HEDGING GOP Sen. Candidate Becky Edwards Says She’s Utah’s “Best Bet” For Abortion if Roe V. Wade Overturned


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"Becky is a proud 29-year resident of Davis County in Northern Utah. She is married to John Edwards and has four children and 11 grandchildren. She recently served in Samoa with her husband as a humanitarian missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from May 2019–January 2021."


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BREAKING: Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Becky Edwards Tells Undercover Journalist She is Utah’s ‘Best Bet’ to ‘Stand Up’ For Abortion if Roe v. Wade is Overturned; “Deeply Concerned” with ‘Trigger Laws ’ • Project Veritas Action published undercover footage of U.S. Senate Candidate, Becky Edwards (R-Utah), who is seen expressing her willingness to “stand up” for abortion.

• In the footage, Edwards is approached by a Project Veritas Action Undercover Reporter who initiated a conversation about support for abortion and Edwards says, “I can absolutely guarantee you, I’m your best bet and the only candidate who has even said anything other than, ‘joyful, happy, yay, answer to prayer,’ on what we’re seeing on [overturning] Roe.”

Edwards then says, “I’m going to stand up” in reference to abortion. She goes on to expresses her concern for Utah’s trigger law: “…and we have like trigger laws here in Utah that basically is going to make things really - I’m deeply concerned.”

• Edwards is a Utah state representative running to unseat incumbent U.S. Senator, Mike Lee (R-Utah). Edwards has not yet responded to a request for comment.

[SALT LAKE CITY– June 23, 2022] Project Veritas Action has published undercover footage of U.S. Senate Candidate, Becky Edwards (R-Utah), speaking candidly about her intention to “stand up” for abortion.

In the video, Edwards is approached by a Project Veritas Action undercover reporter who expressed support for abortion. Edwards described her concern for Utah’s abortion trigger law which would set a new policy framework on the matter in the event Roe v. Wade is overturned.

“I can absolutely guarantee you, I’m your best bet,” Edwards said. “And the only candidate who has even said anything other than, ‘joyful, happy, yay, answer to prayer,’ on what we’re seeing on [overturning] Roe,” Edwards added.

Edwards then said, “I’m going to stand up,” and repeats that when the undercover journalist says, “for abortion.”

In the footage, Edwards makes comments critical of states with similar laws planned to take effect. “No, no! Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, what the heck? Idaho even!”

Edwards is running to unseat incumbent Senator, Mike Lee. At the time of this writing, Edwards has not responded to a request for comment.


Becky Edwards on Voting Against The Down syndrome Abortion Ban

Mike Lee primary challenger Becky Edwards makes excuses for her NO-vote on a Down syndrome abortion ban.

Mormons now look liberal on abortion — by not changing

The GOP has swung so far to the right that Mormons’ nuanced abortion stance, once commonly accepted by fellow conservatives, now looks liberal by comparison.

SEE: https://religionnews.com/2022/06/29/mormons-now-look-liberal-on-abortion-by-not-changing/


"That may shed light on why the church has added a new twist to its stance on abortion. Within hours of the June 24 Supreme Court decision, it updated its abortion policy with a new final paragraph:

“The Church’s position on this matter remains unchanged. As states work to enact laws related to abortion, Church members may appropriately choose to participate in efforts to protect life and to preserve religious liberty.”

To preserve religious liberty. The church here connected its long-standing position on abortion with the concept of religious freedom — exactly when the Supreme Court decision undermined LDS members’ right to follow their own handbook instructions on this issue. Though the church has always opposed abortion in the abstract and regarded it as a sin, it has also, for example, consistently sided with protecting maternal health if a mother’s life was endangered by pregnancy. Now that Roe is no more and individual states are free to enact laws without those three provisions, it’s not inconceivable that LDS women in those states who experience medical emergencies related to pregnancy may die. Two of my own friends who are LDS mothers experienced complications with their pregnancies, and one might have died without a medically induced abortion. This is no longer an abstract or theoretical possibility.

Given that, it’s not entirely clear that the new codicil about church members being encouraged to protect life and preserve religious liberty is actually instructing them to oppose all abortions. The vague wording leaves room for activism on the other side. For example, church members who are interested in protecting religious freedom for all may wish to side with Jews who want to abide by Jewish law — law that not only permits but requires abortion in certain circumstances. Mormons who stand for religious freedom will want Jews to be able to live their religion."


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