Canada: On Good Friday, Ottawa school board’s gender consultant calls Jesus a drag queen

Canadian School Board Trans and Gender Student Support Coordinator Tweets That Jesus Was drag queen



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The obtuseness, offensiveness, and danger of woke doctrine are growing on a daily basis. Ottawa-Carleton District School Board’s Trans and Gender Diverse Student Support Coordinator tweeted this message about Jesus on Good Friday:

Not very long ago, Sara Savoia would have been ridiculed, but the madness of the over-the-top purveyors of wokeness has become all too familiar.

Robes are worn by Catholic, Orthodox, and Anglican priests, Hindu priests, Buddhist monks, and others. Savoia’s reasoning extends to insinuating that they are all “drag queens.” It is reckless for the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board to pay a wage to Savoia to spread what education advocate Cristina Bairos Fernandes accurately described as “mind-bending” disrespect. She is unfit to be around children.

Would anyone be willing to bet that Savoia would never have tweeted a similar message about Muhammad? Or about a revered figure from any other faith but Christianity? And that the school would have instantly fired her had she done so?

“Ottawa school board’s gender consultant ripped for Good Friday tweet calling Jesus a drag queen: ‘Disrespect,'” by Taylor Penley, Fox News, April 12, 2023:

A since-deleted tweet from an Ontario, Canada school board’s gender consultant garnered criticism on Good Friday when she posted a message stating that Jesus was a drag queen.

“Here’s a reminder that Jesus himself was a radical activist … and a drag queen. And also not white,” Sara Savoia, the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board’s Trans and Gender Diverse Student Support Coordinator, wrote in part, including a painted illustration of Jesus surrounded by several children.

The illustration itself showed Jesus wearing a white robe and contained the text: “Oh look, it’s a man in a dress telling stories to children.”

The tweet ended by wishing a Happy Easter to all who were celebrating.

Savoia, who uses she/they pronouns, according to her Twitter profile, manages the district’s affairs regarding gender identity, sexual orientation and other LGTBQ+ rights.

She deleted the tweet after a firestorm erupted and locked the account shortly after, prompting users to take their criticism elsewhere.

Chanel Pfahl, an Ottawa resident and education advocate, shared a screenshot to her own account where she captioned the image with, “Happy Easter everyone! And a reminder from OCDSB’s gender consultant:”

“You’ve gotta be kidding me,” one user weighed in.

Education advocate Cristina Bairos Fernandes wrote, “The disrespect is mind bending.”

“She’s trolling us right?” a third wrote. Others criticized the comment for insinuating all who wear traditional Middle Eastern attire are “drag queens,” ripping the remark as “out-of-touch.”….