Army Hands Down Rules on How to Treat “Transgender” Soldiers



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The U.S. Army, once led by men such as Generals George S. Patton and Jumpin’ Jim Gavin, is preparing for war the modern way: with “gender identity” training that teaches soldiers how to treat “transgender” military personnel. 

It was bad enough that President Joe Biden opened military service to the tragically mentally ill individuals, who need treatment, not “validation.” But now, the real work begins: Jamming leftist “gender” ideology down the throat of everyone who wears the uniform of his country. 

The latest madness occurs, as the Washington Free Beacon’s Adam Kredo noted in his disturbing report, as Russia brutally rolls over Ukraine, or so the leftist Mainstream Media tell us.

Treat With Respect

The Army’s new policy on “transgenders” serving “openly” took effect in June, pursuant to Biden’s order in January last year to put “transgenders” in the foxhole.

Now, the fruit of that crazy order — forcing sane military personnel to validate the pronouns of the mentally ill — is falling from the tree.

“The Army allows transgender soldiers to serve openly,” the policy says. “An otherwise qualified soldier shall not be involuntarily separated, discharged, or denied reenlistment or continuation of service on the basis of gender identity.”

The guidance includes “vignettes” that show radical “transgender” subversives and sex deviants who now control U.S. military personnel policy.

“Soldier who was assigned male at birth says he identifies as a female,” one such scenario begins:

Soldier lives as a female in his off-duty hours. He has no medical diagnosis, does not plan to seek medical treatment, and does not experience significant distress relating to his gender identity. Soldier is not requesting to be treated as a female while on duty.

Aside from treating the soldier with “dignity and respect,” the vignette says, military personnel must kowtow to him and pretend he needs a new “gender identity,” not a discharge and psychiatric treatment:

If Soldier later requests to be identified as a female during duty hours and/or experiences increased distress relating to his gender identity, inform Soldier of the Army’s transgender policy and recommend that he see a military medical provider. Gender transition in the Army begins when a Soldier receives a diagnosis from a military medical provider indicating that gender transition is medically necessary.

A second vignette is about a soldier “assigned female at birth. She tells her first sergeant that she identifies as male and would like to be treated as a male. She has not yet seen a military medical provider”:

Inform Soldier that the Army recognizes a Soldier’s gender by the soldier’s gender marker in DEERs. Coincident with that gender marker, the Soldier is responsible to meet all standards for uniforms and grooming; body composition assessment; physical readiness testing; Military Personal Drug Abuse Testing program; and other standards applied with consideration of the Soldier’s gender.

DEERs is the Defense Enrollment Eligibility System.

Note that the Army used standard pronouns in these directions, not the newly created nonsense pronouns that “transgender” ideologues would prefer. Xe and xim won’t be far behind.

No Surprise

The trouble for the military began even before Biden took the oath of office. In November 2020, he appointed a man who masquerades as a woman to run his transition review of the Department of Defense.

Just days after assuming office in January 2021, he opened the armed services to the mentally ill “transgenders.” There followed drag queen shows at Nellis Air Force Base, and worse still, naming a Navy ship after homosexual politician Harvey Milk, a statutory rapist.

The latest move is particularly concerning given that the military focus has, as expected, shifted from winning wars to promoting “diversity” and sexual deviance. 

A recent recruiting advertisement for the U.S. Army features the story of a “soldier” named Emma Malonelord, who operates a Patriot missile defense system. She was a “little girl raised by two moms.”

She marched for “equality” — meaning “gay rights” — as a kid. “I like to think I’ve been defending freedom from an early age,” Emma says.

Emma grew up a privileged girl, and with sorority sisters who traveled to Italy and climbed Mount Everest, needed “my own adventures, my own challenge.” 

Emma joined the Army as a “way to prove my inner strength and maybe shatter some stereotypes along the way.”

The advertisement is also notable for its opening, which features five battle-dressed personnel who transform into cartoon caricatures of themselves. 

Apparently to show the Army’s diversity, not one is a white man. As of 2020, official data showed, 67.9 percent of the Army’s active-duty personnel were white; 84.5 percent were men.