Trump Speaks Out on Indictment: The Democrats ‘Have Done the Unthinkable’

Trump Speaks Out on Indictment: The Democrats 'Have Done the Unthinkable'



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When he’s right, he’s right. Donald Trump issued a statement on Thursday evening after the United States of America completed its descent to banana-republic status, saying: “This is Political Persecution and Election Interference at the highest level in history.” He then recalled some of the Left’s earlier attempts to frame and destroy him for crimes he didn’t commit. This instance is no different: every sentient being on the planet knows that Trump hasn’t been indicted for any actual criminal activity, but because he is the foremost foe of the Leftist political establishment, and thus the fundamental obstacle to their authoritarian goals.

With the indictment, that establishment has shown that it has no regard whatsoever for the rule of law, which is not to say that this indictment won’t succeed in destroying Trump’s 2024 candidacy and his chances of returning to the White House. Three House Republicans–Jim Jordan, James Comer, and Bryan Steil–recently wrote a letter to Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, who Trump rightly said Thursday evening was “doing Joe Biden’s dirty work.” They pointed out that “even the Washington Post quoted ‘legal experts’ as calling your actions ‘unusual’ because ‘prosecutors have repeatedly examined the long-established details but decided not to pursue charges.’”

In this, they echoed, of all people, the New York Times, which recently admitted that hush money, which is what this indictment is ostensibly all about, “is not inherently illegal.” Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA tweeted: “Alvin Bragg lowered 52% of criminal charges in NYC last year to misdemeanors. He just bent over backward legally to raise the charges against Trump to a felony. WITCH HUNT!!”

The flimsiness of the case against Trump, however, is not a bug, it’s a feature. The Democrat establishment is signaling its willingness to go after their nemesis on any basis, no matter how trivial, and to make something out of nothing in any way they possibly can, so as to deny his ability to challenge its hegemony. Trump recalled: “From the time I came down the golden escalator at Trump Tower, and even before I was sworn in as your President of the United States, the Radical Left Democrats – the enemy of the hard-working men and women of this Country – have been engaged in a Witch-Hunt to destroy the Make America Great Again movement.”

Here again, when he’s right, he’s right: he reminded us all of the many ways they have gone after him in the past over nothing: “You remember it just like I do: Russia, Russia, Russia; the Mueller Hoax; Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine; Impeachment Hoax 1; Impeachment Hoax 2; the illegal and unconstitutional Mar-a-Lago raid; and now this.” Now, this, is the biggest nothing of all, and they’re going farther with it than with any of their previous attempts. Trump added: “The Democrats have lied, cheated and stolen in their obsession with trying to ‘Get Trump,’ but now they’ve done the unthinkable – indicting a completely innocent person in an act of blatant Election Interference.” The unthinkable has become reality: the entire ruling class has gone rogue, discarded all respect for Constitutional protections and the rule of law, and shown the world that they’ll stop at nothing, literally nothing, to keep their hold on power.

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Those who are certain this will hand Trump the 2024 election on a platter should take careful note of that: the people he is facing, and the American people are facing, are evil and unscrupulous. If they’ll do this, what will they shrink from doing in order to stop him?  “Never before in our Nation’s history,” Trump continued, “has this been done. The Democrats have cheated countless times over the decades, including spying on my campaign, but weaponizing our justice system to punish a political opponent, who just so happens to be a President of the United States and by far the leading Republican candidate for President, has never happened before. Ever.”

Trump criticized Bragg and then stated: “I believe this Witch-Hunt will backfire massively on Joe Biden. The American people realize exactly what the Radical Left Democrats are doing here. Everyone can see it. So our Movement and our Party – united and strong – will first defeat Alvin Bragg, and then we will defeat Joe Biden, and we are going to throw every last one of these Crooked Democrats out of office so we can MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” We can only hope, but even Trump didn’t sound so confident a few minutes later when he added another post at Truth Social:

These Thugs and Radical Left Monsters have just INDICATED the 45th President of the United States of America, and the leading Republican Candidate, by far, for the 2024 Nomination for President. THIS IS AN ATTACK ON OUR COUNTRY THE LIKES OF WHICH HAS NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE. IT IS LIKEWISE A CONTINUING ATTACK ON OUR ONCE FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS. THE USA IS NOW A THIRD WORLD NATION, A NATION IN SERIOUS DECLINE. SO SAD!

Yes, it is. Love Donald Trump or hate him, he is now the point man for our freedom. If he succumbs to these Stalinist show trial charges, the freedom of all of us is in peril.

Biden Says ‘Transgender Americans Shape our Nation’s Soul’~Just Four Days After Christian School Murders, Biden Goes Full-Throttle on Trans Madness

Just Four Days After Christian School Murders, Biden Goes Full-Throttle on Trans Madness

Just Four Days After Christian School Murders, Biden Goes Full-Throttle on Trans Madness



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

On the same day that his principal opponent was indicted on the most dubious of charges, our Supreme Leader Joseph R. Biden Jr. proclaimed Friday to be the Transgender Day of Visibility, complete with a presidential proclamation. With six people dead in Nashville at the hands of a “transgender American” just four days before, this proclamation appeared at first glance to be spectacularly tone-deaf. It was planned before the shooting, as Old Joe first proclaimed March 31 to be the Transgender Day of Visibility in 2021, but nonetheless, Biden’s handlers had plenty of time to call it off after the massacre, or at the very least to temper it with a warning about the violence. Instead, whichever socialist wonk wrote the proclamation for Old Joe went full-throttle.

In light of the Nashville shooting, the proclamation’s message couldn’t have been clearer if Biden’s handlers had tacked “Or Else” in giant letters onto the end of it. The proclamation claims that “a wave of discriminatory State laws is targeting transgender youth, terrifying families and hurting kids who are not hurting anyone.” This is clever framing: state attempts to stop the mutilation of vulnerable and confused children are “terrifying families and hurting kids.” The devastation wrought by the mutilations themselves, as well as the lifelong dependence upon pharmaceuticals and the endless war with one’s true self, is passed over in silence.

Not only that but – what else? – racism is playing a part in all this victimization as well: “An epidemic of violence against transgender women and girls, in particular women and girls of color, has taken lives far too soon. Last year’s Club Q shooting in Colorado was another painful example of this kind of violence — a stain on the conscience of our Nation.” Men who think they’re women and women who think they’re men are victims, you see, and for the Left, that means they deserve special privileges and accommodations.

Conspicuously, however, the proclamation says nothing whatsoever about the Nashville shooting. The proclamation expatriates how people who suffer from these gender delusions are paragons of heroism and integrity, sterling individuals who have unjustly suffered so much. If one of them lashes out in violence against all the persecution they have endured, it’s regrettable, sure, but entirely understandable. The proclamation hails “the joy, strength, and absolute courage of some of the bravest people I know — people who have too often had to put their jobs, relationships, and lives on the line just to be their true selves.” Accordingly, “today, we show millions of transgender and nonbinary Americans that we see them, they belong, and they should be treated with dignity and respect.” Once again: or else.

Warming to his or her or xis topic, Biden’s ghostwriter dived headlong into overwrought rhetoric, portraying these confused and deluded people as nothing less than the heroes of our age: “Transgender Americans shape our Nation’s soul — proudly serving in the military, curing deadly diseases, holding elected office, running thriving businesses, fighting for justice, raising families, and much more.” Wow! No doubt they can also leap tall buildings in a single bound.

When you compare this to the reality—squat Rachel Levine serving risibly as assistant secretary of health, “gender-fluid” Sam Brinton parading around in the women’s clothes he found in the luggage he stole, and poor Audrey Hale opening fire at a Christian school—this rhetoric is jaw-droppingly out of focus and divorced from reality.

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But it serves its purpose. Portraying transgender people as selfless, energetic, productive, wholesome, and heroic is designed to disarm opposition to the entire transgender project. This has been a full-court press since the Nashville shooting Monday, with media outlets and Leftist pundits everywhere acting as if a crazed Christian killed six transgender people, rather than the other way around. The Leftist establishment is attempting to instrumentalize the Nashville attack and blame its victims in order to shame any further opposition to trans madness into silence.

“America,” Old Joe’s ghostwriter proclaimed, “is founded on the idea that all people are created equal and deserve to be treated equally throughout their lives. We have never fully lived up to that, but we have never walked away from it either. Today, as we celebrate transgender people, we also celebrate every American’s fundamental right to be themselves, bringing us closer to realizing America’s full promise.” Sure. A promise to protect those who are bamboozled into a life of rage and madness by the false claim that mutilating themselves will bring them liberation. That lie, and others like it, is indeed at the core of our nation’s soul today. That’s why we’re in this fix.

Pope Francis denies that Hell is ‘a place,’ says it is ‘a posture towards life’

The pope's latest scandalous comments contradict the teachings of the Church Fathers on the existence of Hell.

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Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

VATICAN CITY (LifeSiteNews) — In an interview to mark his 10-year anniversary, Pope Francis appeared to deny the existence of Hell, saying that it “is not a place” but is instead simply “a state of the heart” and “a posture towards life.”

The pontiff’s comments formed part of a lengthy conversation conducted by Argentinian news site Perfil, one of a number of recent interviews the Pope granted journalists to mark his decade upon the papal throne. Touching on a number of topics he discussed with other reporters, Francis also spoke about his philosophical and theological thought, along with aspects relating to global politics.

As part of the in-depth discussion, Francis was asked, “What is your own interpretation of Hell and paradise, and what happens to people who go to Hell, and what happens to those who go to paradise?”

Giving a trademark lengthy, convoluted, and somewhat evasive answer, Francis appeared to deny the existence of Hell as an actual place. “Hell is not a place,” he said. “If one goes to attend the Last Judgment, and sees the faces of those who go to Hell, one gets scared. If you read Dante, you get scared. But these are media representations.”

Expanding on his answer, Francis described Hell simply as “a state” — a description that appeared to refer to a state of mind. “Hell is a state, there are people who live in Hell continuously.”

He clarified that he was not referring to suffering generally, but to “those who make a world of bad or sick self-referentiality, and end up living in Hell.”

Hell is a state, it is a state of the heart, of the soul, of a posture towards life, towards values, towards the family, towards everything. There are people who live in Hell because they seek it, there are others who do not, who are suffering. And who goes to Hell, to that Hell, to that state? They are already living from here.

Not content with appearing to deny the existence of Hell, however, Francis implied that there was no one actually in Hell — an about-turn in his argument that saw him appear to thus accept that Hell could be real.

“If you ask me how many people are in Hell, I answer you with a famous sculpture of the cathedral of Vézelay,” he said. Providing a description of the sculpture, Francis noted that the sculpture “has Judas hanging and the devil pulling him down, and on the other side they have the Good Shepherd, Jesus who grabs Judas and puts him on his shoulders with an ironic smile.”

“What does that mean?” he queried. “That salvation is stronger than damnation. This pilaster is a catechesis that should make us think.”

“God’s mercy is always at our side, and what God wants is always to be with his people, with his children, and not for them to leave him,” he ended.

His remarks echo those made in a controversial interview with atheist journalist Eugenio Scalfari, in which Scalfari claimed that Francis denied the existence of Hell and argued instead that “lost souls” were annihilated upon the death of the earthly body.

The Vatican subsequently issued a process of damage control following Scalfari’s publication of the interview. At the time, Fr. Thomas Rosica, English-language assistant to the Holy See Press Office, told LifeSiteNews: “All official, final texts of the Holy Father are found on the Vatican website,” and since they were never published by the Holy See Press Office they “should not be considered official texts.”

They were, said Fr. Rosica, “private discussions that took place and were never recorded by the journalist.”



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The FALSE Gospel of Catholicism BY Mike Gendron

The apostle Paul spent his entire ministry proclaiming, defending, and contending for the purity and exclusivity of God's Gospel. When the Gospel first came under attack in the Galatian churches, Paul responded with righteous anger and indignation towards the false teachers because so much was at stake. He issued a severe warning and then repeated himself so there would be no misunderstanding. "As we have said before, so I say again now, if any man is preaching to you a gospel contrary to what you received, he is to be accursed!" (Gal. 1:9). This is as harsh as God’s inspired Word ever gets…pronouncing a damning curse on anyone who distorts or alters His Gospel. 
Nothing Can Be Added to God's Gospel
Paul pronounced the damning curse on the Judaizers, who only professed to believe in the person and work of Christ, but were distorting His Gospel by adding something to it. These false teachers were requiring Gentiles to become Jewish proselytes and obey the Mosaic Law to be saved. They were nullifying God's saving grace by adding religious rules and rituals as requirements for salvation. They were insulting the Lord Jesus Christ by adding to His perfect, all-sufficient work of redemption. Paul soundly rebuked the Judaizers when he wrote: "we know that a person is not justified by works of the law but through faith in Jesus Christ" (Gal. 2:16).
Is the Roman Catholic Clergy Accursed?
There are many perversions of God's Gospel today; however, the greatest of all distortions is the false and fatal gospel of the Roman Catholic Church. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), the following six requirements have been added to the Gospel and are necessary for Catholics to be saved: baptism (CCC, 1256), sacraments (CCC, 1129), good works (CCC, 1477), the sacrifice of the Mass (CCC, 2180), penance (CCC, 980), and keeping the law (CCC, 2068). According to God's inspired, infallible Word, every Roman Catholic pope, cardinal, bishop, priest, and nun is under a divine curse for teaching a distorted gospel. They are all included in Paul's divinely inspired anathema. "Even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to what we have preached to you, he is to be accursed!" (Gal. 1:8). Catholics must be warned that their clergy is condemned by the one true God. No one should believe the uninspired words of men unless they conform to the inspired Word of God (Acts 17:11).
What Does it Mean to Be Accursed?
In Galatians 1:8-9, the word “accursed” is the Greek word anathema. It means to be turned over to God for destruction. God's Word is pronouncing a damning curse on anyone who distorts or alters His Gospel. If you add anything to the Gospel or take anything away from the Gospel, you are to be turned over to God for destruction. Those who teach any way of salvation, other than through the perfect, all-sufficient work of Jesus Christ alone, are accursed. The Lord Jesus describes what it means to be accursed in Matt. 25:41. He said: “Depart from Me, you accursed, into the eternal fire which has been prepared for the devil and his angels.” To be cursed is to be put away from the presence of Christ, and thrown into the eternal fire prepared for the devil.
Christians Must Not Tolerate any False Gospels
Most of our Christian leaders are rightfully exposing Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, and Muslims as false teachers, but we can only wonder why they are not denouncing the false teachers of Roman Catholicism. Have they considered Paul's question? “For am I now seeking the favor of men, or of God? Or am I striving to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a bondservant of Christ” (Gal. 1:10). Paul's admonition is clear. If we tolerate any false gospel, we are not pleasing our Lord.
Christians Cannot Be Yoked with Unbelievers
Paul did not seek unity with the Judaizers, who believed in Jesus but were distorting His Gospel. He was outraged because they were confusing the Galatian believers. Paul was amazed and astonished that Christians were tolerating a false gospel and not resisting the Judaizers. We see the same thing happening today. Many Christians are tolerating false gospels. Instead of exposing the false and fatal gospel of Catholicism, they are seeking unity with Roman Catholics to fight the social, moral, and political wars. We must obey God's Word! "Do not be bound together with unbelievers" (2 Cor. 6:14).
We Must Rescue Those Who Are Deceived
Satan’s most popular and destructive lie is that salvation can be merited by good works. Of all the different faiths in the world, there are really only two. One is by grace through divine accomplishment, the other is by works through human achievement. One is based on what Jesus Christ has DONE, the other is what man must DO. People will never know they are deceived until they are confronted by the truth. As truth-bearers, we must rescue those who are perishing by speaking the truth in love. We must call Catholics and others who are trapped in religious deception to repent of their false and fatal gospel and to believe God's Gospel (Mark 1:15).