Biden’s Benghazi: Sudan Embassy Evacuated, One American Dead, Thousands of U.S. Citizens Left Behind


Biden's Benghazi: Sudan Embassy Evacuated, One American Dead, Thousands Left Behind

US forces evacuate diplomats from Sudan This Week

U.S. Embassy tells Americans to ‘shelter in place’ amid conflict in Sudan

The Pentagon has deployed forces and is developing options to assist in the possible evacuation of U.S. Embassy personnel from Sudan, but the White House said Friday there are no plans for now for a broader pullout of the potentially thousands of other Americans from the African country where warring factions are in a violent conflict. An estimated 16,000 private U.S. citizens are registered with the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum as being in Sudan. The State Department has cautioned that that figure probably is inaccurate because there is no requirement for Americans to register nor is there a requirement to notify the embassy when they leave. "It’s absolutely imperative that U.S. citizens in Sudan make their own arrangements to stay safe in these difficult circumstances," White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said in Washington.

Thousands of U.S. citizens remain in Sudan as war rages



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President Biden announced on Saturday evening in Washington that the U.S. military had evacuated official personnel from the embassy in Khartoum, Sudan. The evacuation comes following a week of escalating violence, including the death of at least one American citizen.

“Today, on my orders, the United States military conducted an operation to extract U.S. Government personnel from Khartoum,” Biden said in a statement Saturday night. “I am proud of the extraordinary commitment of our Embassy staff, who performed their duties with courage and professionalism and embodied America’s friendship and connection with the people of Sudan,” he continued. “I am grateful for the unmatched skill of our service members who successfully brought them to safety,” Biden said. “And I thank Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Saudi Arabia, which were critical to the success of our operation.”

Success? Before we go any further, there is no way we can call this mission a success. And who better to explain why than Joe Biden?

“I am receiving regular reports from my team on their ongoing work to assist Americans in Sudan, to the extent possible,” Biden said, adding that his administration is “also working closely with our allies and partners in this effort.”

That’s right. Once again, Joe Biden left Americans behind. And not just a few.

According to NBC News, an estimated 16,000 Americans were not included in the evacuation of less than 100 diplomatic personnel by Biden. The latest updates from Sudan by his administration indicate that there may be little that can be done now to assist them, except for the hope that a ceasefire will be upheld and the violence will decrease. But hope is not a plan.

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Is this what Biden calls a success? There seem to be few options for the Americans left behind. According to the State Department, following the evacuation, it “cannot provide routine or emergency consular services to U.S. citizens in Sudan, due to the current security situation.”

And all the administration seems to be able to do is shrug.

During a late-night briefing, Ambassador John Bass, Biden’s Under Secretary of State for Management, painted a bleak picture for the Americans left behind who now have to fend for themselves in Sudan’s “uncertain environment.” He noted that there is currently an absence of commercial and charter aircraft capabilities or feasible overland road routes to leave the country. According to Under Secretary Bass, this reality compelled the Biden administration to rely on the military’s capabilities to evacuate the diplomatic personnel.

For private American citizens still in Sudan on Sunday morning, Bass couldn’t provide much hope. He reminded them that the State Department had issued a notice over a decade ago, cautioning American citizens not to travel to Sudan. Despite this warning, even the Biden administration was forced to reassess its posture in Sudan when violent fighting erupted in Khartoum a week ago, leading to the evacuation of diplomatic personnel and the suspension of embassy operations.

“We don’t anticipate those security conditions are going to change in the near term,” Bass said. “As a result of that uncertain security picture, as a result of the unavailability of the civilian airport, we don’t foresee coordinating a U.S. Government evacuation for our fellow citizens in Sudan at this time or in the coming days.”

Make no mistake about it: this is Benghazi 2012 all over again; this is Afghanistan 2021 all over again.

And Biden called it a success.

Biden Regime Obstructing Afghan Investigation On All Fronts



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These are serious grounds for impeachment.

Nearly a year after I wrote this, House hearings made it clear that the Biden administration is still illegally obstructing the Afghanistan watchdog.

In June, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction’s office (SIGAR), dispatched letters to Secretary of State Blinken and Samantha Power complaining that the State Department and USAID were stonewalling its investigation of waste, corruption and terror cash.

“Two SIGAR audits are also being hindered by a lack of cooperation from State and USAID. The first evaluates your agencies’ compliance with the laws and regulations prohibiting transfers of funds to members of the Taliban and the Haqqani Network,” the letter to Power complained.

Instead of turning over the information, Blinken and Power’s people have lawyered up.

“A State official has informed SIGAR that department staff have received internal direction to not engage with or speak to SIGAR without prior clearance from State legal counsel,” the open letter that was also sent to members of Congress revealed.

Illegally refusing to cooperate with an inspector general and then using State Department lawyers to impede any investigation in a matter involving possible terrorist financing is shocking.

Fast forward to late April 2023 and SIGAR is still being illegally obstructed by the Biden regime.

Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) John Sopko told the House Oversight Committee. “Unfortunately, as I sit here today, I cannot assure this committee or the American taxpayer we are not currently funding the Taliban.”

“I don’t trust the Taliban as far as you can throw them. And the information we’re getting … is that the Taliban are already diverting funds,” Sopko told lawmakers. “I haven’t seen a starving Taliban fighter on TV. They all seem to be fat, dumb and happy. I see a lot of starving Afghan children on TV, so I’m wondering where all this funding is going.”

Sopko said the problems with oversight are exacerbated by the State Department and the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) “failure to fully cooperate” with SIGAR audits and other inquiries.

“The lack of cooperation by State … and to a lesser extent USAID, is unprecedented in the nearly 12 years that I have been the SIGAR,” said Sopko, who was appointed to his role in 2012 under the Obama administration.

He said the agency’s refusal to fully cooperate has led to a significant portion of the watchdog’s work, including five reports for the Oversight Committee, being “hindered and delayed.”

In addition to obstructing the Afghanistan watchdog, the Biden administration has decided to also obstruct Congress.

The State Department on Wednesday violated a congressional Republican subpoena to hand over a sensitive diplomatic cable about the U.S. exit from Afghanistan.

The subpoena was issued late last month by chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) and is part of Republican efforts to investigate the Biden administration over the chaotic and deadly pullout from Afghanistan at the end of August 2021.

State Department Principal Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel said in a statement to The Hill that, “​​Discussions with the committee about next steps are ongoing,” and said Secretary of State Antony Blinken offered to brief the chairman and the committee next week on the contents of the dissent cable without providing the actual document.

Discussions are ongoing.

Trump was impeached the first time for a whole lot less than this. We’ve had a lot of talk about impeaching Biden. But these are actually serious grounds for impeachment. The entire Afghanistan mess isn’t behind us, it’s still ongoing and so is the cover-up. Terrorism financing is a serious business and should be taken seriously.

In Barcelona, Historic Maimonides Synagogue Vandalized



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In Barcelona, the historic Maimonides synagogue was recently vandalized, with pro-Palestinian graffiti scrawled on its outer wall. This took place in a city whose officials, above all the mayor, have created an anti-Israel atmosphere that Jews in the city believe contributed to the vandalism. More on this event can be found here: “Barcelona Mayor Attracts Criticism After Historic Synagogue Vandalized With ‘Free Palestine’ Grafitti [sic],” Algemeiner, April 18, 2023:

The Jewish community in the Spanish city of Barcelona has blamed the anti-Israel stances of local political leaders for creating “fertile ground” for antisemitic acts such as the vandalism of the historic Maimonides Synagogue on Monday.

In a statement released on Monday, the Jewish Community of Barcelona (CIB) denounced the vandalism as an “antisemitic attack.”

The vandals, identified as three men in some local news reports, painted the slogans “Free Palestine from the River to the Sea” and “Solidarity with the Palestinian People” in large red letters on the synagogue’s outer wall earlier in the day. The first slogan refers to the Palestine Liberation Organization’s goal of a single state of Palestine to replace Israel in the territory between the Mediterranean Sea and the River Jordan.

Noting that this slogan “has traditionally been used by Arab radicals to demand that the Jewish people living in Israel be thrown into the sea,” the CIB stated that “holding Jews in general and, in this case, the Jews of Catalonia, to be responsible for the policies of the government and the State of Israel is an obvious example of antisemitism.”

In February, Barcelona’s Mayor, Ada Colau, announced that the city was suspending ties with Israel in protest at what she termed its “apartheid” policies. In a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, she said that the suspension would remain in place the suspension would remain in place “until the Israeli authorities put an end to the system of violations of the Palestinian people and fully comply with the obligations imposed on them by international law and the various United Nations resolutions.”…

As for the Barcelona Mayor’s “suspending” of the city’s ties with Tel Aviv, one of the cities with which it had been twinned, Ada Colau is badly misinformed. She mentions the “apartheid” practiced by Israel. There is none, and the Israelis ought to present her with the mountain of evidence that undermines her claim. Israeli Arabs enjoy full political, religious, and social rights. They serve on the Supreme Court, in the Knesset, in the diplomatic corps. The chairman of Israel’s largest bank, the Bank Leumi, is an Arab. Jews and Arabs work together in the same offices and factories and are healed in the same hospitals by the same medical personnel consisting of both Jews and Arabs. They play on the same sports teams and on the same orchestras. The captain of Israel’s national soccer team is an Arab. Jews and Arabs own restaurants, clothing stores, and high-tech start-ups together. There is only one area where Jews and Arabs are treated differently. Jews must, while Arabs may, serve in the military.

Mayor Colau claims that there is a “system of violations of the Palestinian people.” What is she talking about? She clearly is unaware of the significance of the Mandate for Palestine’s continuing relevance, with its call, in Article 6, for the holder of the Mandate, Great Britain, to “facilitate Jewish immigration” and “close settlement by Jews on the land.” What land? All the land from the Golan Heights in the north to the Red Sea in the south, and from the Jordan River in the east to the Mediterranean in the west — in other words, all of the area “between the river and the sea.” Perhaps Mayor Colau thinks that the provisions of the Mandate can simply be ignored, but on what basis? The Mandate was one of several created in 1922, by the League of Nations, and those mandates were recognized as of continuing validity even after the League of Nations had disbanded, to be replaced by the United Nations. Article 80 of the U.N. Charter, known as “the Jewish People’s article,” committed that organization to continue to fulfill the terms of any mandates still in existence, which in practice meant the Mandate for Palestine, as the other mandates — leading to the creation of Arab states in Iraq, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon — had already been brought to a successful close. The Jewish state was supposed to include all of Judea and Samaria (which Jordan renamed as the West Bank in 1950); the only reason it did not is that Jordan’s Arab Legion managed to seize, and hold onto, that territory, from 1949 to 1967. In that year, Israel’s victory in the Six-Day War allowed it to exercise its pre-existing right to Judea and Samaria.

And on what basis does Colau think that she, or anyone else, can ignore another source for the Israeli claim to hold onto much of the West Bank, which is UN Security Council Resolution 242 (passed unanimously on Nov. 22, 1967)? UN Security Council Resolution 242, as its main author Lord Caradon repeatedly explained, allowed Israel to retain any territory won in the Six-Day War that it required if it was to have, in Resolution 242’s key phrase, “secure [i.e. defensible] and recognized boundaries.”

Finally, what principle of “international law” does Ada Colau think Israel has breached? Isn’t it true that in a successful war of self-defense, a state may hold onto territory from which the aggression was launched against it? Why was Italy entitled to hold onto the Alto Adige (formerly the Sudtirol), taken from Austria after World War I? Why did Poland, after World War II, quite justifiably keep much of East Prussia, which had been part of Germany? Why does Russia hold onto Kaliningrad (formerly Germany’s Königsberg) even today? No one objects to those and other changes to the world map that occur after wars have ended. But some want to apply special rules to Israel that they apply nowhere else.

When Mayor Colau refers to resolutions passed by the UN, what of it? The UN has become, ever since the Six-Day War, obsessively anti-Israel, a kangaroo court with the Jewish state perennially in the dock. The UN has no moral authority to lecture or hector Israel. No fair-minded people have observed the UN’s mistreatment of Israel, extending back to the “Zionism is Racism” Resolution 3379, passed by the General Assembly in 1975, mistreatment that continues right up to the present, when more resolutions condemning Israel are passed at the General Assembly than are passed about all the other 193 states put together, would accept the UN as a moral arbiter on anything to do with Israel and the Palestinians.

Colau’s decision to cut Barcelona’s “twinned cities” ties to Tel Aviv was symbolically rejected by the Barcelona City Council, which, however, does not have the power to override the Mayor’s decision, but showed, at least, that her view did not express a consensus; rather, it was an expression of her own deep antipathy to the Jewish state.

When in 1998, Tel Aviv and Barcelona entered into a “twinned cities” link, they included a third city – Gaza City. Now Barcelona, having cut its ties to Tel Aviv, has been left to be twinned only with Gaza City, an impoverished mess under Hamas rule, which spends more money on armaments and terror tunnels, and the private bank accounts of its leaders, than it does on the wellbeing of its citizens. There was a great deal that Barcelona derived from being “twinned” with Tel Aviv, which is both a world cultural center and a center of finance and high tech. Mayor Colau doesn’t care about the cultural and business loss. Now her city will continue to be twinned with Gaza City, a place famous only for its terror tunnels and its Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists. Is this what the people of Catalunya want?

When Ada Colau ended Barcelona’s ties to Tel Aviv, she was hurting her own city far more than she was damaging Tel Aviv. Later on, the same day when she made her decision, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, the Mayor of Madrid, accused Barcelona’s leader of antisemitism and tweeted that he had written to Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai to share “Madrid’s commitment to democracy and freedom.” He would be delighted to replace Barcelona: “It would be an honor to be twinned with Tel Aviv,” he added. Madrid has twice the population as Barcelona and closer ties with the business and technology hub of the Start-Up Nation could bring economic benefits, including a boost to Madrid’s own high-tech sector.

The instantaneous intervention by the Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida. who quickly offered to replace Barcelona as the “partner” of Tel Aviv, makes good sense for both Madrid and Tel Aviv. The offer was just as readily accepted. Barcelona’s Mayor has now deprived her own city of the many benefits – economic, social, and cultural – to be derived from ties to bustling Tel Aviv, and Madrid has now snapped them up in Barcelona’s stead.

In a separate, harshly-worded statement, the Conference of European Rabbis (CER) accused Colau of being ultimately responsible for the vandalism of the synagogue.

“Every additional case of vandalism and bloodshed as a result of this unfortunate choice will be on her hands,” Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt of the CER declared.

Ada Colau’s ending ties with Tel Aviv both reflect, and help to thicken, an anti-Israel and antisemitic atmosphere in her city that gives rise to such things as the defacing of the venerable Maimonides Synagogue. Ada Colau must be very proud.

Proposed Chinese-owned Electric Vehicle Battery Facility in Michigan Has Residents United in Opposition

Dangers of Gotion EV Battery Plant in Big Rapids MI

$585 Million to EV Battery Companies; Michigan Corporate Welfare?

Green Charter Township, Marshall Township, and Novi Township are about to be completely changed by these new multibillion-dollar electric vehicle battery factories in Michigan - but only if we give 583 million taxpayer dollars. Gotion High Tech (Chinese) - Ford - and Our Next Energy Inc. Now is your chance to use your voice. Wednesday, March 22 2023 the Democratic-controlled Senate Appropriations Committee will be voting on approval of the corporate welfare.

April 17th, 2023 Gotion EV Battery News Roundup Podcast

Deep Dive: Gotion EV Battery Plant President Chen Li Big Rapids Michigan

Chen Li is the President of Gotion High Tech, & the direct boss of VP Chuck Thelen. Who is his boss? Why does it matter? Deep Dive into leadership style, Chinese influence, and Globalist Utopians - oh my!



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer was pleased with herself last October when she announced that Gotion High-Tech, a Chinese EV battery company, was building a plant in Mecosta County. In making the announcement, she said the plant would “strengthen Michigan as the “global hub of mobility and electrification.”

That may be true. But it didn’t impress residents who appear to be almost universally opposed to the idea. It seems that Gotion’s company by-laws contain a curious stricture: Gotion must carry out “Party activities in accordance with the Constitution of the Communist Party of China.”

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That didn’t sit well with many local residents, who asked the Michigan Senate Appropriations Committee to vote down the $175 million plan.

“I am gravely disappointed that our representatives are serving the demands of our governor over the request of our citizens. I can attest, however, that our community is now united in ways they would have never been before. They do not want this,” Hannah Saez, the clerk of Big Rapids Township, stated. “Thousands of Michiganders will be watching today. I know you all receive daily emails and phone calls. I know you’re under pressure. I know you’ve probably been coerced. I beg of you to do what is right here even if corruption is knocking at your door.”

Fox News:

During the Michigan state Senate Appropriations Committee hearing, lawmakers led by Democratic state Sen. Sarah Anthony, the panel’s chair, gave final approval of $175 million in taxpayer funding for Gotion — a subsidiary of the Hefei, China-based Gotion High-Tech — to build an electric vehicle (EV) battery plant in Big Rapids. The measure passed in a tight 10-9 vote with every committee Republican and three Democrats voting against it.

The funding was approved after a period in which members of the public were invited to deliver feedback about the project at the hearing. Nearly all the residents who spoke slammed the proposal and expressed concern about a company based in China developing a factory in their state.

“I think that any Chinese communist plant buying up 700 acres of Michigan land is a concern to all citizens throughout the state,” Cheryl Vitito declared. “This CCP-controlled company represents communism and is a threat to our way of life and our God-given and constitutional freedoms. We don’t want the CCP here by way of the Gotion plant as they have no regard for the value and dignity of human life.”

In fact, there appeared to be undue haste in ramming this measure through the committee before opposition forces had time to organize.

Kyle Luce, the supervisor of Barton Township, said 85% of his constituents opposed the plant. “Our citizens are concerned with the timeframe that’s going on here,” said Luce. “The timing seems to be sped up exponentially to, in our opinion, try to seal the deal and get this done before people have a chance to speak out, residents have a chance to speak out. And individuals, the fine senators, are digging up information daily about the CCP involvement.”

“I’m angry,” local resident Marjorie Steele snapped. “I’m angry that this vote was slipped into the agenda today with as little information as possible so that people like me wouldn’t know it was happening. I’m angry that you, our elected officials, have ignored my community’s pleas to table this vote until some small semblance of due diligence can be performed. I can promise you that we will not stop at the local level.”

The Appropriations Committee voted in favor of the proposal 10-9. It now moves on to the full Senate for approval.



gotion battery cells volkswagen

Volkswagen Group and Gotion High-Tech Team up to Industrialize Battery Cell Production in Germany


RFK Jr.: ‘Every Totalitarian Regime in the History of Mankind’ Has Sought ‘Total Control’

RFK Jr.: 'Every Totalitarian Regime in the History of Mankind' Has Sought 'Total Control'



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

“It’s been the dream ambition of every totalitarian regime in the history of mankind to exert total control over every aspect of human behavior,” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explained in a recent sit-down interview.

The difference between other historical examples and the kind of WEF technocratic totalitarianism we face now, he explains, is the disparity in technological capacity to exert total social control.

This analysis is 100% pure veritas.

RFK Jr. is in possession of an exceedingly rare combination of traits for a politician: deep insight into how American politics work and an equally deep moral character to match.

He is the real deal, in my estimation. It doesn’t matter at all to me that he’s a nominal Democrat because he’s unlike any other mainstream Democrat that I have seen in recent memory, except for perhaps Dennis Kucinich (driven out of the party for not going along with its warmongering and catering to Wall Street).

Roger Stone has recently floated a Trump-RFK ticket for the GOP nomination. While titillating, the problem with this proposition is the disparate positions between the two men on the COVID-19 so-called vaccine.

RFK Jr. has been outspoken since before the rollout of the shots in his criticism of the rushed trial process and the obvious collusion between Pfizer, Moderna, and the regulatory agencies tasked with overseeing them.

Trump, on the other hand, not only spearheaded Operation Warpspeed, which delivered the shots to market in less than a year when the average testing period for new vaccines has always been 10-15 years; he also publicly bragged about his alleged accomplishment over and over and over, as late as last year, before he finally stopped talking about it altogether because of the political damage he was doing to himself.

Yes, the Deep State hates Trump because, unlike nearly every major political figure from either party, he is both beyond the control of the power structure and immensely popular with a large swathe of the electorate. He is therefore a potential asset to the populist movement.

However, Trump is not a visionary leader. He’s mostly a narcissistic self-dealer with an extraordinary flair for guerrilla marketing. He’s a showman above all with, ironically, better political instincts than most Swamp creatures who’ve spent their whole careers practicing their best impression of a likable, relatable real American straight from Main Street USA.

As Tucker Carlson noted, Trump is very good at destroying things and not so great at building them. He’s a human wrecking ball, in short — perhaps what we needed in 2016 to break the corrupt corporate state duopoly, which he did admirably, but lacking in the kind of long-term strategic vision that would make a meaningful difference in American politics.

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Assuming that bringing RFK Jr. onto the Trump 2024 ticket could actually be useful for shaping Trump’s policy and personnel decision-making (which is sorely lacking given the kind of people like Jared Kushner he surrounded himself with the first go-round), RFK Jr. could do immensely beneficial things in his role as VP candidate.

Just close your eyes and imagine, for an indulgent moment, an RFK Jr. vs. Kamala Harris VP debate. It would be a bloodbath. On one hand, viewers would see a clearly principled man with an impressive depth of knowledge and, on the other, a vapid career climber who (allegedly) slept her way to the top of the Democrat Party and can barely spit out a sentence that doesn’t sound like it was manufactured in some think tank focus group.

That alone could be enough to sway voters on the fence — even Democrat ones — to vote the right way in 2024.