Minnesota: Socialist public school teacher calls for Israel’s eradication

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What do you think she is teaching her students? Yes, the same hatred and bloodlust.

“‘We Only Want One Side to Stop Fighting’: Meet the Minneapolis Public School Teacher Who Called For Israel’s Eradication at Socialist Rally,” by Jessica Costescu, Washington Free Beacon, November 1, 2023:

A Minneapolis public school teacher called for the eradication of the Jewish state during an event commemorating “past socialist revolutions,” stating that she does not support a “complete ceasefire” in Israel because she “only want[s] one side to stop fighting.”

Meredith Aby-Keirstead—a social studies teacher at Kennedy High School in suburban Minneapolis—spoke at an Oct. 21 Freedom Road Socialist Organization panel, which aimed to contrast “China’s socialist policies to the imperialist agenda of the United States.” During her speech, however, Aby-Keirstead steered the conversation away from China, opting instead to praise the “wins of Palestinian freedom fighters” and advocate for terrorism against Israelis.

“When I hear people calling for a complete ceasefire, I think, ‘No, that’s not quite right,'” Aby-Keirstead said. “Because we only want one side to stop fighting.” The social studies teacher went on to chant, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” a rallying cry for the Jewish state’s destruction….

Aby-Keirstead, who has worked as a Bloomington Public Schools teacher since 1997, is an active member of a number of far-left activist groups, including the Freedom Road Socialist Organization’s Twin Cities chapter and the Anti-War Committee….

Aby-Keirstead’s pro-Hamas speech at the Oct. 21 panel was revealed by the Freedom Road Socialist Organization’s blog, Fight Back! News. That blog in 2015 expressed support for convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Odeh, who was involved in the 1969 bombing of a Jerusalem supermarket. The organization itself works to create “a new Communist Party based on Marxism-Leninism” and on Oct. 9 praised Hamas’s attack on Israel as a “good turn of events.”

“Israel, the U.S. government, and much of the media promote [sic] the idea that the Palestinian resistance is somehow ‘terrorist.’ Nothing could be further from the truth,” the organization said in a statement. “The Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS), the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine and so many others represent the aspirations of a free people, Palestinians who insist on the end to occupation.”

Who’s Funding the Pro-Hamas Rallies? Taxpayers.

SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/11/whos-funding-the-pro-hamas-rallies-taxpayers;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

We are literally funding the Muslim Brotherhood.

In the last 15 years, Islamic political interests have dug deep into New York City politics. What does that mean? Beyond the obvious, political power, money. That’s what the currency of power comes down to anyway. And that means government contracts going to so-called community groups. More Muslims living in NYC meant more money was going into Islamist organizations. And much like funding Hamas, that adds up to pro-Hamas rallies.

Big Apple taxpayers have shelled out nearly $9 million since 2010 — including $3.3 million the past two years — to four nonprofits that helped spearhead anti-Israel protests where demonstrators openly cheered Hamas’ terrorist attacks on the Jewish State.

…The biggest winner: The Arab American Association of New York, a Brooklyn-based group that helped plan a hate-filled “Flood Brooklyn for Palestine” protest in Bay Ridge on Oct. 21, where protestors called for the eradication of Israel and held a sign of the Israeli flag in a trash basket that read “Please keep the world clean!”

It’s received $6.8 million in Council pork and city contracts – including $3 million-plus the past two years – for criminal justice services, adult literacy programs, mental health aid through ex-First Lady Chirlane McCray’s failed ThriveNYC initiative and other services, records show.

That would be Linda Sarsour’s group.

The Muslim American Society of New York, another southern Brooklyn-based group that co-sponsored the Bay Ridge rally. It’s received more than $260,000 in city contracts and Council funding.

So taxpayers are literally funding the Muslim Brotherhood.

MAS, like the Muslim Brotherhood, wishes to see the United States governed by sharia or Islamic law. “The message that all countries should be ruled by Islamic law,” writes Gartenstein-Ross, “is echoed throughout MAS’s membership curriculum. For example, MAS requires all its adjunct members to read Fathi Yakun’s book To Be a Muslim. In that volume, Yakun spells out his expansive agenda: ‘Until the nations of the world have functionally Islamic governments, every individual who is careless or lazy in working for Islam is sinful.’”

Hamas is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood and taxpayer money is being directed to Brotherhood organizations. Who’s funding the pro-Hamas rallies? We are.

Biden Regime Warns Israel Has Limited Time Before It Pulls Support

Tlaib and CAIR’s Awad Threaten Biden Where It Hurts: No Votes for You Without Ceasefire

Gerald Herbert
The longstanding leftist/Islamic alliance has never seen this much strain. Will it be enough to bring down the Biden regime and Democrat Party hegemony? It’s possible.

As enraged pro-Hamas demonstrators tried on Saturday to break down the gate surrounding the White House and storm the grounds, high-profile Muslim leaders warned Old Joe and his henchmen that they couldn’t count on the support of haters of Israel unless the Biden regime forced the Jewish state to accept a ceasefire. A ceasefire may seem like a reasonable request at first glance, which is why the pro-Hamas forces are couching their demands in this language, but if Israel stopped fighting short of its goal to destroy Hamas utterly, it would essentially amount to a surrender to Hamas and other jihad groups. They would live again to massacre more Israeli civilians another day.

And so Ibrahim Hooper of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a longtime master at manipulating public opinion, professed at the Washington demonstration to be motivated solely by humanitarian concerns: "The main goal of everyone right now is a cease-fire," the old dissembler said, adding: "You can't do anything without a cease-fire − you can't do humanitarian aid, you can't treat the wounded, you can't even remove bodies until there's a cease-fire. Nothing should get in the way of a humanitarian cease-fire." Nothing! Not even Israel’s self-defense and fight for its own survival.

Playing bad cop to Hooper’s good cop was his CAIR colleague, Nihad Awad, the co-founder and longtime national executive director of the unsavory organization. While Hooper talked humanitarianism, Awad was ready to hit Old Joe where it hurts and make sure that the addled corruptocrat understood exactly what was happening: "The language that President Biden and his party understand,” Awad thundered, “is the language of votes in the 2023 elections and our message is: No cease-fire, no votes."

Awad couldn’t have made his point more clearly if he had been in a plane, skywriting over the White House. He added: "No votes in Michigan, no votes in Arizona, no votes in Georgia, no votes in Nevada, no votes in Wisconsin, no votes in Pennsylvania." These were, of course, the states that allowed Old Joe to pretend to be president over the last three years. But not this time. Awad concluded: "No votes for you anywhere if you don’t call for a cease-fire now."

Awad was echoing the ever-winsome Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Ramallah), who asserted on Friday that “Joe Biden supported the genocide of the Palestinian people." Oh, you missed the genocide of the Palestinian people? That’s only because it never happened. The Palestinian people numbered close to two million in 1990, and they number over five today. That’s a 155% growth rate over thirty-two years, making Israel’s genocide of the Palestinians one of the most remarkably inefficient such operations in human history. Nonetheless, Tlaib, like the good leftist that she is, doubled down on her lie, adding: "The American people won’t forget. Biden, support a cease-fire now. Or don’t count on us in 2024.”


Meanwhile, Meredith Weisel of the hard-left Anti-Defamation League offered a lamentably weak response, saying of the Washington demonstration: "There was zero acknowledgment of Israeli suffering and a lot of legitimizing and justification for violence against Israelis. Surely there are people there today who are responding to the humanitarian crisis. But most of the people we have seen on the stage have been justifying what happened on Oct. 7."

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Not much better can be expected from the thoroughly compromised ADL, but Weisel missed the opportunity to point out that there actually was no “humanitarian crisis” in Gaza. While Hamas has been claiming that Gaza is on the brink of mass starvation, Israel’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) issued a report Saturday that noted that “food reserves are sufficient for the near term. There is no food shortage. International organizations are permitted to bring food aid into the Gaza Strip.” Why trust Israel and not Hamas? Hamas has been shown repeatedly to be lying recently, most notoriously in claiming Israel hit a hospital and killed 500 people when it turned out that Palestinian Islamic Jihad hit a hospital parking lot with an errant rocket and killed ten people. Meanwhile, what Israel has stated about the conflict has been accurate.

 In any case, Old Joe and the Democrats are now caught between a rock and a hard place. If they abandon Israel utterly, they risk losing the votes of Jews and supporters of Israel, who still generally deny the evidence of their senses and vote Democrat. If, however, they continue to offer the weak support to Israel they’ve given so far, Tlaib and Awad will make good on their threats. The leftist/Islamic bloc, however, is caught between a rock and a hard place as well. If they don’t vote for Old Joe, for whom will they vote? The most pro-Israel president in history? How this game of chicken will play out is anybody’s guess.

Israeli Children’s Orchestra Records Beautiful, Patriotic Song to Boost Morale

YouTube / Liron Girony
A PJ Media reader named David wrote to alert us to a striking musical performance he came across while watching Israeli TV. The segment featured a beautiful, patriotic composition, "King's Bride" (a reference to the nation of Israel), performed by the ATID Raziel Youth Village Orchestra.

ATID is a schooling non-profit, according to IsraelGives:

The ATID Educational Network operates some 35 schools and educational institutions, including two youth villages – the "David Raziel" youth village and the "Johanna Jabotinsky" youth village, which jointly represent all sectors of Israeli society. Students who come from Israel's geographical and social periphery attend our schools. The unique educational model fostered by the ATID network offers theoretical studies along with technological studies. We believe that students who encounter difficulties in academic studies are capable of excellent technological achievements, so we offer complete engineering programs or post-graduate studies for technician and engineer certification.

Some of our students are new immigrants who came to Israel without their parents. Others hail from low socio-economic sectors and the boarding school fulfills their needs. …

"I came across the music video on an Israeli TV channel — not sure which, I channel-surf all the time," wrote David in his email. "They played the clip and they interviewed the musical director (he conducts in the clip) and three of the kids." He expounded, "The kids interviewed were from Ukraine and St Petersburg — one of them had just arrived in Israel — straight from under Russian bombs! (He plays bass guitar in the clip.) And of course, they all went on to say how much they loved Israel."

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Google translates the Hebrew description at the bottom of the video as: 

A clip to raise national morale, and create unity and brotherhood among the people. With this clip, the Atid Raziel Youth Village wishes to send encouragement and a warm embrace to members of the security and medical forces, as well as to the residents of the south and the people of Israel as a whole. The people of Israel live!

The video intersperses footage of the orchestra with clips that evoke the beauty of both Israel and her people:

David was good enough to send us his own translation of the message in the opening frames as well as the lyrics.

The opening frame reads:

The youth village Atid Raziel sends hope, support, and love
To IDF soldiers, security members, and medical personnel
Our thoughts are with the residents and all the people there

And here are the lyrics:

A new light shines in the blue sky
The wind of the sea rushes through the space
We love you Motherland in peace and in war. 

From the north, the mountains and the Sea of Galilee
We will follow in the way of our fathers
We will build our homeland with a proud heart and a prayer

Despite the enemy and the traitors,
We will remember our heroes
And we will love you, our homeland, forever.

We will praise you in songs and psalms,
Full of glory, a king's bride, the mother of the prophets,
A blossoming garden from the Red Sea to Galilee, 

Despite the enemy and the traitors,
We will remember our heroes
We will love our land
It is holy and it is forever

It's good to see the beleaguered people of Israel keeping their spirits strong and cherishing their heritage. May peace come to the Middle East sooner rather than later!