Islamic preachers disseminate hateful messages about Israel and Jews, driving further antisemitism surge

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There are influential Islamic hate preachers who are driving anti-semitism to heights never seen since the Holocaust.

“Islamic Preachers in the U.S. Escalate Antisemitic Rhetoric Amid Gaza War, Campus Protests,” by Ethan Kaufman, Algemeiner, May 13, 2024:

Several Islamic preachers and other authority figures in the US have been leveraging their positions in recent weeks to disseminate hateful messages about Israel and the Jewish people, contributing to a global surge in antisemitism that has reached record levels since the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war.

Certain imams at mosques across the country have used their platforms to deliver sermons in which they pushed antisemitic conspiracies about Jews and promote false claims about Israel’s conduct in Gaza, the Palestinian enclave ruled by Hamas, and elsewhere, according to research by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

October 7 allowed for the Palestinian jihad “resistance” against Israel to be pushed throughout the West via systems that were already set in place. Take, for example, mosques. It was documented many times after 9/11 that many American mosques were radicalized. That’s because normative Islam is governed by the Sharia, which is contrary to human rights and to the laws of free societies. Then there are the Muslim Student Associations and Palestinian Solidarity Networks, which are well established on campuses. The expansive network of groups that were listed as unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation's Hamas funding trial was also operational throughout America, with many establishing offshoots in Canada.

The Palestinian “resistance” has been infiltrating America, Canada and other Western countries for decades. Many pro-Hamas demonstrators are now heard chantingGlobalize the intifada.” Anyone who warned prior to October 7 about the dangers of stealth and violent jihad was smeared as an “Islamophobes” on the fringes, despite the evidence." The “Islamophobia” subterfuge was and is a stratagem intended to shut down criticisms of Islam and buy time while systems were put in place to bring about what we see on campuses today. Now, anti-Israel, pro-Hamas protests have gripped America and other Western countries, along with the emboldening of hate preachers in influential mosques. Islamic supremacists and jihadists are emboldened in America and everywhere. In Germany, over 1000 Muslims screaming “Allahu Akbar” demanded a caliphate in a “demonstration of power.”

With hate preachers to incite and instigate further, the Palestinian “resistance” will continue to grow, unless it is stymied by laws to restore law and order.  This “resistance” is actually rooted in the Islamic imperative for conquest, which is the root of the goal to obliterate Israel from the River to the Sea. This is why the Organization of Islamic Cooperation supports the Palestinian cause.

Jeffrey A. Rosen, former Deputy Attorney General of the United States, stated at an antisemitism conference in 2020:

The United States Department of Justice stands firmly and unequivocally against anti-Semitism.  We will not hesitate to take action where anti-Semitic conduct rises to the level of a federal crime.  This is as true online as it is offline.  We have no tolerance for that behavior and will continue to prosecute such conduct as appropriate.  Most importantly, we will continue to uphold the rule of law for all Americans.

If there ever was a time for a Justice Department investigation and action, it is now. Except for the fact that the DOJ has serious corruption issues, as well as the specter of antisemitism lurking within. See HERE.

So despite the show, according to Fox News, the DOJ has not launched any investigation into antisemitic protests, let alone investigations — and charges which may be supported by law — of these influential Islamic hate preachers. The DOJ is too busy hounding Donald Trump to bother. Unless these anti-Semitic Islamic preachers are stopped in their tracks, they will continue to incite hatred, rage and threats of violence on campuses and and beyond.

Our Battle Against Jew Hatred Comes Full Circle

Always on offense, never on defense.

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Who would have ever expected that the first terror base in our nation would be on an American campus?

We did. We warned you about it.

Recently, Robert Spencer, the Director of Jihad Watch and a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, was invited to speak at UCLA.

UCLA blocked him from speaking because of the Hamas riots. But Robert wouldn’t give up and neither would we. The story that made national news and his speech, telling the truth about Islamic terrorism at ground zero for terror supporters, is back on.

After the Hamas riots, the Freedom Center went back to UCLA and put up posters telling the truth about the pro-terror hate groups. The last time we did that, UCLA’s DEI boss threatened us with legal action. But we’re not going to be intimidated and we will never back down.

That’s part of our work of over three decades, where David Horowitz, Spencer and the investigative journalists and writers at the Freedom Center have been warning that

Students for Justice in Palestine, a project of the parent organization of Hamas, has been running a Hitler Youth campaign on American campuses to convince a generation of students of the lie that Israel is a colonialist oppressor and the Palestinians are its blameless victims.

The SJP is currently playing a leading role in Hamas campus encampments and riots.

The UCLA Hamas riots are in the news now. When we exposed Hamas supporters on campus, UCLA’s vice chancellor for DEI threatened to sue us for calling SJP “murderers and terrorists.”

Now the entire nation can see what we saw then.

The Freedom Center was among the first to take the war against Jewish hatred to the campuses with speeches, ads, and our “Wall of Truth” campaign to refute SJP’s antisemitic lies.  And we were never afraid to call them “Jew Haters,” “Nazis,” and “supporters of terror” or to state openly that Hamas was funding SJP.

We named UCLA, Columbia, Georgetown, SFSU, NYU and many others, along with the professors responsible for the culture of Jewish hatred on American campuses that are now in the news on a daily basis. We called out these institutions and urged them to confront the Jewish hatred rapidly spreading on their campuses, and we were accused of being “Islamophobes.”

When Hamas supporters came to campus, we were there to challenge them.

Unlike a lot of establishment groups, we did not play defense. We went on the offensive with our Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, posters and newspapers distributed directly on campuses, ad space secured in campus newspapers, and speeches given under the threat of violence.

Despite being outnumbered and outshouted, we never backed down. The same universities, now hosting anti-Semitic “encampments” refused to run our ads or print our editorials in their campus newspapers because they disputed our conclusion—now proven beyond a shadow of a doubt—that SJP is affiliated with Hamas. They call us liars, but we have been proven right.

In 2016, the Freedom Center papered the campus of San Diego State University with posters identifying prominent students and faculty affiliated with SJP and the BDS movement as having “allied themselves with Palestinian terrorists.”

We took out an ad in the campus newspaper stating: “There is an epidemic of Jewish hatred on American campuses and at San Diego State University." This Jewish hatred is incited by Students for Justice in Palestine, the Muslim Students Association and assorted leftist groups, all of whom support the terrorist organizations Hamas and Fatah.”

In response, hundreds of students participated in a mass protest, swarming then-university president Elliot Hirshman and demanding an apology for his failure to adequately condemn our posters. The demonstrators were incensed that they would dare insinuate that their social justice movement was affiliated with terrorists. It doesn’t seem quite so crazy anymore.

When David Horowitz spoke about SJP’s push for a second Holocaust at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus, he was greeted with anti-Semitic posters depicting him with an exaggerated nose, standing in a garbage can, and wearing a Nazi-style armband. The posters labeled him a “right-wing hatemonger, Israeli apologist and Judeofascist.” These images were plastered all over campus walls, including in the Student Union where SJP was provided with plush offices by UW administrators.

The same university forces who for decades turned a blind eye to the terrorist and neo-Nazi tactics of SJP are responsible for allowing radicals to take over their campuses, turning them into hostile enclaves where Jews and Zionists are prohibited.

This madness could all have been avoided if they had heeded our warnings.

We were the first to warn of the threat posed by The Unholy Alliance of Radical Islam and the American Left – the title of a book David wrote 24 years ago. If we had been joined by other conservatives in our campaigns to isolate the campus Jewish haters and refute the lies of the campus neo-Nazis, the campuses might have looked a lot different this month. 

We warned about the escalating persecution of Jewish faculty and students., the complicity of jihadist professors at Columbia and Berkeley. We connected the dots and no one else would. And we did it all with little-to-no support and ridicule from the establishment because we were never afraid to call the enemy by its true name.

And we still aren’t.

That’s why we’re not letting up.

The Freedom Center has never relented in our struggle against the scourge of Jew Hatred and the neo-Nazi menace on campuses across our nation.

Our websites,,, and our deep writing team that includes David Horowitz, Robert Spencer, Daniel Greenfield, Jamie Glazov, Sara Dogan, Hugh Fitzgerald and many more have dedicated their lives to furthering education and exposure to this cancer spreading through Academia.

Our daily writing, campus campaigns, events and programs will continue to sound the alarm and we will continue to speak the truth, even if it makes others uncomfortable.  That is what we do. That is our mission.

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U. Minnesota Dept. of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies: A Vile Font of Jew Hatred

Oct. 7 was about “Hamas fighters” who “brought down border fences.”

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

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Editor’s note: Since the barbaric Hamas attacks against Israel on October 7th, American universities have become an undeniable locus of Jewish hatred within our nation. Much attention has deservedly been paid to radical campus groups like Students for Justice in Palestine who call for the genocide of the Jews and cheer the terrorists of Hamas. What has received less attention—but should in fact rank as the universities’ worst offense—is the Jew hatred promoted by official departments and institutes of the universities themselves. In the case of our campuses, Jewish hatred is “the call coming from inside the house.”

The Freedom Center is exposing these academic institutes and programs as “The Top Ten Jew-Hating Academic Departments” in a new report. We will be publishing one school per day as a series on Frontpage. The Department of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies at the University of Minnesota is #5 on our list.  

Just a glance at the website for the University of Minnesota Department of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies reveals it to be a highly politicized unit of the wider university, dedicated to progressive activism. The site declares that “As a place where research, education, and social change go hand in hand, GWSS identifies, analyzes, and challenges structural inequalities, while imagining and creating just and transformative futures for all.” Instead of searching for truth and knowledge, the Department openly acknowledges that its vision includes “social change,” “challeng[ing] structural inequalities,” and “creating just and transformative futures for all.”

So it should come as no surprise that, like much of the progressive left, the Department of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies (DGWSS) is a vile font of Jewish hatred on the University of Minnesota campus.

Just six days after the brutal and barbaric Hamas attack on Israel, in which innocent civilians were brutalized and raped, parents killed in front of children, children killed in front of parents, bodies gleefully mutilated by terrorists on camera, DGWSS released a “Faculty Statement on Palestine” in which they described the massacre as “Hamas fighters” (not terrorists) who “brought down border fences.” The statement went on to demonize Israel and its defensive response to the worst attack in its history as “not self-defense but the continuation of a genocidal war against Gaza and against Palestinian freedom, self-determination, and life.”  The statement declared “We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and with Palestinian scholars and organizers.” DGWSS might as well have said, “We stand with Hamas.”

The statement goes on to make clear that the Department stands for Palestine, and only Palestine. “We strongly reject media coverage that condemns either side or seeks to tell a one-sided story of an unprovoked terrorist attack,” it states. “Israeli leaders are wielding a violent power that subjugates the Palestinian people and constructs them as dehumanized terrorists, upon whom any bloodshed can be meted out.”

Ironically, the Department even claims that its glorification of Hamas “fighters,” who raped and brutalized innocent Israeli women en masse is a stance for feminism. “As scholars and solidarity workers who seek justice everywhere, we respond to the call of Palestinian feminists and Palestinian freedom fighters for transnational solidarity and assert that Palestine is a feminist issue,” claims the statement. “None of us will be free unless the Palestinian people are free and Palestinian land is liberated.”

Unsurprisingly, the statement goes on to “reaffirm support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement,” a genocidal attempt to isolate and destroy the world’s only Jewish state.

At the very end of the lengthy diatribe against Israel, one sentence appears to apparently mediate the clear tension created by an academic department putting forth such a horrific and anti-Semitic tirade: “This statement reflects our individual views and we do not purport to speak for the University.”  This caveat is obviously a lie. Individual professors in the department could have put out a statement under their own auspices and promoted it on their personal social media accounts. Instead, DGWSS chose to place it prominently on the official department webpage of the University of Minnesota website, where it remains several months later, amended only by a brief note, added on November 20th, 2023, which states, in part, “This statement was written collectively by the tenured core faculty of the Department of Gender Women and Sexuality Studies." This statement does not reflect the position of the University of Minnesota.”  That legalistic note seems unlikely to reassure Jewish and Israeli students who are forced to take classes within the Department.

Largely in response to the DGWSS statement, the U.S. Department of Education is now conducting an investigation into whether the University of Minnesota has violated federal anti-discrimination law due to anti-Semitism on campus.

The investigation was prompted by a letter sent to federal officials by former University of Minnesota regent Michael Hsu and law professor Richard Painter who argued, according to MPR News, that the DGWSS statement “is antisemitic because it condemns Israel while justifying the terrorist attacks by Hamas.’”

“This is not about being pro-Palestinian,” Painter told MPR News. “This is about official statements of departments on websites paid for by the Minnesota taxpayers that justify the actions of Hamas.”

For its politicized use of official university resources to promote anti-Semitism and glorify Hamas, the University of Minnesota Department of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies belongs on the list of the worst Jewish-hating academic departments in America.

Previous articles in the series:

[1] ‘Jew-Hating’ Asian American Studies Program is Exposed at Northwestern University.

[2] UIUC’s Department of Latino Studies Endorses ‘Jew Hatred’.

[3] U. Maryland Department of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: A Case Study in ‘Jew Hatred’.

[4] University of Colorado-Boulder Ethnic Studies Department: Shilling for Hamas.

[5] UNC Center for Middle East and Islamic Studies: Celebrating October 7th.

Columbia University Descends Into Pure Racist Hatred

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

Details on Columbia University’s descent into pure racist hatred can be found here: “‘Burn Tel Aviv to the ground: Calls for violence continue at Columbia,” by Michael Starr, Jerusalem Post, April 21, 2024:

In another Instagram video, in which a poster of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine secretary-general Ahmad Sa’adat can be seen in the background, anti-Israel activists sang, “Oh Hamas, our beloved, strike, strike Tel Aviv.”

These students on Instagram display a PFLP official on a poster in the background, while they sing about a different terror group, Hamas, calling on its operatives to engage in a genocidal attack on Tel Aviv: “Oh Hamas, our beloved, strike, strike Tel Aviv.” Either they couldn’t find a Hamas poster to use or, more likely, they can’t tell the difference between Hamas and the PFLP.

As the counter-protesters returned to their dormitories, Students Supporting Israel Columbia video showed that they were taunted with calls of “Jews” and told to “go back to Poland.”

The word “Jew” is now considered, in the antisemitic atmosphere in which we now live, an insult. And note the constant insinuation that Jews in America don’t belong, that they must leave and “go back to Poland” or “go back to Europe.” Jews don’t belong here, and they don’t belong in “Palestine.” So let them go to some place in eastern Europe with their bagels and lox, and leave us, real Americans such as Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib and Professor Joseph Massad, alone. Oh, we almost forget — there is always the Jewish Republic of Birobidzhan, in the godforsaken middle of Siberia. It's just a place for Jews to settle and read their Talmud undisturbed.

A Jewish counter-protester tried to stop activists from setting an Israeli flag on fire, according to SSI. In another video, a Jewish student was splashed with water.

Within Our Lifetime leader Nerdeen Kiswani, after her wedding, managed to enter the campus despite it being allegedly locked down. Kiswani led the crowd in a chant in a video published by Students for Justice in Palestinian Columbia, saying “There is only one solution, Intifada revolution.”

In a video published by Palestinian Youth Movement NYC, they chanted, “Zionism will fall, brick by brick, wall by wall, Israel will fall” and called “US imperialists, number one terrorists".

Uptown 4 Palestine published videos of activists proclaiming in Arabic that “From the water to the water (a reference to the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea), Palestine is Arab.” (The chant is an alternate version of the chant “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”)

As of now, Zionism will not “fall.” Israel goes from strength to strength. The Start-Up nation continues to produce unicorns, as Israeli scientists and entrepreneurs make advances in cybersecurity, solar energy, electric batteries, anti-missile defense systems, medicines, medical equipment, and much more. Israelis have more companies listed on our Stock Exchange than any other foreign country except China. Jews from Europe are making aliyah in ever-increasing numbers, undeterred by the current violence Israel’s military is ranked as the fourth most powerful in the world, after those of the United States, Russia, and China, and ahead of the UK, France, and Germany. It has made startling advances in military hardware, including the anti-missile defense systems David’s Sling, Iron Dome and, to be introduced into service next year, Iron Beam, a laser-based system that will cost only $2 for each lethal laser hit. And despite having had to fight, in its young life, four wars for its very survival (in 1948, 1967, 1973, and 2023-24), and many smaller campaigns against terror groups, including the PLO, Hamas, PIJ, PFLP, and Hezbollah, Israel has been ranked as the “fourth happiest nation,” after three Scandinavian countries, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark. Quite a list of achievements for such a young, small country with hardly any natural resources, that is surrounded by enemies. What will bring the next 75 years bring?

Protesters at Columbia, UNC-Chapel Hill, Berkeley, Harvard, Rutgers and a hundred sundry other colleges, will yip and yap and issue their bloodcurdling threats about burning down Tel Aviv and removing Jews from America, but they have had no discernible effect except, one hopes, of getting themselves expelled from the schools that heretofore have coddled them. As for the IDF, it must now end the dismantling of Hamas by attacking its four last intact battalions in Rafah. Once that is accomplished, it must then proceed to destroy Hezbollah’s stockpiles of rockets and missiles in Lebanon. The last, and most important task, for the IDF is to destroy Iranian nuclear facilities so that there is no chance that Iran will be able to build a nuclear weapon. It’s a formidable To-Do List, but when has Israel ever failed at the tasks it sets itself?

Hamas-linked CAIR operative reinstated to Maryland hate crimes commission


This shows yet again that the concept of “hate crimes” itself is subjective. To any supporter of Israel, Zainab Chaudry is clearly engaging in hate speech. But to her fellow supporters of Hamas, what she is saying is entirely justified. This is why “hate crimes” should not be a legal category, as they invariably empower one perspective at the expense of another in areas where the state should allow for the free expression of differing points of view.

“Islamist Suspended from, then Reinstated to Maryland Hate Crimes Commission,” by Susannah Johnston, Focus On Western Islamism, December 8, 2023:

Two weeks after Maryland’s attorney general suspended the staffer of an Islamist organization from the state’s hate crimes commission for promoting hatred of Israel on the internet, he reinstated her on the grounds that he lacked the legal authority to suspend her in the first place. The episode highlights the inherent incompatibility of including an Islamist organization on any commission tasked with fighting hate.

The incident began when Zainab Chaudry, director of the Maryland branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), responded to Hamas’s October 7 massacre by publicly likening Israel to the Nazis, referred to Hamas attackers as “freedom fighters,” and wrote on her Facebook, “I will never be able to understand how the world summoned up rage for 40 fake Israeli babies while completely turning a blind eye to 3,000 real Palestinian babies.”

In response, Maryland Attorney General Anthony Brown suspended Chaudry from Maryland’s Commission on Hate Crimes Response and Prevention on November 21, saying that her presence risked “disrupting the work and mission of the Commission.”

Brown then reinstated her on December 6. Oddly, the law establishing the commission, which Governor Wes Moore approved in May, required the appointment of a staffer from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to serve alongside 19 other stakeholder organizations voted by Maryland legislators to represent targets of hate.

press release from AG Brown’s office states that he does not have the authority to remove or suspend members of the commission. “Upon further review, it was determined that the law establishing the Commission directs the Attorney General to appoint members to a 4-year fixed term but does not provide the Attorney General the authority to remove a Commissioner before the expiration of their term nor the authority to suspend a Commissioner during their term of service.”

CAIR, the organization which Chaudry belongs to, is a notorious purveyor of anti-Israel hatred. The organization has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and its leaders regularly defend Hamas, a designated terrorist organization regarded as the Palestinian branch of the MB. In 2008, federal prosecutors listed CAIR as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation prosecution after they determined that HLF had funneled millions to Hamas.  In 1994, the organization’s National Director, Nihad Awad, publicly stated, “I am in support of the Hamas movement.” The Hamas Charter calls for obliterating Israel….

Israel-haters inhabit the top levels of Biden’s pro-Iran regime


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The regime is thoroughly compromised and beholden to America’s enemies.

“Meet the Israel-haters at the top of Biden’s pro-Iran government,” by Benjamin Weingarten, New York Post, November 29, 2023:

Americans have looked on in horror as pro-Hamas sympathy and genocidal Jew-hatred have erupted across college campuses, on city streets and up to Capitol Hill in the aftermath of the jihadist group’s monstrous Oct. 7 attack on Israel.

But perhaps even more horrific is how prevalent the “buttoned-up” version of this worldview is at the highest echelons of the US national-security and foreign-policy apparatus — and how the Biden administration’s Middle East agenda reflects it.

For the latest example, look to the social-media accounts of the CIA’s associate deputy director for analysis.

Amy McFadden, a decorated intelligence officer once responsible for overseeing the production of the all-important President’s Daily Brief, shared Palestinian propaganda on her Facebook page just two weeks after the Black Sabbath massacre, the Financial Times reports.

The woman who serves as one of three officials “responsible for approving all analysis disseminated inside the agency” changed her cover photo to an image of a man waving a Palestinian flag in a keffiyeh-patterned shirt — a design euphemistically referred to as a symbol of Palestinian “solidarity” popularized by the late Palestine Liberation Organization terrorist-in-chief Yasser Arafat.

McFadden previously posted “a selfie with a sticker saying ‘Free Palestine’ superimposed on the photograph,” FT says.

It is bad enough for an American official to share a domestic political message on social media.

It’s infinitely worse when not just any official but a senior intelligence hand publicly promotes a foreign political cause — in this instance, Palestinian nationalism, right after Hamas’ Nazis executed a catastrophic and savage attack overwhelmingly supported by Palestinian Arabs against one of America’s foremost allies.

The Free Beacon adds that McFadden had in recent days liked a LinkedIn post from the International Crisis Group promoting an article critical of Israel for “making the utter defeat of Hamas its top priority.”

Another senior Biden national-security official once led that very conflict-resolution-focused nonprofit.

His name is Rob Malley.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama sidelined Malley as an adviser when it was revealed that while leading the ICG’s Middle East program, the Hamas apologist had met with the group’s members.

Nevertheless, Malley resurfaced as President Obama’s lead negotiator on the Iran nuclear deal, a pact that enriched and empowered the world’s leading state sponsor of jihad — including its proxy Hamas.

Today, Malley has been sidelined again, this time from the Biden State Department, where he was working as special envoy to Iran to reprise the nuclear deal.

Malley had his security clearance pulled, went on leave and is under FBI investigation.

Why? Perhaps because evidence indicates the ICG hired analysts — serving under Malley while he was its president — who participated in an Iranian influence operation against America.

Malley recruited one alleged agent of influence, Ariane Tabatabai, to serve on his Biden administration Iran team.

She would leave and become chief of staff to the Pentagon’s assistant secretary of defense for special operations.

As The Post’s Miranda Devine reports, Tabatabai also recently became a US reserve naval intelligence officer.

Despite being rumored to be under investigation, Tabatabai has somehow retained her high-level security clearance….

Indiana: Imam prays ‘Oh Allah, bring annihilation upon the plundering Zionists, the hateful Crusader aggressors’


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

What do you think is the likelihood that this man is impressing upon his congregation the importance of being loyal, stable, productive members of American society?

“Indiana Imam Sheikh Mongy El Quesny: The Jews Have No Mercy, Yet They Keep Bugging Us About Six Million Jewish People Burned In The Holocaust; Oh Allah, Bring Annihilation On The Zionists, Crusaders, Treacherous Arab Leaders,” MEMRI, November 10, 2023:

Indiana imam Sheikh Mongy El Quesny said in a November 10, 2023 Friday sermon streamed live on the YouTube channel of North West Indiana Islamic Center that the Jews have no mercy, yet they “keep bugging us about the six million Jewish people burned in the Holocaust.” He said that the U.S. is sending special forces and agents to direct the Israeli forces because they are “the most cowardly army on the planet,” and they run like rats from fighters in sneakers with AK-47s. El Quesny said that the treacherous Arab leaders want to Palestine off the map, but Muslims in the West have the right to say what they want. He prayed to Allah to “bring annihilation upon the plundering and criminal Zionists, the hateful Crusader aggressors, and the treacherous Arab and Muslim rulers.”

Quesny: “What is happening to Gaza is a victory. People think that victory is [when] you defeat your enemy – no.


“Victory is when people stand firm and adhere firmly to what they believe and they die for that.


“We have here in the United States sending special forces and special agents, and they are the ones telling the Israelis what to do because they know that the Israeli army is the most cowardly army on the planet. With all these weapons and this technology, they run away from young men, who are fighting with sneakers on their feet, AK-47s in their hands, and nothing else, but they run like rats.


“They have no mercy, they know what happened to their ancestors. They keep bugging us about six million Jewish people burned in the Holocaust. What are you doing to the Palestinians? What are you doing? That is what Allah said: ‘Their heart became hardened.’


“Many of these [Arab] leaders want to see Palestine wiped off the map. Finish Hamas, [Islamic] Jihad, these people, finish all this resistance. That is what they want. Why are they waiting? But us… Inshallah, the sun rises from the West, here [in Western countries]. We have to stand firm, we have all the rights to say whatever we want to say, there will be some casualties, and some of us will have to sacrifice, it is ok.


“Oh Allah, bring annihilation upon Your enemies, their enemies, and our enemies. Oh Allah, count them, kill them one by one, and do not leave a single one of them alive. Oh Allah, bring annihilation upon the plundering and criminal Zionists, the hateful Crusader aggressors, and the treacherous Arab and Muslim rulers. Oh Allah, demonstrate upon them the wonders of Your might. Oh Allah, seize them with a crushing grip.”

Rashida Tlaib is member of Jew-hating Facebook group that glorifies Hamas, denies Holocaust


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

It is not in spite of things like this that Tlaib is a darling of the Left. It’s because of things like this.

“Rashida Tlaib member of secret Facebook group where Hamas terrorists glorified,” by Peter Hasson, Fox News, November 15, 2023:

EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Rashida Tlaib is part of a secret social media group in which its members have glamorized Hamas in its war battle with Israel after the terror group attacked and killed hundreds of innocent Israeli civilians last month, Fox News Digital has found.

The Michigan Democrat is a member of the Palestinian-American Congress group on Facebook. The group is hidden from non-members and does not appear on the platform’s search engine, though Fox News Digital was able to gain access to it.

The group’s founder, Maher Abdel-qader, who has extensive ties to Tlaib and has also been linked to other liberal politicians, has come under fire in the past for his antisemitic social media posts, including questioning if the Holocaust ever occurred.

Rashida Tlaib

The Palestinian American Congress group, of which Tlaib is a member, has featured pro-Hamas posts in the wake of the deadly Oct. 7 attack on Israel.

On Oct. 12, one group member posted: “We don’t want to throw you in the sea…we want you to ride it back from where you came.” The message was accompanied by a picture of an elderly Israeli woman and a Hamas fighter holding her captive.

Tlaib FB group

On Oct. 19, another group member wrote about the “achievements” of the “resistance in Northern occupied Palestine,” including dozens of dead Israeli soldiers. The post included a picture of a Hamas fighter….

Tlaib FB group


Alan Dershowitz Admits Barack Obama Has ‘Deep Hatred’ of Israel

AP Photo/Richard Drew, File
During the Obama years, many voices on the right were calling out his apparent disdain for Israel. It was plainly obvious, but many on the left deluded themselves by taking Obama’s public statements in support of the Jewish State at face value while ignoring his actions. One voice on the left that finally seems to have woken up and is finally acknowledging Obama’s “deep hatred” of Israel is famed lawyer and Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz. According to Dershowitz, Obama’s criticism of Israel since the October 7 terror attacks, like calling for an end to Israeli occupation, exposed Obama’s true feelings.

"Do you think Obama understands what his words have meant?” asked Fox News Business host Maria Bartiromo.

“I think so,” Dershowitz told her. “I think he always had a deep hatred of Israel in his heart. He hid it very well. He called me to the Oval Office, and he said Alan, you know I have Israel’s back. I didn’t know he had a target on it. He has never been supportive of Israel. And finally, his true feelings have come out now that he’s no longer president, doesn’t have to be elected.”

"He's never been supportive of Israel. And finally, his true feelings have come out now that he's no longer president and doesn't have to be elected,” he continued. "He has contributed enormously to the problem because he is respected among young people. And if he says the occupation is unbearable and that anything can be done to stop it, he is encouraging people to engage in their antisemitic, anti-Israel, and anti-American attitudes. He should be ashamed of himself. He should apologize, but he won't."

Dershowitz has reportedly had a good relationship with Obama, but he said that relationship is now “over” because of his statements on the Israel-Hamas war.

I’m glad Dershowitz has seen the light, but it bothers me it took him so long to see Barack Obama for who he really is. In my 2016 book, The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama—yes, I know the title is a bit outdated now, I’ve heard it before—I called him the first anti-Israel president and backed it up with a substantial list of Obama’s anti-Israel policies and actions. It didn’t take a political genius to see who Obama really was or what his true feelings toward Israel were. Why didn’t Alan Dershowitz and other liberals (particularly Jewish liberals) see what was going on at the time? 

Thankfully, I think many Democrats are realizing that anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiments are a plague in the Democratic Party. Frankly, I believe Obama made such beliefs fashionable in the Democratic Party, even if many weren’t willing to acknowledge it. So, hopefully, more will see what’s happening and come to similar epiphanies.

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After Turkish Muslim Assaults Jewish Students, UMass Administrators Defend Anti-Israel Hate


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

“Seven charges including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.”

Not only are we importing terrorists and terror supporters at record rates, but some libertarians have decided to argue that terror supporters can’t be deported because that’s unconstitutional. Washington D.C. came under assault from pro-Hamas mobs and the violence continues to grow.

At an event on the UMass campus calling for Hamas to release the hostages, Efe Ercelik, a Turkish Muslim student from Istanbul, came after a Jewish student.

Police reports allege an angry, slur and stereo-type assault following the event on the campus of UMass Amherst. Efe Ercelik of Amherst was arraigned on seven charges including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

According to the UMass Amherst Police Department report, just before 4:00 p.m. on Friday Ercelik aggressively approached two students who attended the solidarity event, using expletives and derogatory stereotypes and slurs toward Jewish People. He then allegedly punched and kicked a victim before taking a small Israeli flag out of their hands and destroying it.

Two other people corroborate the person’s account, police said. One of them said Ercelik kicked her hand as she tried to break up the attack.

Ercelik then took a small Israeli flag the person had been holding and destroyed it,” the report said. He allegedly walked into the Student Union building and stabbed “the remains of the flag” with a chef’s knife, the report said.

The administration responded swiftly by defending pro-Hamas protesters and warning about Islamophobia.

“What this student is accused of is reprehensible, illegal, and unacceptable,” the statement from Perdomo-Ahmed and Parham reads, “Let us be clear, these were the actions of an individual who did not speak for nor act on behalf of a group or anyone other than themselves. Peaceful advocacy and protest must and will be protected on our campus.”

“Antisemitism, Islamophobia, or any form of bigotry have no place in our community, and we are committed to ensuring our community’s engagement with opposing viewpoints is maintained in a respectful manner.”

Let us be clear, hatred of Jews has nothing to do with a movement that exists to hate and kill Jews.

Shelly Perdomo-Ahmed, a DEI hack, dedicates a good chunk of her statement to a pro forma condemnation of attacking Jews followed by a defense of the hateful movement behind the violence, and an attempt to give equal time to Islamophobia after a Muslim man attacked Jewish students..

Is it normal to explain that a Klansman’s attack on a black person is not reflective of the KKK? But when it comes to Islamic violence and anti-Israel hate, that’s the norm.

No wonder this happened at UMass.