Yes, Real Men Still Exist: Watch Them Stand Up for Children Being Dragged Into Dallas Grooming Event

ALLIE BETH STUCKEY: Republicans Should BAN Child Drag Shows

Today we're talking about the disturbing events that are happening all across the country right now in the name of "Pride Month," namely drag shows targeted at kids. Even red states aren't safe from this depravity, as evidenced by viral videos of one of these shows taking place in Dallas, Texas. To help us understand what's going on and what kind of parent would drag their kid to such an event, we welcome journalist Tayler Hansen to the show. Tayler filmed one of the videos that's going viral right now and also spoke with parents and kids at the Dallas show.



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Whenever I see a child who has clearly been corrupted by adults with LGBTQ agendas, I get angry at the kid’s father. Did he abandon his children to the full-time attention of a deranged mother? Is he present but too whipped to be a strong father? What man would allow such a thing to be done to his son or daughter? Yes, the mother enrages me as well, but a society in which real men exist would never allow the over-the-top grooming and wholesale destruction of childhood innocence that goes on these days.

Real men are protectors. They instinctively defend the vulnerable and the innocent. And thankfully, they still exist in the United States.

A recent example of real men in action occurred at a disgusting grooming party in a gay bar called Mr. Misster (get it??) in Dallas, Texas. The bar held an event called “DRAG THE KIDS TO PRIDE – A Family Friendly Drag Show” on Saturday. While most of us understand that a drag show fundamentally cannot be a family-friendly event, Mr. Misster thinks it’s just fine:

Mr. Misster’s Drag The Kids To Pride Drag Show provides the ultimate family friendly pride experience. This signature event is a family friendly spin off of our famed Champagne Drag Brunch, with our resident DJ Charlie Phresh playing some of your favorite hits while host Nicole O’Hara Munro brings together some of the best drag entertainers around! Our under 21 guests can enjoy a special Mr. Misster Mocktails while the moms and dads can sip on one of our classic Mr. Misster Mimosa Towers. Do you want to hit the stage with the queens? We have FIVE limited spots for young performers to take the stage solo, or with a queen of their choosing! Come hangout with the Queens and enjoy this unique pride experience, fit for guests of all ages!

The show was just as horrible and inappropriate for children as you would imagine. Men cross-dressed in sexually charged costumes and danced inappropriately for children, whose parents encouraged them to hand the performers money — just like at an adult strip bar!

A drag queen drops it low for children and takes their money—

This is not even the worst footage to come out of the event believe it or not.

— Tayler Hansen 🇺🇸 (@TaylerUSA) June 4, 2022

Then the children were made part of the act. First, they were brought on stage to play a game of musical chairs while a dragged-out emcee called the shots and the audience whooped and cheered:

Once the children were comfortable being the center of attention, it was time for the next step in the groomy progression. Kids were invited on stage to catwalk with the performers. “Who wants to be a diva for the day?” asked a drag queen, as several kids joined him.

All of this occurred in front of a large neon sign that read, “IT’S NOT GONNA LICK ITSELF.” (Relax! It’s just an ice cream sign! Tee hee.)

As you may have noticed, none of this is okay. But even though most people have been bullied and browbeaten into silent acceptance if not approval, brave protestors showed up to stand up for the children and decry what was being done to them. Among them were plenty of real men, and it was glorious to see their righteous anger and moral strength in action as they called out the sick adults.

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Watch Texas-based YouTuber and political commenter John Doyle, flanked by a diverse group of manly men, as he confronts the deranged adults dragging their kids into emotional disorders pride:

My favorite quote: “Your kids aren’t actually gay, you just groomed them.”

Here are some more men in action. I especially love the second guy. Step aside and let the man go through! He’s just trying to walk down the damn street! (Serious language warning — this guy is miffed!)

Comedian and political activist Alex Steyn followed a drag dancer out to his car and took him to task for corrupting children.

There were real women protesting the corruption of children as well, but this article is a shout-out to the men who are stepping up to protect kids and call out evil. So a word to the single ladies out there: don’t despair — real men still exist. If you don’t have any in your town, maybe you should check out Dallas!

In the past, I always enjoyed gay parades, dance clubs, and drag dressers in and around New York City. But that was a long time ago. Once the rainbow mafia started going after kids, they crossed the line. Those who target children are predators, abusers, and corruptors of innocence, and they deserve every bit of scorn and contempt society can heap upon them.

BIDEN’S GUN CONTROL FAKE HYSTERIA: ‘How Much More Carnage Are We Willing to Accept?’ Asks President of Party That Unleashed Crime Wave



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Two sets of statistics that Biden’s teleprompter, his party, and their media don’t want to talk about.

“In 2020, one out of every 1,000 young Black males (15–34) was shot and killed.”

Even though young black males only make up “2% of the total population”, they account for  “38% of all gun homicide fatalities” with a gun homicide rate “almost 21 times higher than white males of the same age group.”

“More than half of all black teens (15–19) who died in 2020—a staggering 52%—were killed by gun violence,” it shockingly observes.

And another set.

3,595 black people were murdered in 2019. But in 2020, 5,839 black people were murdered.

That’s an additional 2,244 black people killed.

56% of the murder victims of 2020 were black.

The Democrats, with the aid of some Republican useful idiots who signed on to “criminal justice reform,” did this. Black Lives Matter did this. The entire cultural moment did this. 

Since no Democrat will talk about that, beyond timidly critiquing “defund police” as a bad slogan, here’s some more hollow posturing about guns.

“How much more carnage are we willing to accept?” Biden asked, demanding Republicans in particular end their blockade of gun control votes.

Yes, if only government gets the power to eliminate legal guns, all the drug dealers won’t be able to get hold of them. Just like they’re not able to get hold of guns.

The good news, such as it is, is no one gives a damn. With inflation out of control, people’s savings being wiped out, and the price of basic staples moving out of reach, the old issues have little zing. If Roe v. Wade getting aborted couldn’t shake things up, another “give us your guns so we can wait around for an hour during a shoot” ain’t gonna do it. Meanwhile, the Democrat criminal justice reform crime wave is destroying cities and killing thousands.

Globalism, central bank money printing are the real root causes behind inflation and shortages



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(Natural News) In an op-ed piece for The Epoch Times, economist Patricia Adams made the case that almost every problem society currently faces is a result of globalist policies that date back decades.

Much of it centers around the fictitious notion of “climate change” – or as it used to be called, “global warming.” This is what triggered major moves away from cheap and abundant fossil fuel use, which has helped civilization as we currently know it to thrive.

Insistent that carbon dioxide (CO2), a “greening” molecule, is somehow bad for the atmosphere, the globalists have been on a crusade to eliminate it with things like electric-powered cars and soybean-based “meat.” The result is our current economic crisis.

“If not for the specter of climate change – for decades one of the globalists’ central preoccupations – the world’s energy situation would be radically different,” Adams writes.

“Canada’s tar sands wouldn’t have been demonized and the country would have built the Keystone XL Pipeline and other pipelines to transport ever greater quantities of energy across the continent and beyond.”

There also would have been liquefied natural gas facilities built along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of Asia, the Americas, and Europe, generating a boon of “plentiful natural gas” to keep the world running cheaply and efficiently for the benefit of the most amount of people.

“‘Net Zero’ policies wouldn’t be crippling the financing of new fossil fuel facilities,” Adams adds. “Carbon taxes wouldn’t be making energy ever more expensive.”

Is it already too late for America?

Central banking is, of course, also a culprit and key player in the inflationary crisis. Its policy of endless money printing, which has been occurring under both Republicans and Democrats for many decades, is ballooning the money supply while cheapening the value of the dollar over time.

That cheapening has really picked up speed in recent months as the “everything bubble” economy expands to the point of a full-on explosion and implosion that has yet to arrive – but that is coming very soon, you can be sure.

Adams does not talk about this at all in her piece, but rather points to the overarching scourge of globalism, which governs the Federal Reserve and the money supply, as the main problem behind inflation and shortages.

“Despite the globalists’ climate change policies, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – now at 400 parts per million – has reached record levels,” Adams explains.

“This has been a boon for the planet because CO2 – also known as nature’s fertilizer – has produced a bounty of bumper crops. Australia reports record wheat, barley, and canola crops and near-record sorghum crop. India, the world’s second-largest producer of wheat, expects record exports this year. Brazil expects record corn. Russia, with another record crop, will be the world’s largest wheat exporter.”

Had things just been left alone, free of the clutches of the globalists, there would be more than enough food for everyone at affordable prices. The free market would have done its job with the help of reasonable regulations and protections for We the People.

Unfortunately, globalism has been winning the fight against humanity, and the world so far has only gotten a small taste of the apocalyptic consequences that are soon to come once the “economic hurricane,” to quote JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, hits the United States.

“How do We the People know that America hasn’t been sold to a foreign cartel by our traitorous politicians?” asked someone at the Times. “How do we know that America isn’t a satellite state of a super-government?”

Others pointed out that the country has probably already crossed the Rubicon and is

soon to collapse, no matter what is done now to try to stop that inevitable outcome.

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BEGGING FOR THE APOCALYPSE: Biden provokes Putin to strike USA and NATO cities with new long-range weapons that might include nukes or EMP weapons



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(Natural News) Fake president Joe Biden — who was never legitimately elected to the Office of the President — is now accelerating his planned destruction of America by provoking Putin into a retaliatory strike against US and NATO targets. This was all confirmed over the last three days as cited in numerous sources below.

BACKGROUND: The illegitimate Biden regime has promised to send HIMARS weapon systems to Ukraine, claiming that Ukraine has “given assurances” to Washington D.C. and promised the weapons won’t be used to wage attacks against Russian territory. This has been widely reported across the corporate media.

Despite those assurances, a high-level Ukraine spokesperson (see below) said they would break that promise and use the HIMARS weapons to attack Crimea, a region that has long self-recognized as territory of Russia (although Ukraine disputes this and claims Crimea belongs to Ukraine). “Ukraine Says It Might Use U.S. Weapons to Invade Russia,” reports, writing:

On June 1st, when the White House announced that it would be sending to Ukraine weapons that might be used for invading Russia, Jonathan Finer, deputy White House national security adviser, said Washington had asked Ukraine for assurances the missiles would not strike inside Russia. On June 3rd, Ukraine’s Government rejected that request.

At the time when Biden made that announcement on June 1st, Reuters noted that “Biden announced the plan to give Ukraine precision HIMARS rocket systems after receiving assurances from Kyiv that it would not use them to hit targets inside Russian territory.”

Then, as reported by RT, Ukrainian official Alexey Arestovich broke that promise:

Kiev may strike Crimea, a Ukrainian presidential aide says, despite assurances US weapons won’t be used to hit Russian territory.

Ukraine will use US-supplied rocket systems to strike into Russian territory should it

deem such attacks necessary, Ukrainian Presidential Adviser Alexey Arestovich said on Thursday.

Both Russia and Ukraine consider Crimea to be their own territory.

Putin promises to retaliate against US / NATO cities

If Ukraine uses the US-provided HIMARS weapons to strike Russian territory, then Russia will respond by deploying new long-range weapons against new targets which may include US or NATO cities or military bases. This was reported by The Epoch Times over the weekend in a story entitled, “Putin Warns Russia Will Strike New Targets If the US Gives New Missiles to Ukraine.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin on June 5 warned that Russia would strike new targets if the United States were to supply longer-range missiles to Ukraine.

“If they are supplied, we will draw appropriate conclusions from this and use our own weapons, of which we have enough, in order to strike at those facilities we are not targeting yet,” says one translation of Putin’s remarks. That translation, however, is at odds with another translation that clarifies Putin means “new weaponry” will be used to strike targets “that have not yet been struck,” which seems to mean beyond Ukraine.

Putin is potentially leaving his comments somewhat vague, and translations may vary. You can see the Fox News pro-war interpretation of Putin’s warning here:

Keep in mind that with a few exceptions, Fox News is just a mouthpiece of the military-industrial complex, just like CNN.

Putin is likely not bluffing

Joe Biden is a cognitively retarded puppet. Putin is a high-IQ strategic genius. It’s not difficult to see where this goes if Biden keeps poking the bear. First, Putin isn’t bluffing. Furthermore, Putin can strike targets across Western Europe at will, as all of NATO has zero effectiveness at defending against Putin’s hypersonic missiles, hyperglide reentry vehicles, and Sarmat II ICBM missiles.

To anyone who thinks NATO can stop Russia’s missiles, they must be asked: Why hasn’t NATO stopped Russia’s missiles in Ukraine, then?

Using these platforms, Putin can potentially unleash fuel-air explosives (sometimes called thermobaric bombs), EMP weapons or even tactical nuclear weapons against targets in Poland, Germany, France, the UK, or even the United States.

By delivering HIMARS weapons to Ukraine and watching Ukraine use them to attack Russia, Biden is handing Putin the military justification he needs to escalate his retaliatory attacks against NATO targets since NATO would be directly involved in the war against Russia if Ukraine uses NATO weapons to attack Russian territory.

Remember, too, this is on top of America’s military leaders openly bragging about providing the satellite imagery and targeting solutions that allowed Ukraine to sink a Russian flagship in the Black Sea.

Is achieving World War III Biden’s real goal? Is he deliberately attempting to provoke Putin into a retaliatory escalation in order to unleash a true world war before the midterm elections in the USA where democrats are widely expected to be politically clobbered? We think so, but that’s just the current assessment, and it’s subject to change as circumstances warrant.

In today’s Situation Update, I bring you more details on this and other important news: