Afghanistan: Sunni Muslim murders 100 Shi’ite Muslim children in jihad suicide attack at school



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“Allah has bought from the believers their selves and their possessions against the gift of Paradise; they fight in the way of Allah; they kill, and are killed…” (Qur’an 9:111) 

“100 children killed in a suicide bombing at Kabul school: Report,” India Today, September 30, 2022:

At least 100 children died in a suicide bombing at an education centre in Kabul, according to reports. As per a local journalist, students, mostly Hazaras and Shias, were killed in the incident. The Hazaras are Afghanistan’s third largest ethnic group.

The blast took place at the Kaaj education centre in the Dasht-e-Barchi area in the west of the city, BBC reported.

A local journalist, Bilal Sarwary, tweeted, “We have so far counted 100 dead bodies of our students. The number of students killed is much higher. Classroom was packed. This was a mock university entrance exam, so students could prepare for the real one.”…

Dashte Barche in West Kabul have been constantly the target of deadly ISKP attacks. Hazaras and Shias murdered inside their classrooms, his tweet read further.

“Students were preparing for an exam when a suicide bomber struck at this educational centre. police spokesman Khalid Zadran had said….

EX-CATHOLIC MIKE GENDRON: A Blasphemous Triad of Betrayal




Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Blasphemy often occurs when people fail to honor the Lord Jesus Christ with reverence and thanksgiving for all He has done. False teachings and false depictions of the Lord Jesus can also be blasphemous when they deny His finished, all-sufficient work of redemption. Such a blasphemous betrayal of the person and work of Christ keeps people trusting in what they must DO to be saved, instead of what Christ has DONE.
Over 1.3 billion Roman Catholics throughout the world put their trust in an apostate religion that departed from the faith when it began following doctrines of demons. Paul warned, "the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons" (1 Tim. 4:1). We will look at three doctrines of demons taught by the apostate church of Rome that are joined together to provide a safety net for Catholics.
The Demonic Doctrine of Venial Sin
Most people are unaware that Catholicism perpetuates the first lie of Satan with its doctrine of venial sin. In the Garden of Eden, the devil promised Eve she would not die if she disobeyed God. "The serpent said to the woman, 'You surely will not die!' (Gen. 3:4). In the same way, the Catholic clergy deceives its people with the lie that "venial sins" do not cause death, only temporal punishment. Catholics are instructed to accept the temporal punishment of sin as a grace.
Tragically, they are easily deceived because they do not test the uninspired words of men with the inspired Word of God. God's Word declares: "Whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles in one point, he has become guilty of all" (James 2:10). Since all sins are committed against an infinitely holy God, His justice demands eternal death (Ezekiel 18:4; Rom. 6:23). The one sin of Adam brought death and condemnation to all men (Rom. 5:12, 18). Consequently, everyone who dies with unforgiven sin will be punished in the eternal fires of hell (Rev. 20:14-15).
The Ungodly Dogma of Purgatory
The satanic doctrine of "venial sins" leads to another cunning lie of the devil called Purgatory where temporal punishment is said to be carried out. Catholics are taught that venial sins must be purified either here on earth, or after death in Purgatory. Those who die imperfectly purified undergo a purification after death, so as to achieve the holiness necessary to enter the joy of God. The Catholic religion refuses to say how long Catholics must suffer in purgatory for their "venial sins." However, they can be removed more expeditiously when Catholic priests offer Eucharistic sacrifices on behalf of the dead. This deception makes Catholics utterly dependent upon their priest while they are living and even after death.
This profane dogma denies the sufficiency of Christ as the one and only Savior who died once, for all sin, for all time (Heb. 10:10, 12, 18). He forgives all transgressions and cancels the sin debt for all believers (Col. 2:13). The purifying fire of purgatory is a diabolical lie that robs Christ of His glory because His precious blood purifies all sin (1 John 1:7). "When He had made purification of sins, He sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high" (Heb. 1:3). Our great God and Savior Jesus Christ gave Himself as the perfect sacrifice to purify for Himself a people for His own possession (Titus 2:13-14).
The Money Grabbing Lie of Indulgences
The Catholic religion offers a way to expedite removal from Purgatory through indulgences. This represents the third demonic doctrine of this triad of betrayal. The selling of God's forgiveness through indulgences was one of the sparks that ignited the Reformation 505 years ago when this fraudulent lie was exposed. Martin Luther first protested the sale of indulgences in 1517. Yet, the offering of indulgences continues today. In fact, the apostate church condemns with anathema those who maintain the uselessness of indulgences or deny the power of the Church to grant them. The Council of Constance, Canon 28, states: "the pope can grant indulgences for the remission of sins to all Christians who are truly contrite and have confessed, especially to those who make pilgrimages to the holy places and to those contributing to them." The selling of these indulgences, promoted by lies from priests and popes about their efficacy, was a major source of revenue for the building of St. Peter's Basilica.
The Blasphemous Hoax of the Treasury of Merit
Indulgences are obtained from a treasury of merit which includes the merits of Mary and the prayers and good works of the saints, co-mingled with the merits of Christ. In this way, Catholics can attain their own salvation and cooperate in saving their brothers. This devilish fabrication states that there is a link "between those who are expiating their sins in purgatory and those who are still pilgrims on the earth. Between them, there is an abundant exchange of all good things (indulgences)." Catholicism teaches "Through indulgences the faithful can obtain the remission of temporal punishment resulting from sin for themselves and also for the souls in Purgatory." Catholics will never know they are deceived until they are confronted with the truth. God's Word declares: "No man can by any means redeem his brother or give to God a ransom for him. For the redemption of his soul is costly, and he should cease trying forever" (Psalm 49:7-8). Man can never DO what Christ has DONE.
The Need to Repent and Believe the Gospel
Let us love Catholics enough to show them they have betrayed the Lord Jesus by embracing this triad of deceptive heresy. Let us expose and destroy their safety net of purgatory, indulgences and "venial sins" with the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God (Eph. 6:17). Let us call Catholics everywhere to repent of these lies and believe the glorious Gospel of grace (Mark 1:15). Let us do it all for the glory and honor of our Great God and Savior Jesus Christ!
Catholicism Through the Lens of Scripture
The ten-part series produced by American Gospel TV (AGTV) is ready to be released on their network. Evangelist Mike Gendron is featured on each episode and he offers viewers an opportunity to see how the Catholic religion has deceived its people by twisting and distorting the Word of God for the sake of their traditions. The series will equip the Body of Christ to be effective witnesses in this huge mission field. It will also challenge Catholics in their unbelief and encourage them to build their theology on the inspired Word of God instead of the uninspired words of men. The trailer can be viewed here.
The first of the ten episodes can be viewed without a subscription here.
Evangelizing Roman Catholics Effectively
Mike Gendron was a guest on the Covenant Podcast with co-hosts Dewey Novel and Austin McCormick. The three men focused on how to effectively evangelize Roman Catholics, who are trapped in religious deception. Listen to the program here.
Actor Converts to Catholicism While Prepping for Movie About Padre Pio
This story and upcoming movie caught my attention because of my encounter with Padre Pio when I was a young altar boy. My dad was an Army officer stationed in Naples, Italy in 1959. His brother, who was a Catholic priest, came to visit us and said we should go visit Padre Pio. The padre rose to fame when he received the stigmata, which are said to be the wounds experienced by Jesus Christ during the crucifixion. Padre Pio continuously bled from the stigmata wounds without experiencing a fever or loss in blood pressure.
When we arrived at Padre Pio's church, my dad's brother arranged to celebrate the Mass with Padre Pio and I was able to serve as an altar boy. Needless to say, this really strengthened my Catholic faith. However, twenty-three years later, after God delivered me from the bondage of religious deception and gave me a new life in Christ, I read Padre Pio's biography. He said souls from purgatory would stop by on their way to heaven and thank him for suffering on their behalf. Clearly, this never happened since purgatory is as much a fabricated deception as the stigmata. Padre Pio either faked his stigmata, or experienced great signs and wonders by the devil for the purpose of leading people astray (Mat. 24:24).
A movie is now being produced on the life of Padre Pio. Hollywood actor Shia LaBeouf said he converted to Roman Catholicism while preparing for his role as Padre Pio. His conversion took place while on a pilgrimage to the Italian town of San Giovanni Rotondo, where Padre Pio, lived for more than half a century. Read more here.
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