Biden Wants Us to Sit In the Dark For Climate Change~Darkness Descending Upon America as Biden Bans Incandescent Light Bulbs

Darkness Descending Upon America as Biden Bans Incandescent Light Bulbs



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Old Joe Biden and his sinister handlers are doing just what they threatened to do. On July 5, 2020, Old Joe’s Twitter ghostwriter tweeted: “We’re going to beat Donald Trump. And when we do, we won’t just rebuild this nation — we’ll transform it.” They have done so. They have transformed the nation that was once known as the leader of the free world into a crime-ridden, open-borders free-for-all where opponents of the regime are arrested on bogus charges. Meanwhile, there seems to be nothing that Biden’s handlers won’t do in order to torment Americans and fill their lives with petty annoyances: now they are banning incandescent light bulbs. What’s next? FBI agents standing on street corners and poking us with sharp sticks?

Fox News reported Saturday that Biden and his henchmen are “preparing to implement a sweeping nationwide ban on commonly used light bulbs as part of its energy efficiency and climate agenda.” Yes, the nation is going to go dark because of a hysterical junk science myth. “No credible scientific body,” wrote energy and environmental researcher Michael Shellenberger in 2019, “has ever said climate change threatens the collapse of civilization, much less the extinction of the human species.” In fact, the whole idea that temperatures are rising to catastrophic levels is based on circular reasoning. But the Biden regime is all in on the climate change myth, and as always, ordinary Americans are the ones who have to pay the price.

You may recall that we have been here before. Barack Obama banned incandescent light bulbs, and the Trump administration rolled back that ban in Sept. 2019. Fox notes that the Department of Energy (DOE) devised the new restrictions to reverse Trump’s action back in April 2022, meanwhile, and adds that Trump himself “was also personally opposed to LED light bulb adoption, remarking in 2019 that they are often more expensive, not good and make him ‘look orange.’” Ah, so that’s it! How can we all properly hate the Left’s Emmanuel Goldstein if we keep seeing him in lighting that doesn’t show him as Bad Orange Man?

The new rules go into effect on Aug. 1, so you still have some time to stock up on good light bulbs, if you can find any. According to Fox, the DOE “will begin full enforcement of the ban on that date, but it has already urged retailers to begin transitioning away from the light bulb type and, in recent months, begun issuing warning notices to companies.” The way the Biden regime is going, if a store is selling incandescent light bulbs after Aug. 1, watch for ATF or FBI agents to come bursting through the door, armed to the teeth, pointing their guns at dumbfounded, slack-jawed clerks and screaming: “Throw down your light bulb and back away from the cash register!

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm assures us that all this petty authoritarianism is for our own good: “The lighting industry is already embracing more energy-efficient products, and this measure will accelerate progress to deliver the best products to American consumers and build a better and brighter future.” Yeah, authoritarian socialist regimes that arrest their political opponents are always building toward a better future, but it never seems to arrive. Journalist Mindy Robinson tweeted Sunday: “They can make lightbulbs that would last longer than I’ll be alive…but they won’t do it because ‘repeat business.’ Now this tyrannical regime wants to ban incandescents and push LEDs…which are garbage, distort colors, and give people like me headaches.”

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Rising gas prices, rising food prices, rising crime, and now enforced harsh lighting in order to feed the regime’s climate fantasies. Are Biden’s handlers intentionally trying to annoy the American people? If they actually had that as a goal, would they be doing anything different from what they’re doing now? It is a constant of history: the Leftist regimes that are the most inhuman and inflict the most suffering upon their own citizens are those that most loudly proclaim how dedicated they are to the welfare of the people and how humane and democratic they are.

That’s why the Soviet Union was the workers’ paradise and the appalling hellscape that North Korea calls itself the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Biden’s America is not quite that far along yet; we just have the corrupt and authoritarian kleptocrats in Washington constantly nattering at us about how they’re saving “our democracy.” Sure they are. That’s why they’re nodding in approval as the leading critic of the regime is arrested on charges that wouldn’t have gotten anyone else arrested. As we sit in darkness or harsh institutional lighting in our apartments and eat our bugs, we can contemplate how selfless and wonderful the guardians of our democracy really are.

Massachusetts School Official’s Job Offer Rescinded Because He Called Two Women ‘Ladies’

Massachusetts School Official’s Job Offer Rescinded Because He Called Two Women ‘Ladies’



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The good little Maoist conformists of the Easthampton Public School District in Western Massachusetts dodged a bullet Thursday: they had very nearly hired a wrong thinker, an unenlightened, non-woke individual who was even a cis white male as their new superintendent. But just in time, the school district was saved: the sinister candidate committed an offense against all that is good and holy, and the job offer that had been extended to him was summarily rescinded. The errant near-superintendent’s crime? He called a couple of women “ladies.”

I apologize for not affixing a trigger warning to the immediate beginning of this article. I realize that you likely read that unguardedly, unaware of the enormity of the offense that had been committed. If you need counseling now, I certainly understand. It isn’t every day that one comes across such a flagrant crime against decency as this one, and the shock is indeed severe. The Daily Hampshire Gazette, a paper that publishes out of Northampton, Mass., reported Saturday that a man named Vito Perrone was a finalist for the job of superintendent and indeed, had actually been offered the job before he committed the unpardonable offense that led to the job offer being withdrawn.

Perrone “said Friday that the School Committee rescinded its offer to hire him in executive session Thursday night, alleging that the reason was a perceived microaggression contained in an email he sent to the committee chairperson.” The process of his hiring was so far along that he had already entered into salary negotiations with the district, “after he was offered the position the morning of March 24.” The Easthampton School Committee “offered Perrone a three-year contract with an annual salary of $151,000 — approximately $14,000 less than what he has made [sic] as an interim superintendent of West Springfield Public Schools.” Yet “despite the lower salary, he said he was keen on accepting the role.” He seemed like a good catch for Easthampton. But then he sent the fateful email.

Perrone recounted: “This job was not about the money for me. I honestly felt like I was coming home to Easthampton. I coached football here. I was the principal here when we built the school. I have such wonderful memories … I was excited to come back.” But as the contract negotiations went on, Perrone sent an email to School Committee Chairperson Cynthia Kwiecinski and the committee’s executive assistant, Suzanne Colby. In it, he addressed Kwiecinski and Colby as “ladies,” and all hell broke loose.

Kwiecinski, according to Perrone, charged that his use of the word “ladies” constituted a “microaggression,” and he should have known better. His clumsy word choice demonstrated his dangerous ignorance: “The fact that he didn’t know that as an educator was a problem.” Understandably, Perrone was dumbfounded at this woke lunacy: “I was shocked. I grew up in a time when ‘ladies’ and ‘gentlemen’ was a sign of respect. I didn’t intend to insult anyone.” But that’s how authoritarian societies work: you never quite know the rules, which are constantly changing anyway. That way the citizen is always living in fear and always on his toes, extra careful not to offend the elites, who could strike against him without warning at any time. A fearful populace is a compliant populace.

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Kwiecinski has remained resolutely mum about this entire ridiculous (and ominous) incident, but Perrone thought it was important to clear the air: “I don’t want people to think I was not willing to negotiate in good faith. I have chosen not to just leave it as ‘negotiations stalled.’ I would rather share my truth, my sadness, and disappointment and try to find a way forward positively.”

While his disappointment is understandable, it’s really Perrone, and not the Easthampton Public School District, who has dodged the bullet here. Imagine having to work on a day-to-day basis with these woke harridans. It would be like living Kafka’s The Trial, in which the protagonist is charged with a crime but never told exactly what he is accused of having done. “Honestly,” Perrone reiterated, “I am truly, truly disappointed that I won’t be in Easthampton in that building. I’m just sad.” He should be dancing a jig, were it not for the fact that pretty much anywhere that he does ultimately get a job is likely to present him with the same humorless, censorious, and unforgiving Leftist environment.

UK schools don’t tell parents when kids ‘change gender,’ force classmates to accept gender swaps



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Transgenderism is now deeply entrenched institutionally in Western countries, many times against the rights of children and their parents. The degree of its rapid advance is troubling.

How could such a violation of rights happen so quickly? Where were level-headed teachers in schools, not only in Britain but across the board? Perhaps they were bullied and intimidated into silence. Concerned parents, too, for that matter.

Transgender activism is being endorsed by woke governments all over the West, while defenseless children are left unprotected and vulnerable to abuse. While governments have placed restrictions on children driving, consuming alcohol, and to voting, woke governments are enabling children who say they identify as the opposite gender to be pumped full of hormones, while their bodies are being changed before they could ever understand the magnitude and implications of what is being done to them.

It is past due that Britain’s Department for Education halt this abusive practice. Ditto for other countries.

“English Schools Not Telling Parents If Kids Switch Gender, Require Other Kids to Accept Gender Swaps,” by Jack Montgomery, Breitbart, March 31, 2023:

Research suggests a majority of English schools are not reliably informing parents when children change gender, and are requiring other pupils to go along with supposedly trans classmates’ gender swaps.

Citing previous research that “found that one in four young people (18-20) identify as LGBT”, a report by Policy Exchange said it was likely that “many school leavers [were] exploring their identity at school” — and raised questions about “the appropriateness of current RSHE” — Religious and Sexual Health Education — “and the impact of this teaching on children’s beliefs about their own sex and gender.”

Using the Freedom of Information Act, the think tank asked a representative sample of 304 schools a range of questions regarding supposedly transgender pupils, including whether they inform parents of the gender their children are adopting at school, how gender transitions are facilitated with respect to, for example, single-sex sports, changing rooms, and toilet facilities, and how gender issues are taught in class.

Ninety-one schools did not respond and three refused to respond, compared to 154 which responded “either fully or in part” — with a further 56 special schools excluded from the data “on the basis that many of the issues raised are not applicable or relevant” to them.

Policy Exchange found that fully 62 per cent of schools were not reliably informing parents if their children were transitioning, with a further 10 per cent providing “insufficient detail” — and an even higher 69 per cent of schools required all pupils to “participate” in the social transition of transgender pupils.

Another 18 per cent provided “insufficient detail” as to whether or not accepting transgenderism was mandatory, with only 13 per cent claiming they did not require pupils to indulge their trans peers…..

Israel hits Hamas weapons factories and jihad terror training camps after rocket barrage from Gaza



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) destroyed Hamas weapons factories and other terrorist targets inside Gaza after a barrage of rockets was fired into southern Israel.

The targets belonging to the Islamic terror organization Hamas included weapons facilities and terrorist training camps. “Hamas Radio said the Israeli strikes hit two training camps,” the Israel Hayom newspaper reported Wednesday.

The rocket attacks were carried out by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, an Iran-funded terrorist group that enjoys the protection of Hamas in Gaza. “Some 16-18 rockets were fired into southern Israel, most of which were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system or landed in open fields,” the Israeli news website Ynet reported. “Military sources said the rockets were launched by the Islamic Jihad faction,” the outlet confirmed.

“IAF strikes Gaza in response to rockets fired after al-Aqsa clashes,” by Tzvi Joffr, Jerusalem Post, April 5, 2023:

The IAF targeted two Hamas weapons manufacturing and storage sites in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday morning after 10 rockets were fired in three waves from the Gaza Strip towards the Sderot area and Yad Mordechai in response to clashes that broke out at al-Aqsa on Tuesday night, according to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.

It later also struck a military compound and multiple military positions controlled by the terrorist organization.

Palestinian factions in Gaza fired surface-to-air missiles at the Israeli aircraft carrying out the strikes, according to Palestinian reports. Rocket sirens sounded in Sderot and in Mabu’im, near Netivot, during the strikes.

One of the rockets fired overnight hit a factory in the Sderot industrial zone, five fell in open areas and the rest were intercepted by the Iron Dome.

The Gaza-based terrorists fired rockets aimed at Israeli towns and cities as angry Palestinians on Tuesday went on a rampage inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount. They were enraged at the prospect of Jewish worshipers visiting the holy site during the Passover.

“On Tuesday night, dozens of masked youths barricaded themselves inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque atop the Temple Mount with fireworks, clubs, and rocks following evening prayers, while locking the doors and placing barricades at the entrances, police said,” The Times of Israel reported. “This was an apparent preparation for Jewish visits to the Mount on Wednesday, which is Passover Eve,” the news outlet added.

The Trump ‘POTUS 47 Revenge Tour’ Just Kicked Off Early



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Top O’ the Briefing

Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Researchers never did come up with a name for Feldman’s pathological insistence that most people were Justin Timberlake in disguise.

So, did anything happen in the news in the last 24 hours?

America’s banana republic malaise hit a new low with the indictment of former President Donald Trump for, well, nothing. Yesterday’s photo-op circus may have provided some red-meat entertainment for the frothing Democrat hordes, but people who aren’t blinded by a toxic combination of ignorance, hate, and daddy issues know it was a sad day for the Republic.

Here’s the beginning of Athena’s post on said circus:

In a historic first of shredded norms and judicial weaponization — at least in the formerly exceptional United States — a former president and current front-running presidential candidate has been arraigned on criminal charges.

Donald Trump arrived in New York City on Monday to face charges conjured up by Soros-backed Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg through a grand jury process in the near-universally Trump-hating city. The former president spent the night in his luxurious upscale quarters in the landmark Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan.

Trump will always have luxurious digs to return to, while Alvin Bragg will only have the half-eaten sandwiches he leaves strewn about his workplace when he gets distracted.

For the near future, Bragg will have enough smoke blown up his sizeable backside to think that this is a victory for him. In the long run, this won’t play out well for Soros’s pet. As many of us here have written, Bragg is galvanizing support for Trump. The end game for the Dems was to keep Trump off of the 2024 ballot. None of Bragg’s kangaroo court antics will be able to do that. If he gets convicted while in office, the Democrats will finally have the supersized constitutional crisis that they’ve been trying to manufacture for years.

Bragg keeps telling us that he’s got some new magical mystery evidence that everyone who passed on prosecuting Trump didn’t have. Adding to the lunacy of it all, the crime is also a magical mystery. This is from Paula’s post on Bragg’s press conference:

Fox News contributor Andy McCarthy, a former assistant U.S. attorney, told host Neil Cavuto that “the case should be dismissed and actually should be dismissed quickly.”

“But I think this is actually worse than what we anticipated,” he added. “Because what we anticipated was that they were trying to bootstrap a misdemeanor, which, by the way, they’d have a good deal of difficulty proving if it was just a misdemeanor. But they need to show that he concealed another crime in supposedly falsifying the business records.”

“And what we’ve thought up until now is that they were — he was going to use that as an avenue to enforce federal campaign [law],” said McCarthy. “But he’s got to tell us what he’s planning to do. And more importantly, he’s got to tell Donald Trump. So I think this indictment, even before you get to the statute of limitations and whether he’s got jurisdiction to enforce federal law, I would dismiss it on its face because it fails to state a crime.”

So there’s that.

As we are all too painfully aware, if this ends up in front of a liberal activist judge, the law really isn’t going to come into play. There will be more kangarooism (I’m coining that word for all Dem-induced legal proceedings against Trump) until the case moves to an adult court and gets flushed down the toilet.

Kevin wrote something yesterday that was both a brutal takedown of President LOLEightyonemillion and a bit of a pep talk for people over here on the American side of the aisle:

Is this the end? Not a chance.

As Rush Limbaugh presciently predicted, regardless of what happens to Trump, patriotic Americans aren’t going anywhere. In fact, we were here before Trump came down the escalator.

And Trump isn’t going anywhere either. Our greatest battle lies ahead.

First, I congratulate you. You lost your job or business because fascist Fauci needed to flex his impotence and lock us down. You watched your mother die on Zoom because she wasn’t allowed to take ivermectin—and you weren’t allowed into the hospital to say goodbye—all for a virus that more than 99% of Americans would survive. And yet you didn’t lose your cool.

Keep up that American spirit. You need it now more than ever—and we need you. Let the Marxists hoist their appletinis and cheer Trump’s arrest tonight. We have work to do.

Imagine Kevin giving that speech in the style of Bluto in Animal House and you’ll be primed for battle.

I have been writing for a while now that the Democrats don’t have the slightest clue about how this is going to work out for them. They’re cocoon people who believe that the hive mind they wallow in is all of reality. They demonize us so they can be more easily dismissive of what we believe.

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Trump Judge Is Biden Donor, Daughter Is Dem Political Pro

Conflict of Interest: Trump Judge Is Biden Donor, Daughter Worked on Biden-Harris Campaign

Conflict of Interest: Trump Judge Is Biden Donor, Daughter Worked on Biden-Harris Campaign



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Back in the days when there was equal justice for all in the United States, there was this concept known as “conflict of interest”: if someone involved in, say, a legal case had shown clear evidence of favoring one side or another, that was considered to be a disqualifying factor. Now, however, in these exhilarating days of justice of the woke, by the woke, and for the woke, the old rules just don’t apply. If a presidential candidate opposes the regime, he is liable to be arrested for old misdemeanor charges that are suddenly new again and are now turbocharged felonies. If the judge in the case is obviously biased against him, so much the better.

The judge in Donald Trump’s case is Acting New York County Supreme Court Justice Juan Manuel Merchan, about whom our Townhall colleague Mia Cathell has made some interesting discoveries:

“According to Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings, Merchan donated three times to ActBlue in the summer of 2020, once on July 26, 2020, when the judge’s donation was—according to the FEC—earmarked for President Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign. The other two of Merchan’s contributions were pledged to the Progressive Turnout Project (PTP), a left-wing PAC that rallies voter turnout for Democrat candidates, and Stop Republicans, a PTP sub-project that’s dedicated to ‘resisting’ Trump and the Republican Party.”

Does all this mean that Merchan won’t be able to judge Trump fairly? Not necessarily. But it certainly makes it less likely.

But wait, there’s more. Breitbart reported Tuesday that Judge Merchan’s daughter, Loren Merchan, is “president and partner of Authentic Campaigns, a company that runs digital campaigns for Democrat candidates, according to Merchan’s archived LinkedIn account.” Loren Merchan “worked as the ‘Director of Digital Persuasion’ for ‘Kamala Harris For The People’ from February 2019 through December 2019 — which was during the 2020 presidential election. And according to the company’s website, the ‘Biden-Harris’ campaign was also a client.” So were the campaigns of Hakeem Jeffries, Cory Booker, Gavin Newsom, and a host of other Leftists.

It’s clear that, for the Trump trial, Merchan’s deep involvement with the Leftist elites is not a bug but a feature. Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s case couldn’t possibly be thinner.  As Andy McCarthy, a former assistant U.S. attorney, stated, “This indictment, even before you get to the statute of limitations and whether he’s got jurisdiction to enforce federal law, I would dismiss it on its face because it fails to state a crime… This is the heart of the case. It’s not a felony unless he was trying to conceal another crime and if you don’t tell them what the crime is, how does that put him on notice and allow him to prepare his defense?”

The perfect judge for such a Kafkaesque case would be one who is so ferociously partisan that the weakness of the case hardly matters because the outcome has been predetermined.

Is Judge Merchan that judge? He may end up being as impartial as the day is long, but if Bragg and his henchmen wanted to make sure that the judge, in this case, was as sympathetic to the prosecution as possible, Merchan’s donation history and daughter’s activities certainly made him an appealing candidate for the job.

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So could Trump be convicted? It’s a real possibility. Patriotic observers are concentrating on the weakness of Bragg’s case and the legal legerdemain involved in it, but all that is ultimately beside the point if Merchan turns out to be as desperate to get Trump as Bragg obviously is. Those who have accordingly argued that the case should be moved out of New York City have a point; in Manhattan, it will be easy for Bragg to find a jury of twelve people who hate Trump even more than he himself does, and the former president’s chances of a fair trial will be reduced even more.

Here yet again, we are in uncharted territory. Many have observed that the indictment and arrest of Trump take us into banana republic territory, and it is precisely for that reason that supporters of Trump, and those who aren’t so fond of Trump but realize how dangerous this whole affair is, should not be so sure that the whole case will eventually founder. Stalin didn’t put his enemies on trial just to see them acquitted. Old Joe Biden’s handlers and their allies aren’t likely to do so, either.