White House disarray: Low approval ratings rattle Biden, ‘frighten’ Democrats


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The chickens are finally coming home to roost for the Dems, despite the public charade.

Democrats are described as “frightened”. The Biden Administration is well aware of the crisis it's in, and NBC has managed to capture the extent of the disarray, despite slamming Trump in the process.

Panic has now set in and the Biden administration is crumbling for the world to see. But the question of why anyone would expect anything different from a Biden/Harris team is the puzzling one. With Biden’s friends at NBC describing the state of the White House in such terms, the situation is likely even worse, if that is even possible to imagine.

Let’s hope the mayhem translates into serious change before it’s too late for America to recover.

“Inside a Biden White House adrift,” by By Carol E. Lee, Peter Nicholas, Kristen Welker, and Courtney Kube, NBC News, May 31, 2022: 

WASHINGTON — Faced with a worsening political predicament, President Joe Biden is pressing aides for a more compelling message and a sharper strategy while bristling at how they’ve tried to stifle the plain-speaking persona that has long been one of his most potent assets.

Biden is rattled by his sinking approval ratings and is looking to regain voters’ confidence that he can provide the sure-handed leadership he promised during the campaign, people close to the president say.

Crises have piled up in ways that have at times made the Biden White House look flat-footed: record inflation, high gas prices, a rise in Covid case numbers — and now a Texas school massacre that is one more horrific reminder that he has been unable to get Congress to pass legislation to curb gun violence. Democratic leaders are at a loss about how he can revive his prospects by November, when midterm elections may cost his party control of Congress….

“They came in with the most daunting set of challenges arguably since Franklin D. Roosevelt, only to then be hit by a perfect storm of crises, from Ukraine to inflation to the supply chain to baby formula,” said Chris Whipple, the author of a book about White House chiefs of staff who is now writing a book about the Biden presidency. “What’s next? Locusts?”

Biden wonders the same thing.

“I’ve heard him say recently that he used to say about President Obama’s tenure that everything landed on his desk but locusts, and now he understands how that feels,” a White House official said.
Managerial breakdowns
Amid a rolling series of calamities, Biden’s feeling lately is that he just can’t catch a break. “Biden is frustrated. If it’s not one thing, it’s another,” said a person close to the president.

An assumption baked into Biden’s candidacy was that he would preside over a smoothly running administration by dint of his decades of experience in public office. Yet there are signs of managerial breakdowns that have angered both him and his party….

The president has also told aides he doesn’t think enough Democrats go on television to defend him. A particular sore spot is his slumping poll numbers; he’s mystified that his approval rating has dropped to a level approaching that of his predecessor, Donald Trump, ranked by historians as one of the worst presidents in history.

“He’s now lower than Trump, and he’s really twisted about it,” another person close to the White House said….