WATCH: Teachers’ Union Head Randi Weingarten KO’ed in Congressional Hearings Over COVID School Closures

WATCH: Teachers' Union Head Randi Weingarten KO'ed in Congressional Hearings Over COVID School Closures

Teachers union boss Randi Weingarten faces grilling from Republicans on Capitol Hill



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I’m sure there are many admirable individual teachers among the millions of them spread across the country. But on the whole, many of them are on par with DMV employees in terms of effort and commitment — at least in the diverse areas of metro Atlanta where I attended.Why wouldn’t the teachers’ union be rotten as well and its corrupt leader the most rotten of them all?

In all fairness, it’s not all the teachers’ fault that most of them are checked out. They are small and expendable pawns in deeply impersonal bureaucracies that are primarily concerned with churning as many of their little charges through the system as possible with as few snags in the meat grinder as possible. That is their main incentive.

There are three kinds of teachers in public school, probably divided roughly into thirds: the ones who never really cared but like the benefits the union negotiates for them, the burned-out idealists, and the burned-out idealists in training.

The degeneracy of the public school teachers’ union is perhaps best illustrated by the preposterous and wholly unnecessary school closures enforced by the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and maintained in many jurisdictions well into 2021 — all while teachers raked in their pay unabated.

The Democrat wing of the uniparty state was also heavily implicated in the COVID-19 hysteria regarding school closures. According to one 2021 survey, a full 56% of Democrats supported vax mandates in all schools, irrespective of the fact that children’s risk from COVID is so low as to be statistically negligible.

The Public Health™ authorities, working hand in glove with the corporate media, were also heavily involved in maintaining the necessary fear to justify continued school closures.

As revealed via questioning in the hearings yesterday, AFT boss Randi Weingarten has CDC Director Rochelle Walensky’s direct phone number, a privilege that even members of Congress outside of the corporate state’s favor don’t enjoy.

All that to say this: there is plenty of blame to go around, and all of these entities worked in close collaboration with one another to keep the terror going and kids cloistered at home, staring into computer screens for years. The AFT was at the very heart of the operation.

The net effect of this was to irrevocably damage children’s intellectual, social, and speech development.

With some of the context established, Weingarten appeared before Congress yesterday to account for her union’s role in the brutal school lockdowns.

It didn’t go very well for her.

Multiple Republican Representatives rhetorically bludgeoned her, but in my estimation, Reps. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Ga.) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) were most effective in exposing her status as a craven political operative for the biomedical state, bumbling and unable to answer basic, direct questions.


Dueling Campaign Ads: Trump Crushes ‘Failing, Weak’ Biden Admin in New Video

Dueling Campaign Ads: Trump Crushes 'Failing, Weak' Biden Admin in New Video



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Remember in 2020, when then-President Donald Trump gave the commencement speech at West Point Military Academy and then he walked down a ramp with particular care so as not to slip? And the left-wing media lost their minds about it?


Trump addressed the controversy by explaining that he was wearing leather-soled shoes at the time and that there was no way he could walk down that wet ramp without “falling on his *ss.” “I can’t fall with the fake news watching,” he told the general escorting him offstage.

Joe Biden would have done well to learn from Trump’s caution, instead of indulging his handlers by breaking into his trademark old-man trot as a show of his alleged vitality so often. But a mere two months after Biden’s inauguration, his leg gave out beneath him as he jauntily jogged up the steps to Air Force One, and he fell on his face three times. That image of decrepitude and weakness flashed around the world in a heartbeat, instantly becoming the perfect metaphor for Biden’s entire so-called presidency. And two years on, it has naturally made its way into a campaign ad from Biden’s chief political rival, Donald Trump.

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Clocking in at one minute and 40 seconds, the Trump ad follows a similar format to Biden’s (and most political ads); it begins with a frightening dystopian vision of the current state of the country, then the candidate is presented as a savior who can lead us out of the darkness. But there are differences, chief among them the contrast between the visions. Biden’s ad tries to frighten Americans with marginal elitist worries like not being able to abort their unborn daughter or get their son’s tallywhacker whacked off, or that there aren’t enough reparations being paid to people based on their melanin concentration. And of course, those menacing white supremacist maggers are still featured prominently, rioting away at the U.S. Capitol.

Trump’s ad, on the other hand, highlights the things people with souls worry about overwhelming illegal immigration and the collapse of the rule of law, the fentanyl epidemic, violent crime, inflation, the destruction of the middle class, world war — you know, the little things.

“It’s an invasion of America,” begins the gravelly-voiced narration of the Trump ad. “Streets flooded with poison, killing millions. Enemies and tyrants on opposite sides of the globe laugh at us. Wars threaten us. The threat of nuclear annihilation, once forgotten, is now real again. America’s weakness has become their strength.” Check, check, and check — those are real fears for normal Americans.

The ad then pivots to the enemies in power: “The global elitists who send your kids to war, who tell you a woman is a man and a man is a woman, who teach your children their country, their faith, their beliefs are a lie. They have corrupted every facet of American government, weaponized it against you, while they watch our cities burn and violent crime skyrocket.” Yup.

“You and your families pay the price — out-of-control inflation, an economy wrecked, a nation in decline.” And here, the infamous footage of Biden falling up the stairs is shown. “This is Joe Biden’s America: failing, weak.” No argument here.

The video finally grants us relief by showing us the “one man, one movement” who can champion America and the middle class against “the globalists, the elitists, and the corrupt” — former President Donald Trump, who is basically the Republican incumbent. The ad wraps up with the slogan, “Make America great for us again.”

MAGFUA isn’t quite as catchy as MAGA, but what the heck — if it delivers us from these debauched globalist communist authoritarians, I’ll tattoo it on my fricking forehead. (Just kidding — I don’t do tats — but my point stands.)

See the ad for yourself:


Biden Runs for 2nd Term to Protect Abortion and Grooming Kids

“MAGA extremists are lining up to take those bedrock freedoms away.”



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Biden has tried to ban gas cars and stoves and has banned incandescent light bulbs, air conditioners, large mesh fishing nets, menthol cigarettes, charter schools, women in sports, conversion therapy, roads in Alaska, and mining in Minnesota among many other things.

Now he’s running for a second term on a platform of freedom.

“Freedom – personal freedom – is fundamental to who we are as Americans,” Biden, who had fought to force millions of people to wear masks, recited in a campaign video.

The last time he was this eloquent, Washington D.C. was all but under martial law and he rode to the inauguration of his stolen election past rows of National Guardsmen in a locked-down city.

The Biden video then went on to warn that, “the question we are facing is whether in the years ahead we have more freedom or less freedom, more rights or fewer.”

And if you doubt that, Biden’s infrastructure bill included a pilot program to remotely track drivers. His newly revitalized IRS is cracking down on moms who sell used clothes on eBay and his administration created a disinformation office to track political dissent on the internet.

Endorsing Biden’s exciting new freedom agenda was a politician antonymous with freedom.

“Our democracy is under attack. Our freedom is being stripped away,” Gov. Gavin Newsom of California, whose one-party party rule has banned singing in churches and synagogues, disposable utensils, fur coats, purchasing puppies, flavored tobacco, gas furnaces, salmon fishing, shark fins, rat poison, Indian mascots, leaf blowers and travel to half of America.

“It’s time to step up—and there’s no one better to lead that fight than President Biden,” Newsom urged in his campaign tweet. “Looking forward to another 4 years of his leadership.”

If there’s anyone who knows about stripping away freedom, it’s Gov. Newsom whose system forcibly shut down churches and synagogues, and banned protests on government property.

“Every generation has a moment,” Biden, who was born during WWII, claimed, “To stand up for their fundamental freedoms. I believe this is ours. That’s why I’m running for reelection.”

After dodging the draft in Vietnam, Biden’s reporting for duty at the age of 80 to fight for freedom.

On a word association test, Americans listed “dementia” and “old” as being among the words that they associated with Biden. “Freedom” did not make the list. That was back in 2020, but it’s hard to believe that in the years of misery since, “freedom” has beaten out “dementia” in either the minds of the voters or the mind of the man who has to remember how to walk downstairs.

But since Biden can’t run on a platform of promising to take his medication long enough to steal the rest of the money out of your wallet, he’s running on the same platform as Patrick Henry.

Sort of.

“Around the country, MAGA extremists are lining up to take those bedrock freedoms away,” Biden claimed, in front of pictures of Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis.

What sort of “bedrock freedoms” is he running to protect?

According to Biden, he’s going to fight for our freedoms against Republicans “dictating what health care decisions women can make”, a euphemism for killing babies in the womb, and “banning books”, a euphemism for keeping graphic pornographic books out of schools.

When the Framers met in Independence Hall in Philadelphia, they neglected to add killing babies and grooming kids to the Constitution as our bedrock freedoms. They did however bar the government from suppressing political speech and the right to bear arms. Those are actual bedrock freedoms that Biden has repeatedly violated and intends to go on violating.

While his supporters went on an arson spree attacking pro-life centers around the country for the crime of encouraging women to keep their babies, the Biden DOJ and FBI spent all of their time raiding pro-life activists who were engaged in non-violent civil disobedience.

Unlike arson and killing babies, the right to protest actually is one of our “bedrock freedoms”.

“Let’s stand with teachers and parents against politicians trying to score political points by banning books,” Biden had previously pleaded at a White House event. When actual parents had protested these ‘books’, including those featuring graphic sex with children, by speaking out at school board meetings, the Biden administration tried to investigate them as terrorists.

The right to assembly isn’t one of our bedrock freedoms, but pushing sex on 8-year-olds is.

Last year, the Biden administration sent in the feds to go after a school district in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for daring to remove books from its school library that included ‘This Book Is Gay’, which teaches students to use ‘sex apps’ to hook up and then “meet the trick in a public place”.

Biden’s idea of freedom is using the power of the state to crush local parents for refusing to let their kids be groomed to secretly prostitute themselves through their smartphones.

The freedom to suppress parents who want to protect their kids is “fundamental to who we are as Americans”. Almost as much as banning light bulbs, cars, and women winning at sports.

Running for a second term on a platform of killing and sexually abusing children is unique.

But it’s also a cunning strategy. As long as voters are debating the merits of Biden’s proposal to kill and sexually abuse children, they’re being distracted from their economic misery. All the talk of whether parents should face domestic terrorism investigations for opposing books that promote graphic sex to 8-year-olds may make them forget that they can’t afford to buy food.

“I pledge to make sure your kids can be safely raped or murdered,” may not be the best campaign slogan, but it is memorable. Especially if you wrap up Justice Department investigations of concerned parents and peaceful protesters in a drag act of freedom.

Freedom means different things to different people. To the Founding Fathers, it meant that Americans would be left alone by the government. To Biden and his party, it means that the people should never be left alone by the government for one solitary single second.

That generic totalitarianism has been infused with perverse ideological insanity.

The price of a government that never leaves you alone is economically enormous. Biden has proposed a $6.8 trillion federal budget and his corrupt inflationary spending is destroying the finances of the nation and the future of generations. But it’s also catastrophic morally. An intrusive state always needs crises to serve as a pretext for its crackdowns. And the warped morals of totalitarians tend to revolve around cruelty and debauchery. Especially to children.

Freedom to totalitarians looks like the right to kill and rape children. And the authority to force parents and all decent people to keep quiet while they do it.