Schumer-Manchin ‘Inflation Increase Act’ Helps China, Crushes U.S. Manufacturers~Manchin’s ‘Inflation Increase Act’ Raises Taxes on Most Americans to Fund Teslas for the Rich



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Apparently, America still has too many manufacturing jobs. And the Senate Democrat majority has snuck in their sleazy “Inflation Increase Act” under a false flag in the hopes of doing something about that.

What many people are calling the “Inflation Increase Act” has nothing to do with stopping inflation, instead it’s yet another payoff to the green gimmick investor crowd who finance the Democrats and like all such payoffs, this one is a sharp blow to what remains of the domestic manufacturing sector while helping Communist China.

“Democrats claim the book minimum tax is a tax loophole closer, when in reality it is a tax on U.S. manufacturers.  Based on the new JCT analysis, 49.7 percent of the tax would be borne by the manufacturing industry at a time when manufacturers are already struggling with inflation, supply-chain disruptions, and an impending recession.”

Despite Democrats’ claims, the book minimum tax does not close tax loopholes. Tax and book treatment of capital investments, like those made by American manufacturers, differ for book and tax purposes – for good reason.  Congress intentionally designed tax depreciation rules to support domestic investment.  Democrats’ tax on U.S. manufacturing would eliminate that benefit. 

“This is a domestic manufacturing tax, plain and simple,” Senator Mike Crapo of Idaho warned.

The real benefits of the Schumer-Manchin “Inflation Increase Act” will, as usual, be reaped by China. Not only does the “Inflation Increase Act” further weaken domestic American competition, instead, it funds the usual “green” boondoggles that are heavily reliant on China, including, once again, solar panels.

America loses, inflation rises, China wins.

That’s the Schumer-Manchin “Inflation Increase Act” in a nutshell.




republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The Schumer-Manchin Democrat tax deal, commonly described as the “Inflation Increase Act of 2022”, will wreak all sorts of economic havoc.

Manchin’s false claims that it will fight inflation is being justified by “increased” IRS enforcement. And the result will be higher taxes for most Americans. 

As Senator Mike Crapo reveals.

The nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) shows that “in 2023, taxes will increase by $16.7 billion on American taxpayers earning less than $200,000—a nearly $17 billion tax targeted solidly at low- and middle-income earners next year, amidst stagflation.”

The $17 billion hit alone is confirmation that the Biden pledge to not raise taxes on anyone earning less than $400,000 is shattered by the latest tax-and-spend bill.
The proposal would raise another $14.1 billion from taxpayers earning between $200,000 and $500,000.

According to JCT data, 98 percent of all tax returns filed by those in the $200,000 to $500,000 category are filed by those earning between $200,000 and $400,000, with at least three-fourths of the income in the $200,000 to $500,000 category also coming from those below $400,000, meaning it is likely that at least half of all new tax revenue raised next year would come from those earning under $400,000.

By 2031, when the new green energy credits and subsidies provide an even greater benefit to those at higher incomes, those earning below $400,000 are projected to bear as much as two-thirds of the burden of the additional tax revenue collected that year.  

Green energy is a scam that largely rewards wealthy lefties. There aren’t a lot of working-class people driving Teslas.

The JCT estimate of the Schumer-Manchin “Inflation Increase Act of 2022” shows even low-income people paying out more with percentage increases beginning for people earning $30-$40K.

Democrats will contend that their tax hikes on the vast majority of Americans are not all that “substantial”, but the bottom line is that they’re hiking taxes on Americans and increasing inflation as yet another payout to their green investors and to wealthy electric car owners.

Why are Democrats willing to raise taxes on the working class to provide more subsidies for Tesla owners?

That’s class warfare. Lefties accuse conservatives of engaging in class warfare when class warfare is all that they do.



In 2021, Leilani Lutali was denied a life-saving kidney transplant by a Colorado hospital for her vaccination status. Watch the tearful follow-up to this life or death story as she and her donor rejoin Del Bigtree.

Twenty five U.S. corporations pledge to FUND ABORTIONS for their employees, but won’t give money to employee moms who decide to HAVE their babies

Image: Twenty five U.S. corporations pledge to FUND ABORTIONS for their employees, but won’t give money to employee moms who decide to HAVE their babies



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(Natural News) Real life demons are out in full force in America, enraged because they won’t be able to legally murder as many human babies as they have been for decades. In the heart of America’s insane LGBTQ-vial-leftist metropolitan city of Seattle, the naked demons came out to parade for the children they groom each day for sin and murder. In droves, they walked, cycled, paraded, and urinated in front of all the children in the name of baby murder rights that have been stripped from them in the recent Supreme Court undoing of Roe v. Wade. So now, all the hard-Left corporations have declared their undying support and money to pay for any mother living in a US state that won’t allow abortions, to travel to a libtard state, all expenses paid, to murder their baby and sacrifice the fetus to Satan.

Corporate-funded baby murder vacations

Interested in fully paid abortion vacations, sponsored by the demonic Leftists? After the Supreme Court finally overturned Roe v. Wade, 25 corporate giants decided to provide financial assistance to pregnant employees to help them decide to kill their babies and do it for free while on a paid vacation. In some cases, even the pregnant mom’s children will get to travel to the baby-murder state of their choice to accompany their mother while she murders the baby in her womb.

What’s next, the corporate-paid “donation” of the aborted baby’s organs, to use in laboratories to brew the next pandemic that Biden is bragging about? Surely Planned Parenthood will welcome minority mothers under their wing (Satan’s wing) to exterminate the baby and hock the still-beating heart for some cold hard cash on the (biotechnology) black market.

25 U.S. corporations fund a baby-murdering vacation plus gender-mutilation surgery for your other kids

Here are the first 25 U.S. corporations to jump on the satanic bandwagon and offer funding and paid baby-murder vacations for mothers-not-to-be:

Microsoft – of course, the genocidal freak Bill Gates supports one of the top ways to reduce the population of the world, while targeting minorities with baby-first genocide tactics. Microsoft calls it “critical healthcare,” which means kill or maim children by abortion and vaccination. This funding also supports vacations to libtard states for gender-mutilation surgery in the name of LGBTQ “rights.”

Apple – More funding from the genocidal maniac Bill “Population Reduction” Gates, also known as Bill “Hell’s” Gates. Need to travel out of state to murder your almost-born or just recently born child? Bill’s got your wallet padded and your “rights” ensured. In case you were unaware, 2.25% of the 79,000 million dollars in Apple shares is owned by Bill and Melinda Gates, totaling $1.8 billion in Apple holdings.

Meta – The tech giant Meta will fund your out-of-state baby murder needs, as long as it’s still “legal.”

Yelp – Yelp wants to hear your fetus yelp when it’s plucked from the womb or dissolved with toxins in the name of Satan, so they’re funding out-of-state abortion travel expenses. The decision, Yelp says, supports “human rights” which means the right to murder other humans in the name of Satan.

Disney – Of course, the kings of pedophilia and child “grooming” are willing to pay for travel expenses for out-of-state baby murder trips. The funds will include “family planning” so you can make the most of the whole baby-murder vacation in the libtard state or demon-run metropolitan city of your choosing.

Uber – Uber wants to also pretend that “reproductive health” means helping humanity when it really means murdering babies. The rideshare company will pay for your ride to the baby death camp in another state, so you can exterminate human life on their dollar.

Netflix – Of course, Woke-Flix is funding baby-murder vacations and gender-affirming “care” (gender mutilation and perversion surgery) in retaliation for the Supreme Court’s decision. Woke-Flix is offering $10,000 per baby murder to show their undying support (pun intended).

Bumble – The female-driven dating service app wants all women to be able to kill their kids in the womb, so the company will donate to Planned Un-Parenthood, a Federation of Amerikan communism and population reductionism.

Match Group – Another dating app company is partnering with Planned Un-Parenthood to end lives before they can even start by funding abortion vacations. They plan to extend funding for this population reduction scheme to all their US staff, including money for traveling, lodging, and the extraction of the child. – “All in” to cover travel and medical expenses for abortions.

Levi Strauss – The denim company will reimburse employees, including even their part-time staffers, for baby-in-womb murders.

Comcast-NBC Universal – Cable television moguls are offering $4,000 per trip and up to 3 abortions per year. So as soon as the woman kills her baby in the womb, she can go home, get pregnant again, and plan her next “vacation.”

Warner Bros Discovery – The owners of CNN, the Counterfeit News Network, will cover expenses for moms and their family members who want to travel to a baby-murder state, according to a company spokesperson.

Condé Nast – This media company will pay for travel and lodging for baby killers and anyone who wants to become infertile or mutilate their genitals with irreversible surgery.

JPMorgan Chase – They’ve covered abortion for years, but starting in July, will add abortion travel money to their company benefits package.

Nike -The sportswear giants are also “all in” for funding baby-in-womb murder-travel packages they’re calling a “family planning journey.” How is it family planning if you’re getting rid of family members?

Starbucks – The diabetes-and-obesity-causing-coffee specialists will also be funding the “medical travel benefit” for out-of-state abortions (Satanic donations).

Dick’s Sporting Goods – Dick’s will give $4,000 to women to travel out-of-state to kill their babies before they exit their vaginas.

Kroger – This grocer’s “healthcare package” includes $4,000 to cross state lines to extinguish a baby or get unfertilized.

Alaska Airlines – Supports travel monies for employees who don’t value human life.

Goldman Sachs – They’ll pay for all in or out-of-state medical procedures, treatments, and evaluations that lead to ending human life in the womb.

Zillow, HP, HPE, and Accenture are “all in” for funding a whole range of human extermination healthcare benefits, travel assistance, and covered medical services.

Watch the demonic abortion activists in Seattle:

Stay tuned to NaturalNews for updates on mutilation nation, where corporations fund population reduction and perversion, no matter what state you live in. Bookmark to your favorite websites for truth news that’s being censored from the rest of the media as you read this.

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Tranny Clinic That Closed After Shocking Report Gave Puberty Blockers to Kids After One Visit. Mutilated Victims Seek Redress



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The “transgender” clinic that British authorities shut down last week didn’t just rush kids into life-changing medical treatment. It also prescribed dangerous, life-altering puberty blockers after meeting a child just one time.

The National Health Service closed the Tavistock Clinic after a report deemed it “not safe,” and revealed that the facility offered “transition” treatment without fully examining the mental health of the patients. But London’s Telegraph has revealed that the health unit’s headshrinkers weren’t just too “reaffirming” too quickly when a kid showed up to say he or she was the “wrong” gender. Doctors began pumping kids with puberty blockers immediately.

One doctor said the clinic terribly mutilated or otherwise changed kids for life.

“Huge Damage”

“After the NHS announced that it was closing down the clinic amid safety fears, whistleblowers revealed the haste with which young people were placed on a medical pathway,” the Telegraph revealed:

Dr Hilary Cass, who is leading a review of the service, has warned that the drugs could prompt the “rewiring of neural circuits” and affect parts of the brain responsible for decision-making and judgment.

Such is the danger from the drugs that Tory political candidates say they want to restrict their use, the newspaper reported.

Parents say that isn’t enough. The government “must ban the drugs for use in treating gender dysphoria over concerns about the life-long damage that they are causing.”

Worse still, concerns about the clinic go back “two decades” and were ignored, as was Dr. David Bell. He “blew the whistle on practices at the clinic in a report in 2018” because Tavistock had “failed” children and “done huge damage.”

“That means there’s a growing group of detransitioners, who will not go anywhere near the Tavistock and will not go anywhere near the NHS actually because they feel so terribly let down,” he told the Telegraph:

“These were kids who said I’m a girl or I’m a boy and they were affirmed. They took the drugs and they went to opposite sex hormones and they had parts of their body removed, their breasts, their vaginas. Now, as one girl put it to me, ‘I don’t have the body of a man, I’ve got the body of a mutilated woman and that’s what I have to live with.’”

Dr Bell said that he was aware of one child who was referred for puberty blockers after just one session while the “regime” was four to six hour-long appointments which he described as a “ludicrously few number.”

He said that the bar for prescribing puberty blockers should be “very, very, very, very much higher. It may be possible, in one or two cases, that it has to be done, but the way they’ve been used is totally inappropriate.”

Another employee “raised concerns” in 2004.

Yet instead of stopping the drug and surgical mutilations completely, NHS has transferred “treatment” to other facilities.

Horror Story

That won’t satisfy parents. The Telegraph told the story of a mom whose daughter “transitioned” and received a double mastectomy at 18:

Her daughter, then 14, said on her first appointment she wanted puberty blockers but was told that she would have to have four sessions first. She was referred to an adult gender identity clinic, which offers cross sex hormones and in some cases surgery, when she was 17.

“I felt that the Tavistock was just going through a tick box exercise, they asked questions like, ‘what toys did you play with as a child?’” she said. “What difference does that make?”

Leftist media reports suggest that the clinic closed because of “delays” in treatment, a common complaint about England’s socialist National Health Service. Truth is, authorities closed the clinic because it was mutilating patients for life.

Last week, the Daily Mail revealed the sad story of Ritchie Herron, whose “life over the past four years has become almost unbearable. It takes him ten minutes to empty his bladder, a process as painful as it is slow. Any sex drive is long gone. In fact, he says, his crotch is numb, ‘shell-shocked’ from the damage done to him under the apparent care of the NHS”:

Battling mental health issues — and after decades of suppressing his homosexuality — Ritchie, 35, had thought the answer was to become a woman. But instead, he says, he was fast-tracked into making “the biggest mistake of his life” and left infertile, incontinent and with ongoing pain.

Not only had the NHS clinic failed to take into account his spiralling mental health crisis, he claims, but it had also failed to properly counsel him about the risks.

Herron’s isn’t the only sad tale. Keira Bell is suing the NHS for the butchery that began when she was 16.

The number of “transgender” cases the NHS treats has risen from 6,371 in 2016 to more than 11,000 today, an increase largely driven by “transgender” activists pushing their ideology on social media.

Frighteningly, the No. 2 health official in the United States is a man who thinks he is a woman and wants kids on puberty blockers.