CANADA: Pastor Hildebrandt Responds to Court Order Shutting Down His Church~POLICE ISSUE FINES AS PER COURT ORDER, CHAIN DOORS, CHANGE LOCKS


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Police/Sheriff move in to lock the doors of the meetinghouse of the Church of God in Aylmer:


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Pastor Henry Hildebrandt livestreamed a short speech in the wake of a court order imposing massive fines and changing the locks on his church.



Pastor Hildebrandt-For your safety? 

The passionate anti-lockdown preaching by Canadian pastor Hildebrandt at the rally in Brantford

Read more of RAIR’s coverage on Coronavirus Tyranny in Canada: 



“Holy” Month of Ramadan Registers an Upsurge in Jihad Terror Attacks




republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Muslims worldwide are celebrating Eid al-Fitr as I write this article. Many Muslims, joined by their liberal well-wishers, are also cursing Israel and mourning over “Palestine” in light of the escalating Israel-Palestine conflict.

Eid, a joyous celebration in the Muslim world, follows a month-long period of fasting (one can eat only from sunset to sunrise during this time) known as Ramadan. During Ramadan, which Muslims consider to be a holy month, we are told that Muslims are expected to renew and redouble their efforts to follow the teachings of Islam by refraining from human vices including envy, anger, greed, lust and so on. This sounds like it could provide some relief not just for the Muslims, but for the whole world.

However, there is always an upsurge in jihad terror activities and violence by Islamic groups during this time of the year, incited by exploitation of the religious sentiments of Muslims. This results in riots, bloodshed, and anarchy worldwide. The latest Israel-Gaza conflict is one of the premier examples of this. Still, one may argue that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a recurring crisis and so it would not be fair to link it with Ramadan. So let’s look at other instances.

The Taliban, just one of the hundreds of Islamic terror groups that are operating around the world, has carried out fifteen jihad suicide bombings and around 200 blasts claiming over 250 lives during the holy month of Ramadan this year. The number of deadly attacks could have risen to higher than 1000 had security forces not averted 800 similar attacks and arrested an equal number of jihad terrorists in the region, according to Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.

More than 60 people died in a recent jihad attack in Afghanistan. Most of these casualties were female students who were killed in the horrendous explosion, which took place outside their school in Dasht-e-Barchi, Kabul. The authorities suspect that the Taliban had a hand in these blasts, but the jihad terror outfit has denied any involvement.

During Ramadan last year, the maternity ward of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF, Doctors Without Borders) Afghan’s wing at Dasht-e-Barchi was the target of a gun attack that killed fifteen new mothers or mothers-to-be. Pregnant women were systematically gunned down; five of them were already in labor and could have given birth within minutes.

The violence is not limited to Afghanistan. 43 innocent people were butchered during the holy month in Kashmir in 2017, making it one of the deadliest Ramadans in the valley in recent times. The dead include six policemen, including an on-duty Deputy Superintendent of Police, who was brutally lynched and stoned to death outside the Jamia Masjid in Srinagar.

The state of Gujarat, which made headlines for communal clashes in 2002, suffered its share of Ramadan violence this year as well. A violent mob attacked members of the police force with stones at the Ali Masjid in Kapadvanj. The violence broke out on April 20, when the police asked them not to gather to offer Namaz (Islamic prayers) in light of the Covid crisis. The enraged mob torched a car and two bicycles, and then proceeded toward the local police station to hurl stones at it. However, India should be thankful for escaping being bombed during Ramadan, unlike its neighbor Afghanistan.

Iraq recorded 260 coordinated jihad terrorist attacks by the Islamic State (ISIS) during 2020. These attacks killed or wounded 426 people in the country, as reported by The Times. Iraq has always been a target of jihadis during the month of Ramadan. The 2016 Baghdad bombing, executed by an Islamic State jihad suicide bomber who detonated an explosives-laden truck in the Karrada neighborhood, claimed 292 lives during the holy month. A similar ISIS attack in Baghdad left 27 people dead and 115 severely injured during Ramadan in 2017. The Islamic State’s hatred for Iraq’s Shi’ite majority, which the jihadis consider to be heretics, triggers these deadly attacks almost every year during Ramadan. In 2019, the death toll was eight, with fifteen more wounded when a jihad suicide bomber blew himself up at the bustling Jamila market.

There were over 50 jihad terrorist attacks within and outside the Muslim world during Ramadan 2016. Even the cradle of Islam, Saudi Arabia, was not spared. In Jordan, five people became victims of a deadly jihad terrorist attack on Baqaa’s general security office. The second attack killed or injured 21 military and security personnel. There were four consecutive attacks on the Lebanese town of Al-Qaa. A jihad bombing at the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul had 45 casualties and left several others with serious injuries.

The infamous Orlando nightclub shooting also took place during Ramadan. Omar Mateen decided that Ramadan was the ideal time to shoot 43 innocent people while injuring 53 others in order to “avenge” American airstrikes in Iraq and Syria; he did this after researching about terrorism extensively on the internet.

The next target of Islamic jihad violence during the holy month was a 42-year-old French police commander, Jean-Baptiste Salvaing, and his wife. They were taken hostage and slaughtered in their home in Les Mureaux, Paris by Islamic State jihadis. The gruesome massacre took place just two days after the Orlando bombings.

Why would anyone want to engage in murder and mayhem during their designated month of fasting followed by feasting?“Ramadan is a month of holy war and death for Allah. It is a month for fighting the enemies of Allah and God’s messenger, the Jews and their American facilitators,” said Al-Qaeda after jihad suicide bomber Mohamad Hassan El-Husseini took down a passenger bus at the Burgas Airport, Bulgaria. The explosion killed the bus driver and five Israeli tourists, and injured 32 others.


Deadliest Israeli bombing so far marks Nakba day in Gaza | DW News



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Israeli Arabs continue to cause mayhem in Arab-Jewish towns, though in Lod itself the Border Police have helped to bring some semblance, not of calm, for there can no longer be calm after what the marauding Arab mobs did to the homes, shops, synagogues of their Jewish neighbors — but order. A report on the latest developments in this struggle by Israeli authorities to suppress the mob violence in mixed cities is here: “Riots Intensify in Lod, Acre and Other Jewish-Arab Cities, as Rivlin Condemns ‘Brutal Assault on Shared Existence in Israel,’” by Sharon Wrobel, Algemeiner, May 12, 2021:

Israel’s Defense Minister Benny Gantz asked 30 local authority heads from Arab society to help calm the tension and escalation of violence in Arab-Jewish towns which has erupted since Palestinian militants fired rockets into Israel and air strikes were launched in Gaza by Israel.

The move came after Israel declared Lod, a city of both Arab and Jewish residents, a special state of emergency, following severe rioting in recent days by Arabs. The assailants were taking the streets of Lod, Acre, Ramle and other towns of mixed communities, setting fire to synagogues, shops and cars.

Despite the efforts to restore calm on the street and an overnight curfew imposed by police, violent riots continued on Wednesday night in Acre and Lod.

The sight of the pogrom in Lod and the disturbances across the country by an incited and bloodthirsty Arab mob, injuring people, damaging property and even attacking sacred Jewish spaces is unforgivable,” said Israel President Reuven Rivlin. “Tearing down the Israeli flag by Arab rioters and replacing it with the Palestinian flag is a brutal assault on shared existence in the State of Israel.”

“The silence of the Arab leadership about these disturbances is shameful, giving support to terrorism and rioting and encouraging the rupture of the society in which we live and in which we will continue to live once all this has passed. The Israeli government must pursue the rioters with a firm hand restore security and order while fighting terrorism from Gaza without compromise,” Rivlin added.

Only a single Arab MK, Esawi Frej, asked his fellow Arab leaders to speak out:

“I call on [the Joint List’s] Ahmad Tibi, Ayman Odeh along with Arab mayors: This is the test of your leadership. Don’t hide..”

But they did hide. Neither Ahmad Tibi, nor Ayman Odeh, nor any of the other Arab MKs or mayors, spoke out; Frej was alone. There were lower-level Arabs, some city councilmen in Lod, Acre, Haifa, Ramle, and Tel Aviv-Yafo, who, with their Jewish colleagues, signed a declaration calling for calm. And so far, that’s been the only response of leaders in the Israeli Arab community.

Even after President Rivlin made his appeal, the leaders of the Israeli Arabs have remained silent. It’s been quite a shock to many Israeli Jews, but it is surely better that they realize now what they are up against, rather than continue to assume the loyalty and goodwill of their Arab population.

Magen David paramedics were called to Acre central station to provide medical treatment to a 30-year-old man in critical condition with a head injury, who was hurt during the riots.

The Jewish man in critical condition is one of nearly a half-dozen Jews who so far have been seriously hurt by Arab rioters in Lod and Acre. One Arab man was also killed in Lod, shot in self-defense by a Jewish man whom he had been attacking. There are no other reports of Arabs being killed despite their continuing mob violence.

Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu called the riots in Jewish-Arab integrated cities “intolerable.” Netanyahu on Wednesday [May 11] visited Acre to meet with the mayor, police and security officials, for a discussion and assessment of the situation, following the events in the city.

“We are in a fight on several fronts. Last night I went to Lod, another front of anarchy that was opened there. We also made decisions there and brought in forces and this afternoon here in Acre. We will continue the effort to stop the anarchy, restore governance to Israel’s cities with an iron fist if necessary, with all necessary force and with all necessary authority,” Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu said that he instructed border police forces from the West Bank to be transferred to assist the police in Lod, Acre and other places to help stop the wave of riots.

According to Walla, more than a dozen Arab and Jewish council members from the mixed cities of Lod, Acre, Haifa, Tel Aviv-Yafo, and Ramle have signed a declaration to help restore calm on the streets.

Commenting on the violent clashes between Jews and Arabs, Brig. Gen. (ret.) Dr. Meir Elran at the INSS said: “If the explosive situation continues or, God forbid, worsens, there will be very negative consequences for the fabric of life in Israel. Hence Israel’s national interest in achieving calm in rapid fashion, on this internal front as well, which likewise has an impact on the confrontation with the Palestinians and with Hamas.”

The marauding Arab mobs in Lod and the smaller groups of Arab attackers in Acre, Ramle, Haifa, Tel Aviiv-Yafo have forced the Israelis to carefully consider the problem of the enemy within. Once the current fighting is all over, Israel having delivered enough punishing blows so that Hamas will sue for a ceasefire, with calm restored to the Temple Mount, and Arab mobs inside Israel put down, the leaders of the IDF, the Shin Bet, the regular police, and the Border Police will have to study how to deal with this dangerous new front, of the Enemy Within. How many Arabs actually took part? How should those who were part of the mobs be handled — prison sentences, or is expulsion a possibility? Why was Lod the city most vulnerable to such mob violence? How should Israeli Arab leaders who refused even to call for calm, much less to condemn the rioters, be treated? Is there any way to repair the inter-communal damage, or will Israelis now have to permanently adjust to living among those who clearly wish them harm, and are just waiting for another opportunity to do so? In such circumstances, what can Israel now do to protect its Jewish citizens from their Arab neighbors? If the Bidenites thought that Israel could be persuaded to return to the “pre-1967 lines” (1949 armistice lines) as a basis for negotiations, that possibility has now gone up in smoke, like the shops and homes and synagogues in Lod.


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Rep. Cori Bush Says She Stands in ‘Solidarity’ with Hamas’ ‘Resistance’

Rep. Garcia Claims Israel ‘Provoked’ Hamas Rocket Attacks

CALGARY, Canada: First Muslim mayor of major city slams anti-maskers as ‘thinly veiled white national supremacists’



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi — the same mayor who took the liberty in his position of privilege to give mosques permission to break noise bylaws during Ramadan last year, so that they could broadcast the Islamic call to prayer over loudspeakers — has smeared Canadians who were protesting lockdowns and mask-wearing.

Nenshi is the first Muslim to be mayor of a major Canadian city. Canada is hyper-sensitive, under Justin Trudeau’s government, of “offending” Muslims. To ask questions, to point out that jihad terror and other human rights abuses are sanctioned in Islamic law, earns you the dreaded “Islamophobia” label, which comes in Canada with possible punitive action. This label gained even more traction with Canada’s anti-Islamophobia motion M-103. It was backed by a 23-million-dollar funding package attached to the document entitled “TAKING ACTION AGAINST SYSTEMIC RACISM AND RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION WHICH INCLUDES ISLAMOPHOBIA.” This document included plans to “monitor citizens for compliance” and to train law enforcement to detect online and offline hate speech. Little wonder that Canada is now grappling with bill C-10, which has created backlash as debates continue about its capability to restrict the freedom of speech, as if that freedom weren’t already restricted enough in Canada.

Given the state of the freedom of speech in Canada, Nenshi has escaped virtually unscathed after his attack on Canadians who have protested against mask rules. You see, in Canada, “taking action” against racism doesn’t apply to him. He has free rein, since an act of “racism,” as far as the woke are concerned, could only be committed against a visible minority by a white person, not the other way around. Therefore it is deemed to be within the range of what is acceptable for Nenshi to malign a segment of white Canadians for no justifiable reason. However, it is unacceptable merely to point out the truth about the violent and stealth Islamic jihad, and if anyone does, Islamic supremacist groups pull out the “Islamophobia” battering ram, with full agreement from the woke.

Lorne Gunther asks: “Does Nenshi mean all ordinary Albertans who feel that way are racist?” But what about visible minorities who don’t support masks and the lockdowns? They don’t exist in Nenshi’s mind. To him, it’s about “white nationalist supremacists.”

“Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi’s remarks comparing anti-maskers to white supremacists are disgusting and ignorant,” by Lorne Gunter, Edmonton Sun, May 11, 2021:

Remarks made by Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi over the weekend on Global News’ The West Block would get him run out of office if he made them about any other group.

Speaking about people who rally against social distancing and mask wearing, Nenshi said “Those people at those anti-mask protests … are marching in thinly veiled white nationalist supremacist anti-government protests.”

Some of the participants in anti-lockdown rallies are over-the-top wrong.

Lockdowns may be a mistake and an overreaction. If that’s your purpose for protesting, that’s a legitimate point of view.

The lockdowns, though, are not socialist plots to enslave the population, as some protestors say or tweet.

Does the over-reliance on “experts” and the instinct to lockdown society come, in part, from a misplaced faith in the infallibility of government? Sure. And so does the impulse to spend hundreds of billions of dollars we don’t have “resetting” society.

But that’s not the same thing as a communist takeover.

While some of Nenshi’s anti-maskers take things to an extreme, can you imagine the reaction if a right-of-centre politician used the old soft-racist phrase “those people” to refer to Black Lives Matter or Indigenous Lives Matter protestors?

It’s wrong to make broad assumptions about people based on race, gender, immigration status or faith.

Yet that is exactly what Nenshi did. He tarred everyone who comes out to voice their discontent with government restrictions as a white nationalist.

On Monday, he even doubled down on his racist rhetoric from Sunday.

The white supremacy at protests, Nenshi upped the ante, “is not thinly veiled at all.” It’s “completely out in public.”

Calling every hardworking Alberta small-business person a closet bigot just because some are protesting the forced closure of their salons or restaurants is disgusting.

Calling every small town resident the equivalent of a Klan member, for speaking up against the shutdown of their local café is revolting.

And have no doubt, it is also racist. It was Nenshi, not the protestors, who made an issue of their race. It was Nenshi who prejudged their character based on the colour of their skin.

If I were one of the protestors, I might file a human rights complaint against the Calgary mayor (who is not seeking re-election in the municipal campaign this fall).

Nenshi, who is rightly proud of being the first Muslim to be elected mayor of a major Canadian city, would likely rail against anyone who said “those people” (meaning Muslims) are all terrorists. Yet insisting “those people” (protestors) are all white supremacists is just as wrong….

“Calgary mayor says anti-mask rallies are ‘thinly veiled white nationalist’ protests”, by Amanda Connolly, Global News, May 9, 2021:

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi says some recent rallies billed as opposing the wearing of masks during the pandemic are really just “thinly veiled white nationalist” and “anti-government” activities.

In an interview with The West Block guest host Abigail Bimman, Nenshi expressed his frustration with the fact that people refusing to wear masks and gathering in large crowds are endangering others.

“Those people at those anti-mask protests, let’s not kid ourselves. They’re not people who [are protesting because they] need to eat. They are people who are marching in thinly veiled white nationalist supremacist anti-government protests,” he said.

He was asked specifically about comments he made during the 2013 southern Alberta floods, in which he said he was not allowed to use the words he wanted to describe people out canoeing on the volatile and flooded Bow River, and that he had been told he could not invoke “the Darwin law.”

“Here’s the problem. It’s that these folks are not just flagrantly putting themselves at risk. They are putting others at risk, he said in the interview….

The Big Lie Again: Attorney General Garland Says White Supremacists Top Terror Threat



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

My latest in PJ Media:

It could be worse: he could be on the Supreme Court. But as attorney general, Merrick Garland can do as much damage or more to our fragile and besieged republic than he could if Barack Obama had succeeded in placing him on the high court. A revealing piece in Yahoo News by “journalist” Alexander Nazaryan Wednesday revealed not only Garland’s frankly troubling agenda, but also how the establishment media runs interference and sells that program to a largely unsuspecting American public.

Garland, according to Nazaryan, “told Congress on Wednesday that violence incited by white supremacists poses ‘the most dangerous threat to our democracy.’ That assertion reflects near-universal consensus among national security experts, including those who worked for the Trump administration.”

Yeah, just like those seventeen intelligence agencies that had come to a consensus that Russia had hacked the 2016 presidential election. In both cases, they had a consensus, they just didn’t have any evidence.

But asking for evidence is likely white supremacist now as well. Nazaryan notes that “Garland’s warning came during a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing on the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, which was conducted by supporters of then-President Donald Trump and incited by white supremacist groups like the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys. Five people died as a result of the attack.”

This is false and severely misleading in numerous ways: neither the Oath Keepers nor the Proud Boys are white supremacist groups, and while Nazaryan tries to create the impression that the “white supremacist Trump supporters” killed five people, that’s not what happened.

But Merrick Garland apparently thinks evidence is for the proles. He intoned sententiously: “In my career as a judge and in law enforcement, I have not seen a more dangerous threat to democracy than the invasion of the Capitol.” He said that the Capitol incident was an “attempt to interfere with a fundamental element of our democracy, the peaceful transfer of power.” Consequently, “there has to be a hierarchy of things that we prioritize. This would be the one we’d prioritize.”

Nazaryan then tells us that Garland is an old hand at hunting down and neutralizing those evil white supremacists: “In 1995, Garland investigated the bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City by white supremacists, an attack that killed 168 people, including 19 children. The bombing came at a time when militants were galvanized by violent encounters with federal authorities in Waco, Texas, and Ruby Ridge, Idaho.”

That was 26 years ago, but apparently Garland hasn’t managed to completely eradicate the white supremacist threat, which now dwarfs the jihad terror threat in magnitude: “The threat of domestic terrorism receded in the public imagination after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, which were carried out by Islamic fundamentalists from Saudi Arabia and other nations. But as that threat has diminished in recent years, militant white nationalism has returned as a top concern.”

And so at the hearing, Garland declared that “the horror of domestic violent extremism is still with us” in the course of his discussion of “his work on the Oklahoma City bombing and the Unabomber case.”

As far as Nazaryan, and likely Garland as well, is concerned, the white supremacist threat is still with us all these years later because of (who else?) Donald J. Trump, who “infamously told one such group, the Proud Boys, to ‘stand back and stand by’ during a presidential debate when a moderator confronted him on the topic. But instead of taking meaningful steps to address the white supremacist threat, Trump urged officials in his administration to focus on antifa, a loosely organized network of leftist radicals that is not widely considered a threat to national security.”


Nazaryan explains it all for us yahoos: “Republicans continue to insist that antifa and Black Lives Matter are as great a threat to national security as white supremacy, though research has shown that most of last summer’s Black Lives Matter-inspired protests were peaceful. While some violence and looting did occur, intense media coverage — in particular by conservative outlets like Fox News — may have provided a distorted image of those protests.”

Yeah, that’s it. It’s all right-wing media bias. That’s it. Antifa and BLM would be positively cuddly were it not for Fox News.

The realities bear restating: the January 6 Capitol riot was not an insurrection. The protesters were unarmed. There was no plan to overthrow the government, no ringleader, no actual incitement or call to violence from Trump. Nothing. And aside from that, they have to go back to Oklahoma City, Waco, and Ruby Ridge, all of which took place over two decades ago, which in itself demonstrates that they don’t have any recent incidents of “white supremacist terrorism” to invoke. The Proud Boys are not white supremacists. They aren’t terrorists, either; if they had been responsible for any actual terrorist act, you can be sure Alexander Nazaryan would have mentioned it.

Meanwhile, there has been the Boston Marathon jihad attack, and the Orlando and Fort Hood and San Bernardino jihad massacres, and numerous others that have gotten little or no media attention, and no demonstration of concern from Merrick Garland.

So this is what we get from Yahoo News: actual violence from jihadis is not mentioned. Actual violence from leftists is dismissed as minor or unimportant amid “mostly peaceful” protests. The fact that there is virtually no violence from white supremacists is glossed over with claims that groups that aren’t white supremacist actually are, and assertions that they’re terrorist, with no evidence offered at all.

This is not just Yahoo News’ scenario; it’s clearly Garland’s and the Biden administration’s as well. This is deception and deflection at the highest level of government. The agenda of Garland and his colleagues is obvious and insidious: they’re going to find those white supremacist terrorists, and they’re going to prosecute and destroy them. If they don’t find any white supremacists in sufficient numbers, they will claim that law-abiding conservatives are white supremacists, and defame and destroy them accordingly. Garland’s spurious assessment of the domestic terror threat must be seen against the backdrop of the left’s increasingly common habit of referring to virtually anyone who opposes the hard-left, socialist agenda of Biden’s handlers and the establishment media as a white supremacist. This isn’t just a smear. It’s a smear with a definite purpose, and is heading us straight to the persecution of dissidents. That would be us.

CNN Special to Target Awakening Patriots & The CONSERVATIVE John Birch Society



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The following is a statement from The John Birch Society, the parent organization of The New American.

If you are among the millions who have realized that decades of neocon and RINO leadership has failed to interrupt the country’s trajectory toward socialist tyranny, you may be considered a radical. 

This weekend, CNN is airing a special based on the narrative that the GOP has turned from an otherwise respectable party to a “radical” one. “A Radical Rebellion — The Transformation of the GOP — A Fareed Zakaria Special” will air Sunday, May 16, at 8:00pm on CNN. Judging from the promo for the special, the JBS will be included in the blame for this transformation. 

An excerpt from the teaser says: “From Barry Goldwater and the John Birch Society to the conspiracy theories of the defeated Donald Trump, who refused to accept the results of the 2020 U.S. presidential election and fomented an insurrection, Zakaria traces the GOP’s tradition of elevating personalities prepared to suppress the democratic franchise through the pursuit of illiberal extremism and conservative grievances against a changing world.” 

We’ll move right along past the superfluous point that CNN is part of the leftist propaganda media machine, as well as some of the faulty assumptions made in the excerpt, and skip right over to Fareed Zakaria. 

Zakaria is the author of the best-selling book The Post-American World, and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), an establishment powerhouse organization that globalists use to strip America of national sovereignty. The CFR steers the nation toward globalism through its small yet influential membership. CFR members occupy government, corporate, and media positions, and rotate in and out of those institutions much the same way mainstream media employees toggle between “journalism” and PR jobs for Democratic presidential administrations.  

If the routinely applied legacy media template regarding mention of the JBS is any indication, whatever the TV special will say about the JBS will probably include at least one of the following false or misleading storylines: 

MYTH: JBS founder Robert Welch was a paranoid who started the Society because he saw a communist around every corner. 

FACT: The truth is that Welch recognized that his country was undergoing an attempted Marxist transformation from within before he started the Society in 1958. What the media hardly ever mentions is that communists did and do infiltrate the U.S. government. Many have been prosecuted, some even sentenced to death. Sadly, Welch’s warnings are blatantly playing out in real-time today, as communists are wreaking havoc in American cities.  

The media also likes to assert that Welch was crazy because he suspected that President Dwight Eisenhower was a communist agent. They often characterize the entire mission and character of the Society by Welch’s well-documented suspicion of Eisenhower. 

Conveniently, the media doesn’t mention Welch’s nearly 400-page book, The Politician, which meticulously documents why he believed that Eisenhower was either unwittingly or consciously working for the communist cause. They leave out of the story that the only official to serve in Eisenhower’s cabinet through all eight years of his administration, Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson, called the FBI director’s attention to Welch’s statements to say Welch was right to suggest Eisenhower’s actions were aiding the communists.   

The activist media also likes to say that the Society opposed the Civil Rights movement and that it’s a racist organization for that and other reasons. 

The JBS opposed federal dominance over the states with regard to determinations of discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, etc.. It did so because such actions lacked constitutional support. It did so because once that door is open, even for a good cause, there’s no closing it. The latter concern has repeatedly proven legitimate, as the federal government now affects nearly every aspect of American life.

What you won’t hear from the media is that the JBS has always been ethnically and racially diverse, before the Civil Rights movement. In fact, before 1964, JBS chapters were integrated and some comprised only black Americans. This was officially documented by a report released in 1963 by a California investigatory committee. This is also provable by simple observation. 

JBS members and employees include freedom-loving Americans of various races and ethnicities. The only homogeneity among Birchers is ideological: We all value liberty. 

Another point that’s been part of the unofficial template for propaganda reporting about the JBS is that respectable Republicans banished the Society from the party in the 1960s. 

Usually, said banishment was at the hands of the venerable William F. Buckley, who — despite his overtly public racist writings in the 1950s — was a conservative even leftists could respect (This actually makes sense, given that the Democrat Party has been the party of the KKK, and more recently, Black Lives Matter, also a violent racist organization that terrorizes people and burns and destroys cities where many black people live). 

Only months ago, the Washington Post published essays and opinions with titles such as “Before Q’Anon Ronald Reagan and other Republicans purged John Birch Society extremists” and “Republicans pushed out The John Birch Society; They can do it to Trump’s Base.” More recently, however, leftist magazines The New Republic and Salon published pieces with the titles “The John Birch Society Never Left” and “William F. Buckley and the Birchers: A myth, a history,” which basically say the JBS’ influence has never waned. 

That much is true. The JBS has never left. And the CNN special promo indicates there may be hints of this truth in it. 

Yes, the JBS has since the beginning been influential in conservative thought and policy. But it’s not for the reasons major media has usually cited. JBS is not Q’ Anon. It is not a militia or a white supremacist organization. JBS has never advocated violence, racism, or any other illegal acts. We are the intelligence agency of the liberty movement. JBS exposes what is really going on behind the policies and helps concerned citizens from coast to coast organize to restore their republic by working within the system so brilliantly created by the Founders.  

For 62 years, the JBS has extensively documented how the greatest threat to liberty has been collectivism, as pushed by aspiring global tyrants who want to control the world. And because of that stance, the Deep State-controlled media has always attacked the Society.  

JBS members believe America is special. We believe Americans thrive when the government is confined within its constitutional pen and individual responsibility is valued over government paternalism. JBS believes America is a country that has skyrocketed to record societal heights at record speeds because we’ve operated according to free-market principles and a majority of Americans have held Judeo-Christian values. 

JBS membership has been recently exploding, as Americans are realizing the truth, as more people are realizing Americanism is in great peril. Our children have been brainwashed and Marxists' ideas are heavily influencing the government.  

Patriotic Americans realize there is no better time to be a Bircher. 

If you’ve had it with the insanity and recognize the obvious peril leftists pose to our way of life, apply to become a member of the JBS. We welcome all people of good character who value liberty and want to restore this country. 

Become a Bircher. Work to restore America to a free Republic in which all citizens can thrive in liberty.

Stumbling Along: U.S. Consumer Confidence Crashes ‘Unexpectedly’



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Ok, let’s see a show of hands — who actually finds this perfectly obvious news to be “unexpected”?

No one here? Good.

So just how biased and corrupt is even the financial media now?

Consumer sentiment in the U.S. has unexpectedly decreased in the month of May, according to preliminary data released by the University of Michigan on Friday.

The report showed the consumer sentiment index dropped to 82.8 in May from 88.3 in April. The decrease surprised economists, who had expected the index to rise to 90.4.

It didn’t take an economist to predict that keeping several large states’ economies closed, the federal government printing money faster than a counterfeiter rolling down the autobahn in a Lamborghini, and Biden deliberately strangling domestic energy producers in the name of his Green New Deal scheme, would bring about inflation.

I’m not an economist. I anticipated it. I bet every reader here did too.

What does it take to see this gigantic freight train barreling down the tracks straight at you? Eyes and common sense.

When inflation hits, taking a bite out of consumers’ paychecks sharper than the bites Air Force One’s stairs take out of Joe Biden’s shins, and it doesn’t appear to have an end in the near future, consumers react. They get negative on their economic prospects. It’s all quite predictable that consumer confidence would drop faster than a cliff diver when inflation rises faster than one of Elon Musk’s sleek rockets.

[Curtin] added, “The average of net price mentions for buying conditions for homes, vehicles, and household durables were more negative than any time since the end of the last inflationary era in 1980.”

Jimmy Carter smiles. Republicans are sure to POUNCE on this news. Perhaps we’re pouncing all over it like a feral cat on a stray chipmunk right now.

Herein is a brief summation of our current national and international situation, with recent foreign policy developments overlayed and placed into proper context, after a little over 8% of the Joe Biden presidency.

Biden’s Immigration Policy Pushes Transgender Agenda

Biden Stumbles on an Innovative Way to Push His Transgender Agenda: Import Trans Migrants



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

From day one, President Joe Biden has twisted the law and has turned aspects of society upside down to push transgender activism through executive orders, even attempting to resurrect a mandate that would force Catholic hospitals and doctors to perform transgender surgery against their consciences. Yet transgender people only account for 0.4 percent of the population. It does not make sense to railroad women’s rights, religious freedom, and free speech to kowtow to such a small population.

So the Biden administration stumbled on an innovative way to push this radical agenda: prioritizing immigrants who identify as transgender, giving them special humanitarian exemptions at the border.

Yes, really. The Biden administration has expanded humanitarian exemptions to a border health order aimed at stopping the spread of COVID-19. The administration already had exemptions for minor children traveling alone — which arguably helped human traffickers and likely contributed to the record number of unaccompanied children who crossed the border in March.

The administration expanded humanitarian exemptions to families with young children and those who identify as transgender.

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“More migrants are being granted humanitarian exceptions because they are considered the most vulnerable, including families with young children and transgender people who had been living in dangerous conditions in Mexican border towns,” NPR reported on Wednesday.

Immigration experts and aid groups have faulted the administration for not explaining how the system works.

“There’s no clear set of criteria for which families are allowed in,” Jessica Bolter, an analyst at the Migration Policy Institute, told NPR. “So it can really seem to migrants kind of like a game of chance.”

Sarah Peck, a spokeswoman for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), confirmed the policy to NPR.

“We are working to streamline a system for identifying and lawfully processing particularly vulnerable individuals who warrant humanitarian exceptions under the order,” Peck said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued the order, known as Title 42, under the Trump administration, in order to fight the spread of COVID-19. The Biden administration has granted exemptions to the order in order to protect the most vulnerable. The system began last week on a small scale in El Paso, Texas, but analysts expect the administration to expand it across the southern border.

It makes sense to prioritize unaccompanied minors and families with young children on humanitarian grounds, but the Biden administration is sending a message by prioritizing people who identify as transgender, as well. While those who identify as transgender do experience higher rates of suicide, much of American society has bent over backward to accommodate this tiny minority.

Biden probably wouldn’t mind if his policy brings more transgender people to the United States, strengthening the case for his radical transgender policies.

As Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito warned in his dissent in the case Bostock v. Clayton County (2020), transgender policies of the kind Biden has implemented threaten important rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

Biden’s orders undermine privacy by allowing biological males to use women’s bathrooms and changing rooms. They undermine fairness by allowing biological males to compete against biological females in women’s sports. They force women’s shelters to admit biological males who claim to identify as transgender, which may allow criminal assaulters to pretend a false identity as an excuse to prey on victims. They threaten the rights of churches, synagogues, mosques, and other religious institutions to act on the conviction that biological sex is immutable — and they threaten to force teachers to violate their consciences.

Biden has also fought to resurrect an Obama-era order that forces Catholic hospitals to perform transgender surgery, even though these hospitals consider the surgery to be harmful, a violation of the Hippocratic oath.

Lastly, Biden’s transgender agenda threatens the freedom of speech. While many Americans disagree with transgender identity, some employers have mandated that employees refer to people who identify as transgender with pronouns matching each person’s gender identity. This represents an egregious violation of free speech, but Biden has signaled his support for transgender pronouns by including gender pronouns on a White House contact form.

Biden threatens to overhaul many aspects of American society to kowtow to a tiny minority, but his special exemptions for transgender immigrants may increase that minority and thus bolster his radical agenda.

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It may make sense to reexamine Title 42. While new COVID-19 strains have wreaked havoc in countries like India, the widespread availability of vaccines has significantly bolstered America against the pandemic. Yet Biden appears unwilling to admit that the threat of COVID-19 has significantly diminished.. Instead, he has maintained Title 42 while granting exemptions to favored groups — a recipe for disaster.

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