RINO Kinzinger Slams Boebert, Warns of ‘Christian Taliban’

Lauren Boebert; Adam Kinzinger


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Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-D), who believes that there was a Jan. 6 “insurrection” and that he has a chance to be president of the United States, is outraged at statements Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) made Sunday about the separation of church and state. On Wednesday, Kinzinger raged semi-coherently on Twitter: “There is no difference between this and the Taliban. We must oppose the Christian Taliban. I say this as a Christian.” The Christian Taliban! Did Boebert call for the beheading of unbelievers? The firebombing of girls’ schools? Throwing gays off the top of tall buildings? Not quite.

There is no difference between this and the Taliban. We must opposed the Christian Taliban. I say this as a Christian


— Adam Kinzinger🇺🇦🇺🇸✌️ (@AdamKinzinger) June 29, 2022

What Boebert did say was certainly controversial. Speaking at the Cornerstone Christian Center in Basalt, Colo., Boebert declared: “I’m tired of this separation of church and state junk — that’s not in the constitution. It was in a stinking letter and it means nothing like they say it does.” The “stinking letter” in question was one Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1802 that spoke of a “wall of separation between Church and State.” As commonly used as the “wall of separation” phrase is, it doesn’t appear in the Constitution, which says only that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

This means that there is to be no established, that is, government-supported, religion in the U.S. or government favoring of one religion over another. It does not mean, as it has often been taken these days, that religion is to have no place in public life, while drag queens cavort in elementary schools right after gender transition class.

Boebert, however, went even farther, asserting: “The church is supposed to direct the government. The government is not supposed to direct the church. That is not how our founding fathers intended it.” Many of the Founding Fathers would strongly object to the idea that “the church is supposed to direct the government,” but Boebert was likely trying to articulate the principle that the government should be informed by religious values, as John Adams stated: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Nonetheless, there is no doubt that she stated her point clumsily, in a way that left open a big target for the likes of Kinzinger.

In taking aim, however, Kinzinger revealed both his prejudices and his ignorance. The Taliban, after all, is a terrorist group. Given the fact that the Biden “Justice” Department has likened angry parents at school board meetings to terrorists, it’s not surprising that the RINO congressman would imply that Boebert is a terrorist, but in doing so he revealed that, despite professing Christianity, he knows little about both Christianity and the Taliban.

The Taliban, after all, threatened in January to put 2,000 jihad suicide bombers in the Afghan embassy in Washington, D.C. Jihad suicide bombers remain a key part of their strategic force inside Afghanistan. Since it retook control of Afghanistan, Taliban jihadis have closed girls’ schools and endorsed women’s education only in Islamic religious instruction. They shot a couple dead for “moral corruption” in the Afghan city of Mazar-e-Sharif. The group has forbidden women to travel unless they’re accompanied by a male guardian. It has a kill list of gays in Afghanistan. It murdered three people at a wedding where music was being played because celebratory music is forbidden in Islam. It beheaded a junior volleyball player who was part of the Afghan women’s national team.

If Lauren Boebert really does want to jettison the First Amendment and establish Christianity as the official religion of the United States, that still doesn’t make her remotely like the Taliban, because Christianity simply does not teach that women must not travel without a male guardian, that homosexuals should be put to death, that music violates the law of God and those who play it should likewise be executed, or that those whose beliefs deviate from those of the ruling group should be beheaded.

Kinzinger, in calling Boebert “the Christian Taliban,” demonstrates his abject ignorance of both. He also demonstrates his distaste for the religion he professes to embrace, for if he knew anything about Christianity, he would know that even its most extreme expressions aren’t anything like the Taliban. He also suggests that underneath his politically correct exterior, he harbors some ugly “Islamophobic” views about the Taliban and Islam in general. Do his handlers know that Adam has unwittingly strayed off the reservation?

Maine Enshrines Cultural Marxism as State Religion in K-12 Public Schools So much for intellectual diversity.


SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2022/06/maine-enshrines-cultural-marxism-state-religion-k-lawrence-lockman/;

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The dysfunctional government-run monopoly known as “public education” in Maine suffered a serious setback on June 21st when the US Supreme Court struck down a state statute that bans families from tuition assistance if they choose to send their children to accredited private schools that teach religion.

In sparsely-populated rural districts without high schools, the state offers a stipend to parents to enroll their children in a high school of their choice. The tuition assistance payments can be used for any type of public or private school, even out of state, or outside the United States.

Except if it’s a religious school. 

The 6 to 3 decision held that discrimination based on the religious identity of a school violates the Free Exercise of Religion clause of the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

But rather than engaging in any honest self-assessment, the lawyer representing the public-school monopoly railed against the decision and began plotting more legislative roadblocks to school choice.

In his public comments after the SCOTUS decision in Carson v. Makin, Maine Attorney General Aaron Frey came across as a sore loser. His attack on the two Christian schools that successfully challenged the Maine statute was breathtaking in its ignorance and arrogance. Frey’s remarks amounted to a declaration of war.

His overt anti-Christian bigotry came across loud and clear, but in his zeal to condemn the plaintiffs as religious fanatics, he inadvertently indicted himself and the state. Here it is:

“The education provided by the schools at issue here is inimical to a public education. They promote a single religion to the exclusion of all others.”


That’s exactly what the Maine Department of Education (MDOE) does, with the able assistance of the office of the Attorney General over the past 30 years. They promote a single religion to the exclusion of all others.

Frey and his fellow left-wing fascists have enshrined a new state religion in K-12 classrooms: Cultural Marxism.

It’s a fact-free, faith-based dogma with its own scripture and sacraments, saints and sinners, heroes and heretics, salvation and damnation. Above all, it is intolerant of dissent.

Cultural Marxism divides all of humanity into just two classes: the oppressed and the oppressors. The oppressed are the BIPOCs (black, indigenous, and people of color) and the entire spectrum of the LGBTQ+ alphabet people.

The oppressors are anyone who’s white – but especially white male heterosexual Christians.

Before the self-loathing Leftists imposed CM as the state religion for K-12 students, they spent several decades dumbing down the curriculum. The objective was to soften up students’ intellects and prepare them for the simple-minded, emotion-based superstition and pseudo-science that the woke cultists embrace.

As far back as 2007, only 36% of Maine 4th graders in public schools were proficient at grade level in reading. The same year, only 38% of 8th graders were proficient at grade level in reading.

Ten years later, in 2017, 4th graders were still stuck at 36% reading proficiency, while 8th graders advanced to a dismal 43%.

This embarrassing data has been scrubbed from the MDOE website. The only reason I have access to it is because I saved the hard copies of reports the swampy non-profit Educate Maine distributed to legislators during my tenure in the Maine House of Representatives.

The introduction of Cultural Marxism into Maine’s K-12 government-run classrooms began in earnest in 1996 when the office of the state Attorney General launched a pilot project in 18 schools. Students were recruited to join so-called “Civil Rights Teams,” ostensibly to think and talk about issues related to “race and skin color, national origin and ancestry, religion, disabilities, gender (including gender identity and expression) and sexual orientation.”

While the AG’s office paid lip service to being all-inclusive, they openly admitted that “we especially want students of color, immigrants, religious minorities, students with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ students to participate.”

Of course! The Cultural Marxists in the AG’s office want the “oppressed” students keeping a watchful eye on the “oppressor” students.

Today more than 200 Maine schools, public and private, have Civil Rights Teams. These teams are under the direct supervision and control of the AG’s staff of fully woke CM cultists.

Then, beginning just over two years ago, as Black Lives Matter rioters burned and looted America’s big cities, the MDOE website front-loaded teacher training material that can be best described as BLM propaganda condemning America as a systemically racist country.

Promoting the sacred texts of the high priests and priestesses of Cultural Marxism, the Department dropped all pretense of intellectual diversity.

Say hello to Ibram Kendi and Robin DiAngelo; say goodbye to Thomas Sowell and Shelby Steele.

The MDOE website today is a dumpster load of racist propaganda and LGBTQ+ gender-bender madness.

Exhibit A: a state-approved video lesson for kindergartners – paid for with federal COVID funding – where the imbecile teacher explains to 5-year-olds that sometimes the doctor makes a mistake in determining whether a newborn baby is a boy or a girl.

My conservative non-profit Maine First Project blew the whistle on this scandal two weeks before it landed on the front pages of Maine’s lamestream daily newspapers. Under pressure from outraged taxpayers, MDOE took that particular video down. But there’s plenty more transgender lunacy where that came from.

I believe Maine’s terminally woke AG is in full-blown denial about what’s in store for his dysfunctional monopoly.

Here’s the demographic nightmare facing him and the other parasites who feed in the K-12 education swamp:

Fewer than one-third of Maine households have children enrolled in K-12 government-run schools. Many of the two-thirds majority of households without kids in school are comprised of retirees on fixed incomes.

These Mainers are looking down the barrel of $6+ per gallon home-heating oil, $5+ per gallon gasoline, and skyrocketing grocery prices.

As these retirees become aware that their rising property taxes are paying to brainwash their neighbors’ children and their own grandchildren, does anyone seriously believe they’re going to vote for bigger and bigger school budgets every year?

K-12 enrollment in Maine’s public schools has been in decline for decades, down from 213,569 in 1995 to 173,158 today. While enrollment has been in a free fall, spending goes up by hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Bottom line: Maine’s K-12 indoctrination camps are about to be liberated, as students and teachers head for the exits, and taxpayers balk at being flogged and fleeced to pay for educational malpractice.  

And that big red wave in November may just hasten the day of reckoning.

Lawrence Lockman of Bradley served four terms in the Maine House of Representatives (2012-2020). He is Co-founder & President of the conservative non-profit Maine First Project. He may be reached at larrylockman22@gmail.com.

AG Merrick Garland officially launches a legal insurrection against America with unprecedented attacks on We the People

Image: AG Merrick Garland officially launches a legal insurrection against America with unprecedented attacks on We the People


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-06-29-ag-merrick-garland-launches-legal-insurrection-against-america-unprecedented-attacks.html;

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(Natural News) Americans who were upset with Republicans when then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to advance then-President Barack Obama’s third Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, in 2016 because they knew he was a left-wing extremist owe the Kentucky Republican and the GOP, in general, a hearty thank you.

Since he was installed as the attorney general of the “Justice” Department, he has engaged in one war after another against perceived political opponents of the Democrat Party, including ordering the FBI to conduct investigations into parents who show up to school board meetings expressing anger and resentment at the adoption of divisive curricula like critical race theory and sexually inappropriate materials for young students.

Now, Garland has expanded his war on the majority of America, according to Revolver News:

Ladies and gentlemen, we regret to inform you that Merrick Garland is at it again. His office just took two actions in two consecutive days that constitute a tacit legal insurrection against the United States of America.

Just yesterday, in an unprecedented move, our intrepid United States Attorney General’s office released a statement saying that the DOJ “disagrees” with the Court’s ruling securing Second Amendment concealed carry rights.

The statement comes in response to a massive 6-3 ruling against an overly restrictive law in Democrat-run New York denying citizens of the state their Second Amendment right to carry a concealed weapon for self-defense, requiring them to ‘show special need’ for having a gun (meanwhile, the uber-left privileged in the state get whatever they want).

“We respectfully disagree with the Court’s conclusion that the Second Amendment forbids New York’s reasonable requirement that individuals seeking to carry a concealed handgun must show that they need to do so for self-defense,”  the statement said on Thursday.

“The Department of Justice remains committed to saving innocent lives by enforcing and defending federal firearms laws, partnering with state, local, and tribal authorities, and using all legally available tools to tackle the epidemic of gun violence plaguing our communities,” the statement said.

Translation: Merrick’s Justice Department is disagreeing with a legitimate ruling on a fundamental constitutional right from the nation’s highest court, suggesting that the department will actually work with the deep-blue state to circumvent the ruling.

Then on Friday, Merrick’s agency issued yet another statement disapproving of the high court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade because there is no constitutional guarantee for abortions (or any medical procedure), sending the issue back to the states where it should have remained all along.

“Today, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey and held that the right to abortion is no longer protected by the Constitution,” Garland said in the second statement.

“The Supreme Court has eliminated an established right that has been an essential component of women’s liberty for half a century – a right that has safeguarded women’s ability to participate fully and equally in society. And in renouncing this fundamental right, which it had repeatedly recognized and reaffirmed, the Court has upended the doctrine of stare decisis, a key pillar of the rule of law,” he continued.

“The Justice Department strongly disagrees with the Court’s decision. This decision deals a devastating blow to reproductive freedom in the United States. It will have an immediate and irreversible impact on the lives of people across the country. And it will be greatly disproportionate in its effect – with the greatest burdens felt by people of color and those of limited financial means,” he added.

Again, the high court did not take away a right; abortion was never a constitutional right, to begin with, and that’s what the ruling reflected.

While the DOJ has issued statements in the past on a number of occasions that the then-current AG is “disappointed” with rulings, never before has the department said it disagreed with a ruling, as if the AG even has a right to do so.

But it also suggests that the department also will refuse to enforce the ruling, which is de facto insurrection and, to paraphrase the Democrats, is “extremely dangerous to our democracy.”

“Keep your eye out for if the blue states ignore or refuse to implement the Supreme Court’s ruling on concealed carry weapons,” Revolver News reported.

The left is about to blow up what’s left of our institutions. Prepare accordingly.

Sources include:




Department of Justice
Office of Public Affairs

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Friday, June 24, 2022

Attorney General Merrick B. Garland Statement on Supreme Court Ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization

Attorney General Merrick B. Garland today released the following statement following the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs, State Health Officer of the Mississippi Department of Health, et al. v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization et al.:

“Today, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey and held that the right to abortion is no longer protected by the Constitution.

“The Supreme Court has eliminated an established right that has been an essential component of women’s liberty for half a century – a right that has safeguarded women’s ability to participate fully and equally in society. And in renouncing this fundamental right, which it had repeatedly recognized and reaffirmed, the Court has upended the doctrine of stare decisis, a key pillar of the rule of law.

“The Justice Department strongly disagrees with the Court’s decision. This decision deals a devastating blow to reproductive freedom in the United States. It will have an immediate and irreversible impact on the lives of people across the country. And it will be greatly disproportionate in its effect – with the greatest burdens felt by people of color and those of limited financial means. 


“But today’s decision does not eliminate the ability of states to keep abortion legal within their borders. And the Constitution continues to restrict states’ authority to ban reproductive services provided outside their borders.

“We recognize that traveling to obtain reproductive care may not be feasible in many circumstances. But under bedrock constitutional principles, women who reside in states that have banned access to comprehensive reproductive care must remain free to seek that care in states where it is legal. Moreover, under fundamental First Amendment principles, individuals must remain free to inform and counsel each other about the reproductive care that is available in other states.

“Advocates with different views on this issue have the right to, and will, voice their opinions. Peacefully expressing a view is protected by the First Amendment. But we must be clear that violence and threats of violence are not. The Justice Department will not tolerate such acts.


“The Justice Department will work tirelessly to protect and advance reproductive freedom.

“Under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, the Department will continue to protect healthcare providers and individuals seeking reproductive health services in states where those services remain legal. This law prohibits anyone from obstructing access to reproductive health services through violence, threats of violence, or property damage. 

“The Department strongly supports efforts by Congress to codify Americans’ reproductive rights, which it retains the authority to do. We also support other legislative efforts to ensure access to comprehensive reproductive services.

“And we stand ready to work with other arms of the federal government that seek to use their lawful authorities to protect and preserve access to reproductive care. In particular, the FDA has approved the use of the medication Mifepristone. States may not ban Mifepristone based on disagreement with the FDA’s expert judgment about its safety and efficacy. 

“Furthermore, federal agencies may continue to provide reproductive health services to the extent authorized by federal law. And federal employees who carry out their duties by providing such services must be allowed to do so free from the threat of liability. It is the Department’s longstanding position that States generally may not impose criminal or civil liability on federal employees who perform their duties in a manner authorized by federal law. Additionally, the Department’s Office of Legal Counsel has determined that federal employees engaging in such conduct would not violate the Assimilative Crimes Act and could not be prosecuted by the federal government under that law. The Justice Department is prepared to assist agencies in resolving any questions about the scope of their authority to provide reproductive care.


“The ability to decide one’s own future is a fundamental American value, and few decisions are more significant and personal than the choice of whether and when to have children.

“Few rights are more central to individual freedom than the right to control one’s own body.

“The Justice Department will use every tool at our disposal to protect reproductive freedom. And we will not waver from this Department’s founding responsibility to protect the civil rights of all Americans.”


Department of Justice
Office of Public Affairs

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Justice Department Statement on Supreme Court Ruling on New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen

The Department of Justice today released the following statement from spokeswoman Dena Iverson following the Supreme Court’s decision in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc., et al. v. Bruen, Superintendent of New York State Police, et al.:

“We respectfully disagree with the Court’s conclusion that the Second Amendment forbids New York’s reasonable requirement that individuals seeking to carry a concealed handgun must show that they need to do so for self-defense. The Department of Justice remains committed to saving innocent lives by enforcing and defending federal firearms laws, partnering with state, local and tribal authorities and using all legally available tools to tackle the epidemic of gun violence plaguing our communities.”

Press Release Number: 
Updated June 23, 2022

Canada’s AUTHORITARIAN Trudeau declares WAR against all pro-life pregnancy centers in Canada

Image: Canada’s Trudeau declares WAR against all pro-life pregnancy centers in Canada


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-06-29-trudeau-declares-war-pro-life-pregnancy-centers-canada.html;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) Pro-life pregnancy care centers are under attack in Canada. The Trudeau dictatorship is seeking to strip these centers of their charitable status, forcing them to pay higher taxes, if they are allowed to exist at all. The out-of-control Canadian government has also gone public with a smear campaign against all pro-life organizations, falsely accusing them of spreading judgmental, inaccurate information. These pregnancy care centers are some of the most charitable places for pregnant women. They are welcoming and compassionate, accepting women where they are in life. These centers provide counseling, education, healthcare services, and support for women and their babies.

Justin Trudeau wants to control their speech, shut them down, and forcibly submit women to abortions.

Trudeau regime is “committed to taking action” against all pro-life organizations

Since 2021, the left-wing totalitarians campaigned on revoking the charitable status of pro-life establishments across Canada. Over 15,000 Canadians have already petitioned the government NOT to strip pro-life pregnancy care centers of their charitable status. However, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Chrystia Freeland, recently announced that the “Government of Canada is committed to taking action” against all pro-life organizations anyway. She claimed that the centers do not provide accurate or evidence-based information and judge women with no respect for their rights at all stages of their pregnancy.

She claimed that pregnant women are receiving “dishonest counseling” from pro-life pregnancy care centers. She said, “registered charities that provide reproductive health services are required to provide ACCURATE, JUDGEMENT FREE and EVIDENCE-BASED [caps original] information to women…”

The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) already screens for fraud within charities, and they have found no evidence of foul play across Canada’s pro-life pregnancy care centers. Rebel News uncovered communications between the Trudeau government and the CRA, seeking to interfere and shut down the charitable status of pro-life charities. Researcher Patricia Maloney uncovered further documents showing that the CRA stood up to Trudeau and rejected his witch hunt toward pro-life charities.

Canadian government seeks to control speech, shut down support for pregnant women

By controlling speech in this way, the Canadian government wants to shut down compassionate care that supports life, dictating the type of counseling that pregnant women receive! Theoretically, the Trudeau regime wants to force all pregnancy care centers to offer abortion. If the Trudeau regime can compel speech and control the fundamental beliefs of people and their organizations, then what would stop them from dictating the speech of churches, ministries, missions, camps, Christian colleges, and schools?

The regime has already seized the body autonomy rights of all people throughout the country, threatening jobs and societal participation if individuals do not go along with government-mandated spiritual oppression and the perpetual poisoning of their bodies. The regime has violently shut down those who dissented, seizing their bank accounts and trampling their futures. Forcing abortion onto women is the next step of this totalitarian regime – a regime that pays no regard to human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, life, or women’s autonomy.

“I believe that revoking the charitable status of Crisis Pregnancy Centers is just the first step,” said David Cooke, Campaigns Manager for Campaign Life Coalition (CLC). “The Trudeau Liberals are on the warpath to shut down every single charity in Canada that voices any pro-life beliefs whatsoever.”

CLC has been working on the front lines, asking Members of parliament to “oppose any bill, motion, or regulatory policy that seeks to penalize Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Canada.” Thousands of people signed the petition, contesting Trudeau’s war against pro-life pregnancy care centers.

“Pregnancy resource centers help tens of thousands of new moms and pregnant moms in crisis each year,” said CLC National President Jeff Gunnarson in a press release. “They give of their donated resources and ask for nothing but the ability to offer their donors a charitable tax receipt. With this mandate, Mr. Trudeau, a self-proclaimed feminist, is attacking mothers and babies at their most vulnerable stage in life.”

The Trudeau dictatorship hasn’t brought forth real evidence of fraud against any of the pro-life charities. His regime is only smearing these charities by labeling them spreaders of “dishonest counseling.” The left-wing totalitarians are desperate to control people, limit their speech, dictate their outreaches, and manipulate women into submission.

Sources include:





MICHELLE MALKIN: The Cowardly American Corporation

The Cowardly American Corporation

SEE: https://thenewamerican.com/the-cowardly-american-corporation/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

I no longer bubble with rage when a new outbreak of corporate wokeness erupts across our fruited plain. It’s just another day in the pathetic life of the Land of the Greedy and the Home of the Enslaved. To wit: this week’s parade of U.S. companies ostentatiously trumpeting “health care coverage” for employees who want to travel to Planned Parenthood-beholden states to destroy the lives of their unborn babies in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

You know and I know that these firms aren’t leaping forward to shower “health” benefits (translation: fetal homicide subsidies) on workers out of compassion or principle. It’s not even about straightforward financial calculations. Yes, of course, covering workers’ quickie trips to eliminate inconvenient life is much cheaper than footing the bill for extended maternity leaves. But the bottom line is this: Corporate aborti-mania is driven by abject fear and quivering compliance with cultural authoritarianism.

The woke bullies of American capitalism (LOL) are not really bullies at all. They’re yellow-bellied pimpers of Chinese-made goods and globo-homogenized services who are captives — not captains — of the regime. They are mortified by boycotts and terrified by bad press (see what happened to Pepsi in January after abortifa targeted the company for its donation to the Texas GOP). So they surrender to the violence-threatening wrath of a miserably hideous minority of hysterical harridans online and on the ground.

The CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods, Lauren Hobart, announced on her LinkedIn account that the company is “prepared to ensure that all of our teammates have consistent and safe access to the benefits we provide, regardless of the state in which they live.” That means forking over $4,000 per worker, spouse or dependent’s abortion. Outdoor clothing retailer Patagonia followed suit, with a press release filled with gooey rhetoric about “caring” for their employees’ “choices.” Again: LOL.

No one is fooled by Big Business leaders wrapping themselves in “My Body, My Choice” rhetoric. (Hello, Alaska Airlines, Google, Citigroup, Apple, Microsoft, JPMorgan, Columbia Sportswear, Nike, Adidas, Uber, Netflix, Disney, etc., etc., etc.) Everything is performative theater. Never forget: The companies who ruthlessly cracked down on maskless autistic toddlers and senior citizens on respirators — the same ones who threatened, punished, and fired vaccine objectors en masse — are now preening loudly about their “culture of care,” “equity” and commitment to sacred health care “rights.” The corporate enforcers of COVID-19 tyranny are now the corporate enforcers of abortion-as-health-care extremism because that is what the Beltway swamp decrees and the TikTok mob demands.

The late dissident playwright and Czech president Vaclav Havel exposed the motivations of today’s woke banner-wavers in his “greengrocer” parable, detailed in his seminal 1978 essay, “The Power of the Powerless”:

A shopkeeper places a sign in his grocery store window proclaiming, “Workers of the world, unite!”

“Why does he do it?” Havel asks. One answer: to avoid conflict. “If he were to refuse, there could be trouble. He could be reproached for not having the proper decoration in his window; someone might even accuse him of disloyalty. He does it because these things must be done if one is to get along in life.” It’s a signal of capitulation and conformity.

“I, the greengrocer XY, live here and I know what I must do. I behave in the manner expected of me. I can be depended upon and am beyond reproach. I am obedient and therefore I have the right to be left in peace,” Havel decoded the placard’s slogan. “This message, of course, has an addressee: it is directed above, to the greengrocer’s superior, and at the same time it is a shield that protects the greengrocer from potential informers” (or online snitches and outrage manufacturers in modern-day).

Communist ideology, like today’s corporate woke ideology, “is a veil behind which human beings can hide their own fallen existence, their trivialization, and their adaptation to the status quo,” Havel declared. “It is an excuse that everyone can use, from the greengrocer, who conceals his fear of losing his job behind an alleged interest in the unification of the workers of the world, to the highest functionary, whose interest in staying in power can be cloaked in phrases about service to the working class.”

These corrupt American corporations and their comrades above and below have less might than either they or we think they do. Abortion is murder, not health care. 1+1 = 2. Ignorance is an abyss. If individual citizens conscientiously conduct the business of their own lives in truth, not trepidation, the power of the powerless cannot be suppressed.

Delusional Democrats Advance ‘Transgender Bill of Rights’

Wow, They Really Want to Do This? Delusional Democrats Advance 'Transgender Bill of Rights'


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/athena-thorne/2022/06/29/wow-they-really-want-to-do-this-delusional-democrats-advance-transgender-bill-of-rights-n1609155;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

A group of House Democrats made the politically questionable decision to advance a proposal they call the “Transgender Bill of Rights” on Tuesday. Apparently, it’s not enough that all signs point to them getting utterly crushed, destroyed, wrecked, and annihilated in the November midterms; these Democrats must want people to poke their party’s smoldering corpse with sticks afterward.

In a Tuesday press release, Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) wrote:

U.S. Representatives Pramila Jayapal (WA-07), David Cicilline (RI-01), Marie Newman (IL-03), Mark Takano (CA-41), and Ritchie Torres (NY-15) led members of Congress in introducing a Trans Bill of Rights. This resolution provides a comprehensive framework to provide protections for transgender and nonbinary people, ensuring that they are not discriminated against or persecuted for their gender identity and expression. It comes shortly after the Supreme Court gutted Roe v. Wade, stripping many of their constitutional right to choose, and as the Court seems poised and willing to take on other hard-earned constitutional rights.

Nor is the move limited to this handful of radical lefties; the bill has an additional 84 co-sponsors. Can these Democrats really be this willfully blind to the deep resentment Americans feel for being forced to “celebrate” a freaky, creepy delusional mental illness? For example, recent polls have shown that U.S. voters overwhelmingly (61%) approve of Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law and oppose “transgender” females competing against girls and women in athletics.

Related: Biden DOJ Threatens States Seeking to Protect Children From Puberty Blockers and Genital Mutilation Surgery

“As we witness Republicans and an extremist Supreme Court attack and roll back the fundamental rights of trans people across our country, and as state legislatures across the country target our trans community with hateful, bigoted, and transphobic attacks, we are standing up and saying enough is enough,” declares Jayapal.

The statement mentions that “In the last year alone, there have been more than 300 anti-LGBTQ+ bills proposed in state legislatures across the country, jeopardizing the safety and mental health of LGBTQ+ youth and trans youth in particular. A survey found that 52% of trans youth have contemplated suicide in the last year.” Leftists love to push the old saw that if you don’t comply with pretending that someone’s groomed kid has magically changed sex, THE KID WILL KILL HERSELF AND IT WILL BE ALL YOUR FAULT!

The Trans Bill of Rights would provide protections for transgender and nonbinary people by:

  • Ensuring that transgender and nonbinary people have equal access to services and public accommodations by amending the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to explicitly include gender identity and sex characteristics as protected characteristics and amending federal education laws to explicitly clarify that they protect students from discrimination based on gender identity and sex characteristics.

That first point would overrule the countless popular and properly passed state laws that preserve girls’ school sports for girls. No thanks.

  • Ensuring transgender and nonbinary people have the ability to provide for themselves and their families by codifying Bostock and clarifying that it is illegal to discriminate in employment, housing, and credit based on gender identity and sex characteristics.

It is extremely unfortunate that these hardcore Leftists may have a legal point here. Bostock v. Clayton County Board of Commissioners was a 2020 ruling by the Supreme Court with a 6-3 majority — which, disgracefully, included both Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Gorsuch. The court ruled that “Title VII’s prohibition of workplace ‘sex’ discrimination clearly encompasses discrimination based on one’s sexual orientation or transgender status because ‘homosexuality and transgender status are inextricably bound up with sex,'” wrote activist attorney Alexa Bradley in the Marquette University Law School Faculty Blog.

Title VII was originally enacted in 1964 to prevent sex-based discrimination against women. Subsequent lawsuits brought about additional interpretations, including the “sex-plus” rule. “Sex-plus discrimination is found when an employer, explicitly or in effect, classifies an employee on the basis of sex plus another characteristic, such as ‘women who have children,'” explained Bradley. She then noted that “In the recent years, however, some lawyers have argued that discrimination on the basis of one’s sexual orientation or transgender status is simply sex discrimination because the employer must consider the employee’s sex in order to engage in sexual orientation or transgender status discrimination.”

Thus, in the Bostock majority opinion, Gorsuch wrote, “An employer who fires an individual for being homosexual or transgender fires that person for traits or actions it would not have questioned in members of a different sex. Sex plays a necessary and undisguisable role in the decision, exactly what Title VII forbids.”

We recently saw that court precedents can be overturned, and Bostock is so ripe that it’s about to fall out of the tree. In the interest of brevity, I will focus only on the transgender part of the argument. The court held that, by the concrete fact of being a man, a man who identifies as a woman can’t be discriminated against any more than a woman who identifies as a woman. But if this man’s protection lies in the objective fact that he is a man (which the court does not dispute), then he is either lying or delusional when he claims to be a woman. The court cannot force someone to employ a manifestly dishonest or mentally deranged worker.

The bill goes on to specify even more outrageous folly, but I’ve already had enough. And I fully expect the American people have as well. Red November can’t get here fast enough.