Biden Infrastructure Bill Includes $20 BILLION To DESTROY Highways For Being Racist

Administration claims "long-standing and persistent racial injustice" in infrastructure



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Joe Biden’s $2.5 trillion infrastructure spending spree will include $20 billion earmarked for actually destroying highways because they have been deemed to be racist.

The administration pointed to the Claiborne Expressway in New Orleans and Interstate 81 in Syracuse, New York as two examples of “long-standing and persistent racial injustice,” in infrastructure.

The plan set forth by Biden would see billions spent on an effort to “reconnect neighborhoods” by destroying current highways and making sure that new projects “advance racial equity and environmental justice.”

A whopping $621 billion has been touted for ‘transportation infrastructure and resilience,’ with the administration promising it will address “historic inequities.”

“Structural racism and persistent economic inequities have undermined opportunity for millions of workers,” the administration has also claimed.

Last year, Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg proclaimed that “Black and brown neighborhoods have been disproportionately divided by highway projects or left isolated by the lack of adequate transit and transportation resources.”

During a Senate confirmation hearing in January, Buttigieg declared “At their worst, misguided policies and missed opportunities in transportation can reinforce racial and economic inequality by dividing or isolating neighborhoods and undermining government’s basic role of empowering Americans to thrive.”

The Infrastructure plan has been widely criticized for including non-infrastructure related components:

Tucker Carlson warned Thursday that the Biden Administration is “looting America” and that the infrastructure outline is as much about tearing down highways than it is building them.

“Expect a lot more highways to meet this fate. People who believe highways are racist will get tens of billions of dollars as part of this plan, as long as they’re in what the Biden administration calls ‘underserved communities,'” Carlson noted.

“Is this really about infrastructure? Bridges? Roads? Airports? Things we could actually use? Or is it yet another weird climate scheme/power grab/race-based redistribution plan?” the host asked, going on to cite multiple examples of non-infrastructure wokeness in the bill.

Despite the vast investment plan, the woke ‘Green Deal’ crowd is all not happy with it, saying it isn’t enough.

Sharyl Attkisson: Dangers of Third-Party “Fact-Checkers”~How Propaganda Replaced Journalism

“That’s what the propagandists know… If the same thing is said over and over again, regardless of how untrue it is, it ultimately sinks in,” says Sharyl Attkisson. A five-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, Attkisson never imagined she would see her profession become plagued by the bias and censorship she now sees in media today. How did things get to this point? Tonight, we discuss the proliferation of third-party fact-checkers, how big tech is controlling online discourse, and what she expects will happen if Trump launches his own social media platform. Attkisson is the author of “Slanted: How the News Media Taught Us to Love Censorship and Hate Journalism” and the host of the show, Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson.

Marjorie Taylor Greene DEMOLISHES AOC’s Claim That Border Crisis is RACIST!!!


Marjorie Taylor Greene DEMOLISHES Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Claim That the Crisis at our Southern Border is Racist! In this video, we’re going to look at AOC’s latest rant, how Marjorie Taylor Greene utterly leveled her in a single tweet, and how Greene’s response perfectly destroyed the fallacy the pervades AOC’s and the Democrats’ entire worldview; you are NOT going to want to miss this!

White Victims of Muslim Rapists~Who is the real “racist” in this equation?



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

[Photo above: The alleged crime scene on the island of Gran Canaria where the gang-rape written about below took place].

Raymond Ibrahim is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

Four Muslim migrants from North Africa gang-raped a 36-year-old woman on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria, after she stopped to ask how she could help them.  According to the March 3 report,

The alleged victim is believed to have lived on the Canary Islands, whereas the suspects are thought to have arrived only recently on a boat….  [T]hey were given initially government-provided accommodations managed by the Red Cross but later kicked out for breaking the rules.  They are then thought to have set up camp in the park [pictured above] where the woman was allegedly attacked after enquiring about their situation.  The woman had asked if she could help them with anything, but within ‘a matter of seconds’ this had led to her being assaulted…

This woman, who was described “as either an Irish ex-pat or coming from a Nordic country,” joins countless other European women—especially those “from a Nordic country”—to be raped by Muslim migrants.

Why is this ongoing phenomenon not being checked?  One of the reasons revolves around the specter of “racism.”  The “woke” establishment tends to see European women accusing Muslim men of raping them through a skeptical light.

For example, in Sweden—the rape capital of Europe—studies continue to reveal that migrants, mostly from North Africa, the Middle East, and Muslim sub-Sahara, account for the overwhelming majority of rapes, as captured by the following headline: “Report: 9 in 10 Gang Rapists In Sweden Have Foreign Origins.”

To neutralize these findings, on March 9, 2021, the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (“Brå”) said that “Immigrants’ sharp over-representation in rape statistics may be due to the fact that Swedish women are more likely to report immigrants for rape than they are to report Swedish men.”  Stina Holmberg, a research councilor at Brå, elaborated:

It may be that you are more inclined to report something you [a Swedish woman] have been exposed to if the crime was committed by someone you feel more alien to, and who has low social status.

Skepticism for rape reports against non-white males turns to open hostility whenever this issue is forthrightly discussed, as Sarah Champion, a Labor politician and MP for Rotherham (the epicenter of sex grooming), learned last summer, when she was accused of “fanning the flames of racial hatred” and “acting like a neo-fascist murderer.” Her crime? She had dared to assert that “Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls.”  (The same elements that accused Champion of being a “murderer” also, and rather unsurprisingly, characterize the UK’s anti-extremism program, Prevent, as being “built upon a foundation of Islamophobia and racism.”)

Perhaps most telling is an April 220 article, titled, “I was raped by Rotherham grooming gang—now I still face racist abuse online.”  In it, a British woman (alias, “Ella”) revealed that her Muslim rapists called her “a white c*nt, a white whore, a white b***h,” during the more than 100 times the Pakistani grooming gang-raped her in her youth.

“We need to understand racially and religiously aggravated crime if we are going to prevent it and protect people from it and if we are going to prosecute correctly for it,” Ella said in a recent interview:

Prevention, protection and prosecution—all of them are being hindered because we are neglecting to properly address the religious and racist aspects of grooming gang crimes.... It’s telling them that it's OK to hate white people.

That there are “racial” and “religious” aspects to the epidemic of Muslims raping European women is an understatement.  According to Dr. Taj Hargey, a British imam, Muslim men are taught that women are “second-class citizens, little more than chattels or possessions over whom they have absolute authority.” The imams, moreover, preach a doctrine “that denigrates all women, but treats whites with particular contempt.” Consider a few earlier examples:

  • Another British woman was trafficked to Morocco where she was prostituted and repeatedly raped by dozens of Muslim men.  They “made me believe I was nothing more than a slut, a white whore,” she recollected. “They treated me like a leper, apart from when they wanted sex.  I was less than human to them, I was rubbish.”
  • Another British girl was “passed around like a piece of meat” among Muslim men who abused and raped her between the ages of 12 and 14.  Speaking now as an adult, a court heard how she “was raped on a dirty mattress above a takeaway and forced to perform [oral] sex acts in a churchyard,” and how one of her abusers “urinated on her in an act of humiliation” afterward.
  • A Muslim man explained to another British woman why he was raping her: “you white women are good at it.”
  • A Muslim man called a 13-year-old virgin “a little white slag”—British slang for “loose, promiscuous woman”—before raping her.
  • In Germany, a group of Muslim migrants stalked a 25-year-old woman, hurled “filthy” insults at and taunted her for sex.  They too explained their logic—“German girls are just there for sex”—before reaching into her blouse and groping her. 
  • Another Muslim man who almost killed his 25-year-old German victim while raping her—and shouting “Allah!”—afterward inquired if she liked it.
  • In Australia, a Muslim cabbie groped and insulted his female passengers, including by saying “All Australian women are sluts and deserve to be raped.”
  • In Austria, an “Arabic-looking man” approached a 27-year-old woman at a bus stop, pulled down his pants, and “all he could say was sex, sex, sex,” prompting the woman to scream and flee.

In short, there certainly is a “racist” aspect to the rape of European women by migrants—though in reverse: non-white Muslim men tend to see white women as nymphomaniacs that are “hot” for being degraded and abused—a stereotype that, incidentally, stretches back to the very beginnings of Islamic history.

Even so, Ella’s attempts to highlight these “religious and racist aspects” that fueled the abuse she and other European girls and women experienced—that is, her attempt to connect the dots in an effort to help eliminate this phenomenon—led only to “a lot of abuse from far-left extremists, and radical feminist academics,” she said. Such groups “go online and they try to resist anyone they consider to be a Nazi, racist, fascist or white supremacist.”

They don’t care about anti-white racism, because they appear to believe that it doesn’t exist. They have tried to floor me and criticize me continually and this has been going on for a couple of months. They tried to shut me down, shut me up ... I’ve never experienced such hate online in my life. They accuse me of ‘advocating for white pedophiles’ and being a ‘sinister demonic entity.’

Such is the price for speaking unpopular truths—especially those that directly challenge the official narrative.

DOWNEY, CALIFORNIA: Residents of LA suburb stop radical push by local government

Residents of LA suburb successfully stop yet another LGBT effort by their local government.

MassResistance helps conservative, minority residents fight back against left-wing politicians.

This is how pro-family victories need to happen!


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

April 1, 2021
The Downey, CA, City Council listens as the clerk reads the angry emails they received from residents against a proposed city-sponsored "LGBT youth picnic."

The pro-family movement far too often fails to realize that when it comes to the Left’s attempt to push their agenda onto society, every battle is important. And seemingly “little” victories are often particularly critical in the larger picture.

Downey, California is a largely minority, working-class suburb of Los Angeles. The residents are also very conservative. Until just six years ago the Downey City Council was entirely Republican.

Downey, CA - a conservative, working-class suburb southeast of Los Angeles.

Then the California Legislature changed the election laws to allow ballot harvesting, mail-in voting, extended voting, etc. The Los Angeles County Democrat machine targeted Downey. They ran progressives and left-wing activists for the various local offices, and aggressively used ballot harvesting and the other fraudulent techniques to make sure their candidates won. Before people realized what was happening, their government had changed radically. Downey’s minority residents, in particular, felt helpless.

The Left appeared to have free reign to change Downey. But it hasn’t been so easy, thanks to MassResistance!

The battle started in 2019

Part of the leftist agenda is to bring extremely graphic and explicit sex-ed programs into the schools. In 2019, the Downey School Board overwhelmingly passed a “comprehensive sex-ed” curriculum for the middle school and high school grades. Right away, parents were upset with the phony “public vetting” process that had revealed little about it. And the school refused to make the details of the curriculum public. So parents asked MassResistance for help.

Our California MassResistance group forced the school officials to reveal what was really in that curriculum – and we exposed it to the public. But we didn’t stop there. We organized parents from across town to storm the School Board and demand that the curriculum be thrown out.

During a School Board meeting. The parents refused to give up!
ALT TEXT MassResistance parents pose for a photo in the hallway just after a School Board meeting.

The fight lasted for six months. The School Board did not want to upset their left-wing allies. But finally, in May 2020, the Downey School Board surrendered and agreed to abandon the curriculum. So far, it hasn’t been replaced with anything.

It was a great victory. As a result, the Downey parents formed one of the most robust MassResistance groups in California!

A pastor talks to a MassResistance gathering at a local church.
One of the door-to-door canvassing teams.

Last month: Another fight, another win!

Last month, the Left tried another tactic. They felt it was time for the City of Downey to begin sponsoring a public LGBT event. The city would organize an “LGBT youth picnic” in a local park. That may seem relatively inconsequential. But it would be made into a very powerful statement – and leveraged into more official events in the future.

As the local media reported on March 20, the LGBT picnic proposal was to be brought up three days later at the March 23 Downey City Council meeting by Council Member Catherine Alvarez, an “openly bisexual woman,” along with Council Member Mario Trujillo, who is “married” to another man.

Council members Catherine Alvarez (left) and Mario Trujillo made it their goal to push the LGBT agenda.

It looked like this proposal would sail through the City Council. The article observed this move is part of Downey’s “transformation away from political conservatism.” (Well – maybe not!)

The people overwhelm the left-wing politicians

Word quickly got out, people across town became very upset, and the Downey MassResistance chapter helped residents get involved. As a result, in the three days leading up to the March 23 meeting, the Mayor and City Council got a flood of calls and emails. Not surprisingly, Trujillo reacted by carrying on about “bigotry” and “homophobia.” But people weren’t intimidated.

At the March 23 meeting when the City Council meeting took up that item, Alvarez began by encouraging the Council to pass it. She didn’t make a very compelling argument:

It’s more likely as a celebration for a Pride Month. I know that last year, the Downey youth organized a Pride march outside of city hall. I think everyone remembers that. They did this because the youth wanted the LGBT people to feel welcome to our community. They wanted to express themselves, that there are LGBT people in this city.

Mayor Claudia Frometa was clearly a bit skittish due to the constituent pressure opposing this, and he countered that argument:

If we approve an event like this, we are setting a precedent, we are opening our city for every group that wants to host something, is going to come knocking on our door, so that we pay for it, Any group is welcome to host whatever event they want, our city’s parks are available. They have to set up their own sponsorship. They do it. It shouldn’t be a city-sponsored anything.

(Of course, setting a precedent is exactly what the Left wants to do!)

Next, Council Member Trujillo spoke at length about the need to publicly fight homophobia and bigotry, not only in Downey but across the country. He listed cities across the country that sponsor “Gay Pride Month” events.

But that didn’t seem to be enough to save it. The other two members of the City Council were not in a mood to go against the flood of opposition to this:

Mayor Pro-tem Blanca Pacheco said she objected to holding an LGBT youth picnic because of the COVID-19 restrictions and also because of the “optics”, given that the city was low on funds, and it would look bad for the city to spend money on something like a Pride event.

Sean Ashton, another liberal on the City Council, said that he supported the idea of an LGBT youth picnic, but did not think that the city should go forward with it because the city needed to address infrastructure issues.

After the Council Members made their remarks, the City Clerk read out comments that were submitted via email. Every single emailed response opposed the LGBT youth picnic! Here are just a few samples that we got via a FOIA request:

Homosexuality and transgenderism are not inherent, genetic traits. These are behaviors that cut the lifespan sort of individuals who engage in them. There are not behaviors to promote to the public, and should not be permitted around children.

Today you have decided to vote whether or not the City should fund an LGBTQ picnic. Did you consider the majority of residents in Downey who would not want this picnic to be funded by the city? Unbelievable that you would even consider it. That’s not why you were voted into office.

Do not bring divisiveness camouflaged as inclusion. Let’s use city funds to promote COMMUNITY, not specific groups. Remember, you are public servants working for the whole community, not just a small minority of the public sector.

If people who identify as LGBTQ want to have a picnic, then they can have a picnic. No one is stopping from gathering at a park and having a picnic. But there is no reason that the city needs to “officially” sanction this activity.

I have lived in this community for almost 20 years now. I like to live in Downey, but I recently informed that Downey is moving forward to have LGBTQ Picnic. I am furious at the members of Downey Council who consider this. We are not paying taxes to promote personal benefits, but for community.

Next, several people testified via Zoom. A few of them spoke out about so-called “homophobia,” but the majority of the Zoom participants were also strongly against it.

Thus, three of the Council Members would not commit to supporting the picnic, and the vast majority of comments from the public opposed the picnic. Relenting to the clear opposition to the idea, Councilmember Alvarez agreed to abandon the picnic proposal, and instead allow for a proclamation in June 2021 to “celebrate Pride Month,” The Council informally agreed to that, and the matter was done. (However, the Downey MassResistance group is planning to demand a resolution also be passed to celebrate natural marriage, life, and family.)

The people won again! The left-wing politicians were again forced to back down.

Final thoughts

We can’t stress how incredibly important it is to give relatively powerless parents and citizens – especially minorities whom the Left often targets – a strong way to successfully fight back in today’s world. The Left is out to subjugate everyone. But they can be stopped. We must remember that every battle is important!

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Our successes depend on people like you.

Donate to MassResistance

Your support will make the difference!

Canada: Accused ISIS jihadi granted bail; pastor went to maximum security prison for opening church during pandemic



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The double standard in the judicial system is increasingly obvious, not just in Canada but all over the West. There is one standard for leftists and their Islamic supremacist allies, and a different standard for everyone else.


“Ontario woman facing terror-related charges granted bail,” by Katie Nicholson, CBC News, March 31, 2021:

An Ontario woman facing terror-related charges with her husband after they allegedly tried to cross the Turkish border to Syria two years ago has been granted bail.

Haleema Mustafa, 23, appeared Wednesday morning via Zoom in Ontario Superior Court in Brampton from the Maplehurst Correctional Centre in Milton.

Mustafa’s bail was granted with conditions that require her to:

Reside with the relative providing her surety.
Have her internet access supervised and stay off social media.
Conduct regular check-ins with RCMP.
Not apply for a passport.
Not own any weapons.
Remain in Ontario….

The Markham, Ont., woman and her husband, Ikar Mao, are charged with leaving Canada to participate in the activities of a terrorist group and participating in the activities of a terrorist group.

Mustafa and Mao, who is from Guelph, Ont., were detained in Turkey in July 2019 after family members alerted officials they feared they might be planning to cross the border into Syria to join the Islamic State in Syria (ISIS). They were released and returned to Canada in October 2019….

Muslims from Syria and Iraq crossing into U.S. from Mexico, enter country unvetted



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

What could possibly go wrong? You wouldn’t be so “racist” and “Islamophobic” as to object, would you?

The military site SOFREP reported in January 2020 that “three members of the al-Qaeda terrorist group were stopped and apprehended trying to fly into Dallas while using passports from Colombia. The three entered Colombia via Venezuela.” That same month, according to KYMA, “Mexicali Police Chief Maria Elena Andrade confirmed that a red alert has been issued at the Mexicali border due to a possible Iranian terrorist threat….‘We received reports that four nationals of Iran possibly carrying explosives were going to attempt to cross the border in the area of San Luis to Mexicali.’”

“EXCLUSIVE: Influx of Russian, Syrian and Iraqi immigrants are traveling to Mexico to cross the US border, where overwhelmed detention centers are being forced to release them after three days without vetting,” by Alan Butterfield,, March 29, 2021:

The Biden administration is spending $3 million dollars a day to house migrants at a detention center in Dilley, Texas, where the number of people from Russia and the Middle East crossing the border from Mexico is growing at an alarming rate, has learned.

Even more alarming, officials are being forced to ‘catch and release’ undocumented immigrants without properly vetting them, according to an official at the facility.

The South Texas Family Residential Center in Dilley is currently housing about 1,500 migrants at a cost of approximately $2,000 per person per day….

‘Previously we’d get immigrants from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, but in the last few months we’ve had immigrants from Russia, Iraq, Syria, Vietnam, Romania, Haiti,’ the source said….

The process has sparked security concerns at the center, where officials are no longer able to properly screen migrants or verify their identities in their rush to process everyone.

‘Because the turnaround time is so short, the immigrants aren’t being vetted before they are released,’ the source said.

‘Our government doesn’t really know who they are releasing into our society. When these immigrant families come in from Russia, Syria and Iraq, some of them could be terrorists.

‘When these men come into our facility with women and children, we have no proof any of them are actually related. Often they don’t have documentation so we have to take their word on their name, age, nationality, etc. They could be anyone, child predators, traffickers, terrorists.’…

Muslim immigrants are provided with prayer rugs and non-pork dishes….

FREE SPEECH VICTORY: 6th Circuit Reaches Right Conclusion on ‘Preferred Pronouns’ OF TRANSGENDERS

Other Courts Should Follow Suit

Nicholas Meriwether

Title: Professor
Area: Philosophy
Office Location: MAS 407
Phone: (740) 351-3447
[email protected]

Jennifer Pauley

Title: Professor
Area: English, British Literature
Office Location: MAS 406
Phone: (740) 351-3330
[email protected]

Jennifer Pauley



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

In a victory for free speech, the rule of law, and common sense, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit has ruled that a philosophy professor could not be forced to use a transgender student’s “preferred pronouns,” and that his suit against the university for violation of his First and 14th Amendment rights could proceed.

The court’s decision is the first of its kind, and establishes a needed boundary against American culture’s new, brutish sexual orthodoxy.

At least within academia, one can no longer be compelled to say things one doesn’t believe.

The incident that precipitated this suit occurred in January 2018, when Shawnee State University philosophy professor Nicholas Meriwether responded to a male student’s question during a Socratic dialogue in his political philosophy class by saying, “Yes, sir.”

After class at the school in Portsmouth, Ohio, the student approached Meriwether, stated that he was transgender, and demanded that the professor refer to him as a woman, with feminine titles and pronouns.

Instead, Meriwether offered to use the student’s last name, or any other name of the student’s choosing, but politely declined to use the transgender student’s pronouns. The student became belligerent and promised to get Meriwether fired.

The student then filed a complaint with the university, which launched a formal investigation through the university’s Title IX office.

Meriwether again offered various compromises in an attempt to protect his rights of conscience while being respectful to the transgender student, but the university rejected any arrangement other than the use of preferred pronouns or the elimination of sex-based pronouns altogether (a virtual impossibility in a scholastic setting).

When Meriwether refused, the university formally charged him with a violation of Title IX, claiming “he [had] effectively created a hostile environment” for the student.

The university placed a written warning in Meriwether’s personnel file and threatened “further corrective actions” unless he articulated the university’s groupthink.

Two years prior, in 2016, Meriwether had received a faculty-wide email from Shawnee State leadership, directing all faculty to refer to students by their preferred pronouns.

At that time, Meriwether, a devout Christian, had approached his department chair, Jennifer Pauley, with concerns about the policy. Pauley was not only dismissive of Meriwether’s concerns, she was patently hostile.

Knowing Meriwether had successfully taught courses on Christian thought for decades, Pauley claimed Christians are “primarily motivated out of fear” and “should be banned from teaching courses regarding that religion.” In her view, even the “presence of religion in higher education is counterproductive.”

Meriwether was told that even if a professor had moral or religious objections to the use of preferred pronouns, the policy would still apply.

Two years later, Meriwether’s spotless record was marred by a disciplinary note, and he was teaching under the threat of further discipline, including suspension without pay or termination unless he agreed to fall in line with Shawnee’s pronoun policy.

In November 2018, Meriwether sued the university in Ohio federal court for violation of his rights of free speech and religious liberty under the First Amendment and violation of his due process and equal protection rights under the 14th Amendment.

U.S. District Judge Susan Dlott threw out Meriwether’s lawsuit on Feb. 12, 2020, and among other things, held that a professor’s speech in the classroom is never protected by the First Amendment. Meriwether appealed to the 6th Circuit.

In Meriwether v. Hartop et al., an impatient panel for the 6th Circuit wasted no time with perfunctory legalese or institutional pandering. It cut right to the chase in its frustration with Shawnee State’s stamping out of debate and open dialogue vis-a-vis its malignant speech policy.

The opinion, which was written by Judge Amul Thapar and joined by Judge Joan Larsen and Senior Judge David McKeague, begins:

Traditionally, American universities have been beacons of intellectual diversity and academic freedom. They have prided themselves on being forums where controversial ideas are discussed and debated. And they have tried not to stifle debate by picking sides. But Shawnee State chose a different route: It punished a professor for his speech on a hotly contested issue. And it did so despite the constitutional protections afforded by the First Amendment.

The district court dismissed the professor’s free-speech and free-exercise claims. We see things differently and reverse.

The court went on to clarify that the Supreme Court has recognized that the government may not compel a speaker to affirm a belief with which the speaker disagrees. It added that courts have recognized that the free speech clause of the Constitution applies at public universities and that “professors do not shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the [university] gate.”

Thapar, the first South Asian federal judge in American history and the son of self-made immigrants from India, seemed hard-pressed in containing his displeasure at the university’s looseness with longstanding judicial principles. It’s clear he doesn’t take kindly to Shawnee State’s loutish attempts at conformity.  

In relaying a dizzying body of precedent, Thapar stressed that the court has rejected as “totally unpersuasive” the argument that “teachers have no First Amendment rights when teaching, or that the government can censor teacher speech without restriction.”

Simply put, the judge wrote, professors at public universities retain First Amendment protections at least when engaged in core academic functions, such as teaching and scholarship because the need for the free exchange of ideas in the college classroom is unlike that of other workplace settings.

In a critical discussion on the use of pronouns themselves, Thapar wrote:

 [T]itles and pronouns carry a message. The university recognizes that and wants its professors to use pronouns to communicate a message: People can have a gender identity inconsistent with their sex at birth. But Meriwether does not agree with that message, and he does not want to communicate it to his students.

That’s not a matter of classroom management; that’s a matter of academic speech … Never before have titles and pronouns been scrutinized as closely as they are today for their power to validate—or invalidate—someone’s perceived sex or gender identity. Meriwether took a side in that debate. Through his continued refusal to address Doe as a woman, he advanced a viewpoint on gender identity …

Shawnee State allegedly flouted [a] core principle of the First Amendment. Taking the allegations as true, we hold that the university violated Meriwether’s free-speech rights.

The court’s opinion in Meriwether v. Hartop is long overdue comfort to those who refuse to bend the knee on leftist groupthink—the kind that forces a subjective and manipulable view of one person’s self to become a defining reality for everyone else. It is a stake in the ground on behalf of religious dissenters and academic freedom.

And—with poetic suitability to a Socratic dialogue—the decision reminds us that there are no “personal” truths, but only truths immemorial: realities that exist independent of our wishes to the contrary.

Have an opinion about this article? To sound off, please email [email protected] and we will consider publishing your remarks in our regular “We Hear You” feature. 

US Far Left, Chinese Communist Party Are Ideological Kissing Cousins



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Don’t be surprised when China’s leaders talk down to top Biden administration officials, whether at a meeting last month in Alaska or elsewhere, going out of their way to cast the United States as a racist den of inequity.

That is, after all, how our elites and educators describe the country to our students constantly.

What we’re seeing now, generally, is a convergence of interests and rhetoric between the American far left and a Chinese Communist Party that has been fully in control of the People’s Republic of China since 1949.

So, when Yang Jiechi, the Chinese Communist Party’s foreign affairs chief, and longtime American hand, lectures U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and national security adviser Jake Sullivan in Anchorage, Alaska, that the U.S. must “change its own image” and that “many people within the United States actually have little confidence in the democracy of the United States,” he’s just repeating what is routinely said on MSNBC or on any U.S. college campus.

Similarly, when Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian tells a press conference in Beijing that attacks against Chinese Americans are the result of rhetoric from the Trump administration and of criticism of China’s woeful human rights record, he’s just repeating what Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., and even people in the Biden administration have said.

The same holds for when China’s top leaders hold up Black Lives Matter to say, as Yang did, that “the challenges facing the United States in human rights are deep-seated. They did not just emerge over the past four years, such as Black Lives Matter. It did not come up only recently.”

What are Blinken and Sullivan supposed to do, act like former top U.S. officials and tell Yang that, no, the United States is actually the freest and most prosperous society on earth, one that is much, much less racist than China?

They can’t. If they spoke the truth, they would be impaled by their own party.

The American left is increasingly under the influence of its extreme elements, which means that, like China’s leaders, it wants the United States to undergo deep-seated transformation.

That has a number of implications.

Both sides like that Black Lives Matter organizations and their leaders are destabilizing America from within; China, because it wants a weaker American rival, and the hard left because it wants to destroy America’s institutions and economic system so it can replace them with socialist ones.

Both sides, for different reasons, want the United States to stop criticizing China for its woeful human rights record, and not just in Xinjiang, where it puts the mostly Muslim Uighurs in concentration camps to Sinicize them; in Hong Kong, where Beijing has ended promised autonomy; in Tibet, which China has occupied for 60 years; or in Taiwan, a free, capitalist island that Beijing lusts after.

Speaking at a subcommittee hearing on an increase in crime against Americans of Asian descent, Nadler said:

It is important to recognize that this surge did not spontaneously arise only out of fears regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Some of this blame lies squarely on political leaders who have demonized China—both because of the virus and ongoing geopolitical tensions—and in turn Asian Americans have fallen in harm’s way.

Both sides agree that the United States, as a society and a nation, does not have the moral standing to criticize China.

The New York Times’ Peter Beinart recently wrote that to criticize China, the U.S. must also engage in self-flagellation.

“If American politicians talk only about China’s power and belligerence without also reminding Americans that Beijing’s military budget is a fraction of America’s, that China has good relations with major democracies, and that China has waged far fewer wars in recent decades than has the United States, they will be contributing to the kind of hysterical fear that over the last century has victimized vulnerable Americans again and again,” Beinart wrote.

Both Nadler and Beinart pointed to COVID-19, which first emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan, as another area where Americans should not criticize China.

They both share an interest in blaming former President Donald Trump—and not the lies of the Chinese Communist Party—for the spread of the virus. Like China’s leaders, the American left has let Trump, a real estate magnate, live rent-free inside its brain.

Both sides will also use the current rise in crimes against Americans of Asian descent for their own expedient political purposes: China, to make the case to the world, but especially to its own people, that the U.S. model is inferior to its own, and the left, because the success of Asian Americans is a rebuke against its ideology.

These Americans, especially Chinese Americans, work and study hard, and enjoy the rewards. They pursue the success sequenceabide by the law, learn the civic environment of their new country, and successfully organize to stop racist practices.

That’s why the woke left must jump on the opportunity to instill grievances and try to make sure that they see themselves as victims. 

The far left does not want people to succeed, because that means joining the system. It wants the system smashed. China, too, would like to see the system smashed.

That’s why they have so much in common.

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BRIGHTEON: China creating “Planet of the Apes” hybrid army to CONQUER the world~NOT AN APRIL FOOLS DAY JOKE!

China creating "Planet of the Apes" hybrid humanzee army - not a joke


This is not an April Fools joke. China has become a "dumping ground" of horrifying genetic experiments that are combining human genes with chimpanzees (and other primates) to create hybrid "Planet of the Apes" specimens.

The goal is to engineer a race of hybrid "humanzee" monkey / human super soldiers to conquer the world.

If you thought Fauci's bioweapons experiments in China were the worst thing that could happen there, think again: That only scratches the surface of the horrors yet to be unleashed against the world by communism.

Today's Situation Update covers new lockdowns, vaccine manufacturing screw-ups and even new information that could possibly see the 2020 election reversed, based on new bombshell proof that it was all rigged.

Pentagon Abolishes Trump’s “Transgender Ban”



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

On March 31, the International Transgender Day of Visibility, the Pentagon has announced new policies to abolish the Trump administration’s ban on transgender troops serving in the U.S. military, following a 60-day review initiated after President Biden signed an executive order repealing the ban shortly after he took office in January.

At a signing ceremony, Biden said the order reinstates “a position that the previous commanders and, as well, as the secretaries have supported…. What I’m doing is enabling all qualified Americans to serve their country in uniform and essentially restoring the situation that used to be before, where transgender personnel — if qualified in every other way — can serve their government in the United States military.”

On Wednesday, the department announced it has updated two internal policies to make it easier for transgender individuals to join up and access medical treatment while serving. The policies, which go into effect on April 30, also protect transgender individuals from discrimination within the services. The revised policies also “provide a path of service for medical treatment, gender transition and recognition in one’s self-identified gender,” according to Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby.

It is unclear how many transgender people serve in the military, though some advocacy groups assume it could be as high as 15,000 individuals. Stephanie Miller, the Pentagon’s military accession policy director, believes that the number of service members who self-identify as transgender could range from 1,000 to 8,000. She also notes that there are about 2,200 service members diagnosed with gender dysphoria and who are seeking gender-transition medical procedures. The Pentagon would fund and facilitate the procedures for each individual on a case-by-case basis. According to the Pentagon, the department spent about $8 million on transgender care from 2016 to 2019.

Normal or Ill?

The U.S. Department of Defense has a directive that provides a detailed list of the mental health conditions that prevent a person from being in the armed services. According to the Department of Defense, you’re disqualified from serving in the U.S. military if you have a current diagnosis or a history of most mental disorders. Undoubtedly, military service is highly demanding on a person’s physical, mental, and psychological state. If the nation entrusts someone with the crucial goal of providing security and defense, that person needs to be exceptionally fit. Thus, the strict requirements for the recruits. Are transgender people mentally fit to serve?

For a long time, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) defined being transgender — that is, experiencing “an incongruence between assigned sex (i.e., the sex recorded on one’s birth certificate) and gender identity”— as a “gender identity disorder.” In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5, released in 2013), the APA did away with the term “gender identity disorder,” and declared that such “incongruence” was not a “disorder.” However, “the distress that may accompany the incongruence” could be classified as a disorder, now renamed “gender dysphoria.” The new term was still unsatisfactory to trans activists, since “dysphoria,” as a profound sense of unease or dissatisfaction, still suggested a mental illness. Psychologists say that while dysphoria isn’t a mental health diagnosis on its own, it’s a symptom associated with a variety of mental illnesses, including anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, personality disorder, etc. Indeed, it’s been found that people with so-called gender dysphoria have higher rates of other mental health conditions. Some estimates say that 71 percent of people with gender dysphoria will have some other mental health diagnosis in their lifetime. 

In 2019, following the APA and under pressure from the trans lobby, the World Health Organization (WHO) approved an update to the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, which is known as the ICD-11 and is widely used in the United States. The WHO also dropped the term “gender identity disorder.” However, the new category that replaced it was “gender incongruence” — the very thing that was declared not to be a disorder in the DSM-5.

Those confusing manipulations with medical terms, definitions, and redefinitions allowed for the benefit of having a diagnosis without the “stigma” of having a “mental disorder.” New York psychiatrist Jack Drescher, who was involved in drafting both the DSM-5 and ICD-11 revisions, reveals the incentive behind the changes:

WHO, a United Nations agency, has a human rights mission, and there is substantial evidence that the stigma associated with the intersection of transgender status and mental disorders contributes to precarious legal status, human rights violations, and barriers to appropriate health care for this population.

It’s hard not to notice that Dr. Drescher sounds more like a politician than a psychiatrist, using terms such as “human rights,” “stigma,” and “legal status” that have nothing to do with an accurate diagnosis of a specific health condition. 

Society certainly should have compassion for people who genuinely feel discomfort with their biological sex and who may be going through a painful struggle. However, the direction in which society is moving raises concerns as to its sanity. We are eager to compromise our national defense; eager to mutilate confused people and even children who need psychiatric help, not the life-altering hormonal treatments and surgeries; willing to sacrifice their lives due to the high risk of suicide among trans people; and willing to change the language and scientific dialogue around the issue to the point of that burying any real solutions to the problem; all in the name of kindness, tolerance, and inclusivity. 

BALTIMORE: Factory Ruins 15 Million Doses of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

There’s been a pause in the shipment of Covid vaccines to distributors after Johnson & Johnson discovered a huge error made by workers in a manufacturing plant in Baltimore. Emergent BioSolutions, a manufacturing partner to Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca, apparently mixed up ingredients of the vaccines several weeks ago.

Emergent was still seeking FDA approval to help J&J manufacture the vaccine when the mix-up occurred.

All previous doses of the J&J vaccine were manufactured in the Netherlands so their safety is not an issue. But the factory accident calls into question J&J’s promise to deliver 100 million doses by the end of May. And with further scrutiny of Emergent and other J&J partners by the government, it’s likely that there will be further manufacturing delays.


Johnson & Johnson said in a statement that its quality control processes “identified one batch of drug substance that did not meet quality standards at Emergent Biosolutions, a site not yet authorized to manufacture drug substance for our COVID-19 vaccine.”

The company added: “This batch was never advanced to the filling and finishing stages of our manufacturing process. This is an example of the rigorous quality control applied to each batch of drug substance. The issue was identified and addressed with Emergent and shared with the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA).”

The White House apparently knew of the situation at least a week ago.

But two senior officials working on the federal government’s Covid-19 response told POLITICO that it became clear earlier this month that there were significant problems at Emergent’s West Baltimore plant, where the company was producing the active ingredient — or drug substance — for J&J’s vaccine. The officials said they had not known the exact details of the situation.

A third senior official said the Department of Health and Human Services found out last week that Emergent had botched the 15 million doses, and how. “It was no secret that Emergent did not have a deep bench of pharmaceutical manufacturing experts,” that official said.

No doubt Biden’s political people figured it was better for the bad news to come from the company and not the White House. Still, it would have been nice if someone mentioned to state governors and local public health officials that shipments were going to be delayed. Now they’re scrambling to come up with alternative plans to meet the needs of citizens.

For Johnson & Johnson, this is a blow. They have only a small window of opportunity to cash in on the vaccine bonanza and this setback will cost them. Their saving grace is that their vaccine is a single-dose treatment. Also, the fact that they need no specialized refrigeration of their vaccine means they may be the preferred vaccine for most of the rest of the world.

The J&J vaccine will still figure into the drive to immunize the United States. And it’s not likely that Biden’s vaccine goals will be radically affected. But losing 15 million doses is still a setback and the U.S. certainly can’t afford many more errors like this.

GoFundMe Shuts Down Fundraiser For Parents Who Were Attacked Over Their Opposition to Critical Race Theory

No explanation given.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

GoFundMe has shut down a fundraiser for a group of parents in a Virginia school district who were attacked and doxxed by a mob for opposing the teaching of critical race theory.

The parents were targeted after a group of teachers, parents, and school district board members of the Loudoun County School Board, labeling themselves ‘Anti-Racist Parents’, started a campaign to “expose these people publicly.”

They compiled a list of parents who dared to disagree with the school’s “anti-racism” indoctrination drive which taught students that America is inherently racist and that social engineering was necessary to remove these biases.

“To achieve their goal, a member of the group proposed infiltrating their opponents groups and even using hackers. The sheriff’s office launched an investigation into the matter,” reports Reclaim the Net.

Scott Mineo, the head of the group called Parents Against Critical Theory (PACT), led the fightback against the indoctrination by setting up a GoFundMe to raise money for the cause.

However, after a member of the anti-racism indoctrination group and school board member Charlotte McConnell, called on the mob to report the fundraiser, it was swiftly suspended.

GoFundMe gave no explanation as to what policies the fundraiser had violated, only saying that it had engaged in “prohibited conduct.”

“[The district] pissed off a lot of people that were very supportive and this was a grave mistake on their part,” Mineo told The Free Beacon.

“At the end of the day, it further underscores the level of deception they are engaged in. Otherwise, why shut them down?”

Cartel Smugglers Toss Babies Into River, Over Border Wall & Violently Gang Rape Kids



Horrifying reports are coming out of America’s southern border with each passing day under the Biden administration.

Just this week, footage of young children being tossed over the border wall and left to fend for themselves was leaked along with a border agent’s testimonial of a young girl’s violent rape at the hands of smugglers.

Watch below as a pair of young kids are dropped from the top of the border wall by coyotes who head back into Mexico after letting the minors fall to the U.S. side.

“We were gonna send her to the hospital and as I got close to her I noticed that she couldn’t speak and I asked the medical staff what happened. And she, the reason she was going to the hospital because she had gotten gang raped. And the reason that she couldn’t speak was because she had lost her voice in the process while she was getting raped. Those things hit hard.”

Another disturbing story coming from the border this week describes the specialized group South Texas Special Operations Texas Rangers Division rescuing a six-month-old baby from the Rio Grande.

After cartel smugglers assaulted the child’s mother and broke her leg, they tossed her infant child into the water while guiding 67 adults and 150 children across via rafts.

OANN Vaccine Passport with Rudy Giuliani

Rumble — Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of NYC and host of the “Common Sense" podcast, gives us The Real Story on the Biden administration's plan for a vaccine passport.

Vaccination Passports: The Cornerstone of a Totalitarian State

Ushering China’s Social Credit System into America



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Vaccination passports, like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, want everyone to be forced to carry, are profoundly un-American.

This data-driven authoritarianism, if it comes to pass, will wash away what remains of the rule of law and the Constitution, and annihilate the American way of life.

First, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) inflicted their possibly lab-designed Wuhan Virus on America, and now we get their Social Credit System, their totalitarian digital architecture for society as well.

America’s placeholder president, the Communist Chinese ventriloquist’s dummy who fantasizes about becoming the new Franklin Delano Roosevelt, wants these vaccination passports badly.

POTUS 46* signed Executive Order 13998 on January 21 directing government agencies to “assess the feasibility of linking COVID-19 vaccination to International Certificates of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP) and producing electronic versions of ICVPs.”

The Biden-Harris administration is now working on a “vaccine passport” for Americans to carry to prove they have received a vaccination against the novel coronavirus, according to the Washington Post.

“The passports are expected to be free and available through applications for smartphones, which could display a scannable code similar to an airline boarding pass,” the Jeff Bezos mouthpiece reports. “Americans without smartphone access should be able to print out the passports, developers have said.”

Five administration sources supposedly told the “Democracy dies in darkness” fabulists that COVID Czar Jeff Zients is working with unidentified private entities to institute the program. A reported 30 international airlines are said to be demanding vaccine passports.

New York State is already moving forward with a “excelsior pass,” which is expected to be required in order to access “arts, entertainment, and event venues.” Individuals will be forced to display a QR code on their smartphones to partake in cultural enrichment.

“This is going to hit all parts of society, and so naturally, the government is involved,” Andy Slavitt, acting director for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, said during a White House briefing on the ongoing pandemic.

Most Americans have no idea what a social credit system is.

“China’s social credit system is about power and conformity,” U.S. Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn.) explains in a Fox News op-ed. “It’s an attempt to shape citizens into the CCP’s ideal subject: don’t ask questions, disobey or think for yourself.”

It also resembles the Left’s “cancel culture” in the United States in that they both share the goal of “ensuring conformity to one ideology.”

Under the CCP’s social credit system, “‘bad’ behavior lowers a person’s score and can make it difficult for them to buy, sell, travel, get loans or send their children to college. ‘Very bad’ behavior, such as political dissent, can get someone and their family members blacklisted, making it difficult for them to function in society,” Green writes.

To enforce their national blacklist, the Chinese Communists have created a unified record system to allow the government to track individuals and businesses and assess their trustworthiness. It is not at all like the U.S. credit reporting agencies Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax, which don’t have the iron fist of a totalitarian government backing them.

The Chinese system punishes those who engage in religious worship, play loud music, eat on public transportation, violate traffic rules such as jaywalking, fail to show up for restaurant or hotel reservations, fail to correctly sort waste, and smoke tobacco. Conversely, the system rewards those who donate blood, donate to charity, perform volunteer work, and use social media to praise the government. Those with favorable scores are rewarded with reduced waiting time at hospitals and government agencies, discounts at hotels and on energy bills, job offers, and better interest rates at banks.

Punishments include denial of high-speed rail tickets, denial of admission to private schools, slow Internet connections, and exclusion from prestigious work. Derogatory information about individuals deemed untrustworthy is publicly available and easy to locate. Debtors’ names and faces have been displayed before movies at movie theaters and on large screens on government buildings.

The system is related to China’s mass surveillance systems such as Skynet, which uses facial recognition and other technologies. Skynet, by the way, just so happens to be the name of the fictional all-encompassing artificial intelligence system from the Terminator movie franchise that becomes “self-aware” and attempts to eradicate humankind by nuclear attack.

“It’s easy to look at China’s repressive regime and think that it could never happen here,” Congressman Green continues, listing examples of social media censorship and social media companies’ successful efforts to prevent President Donald Trump from winning reelection.

“Yet after hearing demands from the far left to silence conservative voices, and after watching big tech and big business band together to deplatform conservatives, I’m beginning to think America could be like a frog boiling slowly in a pot,” he writes.

“What are the signs that the U.S. has its own social credit system? What else do you call it when a Democrat senator demands Republicans be put on a no-fly-list for how they voted, or when an editor is forced to resign for allowing a Republican to publish an opinion piece in the editorial section of his newspaper?”

But would a vaccination passport system morph into a Chinese-style Social Credit System here in America?

Liberal thinker Naomi Wolf says this kind of “biofascism” could easily happen.

Wolf told Steve Hilton on Fox News Channel that a mandatory vaccination passport would be “the end of human liberty.”

“How does [China] keep a billion people under the thumb of a totalitarian regime? The CCP can find any dissident in five minutes, and that can happen here literally within months.”

“I cannot say this forcefully enough: This is literally the end of human liberty in the West if this plan unfolds as planned,” she said.

“‘Vaccine passport’ sounds like a fine thing if you don't understand what these platforms can do. I'm the CEO of a tech company, I understand what this platform does. It is not about the vaccine or the virus, it is about your data. What people need to understand is that any other functionality can be loaded onto that platform with no problem at all.

“What that means is that it can be merged with your Paypal account, digital currency. Microsoft is talking about merging it with payment plans, your networks can be sucked up, it geolocates you wherever you go. All of your medical history can be included -- this has already happened in Israel.

“And six months later, we're hearing from activists that it is a two-tiered society and basically activists are ostracized and surveilled continually. It is the end of civil society and they are trying to roll it out around the world. It is absolutely so much more than a vaccine pass, it is -- I cannot stress enough that it has the power to turn off your life, or to turn on your life, to let you engage in society or be marginalized.”

Illegal aliens may not need a real passport to get into America, but actual Americans may soon need a vaccination passport to travel inside America if they don’t take action.

America needs to get back to being America, not this nightmarish dystopia we are rapidly becoming.

TWILA BRASE: Vaccination Passports-The Stealth Move to Tyranny

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Vaccination passports are the antithesis of a free society. They violate everything that is America. But that’s not stopping the Biden administration from working to make them a reality. Biden officials claim otherwise, but it’s not true. They want them. They believe in them. And they are setting the standards for them. They just don’t want you to see their fingerprints all over them.      

Here is what Andy Slavitt, a former Obama official and now a senior advisor to President Biden on all things Covid-19, said about vaccination passports: 

This is going to hit all--all parts of society. And so, naturally, the government is involved. But unlike other parts of the world, the government here is not viewing its role as the place to create a passport, nor a place to hold the data of--of citizens. We view this as something that the private sector is doing and will do. What’s important to us, and we’re leading an interagency process right now to go through these details, are that some important criteria be met with these credentials. . . . It is important for--for us, and it will be--we will be very clear about how that will happen, that the guidelines that I just talked about are part of that process. . . .

Their Plan: Worried about public perception that “the government will play too heavy-handed of a role of monitoring their vaccinations, and that mandates will be coming from the federal government,” the Biden administration is going to regulate from afar, in a less obvious, behind-the-curtain fashion:

“[I]t would discourage people to feel like that was the role we are playing. So we think we can have the best of all worlds. We think we can essentially put forward guidelines and guidance. And given the federal government’s source and role in society, for everything from the TSA to the VA, to Department of Health and Human Services, the CDC, I could go on and on, you know, we have a major impact in what will get done. So, we are putting forward our principles very clearly. We will be even more clear in the time ahead, and we believe based on everything we know, that that will influence the outcomes in the way we described.

Pulling the Strings: In essence, the U.S. government will play the part of the invisible puppeteer. Issuing guidance is what government does when they want to fast-track something and avoid public comment requirements. And businesses looking to make a buck from this freedom-denying mechanism, know they’ll be in the clear as long as they follow the “guidance.” 

This is a government vaccination passport program no matter what it’s called, or how it looks. The Biden administration’s goal is forcing vaccinations on all of us. This is coercion at its finest. Without a passport, American citizens will not be allowed to exercise their constitutional rights. They won’t be able to engage freely in public life. This is a violation of all things American.

Meanwhile, in Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is moving to ban vaccination certificates by executive order. This is the right thing to do — the American thing to do. Every other governor needs to follow suit.

Protest Time? It may soon be time to protest in every state capitol against the “papers, please” certification that’s dressed up as “private enterprise” but totally built on a government chassis.  There’s nothing private or free-market about the vaccination passport. This is a question of freedom or tyranny. Vaccination passports must be stopped in their tracks.


    Commentary by Twila Brase,
    CCHF President and Co-Founder