation, and alcohol will be served. After people with reservations are seated, the general public will be allowed in.

“It wouldn’t be brunch without delicious breakfast and refreshing bubbly, so attendees can expect Taco Bell breakfast, including the new $5 Bell Breakfast Box and new Cinnabon Delights Coffee, mimosas (please drink responsibly), and more,” the press release states.

Like seemingly everything else these days, the event is meant to celebrate the LGBT lifestyle.

“We understand the importance of creating safe spaces for the LGBTQIA+ community and are thrilled to provide a unique experience that spotlights and celebrates the wonderful art form of drag and its influence on culture with their chosen families,” said Sean Tresvant, Taco Bell’s global chief brand officer, in a statement.

“Taco Bell Drag Brunch was conceived by Live Más Pride, Taco Bell’s LGBTQIA+ Employee Resource Group, which has played a major role in driving awareness of and meaningfully supporting LGBTQIA+ communities both within Taco Bell and the communities we serve and operate in,” Tresvant said.

According to the press release, Live Más Pride boasts membership “of over 100 members across the brand.” Taco Bell has more than 200,000 employees worldwide. Assuming “over 100” means between 100 and 200, it seems like a pretty big fuss to put on for less than .1 percent of the workforce.

Of course, Taco Bell is just one of the latest big companies to fall prey to pressure from LGBTQ activists. Everyone knows about the Walt Disney Company’s capitulation to the LGBTQ agenda in Florida. The media company, which aims much of its programming at children, protested loudly about the state’s Parental Rights in Education law, which bars teachers from talking about sexual issues with children from kindergarten through third grade. The media giant has also begun airing ads that support transgender therapies for youth.

Taco Bell’s “Drag” theme has already been embraced by several school systems and public libraries nationwide, which promote “drag queen” story hours.

Sadly, even some churches have bowed to pressure from LGBTQ activists. Trinity Lutheran Church in Greenville, South Carolina, is promoting an event called “Drag Me to Church,” which will feature a performer called “Lady Douche.”

“You’ll be endlessly entertained as the Lady Douche leads us through her unique style of worship which includes as many laughs as it does amens!” the church’s Facebook page announced.

And Warner Bros., which operates the Discovery Plus streaming service, is airing its own perversion called “Generation Drag.” The premise of this show is that five teenagers, along with their families, prepare for a large drag show for children known as “Dragutante.”

“Five Teenagers Prepare for Their Biggest Drag Performance,” a press release touting the show reads.

The list of companies now actively promoting the LGBTQ agenda either directly or through targeted advertisements is long and growing longer. As companies continue to “go woke,” it appears they don’t care about “going broke,” which suggests that the companies see this not as an economic imperative, but as a cultural one.

Social Emotional Learning Was Always a Bad Idea Now that it’s politicized, it’s a nightmare.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

As a longtime teacher, I have seen firsthand that education is a fad-filled field. Culturally responsive education, inventive spelling, new math, experiential learning, balanced literacy, etc. are educational styles that have come and gone and come and gone and….

One of the more enduring educational whims is Social Emotional Learning (SEL) which took off in the 1990s when the Collaborative to Advance Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) came into being and hosted a conference with researchers, educators, child advocates, and others in the field. By integrating SEL in schools, the faithful claimed that they could “teach students critical life skills that will not only help their personal development but also their academic performance as well” and this, in turn, “creates a culture in which students and teachers respect one another and enjoy being together, further strengthening relationships and motivating both students and teachers to do their best.”

But as American Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Robert Pondiscio explains, SEL has drifted ever closer to being a central purpose of education without a full and proper examination of its role and has become an unwelcome intrusion into what has been traditionally the work of families, faith, culture, and other institutions. This has led to “schools assuming powers and responsibilities far beyond their brief and educators working beyond their training and expertise.” In other words, SEL has turned teachers into unlicensed psychotherapists. (It's worth noting that schools acting as therapists is rather ironic. As Erika Sanzi, director of outreach at Parents Defending Education points out, schools are heavily involved in inflicting emotional damage on children. Whether teaching about the looming global warming apocalypse, that white 6-year-olds are oppressors, or that kids are viral vectors who could pass a deadly case of Covid to grandma, schools are cruelly creating unnecessary fears in children. As a result of this misinformation, it’s hardly surprising that the CDC reports, as of 2019, “diagnosable mental, emotional or behavioral” disorders afflicted roughly one in five children under the age of 17.)

To bolster their sales pitch, the CASEL hucksters insist that SEL is “evidence-based.” But as Max Eden – a Research Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute – notes, that argument is weak. He writes, “A 2017 RAND Corporation review identified 68 SEL studies meeting three tiers of evidentiary rigor. No studies within the top tier of evidentiary strength demonstrated benefits to academic achievement. Only one study within the second tier found benefits to academic achievement. Studies categorized within the third, weakest, tier of evidentiary rigor showed benefits across a variety of metrics, and we could debate how much stock to put in them.”

As first implemented, SEL was purely therapeutic in nature. It took a very dark turn, however, in 2020 when CASEL announced an ideological shift to “Transformative SEL,” which calls for students to “critically examine root causes of inequity.” According to CASEL, the concept of transformative SEL is a “means to better articulate the potential of SEL to mitigate the educational, social, and economic inequities that derive from the interrelated legacies of racialized cultural oppression in the United States and globally.” Slicing through the verbiage, it boils down to the fact that, SEL has become the therapeutic wing of the noxious Critical Race Theory. So now, kids are being radicalized and taught to feel good about it!

And of course, while kids are spending loads of time learning about power, privilege, prejudice, discrimination, and social justice, they are not learning about things their parents actually send them to school for like English, math, science, and history.

Not surprisingly, SEL is big business. A report from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and CASEL discloses that sales of SEL materials grew approximately 45% from $530 million to $765 million between November 2019 and April 2021. One of the benefactors of this horrible use of taxpayer money is none other than Panorama Education, co-founded by U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s son-in-law. Yes, the same Merrick Garland who, in October 2021, tried to create an anti-parent frenzy when he issued a directive to the FBI, hysterically claiming, “In recent months, there has been a disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff who participate in the vital work of running our nation’s public schools.” As a corrective, Garland directed the FBI to “convene meetings with federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial leaders in each federal judicial district within 30 days of the issuance of this memorandum. These meetings will facilitate the discussion of strategies for addressing threats against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff, and will open dedicated lines of communication for threat reporting, assessment, and response.”

But thankfully, many parents have already been awakened to the fact that children are front and center in the culture wars, and will not be intimidated by Merrick Garland, CASEL, or SEL-infused curricula. In fact, a recent Fox News survey revealed that 80 percent of parents are “extremely” or “very” concerned about what our public schools are teaching. Instead, many are now homeschooling. And those who have not exited from the system are running for school board, or in the least going to school board meetings and making their opinions known.

Additionally, there is a growing demand for more transparency in schools. In fact, legislators in 19 states have introduced or already passed bills requiring curriculum transparency. Importantly, many moms and dads have involved themselves with organizations like the aforementioned Parents Defending Education which have the needs of families as their number one priority.

The war is on, and being a spectator is not an option.

Larry Sand, a former classroom teacher, is the president of the non-profit California Teachers Empowerment Network – a non-partisan, non-political group dedicated to providing teachers and the general public with reliable and balanced information about professional affiliations and positions on educational issues. The views presented here are strictly his own.