Alejandro Mayorkas SLAMMED by Josh Hawley on Missing Kids and Border Crisis~Agents Forced Off Their Positions to “Make Sandwiches”!

Josh Hawley grilled Alejandro Mayorkas in a senate hearing on homeland security and how terribly the border situation is being mishandled. Specifically, nearly 100,000 children have crossed the southern border and are now unaccounted for. It's suspected that many of them have been trafficked into forced labor or worse.

Sacrificial Lambs: The Child Victims of Drag Queen Story Hours

Scott Threlkeld/The Advocate via AP

I’m old enough to remember those vintage movie projectors from K-12, on which our social studies teachers would show us anthropological films about ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia or Central America, where child sacrifice was a normal part of everyday life. There were angry deities to placate, diseases to stave off, bountiful harvests to be reaped. The sacrifice of something greatly valued by those offering it, be it an animal, a virgin, or a child, was the necessary evil for the cost of progress.

In the modern Middle East, little has changed.  The ethnic Arabs “Palestinians” waging jihad against Israel have no qualms about sacrificing their children. The late Maryam Mohammad Yousif Farhat was a microcosm of this filicidal mindset. She had several sons, three of whom were killed engaging in terrorist campaigns against Israel. Not that this troubled Maryam much. Indeed, she helped train her teenage son Muhammed to carry out a suicide attack against an Israeli military school. She called the day she sent him off to die "the best day of my life” and, upon receiving news of his death, yelled “Allahu Akbar!” and handed out chocolates to his friends. At the funeral of her third son, she stated, “I have four sons left. I hope they all become martyrs.”

In the West, parents also sacrifice their children. Parents oppose voucher programs, even though they would benefit all schools, including public schools, by forcing them to compete. Parents support adding trillions to our national debt, knowing full well their children will be stuck with the bill. Parents support feel-good green energy initiatives, even if they make the cost of living prohibitively expensive for their children, whose mere existence, I might add, is considered by the eco-cultists to be an offense against the planet. Parents support men masquerading as women dominating and destroying women’s sports and having access to women’s-only areas. 

Admittedly, some of these examples reflect hypocrisy rather than an actual willingness to sacrifice one’s child. I’ll concede that many liberal parents simply mouth their yard-sign platitudes, so long as their child is insulated enough from the social remedies they expect others to endure. Hence, their children attend private schools while yours get indoctrinated by slovenly, purple-haired androgynes. Their children dine out and vacation while yours waste away, all masked up, in lockdown. Their children enjoy private security, while your children's police are defunded. Their children live behind gates and walls, while yours endure the criminal repercussions of “no human is illegal.”

But there are true believers, none more evident than those who offer their children unto the current transgender fad (and a fad is precisely what it is) or bring them to drag queen story hours. Volumes of wisdom expounded by those smarter than me have dealt sufficiently with the former, so I’ll use my space to comment on the latter.

If you bring your children to drag queen story hour, there is something wrong with you. Pure and simple. You’re not “opening their minds,” you’re conditioning them to believe that grown men who dress as sexually provocative women and explicitly seek the company of kindergarteners do so from a sense of love and tolerance. You are misleading them to ignore those alarm bells in their heads when those alarm bells should be ringing full blast. In short, you’re acting as the drag queen’s accomplice. 

And make no mistake, the drag queens are not there for the unicorns and rainbows. They’re there to groom your children, and to satisfy whatever sick fetishes they harbor. You might object that, in a library room full of parents, the drag queen isn’t actually doing anything physically or sexually to the children. Sure, and if I were, uh, “reading a book” to a room full of Victoria’s Secret angels, I wouldn’t need to physically interact with them to experience some sort of sexual thrill. And if I were an ill-intentioned, manipulative predator, I might fantasize about which one of them is gullible enough to follow me a little bit further down a darker path. 

certainly wouldn’t expect their parents and siblings to believe some drivel about me being there for the diversity outreach. And if I was able to lure a few children in the audience to roll around on the floor with me (as a drag queen did with children at an Oregon library), I would expect to be pulled off and hospitalized by more than a few angry family members.

And the most pathetic part is the negligible return on the sacrifice. The people in ancient civilizations or the modern Islamic world sacrifice their children because they think the gods command it, and that the benefit (a successful harvest, the eradication of infidels, etc.) outweighs the sacrifice. How do American parents benefit from coercing their children to cavort with pedophiles in clown paint? Does it boost their social status? Does it entrench their woke credentials? Is the safety of their children actually worth less to them than the approval of their hipster neighbors?

And at that point, if their children mean that little to them, one has to wonder if they mean anything to them at all. If something as trivial as a few laudatory nods from chinless Bohemians is enough to motivate them to abuse their children, then, verily, they don’t value their children.  All those adults in the picture above, smiling and applauding like it’s a Khmer Rouge re-education session as their children are literally being used as propaganda, are not good parents. They are self-centered cowards.

I never understood the appeal of drag, which always struck me as a creepy mix of Comic-Con with John Wayne Gacy.  But if consenting adults want to dress in drag, swing on a pole, smear themselves with peanut butter, and wallop each other with ball-peen hammers, have at it. And, to be fair, I’m sure there are plenty of drag queens who understand the immorality of sexualizing children from any angle, be it gay, straight, or whatever, and keep their entertainment in adult venues.  But it’s impossible for anyone to keep the child predators out of the school libraries when the kids’ own parents are allowing and encouraging it.

As with everything, all politics is local. Our elected leaders can pass all the laws they want, but that won’t diminish the monstrous egos of parents who use their children as pawns to signal virtue. Social pressure is our most effective weapon. Don’t be the schmuck at the BBQ who meekly “keeps the peace” when another parent starts crowing about letting their kid sit on the lap of a sex offender.

Groups like Mass Resistance pursue FOIA requests on story readers’ criminal backgrounds and document when convicted sexual predators have been allowed near children. Cite these examples. Come prepared to debate. If they attempt to derail you with insipid platitudes about “tolerance,” keep steering it back toward child safety and age appropriateness. Stick to the indisputable evidence. You keep civil, and allow the faux-parent to do the yelling and stammering and the hand-waving and the name-calling. Your logic and demeanor won’t budge them, but it can sway the fence-sitters in your audience.  And that’s how tides are turned.

Silencing the ‘Sound of Freedom’-Why is the leftist media targeting a movie about child sex trafficking?



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Arguably no issue is less partisan, and more likely to unite people of every political stripe, even in our current state of hyper-polarization, than child trafficking. How could opposition to the cruel kidnapping of children and their forced recruitment into the international sex trade fail to draw unified support from all corners? And yet when a movie comes along that dares to address this uncomfortable topic, this horrific evil, head-on – a movie aimed not only at raising awareness but at inspiring action – the Left curiously rallies to undermine it with partisan smears and ugly innuendo.

Angel Studios’ Sound of Freedom opened last week, a thriller based on the captivating true story of Tim Ballard, a Homeland Security Special Agent frustrated by the lack of effective rescue strategies and prosecutorial authority to help trafficked children in underdeveloped nations. Ballard decided to circumvent the law enforcement bureaucracy to find a more direct, if dangerous, way to undertake the rescue of missing children. In 2013 he founded Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), a U.S.-based nonprofit dedicated to saving children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. The organization reportedly has undertaken more than a dozen sting operations. Actor Jim Caveziel brings his passionate intensity to the portrayal of Ballard in the film.

Caveziel, you will remember, is best known for his astonishing turn as Jesus Christ in the Mel Gibson-directed blockbuster The Passion of the Christ, the movie that opened the eyes of many Hollywood executives who didn’t believe or care that there was a massive audience out there in flyover America hungry for entertainment fare that didn’t trash their faith. Caveziel, openly Christian and conservative in an industry dominated by secular elites, calls Sound of Freedom the most important movie he’s done since Passion.

Now the low-budget film that had been shelved for nearly five years and nearly never saw the light of day has been resurrected and achieved stunning popular success on the Rotten Tomatoes entertainment review site (with a 99% Audience Score) and at the box office.

Just how well is Sound of Freedom doing? John Nolte at Breitbart News writes that “At the close of business Sunday, after only six days in theaters, Sound of Freedom has grossed $40.2 million. Also, over the weekend, it averaged $6,388 per screen, which topped [the latest installment of the Indiana Jones franchise] Dial of Destiny’s per-screen average of $5,760”:

Dial of Destiny might have come in second place with a weekend’s gross box office haul of $26.5 million, and Sound of Freedom might have come in third place with $18.2 million, but Sound of Freedom is doing a better job of packing them in.

Also, Unlike Disney’s Dial of Destiny, which is on track to lose tens if not hundreds of millions, Sound of Freedom is already profitable. Budgeted at just $14.5 million, Sound of Freedom started making millions the moment it crossed $25 to $30 million. And it’s just getting started. With an A+ Cinemascore and the corporate media’s desperate and insulting attacks, word of mouth is all set up to be phenomenal.

So now the Left, which panics when conservatives make inroads into the culture owned by the Left, has determined that Sound of Freedom must be sabotaged with high-profile articles smearing it as linked to the darkest corners of right-wing conspiracy-mongering.

The Washington Post, for example, undermined the movie right in the headline: “‘Sound of Freedom’ is a box office hit whose star embraces QAnon.”

Similarly, the far-Left Guardian put the conspiracy theory smear right up front, calling the “paranoid” movie “the QAnon-adjacent thriller seducing America.” The Guardian writer downplays the film’s success and sniffs about it benefiting from an “unsavory network of astroturfed boosterism among the far-right fringe, a constellation of paranoids now attempting to spin a cause célèbre out of a movie with vaguely simpatico leanings.”

The unhinged harpies at the feminist website Jezebel too, coincidentally, have written off the film as “an Anti-Child Trafficking Fantasy Fit for QAnon.”

What is QAnon? Good question. I’ve heard of it, but neither I nor any conservative I know could tell you anything about it, except that it is a favorite right-wing boogeyman of the Left. According to Wikipedia (which like every other Big Tech site is carefully curated and patroled by leftist activists, with whom I have personally wrestled when trying to correct misinformation on the site), “QAnon conspiracy theory is that a cabal of Satanic, cannibalistic child molesters are operating a global child sex trafficking ring which conspired against former U.S. President Donald Trump during his term in office.”

So now you know. I don’t know about the cannibalism or the Trump parts, but the part about global child sex trafficking is not a conspiracy theory but a demonstrable fact and is taken very seriously by law enforcement and human rights agencies from the FBI to the United Nations and all points in between.

Anyway, Rolling Stone piled on with a sneering hit piece by a keyboard coward named Miles Klee who claims, revealingly, that Caveziel and the other filmmakers have been “fomenting moral panic for years over this grossly exaggerated ‘epidemic’ of child sex trafficking.” Klee too dismisses the movie as a “QAnon-tinged thriller” “designed to appeal to the conscience of a conspiracy-addled boomer,” and slams its “hackneyed white savior narrative” – even though the real-life Ballard is white (unlike Klee, Ballard has actually put his own life on the line to save kidnapped children – does it matter what color he is? It does to the racist Left).

Klee concludes his hate-filled screed with a lament that instead of making movies about police brutality and climate catastrophes, “the far right turns to these sordid fantasies about godless monsters hurting children.” Try to imagine what kind of a person rolls his eyes about the very real sexual enslavement of children worldwide, a person who calls the child sex-trafficking phenomenon a “grossly exaggerated ‘epidemic.’”

“Grossly exaggerated”? Here are a few statistics from the Polaris Project, a movement to end human trafficking:

  • Human trafficking is a $150 billion-a-year criminal enterprise business worldwide
  • 27% of human trafficking victims are children
  • The United States is #1 in the world for sex trafficking
  • More than 500,000 children a year go missing in the U.S. alone
  • Over 500,000 online sexual predators are active each day
  • As of 2021, there are 252,000 websites containing images or videos of children sexually abused

Similar information can be found on many other sites dedicated to rescuing children from this plight. And yet Rolling Stone not only wants you to dismiss Jim Caveziel and the Sound of Freedom filmmakers as conspiracy theorists so that you will shun the movie and its passionate message on behalf of trafficked children but also to believe that child sex trafficking itself is overblown, especially compared to leftist shibboleths like the police genocide of blacks and climate change.

Remember, Rolling Stone is the magazine that glamorized the 2013 Boston Marathon bomber with a sexy come-hither cover shot, a terrorist who murdered 8-year-old Martin William Richard among others, and who would have killed many more with his ball-bearing-and-nail bomb if he had positioned it higher off the ground. Rolling Stone is also the magazine that tried to demonize ivermectin users during the pandemic; suppressed mention of child sexual abuse material in a child pornography investigation because the perpetrator was the friend of a RS editor; that hyped a false story about a University of Virginia fraternity rape in a controversy that nearly destroyed the lives of innocent young men. Rolling Stone is not a serious journalistic outlet; it’s a disgraceful, celebrity-polishing, leftwing activist rag that looks to destroy political opponents first and ask questions later, or preferably not at all.

It’s a magazine that defends pedophiles and child traffickers in order to own “far right” filmmakers. Think about that.

Even before Sound of Freedom hit the big screen, the Left was whitewashing child trafficking. A year ago The Atlantic, another left-wing publication, tried to discredit conservative concerns over child trafficking with a conspiracy fear-mongering piece called “The Great (Fake) Child Sex-Trafficking Epidemic.” “Dispatches from a moral panic” was the tagline.

The Left will hurl paint on priceless works of art, block major traffic arteries, and set themselves on fire to draw attention to their climate change hysteria, but then shrug off concerns about the reality of widespread sexual exploitation of children as a “moral panic.”

The media venom spewed at Sound of Freedom is so vicious and coordinated that one can’t help but wonder: who benefits from targeting the storytellers and heroes who target real-world pedophiles and child traffickers?

Pedophiles and child traffickers, that’s who.

* * *

Send the cultural Marxists protecting child sex traffickers and pedophiles a message: go see Sound of Freedom. Angel Studios has even partnered with a variety of theater ticketing services to provide Pay it Forward tickets to see it. Find instructions HERE for how to claim a free ticket to see the film in theaters.

Angel Studios also has great resources for learning about and joining the fight against child trafficking HERE.

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