What the Supreme Court Leak Means And what has happened to Chief Justice Roberts, anyway?~Democrats Cash In $7 Million on “Leaked” Supreme Court Draft


SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2022/05/what-supreme-court-leak-means-robert-spencer/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Old Joe Biden said Tuesday that Justice Samuel Alito’s leaked draft majority opinion overturning Roe v. Wade was “really quite a radical decision” and “a fundamental shift in American jurisprudence,” but as usual, he was lying. Alito’s decision appears to be carefully reasoned, firmly based on what the Constitution actually says, and written with full recognition of the nature and importance of judicial precedent. What is unprecedented is the leak that has allowed us to evaluate this decision before the Court has actually ruled on the case at hand, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. That is the key aspect of this incident for what it reveals about the state of American public life today, the cardinal importance of abortion for the Left, and what might happen next.

As Chief Justice John Roberts stated, “This was a singular and egregious breach of that trust that is an affront to the Court and the community of public servants who work here.” NPR legal affairs correspondent, Nina Totenberg, explained: “No fully-formed draft opinion has been leaked to the press or outside the court. Once or twice there may have been leaks that say how is something is going to turn out, or after the fact that somebody may have changed his or her mind. But this is a full-flown, Pentagon Papers-type compromise of the court’s work.” She added that while the leak wasn’t illegal, “it’s a career-ender for whoever did.”

Maybe it is. But maybe not. The leaker, once he or she is found, will without any doubt be lionized as a hero on the Left for allowing for what Daniel Greenfield called an attempt to “intimidate the Supreme Court” with “narratives, protests, and threats.” This is the Left that has likened violent and destructive Antifa thugs to the American heroes who stormed the Normandy beaches. This is the Left that has so much contempt for American history that it was torn down or overseen the removal of statues of Thomas JeffersonAbraham Lincoln, and Ulysses S. Grant. This is the Left that has made it abundantly clear that it intends to “fundamentally transform the country,” as Old Joe promised to do in May 2020, echoing Barack Obama’s 2008 pledge.

Leftists today have repeatedly demonstrated their hatred for America’s heritage, laws, traditions, and Constitution. Why should they respect the time-hallowed custom of preserving the secrecy of unpublished Supreme Court documents, or punish the person responsible, especially when that person’s actions have helped them further their agenda? A vote to overturn Roe v. Wade would likely be five to four; only one Justice has to be threatened or frightened into changing his or her vote for the Left’s sacrament, the centerpiece of its worship of radical individualism and personal autonomy, and its refusal to accept biological reality, to be preserved. The person who would be responsible for that Justice changing his or her vote would be hailed with more gusto and fervor than the Left hailed even George Floyd, Huey P. Newton, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, or Alger Hiss.

And now Barack Obama has called for protests: “We’re asking you to join with the activists who’ve been sounding the alarm on this issue for years and act. Stand with them at a local protest. Volunteer with them on a campaign. Join with them in urging Congress to codify Roe into law.” The intimidation will begin. Chief Justice Roberts, however, insists that it won’t work: “To the extent this betrayal of the confidences of the Court was intended to undermine the integrity of our operations, it will not succeed. The work of the Court will not be affected in any way.”

Maybe it won’t. But what has happened to Roberts himself? He was placed on the Court as a conservative. In his early years, he voted with conservative stalwarts Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas. But over the years, something has changed. By June 2020, Roberts had essentially transformed himself into another vote for the Left on the Court. ABC News reported that Roberts “voted with the progressive wing on abortion, immigration, and Title VII,” and that consequently, “some outraged legal conservatives have accused Roberts, who was appointed by Republican President George W. Bush, of betrayal.”

No one knows why Roberts turned, but it’s noteworthy that like so many other conservatives when they get to Washington, he did. One rarely, if ever, sees the opposite phenomenon: a prominent politician getting elected, or chosen for the Court, as a Leftist, and then moving rightward. Why? Will the intimidation and threats we will certainly see now be the first? Unlikely. Or is it simply a matter of not getting invited to the best parties in Washington, and being shunned by the in-crowd?

Whatever it is, it’s a terrible way to legislate and adjudicate. Whatever happens now, it is likely to take us to even newer lows.


Democrats Cash In $7 Million on "Leaked" Supreme Court Draft


SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/point/2022/05/dems-cash-7m-leaked-supreme-court-draft-daniel-greenfield/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

When they're not cashing in on murdered babies by selling their parts, they're doing it with fundraising.

Democrats and their affiliated outside groups have raised more than $7 million since a report first unveiled a leaked draft Supreme Court opinion that would overturn the historic Roe v. Wade ruling and allow states to restrict abortions.

The donation website ActBlue, which allows donors to contribute online to Democratic campaigns, political action committees and outside groups that often support the the party’s policy goals, processed the gargantuan sum since Politico published the draft opinion Monday

And that's just ActBlue, which is massive in its own right, but far from all of it.

Some of that might be passive, sure, lefties feeling drawn to vent by sending money, but campaigns that bring in sizable amounts of cash do not pop up overnight. Even accounting for the media's function as a promotional arm for the fundraising machine, this is likely to be the result of targeted fundraising campaigns that had enough lead time to be developed and deployed.

As we've seen with this entire process, a variety of lefty special interest and activist groups were clearly tuned in and aware of what was about to happen. They had campaigns, ranging from protests to fundraising, ready to go as soon as the news went public.

And they're cashing in. $7 million is just the tip of the iceberg. Between the money that's going to flow in from megadonors (whom do you think Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren are trying to impress with their public meltdowns) into dark and lighter money machines, we'll be looking at a quarter billion before long.

That's money Dems desperately need to compete in the midterms. Major donors had been shy because the odds were bad. This "leak" helps goose them.

Follow the money. Always follow the money.


VAERS Database Hijacked: Vaccine Data Tracker Compromised, Adverse Events Deleted

Albert Benavides Joins the Stew Peters Show to discuss the truth behind covering the vaccine genocide of children.

VAERS is supposed to simply collect reports filled out by doctors and other medical professionals from around the country—reports of people suffering injuries and illnesses and even death after taking vaccines. Nobody is supposed to be editing or curating or fact-checking it. It’s supposed just be the reports of doctors for the entire world to see. But now we have evidence that that’s, in fact, not what’s happening at all.

Mom Outraged After School Told Daughter She May Be “Trans”

Mother Erin Lee is on the warpath after her daughter's public school invited a "Genders & Sexualities Alliance" (GSA) in to teach her daughter that she may be "transgender" and that her family was not safe. In an interview on Conversations That Matter with The New American magazine's Alex Newman, Lee recounted the story and vowed not to keep silent. In a heartfelt warning to parents, Lee said it was time for families to exit the public schools to protect their children. 🇺🇸 The New American: http://www.thenewamerican.com/

Fla. Congressional Candidate Anna Paulina Luna addresses new DHS ‘disinformation board’

Just days after Elon Musk announced he's the new owner of Twitter, the Biden administration said it's launching a news, so-called disinformation board." One America's Stella Escobedo caught up with Florida congressional candidate Anna Paulina Luna to discuss the latest attempt to control free speech.

SCOTUS poised to overturn Roe vs. Wade – Baby murderers to ERUPT with demonic ANGER and VIOLENCE as their “right” to violently murder their own children about to be stripped away

Mark Levin: 'This is a war on our system of government'

Mark Levin joins 'Fox & Friends' to weigh in on the leaked Supreme Court opinion potentially ending 50 years of Roe v. Wade.


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-05-03-scotus-poised-to-overturn-roe-vs-wade-baby-murderers-to-erupt.html;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) And now the demons come out for all to see.

The pro-abortion, baby murder advocates are already erupting in madness and anger over a leaked draft of a US Supreme Court decision that, if published, would overturn Roe vs. Wade and end federal protections for abortion.

Because the “right” to murder their own babies is the pillar of the violent, demonic, life-destroying Left, they are right now losing their minds over this, organizing protests and taking to the airwaves to denounce anyone who seeks to protect the life of an unborn human child.

Now, we are all getting to see the horrifying truth about the political Left in America: They are out for blood.

The political Left in America represents medical violence and murder against innocent children… by the millions

What do pedophilia, transgender genitalia mutilations, grooming, and abortion all have in common? They’re all aggressively demanded by the Left (Democrats). Just about anything that mutilates a child, rapes a child, murders a child, or disfigures a child is 100% supported by evil Leftists who absurdly call themselves “pro-choice.”

But the child gets no choice at all. If we don’t protect the life and the choice of the unborn, then we value no life at all.

And these same people pretending to be “pro-choice” demanded mandatory vaccines and mandatory masks for everyone, choice be damned.

They never believed in “choice.” They only believed in murder and violence against children. They simultaneously believe in their own “right” to murder their own unborn children while stripping away your right to say no to masks or vaccines. They are tyrants. Child-murdering tyrants.

And now they’re doubling down on that, demanding that SCOTUS alter its decision and protect the “right” to murder unborn babies in America.

Left-leaning states can still remain baby murder capitals, even if Roe is overturned

A defeat of Roe wouldn’t outlaw abortion nationwide, by the way. It would merely send the issue back to the states to decide on their own what they wish to do about the legal framework of abortion. Without any doubt, left-leaning states like California, Illinois, New York, and Maryland would double down on child murder and even become abortion tourism hubs that accept pregnant women from other states who wish to murder their own children.

What SCOTUS is simply saying in the leaked draft is that Roe vs. Wade was never passed as a law and thus was never properly debated or supported by the people and their representatives. The original 1973 decision was overreaching and smacks of the kind of judicial activism that Leftists always demand for their hot-button issues.

If states like California want to affirm the “right” of abortion factories to engage in the serial murder of human babies, they will still be able to operate as murder hubs and accomplish the demonic, ritualistic sacrifice of human children that they desire. (The abortion industry is steeped in Satanism, human sacrifice, organ harvesting, and worse…)

Naturally, all those engaged in abortion practices will one day have to answer to God, but at least with Roe overturned by SCOTUS, many pro-life states can declare themselves to be protectors of human children rather than murderers.

God’s wrath against America may be redirected only to those states that declare themselves to be baby murder factories.

Hold your ground and denounce the baby murderers… call them out for what they truly are: Demonic, murderous entities who fail the test of being “fully human”

Now is the time to take a stand and join the fight to protect the sanctity of human life in America. Stand up now and voice your support for overturning Roe vs. Wade. Denounce the delirious baby murderers and call them out for what they have truly become: Disgusting demons and Satan worshipers who harvest the organs and blood of children for everything from vaccine medical “research” to Satanic rituals that they pursue to increase their dark powers.

Remain peaceful but forceful in your courage and your voice: Call out the baby murderers and let them know that we know they are harboring demons and evil entities inside their biological shells. We know they want to end humanity and depopulate the planet, and that abortion is one of their key weapons to achieve that, right alongside vaccine clot shots, plastics chemicals in the food supply, and chemtrail geoengineering while stripping the atmosphere of CO2 which brings life to plants and crops. The Left is at war with everything that gives life to planet Earth. They are a lunatic death cult.

We are now in the final battle for the survival of the human race, and the abortion advocates have chosen to be on the anti-human side, with Satan and his minions. Let us defeat them and dismantle their murder factories once and for all. Every human life has value from the moment of conception, and organized abortion has always been a crime against humanity.

In today’s Situation Update podcast I call out the demons and Satan worshipers for what they truly are:


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More news on abortion:

A single nuclear sub strike would “drown” Great Britain in a “radioactive tsunami,” warns Russia

Image: A single nuclear sub strike would “drown” Great Britain in a “radioactive tsunami,” warns Russia


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-05-03-nuclear-sub-strike-drown-britain-radioactive-tsunami.html;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) “Channel One,” a Russian state-run media outlet, ran a feature piece the other day outlining how easy it would supposedly be for Russia to “drown” the United Kingdom in a “radioactive tsunami.”

Aleksey Zhuravlyov, the chairman of Russia’s nationalist Rodina political party, explained during the segment that the Russian navy’s nuclear submarines could take out all of Great Britain with one single nuclear bomb.

“One Sarmat missile and the British Isles will be no more,” Zhuravlyov declared. (Related: Russia also says that the threat of nuclear war is very “serious, real.”)

Zhuravlyov’s statements were delivered following the UK military’s announced decision to support Ukraine in the ongoing conflict as opposed to Russia. Great Britain was among the first to proudly announce that it will deliver planeloads of weapons to Ukraine, including anti-tank systems and munitions.

After Zhuravlyov spoke, the “Channel One” segment transitioned to news anchor Dmitry Kiselyov, who described in further detail what a Russian submarine nuke launch would look like:

“It approaches its target at a depth of 1km at a speed of 200km / h. There’s no way of stopping this underwater drone. The warhead on it has a yield of up to 100 megatons. The explosion of this thermonuclear torpedo by Britain’s coastline will cause a gigantic tsunami wave up to 500m high.”

A clip of the segment is viewable below:

Russian TV host says UK can easily be turned into “a radioactive desert”

During what is now being described as the most provocative moment of the segment, the host went on to reveal the extent to which Great Britain will be left in ruin following a nuclear missile attack.

“Such a barrage alone also carries extreme doses of radiation. Having passed over the British Isles, it will turn what might be left of them into a radioactive desert.”

The panel began with a reaction to recent comments made by the UK’s Armed Forces Minister, British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, who appeared to give his approval for Ukraine to strike Russian soil using UK-provided weapons if need be.

“Part of defending itself in this type of invasion is obviously where Ukraine will go after the supply lines of the Russian army because, without fuel and food and ammunition, the Russian army grinds to a halt and can no longer continue its invasion,” he told BBC TV.

“They currently don’t have British weapons that could do that, so it’s unlikely that it is our weapons. We’re very unlikely to supply that to anyone simply because of the technology and also the scarcity we have of those capabilities. So it is very unlikely.”

The Western media is still promoting an anti-Russia narrative as well, claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin has crossed a line by threatening to go nuclear if necessary.

“Without most people being aware of it, the world is entering its most dangerous period since the 1962 Cuban missile crisis,” writes Edward Luce for the Financial Times (FT).

“The majority under the age of 50 has grown up thinking the nuclear specter is a relic of the last century. In the past few weeks, the prospect of a nuclear exchange has become the most live threat to this century’s peace.”

Several commenters over at Zero Hedge speculated that Ukraine could launch the first strike against Moscow, plunging the world into a third world war – this time nuclear.

More news about the escalating conflict in Ukraine can be found at WWIII.news.

Sources for this article include:




U.S. hypersonic missile tests continue to fail, making America increasingly vulnerable to sneak attack by Russia, China


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-05-03-us-hypersonic-missile-tests-continue-to-fail-america-increasingly-vulnerable.html;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) Most Americans would have assumed that their best and brightest military commanders and national security experts were aware, some years ago, when Russia and China began serious efforts to develop next-generation hypersonic ballistic missiles, and then react by implementing a development program of our own.

But apparently, our military geniuses were more concerned about wasting trillions of dollars to convert tribal civilizations in Afghanistan and Iraq into miniaturized versions of the United States because they completely blew off what Russia and China were doing.

Now, some years later, both of those countries have not simply successfully tested these wonder weapons, they have deployed them — and the U.S. is still struggling to catch up. In fact, testing of hypersonic weapons by the Pentagon is not going well at all, putting Washington further behind and keeping America more vulnerable than ever to a lightning-quick sneak attack.

“The first US hypersonic weapon will be delayed for as long as a year under a new schedule, even as lawmakers protest that the Pentagon is lagging behind in a new technology that Russia has already used in Ukraine and China has demonstrated in a space launch,” Bloomberg News reports.

“The goal to declare an ‘early operational capability’ for the Lockheed Martin missile by Sept. 30 has been moved back to sometime in the next fiscal year, according to an Air Force statement,” the report continued.

This, despite the fact that the U.S. spends nearly $800 billion a year on defense.

The Defense Department has also said that the Air-Launched Rapid Response Weapon, or ARRW, will likely be the “nation’s first operational hypersonic weapon,” though again, at this point, there is no way of knowing when that will be — despite the fact that Russia has fielded an operational hypersonic weapon and has already used it in combat. And these weapons, by the way, are nuclear-capable.

Bloomberg continues:

Hypersonic weapons are hard to track and destroy because they fly five times the speed of sound and can be maneuvered. Last month, Russia debuted a hypersonic air-to-ground missile in its attack on Ukraine, and in July, China hit a demonstration target on Earth with a weapon in orbit.

Adversaries don’t have to meet the rigorous standards set under the US defense acquisition system or face public scrutiny over delays and failure.

But then again, they also aren’t wasting money fighting endless brush fire wars in faraway lands for decades at a time, though Russia has certainly bit off a massive financial sinkhole in attacking its western neighbor.

According to Bloomberg, propulsion appears to be the setback for the U.S. weapon, as the Lockheed missile experienced booster motor failures for three tests in a row, which put the project behind in terms of passing two additional motor tests and at least one missile that is fully assembled.

And now, “due to the recent flight test anomalies,” the Air Force says, the very first test of a complete missile has been moved to between Oct. 1 and Dec. 30 this year, with additional testing already planned for next year as well.

Continuing, the Air Force statement said that the service branch will declare an early operational capability “after successful demonstration of operational utility” via tests of the fully assembled missile following successful booster motor demonstrations — meaning, the U.S. will remain vulnerable until the Air Force and Lockheed can figure out how to make a missile that Russia and China have already deployed work.

When the weapon has demonstrated at least some capability, remaining test missiles could theoretically be used in an emergency because, for the time being, the Air Force has delayed a former production order.

The Army and the Navy are also working on a hypersonic missile design, but the Air Force was thought to be the furthest along. The latter two services are utilizing a shared two-stage booster rocket to launch the warhead into hypersonic flight, but it has yet to undergo testing.

With the delays, however, America remains vulnerable and that’s unacceptable.

Sources include:



Idaho cuts library funding over obscene books for children

SEE: https://www.massresistance.org/docs/gen4/22b/Idaho-cuts-state-library-funding/index.html;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Idaho legislature cuts state library funding over obscene books for children. MassResistance worked closely with key legislators.

The move came after RINOs in State Senate killed a popular bill to repeal the obscenity exemption granted to libraries and schools

RINOs also killed a bill to stop “sex-change" operations on children

LGBT lobby pushed hard to keep allowing these horrors affecting children

May 3, 2022
The bill to keep obscene material from children in schools and libraries passed the House overwhelmingly. But then the RINOs in the Senate blocked it. So conservative legislators fought back!

On the last day of the legislative session, conservatives in the Idaho Legislature cut nearly $4 million from the state’s library funding. They also created a legislative working group to protect minors in libraries from obscene material.

This was done in reaction to the fate of two important bills to protect children from the LGBT movement that had passed the House. RINOs (“Republican In Name Only”) in the Idaho State Senate leadership killed the bills without even giving them a hearing. Idaho MassResistance activists worked closely with conservative legislators throughout the process.

Two years ago – landmark legislation in Idaho

Two years ago, lawmakers in Idaho reached out to MassResistance for help to successfully pass into law two key bills derailing the transgender agenda in the state.

As a result: (1) Idaho became the first state in America to keep males out of women’s and girls’ sports. (2) Public documents such as birth certificates and drivers' licenses must reflect the person’s biological sex, not a contrived “gender identity.”

Iin addition to working with lawmakers, MassResistance also helped counter a massive propaganda campaign from the LGBT lobby and pressure from large corporations opposing these bills.

This year: Two more bills to protect children

This year, another group of Idaho legislators and activists asked MassResistance for help in passing two more pieces of legislation:

1. H675 – Ban chemical and surgical sex mutilation of minors for “gender identity” purposes. (Passed the House; killed in the Senate)

Children across the country have been horribly disfigured by this medical quackery. The bill would have provided criminal penalties for taking children out of state to undergo these procedures.

Idaho MassResistance activists worked with sponsors and other legislators. They also gathered key expert witnesses, including physicians and people affected by “transgender” surgery, to testify at the public hearing via Zoom.

Dr. Quentin Van Meter, nationally known endocrinologist and expert on this subject, testifies in favor of H675.

MassResistance’s influence was definitely being noticed in the Idaho legislature. At one point during the public hearing, a Democrat State Rep. grilled one of the supporters of the bill demanding to know, “Are you familiar with a group called MassResistance? Did they play any role in reviewing this bill, drafting language, providing any of the terminology?” (The person said he knew about MassResistance. But he said that we had no role in actually drafting the legislation, which is true.)

Democrat State Rep asks witness during public hearing: "Are you familiar with a group called MassResistance?"

2. H666: Repeal the obscenity exemption for schools and libraries. (Passed the House; killed in the Senate)

Decades ago, most states passed laws exempting schools and libraries from obscenity laws meant to protect minors. This was done so schools and libraries could reference legitimate artwork from earlier periods which include nudity. (Venus de Milo or Michelangelo’s David come to mind.)

But in recent years, radical adults have been stocking those shelves with some of the most sickening pornography imaginable, including books that encourage children to engage in homosexual sex acts and sex-change “gender” procedures. 

This compendium of examples was provided to Idaho legislatures. (This will shock you!)

Thus, this bill would remove that exemption. In fact, legitimate works of art would not fall under the current obscenity laws. So this bill would only affect actual pornography and obscene material. Similar bills are being filed across the country by pro-family groups and conservative legislators.

MassResistance helped provide a number of expert witnesses to testify in favor of the bill, including a local Idaho library board trustee. Various legislators also brought in other local board trustees who supported the bill.

Not surprisingly, the LGBT movement and the pro-LGBT library associations were furious at this bill and fought hard to keep pornographic books available to children. They even argued that sexual and homosexual material is somehow “good” for young children.

Anger from the Left: Absurd political cartoon in liberal Idaho newspaper attacking the Library Board trustee who supported H666 - and associating her with Vladimir Putin!

The successful fight in the House

Starting in mid-February, MassResistance activists up and down the state contacted legislators, urging them to pass these two important bills. Finally, on March 7 and 8, the Idaho House of Representatives held contentious floor votes on these two bills. Many of the talking points used during the floor debate came from MassResistance activists. They provided extensive research for legislators so they could respond to the false and deceitful talking points from the LGBT lobby.

During the floor debate, a sponsor of H666 discusses the unbelievable pornography for children in the file of examples from Idaho libraries.

Both pieces of legislation ultimately passed the House with wide support. Surprisingly enough, the Idaho Speaker of the House, who has a mixed record on these socially conservative reforms, made sure that both bills received a hearing and final passage.

Both bills were blocked by RINOs in the State Senate – and the LGBT lobbying blitz

In the State Senate, MassResistance activists faced bigger problems.

Both bills would need to get through the State Senate State Affairs Committee. The committee chairman, Patti Anne Lodge, though a Republican, is a notorious liberal who has voted against many conservative reforms. This year was her last year serving in the State Legislature since she had decided to retire. Many lobbyists in Boise were convinced that there was very little they could do to convince her to move either bill forward.

To make matters worse, Idaho State Senate President Chuck Winder, also a Republican, announced in a Zoom call of a local press conference that he did not see any chance of either bill even getting a committee hearing. He actually called the two bills “craziness from the House.”

How did this happen? It appears that the LGBT lobby had saturated the RINO Senate leadership with false and deceptive talking points.

Our Organization Director, Arthur Schaper, contacted one of the leaders of the State Senate, to ask why H675 (the bill banning “sex-change” procedures on children) was not moving forward. The Senator rattled off LGBT talking points. However, those points were contradicted by the actual text of the bill - which Arthur read to him! That didn’t matter to the Senator at all.

It was similar to bill H666. MassResistance activists worked with Dan Kleinman of SafeLibraries, a group that exposes library corruption and harm to minors. Dan filed FOIA requests with libraries throughout Idaho. He discovered that numerous library staffers had submitted false and misleading talking points to Democrat state legislators – and the GOP Senate leadership. These included statements like: “This legislation amounts to censorship” or “It violates the First Amendment” or “This legislation will criminalize librarians.”

Thus, neither H675 nor H666 saw the light of day in the Idaho Senate.

Success via another route - through the state budget and a special committee

Conservative lawmakers in the House and Senate were very angry. The file of pornographic library books available to children was sickening to many. And the fact that librarians across the state had actively (and dishonestly) lobbied against the bill that would keep pornography away from children infuriated many conservatives even more.

In late March, as the legislative session neared its end, the last item on the Legislature’s plate was the state budget. Conservatives came together on the obscenity issue and continued to push back on this issue against the leadership. If the state-funded libraries insisted on pushing pornography on children, they needed to feel the heat.

During that battle, the state budget went through four iterations which failed to pass.

Idaho Press report.

The fifth time, an agreement was finally reached. Nearly $4 million was cut from the State Library Commission. (The money had been mostly earmarked for certain construction and remodeling upgrades in various libraries.) This is a substantial cut, and the Left is not happy about it.

Idaho National Public Radio report.

In addition, a resolution was passed creating a special legislative committee to deal with this problem. The group’s official title is “House Working Group for Protecting Idaho Children from Material Harmful to Minors in Libraries.” Its mission is to use all available laws, regulations, and policies to protect children from obscene material in their schools and libraries.

Final thoughts

It’s unbelievable that any “normal” lawmakers would allow these terrible policies harming children to stand. But unfortunately, that’s what’s happening.

Families are running into similar problems in many deeply conservative states and regions. Social liberals know they cannot get elected as Democrats, so they run as Republicans. We’ve seen it in Texas, Florida, Wyoming, Idaho, and other places. They cause all kinds of havoc and often get into leadership positions. They collaborate with the Left, the LGBT movement, Black Lives Matter, Critical Race Theory proponents, and others.

MassResistance is dedicated to helping local activists deal with this in their home states!

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