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BIDEN PANICS as 80,000 DELETED Pictures and Emails from Hunter’s LAPTOP To Be PUBLISHED!!!

Bumblin’ Biden is panicking as 80K deleted imagines and emails from Hunter’s laptop from hell are about to be published! In this video, we’re going to look at the whistleblower who’s promising to publish a massive amount of never before seen data from Hunter’s laptop, we’re going to see how more and more pundits are openly admitting Biden’s not even going to finish his first term, and stick with me to the end of the is video when I’ll reveal the two scandals that threaten to bring this nightmare of a presidency to an end once and for all; you are NOT going to want to miss this!


Yale Law School Recruits and Trains Social Justice Warriors

Mission: wage lawfare to effect change across every sector of society.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

If practitioners of any profession would be expected to understand and honor the notion of Free Speech, it would be lawyers.  In years past this would be a reasonable conclusion.  However, in so many ways traditional American values have been turned upside down and inside out!

Consider that on March 17, 2022, Fox News reported, Liberal Yale Law students derail a bipartisan 'free speech' event in a chaotic protest; police were called to the scene.

 The report began with the following:

A bipartisan panel on civil liberties at Yale Law School was disrupted last week when more than 100 law students tried to drown out and intimidate the speakers, who eventually needed police to escort them out of the building, according to reports.

The school’s Federalist Society hosted the March 10 panel, which featured Monica Miller, of the progressive American Humanist Association, and Kristen Waggoner, of the conservative Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). About 120 student protesters showed up with signs attacking the ADF to shout down the speakers, with one reportedly recorded on audio telling a member of the conservative group that she would "literally fight you, b——."

"It was disturbing to witness law students whipped into a mindless frenzy. I did not feel it was safe to get out of the room without security," Waggoner told the Washington Free Beacon.

The Fox News report also included this important observation by Waggoner:

Waggoner later tweeted: "My hot take: Good lawyers win with civility & persuasion, not physical intimidation and threats of violence. We aren’t afraid to engage with people and ideas we disagree with. Apparently, many of the students missed this lesson."

It is beyond disturbing that law students at one of America’s most prestigious and influential law schools would witness the sort of madness that occurred at the event described in the Fox News report.

Many of those Yale law students will not only go on to successful careers as attorneys but become judges, leaders in major corporations, and law professors.

About a dozen years ago I was invited by the Federalist Society at Yale Law School to participate in a debate about Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

The debate was spirited and fair and all who attended were courteous and respectful.  But that was then.

Open debate is at the heart of a free society and is enshrined in the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Indeed, you can think of debate as an example of intellectual capitalism.  Competing concepts are provided to the audience who then decide which concept they are willing to “buy.”

On a personal note, I have a degree in Communications Arts and Sciences and had planned to teach speech and debate at the college level when I had the opportunity to make a career change and became a federal agent.

You never understand your side of an argument more than when you have to defend it against an opponent- in fact, one of my debate coaches would have us prepare to argue both sides of a debate and then not tell us which side we would take until 30 minutes before the debate!

The Radical Left, however, knows that they cannot win a fair debate so they now seek to shut down debate as they sought to do in that debate at Yale Law School in February.

Laws can be thought of as the rulebook by which society functions.  Laws control human conduct and behavior and regulate the way that corporations function.

Without laws or law enforcement anarchy follows.  However, overbearing laws and law enforcement can create a dictatorship that strips the citizens of their freedoms.

It is clear that those who write the laws, along with those practicing law and those who enforce our laws are at the foundation of our society and government.

For decades radicals and globalists have sought to wrest control over our government to gain control over America and Americans and strip our nation of its sovereignty.

In point of fact, Radical Democrats Have Become 'Adversaries of Freedom'.

When Obama was elected President, in his victory speech Obama declared, “Change has come to America!’

It would appear that today, Lawfare is being waged against America and Americans.

Lawfare has been defined as:

Legal action undertaken as part of a hostile campaign against a country or group.

We will explore how this is being implemented shortly, but first, consider that in the wake of the death of George Floyd riots broke out across the United States in which innocent people were killed and buildings were reduced to rubble and ashes in so-called “peaceful demonstrations” as reported on by supposed “news organizations.” These supposed news organizations were thinly veiled propaganda machines that could have been part of Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth” straight out of the pages of his novel, 1984.

The Radical Left began demanding “Criminal Justice Reform” and the defunding of police.”

Anarchistic enclaves sprung up in cities such as Seattle, Washington.  In short order Americans rejected this lunacy, so the Left distanced themselves from the Defund Police movement, but their goals did not change.

Radical Leftists have simply taken a different approach to achieve the same anarchistic goals.

“Bail Reform” was implemented in many cities controlled by the Leftists under the guise that this would only involve those charged with non-violent crimes.  It quickly became apparent, however, that many violent thugs were released without bail and went on to commit more violent crimes that injured or killed more innocent victims including children.

New York City, which had been the safest big city in the United States, quickly descended into violence and chaos as the newly-elected Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, implemented new bail policies and established prosecutorial discretion policies that encouraged not deterred violent crimes.

Effective law enforcement is a system with a number of important elements.  When dedicated laws enforcement officers make arrests and conduct criminal investigations, they must be supported by dedicated prosecutors who are on the same page, seeking the effective prosecution of criminals.

Today, unfortunately, in many jurisdictions, prosecutors who are supposed to work in close coordination with law enforcement officers are now acting as though they are criminal defense attorneys.

George Gascon, the infamous Los Angeles District Attorney became the veritable “poster child” of such prosecutors who sought to protect criminals and not their victims.

It has become clear that the vast majority of Americans reject the lunacy of defunding the police and many politicians who had advocated for this policy are now denying that they support this madness.  However, their goals of creating anarchy, likely in order to subsequently fill the void created by anarchy with their notion of control over government and hence society.

Now we come to the issue of “Lawfare” I raised earlier in my commentary.

A news release that was issued by Yale Law School on February 21, 2022, announced:  Yale Law School Announces Tuition-Free Scholarships for Highest Need Students.

The idea of providing free college education for American students is a concept I personally approve of.  Children growing up in poverty are not likely to be able to afford tuition for college or to attend graduate schools and therefore scholarships for such students of appropriate academic standing could be a way to help combat endemic poverty.

Yale Law School is not, however being altruistic in this case- it is clear that their actual goal is to enlist an army of lawyers who will practice Lawfare.

Consider this final paragraph in that Yale news release:

At Yale Law School, we prepare lawyers and leaders to face the most critical challenges of the future and effect change across every sector of society,” said Gerken. We are committed to ensuring every student can fully immerse themselves in our vibrant intellectual experience and has the tools and resources they need to leave their mark on the world. The Hurst Horizon Scholarship Program cements our commitment to access and equity for all.”

The motivation is clear- Yale Law School is not as benevolent it may appear to be.  Yale Law School is clearly determined to create an army of lawyers who are literally indebted to Yale who will engage in “Lawfare”

In his famous Iron Curtain Speech Winston Churchill delivered on March 5, 1946, at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri  Churchill spoke of:

...communist fifth columns that were operating throughout western and southern Europe. Drawing parallels with the disastrous appeasement of Hitler prior to World War II, Churchill advised that in dealing with the Soviets there was nothing which they admire so much as strength, and there is nothing for which they have less respect than for military weakness.”

That concern voiced by Churchill about communist fifth columns” (and other adversaries of freedom), should also have included the United States.

Biden to Nominate ANOTHER Gun Grabber to Lead ATF!?

Steve Dettelbach

ABOVE: Steve Dettelbach, a former federal attorney for the Northern District of Ohio. IMG:



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Washington, DC – -(  According to POLITICO, Biden is planning to nominate Steve Dettelbach, ANOTHER anti-gunner, to be Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

Biden’s First Anti-Gun Nominee

Together, gun owners were able to defeat David Chipman, Biden’s last ATF Director Nominee.

David Chipman’s scandalous history included:

  • making millions of dollars lobbying against your constitutionally-protected rights for Michael Bloomberg and Gabby Giffords
  • working with Chinese state media to create anti-gun propaganda and downplay a massacre in China
  • and more!

But because of your activism and opposition, President Biden was forced to withdraw his nomination in September.

But now, recent reports indicate another gun-grabber may be nominated to lead ATF “as early as this month.”

Steve Dettelbach : Biden’s New Prospective ATF Nominee

Reports indicate that “[d]eliberations are ongoing but Steve Dettelbach, a former federal attorney for the Northern District of Ohio, is seriously being considered by the White House for the post.”

But Dettlebach is not simply a “former federal attorney.”

In 2018, Dettlebach unsuccessfully ran for public office, promising a host of new gun control initiatives if elected, including:

  • An Assault Weapons Ban
  • Universal Background Registration Checks
  • Gun confiscation for misdemeanor crimes
  • Gun confiscation for those dealing with mental health issues
  • “closing” the made-up “over the Internet” and fake “gun show loophole[s]”
  • Disarming teachers and keeping schools as “soft targets”

In fact, Dettlebach used his position as a US Attorney to advocate for gun control for years, publishing op-eds such as Requiring universal background checks make sense.

In fact, this US attorney heavily weighed in on the Manchin-Toomey gun control proposal in 2013, condemning “[t]he Senate’s failure… to pass the universal background check bill” as “disheartening.”

Key Question: Does Steve Dettelbach Support ATF’s Illegal Gun Registry?

In recent months, Gun Owners of America and Representative Michael Cloud uncovered that the ATF has been maintaining an illegal turn-key national gun registry with nearly a billion Firearm Transaction Records or Form 4473s in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

Indeed, federal law prohibits the centralization of ATF records, maintaining a registry of guns or gun owners, and keeping records that are searchable by name.

Interestingly, Steve Dettlebach acknowledged that this was illegal in a 2013 op-ed, stating:

“Some critics have argued that universal background checks will lead to a national gun registry. But establishing such a federal gun registry is and will remain illegal under the proposal. The existing background check system has been around for 14 years, and there’s no national registry of gun owners. Requiring a background check of gun buyers would not compromise the Second Amendment, which we respect” (emphasis added).

But as it turns out in 2005 and 2006, ATF illegally used congressional appropriations to begin converting out-of-business Firearm Transaction Records (Form 4473s) and Acquisition and Disposition Logs into a digital searchable database.

Dettlebach said that federal law prohibits the creation of a gun registry. What does he think should be done with the 920,664,765 records of guns, gun owners, and acquisition and disposition logs currently in ATF’s centralized database as of November 2021?

How the Grassroots Can Help

So, we know that Steve Dettlebach is a big-time gun control supporter.

And, support for infringements on our constitutionally-protected rights should disqualify anyone from every public office.

But, where does Dettlebach stand on maintaining ATF’s illegal national gun registry?

Will Steve Dettlebach enforce Biden’s proposed rule expanding ATF’s illegal gun registry?

Dettlebach must be held accountable for his opposition to the Bill of Rights should Biden formally nominate him in the coming weeks.

And ANYONE nominated to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives must commit to disbanding any gun or gun owner registry currently maintained by ATF.

In liberty,

Aidan Johnston
Director of Federal Affairs
Follow me on Twitter and on Instagram.

Gun Owners of America

Gun Owners of America has previously supported the right of members and staff to carry firearms on Capitol Hill for self-defense, as GOA supports the rights of all law-abiding citizens to carry firearms in their workplace. Gun Owners of America is a grassroots organization representing more than two million gun owners nationwide and is dedicated to protecting the right to keep and bear arms without compromise.

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Biden’s handlers free another jihadi from Gitmo



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

He was recommended for release in 2016, but Obama’s defense secretary held him back. When what you’ve done is too much even for the Obama administration, you’re a bad hombre indeed.

Will Sufiyan Barhoumi return to jihad? Biden’s handlers don’t care. Their focus is entirely on the virtue-signaling Left, and for that crowd, every release of a jihadi from Guantánamo is good news.

Barhoumi never got a trial. American authorities decided early on that there was no jihad against the United States, and so every jihadi would be treated not as a prisoner of war, but as an individual criminal who would be tried as such. German soldiers captured during World War II weren’t given individual trials, but this time, we decided we weren’t in a war but were just facing an unusually large gang of crooks. Authorities didn’t always follow through on this, and so Barhoumi remained untried.

“Algerian man held 20 years at Guantanamo Bay sent home,” by Joseph Wilkinson, New York Daily News, April 2, 2022:

An Algerian man, accused of training al-Qaeda terrorists and held at Guantanamo Bay since 2002, has been released and sent home to Algiers.

Sufiyan Barhoumi, 48, was recommended for release back in 2016 but was held back for six years nonetheless.

Barhoumi’s release was agreed upon in February, the Department of Defense said Saturday in a statement. The Algerian government provided unspecified “security assurances.”

Only 37 people remain detained at the notorious military prison in southern Cuba. President Biden has resumed regular releases and stated his desire to close the controversial prison….

Pittsburgh: Catholic university hosts speaker who calls on white people to ‘crucify their whiteness’

Undergraduate Visits | Pittsburgh, Pa | Carlow University



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Miguel de la Torre argues that “hope” is a “white concept,” which would come as a surprise to St. Paul. In typical fashion, Sean McFarland, Carlow University Public Relations & Communications Manager, defends the university’s featuring of de la Torre’s message of fashionable racial hatred, resentment, and rage by claiming that the university exposes students to a wide variety of perspectives in order to encourage critical thinking. Is that so? All right: when was the last time the university hosted a foe of jihad violence and Sharia oppression of women? Why, never, because that would be “Islamophobic”? That’s what I thought. So what’s that you were saying about free thought and free expression, McFarland?

Universities today are indoctrination camps for the hard Left. Flee them.

“Catholic university speaker: ‘crucify whiteness,’ embrace ‘hopelessness,’ ‘ethically lie,’” by Katelynn Richardson, College Fix, April 1, 2022:

Carlow University recently hosted an event on “Rejecting White Christianity” that featured a speaker who argued white people should “crucify their whiteness,” called for the embrace of “hopelessness,” and urged people to “ethically lie” to make right for past wrongs….

The March 3 event was sponsored by Carlow’s Atkins Center for Ethics and featured Miguel De La Torre, professor of social ethics and Latinx studies at the Iliff School of Theology in Denver, Colorado.

De La Torre began his presentation by lambasting evangelicals who voted for Donald Trump, according to a video of the speech.

“When eight out of ten white evangelicals voted for a person who is completely against everything Christianity stands for, I don’t know what Christianity they are practicing,” he said. “But I want nothing to do with that Christianity.”

He then distinguished “white theology and ethics” from “Latinx ethics” and noted that the term white does not refer to skin pigmentation but is an “ontological concept.”

“Those of us who are colored, some of us can also be white. But the good news is there is salvation,” he said. Later, he explained that this salvation means “we [who are colored] have to crucify our colonized minds, and for our white brothers and sisters, they need to crucify their whiteness.”

Torre’s speech focused on the idea of “hope,” which he rejected and characterized as a white concept.

“We embrace Euro-centric concepts like hope because it helps to pacify the oppressed during their oppression,” he said. “It leads to spiritual liberation, and ignores physical liberation.”…

Action for De La Torre means using what he called a “trickster ethic” to transform society.

The ethic covers things like “how to ethically lie so we can discover what is true, how to ethically steal so we can feed those who are hungry…[and] how to disrupt the structures that have trained us to oppress ourselves and to take upon our body our own discipline,” he said.

“This empire was built on stolen resources and cheap labor,” De La Torre said. “So hospitality is really the wrong word. What we need is restitution…By seeing this dilemma through the eyes of the margin, we come to a very different understanding of what the Christian response should be.”…

Sean McFarland, Carlow University Public Relations & Communications Manager, told The College Fix that “viewpoints of lecturers should not be taken as either an endorsement or opposition of how the University feels about a particular issue.”

“Rather, the intent of our university’s liberal arts tradition is to expose students to a variety of worldly perspectives and encourage them to think critically and individually on how they feel about the topic(s) in question,” McFarland said.

“Carlow University is proud of our Catholic heritage and mercy mission, which welcomes all. As such, the University welcomes respectful discourse and multiple perspectives, including being open to hosting speakers like Dr. De La Torre whose topic may engender thoughtful reflection and dialogue.”


PLANNED STARVATION: Grain deliveries by rail to be partially HALTED, devastating dairy herds and meat operations nationwide



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) Today’s Situation Update podcast (see below) reveals worrisome new intel that describes Joe Biden’s “controlled demolition” of the US food supply as a means to deliberately cause food scarcity, panic, and chaos nationwide.

US rail carriers, we have learned, are right now declaring force majeure and canceling contracts on their obligations to deliver hundreds of thousands of rail cars of bulk grains to cattle and dairy operations in America. Right now, tens of thousands of dairy animals face starvation within weeks, and grain supplies will be gone in many areas in just a few days. Importantly, if dairy animals are culled because of a lack of grain, it will take many years to rebuild dairy operations to the present level.

Say goodbye to affordable milk, cheese, yogurt, and whey protein.

Don’t forget this also affects infant formula.

This is all being done on purpose to create mass chaos and civil unrest, of course.

CHEAP meat in the short term due to the mass slaughter of animals that farmers can’t afford to feed

As this logistics catastrophe unfolds, you’re going to see meat prices plummet for a very short period. That’s because farmers and dairy operators will be forced to sell their cows to the slaughterhouses because they can’t afford to feed them. This can be caused either by a lack of feed supply or sky-high feed prices.

Meanwhile, skyrocketing fertilizer prices are already in play across the entire planet, and this is going to dramatically hike grain prices in the next harvest. From there, the domino effect kicks in where high grain prices lead many animal ranchers and dairy operators to realize they can’t even afford to keep their herds fed.

The higher prices of milk and meat products at retail won’t be a simple answer to this, in case you were thinking the ranchers and dairy operators could just charge more for everything and get by with increased revenues. You see, dairy and meat products, like almost everything, see a sharp drop in demand when prices go higher. In economics, this is known as “demand elasticity.” It means that as prices rise, more and more people decide to avoid buying those things. Higher prices = lower demand.

Ultimately, this means that dairy and meat operations in America are going to be significantly smaller in the coming years, which just happens to coincide with the globalist effort to banish all meat and animal products, to be replaced by “cultured meat” which is made from the cloned heart stem blood cells harvested from baby calves, by the way. (It’s not vegan. It’s actually insanely cruel.)

Even non-meat food items are seeing alarming price inflation

With meat and dairy soon getting out of reach for average American consumers, you might think they would be turning to more plant-based diets. The problem there, of course, is that grains, legumes, fruits, nuts, and vegetables are also experiencing alarming levels of price inflation. The scarcity of these items is also getting significantly worse.

Topping it all off, fertilizer prices are skyrocketing around the world, which means fewer farmers will even bother to plant crops of any kind, given the much higher financial risk associated with $2,000 / acre fertilizer costs. (Which used to be just $200 / acre two years ago.)

And then you have the rising cost of fuel inputs as well, affecting farm tractors, transportation, and even the availability of pesticides.

The bottom line? The world is going to face real starvation beginning in just a few months and lasting for years to come.

By the end of this year, I predict, from one to two billion people on this planet will face the risk of starvation. In America, food prices will likely double year over year. This will continue for at least another 2+ years, meaning you should expect to pay 400% more for food by early 2024, compared to what it was last year.

Rising food prices will lead to riots, civil unrest, food rationing, and price controls

We are already seeing the leading edge of all this with food price riots breaking out in Peru in just the last day. Riots are underway in Sri Lanka, and similar events have been reported in Spain and several Middle Eastern countries so far.

This will spread throughout the year. By the end of 2022, dozens of countries will be in the midst of chaotic uprisings. At some point, there will be revolutions. Nations will fall. Chaos will reign. If this all seems like the Force Horsemen of the Apocalypse, that’s because the End Times are now being played out in front of our eyes.

The Prophecy Club has a very informative channel on

There, the host documents prophecies that people are receiving about what’s going to happen in the coming years. Here’s a good overview from last week’s episode:

Walmart raising prices on 6,000 items, including food

Right now, Walmart is in the process of raising prices on over 6,000 items, many of which are food items. I’m told they’re also preparing for a weekly price adjustment in anticipation of rapid hyperinflation kicking in.

This means America’s largest retailer understands that the dollar is collapsing, and in order to stay in business, they’re going to have to rapidly increase prices on a frequency basis. First, it will be monthly, then weekly, then daily. The trillions in money printing will only drive the cycle of collapse into Weimar Republic territory, and at some point, the dollar collapses and goes to zero.

This is now inevitable. It’s only a question of how long it takes.

This process might play out over several months or even a few years, but the way things are accelerating, we could also be looking at a “financial catastrophe” tipping point or “Black swan” event that could collapse the system virtually overnight.

Get full details with additional intel in today’s Situation Update podcast:


Obama DHS Chief: Biden Must Not Lift Title 42. Illegal-alien Invasion Is Already “Unsustainable”

Obama DHS Chief: Biden Must Not Lift Title 42. Illegal-alien Invasion Is Already “Unsustainable”



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Three states have sued the Biden administration to stop it from lifting the application of Title 42, the law that permits immigration authorities to expel illegal aliens summarily for health reasons. Reason for the lawsuit: The Americans in those states will pay the price when a hurricane of illegals overwhelms border agents.

Yesterday, President Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh Johnson, said without saying it that he agrees.

Appearing on Fox and Friends, the former DHS chief explained what is obvious to all — except Biden and the leftist ideologues who back him. They see the surge as a means to replace and dispossess the American people with new Democrat voters.

Border States Want a Secure Border

Based on a recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), last week, Biden announced that he will lift the Title 42 expulsion policy, begun by President Trump in 2020 to battle the China Virus pandemic, on May 23. Administration officials predicted that 18,000 illegals per day would hit the border.

Almost immediately after the announcement, the three states sued not on practical grounds, but because Biden violated the Administrative Procedures Act. 

Johnson takes their side. The invasion must stop.

“I am convinced that most Americans want us to treat migrants in this country fairly, humanely,” he said on Fox and Friends:

They want us to take care of the DREAMers, who are a remarkable group of de facto Americans who grew up in this country. Most Americans, I believe, want to give people who have been in this country for ten or more years an opportunity to get on the books. But most Americans also want a secure border. If you go to Laredo, Texas, for example, [Democrat Representative] Henry Cuellar’s district, 85 percent Mexican American, overwhelmingly Democratic, they want a secure border. I know. I’ve been there. I’ve heard this. 

Most Americans want border security, of course, but Biden won’t listen. Obsessed with bringing in new Democrat voters, he’s done everything he can to send the message to the Third World that the borders are open and free stuff is available.

He and his Homeland Security Secretary, Cuban visa fraudster Alejandro Mayorkas, openly brag that they will not enforce immigration laws. He imported 12,000 Haitians who showed up at the border in September, just after he lied about and attacked his own border agents for doing their jobs.

This Can’t Go On

To his credit, Johnson told the truth, despite being a Democrat who obviously voted for Traitor Joe.

Speaking of the illegals hitting the border now, he added that “7,000 a day is not sustainable, in multiple respects”: 

It overwhelms the communities in Texas and Arizona that have to absorb this population. It overwhelms Catholic Charities. It overwhelms the Border Patrol and ICE and their ability to keep up with these numbers. And obviously, it overwhelms the Biden administration politically. This is affecting his approval ratings. The — we just have to — we have to enforce border security and we have to send the message that we are enforcing border security.

But Biden, again, is sending the opposite message: The border is open; come on in. And bring the family, too.

“I used to go to Central America,” Johnson continued:

I would stand at the bottom of the stairway for the plane returning back to Guatemala and Honduras and bring the cameras to show people in Central America that we were actually sending people back. Immigration is a very market-sensitive phenomenon. It reacts sharply to perceived and real changes in our enforcement policy up here. So, the lifting of Title 42, I’m sure that news is circulating right now in Central America. If I had had my druthers, and I don’t, I would have argued, can we lift this perhaps later in the summer when it gets hotter and the numbers do slow down? We’re right now in the peak season. But longer-term, you’ve got to deal with the push factors.

Longer-term, in fact, the application of Title 42 must remain in place, and not just because of the China Virus. Illegals are not only unvaccinated against myriad diseases once thought wiped out in this country, but also bring in scabies, mumps, typhus, Chagas disease, chickenpox, and multi-drug resistant tuberculosis. 

At least for now, the border must close. Since the first full month of Biden’s presidency, border agents have handled more than two million illegals.

Covid Hospitals: The New Killing Fields?

Covid Hospitals: The New Killing Fields?










Scott Schara is the father of a 19-year-old daughter with Down Syndrome, Grace, whom he believes was killed by her hospital. Grace had Covid, but even then, Scott says she should have been fine. He believes she was killed by a combination of questionable medications given to her by hospital staff. Grace was labeled as a DNR – Do Not Resuscitate – against her family’s wishes, and then was overdosed on a combination of Precedex, Lorazepam, and morphine, all within a 30-minute window. Scott Schara joins us.

Dr. Duke Pesta sits down with Scott Schara, a father of a girl with Down syndrome, who shares his heartbreaking story of how his daughter was admitted to the hospital, listed as a DNR by the doctor, and given a lethal cocktail of drugs that took her life, while nurses were forced to wait outside the room.


Patriarchy Alert! ‘International Asexuality Day’ Is an Attempt to Erase Female Sexuality



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Today is International Asexuality Day. Before you head to your celebratory feasts I thought I’d drop in here to mention that the LGBTQWTF squad is attempting, once again, to groom your daughters into their cult through pathologizing normal female sexuality. This type of salesmanship is not geared toward adults who know their sexuality but towards minors and teens who still don’t, mostly because of age and inexperience (or lack thereof). Normal humans left alone about sexuality figure out who they are attracted to without much difficulty in the later years of high school or college.

The pernicious lie about “asexuality” is that it targets kids who have not yet figured out or have no interest in sex and sexuality and puts them on the LGBTQ spectrum if they simply aren’t interested or are repulsed by the thought of sexual activity (which most kids are, if they have had a decent childhood free from abuse).

The definition of “asexuality” according to the cult is truly stunning. “Asexual describes people who experience little to no sexual attraction,” says The infographic going around online continues, “Asexual people may never experience sexual attraction, or rarely experience it, or only under certain circumstances.” Well, that’s clear … NOT. What are the “circumstances”? Perhaps when it’s appropriate? The infographic describes every 13-year-old girl I know, including myself at that age. “Asexual people may have no libido, or low libido, or typical libido, or high libido.” Huh? How do you have a high libido and not experience sexual desire? Do you see how this “definition” describes everyone? Normal sex drive comes and goes for everyone depending on age and sex and circumstance. It is not a pathology or a new sexuality; it’s just normal.

RelatedSharing Stories of Trauma on ‘Detransition Awareness Day’

“Asexual people may be favorable towards having sex, indifferent towards having sex, averse towards having sex, or repulsed by having sex,” it continues. I don’t know about you, but the sexuality cult freaks have definitely repulsed me with their idea of sex, and it wouldn’t surprise me if an entire generation feels that repulsion after the bastardization of human sexuality we’ve all been exposed to for so long.

By this definition, asexuality means nothing and everything. Anyone with any amount of sex drive can be “asexual.” All this is is an onramp into the LGBTQWTF cult. You don’t have to have any skin in the game, so to say, to be identified as a co-opted sexuality that has no coherent definition but comes with all the perks of suddenly being an oppressed minority that gets celebrated constantly. Your child will be showered with attention and praise the minute they “come out” anywhere on the rainbow spectrum. This is a political game and it’s being played on your kids.

The infographic goes on to say, “Asexual people may differentiate forms of attraction such as Romantic Attraction, Aesthetic Attraction, Sensual Attraction, Emotional Attraction, Intellectual Attraction, Platonic Attraction, Spiritual Attraction, and more. And they may experience some of these rarely or not at all.”

They’ve completely co-opted every form of normal sexuality under a term meant to place people who feel “romantically attracted” to someone (which is another totally normal female sexuality characteristic) under an LGBTQWTF umbrella. Why? It’s not hard to figure out.

“Asexuality is a spectrum, an umbrella, and a shield. If the label feels right, use it,” the infographic concludes. There’s the crux: the LGBTQWTF cult is offering a shield to your kid that will protect them from being a “straight bigot.” It places them on the rainbow and in the camp that agitates on behalf of a political movement. It’s about votes. It’s about power. It’s certainly not about love or acceptance. Why would a straight girl want to stay outside the cover of this protective shield from her normal adolescent feelings of shyness and self-doubt and non-interest in sexuality or her desire for romantic love — all totally normal feelings for straight girls? Why would she want to fight this storm without an umbrella? It’s so much easier to put on a rainbow shirt and join the in-crowd under the guise that you’re doing something good and joining a movement that is about “love and acceptance.”

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Except that, once she gets into it, the real grooming begins and the next thing she knows, the “asexual” straight girl is told she’s really a boy and the path to medicalization begins. Normal female sexuality is being pathologized by people who think it’s okay to sterilize women and mutilate their genitalia. We need to start talking to our adolescent children more about what constitutes normal, healthy sexuality because the groomers are working overtime on the propaganda. Where is our response?

I sat my teenager down a few days ago and had a very frank talk with her about the sexual grooming going on that is targeting girls like her. It’s time to normalize normal female sexuality and stop letting these people redefine it to grow their troops. Female sexuality is being erased and co-opted into an anti-female organization that tells lesbians they’re transphobic if they won’t be raped by a “girl dick.” That’s not fake news. That’s real. Women are under attack from this misogynistic cult and it’s time for us to wake up and exit from this male-centered attempt to erase us, our identities, our sex, our sexuality, and our rights.

Helena, a rising star in the world of detransition, has a wonderful thread on Twitter about this very issue. “It’s telling girls if [you’re] not like those women in the media and in all the memes who seem to love being ‘hoes’, if [you] don’t want to have a bunch of sex with a bunch of men, if sex isn’t something that’s a huge part of your personality, there’s something inherently other about you,” she wrote.

This is so dangerous to young girls. There’s nothing wrong with them if they are not hypersexual or don’t approach sex like men. This is normal female sexuality. The way female sexuality is depicted on television by hyper-aggressive and sexually promiscuous women is what is abnormal.

Helena observed, “It’s the women who are overly promiscuous, obsessed, and indiscriminate about sex that are different. But young girls today don’t understand this. they think they are queer or even TRANS because of this.”

This is why it is incredibly important for us mothers to start talking to our daughters about what normal female sexuality is. There’s nothing wrong with them. They are not on a rainbow spectrum. They are simply normal, straight females with normal feelings. The pathologizing of normal female sexuality is a targeted campaign to remove our daughters from us and to erase everything that is female. Women need to stop this right now. The patriarchy is rising and it’s flying a rainbow flag.

Wikipedia’s Dirty Little Secret



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

A couple of years back, a conservative friend told me that he sent a check to support Wikipedia every month. Why, I asked him, would you support a site that engages in anti-conservative smears and left-wing bias, and suppresses conservative views?

His was a common mistake. When Wikipedia was founded, it was based on open-source principles (though it was never technically an open-source project). Basically, anyone who had access to the internet could go in and add to or edit articles. The idea was to crowdsource the vast knowledge in the universe to come up with accurate articles that could be used by anyone anywhere, free of charge. It was a great idea in theory, but it hasn’t panned out that way. In recent years it has devolved into left-wing tyranny by moderators who have an agenda, many of whom apparently have an ax to grind.

Wikipedia claims its articles are written from a neutral point of view:

Wikipedia is written from a neutral point of view

We strive for articles in an impartial tone that document and explain major points of view, giving due weight for their prominence. We avoid advocacy, and we characterize information and issues rather than debate them. In some areas there may be just one well-recognized point of view; in others, we describe multiple points of view, presenting each accurately and in context rather than as “the truth” or “the best view”. All articles must strive for verifiable accuracyciting reliable, authoritative sources, especially when the topic is controversial or is about a living person. Editors’ personal experiences, interpretations, or opinions do not belong on Wikipedia.

That garbled postmodern mush-mouth word salad has no substantive meaning. Under these guidelines, any article can be manipulated or spun to say anything and everything, or nothing at all.

The truth is, conservative points of view are treated differently on Wikipedia than liberal opinions are. For example, Wikipedia opines on abortion:

When properly done, abortion is one of the safest procedures in medicine,[5]: 1[6] but unsafe abortion is a major cause of maternal death, especially in the developing world,[7] while making safe abortion legal and accessible reduces maternal deaths.[8][9] It is safer than childbirth, which has a 14 times higher risk of death in the United States.[10]

Foes of abortion would never agree to such characterizations. Abortion is the intentional taking of human life, the murder of an innocent child. But to the Wikipedia editors who control the debate, it’s “one of the safest procedures in medicine … safer than childbirth.” Safer for whom? Certainly not the babies who end up dead and disposed of in a medical waste bag. The article spills more words on the topic of “anti-abortion violence” than it does on the legitimate opposition to abortion and largely parrots the talking points of Planned Parenthood. So much for neutrality.

In addition to biased reporting on controversial topics, articles about conservative media sources are singled out for fact-checks while left-wing sites are not. For example, PJ Media’s Wikipedia page consists mostly of a list of alleged “false claims” based on “fact” checks by left-wing activists who disagree with our views on issues like climate change, election integrity, and radical Islam. The silliest item on the list is an article I wrote several years ago describing my experience searching Google for stories about President Trump and finding that it was biased toward left-wing news sites. I was very clear in the article to say that my report was anecdotal rather than scientific, a fact that the Wikipedia activist and even the fact-checkers acknowledged, yet there it is in the list of “false claims” because “fact-checkers at PolitiFact rated it false.” [Side note: If you are a savvy Wikipedia user who knows how to get around the biased mods and you have some free time on your hands, maybe you can do us a solid and get our page straightened out?]

Do left-wing sites get the same treatment? You know the answer to that. Here are some sites that list no fact checks or false claims, even though we all know they’re propagators of fake news:

HuffPost (ROFL)

Vice (Yeah, right)

The New York Times (No, I’m serious)

Daily Kos (You see where this is going)

CNN (Nothing to see here except Trump calling CNN “fake news”)

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Wikipedia also downplays major controversies that reflect poorly on the left. Here’s Wikipedia’s sole sentence about Disney promoting the grooming of young children with sex talk in schools, complete with the lie about the Florida Parental Rights in Education bill being called the “Don’t Say Gay” bill:

Through February and March 2022, Disney’s response to a Florida bill prohibiting discussion in schools about gender and sexual identity (HB 1557, known as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill) led to controversy over the company’s lack of condemnation and previous restrictions on LGBT content, eventually leading to a rare walkout by employees.[113]

The “controversy,” according to Wikipedia, had nothing to do with outraged parents wanting to protect their children. Rather it was over crybaby Disney employees demanding that teachers be allowed to talk about sexually explicit topics to kindergarteners.

Larry Sanger, one of the cofounders of Wikipedia, told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that the site is definitely not neutral. “There isn’t an open system anymore and therefore, the kinds of people that are allowed to have any influence on Wikipedia have been narrowed down greatly to essentially people who agree with the establishment left.”

Yet millions of people go to Wikipedia every month believing it’s a source for unbiased information, unfiltered by the gatekeepers. Nothing could be further from the truth.

“The left, frankly, is relentless when it comes to stating their point of view and using the organs of mass media — and Wikipedia is part of their mass media, I think — to shape the world,” Sanger added. “And so it became another one of the institutions that they had to capture.”

If you’ve been sending money to Wikipedia, it’s time to reevaluate supporting a system that suppresses the truth and slanders conservative media. We’re David over here, trying to fight the giants in the left-wing media and big-tech censors who VASTLY outnumber us and have a virtually unlimited supply of money. You can help us level the playing field by becoming a VIP member today. You’ll get access to members-only premium PJ Media content, including columns and podcasts. For the price of a couple of those fancy, pretentious beverages at that left-wing coffee chain, you can become a VIP Gold member and enjoy access to premium content at all of our Townhall Media sites, including PJ Media, Townhall, RedState, Twitchy, HotAir, and Bearing Arms. You’ll be able to participate in the popular VIP Gold live chats with VodkaPundit and Stephen Kruiser, as well as other personalities in the Townhall Media family. You’ll also be joining an engaged, intelligent community of freedom-loving patriots in the members-only comments section. Use the promo code STOPTHELIES for a 40% discount — the largest we’ve ever offered. This is a limited-time offer, so don’t delay.