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Lawyer and liberal pundit Alan Dershowitz accused Rep. Maxine Waters of using KKK tactics to intimidate jurors in the Derek Chauvin murder trial.

“The Klan would march outside of courthouses and threaten all kinds of reprisals if the jury ever dared convict a white person or acquit a black person,” Dershowitz said in an interview on Newsmax.

Waters traveled to Minnesota and announced that if the jury didn’t reach the verdict she and the crowd of protesters wanted, they would get “more confrontational.”

“We’ve got to stay in the streets, and we’ve got to demand justice. I am hopeful that we will get a verdict that says, ‘guilty, guilty, guilty,’ and if we don’t, we cannot go away. We’ve got to get more confrontational,” she said.

Dershowitz believes that her comments should have resulted in a mistrial.

“Her message was clearly intended to get to the jury: ‘If you will acquit or if you find the charge less than murder, we will burn down your buildings. We will burn down your businesses. We will attack you. We will do what happened to the witness — blood on their door,'” Dershowitz explained. “The judge, of course, wouldn’t grant a mistrial because then he’d be responsible for the riots that would ensue, even though it was Waters who was responsible,” he added.

Several Republicans also accused Waters of inciting violent riots, and a resolution to censure Waters was filed by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, but House Democrats blocked the resolution.


The Real Story - OANN Chauvin Verdict with Jack Posobiec

Rumble — Jack Posobiec, One America’s investigative reporter, gives us The Real Story on the final verdict in the Chauvin/Floyd murder trial.

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Turkey’s foreign minister: ‘We are opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood being declared a terrorist organization’



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Turkey has for quite some time been in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood. It even welcomed Brotherhood leaders who had been forced to leave Qatar after heavy pressure from Gulf countries. But that was almost seven years ago. In February of last year, an Egyptian human rights group openly accused Qatar and Turkey of funding the Muslim Brotherhood group that had been designated as terrorist by the Egyptian government. By October, the leading British think tank, the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation at King’s College London, concluded that Qatar and Turkey were bankrolling Muslim Brotherhood networks and organizations all across Europe, including the Muslim Council of Britain.

In 2019, a shocking declaration was made by Turkey’s ruling AK Party. It threatened “that if the United States designated the Muslim Brotherhood a foreign terrorist organization, it would hamper democratization efforts in the Middle East and serve militant groups like Islamic State.”

“Turkey Says It Still Opposes Egypt Labeling Muslim Brotherhood ‘Terrorists,'” Reuters, April 20, 2021:

ANKARA (Reuters) -Turkey remains opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood being declared “terrorists” by Egypt despite a recent push to repair strained ties between the two countries, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Tuesday.

He said Turkey viewed the Muslim Brotherhood as a political movement.

Last month, Turkey said it had resumed diplomatic contacts with Egypt, eight years after ties crumbled over the Egyptian army toppling a Muslim Brotherhood president close to Ankara in 2013.

Asked about Turkey’s ties with the Muslim Brotherhood in an interview with broadcaster Haberturk, Cavusoglu said Turkey’s international ties were not based on parties or individuals, and that Ankara’s issue with Cairo stemmed from what it views as a “coup”.

“We were against the coup in Egypt, not because it was the Muslim Brotherhood. If (Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al) Sisi was in office that day and somebody else had carried out a coup, we would shown the same principled stance,” Cavusoglu said.

“Our ties are not tied to one person or party. But, we are opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood being declared a terrorist organisation. It is a political movement that is trying to come to power through election,” he said.

A thaw in ties between the regional powerhouses could have repercussions around the Mediterranean. They have backed rival sides in the war in Libya and sealed conflicting maritime deals with other coastal states. But, Turkey has said a new period in Turkey-Egypt ties had begun and Cavusoglu on Thursday said Ankara did not see “Libya as an area of competition” with Egypt.

In the first concrete sign of a thaw, Ankara last month asked Egyptian opposition TV channels operating in Turkey to moderate their criticism of Egypt. Cavusoglu on Thursday said Turkey had made a similar request from other such foreign channels as well, and it was not specific to Egypt…..

House Votes to Pass D.C. Statehood Scheme, Despite the Legislation’s Unconstitutionality



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The Democrat Party just got one step closer to taking absolute control over the United States.

On Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 216 to 208 to pass H.R. 51, which is titled the “Washington, D.C. Admissions Act.” The vote was strictly on a party-line, with every Democrat in favor and every Republican opposed.

H.R. 51 would admit Washington, D.C., as the 51st state, something that would add two additional U.S. senators from a solidly Democrat constituency. The center of D.C., comprising the White House, U.S. Capitol, and other government buildings, would remain a federal district.

H.R. 51 now goes to the U.S. Senate for consideration. The bill’s prospects in the chamber are far less certain, partially because of the existence of the filibuster which requires a 60-vote threshold to pass legislation. However, the survival of the filibuster itself is in doubt, as Democrats are seeking to abolish or change it to ram through far-left legislation. As a sign of the level of support in the Senate, companion bill S. 51 has 45 sponsors and co-sponsors.

Joe Biden’s reaction to H.R. 51, should it arrive at his desk, is not in doubt. On April 20, the White House Office of Management and Budget announced the administration “strongly supports” the bill.

As The New American has previously reported, H.R. 51 is unconstitutional for multiple reasons. For example, Article I, Section 8, Clause 17, of the U.S. Constitution makes clear that the capital is not to be a state, and it does not give Congress authority to make it a separate state.

The 23rd Amendment reinforces the status of Washington, D.C., as a separate entity. As phrased by attorney R. Hewitt Pate, it “recognizes an existing district of government of a particular size” and “refers to the District as a permanent constitutional entity.” This amendment would need to change before D.C. can achieve statehood.

Furthermore, until the Obama administration instigated a radical shift in the Department of Justice’s position, Democrat and Republican presidential administrations all agreed that a constitutional amendment is necessary to make Washington, D.C., a state.

Thus, in voting to pass H.R. 51, congressional Democrats are steamrolling the Constitution to achieve their goal of two additional Democrat-held Senate seats. Unfortunately, this is only one of the multiple far-left and socialist priorities they are currently pushing.

This illustrates the necessity for patriots to continually educate others about the U.S. Constitution and Americanism, and for them to ceaselessly put pressure on their elected officials. If so, the far-left will not have the last laugh.

To urge your U.S. senators to reject this unconstitutional Washington, D.C. statehood scheme, visit The John Birch Society’s legislative alert here.

A Terrifying Woke Witch Hunt Against Local Businesses

WITCH HUNT: Mass. Locals Organized to Force Businesses to Embrace BLM



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Woke capitalism may be the least of your concerns. In the small town of Sturbridge, Mass., a group of 200 left-leaning citizens organized on Facebook to compile a list of businesses to avoid due to insufficient wokeness. The group even planned to present every local business with a pro-Black Lives Matter statement to sign — or face a local boycott. When a conservative blogger called the group out on this witch hunt, the group’s leader claimed she had deleted the list.

“Are we keeping a list somewhere of businesses folks may want to look through and possibly decide to avoid supporting (for reasons directly or indirectly related to this page)? If so, I was made aware of one yesterday on the Sturbridge MA Community page and wouldn’t mind adding it,” a local woman asked in the “Sturbridge against Racism” group, according to the blog Turtleboy Sports.

One of the group’s admins posted a list, explaining that “a local business working group that never took off” had intended to “use this to contact all businesses to ask where they stand” on Black Lives Matter. “Right now only the notes tab has what’s relevant.”

Sturbridge Witch Hunt
Facebook screenshot courtesy of Turtleboy Sports.

Turtleboy Sports published the entire document, which faulted many businesses for being insufficiently left-wing.

The document flagged Carrie and Company for being “pro-gun, homophobic/conservative extremist.” It flagged Hair Gallery Salon and Spa and Petrie Family Farm as “not progressive.” It warned that Jimmy D’s Ice Cream & Sandwich Shoppe “Made Facebook post in support of police,” as if any pro-police statement was inherently racist. It flagged Sturbridge Coffee House for supporting police in “events, march, signs.”

The document warned that Sturbridge Yankee Pedlar is “owned by a Trump supporter.” It flagged The Thrift Gypsy because the business “uses a racial slur in their name!” Perhaps most egregiously, the document flags the Federated Church of Sturbridge and Fiskdale — a church, not a business — for having “complained about a Pride flag at the library.”

The admin at the Sturbridge against Racism group lamented that the list had been leaked without permission. She then went on to claim that the witch hunt against insufficiently woke local businesses “is not a high priority issue” when “Black children are being murdered by police,” a reference to the police shooting of 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant, a black girl who appears to have been attacking people with a knife. While Black Lives Matter activists have seized on the situation as an abuse of force, authorities say the officer opened fire to save the life of Bryan’s intended victim.

Sturbridge Witch Hunt
Facebook screenshot courtesy of Turtleboy Sports.

Turtleboy Sports also shared a poll that dates back to June 2020 in which the Sturbridge against Racism administrator requests feedback on a pro-Black Lives Matter statement in order to lobby businesses and the town to support BLM.

Sturbridge Witch Hunt
Facebook screenshot courtesy of Turtleboy Sports.

The administrator appears to have shut the group down after failing to identify which member leaked the information. Turtleboy Sports released a list of the most noxious members of the group. Some of these people explicitly endorsed boycotting businesses owned by Trump supporters.

Sturbridge Witch Hunt
Facebook screenshot courtesy of Turtleboy Sports.

While this group of about 200 people in a town of 9,640 may not seem significant, this witch hunt is chilling. As large corporations increasingly take partisan stances on hot-button issues — most notably championing President Joe Biden’s absurd rhetoric against the Georgia election integrity law — leftists may also seek to bring grassroots pressure against local businesses that do not toe the far-Left’s line on various issues like Black Lives Matter.

Campaigns like this pit neighbor against neighbor and bring the divisive rancor of partisan politics to the core of everyday life. These witch hunts may drive Americans even further apart from one another and create a climate of fear at the local level.

The End of Basic Education: Biden Issues Universal Public School Critical Race Theory Order



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The Biden Department of Education has quietly proposed a new rule prioritizing the use of federal tax dollars for K-12 schools that replace traditional education with “culturally responsive teaching and learning” – more commonly referred to as critical race theory. This is the most significant move by the federal government to redefine the nature of state-funded public schools in U.S. history.

Although the current effort to push public schools receiving federal funding to adopt a detailed indoctrination agenda may feel new and overwhelming for parents, the truth is that the Biden attempt is simply the last phase in a decades-long effort to control local schools and press the progressive agenda on our children. With the power of taxpayer-funded purse strings, the federal government sends a message to public schools that if they want financial aid they must “teach” critical race theory and prioritize its ideologically anti-American, anti-traditional agenda over traditional education.

Under Obama, public schools were thrust into the controversial world of Common Core, a series of federal mandates that included “awareness education” involving a progressive view of race, gender, and so-called “equity” (not to be confused with “equality”).

Under Biden, a far more aggressive level of federal control over our nation’s K-12 classrooms will replace history (and objective truth) with identity politics and a warped view of American civics and institutions. In many cases, teachers are told to hide the racially divisive curriculum from parents. In others, students are encouraged to report the words and views of their parents and caretakers as examples of institutional racism. The initial goal is the indoctrination of young minds, but the long view is to aggregate power behind an alien political worldview that fed the dehumanizing machines of the Soviet Union and communist China.

At its core, critical race theory is the false idea that the United States is a fundamentally racist country and that all of our nation’s institutions – the law, culture, business, economy, education – are designed to maintain white supremacy. Politicians and pundits market critical race theory as inclusive teaching, one that promotes understanding and tolerance. When the truth is exposed, they try to repackage it in a series of euphemisms, including anti-racism, equity, or culturally responsive teaching. But the “scholars,” like Ibram X. Kendi and the 1619 Project behind the related anti-racist rhetoric proposed in the rule – the true believers – admit the truth.

Critical race theory curriculum tells students that they fall into one of two categories – the oppressed or the oppressor – based solely on the color of their skin. It tells students that if they are white then they are privileged and racist, and makes them affirm this ideology through classroom discussion and assignments. Some school districts take it even a step further and physically segregate students based on their race for lessons, reducing them to nothing more than a set of racial stereotypes.

This is not healthy. It erases decades of progress. And it pits our children against each other, teaching them to hate one another. Parents must stay alert because this week’s proposed rule is just the beginning. Senate and House Democrats have already introduced bills, including the Civics Secures Democracy Act, which would require schools to promote critical race theory in exchange for more federal money.

The go-for-broke approach of the Biden administration to upend bulwarks of the American constitutional republic, from Supreme Court-packing to open borders to emptying the public treasury to ensuring federal control of elections, reveals the true agenda: the consolidation of power. And nowhere can this be seen more clearly than in its drive to replace history, reading, and writing with noxious doctrine designed to replace both parental control and constitutional rule of law.

George Floyd Autonomous Zone Issues ‘Rules For White People’

Area begins to resemble a religious cult encampment.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The ‘George Floyd Autonomous Zone’ in Minneapolis has issued a list of ‘rules for white people’ that they have to abide by in order to enter the area.

The zone has popped up around the area that Floyd died and has come to resemble something akin to a religious cult encampment.

Apparently, baptisms, miracles and other spiritual events can be witnessed on a regular basis.

However, entering the area as a white person comes with potential risks if you make the mistake of behaving in a “problematic” manner.

All visitors are asked to wear face masks and act with “humility,” but a lengthier list of rules for white people explains how they will be treated differently.

Whites are asked to “decenter yourself,” which is a euphemism for a mandate to behave like second-class citizens and keep quiet.

“Be mindful of whether your volume, pace and movements are supporting or undermining your efforts to decenter yourself,” states the advisory.

The patronizing tone continues with a demand to “contribute to the energy of the space, rather than drain it.”

The rules also state that white people should seriously consider whether taking photos is appropriate and to seek consent from anyone they photograph, despite the whole area being public.

The rules also encourage whites to intervene if they “witness white folks doing problematic things,” which presumably includes doing anything other than engaging in slavish worship for the 21st-century deity that is George Floyd.

Black Lives Matter groups routinely issue demands of white people for their events, some of which enforce outright segregation.

As we highlighted last week, a group of Black Lives Matter protesters in Minneapolis were caught on camera telling a white liberal ally, “You’re white! You don’t belong!” before demanding that he leave the area.

Following the conviction of Derek Chauvin, BLM mobs also descended on diners in New York while telling white restaurant owners to “get the f**k out” of the city.”

Google Conceals Acclaimed Doctor’s Findings on Effective Covid Medications – He Fights Back

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A renowned physician is fighting back after Google deliberately suppressed his work on effective coronavirus treatments.

Instead of allowing Americans to weigh all of the information and make up their own minds, Google and their left-wing allies attempt to hide relevant information from...continue reading:

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