UCLA: Frenzied pro-Hamas student mob beats Netanyahu piñata to chants of ‘Beat that f***king Jew!’

SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/11/ucla-frenzied-pro-hamas-student-mob-beats-netanyahu-pinata-to-chants-of-beat-that-fking-jew;

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The state of higher education in America today is much like it was in Germany in 1938.

“UCLA students batter Bibi piñata to chants of ‘Beat that f–king Jew!,’” by Yaron Steinbuch, New York Post, November 10, 2023:

A crowd of students assembled around the effigy on Wednesday to express their anger at Israel’s retaliatory strikes in Gaza after the Hamas attack on the Jewish state on Oct. 7, according to a clip posted on X.

Many of the protesters are seen wearing keffiyeh scarves on their heads and over their faces as they take turns pummeling the swiveling piñata amid loud chants.

“Beat that f—g Jew!” a woman screams into a bullhorn as the crowd chants, “Free, free Palestine!”

Eventually, a man grabs the piñata, punches it, and tears it down, to loud cheers.

“I am horrified. This was @ucla today. This is indefensible. They will start with punching piñatas and end with punching Jews,” X user @AYM_Higher wrote along with the clip.

The incident occurred at a rally hosted by Students for Justice in Palestine, who gathered on campus to demand the US “end funding to Israel.”

They were joined by the UCLA chapter of the UC Divest Coalition, according to the Daily Bruin, which reported that the destroyed piñatas also featured a photo of President Biden….