Lawsuit vs Sovereign Grace Ministries, RE: Alleged Sex Abuse of Minors

    Above is a copy of the original lawsuit filed (and on public record) in Maryland against Sovereign Grace Ministries for alleged sexual abuse within the facilities and/or within the care of its people. It is still pending, and for more information see Brent Detwiler’s database at or plaintiffs’ attorney Susan Burke at No judgements have been, are being and/or will be made by this blog, its author, or any others to our knowledge at this time. At the time of the filing of this lawsuit there were three plaintiffs, and it is our understanding that other plaintiffs may come forward to participate in same. There are however, two blogs that discuss matters about SGM in general and are worth referring to for a wider perspective. See: and


    Welcome to this Christian blog which will concentrate on changes in the world of Christianity, its people, leaders, and institutions. A lot of what is happening in this so-called “postmodern” world is flowing into and out of many churches. Most of all this has been detrimental to the historic, biblical and orthodox Christian faith, and likewise to the American social order. 
    This will be a work in progress, and this blog will look different from time to time. It will incorporate new features over time, add and/or delete as time goes on, depending on circumstances. 
    A decision was made not to allow comments, as there are too many varieties of valid opinion to take time to address, thoughts and ideas people submit that don’t relate to the subject matter, and people desiring to abuse and subvert anything and anyone who claims to be Christian. 
    It will be the primary aim of this blog to shed light on and expose all error, heresy, apostasy and false teaching that it encounters for the building up of the saints, who frequently are being led astray, not warned, and not educated concerning the evils of this world. 
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    This blog is non-denominational, but nevertheless totally supportive of the historic Christian faith, the Bible correctly and faithfully translated, the aims and purposes of the Reformation, the five solas, and historic confessions. It is opposed to “corrupt” and/or paraphrased bible translations, adding to and/or subtracting from the canon of Scripture comprised of its 66 books and any and all liberal theologies and cult movements. 
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