CEO Zuckerberg Will Get $700 Million in Income From Meta’s New Dividend—and a Hefty Tax Bill

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Mark Zuckerberg is set to receive $700 million in annual dividends from Meta Platforms’ new payout, which could make him one of the highest earners in California—and one of its largest taxpayers.

Meta Platforms surprised Wall Street Thursday by initiating a 50-cent quarterly dividend, or $2 a share annually. Zuckerberg, Meta’s founder and CEO, owns 350 million shares, a 13% economic stake with 61% voting control since nearly all the stock he owns is supervoting B shares, according to Meta’s 2023 proxy statement.

With the new dividend, Zuckerberg will receive about $700 million in dividends a year. In recent years, he has received a salary of just $1 annually and no bonus—with his $27 million in compensation in 2022 largely related to personal security expenses.

New York tax expert Robert Willens tells Barron’s that Zuckerberg faces a 23.8% federal tax bite—20% federal tax on dividend income and a 3.8% Medicare surcharge—plus the top 13.3% state income-tax rate in California. 

States unlike the federal government generally offer no preferential tax rate on dividend income versus earned income.

“Since state and local taxes are no longer deductible for federal purposes, he’s looking at a 37 percent “all-in” tax levy on these dividends,” Willens tells Barron’s in an email.

Zuckerberg’s Meta stake is now worth about $168 billion with the shares jumping 21% to $479 Friday as investors reacted to an earnings beat in the fourth quarter and favorable financial guidance. The stock has hit a record in trading Friday. Zuckerberg now is fourth on Bloomberg’s list of the world’s wealthiest individuals behind only Elon Musk, LVMH’s Bernard Arnault and Jeff Bezos.

Barron’s wrote that Alphabet may follow Meta’s lead and initiate a dividend and that other big non-dividend payers like and Tesla could also follow suit.

Alphabet has resisted paying a dividend, preferring to return cash to holders via a large stock repurchase program. It is a prime candidate for a dividend given its ample earnings and free cash flow.

Barron’s has argued that tech giants like Meta and Alphabet can do both—buy back stock and pay dividends. Meta bought back $20 billion of its stock in 2023, and the dividend will cost it about $5 billion annually.

Tech companies that don’t pay dividends have often said it’s due to prioritizing spending elsewhere, particularly in areas of growth. For investors, a dividend is increasingly seen as a sign of management confidence in the business.

Another unstated reason that founder-led companies may not have wanted to pay dividends is that the founders with large equity stakes would face sizable tax bills on the dividends. 

Companies with powerful founders—in either a board or management role—that don’t pay dividends include Alphabet, Tesla,, and Berkshire Hathaway.

Berkshire’s policy has enabled Buffett to minimize his annual tax bill. Buffett released information on his 2015 taxes after he was criticized by then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. Buffett said that he had $11.5 million of income (probably dividend income on stocks that he holds personally) during 2015 and paid $1.8 million in federal income taxes.

Buffett’s stake in Berkshire is now worth over $125 billion with the stock hitting a record high Friday. The Class A shares are up 0.5% at $584,385. With Buffett’s plan to donate his Berkshire stake after his death, he likely will have paid comparably little in taxes over a lifetime despite accumulating enormous wealth.

If Berkshire paid a 1% dividend, Buffett would get over $1 billion of income annually and would pay 30% of that income in federal and state taxes on that.

Rashida Tlaib is member of Jew-hating Facebook group that glorifies Hamas, denies Holocaust


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It is not in spite of things like this that Tlaib is a darling of the Left. It’s because of things like this.

“Rashida Tlaib member of secret Facebook group where Hamas terrorists glorified,” by Peter Hasson, Fox News, November 15, 2023:

EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Rashida Tlaib is part of a secret social media group in which its members have glamorized Hamas in its war battle with Israel after the terror group attacked and killed hundreds of innocent Israeli civilians last month, Fox News Digital has found.

The Michigan Democrat is a member of the Palestinian-American Congress group on Facebook. The group is hidden from non-members and does not appear on the platform’s search engine, though Fox News Digital was able to gain access to it.

The group’s founder, Maher Abdel-qader, who has extensive ties to Tlaib and has also been linked to other liberal politicians, has come under fire in the past for his antisemitic social media posts, including questioning if the Holocaust ever occurred.

Rashida Tlaib

The Palestinian American Congress group, of which Tlaib is a member, has featured pro-Hamas posts in the wake of the deadly Oct. 7 attack on Israel.

On Oct. 12, one group member posted: “We don’t want to throw you in the sea…we want you to ride it back from where you came.” The message was accompanied by a picture of an elderly Israeli woman and a Hamas fighter holding her captive.

Tlaib FB group

On Oct. 19, another group member wrote about the “achievements” of the “resistance in Northern occupied Palestine,” including dozens of dead Israeli soldiers. The post included a picture of a Hamas fighter….

Tlaib FB group