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Another Transgender Guy Plots to Shoot Up Schools

Another Would-Be Trans Mass Shooter Arrested

Copycat Transgender School Shooter Stopped - William "Lily" Whitworth manifesto planning mass murder

Here's the latest on 19-year-old's failed plot to shoot up middle schools



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

William Whitworth, a 19-year-old male who claims to be female and goes by the name “Lilly,” has been arrested in Colorado Springs, Colo., after threatening various local schools. Whitworth has been charged with two counts of criminal attempt to commit murder in the first degree, as well as criminal mischief, menacing, and more. His case, following so soon after Audrey Hale, a woman claiming to be male, murdered six people at a Christian school in Nashville, once again raises the question: wouldn’t we be better off treating this “transgender” business as mental illness rather than coddling and celebrating people who suffer from these delusions?

KRDO in Colorado Springs reported Thursday that Whitworth made “threats involving schools in Colorado Springs Academy District 20.” This was where he himself went to school between 2014 and 2016; KRDO adds that “they attended both in-person and the district’s Homeschool Academy.” Whitworth did not have an accomplice; KRDO is referring to him as “they” because Whitworth himself apparently prefers to be referred to in the plural; after all, the demons said long ago, “My name is Legion, for we are many” (Mark 5:9). Curiously, however, KRDO begins referring to Whitworth as “she” and “her” later on in its report.

It is a peculiar manifestation of the madness of our age that even as a mentally ill individual plots to act upon his mental illness by murdering people, those who report on this fact still treat his mental illness as if it were perfectly normal and even torture the English language in order to accommodate it. Apparently, no one at KRDO had the vision or wisdom or simple guts to say, “Hey, this trans kid was just planning to kill people, maybe we shouldn’t coddle him and pretend that he’s in his right mind by referring to him according to the pronouns of his delusion and fantasy.” No one would have dared.

Nevertheless, all was clearly not sane or well at the Whitworth household. Police were first called out to visit the Whitworths last Friday, when they received reports that the sister of the reporting party had “threatened to shoot up a school,” had “anger issues,” and had spoken the day before about “school shooting.” When deputies arrived at the house, according to their report, “someone at the door” told them that “someone inside” was “very upset and punched holes inside the walls,” but nonetheless initially refused to let them in. Eventually, they were let in, however, and found “two holes that appeared to be punch marks in the wall,” as well as a door off its hinges. In a bedroom, they encountered the reporting party’s “sister.” It was “Lilly,” that is, William Whitworth.

When the deputies asked Whitworth if he was planning to shoot up a school, he nodded. When they asked him why he would do such a thing, Whitworth replied: “Why does anyone do it?” He was then asked if he planned this massacre at Timberview Middle School, which he had attended, and he nodded again. Asked why he picked that school, he mumbled: “No specific reason.” He added that he also planned shootings at local churches.

The deputies eventually found Whitworth’s manifesto, which he himself dismissed as “schizophrenic rants.” Asked if he was schizophrenic, he answered: “I hope not.” Well, it may not be that, Whitworth, but it’s something and all the people who told you that “transgender people” were beautiful and courageous and stunning and brave and not at all mentally ill share responsibility for bringing you to this point.

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Authorities also found floor plans of the school and directions for how to build a detonation device. They also found a copy of The Communist Manifesto (well, well, well), a list of weapons and 3D printer instructions, hit lists, and a list of various public figures, including conservative YouTuber Lauren Southern, whom Whitworth described as “Pathetic,” and Donald Trump, whom Whitworth dismissed as a “Con-mam” (sic). “Bad cops,” said Whitworth, were “useless garbage.”

William “Lilly” Whitworth, in sum, is yet another Leftist “trans” would-be mass murderer in a society whose leaders steadfastly ignore the existence of such people and blame their victims. Old Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, and the rest are virtually certain to ignore Whitworth as well since he doesn’t fit their narrative about how “white supremacists” constitute the greatest terror threat the nation faces today. Or if they pay any attention to him at all, it will be to affirm their solidarity with the “transgender community” and scold patriotic Americans once again for daring not to believe that men can become women. William Whitworth isn’t the only mentally ill person in this scenario.

Lutheran Pastor Likens Nashville Shooter Who Killed Six Christians to Jesus

'Rainbow' Pastor Micah Louwagie Compares Covenant School 'Individual' To Jesus Christ 5th April, 2023

Micah Louwagie was raised on a dairy farm in Southwestern MN alongside four siblings. They graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN in 2016 with a BA in Religion, and in 2021 with a Masters of Divinity from Wartburg Theological Seminary in Dubuque, IA. Micah and their wife Wesley (they/them/theirs) currently reside in Austin, TX with their two cats. Their hobbies include baking sourdough bread, cycling, and marveling at how cute their cats are.



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

After Audrey Hale, a woman who thought she was a man, murdered six people at a Christian school in Nashville, Tenn., Leftists hastened to tell us how victimized and marginalized people who are deluded or confused about their gender really are. It would have been easy to get the impression that a Christian had just murdered six “transgender” people rather than the other way around. But no Leftist went as far as Micah Louwagie, the pastor of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Fargo, N.D., who preached a sermon on Sunday likening Audrey Hale to no less a figure than Jesus Christ.

In understanding how anyone could make such a comparison, it’s important to note that Micah Louwagie is, like Audrey Hale, a woman who pretends to be a man, so it’s understandable that she would be sympathetic to Hale, but it also provided a fresh indication of the extent to which the Left’s gender madness today is a kind of ersatz religion, in which the people who are deluded into thinking that they are actually members of the opposite sex take the place of Christ as the sacrificial victim who suffers for the sins of others.

Louwagie began by reading an account of the crucifixion of Jesus from the Bible. This was odd, as one would expect that she would have rejected the Bible as homophobic, sexist, patriarchal, Zionist, and a host of other sins against the contemporary Left, but apparently, Pastor Louwagie has a nuanced theology. She then immediately mentioned the Nashville shooting, saying: “Instead of focusing on ways this could’ve been prevented, such as gun control, a significant number of people have turned their attention to the shooter’s identity.” Yes indeed, because the shooter’s identity appears to have been an integral aspect of her motivation, but as far as Micah Louwagie was concerned, that was itself the problem.

“Some folks,” she continued, “have tried to focus on eradicating trans people as a solution, because they have been waiting, just waiting for an opportunity such as this. They’ve been waiting for a reason, any reason to stoke their hatred.” Louwagie was not alone in seizing upon a mass murder by a “trans person” as a pretext for claiming that there was some effort afoot to “eradicate” such people, but her comparison to Jesus was new. Fox News reported Tuesday that Louwagie likened “allies” who “betray” men who think they’re women and women who think they’re men to “Jesus’s disciples who fled when he was arrested.”

Louwagie declared that “marginalized folks, those of us with the least amount of privilege and power, they need those who have more privilege and power than they do to physically place their bodies between them and the people, powers, and institutions that are literally killing them.” This is, of course, ridiculous. The real “marginalized folks” in today’s society are patriotic Americans who don’t believe it’s possible to change one’s gender. The people with the privilege and power are Louwagie’s “trans” friends, such as Dylan Mulvaney, the guy pretending to be a woman who is suddenly getting inundated with endorsement contracts. And Audrey Hale didn’t shield anyone from getting killed by placing her body anywhere; on the contrary, she opened fire on innocent children.

Warming to her theme despite its offensiveness and idiocy, Louwagie went on to “compare the Pharisees’ treatment of Jesus to politicians who make laws against drag shows and transgender players in sports.” She explained, “Those leaders were looking for any excuse, valid or not, to crucify Jesus and they found that reason… It’s baffling to me that someone’s existence can be so threatening, that people decide they need to be controlled, that they need laws made against them, or even worse, that the people that they find so threatening should die.” Remember, the people who died in the case to which she was referring were not “transgender”; they were the victims of a “transgender” person.

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“Jesus did not die,” Louwagie declared, “so violence could be perpetuated in God’s name. Jesus did not die for access to guns.” She said nothing about how easier access to guns might have prevented Hale’s massacre altogether, as someone might have been on hand who was armed and could have stopped her as soon as she opened fire.

Oddly enough, no one at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Fargo stood up and decried Louwagie’s sermon as a monstrous example of victim-blaming. But it’s supposed to be a Christian church. Will Micah Louwagie, with her hollowed-out Christianity, be fired now? Unlikely. After all, the place must be pretty woke to begin with: they hired her in the first place. The worst aspect of all this is that they likely didn’t see anything wrong with her sermon at all.