DR. STEVE TURLEY: We’ve got a new bombshell email that’s just been exposed showing that Sleepy Joe did in fact pay for Hunter’s legal bills, and one of them was to a Chinese government-controlled company! In this video, we’re going to look at the latest bombshell coming from the laptop from hell, we’re going to see how members of Congress are pushing for the appointing of a special prosecutor, and stick with me to the very end of this video when I’ll reveal the ironic twist that it may be a censorship-free Twitter that ends up bringing the Biden regime down; you are NOT going to want to miss this!

Joe Biden paid $800k in legal fees for Hunter according to email

Diversity, Free Speech, and the ‘Woke’ Assault on America We are living in Orwellian times.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Tech plutocrat Elon Musk announces he is buying Twitter to liberate this “virtual town square” from one-sided political censorship - and he is met with hysterical charges that he is attacking free speech. A woman who reposts TikTok videos of “woke” teachers bragging about their sexualizing of children in their classrooms, is attacked by a Washington Post reporter who harasses the woman’s family in order to silence an enemy of “free speech” and purveyor of “hate” - just days after the reporter appeared in a video and bursts into tears over getting the same treatment she later inflicts on the anonymous creator of Libs on TikTok.

We are clearly living in Orwellian times when the ambitions of tyrannical power are camouflaged by debased language, incoherent thought, and patent double standards. Like the Newspeak of 1984, our progressive media abuses words like “diversity” and “free speech” to make them mean their opposites: a uniform orthodoxy protected and enforced by censorship. As long ago as Thucydides, this abuse of language and thought was recognized as the enemy of freedom and the precursor of a tyranny that reduces the diversity of opinion and ideas into one monolithic, oppressive dogma.

Since its creation in the ancient Athenian democracy, free speech has been the sine qua non of a political order that includes a wide diversity of citizens, not just the rich and educated elites who monopolized power in oligarchic or autocratic regimes. Since political discussion and deliberation were conducted through public speeches, citizens had to be protected from reprisals for, or limitations on their diverse opinions and their particular ways of expressing them.

True diversity - the diversity of thought and opinion - is intimately connected to free speech, itself one of the most critical foundations of political freedom, and the most important bulwarks against tyranny.

This freedom of speech given to social and economic inferiors was one of the major criticisms of democracy in arguments against politically enfranchising non-elites. Antidemocratic critics like Plato, an aristocrat, and philosopher who favored rule by a technocratic elite, mocked the average Athenian who presumed to address his betters in the Assembly and the Council. Plato’s like-minded mentor Socrates mocked and slandered the masses as “dunces and weaklings,” the “fullers and the cobblers or the builders or the smiths or the farmers or the merchants or the traffickers in the marketplace who think of nothing but buying cheap and selling dear.”

The common sense and traditional wisdom of these poor and middling citizens, which make them fit to participate in political deliberation, are disparaged. Hence, they should not have the right to speak out during such deliberations but defer to their social betters. Their diversity is an impediment to good government, not, as Aristotle argued, a resource comprising a great diversity of talents and life experiences.

We can hear the echo of such elite disdain and technocratic pretensions in the Left’s slavish obeisance to “following the science,” particularly prevalent during the covid crisis. Notice too that those who challenged the government experts’ consensus of opinion about the crisis have been fair game for censorship by Twitter and Facebook on the pretext of curtailing “misinformation” - even though many critics, like the original signatories of the Great Barrington Declaration, are themselves, scientists.

Just as in ancient Athens, the resentment of elites towards ordinary people’s participation in political speech reflects not just class snobbery, but political ideology rather than superior knowledge or reason. It also explains the progressive preference for technocratic rule through government agencies comprising “experts,” whom Woodrow Wilson called the “hundreds who are wise” given the power to rule the thousands “who are selfish, ignorant, timid, stubborn, or foolish.”

In our times the latter comprise those whom Democrats brand as “bitter clingers,” “deplorables,” and “smelly Wal-Mart shoppers,” while Twitter and Facebook censor their speech to eliminate alleged “hate speech” and “misinformation,” Orwellian euphemisms for the opinions from those whose politics the elite disdain and whose opinions they silence.

The other source of today’s censorship is stale Marxism of various stripes. Communism has always fancied itself as a “science” rather than a political ideology, in which those converted to Marx’s “scientific history” are entitled, by their superior technical expertise to control the political order and guide history towards the progressive paradise or “diversity,” “inclusion,” and “equity.” Those standing in the way of this glorious future must be silenced or eliminated. Diversity of opinion is verboten just as heresy is forbidden in religion, for such views bespeak “false consciousness” and can seduce people away from the leftist gospel. Thus the operating principle is “by any means necessary,” including rank hypocrisy, egregious double standards, propaganda, censorship, “cancel culture,” and political violence like that we witnessed in 2020.

Finally, the leftist eagerness to censor and silence free speech exposes how dishonest and incoherent is their notion of “diversity,” and how ignorant or indifferent they are about freedom’s dependence on free speech. The “diversity” they trade in is not the real diversity of minds and opinions, but the superficial “diversity” of illiberal, racist markers like skin color or hair texture. As such, the real, complex diversity of region, mores, faiths, and socio-economic class that exist even within the same ethnicity is erased, the vacuum filled by leftist political ideology and goofy theories like “systemic racism” and its truly racist idea that all so-called white people are, without exception, racists.

This distortion of diversity, moreover, has compounded the many dysfunctions afflicting our society today. For example, the racialist canards that police target black men for extralegal execution, or that black criminality is created by “systemic racism,”  enable progressive cognitive elites black and white to agitate for reducing police forces, emptying prisons, and putting into power prosecutors and judges who refuse to enforce the laws and the rules for sentencing and granting parole.

The result has been an increase in crime to levels not seen for decades, with many of the perpetrators being career criminals put back on the streets despite their long records of mayhem. And the victims most often are blacks and Latinos, the “people of color” whose lives the marxiste “woke” claim “matter,” but whose daily subjection to violent assaults and murder they’ve ignored for decades.

The Orwellian assault on free speech is an attack on the Constitutional order of political freedom and unalienable rights that the progressives have been undermining for a century. And it weakens the real diversity that has defined our nation from the beginning and contributed to our country’s success as the freest people in history. If this attack continues, our country eventually will be “fundamentally transformed” into a technocratic, oligarchic “soft despotism,” and we citizens reduced to clients of an “immense and tutelary power,” as Tocqueville writes, “absolute, minute, regular, provident, and mild,” that will seek “to keep [the people] in perpetual childhood.”

But there are signs of renewal, a coming electoral backlash that may slow down this transformation. Biden’s abysmal policy failures at home and abroad, the growing anger at rampant crime and inflation, the surreally juvenile antics of the “woke,” the suicidal excesses of the “green new deal,” the grotesque violations of common sense and science of transgenderism, and the accelerating awakening of parents to the ideological corruption of public schools are all cheering portents.

Censorship COLLAPSES on TWITTER as Conservative Accounts RESTORED!!!

Conservative Accounts are being restored all censorship begins to collapse on Twitter! In this video, we’re going to take a look at some of the accounts that are active once again, we’re going to see for ourselves the stats of how Twitter was disproportionately censoring conservative opinion, and stick with me to the very end of this video when I’ll reveal what the political and cultural ramifications will be now that the era of woke censorship is crumbling right before our very eyes; you are NOT going to want to miss this!

Utah ICU Nurses Try To Hide Fibrous Clot Coughed Up By Jabbed 32 Year Old

Dr. Jane Ruby Show.
On today’s Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Dr. Jane rips into the Nurses That Stayed, as more and more of them are outwardly admitting that, while they continue to witness killer lung and blood clots, Remdesivir driven deaths, and many other never before seen outcomes of these bioweapon fake vaccines, they are staying for not only paychecks but now it’s for their retirements!! And later Dr. Eli English visits the show to provide a solid introduction on homeopathy so you can get out of the dangerous allopathic-pharmaceutical merry go round. And I’ll take a closer look at the latest news of U.S. food processing & distribution plants spontaneously exploding and burning to the ground. Coincidence or the orchestrated food shortage? This is the Dr. Jane Ruby Show and you’re about to enter TRUTH in Medicine



North Carolina School May Get Satanic After-school Club

North Carolina School May Get Satanic After-school Club



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Satan may be coming to school in Greensboro, North Carolina. Hosted by the Satanic Temple, the After-School Satan Club has applied to begin meeting in the cafeteria at Greensboro’s Joyner Elementary School. Unsurprisingly, some parents are upset and are seeking to block the club from meeting at the school.

In a flyer — circulated widely on social media — the club is described as “a safe and all-inclusive alternative to other religious programs.” It is an attempt on the part of Satanists to compete directly with Good News Clubs — a Christian after-school club that meets in schools. The Satanic Temple’s website claims the club is not about “converting children to Satanism,” stating:

Proselytization is not our goal, and we’re not interested in converting children to Satanism. After School Satan Clubs will focus on free inquiry and rationalism, the scientific basis for which we know what we know about the world around us.

We prefer to give children an appreciation of the natural wonders surrounding them, not a fear of everlasting other-worldly horrors.

The site also states:

The After School Satan Clubs meet at select public schools where Good News Clubs also operate. Trained educators provide activities and learning opportunities, which students are free to engage in, or they may opt to explore other interests that may be aided by available resources. The environment is open and parents are welcome to participate. While the classes are designed to promote intellectual and emotional development in accordance with TST’s tenets, no proselytization or religious instruction takes place.

With “trained educators” providing “activities and learning opportunities” focused on “free inquiry and rationalism” and an attitude of pooh-poohing the idea of an afterlife where all will answer for their actions in this world, one could get the impression that “converting children to Satanism” is actually the goal.

Consider a statement from June Everett, campaign manager for the After-School Satan Club. She told WFMY News:

So, the Satanic Temple is a non-theistic religion, meaning that we don’t believe in an actual, literal Satan. What we do believe is Satan as a symbol to standing up to tyrannical authority, asking questions, and, you know, like, bringing, bringing the hypocrisy of our laws really, you know, forward.

By viewing Satan as “a symbol to standing up to tyrannical authority,” it is clear that Satanists — who may or may not “believe in an actual, literal Satan” — see the God of Christianity and Judaism as a tyrant. And that philosophy is central to the after-school club.

After all, they claim to be a “non-theistic religion” — which is more than a little like claiming to be a single married person or a pedestrian driver. Religion — by its very nature — has three essential elements: a god or gods, people, and the relation between that god/gods and those people.

Satanism may or may not be about virgin sacrifices and blood and demonic visitations. While those elements are certainly present in some circles of Satanism, the version of Satanism offered by the Satanic Temple is about following Satan’s lead in attempting to overthrow God and exalt self to the place of worship.

The flyer advertising the club makes that clear, stating, “The Satanic Temple is a non-theistic religion that views Satan as a mythical figure representing individual freedom.” The flyer also promises that attendees will gain “benevolence and empathy,” “critical thinking,” “problem-solving,” “creative expression,” and “personal sovereignty.”

Part of the club materials is the After School Satan Handbook, available as a download from the temple’s website. The handbook addresses the question, “Why Satan?” and answers:

To call our club any alternative such as “science club” or “atheist club”, which has been suggested by many, would be disingenuous and akin to hiding.

Satan, to us, is not a supernatural being. Instead, Satan is a literary figure that represents a metaphorical construct of rejecting tyranny over the human mind and spirit.

It is clear to see that — whether or not Satanists “believe in an actual, literal Satan” — they are certainly following him in his rebellion against God. And while the handbook claims, “We are not offering any materials or lectures to your child about Satanism,” the truth is that the entire philosophy of the club is based on the same lie Satan told in that garden of old — “You shall be as gods, knowing good from evil.” But one could hardly expect Satanists to be truthful; their “god” is — according to Our Lord — “the father of lies.”

Along with claiming that Satan is a warm, fuzzy feeling of freedom and individual sovereignty, the temple also claims protection under the First Amendment. And sadly, they have modern interpretations on their side. As WFMY News reported:

Back in 2001, the Supreme Court decided that a school district cannot prohibit the First Amendment free speech rights of groups seeking access to a school district’s limited public forum.

That means the After-school Satan Club, along with other religious clubs, has the right to hold meetings after school.

And while these Satanists hide behind the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious freedom, no thinking person would believe that Satanism was even part of the Founding Fathers’ original intent when the First Amendment was written and ratified.

And their hope — such as it is — has not always panned out for them. The temple has had mixed success with such clubs. As WBTW reported:

The state of Pennsylvania has rejected Satan clubs, but they have popped up in Illinois and Ohio. However, it’s the first time the idea has found its way to North Carolina.

And WAVY’s report quoted Lucien Greaves, co-founder of the Satanic Temple, as saying that there are a total of four clubs in the country including Illinois and Ohio, averaging about four students in each club. So not exactly a raving success. But that means that in a nation founded on Christian principles, roughly 16 children in four states are being guided in the poisonous philosophy that God is an enemy tyrant and Satan represents freedom from God’s tyranny.

No wonder parents are upset.

As the flyer made its rounds on social media, some parents — drunk on the spirit of indifference — seemed to accept Satan in schools, with replies such as, “Either all religions or none.” Other parents, though, replied with posts such as, “This is wrong, just all wrong.”

One mother, Tempee Moore, said, “A lot of people said ‘is this a hoax? Is this real? How can a Satan club be realistic?’” Moore called for Christians to show up at the school to make their opposition known. “Even if the club is not going to happen, there will be other times people want this to happen. It’s a way to say the Christian community here in [Greensboro] is not allowing this to go into their schools.”

And perhaps it won’t be. As WAVY reported, there is a review process taking place that may keep Satan out of Joyner Elementary School. But the rub is that Jesus may not be allowed, either. From that report:

Chief of Staff with Guilford County Schools Dr. Rebecca Kaye released the following statement:

“The requests for rental of GCS facilities by the Good News Club and the After School Satan Club are under review and neither is authorized to use GCS facilities at this time. Neither of the two clubs are sponsored by Joyner Elementary nor were they solicited by the school.

GCS is currently reviewing with its legal counsel how fliers for non-school sponsored clubs and events are distributed, as well as the district’s obligation to grant organizations equitable access to our public facilities.”

“The requests for rental of GCS facilities by the Good News Club and the After School Satan Club are under review and neither is authorized to use GCS facilities at this time. Neither of the two clubs are sponsored by Joyner Elementary nor were they solicited by the school.

GCS is currently reviewing with its legal counsel how fliers for non-school sponsored clubs and events are distributed, as well as the district’s obligation to grant organizations equitable access to our public facilities.”

It is a sad commentary on the state of public religion that indifference has gained such a stronghold in the public mind that public policy cannot — is not allowed to — differentiate between God and Satan, between good and evil.

After Arming Terrorists, Biden Moves to Disarm Law-Abiding Americans~Why Are Second Amendment Cases Stalled in the Supreme Court?


Taliban fighters hold their weapons as they stand atop a building at the Kart-e-Sakhi shrine in Kabul, Afghanistan. (AP Photo/Ahmad Halabisaz):

Why Are Second Amendment Cases Stalled in the Supreme Court?

In this video, Dudley Brown of the National Association For Gun Rights joins Eric to discuss possible reasons why the Supreme Court has heard a plethora of 1A cases but has turned most 2A cases away in recent years.

Leftists File Suit to Bar Marjorie Taylor Greene From Ballot Because She Supported ‘Insurrection’

Every American who values our Republic has a stake in seeing her prevail.

Marjorie Taylor Greene was asked about Declaration of ...



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

“In recent years,” Barack Obama tweeted Tuesday, “we’ve seen how quickly disinformation spreads, especially on social media. This has created real challenges for our democracy.” As Hunter Biden can attest, all too often yesterday’s “disinformation” has become today’s hot news, and that’s the strongest possible case for not banning it. But for Obama and his fellow Leftists, “our democracy” means “Leftist hegemony,” and Leftists have never hesitated to resort to decidedly undemocratic means to protect that hegemony. Their latest target is Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia), whom they’re trying to prevent from running for reelection not by defeating her in a primary, but by banning her from running because she supported their fictional January 6 “insurrection.” And now it’s clear why they keep insisting it was an “insurrection” in the teeth of all the evidence to the contrary.

A group of Leftists in Georgia have filed suit to bar Greene from running again, based on a clause in the Fourteenth Amendment that prohibits those who have participated in an insurrection from holding office. The Fourteenth Amendment, Section 3 says: “No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.”

This remedy was designed to keep unrepentant Confederates out of public office after the Civil War (although many did hold office, as more often than not Congress voted to waive the prohibition). It has been dormant since then. But if January 6 were an insurrection — which hasn’t been proven or even established with a shred of credible evidence in impeachment proceedings of Donald Trump or in the trials of the alleged “insurrectionists” that have taken place so far — and if Greene supported it — which also is not the case, since there wasn’t any insurrection to support — then she can’t run for reelection. Only good Democrats and Romneyite Republicans will be left on the ballot. How very convenient.

On Monday, Tucker Carlson asked Greene, “So they’re trying to prevent voters from voting for you. How is that democracy?” Green answered, “Well it’s not, Tucker, that’s the thing. These people hate the people in my district so much, they look down on them because they voted for me and sent me to Washington to fight for the things that most Americans care about, like secure borders, stopping abortion, protecting our Second Amendment, stopping the out of control spending in Washington, and stop funding never-ending foreign wars and the insanity that takes place in Washington.” Yeah, can’t have that. Our elected representatives are supposed to fight for their own self-interest, and for the interests of those who line their pockets. Just ask The Big Guy.

Greene continued, “Well, I went there and I have been fighting it, and now the progressives, the people who donate money to dark money groups — you know, the 501(c)(3)s and the foundations — they’ve hired up some attorneys from New York who hate the people in my district and don’t believe they should have the right to elect who they want to send to Washington, which is me. I have overwhelming support in my district and I’m so thankful for all of them. Well, now [Leftists have] filed a lawsuit because they’re trying to rip my name off of the ballot and steal my district’s ability to reelect me and send me back to Congress.”

Greene is right: if Greene can be reelected, and there is every reason to think that she can, then these “insurrection”-mongers are trying to take that vote away from the people in her district. All in the interests of protecting “our democracy,” of course.

Tucker Carlson indicated that he knew what the game was all about, saying, “So if you can prevent voters from being allowed to vote for the candidate of their choice, which is their constitutional right, then the system’s over.”

Yes, it is. And the end of the system is close. But that end can be pushed back as more and more free citizens wake up to what these sanctimonious liars and hypocrites are doing, and fight against their schemes. Greene has significant support. Every American who values our actual republic has a stake in seeing her prevail in this fight.



My Nightmare Experience With Cruel, Fascistic COVID Policies at a California Hospital

kaweah delta medical center

My elderly mother was taken to the emergency room in critical condition.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Editor’s Note: The following was written under a pseudonym for fear of reprisals against the author’s ailing mother. 

I write the following to share my deplorable experiences at Kaweah Delta Medical Center, a hospital in Visalia, Calif., and because I’m convinced most Americans have no clue of the fascistic, cruel, and inhumane policies still being enacted in the name of “COVID-19.”

My elderly mother is and has been immensely sick for quite some time. She is also suffering from dementia, especially when she gets hospitalized. That said, I am intentionally being vague concerning her condition, as I wouldn’t want the hospital to figure out who she is and possibly “reprimand” her due to this article. Yes, I think some of the workers there are actually capable of that. On the other hand, I’m not overly concerned that they’ll be able to identify me. All one needs to do is look at the terrible reviews that hospital gets, most of them from people who had the very same experiences I’m about to relate, to realize that these incidents are a dime a dozen.

About a month back, she was taken to the emergency room at Kaweah, in critical condition. I have two siblings, a brother, and a sister. None of us are vaccinated. My brother lives in the same city, Visalia, but was out of town. My sister lives five hours from Visalia, and I live three hours away. My sister was first to arrive.  

Once at Kaweah, she was asked either to show a vaccine card or a negative COVID test. She had neither. So, despite my mother’s critical condition, she was denied entry and told to go take a test. As she’s not too familiar with Visalia, she asked where she could take a test and was given a paper that lists several local places. She called them, one by one. Each went to a voicemail that said, and to paraphrase, “Due to volume, we are not offering any more COVID tests at this time.” (Later on, I also tried those numbers and got the same result.)

So my sister went to my mother’s home and, in a very frustrated manner, notified me of what was going on. Before driving to Kaweah, and because I too am not vaccinated, I called first to find out what, exactly, I would need to show. The nurse who answered said I’d need to show a negative test from any testing site; a printout would do. The only thing she stressed is that home tests would not be admissible (unless taken before the hospital entry person). So I took one at Color Genomics, a recognized testing site near me. Then I drove to the hospital. Once there, I showed the woman at the front my “papers.” She told me to wait and went to another room. She presently emerged and told me, “I’m sorry, but this test does not seem to be from a legitimate site and we cannot let you in.”

At this point, I basically lost it and began to yell at the top of my voice. Think about it. Your mother is in critical condition, is confused, and doesn’t even know where she is or what is going on; since being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, none of her children had been able to talk to her (whenever we’d call, they’d put us on hold and the line would disconnect, or else they’d tell us she’s having a procedure done or is asleep). My sister and I did the right thing, driving to the hospital—and I being warned by my sister, made sure to get tested—and still, they denied us the chance to see our critically sick mother.

Due to my yelling, security was called, and before long I was surrounded by 4 to 5 armed security guards, most of them with their hands on their real or taser guns. They each took turns examining my test results—my “papers”—and saying (to paraphrase), “Yes, this isn’t good enough,” while I continued hollering, not giving a damn who heard me—and in fact hoping everyone heard me. I, of course, made it a point to take pictures and a video of this “encounter.” One of the guards, the only female there (pictured), was especially rude from the start and definitely had a chip on her shoulder. 

It wasn’t long before some higher-up or administrator came to see what all the ruckus was about. He looked at my test results, shook his head in a puzzled way, and asked the main guard what was wrong with it. They spoke to the side and a minute later, I was finally granted entry, with apologies from the higher-up.

To be clear, the point that most irked me is that I called and spoke to a nurse, asking what kind of papers I’d need. All she told me is that I needed to go to a testing site—any testing site—as opposed to showing up with some home test, and bringing some printout, all of which I did.  And I repeatedly made this point to the guards, even giving them her name, and they still would not relent, saying that I had to get a test from a “well-recognized place, like Walgreens,” etc.  Their robotic response to all my protests was the same: “It’s hospital policy…”

My mother was a complete mess when I finally got to see her and started crying, not knowing where she was or why she was there.  

This was a perfect example of not seeing the forest for the trees. All these hospital workers claim to be helping the sick, yet in this case, it is clear that they were harming them—doubly ironical, in the name of “helping them against COVID.”

My mother was eventually released, only to be checked in again recently, again, in very critical condition. Both my sister and I were away, but luckily my brother, who lives in Visalia, immediately went to see her. And guess what? Déjà vu all over again! Even though he is tested weekly for his job, and had a test with him from a “recognizable” place, they said it was one day too old, and prevented him from entering. When he remained in the lobby to call us, a guard approached him and said that he needed to leave, due to their “social distancing” policy. Mind you, and as my brother exclaimed, there was no one else in the entire lobby but him!

I should add that when I visited my mother last month and encountered similar experiences, not only was there no one else in the lobby but when I finally got to see her, there were no other visitors but myself—so hard has Kaweah made it for people to visit their hospitalized loved ones. 

And so, that’s where we are today. Our mother is in the hospital (with what, exactly, is hard to say, as the English of the people calling us from the hospital is clearly their second language) and no one has been able to see her. I just bought a home test kit which I’ll be taking with me and using in front of the hospital entry person later today, in the hopes that that suffices. 

Kaweah also, I should add, has another nonsensical policy. Even if all potential visitors are vaccinated and show negative tests, patients could only receive one visitor per day. So, at one point, when all of us had the proper “papers” last month, if one of us saw our mother, the rest of us could not see her on that same day. 

For the record, there are certainly good doctors and workers at that hospital, and I don’t mean to paint with too broad of a brush. In this case, however, the wannabe tyrants and people on power trips are giving the entire hospital a bad name.

The irony of all this is that Visalia (in Tulare County) is considered to be one of those rare “Red” cities in California. It was one of the first to drop or at least ignore the mask mandate, not ask for vaccine cards, etc. But once you enter Kaweah Delta, it’s like you’ve entered a time warp back to March 2020: mask mandates, social distancing, and as seen, beyond reasonable and contradictory testing requirements—all of which do nothing but create more misery for those sick and dying and their loved ones desperately trying to be with them.

A final observation. As my experiences show, getting irate and showing it, works. The only reason they let me in is that I was causing a scandal. Perhaps if more of us act this way—instead of always sheepishly going along with and therefore emboldening their tyrannical mandates—perhaps more of them will buckle, and will realize that it’s their behavior that is wrong.