Dr. Shoemaker Predicts: 50% of Young Adults Who Get Myocarditis From Vax Will Die Within 5 years

Dr. Shoemaker also says 95% of People in ICU are Fully 'Vaccinated' and 38 doctors under 50 have died in Canada in a 40-day span. That is almost 1 a day. 

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  2. RAIRFoundationUSA - Dr. Shoemaker on the strange clots.  Also when are people in the clear.  https://rumble.com/v1kv3x3-dr.-chris-alan-shoemaker-people-who-receive-the-vaccines-are-4x-more-likely.html

Woman severely injured by J&J vaccine speaks out after being dismissed, bullied by multiple doctors


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-09-22-woman-severely-injured-j-j-vaccine-speaks-out-bullied-by-doctors.html;

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(Natural News) A Connecticut woman in her sixties was recently interviewed by The Defender. She spoke about several vaccine injuries she endured after being coerced to take the covid-19 vaccine. She also reports being bullied by several doctors along the way. She said her medical issues were trivialized and disregarded. She said she has “never seen such meanness” in the medical industry and had to seek help from a naturopathic doctor in order to heal from paralysis caused by the covid vaccine.

On March 28, 2021, Sheila Bath received the Johnson & Johnson covid-19 vaccine, despite having a history of autoimmune issues. Fearing she would lose her job, she reluctantly complied with the one-dose jab. Initially, she felt a burning sensation in her legs and spine, and numbness in her feet. “My legs were burning from my ankle all the way up to my lower spine on both sides. Burning, burning, burning,” Bath said. “My feet were numb. It was burning out the nerves in my legs and in my spine.”

She later found out that the injection she received came from the Baltimore Emergent BioSolutions manufacturing plant, which was later shut down due to regulatory issues.

Woman’s vaccine injuries worsen, yet doctors disregard and misdiagnose her

On April 11, 2021, the vaccine injuries worsened. She reported “terrible bruising” on her extremities, and her vision went bad. She developed cysts on her kidneys and gallstones in her bladder. She gained 20 pounds of water weight. She suffered from muscle spasms, calf cramps, dry mouth, depression, and ultimately lost her ability to walk. These severe symptoms dragged on for two months. Deep down, Bath knew what had triggered the symptoms, but her doctors would not listen to her.

“I didn’t know what Guillain-Barré was, but it’s a very well-known thing that you have to go directly to the hospital. And [my neurologist] could have sent me directly to the hospital. The neurologist neglected to follow the protocol of getting me into hospital when they could have cured it.”

But her neurologist was arrogant and dismissed her symptoms, prolonging her agony. On three occasions, the neurologist sent Mrs. Bath home, misdiagnosing her with age-related neuropathy. He continued to tell her “there’s nothing wrong with you,” while dismissing her from necessary medical care.

“Three times I went back to him and he sent me home,” she said, telling her, “There’s nothing wrong with you. You’ve got neuropathy because you’re older.”

Before the vaccine, Bath was able to work 10-12 hours a day. Her previous autoimmune conditions had been in remission for twenty years, and she was healthy. After the vaccine, she was debilitated and unable to work. However, the neurologist refused to put her on disability, plunging her into poverty.

When she went to see her doctor, he would not listen to her, either. When she brought up the covid-19 vaccine, he grew angry. “He practically kicked me out of the office,” she said. Things only got worse from there.

One year later, Mrs. Bath developed partial digestive paralysis. Doctors diagnosed her with Crohn’s disease, which is a type of inflammatory bowel disorder. When she contested the diagnosis and said she was experiencing paralysis from the covid-19 vaccine, the doctors “chided and yelled at” her. She was constantly reprimanded for suggesting her health problems were related to the covid-19 vaccine.

After surviving multiple vaccine injuries, a woman decides to help others face trauma and injury

Mrs. Bath did not receive a proper diagnosis and did not receive the care she deserved… until she met with a naturopathic doctor.

“I walked in, he took one look at me and he said, ‘I know what you got.’ [The] first time I saw him, he says, ‘you’ve got paralysis in your spine and in your legs. Did you take the [Johnson & Johnson vaccine] or what other one?’

The naturopathic doctor offered a homeopathic antidote for peristalsis. For the first time, Mrs. Bath felt like someone was listening to her and being honest about the cause of her health problems. She said the antidote helped save her life. When she reported her progress to her cardiologist, she got reprimanded again. “She started screaming at me, this nice, gentle woman who isn’t even connected to the vaccine,” said Bath.

Bath eventually discovered the Vaccine Injury/Side Effects Support Group, and found out that doctors around the world have been misleading and harming people, sometimes leading to hospitalization and wrongful death.

She has recently completed a life coach trauma healing certification and hopes to help others. “My assignment is helping people get as better as possible, and I’m getting that extra certification for trauma because we’ve all been traumatized for the last five or six years,” she said. “And to add to that … my two majors now are helping people with Crohn’s disease, but mostly with the vaccine injuries … those are my two goals.”

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World Economic Forum claims that “billions” who obeyed lockdowns and mask mandates will also comply with new globalist “social credit scheme”

Image: WEF claims that “billions” who obeyed lockdowns and mask mandates will also comply with new globalist “social credit scheme”


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-09-21-wef-billions-lockdowns-mandates-social-credit-score.html;

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(Natural News) It has finally been revealed – and we knew this all along – that Covid-19 lockdowns, mask mandates and other associated plandemic tyranny were a “test” to determine whether or not the world is ready for a new globalist system of “social credit score” control.

It turns out that billions of people passed that test, according to Mridul Kaushik, who wrote an article called “My Carbon: An approach for inclusive and sustainable cities” that discusses the next phase of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) global takeover.

“Covid-19 was the test of social responsibility,” Kaushik admits in the piece.

Kaushik, by the way, is the WEF’s “Mission Director” for “Smart Cities Mission.” His bio says he is part of the WEF’s Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs of India. (Related: The WEF wants all global slaves to drink recycled sewage to prevent global warming.)

Will you comply with the WEF’s new world order?

According to Kaushik, billions of people complied with exactly the types of things that the WEF hoped they would. They covered their faces with cloth covid veils, for instance, even though doing so does not prevent disease and actually causes more of it.

Billions of people also obediently avoided other human beings like the plague, aka social distancing, which served no purpose other than to break down social cohesion even further while instilling fear in the most gullible.

Then we have the mass “vaccination” scheme that was unleashed via Operation Warp Speed, as well as contact tracing and hospital remdesivir-plus-ventilator protocol, which helped to thin the herd through depopulation.

“There were numerous examples globally of maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, mass vaccinations and acceptance of contact-tracing applications for public health, which demonstrated the core of individual social responsibility,” Kaushik writes.

All of this is now being extrapolated into the WEF’s “climate change” protocols for creating a new sustainable world. This will include “personal carbon allowance programs,” meaning people will soon be restricted in every aspect of their lives based on the fictitious notion of a “carbon footprint.”

If the WEF is successful in its mission to reset and transform the world, then the humanity of the future will only be allowed to do certain things at certain times and in limited quantities. Freedom will become a thing of the past.

Humans will be told to no longer eat meat or to only drive their cars so many miles in a day. Drawn to its logical end, there could also be a cap on the number of breaths a person takes because all that carbon dioxide is melting the polar ice caps, we are told.

“They justify surveillance state, relay covid with blame on people and pseudo deductions like climate to produce political economical [sic] turmoil and take over,” wrote someone on Twitter about the WEF’s game plan moving forward.

Unless enough people woke up throughout the plandemic and realized the scam, the WEF’s plan for the future will likely succeed. Billions of people who dutifully wore a mask and got every injection and booster pushed by the government will voluntarily allow themselves to be herded into this new paradigm.

In addition to social credit score-style emissions restrictions, the WEF wants everyone to live in a “smart home,” meaning a home that is controlled externally by third parties that regulate electricity and water usage.

Such rationing will provide “individual advisories on lower carbon and ethical choices for consumption of product and services,” Kaushik says.

As the world approaches the transition point of a great reset, we will keep you informed about the latest at GreatReset.news.

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USDA air dropping vaccines from helicopters across 13 states, using vaccine “bait” deemed HAZARDOUS if ingested~The USDA Is Practicing Crony Capitalism by the Billions~Plum Island resurfaces: Secret research programs run by the USDA, DoD, and DHS are engineering agricultural bioweapons to starve nations into collapse 


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-09-20-usda-air-dropping-vaccines-from-helicopters-across-13-states.html;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) The USDA, like many federal agencies, is deeply invested in the business of extermination. For example, most people don’t realize that the USDA mass murders millions of birds every year through deliberate poisoning campaigns. Natural News has published the USDA’s list of bird extermination from 2009 (PDF), showing how the agency murdered over four million birds in 2009 alone.

That program is called “Bye Bye Blackbird,” and it’s just one of many mass extermination programs run by the USDA. Another program involves the USDA mass murdering foxes, coyotes, bears, mountain lions, bobcats, and river otters. As Natural News reported in 2018:

According to the latest report, the federal program last year killed 357 gray wolves; 69,041 adult coyotes, plus an unknown number of coyote pups in 393 destroyed dens; 624,845 red-winged blackbirds; 552 black bears; 319 mountain lions; 1,001 bobcats; 675 river otters, including 587 killed “unintentionally”; 3,827 foxes, plus an unknown number of fox pups in 128 dens; and 23,646 beavers.

Also in 2018, the USDA was caught murdering hundreds of kittens in incineration ovens as part of a medical experimentation operation. As NaturalNews reported in 2018:

…[T]he USDA has been experimenting on kittens by feeding them parasite-riddled raw meat for two or three weeks so their feces can be collected. Then they are killed via incineration. And at the end of the “study,” Bishops says, the USDA admitted that the baby animals were healthy.

Congressman Mike Bishop sounded off on the USDA’s kitten murder practice, saying:

I’m shocked and disturbed that for decades the USDA — the very organization charged with enforcing animal welfare laws — has been unnecessarily killing hundreds of kittens in expensive and inefficient lab experiments. Any government research program like this one that’s been funded since the Nixon administration needs to be put under the microscope, especially when it involves using kittens as disposable test tubes in harmful tests that most taxpayers oppose.

The USDA, in other words, slaughters millions of animals a year and runs cruel medical experiments on kittens (among other animals). This is the same USDA that conspires with pesticide manufacturers to poison the human food supply with synthetic chemicals, including herbicides like atrazine which are known “chemical castrators” that alter human hormone expression.

Now, this same agency is air-dropping edible “vaccines” across 13 states, claiming to be controlling raccoons and rabies. But the bait is so dangerous, it’s never supposed to be ingested (keep reading).

USDA uses a fleet of helicopters to mass poison the landscape with “rabies vaccines” disguised as food

According to the Associated Press via DailyPress.com, the USDA is now air-dropping “millions of packets of oral rabies vaccines” across 13 US states. Those states include:

  • Alabama
  • Maine
  • Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia
  • Virginia
  • Tennessee

The USDA claims these “rabies vaccines” are embedded in food bits that are currently flavored with fishmeal. This will, of course, encourage all sorts of wildlife to eat the vaccine traps, causing unknown consequences in wildlife animals that will obviously ingest the tainted treats. Domestic dogs and cats can also stumble upon the tainted food bits and ingest them, causing involuntary “vaccination” against rabies, which can kill pets. (Although rare, death is one of the side effects of rabies vaccination.)

Note carefully that the USDA is in the business of exterminating animals, so when they drop “bait” from helicopters, laced with potentially harmful or even deadly rabies vaccine ingredients, it’s not difficult to realize the real motivation of this program.

This isn’t the first time the US government has unleashed biological warfare specimens into the wild, either. Although “fact checkers” vehemently deny this accusation, many people believe the US government engineered and released Lyme Disease as a biological weapon. More recently, it is now exhaustively documented that the US Army helped engineer SARS-CoV-2 and then handed the bioweapon to China’s Wuhan labs for final gain-of-function enhancement. (Even mainstream medical journals such as The Lancet now admit the lab origins of covid are a likely explanation.) This turned out to be a global depopulation and infertility weapon which has unleashed unprecedented havoc across the world, enticing people to be injected with yet another biological weapon: The mRNA covid “vaccine” that’s killing human beings by the millions all over the world.

What the USDA does with blackbirds is the same thing the vaccine industry is doing to humans: It always seems to be about extermination and depopulation.

The vaccine bait being dropped across 13 states, it turns out, isn’t even safe to ingest.

Oral vaccine deemed “hazardous to health” if ingested, poses threat to humans and pets if touched

The USDA’s APHIS department (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) runs the oral rabies vaccine program, and it doesn’t even bother to claim these vaccines are safe. (See its Oral Rabies Vaccine and Bait Information page here.)

The Safety Data Sheet for the vaccine, manufactured by Merial, tells a larger story. Although these vaccine baits/traps are intended by the USDA to be orally consumed by animals, the Safety Data Sheet warns:

Potentially hazardous to health if any of the following should occur: Ingestion, parenteral inoculation, droplet or aerosol exposure of mucous membranes or if broken skin is exposed to infectious fluids or tissues.

In other words, the vaccine is “hazardous to health” if ingested. Yet ingestion is exactly what the USDA is achieving by coating this vaccine with fishmeal and dropping it across 13 states to be consumed by every kind of wild animal imaginable. The entire purpose of this delivery mechanism is to have the hazardous vaccines ingested.

That same warning sheet also says, “Localized skin lesions are possible” if exposed to this vaccine.

And even though these vaccine bait morsels are apparently tossed out of vehicles onto public roads, according to the USDA itself, the substances they contain are toxic to people. According to DailyPress.com, the USDA tosses these toxic vaccine bait products out of vehicles in America’s cities:

[They are] being dropped from planes in rural areas and from vehicles in urban and suburban areas.

People drive around the cities and toss these from vehicles, in other words. What could possibly go wrong?

These oral vaccines are not safe for people or animals, “All people should avoid contact”

The Safety Data Sheet explains more about the risks of coming into contact with these food bait vaccines:

– All people should avoid contact, but young children, pregnant women, individuals with immune deficiencies, or those on steroids should avoid contact with this vaccine.

Merely touching the vaccine food bait can also be risky, as the Safety Data Sheet warns, “Danger through skin absorption.”

In addition, even though the USDA is dropping these vaccine baits from helicopters, where many of them will wash into local waterways, the Safety Data Sheet specifically warns about how hazardous this product is to groundwater:

Do not allow undiluted products or large quantities of them to reach groundwater, watercourse, or sewage system.

Anyone who finds these vaccine food bait chunks on the ground is advised to dispose of them as follows: “Incinerate in EPA licensed Bio/Medical waste facility.”

Yet, they are flung far and wide from aircraft, helicopters, and vehicles, indiscriminately contaminating wildlife areas in 13 US states, no doubt causing widespread illness, suffering, and pollution among wildlife and natural ecosystems.

That’s the USDA in a nutshell: Poison, murder and kill wildlife by the millions, then claim to be “vaccinating” the world by distributing yet more poison across America’s cities. It sounds like the USDA, much like the FDA, functions as just another “captured agency” in the pocket of Big Pharma / Big Chemical, caring nothing about the health or safety of both animals and human beings.

For your own safety, if you happen to see bait-shaped chunks of food falling out of the sky, you might want to keep your distance. Or wear latex gloves to pick up the sample, place it in a sealed plastic bag, and don’t flush it into the sewage system. See if you can find an EPA-licensed biomedical waste facility for incineration, since that’s what you’re supposed to do with this, apparently.

It’s just another day of the government working to poison the world and kill more people and animals. What else is new?

Hear the full details on air-dropped vaccines (and many other topics) in today’s Situation Update podcast:



The USDA Is Practicing Crony Capitalism by the Billions


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/chris-queen/2022/09/21/the-usda-is-practicing-crony-capitalism-by-the-billions-n1631079;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Last week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released its first list of grant recipients for the Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities program. In typical big government fashion, this first round of 70 recipients — to the tune of a total of $2.8 billion — is the largest group of winners of largesse, with projects asking for $5 million to $100 million.

The federal government will announce the list of smaller grant winners from a pool of 450 applicants asking for $18 billion in taxpayer money. The USDA criteria for doling out funds to larger projects included the mitigation of greenhouse gases, but for the smaller projects, the program adds greater scrutiny for “Equity/Environmental Justice (EJ)/Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) Reach.” Of course.

White Oak Pastures in Bluffton, Ga., applied for a grant in conjunction with its own Center for Agricultural Resilience, but the USDA didn’t select White Oak to receive funds.

You might remember White Oak Pastures from when its owner, Will Harris, took on Bill Gates for the billionaire’s purchase of massive amounts of farmland. The ever-opinionated Harris explains his “sour grapes” with the USDA on the farm’s blog.

“As some of y’all know, we have been grazing our sheep underneath large utility-sized solar arrays for over two years,” Harris writes. “We see it as a win-win for farmers, energy companies, and the planet. We also see it as a way for underserved farmers to gain access to land without having to come up with a huge cash outlay.”

“We wanted to expand this practice and then offer classes to others to teach them to do it,” he continues. “I thought that it would be considered to be a great project.”

Related: American Farmer Puts Bill Gates on Notice

Alas, the grant wasn’t in the cards, but Harris pointed out some of the recipients of grants, and these names may raise your blood pressure. Among the Lead Partners and Major Partners who received federal money are the following corporations:

  • Pepsico
  • Cargill
  • JBS
  • Coca-Cola
  • John Deere
  • Microsoft
  • Butcher Box
  • Nestle-Purina
  • Walmart
  • Anheuser-Busch
  • Smithfield Foods
  • Blue Apron
  • ADM
  • Nutrein Ag Solutions
  • Target
  • Bayer
  • McDonalds
  • Mars
  • Unilever
  • Google
  • Campbell’s Soup

To be fair, there are individual farms, smaller businesses, and educational institutions that received grant money, but these corporations and other large companies have their hands in these projects.

Why do these massive, multi-national corporations need federal money for these projects? And why are the same leftists who complain about big companies making too much profit so eager to throw big government money at these same corporations? It must be because they’re producing projects that target climate change, aim for minority communities, and promote “equity.” (And as an aside, isn’t it odd how the environmental movement has sold out to the racial-grievance hucksters these days?)

Never one to hold back, Harris says exactly what we’re all thinking.

“Who on earth would be better qualified to develop environmental solutions than the multinational companies who were complicit in f-cking our climate up[?]” he concludes.

He has a point: we shouldn’t trust these corporations to do anything good for the environment. Nor should we trust the government to dole out money in a way that might actually be more equitable than trying to score political points.

The USDA is picking winners and losers — both in who benefits from the federal largesse and who ultimately could benefit from these projects. And for so much taxpayer money to go toward large companies rather than to the farms that are doing the work at the ground level is a shame. Because helping independent farmers might genuinely achieve “equity” and benefit the environment more than throwing billions of dollars at corporations.


Plum Island resurfaces: Secret research programs run by the USDA, DoD, and DHS are engineering agricultural bioweapons to starve nations into collapse 


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-09-21-plum-island-agricultural-bioweapons-usda-and-dod-secret-research.html;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) The US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) has been actively involved in engineering biological weapons for decades. Long before Fauci and the NIH were funding gain-of-function bioweapons development with the People’s Liberation Army in Wuhan, China, the USDA ran a bioweapons facility on Plum Island that was tasked with researching agricultural weapons that could be used to attack and destroy the food supply of enemy nations. (Both Cuba and the former Soviet Union were considered likely targets.)

In a bombshell story published by Xinhua news agency in 2021, author, researcher, and journalism professor Karl Grossman alleges that Lyme Disease was one of the many bioweapons produced in this US government-funded laboratory originally staffed by Nazi scientists who were brought to the USA under Operation Paperclip, a program that saw the US government recruit former Nazi scientists to work in fields like rocketry (NASA), medicine and computing. From that story:

The “godfather” of the Plum Island laboratory was a Nazi bioweapon expert, Erich Traub, who was brought to the United States after the Second World War.

“During WWII, Traub ran a Nazi secret biological warfare laboratory in the Baltic on an island called Riems, with a mission to poison cattle in the Soviet Union. Also, Traub had some familiarity with the New York area before WWII. He was also involved in Nazi activities on the Long Island,” Grossman noted.

“There was a military base on the island at that time for over 50 years, which was called Fort Terry. Thus this notion was to make this laboratory to do biological warfare,” he said, noting the lab was later taken over by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

This bioweapons laboratory facility, launched by Nazi scientists and later handed over to the USDA, was involved in agricultural bioweapons that could be used to attack the Soviet Union and other nations:

“In 1993, an investigative reporter for Newsday, John McDonald, was able to obtain documents including a document which was reprinted on the front page of Newsday,” he said.

“This document said the mission of Plum Island would in fact develop biological warfare weaponry that would be used to poison cattle and other livestock in the former Soviet Union,” he added.

Grossman goes on to reveal that a USDA tour guide admitted to him that the Plum Island facility was, indeed, involved in biological warfare research but the agency claimed it was “defensive” research. That’s the same excuse currently used by Fauci and the NIH when it comes to funding SARS-CoV-2 gain-of-function research in Wuhan.

A 2005 GAO report confirms collusion between DHS and USDA on pathogens that can be transformed into agricultural bioweapons

In his interview, Grossman cites a 2005 GAO report that he explains makes reference to pathogens that can be turned into agricultural bioweapons. We have confirmed the existence of this report on the GAO.gov website (remarkably, it hasn’t been scrubbed yet).

The report is entitled, “Plum Island Animal Disease Center: DHS and USDA Are Successfully Coordinating Current Work, but Long-Term Plans Are Being Assessed.”

The document is indexed as “GAO-06-132” and can be found at this link:


The full text of this research document, available at this link on the GAO’s servers, confirms all the following:

  • The USDA ran the Plum Island bioweapons research facility until June of 2003.
  • At that time, operations were transferred to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), confirming its research had national security implications.
  • Currently, the USDA and DHS collaborate on bioweapons research at the facility, under the cover story of studying “foreign animal diseases.”
  • The DHS funds all the operations there. From the GAO report: “DHS is now responsible for all of the costs associated with operating and maintaining Plum Island.”
  • DHS was working in the early 2000s to expand the facility to handle “higher biosecurity” threats. Specifically, they sought to expand the Plum Island facility to, “enable the study of other highly contagious viruses in large animals, such as Nipah virus, which affects swine and can also be fatal to humans.”
    • Rift Valley fever was also being researched at the Plum Island facility. From the report: “Research conducted outside of Plum Island on Nipah virus and Rift Valley fever is very limited.”
    • The USDA, DHS, and GAO were all aware that Nipah virus and Rift Valley fever could be deployed against human populations and modern economies to achieve significant economic and food supply disruptions. From the report: “Nipah virus and Rift Valley fever… which affect both humans and livestock, as warranting greater attention because an outbreak could result in economic disruption or interfere with trade.”

    Just as Fauci used the NIAID and “defensive research” as a cover story for the gain-of-function development of a covid bioweapon that was unleashed upon America (followed by the vaccine bioweapon which is a far more aggressive infertility and depopulation attack), we believe the USDA used the “foreign animal diseases” storyline as a cover for its pursuit of deadly agricultural biological weapons that could be used to devastate a nation’s food supply. In the case of Lyme Disease, such a weapon could even attack humans and inject them with toxic pathogens. 

The USDA now appears to be unleashing biological weapons on America

As you ponder this true history about the USDA, remember that the same agency is right now using a fleet of helicopters to carpet bomb 13 US states with toxic “rabies vaccine” food bait. It’s made with a vaccine that’s listed as “hazardous to health” if “ingested,” indicating that this is actually a USDA-promoted bioweapon being deployed against the United States rather than the old Soviet Union.

More likely, the USDA is spreading rabies-like bioweapons across the United States right now, using a fleet of helicopters and vehicles to toss these “vaccines” onto roadways, including those in urban areas (which makes no sense since there’s virtually no wildlife in urban areas).

In our coverage from yesterday, we documented how these so-called “oral rabies vaccines” is listed as “Potentially hazardous to health if ingested.” You can see it listed right on the sheet at this link from the manufacturer’s website.

That same sheet says quite plainly, “All people should avoid contact” with this so-called rabies vaccine, yet it is being indiscriminately thrown onto roadways and wildlife areas across 13 US states. This DailyPress.com article confirms that these toxic bait packets are being tossed from vehicles in urban areas, meaning the USDA is quite literally hiring people to drive around America’s cities and dump toxic rabies poison on America’s streets. This sounds like something they might have once done to the Soviet Union as a bioweapons attack, but now they’re doing it in America.

Yet we are supposed to believe that the USDA cares so much about raccoons that they would hire fleets of helicopters and vehicles just to keep those raccoons safe from a pathogen. 

This is the same agency that approves of genetically modified crops and deadly chemical pesticides and herbicides that now saturate the US food supply. Based on its history and actions, the USDA should be called the “United States Death Agency.”

Thanks to COVID fraud and deception, the institutions of “science” and infectious disease have proven they cannot be trusted

The huge takeaway from all this is that the covid plandemic has exhaustively demonstrated how so-called science-based institutions can never be trusted to tell the truth about the real motivations behind their infectious disease research. Any time they claim to be doing “defensive” research into biological weapons or deadly pathogens, they’re actually conducting offensive research in conjunction with the DoD or DHS.

Hence the entire existence of Pentagon-funded bioweapons facilities in Ukraine. And Africa, too.

Remember, every time Fauci told us he wasn’t approving funding for gain-of-function research about covid, he was lying. When the USDA says they are researching defensive solutions for biological threats to livestock, they are lying, too.

The USDA is the same agency that incinerated kittens in ovens after conducting cruel research on them. We covered that story in 2018, and the USDA never denied carrying out these activities. Do you trust the ethics and morality of a government agency that incinerates kittens in ovens?

The USDA, much like the NIH, NIAID, CDC, and FDA, is in the business of harming humanity by developing and deploying biological weapons through multiple vectors, including food, wildlife, genetic engineering, and vaccines. No federal agency combines so many horrors under one roof, nor does any other agency so perfectly align with the Luciferian agendas of mass suffering and death. See USDAwatch.com for more news coverage of the USDA’s mass poisoning of America.

Get the rest of this mind-blowing true story in today’s Situation Update podcast:


Lawsuits claim hospitals specifically targeted unvaccinated patients with forced remdesivir and respirator “treatment” – a DEATH sentence

Image: Lawsuits claim hospitals specifically targeted unvaccinated patients with forced remdesivir and respirator “treatment” – a DEATH sentence


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-09-20-lawsuits-hospitals-targeted-unvaccinated-remdesivir-respirator-death.html;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) The decision to administer remdesivir to covid patients and smother them with a ventilator – a plandemic “treatment” protocol that we now know has killed many – was done not according to any kind of science, new lawsuits allege.

Hospitals selectively targeted the unvaccinated for this deadly protocol, the suits state. Unvaccinated patients were forced to take remdesivir and breathe with a ventilator almost as a type of punishment for their non-compliance with government protocols.

Many vaccinated patients were given the regimen as well, just to be clear – after all, the federal government paid hospitals gobs of cash for each patient who got it. But it appears as though the unvaccinated were given it more often than the vaccinated. (Related: Taking remdesivir was shown to increase a patient’s risk of hospitalization and death.)

“If there’s any group that was targeted, it’s the unvaxxed,” says attorney Dan Watkins, who was joined by Michael Hamilton in a recent appearance on “The Alex Jones Show.”

“As soon as they know you’re unvaxxed, you are immediately moved into this protocol and your care is put down on the backburner and no one pays attention to you until you’re done.”

Jones, of Infowars, responded to Watkins with the word wow, shocked at this flagrant display of what he described as “bioethical eugenics targeting” of the unvaccinated.

Did a hospital murder someone you know with remdesivir, a ventilator, and starvation? Take legal action!

On September 7, Watkins and Hamilton made an official announcement about the lawsuits at a national press conference.

The first one to be filed is a “first-in-the-nation landmark” case against three hospitals that were caught murdering unvaccinated patients for “bounties” provided to them by the federal government.

These hospitals were paid using American taxpayer dollars to murder patients using a toxic combination of food and fluid restriction – they were starved – remdesivir, mechanical ventilation, and a high-dose morphine-midazolam respiration-suppressing cocktail.

All three hospitals are located in Fresno, Calif. The suits accuse each of them of wrongful death, medical battery, elder abuse, and various other violations of patients’ rights.

“Truth for Health Foundation has pledged financial support for this lawsuit as one of our human rights defense efforts to serve the public good by helping protect public safety, defend patient rights, and defend life,” announced the Truth for Health Foundation, a 501(c)3 public charity incorporated in Arizona.

“Both Attorney Watkins and Attorney Hamilton have been engaged by Truth for Health Foundation to assist on several legal initiatives to help defend human and civil rights secured by law.”

In the comment section at The Liberty Daily‘s Substack, someone pointed out that hospitals across America and around the world also refused to provide early treatment for patients, i.e., they refused to allow patients to take simple, safe, and proven remedies like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).

“The hospitals sent them home and told them to wait,” this person wrote. “When they got sicker, they were almost too sick to treat. If someone has early pneumonia you treat it early, because if you get worse you can die. It’s common sense.”

Someone else responded to this comment by asking when common sense was ever even part of the plandemic.

“It’s been a money-grabbing scam from the beginning, and profit drove all the decisions, most of which were wrong decisions in terms of ethics and health care,” this person added. “There’s a special place in hell for the cretins like Herr Fauci who engineered this criminal scheme against humanity (us).”

More of the latest news about the covid scamdemic can be found at Pandemic.news.

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‘CAlifornia AB2098 Passes Senate’ with Dr. Peterson Pierre




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Dear Patriots –

The AFLDS Legal Team will be providing you with an ongoing round-up of our projects, as well as recent rulings and news in the world of freedom law. The tables have started to turn recently. Here’s a report on recent projects and legal events:

Can’t Miss Resources for Back to School

AFLDS has been at the forefront of fighting for your medical freedom and bodily autonomy since day one. We have updated our resources to support you as you go back into the school year and face ever-changing exemption needs and mandates. Please check out our newest, in-depth policy brief Back to School in 2022 which has fantastic resources and outlines to prepare you and your loved ones as you return to school. We have also been at work updating our downloadable website resources on masks, vaccines, and religious exemptions. Links are in the brief!

California Medical Board

There appears to be no limit to the unethical behavior of The California Medical Board. As you know, its members have attacked our own Dr. Gold simply for speaking out about early treatment options for Covid-19. Free speech must be protected, which is AFLDS is supporting Attorney Richard Jaffe who is suing the California Medical Board on behalf of physicians who are being hunted for free speech. We encourage you to read the latest update on his case. Many medical boards have gone after doctors for Covid “disinformation,” but the California Medical Board has been one of the largest offenders. After some digging, Attorney Jaffe has uncovered how they are able to threaten so many doctors. Check out his full press release here.

Additionally, California’s Assembly Bill 2098 aimed at further targeting doctors' free speech passed the Senate on August 29th, 2022, and is awaiting being signed into law. This bill is dangerous to our freedoms and ability to receive quality, unbiased healthcare. Please read our original press release on this bill here to understand exactly how evil this is.

AFLDS Files Amicus Curiae Brief in Support of Feds for Medical Freedom in Vaccine Mandate Case

America’s Frontline Doctors is proud to support plaintiff’s Fed for Medical Freedom, a group of over 6,000 federal employees challenging the legality of the federal vaccine mandate. See our full press release here. The hearing on this case was held on Tuesday, September 13th at 9am CT. This case is incredibly important to our rights as American Citizens. We will advise you of the ruling as soon as it is available.

Patriotically yours,

The AFLDS Legal Team

Dr. Naseeba Kathrada: International Medical Crisis Due to Covid Shots’ Side Effects


SEE: https://thenewamerican.com/dr-naseeba-kathrada-international-medical-crisis-due-to-covid-shots-side-effects/;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

On September 10, more than 400 scientists and medical professionals from more than 34 countries signed theDeclaration of International Medical Crisis Due to the Diseases and Deaths Co-related to the COVID-19 “Vaccines.” 

In this interview with The New American, one of the signatories of the Declaration, Dr. Naseeba Kathrada, said that practicing physicians around the world are seeing an unprecedented number of diseases and deaths linked to the Covid shots. 

The doctors are calling on the national and international healthcare authorities to halt the vaccination campaigns and start investigating the cases of sudden deaths in once-healthy people; implement early detection programs for cardiac disorders; make an independent analysis of all products known as “Covid vaccines;” provide compensation for the vaccine victims and their families, among other demands. 

While entities such as WHO, FDA, NIH, and EMA are not very likely to react, the Declaration is important to raise awareness of the extraordinary level of injuries and deaths co-related to the so-called vaccines, argued Dr. Kathrada. 

To learn more about Dr. Kathrada and her practice, please click here

Dr. Kathrada on Telegram: @DrNasKat 

To access the VUKA SA resource portal, please click here.

Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser: The Worst Racist in America


SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/the-worst-racist-in-america/;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

This is the story of racism alive and well in America. Not just any racism — really deep racism. Shocking racism. Racism so bad it is unimaginable.

This is the story of a black liberal politician who clearly hates black children.

But the great news is: I know how to stop this. More on that in a moment. First, here is the incredible story of horrible black-on-black racism.

Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser is black, yet she recently demanded that the black schoolchildren of Washington either take the experimental, emergency-use-only COVID-19 vaccine (against their will) or be denied an education.

Can you imagine if any white politician, let alone a white Republican, gave black children an ultimatum, for any reason, that might result in them being banned from an education? What would they call that white politician? “Racist. KKK. Extremist. White supremacist. Nazi.”

But this isn’t just “any reason” for banning a black child’s education. The black mayor of D.C. is demanding black schoolchildren choose between their life and their education. At this point in time, we know two things about this experimental COVID-19 jab:

No. 1: Data from across the world suggests it is killing and injuring people at a rate never seen by any vaccine in world history.

No. 2: The same data from around the world shows that no child needs the vaccine. Some studies have shown children have a 0% risk of dying from COVID-19. Studies have also shown the risk of serious illness from the COVID-19 vaccine is dramatically higher than from COVID-19 itself — perhaps up to 100 times higher.

The latest study was out just days ago. The study, funded interestingly by pro-vaccine interests, shows that at least 22,000 young adults must get the COVID-19 booster jab just to prevent one hospitalization.

Once boosted, that same study found young adults can suffer up to 98 serious adverse effects from the COVID-19 jab, versus each hospitalization from COVID-19. In other words, the jab is far worse for young people than COVID-19 itself — as much as almost 100 times worse. Bowser is playing Russian roulette with the lives of Washington’s black schoolchildren.

One more interesting fact: The U.K. just banned COVID-19 jabs for children under age 12. Yet in D.C. the mayor is demanding children take it.

Remember “The Negro College Fund”? Their famous saying was, “A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste.” Here we are decades later, and a black mayor is denying black children an education. At the same time, she’s forcing them to take an experimental jab that could kill or severely injure them. Sounds a lot like the “Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male.”

Martin Luther King Jr. is rolling over in his grave.

So, how do we defeat this terrible racism? The old-fashioned way: with lawsuits. It’s time for a massive class action lawsuit by black parents in Washington, D.C., who don’t want their children persecuted for private health care decisions — and who don’t want their children to have to choose between risking their lives and getting an education.

Secondly, King believed in civil disobedience, such as strikes, boycotts, and protests. Where are the black parents of Washington, D.C.? Where is the Rev. Jesse Jackson, the Rev. Al Sharpton, or former President Barack Obama? Don’t black children’s lives matter? Doesn’t black children’s education matter?

It’s time for a strike. Every black parent in D.C. should keep their children home from school for a day to protest the forced jab.

And it’s time for a “Million Parent March” of black parents in front of the D.C. mayor’s office to tell Bowser no tyrant has a right to deny a black child an education.

Now there’s a “Black Lives” march that conservatives can get behind. I’m certain thousands of white conservatives would gladly march side by side in that mass protest of forced vaccines.


Louie Gohmert (R) presents US flag to January 6th defendant as she's ...

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Louie Gohmert Presents US Flag To Capitol Rioter Upon Her Prison ...


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Today we thank God that Dr. Simone Gold, the founder of America's Frontline Doctors, has been released from prison!

Wrongfully convicted of a crime she didn't commit, Dr. Gold went to prison because she dared to stand up against mis-information, Big Pharma, and the Biden Administration.

While in prison, Dr. Gold was shamefully quarantined with eight days of solitary confinement because she refused to take the Covid-19 jab.

Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 4.08.49 PM

-- Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) was there to greet Dr. Gold upon her release --

Immediately after being released, Gold promised swift action against the “gate-keepers” of Covid propaganda. She added, “I served a federal prison term for a non-violent misdemeanor trespassing charge with no prior record—making me the first woman in history to do so. My conviction and sentencing were completely out of line. It made a mockery of justice. I was made an example. This was a political hit."

Dr. Gold continued, “I will use every means at my disposal to call out the liars, the purveyors of Covid mis-information—including Rep. John Conyers’ and his House Committee on Coronavirus ‘Mis-Information,’ the NIH, the CDC, and especially the DOJ for their egregious overreach of my case. I will fight for the 840+ Patriots who are still awaiting justice for their J6 involvement.”

While in prison, Gold recounted her eyewitness account of seeing the shameful mistreatment of women, placed in a Federal Prison where males outnumbered females three or four to one.

Dr. Gold looks healthy and is in great spirits, even after experiencing this outrageous abuse and mistreatment. As the Founder of AFLDS, she's back to fighting for truth and liberty while exposing the tyrannical Biden administration


Rep. Gohmert Greets Dr. Simone Gold as She is Released from Federal Prison

Washington, September 9, 2022
Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) joined Dr. Simone Gold today as she was released from federal prison after she was unjustly prosecuted by the Biden Administration’s Department of Justice. He also presented her with a flag that was flown over the U.S. Capitol to celebrate her invaluable work and contributions to public health, medical freedom, and our God-given constitutional rights.

The Congressman released the following statement:

“Dr. Gold is a patriot and an American hero. In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, she exposed the world to life-saving early treatment options that undoubtedly saved many lives. Tragically, her sound medical advice was viciously attacked and suppressed by corrupt media captured by pharmaceutical companies with a clear financial agenda.

“After having her name and reputation shamefully dragged through the mud, the Biden administration’s DOJ threw her in prison for peacefully walking into the U.S. Capitol on January 6 and delivering a speech. Dr. Gold is the definition of what a political prisoner looks like—something I never thought I’d see here in the United States of America.

“God Bless Dr. Gold. History will not look kindly upon those who persecuted—and prosecuted—doctors who spoke out against the COVID lockdown, mask, and vaccine mandates.”


Dr. Simone Gold vows to ‘never stop fighting’ following release from prison


SEE: https://www.rsbnetwork.com/news/dr-simone-gold-vows-to-never-stop-fighting-following-release-from-prison/;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

America’s Frontline Doctors founder Dr. Simone Gold, who was jailed for entering the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, was released early from prison Friday after serving 45 days of her 60-day sentence.

“I am incredibly grateful for the overwhelming support from the public, and I am happy to finally be reunited with my loved ones,” Gold tweeted Friday following her release. “Thank you for believing in me. I will not let you down.”

Per The Epoch Times, America’s Frontline Doctors Executive Director Lisa Andrzejewski said Gold’s early release was credited to the classes she had been teaching and taking during her incarceration and the time she had already served when she was arrested in January 2021.

Among the many supporters there to greet Gold as she was released from the Miami Federal Detention Center was Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, who presented her with a flag that was flown over the U.S. Capitol.

Sharing a video message of himself with Gold following her release, Gohmert tweeted: “Happy Freedom Day to @drsimonegold! I’m honored to be here with you after some vindictive DOJ personnel decided to lock you down in a MAXIMUM SECURITY prison. YOU are a national treasure!”

As an outspoken critic of the Covid-19 vaccines and advocate for early treatment medications like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, Gold has maintained that her prosecution and subsequent sentencing were politically motivated.

On Friday, her attorney, Joey Gilbert, said the same, holding that the physician’s incarceration was a testament to the politicization of federal law enforcement.

“I mean, come on, a nonviolent misdemeanor with no prior record – it’s egregious,” he said.

According to The Epoch Times, Gold was sentenced under a plea bargain on June 16 on one count of entering and remaining in a restricted building. In addition to 60 days in jail, she was also sentenced to one year of supervised release, a $9,500 fine, and $500 in restitution.

Gilbert, however, said he believed Gold’s vocal opposition to the Covid vaccines was the real reason she was targeted for prosecution.

“Just while she’s been in there, she’s been completely vindicated now, both on the vaccine and on early treatment medication, with the ivermectin showing a 92 percent reduction against mortality [and] 100 percent reduction in hospitalizations,” the attorney noted. “Where’d everybody die? The hospitals. That’s why she’s been in there.” 

And Gold is hardly the only public figure to have recently claimed political persecution by the FBI. Public concern over the bureau’s political weaponization has been on the rise for years, with last month’s raid on the home of President Donald J. Trump only increasing those fears in the minds of many.

But as the president’s legal battle on that matter continues, Gilbert noted that his fight on behalf of Gold will as well, with his sights now set on a pardon for the doctor.

For her part, Gold reaffirmed her commitment to standing up for the rights of Americans Saturday, tweeting: “I am unwavering in my fight for the American people, for the soul of our nation. When you expose the truth, you put yourself at odds with billion-dollar special interests and governments that don’t always have your best interests in mind. We will never stop fighting for YOU!”


US Congressman greets Dr. Simone Gold upon her release from jail - LifeSite

SEE: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/us-congressman-greets-dr-simone-gold-upon-her-release-from-jail/;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Featured Image
Rep. Louie Gohmert gives Dr. Simone Gold a flag that was flown over the U.S. Capitol

(LifeSiteNews) – Calling her “a patriot and an American hero,” Republican U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas greeted Dr. Simone Gold of America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) upon her early release today from federal prison, where she had been serving a 60-day sentence for entering and delivering prepared remarks inside the U.S. Capitol on January 6. Gohmert presented her with a flag that had been flown over the U.S. Capitol.

Nevada gubernatorial candidate Joey Gilbert, who is the chairman of the board of AFLDS, also greeted her.

“I’m back!” Gold, who is also a lawyer, told supporters, and did 35 pushups.

As the COVID-19 pandemic was beginning, Dr. Gold and a team of Frontline Doctors stood on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court to tell the American people that early treatment medication was available and a vaccine was unnecessary. During that historic press conference, viewed by over 24 million Americans, they discussed hydroxychloroquine, which has a 200% weighted average against hospitalization and death.

Brownstone Institute president Jeffrey Tucker said Gold had been a “political prisoner.”

Fauci and Friends Must Produce Records of Government-BigTech Censorship Collusion

Fauci and Friends Ordered to Produce Records on Government-Big Tech Collusion to Censor COVID 'Deniers'


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/kevindowneyjr/2022/09/07/fauci-and-friends-ordered-to-produce-records-on-government-big-tech-collusion-to-censor-covid-deniers-n1627429;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Despite a lawsuit filed in May, Anthony Fauci has been reluctant to cough up records he has concerning the U.S. government and Big Tech allegedly conniving to censor social media users who spoke out against the official COVID narrative. So a judge gave wee Fauci a little pat on the back to help him spit them out.

U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty, a Trump appointee, issued an order to a number of White House officials, including Fauci, Jen Psaki, Karine Jean-Pierre, and the “Big Guy” himself, Gropey Joe Biden. They have been ordered to produce any and all communications regarding Big Tech and government officials colluding to silence those who dared to deny “the science” on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

The attorneys general of Louisiana and Missouri are suing more than 50 officials and 12 departments of the U.S. government, including the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Some of those mentioned in the suit have chosen not to play ball.

The feds argued that Fauci shouldn’t have to provide emails between himself and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Judge Doughty decided otherwise. What is Fauci hiding? Perhaps we are about to find out.

Related: House Republicans to Zuckerberg: Let’s Talk

Judge Doughty gave Fauci and Jean-Pierre 21 days to fork over any and all communications regarding the alleged censoring. Fauci was also ordered to answer questions regarding his role as the master-blaster at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

“We know from the previous round of discovery that efforts to censor the speech of those who disagree with the government on covid policy have come from the top,” Jenin Younes, attorney for the New Civil Liberties Alliance and several of the plaintiffs, said in a statement. “Americans deserve to know Anthony Fauci’s participation in this enterprise, especially since he has publicly demanded that specific individuals, including two of our clients, Jay Bhattacharya and Martin Kulldorff, be censored on social media.”

BUSTED-O-RAMA! The CDC told Facebook that the “COVID-19 vaccines available in the United States are effective at protecting people, including children ages 6 months to 4 years, from getting seriously ill, being hospitalized, and even dying.” However, there is no actual evidence to suggest the Bat-Stew Flu “vaccine” actually protects young kids from “severe illness and death.” Then the CDC and other government employees and agencies worked to delete Facebook users who disagreed with the bogus information.

This is just the latest gut punch for Fauci. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has had his sights set on the Fauchmeister for a long time over allegedly lying about “gain of function” research at the Wuhan lab. The attention-starved hobgoblin has decided to resign from his job in January — just after the Republicans, many of whom are Trump-endorsed “MAGA” Republicans, are expected to trounce the Democrats in the mid-term elections. Paul let Fauci know that he can run but he can’t hide.

Will any of this make a difference? Ask Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo was a media darling during the “pandemic.” He snagged a $5.1 million book deal detailing his “leadership skills” (immediately after he slaughtered almost 15,000 elderly people) and won an Emmy for his frequent TV appearances. Today, he is unemployed, Emmyless, and hiding at a friend’s house on Long Island after resigning over multiple allegations of sexual harassment. If Cuomo can get (figuratively) snuffed, so can Fauci.

If you think watching Fauci get called out from every corner is funny (and it is), you’ll love my friends at “Jokes and a Point.” They make brief, funny videos that’ll make you laugh. Remember, conservatives are way funnier than libs.


Google to ban all smartphone apps that tell the truth about health in latest bid to protect LIES of Big Pharma and the vaccine industry

Image: Google to ban all smartphone apps that tell the truth about health in latest bid to protect LIES of Big Pharma and the vaccine industry


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-09-02-google-bans-apps-misleading-health-claims-censorship.html;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) Google Play, the Android smartphone-based app store, has unveiled sweeping new rules that ban apps deemed to contain or promote “misleading health claims that contradict existing medical consensus, or (that) can cause harm to users.”

Issued on August 31, Google Play’s new “health misinformation” policy is an in-app censorship sweep that targets any and all apps that even so much as question official health policy about vaccines, including the idea that “vaccines can alter one’s DNA.”

Google is also going after apps that advocate for “harmful, unapproved treatments” such as vitamin C, vitamin D, ivermectin, or any number of other remedies that the government has deemed to be “misinformation.” (Related: Google no longer allows any mention of covid vaccines in Google Surveys.)

According to Google, “conversion therapy” is another “harmful health practice” that cannot be advocated for in any apps available on Google Play. One wonders if this means that Bible apps are now forbidden since the Holy Word addresses unnatural homosexual behavior.

Big Tech is the government’s Ministry of Truth

The timing of this new policy change coincides with a major shift in the government's position on things like masking and even vaccinating. Suddenly, the government is no longer pushing these things like it once was, which begs the question: Will Google be able to keep up with accurate censorship?

In 2020, Tony Fauci was insistent that Pfizer’s mRNA (messenger RNA) injection was 90 percent effective against the Fauci Flu, which he called extraordinary. Fast-forward to 2022 and now Deborah Birx is basically admitting that she, Fauci, and others lied about the shots.

The newest claim is that everyone “knew” that Chinese Virus injections were not effective at preventing infection. They all just lied about it to pad the pockets of Big Pharma and complete Operation Warp Speed.

Big Tech, meanwhile, has struggled to get the narrative right at any given time. On one day, social media and tech platforms are having to silence people for saying that the shots are ineffective, while the next the government itself is saying they are ineffective.

Still to this day, Facebook is banning users of notoriety who claims that covid injections might not keep a person safe from infection. YouTube is doing the same thing, even going against World Health Organization (WHO) directives about the shots.

“Even after the consensus changed and some of the censorship rules were quietly dropped, most of the censored posts and channels weren’t reinstated,” reports Reclaim the Net.

“The new health misinformation rules add to Google Play’s extensive set of existing misinformation rules which prohibit apps containing ‘election misinformation’ and ‘misleading’ content. Google Play has already removed thousands of apps under these existing rules.”

In the comment section, someone wrote that the type of censorship in which Google is now engaging “is just beyond insane.”

“Someone REALLY needs to develop a new censorship-free alternative to Google and Apple,” this person added.

Another asked where Google starts and the government ends. It is still unclear, this person added, whether Google is a private company or a government entity in disguise. Either way, Google equals technocratic fascism.

“There’s no virus,” added another. “Just a lab-made spike protein. And a fake test was used to create a scare-scam-demic.”

Someone else chimed in that the so-called “Great Reset” is obviously well underway. The question remains: Will it be successful, or will the tides turn just in the nick of time?

“It is no wonder that Google’s logo has a hidden 666,” wrote another.

The latest news coverage about Big Tech’s relentless fight against truth can be found at Censorship.news.

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STUDY: Ivermectin reduces covid death risk by 92%

Image: STUDY: Ivermectin reduces covid death risk by 92%


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-09-02-study-ivermectin-reduces-covid-death-risk-92percent.html;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural NewsNew research out of Brazil has found that ivermectin, a generic anti-parasite drug, is 92 percent effective at stopping mortality caused by the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

When used as a prophylactic, says Dr. Flavio A. Cadegiani, who tweeted about the study, ivermectin has a “dose-response effect,” meaning “the more you used, the more protection you had. (Related: Another study out of Australia declared ivermectin to be a “broad spectrum antiviral of interest.”)

People who took ivermectin regularly every 15 days for at least six to eight weeks almost all survived “covid,” while those who did not were much more likely to die after the disease ran its course.

The findings agree with those of Dr. Harvey Risch, an esteemed epidemiologist from Yale Medical School who testified before the Senate that ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) could have saved thousands, or even millions, of lives that were needlessly lost by not using these drugs.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), meanwhile, has been on the offensive against ivermectin, calling it a “horse dewormer” despite approving the drug for human use back in the 1990s.

“Hold your horses, y’all,” the FDA mocked in a tweet. “Ivermectin may be trending, but it still isn’t authorized or approved to treat COVID-19.”

Let the people have ivermectin!

For some bizarre reason, the FDA and the leftists who believe every word the agency says are determined to end as many lives as they possibly can by depriving the public of ivermectin.

When mocking the drug and the people who use it does not work, the government then resorts to trying to ban the drug. When that does not work, the government then tries to punish medical professionals who try to prescribe it to their sick patients.

Big Tech is doing its part as well by censoring posts about ivermectin, calling them “misinformation.” The powers that be really do not want people accessing ivermectin because they know it works, and that nobody would ever take the “vaccines” if ivermectin was widely available.

According to Dr. Pierre Kory, the FDA is “messaging BS” to the masses whenever it tries to “debunk” the safety and effectiveness of ivermectin. He also tweeted in response to the FDA’s horse dewormer tweet:

“You are not a horse, you are not a cow, you are Big Pharma’s ass.”

“Stop lying man, people are dying,” he added in another tweet to the FDA, along with the hashtag “#earlytreatmentworks.”

In an article he wrote for the Brownstone Institute, Kory explained that the FDA’s tactics in opposition to ivermectin are “tried-and-true” because they come straight from “Big Pharma and other well-financed interests … aimed at discrediting cheaper generic alternatives” to their new blockbuster drugs.

“Ignoring the flaws in the methodology, the media runs wild with the desired narrative, which is amplified by a well-orchestrated public relations effort,” Kory said about how the FDA and other government agencies regularly ignore or minimize research that does not favor their position.

The latest ivermectin trial out of Brazil, known as “TOGETHER,” is simply the latest example of this biased approach to science, which is depriving the public of a life-saving remedy.

“The dosage of the trial was far lower than everyday Brazilian clinicians were prescribing patients at the time to match the strength of the strain,” Kory further pointed out how even the low-dose ivermectin used in the study was effective against the disease.

“In spite of these and other readily apparent shortcomings, the nation’s leading media gobbled up the results. ‘Ivermectin Didn’t Reduce Covid-19 Hospitalizations in Largest Trial to Date’ blared the Wall Street Journal, while a New York Times headline announced, ‘Ivermectin Does Not Reduce Risk of Covid Hospitalization, Large Study Finds.'”

The latest news about ivermectin can be found at IvermectinScience.com.

Sources for this article include:



GOVERNMENT CENSORSHIP: Biden White House officials and multiple federal agencies coordinated with FACEBOOK & Big Tech to censor Americans and cover up government crimes

Image: GOVERNMENT CENSORSHIP: Biden White House officials and multiple federal agencies coordinated with Big Tech to censor Americans and cover up government crimes


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-09-04-biden-officials-coordinated-with-big-tech-censor-americans.html;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) Not only did the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) coordinate with Mark Zuckerberg to censor reports on Biden family crimes in the leadup to the 2020 election, but the pre-appointed Biden regime also coordinated with Facebook and Twitter to censor individuals who posted about crimes committed by the CDC and Anthony Fauci.

According to newly released internal emails from Facebook and Twitter, the Biden regime coordinated with Big Tech to restrict the speech of individual Americans. This blatant violation of the First Amendment was uncovered by Attorneys General Eric Schmitt (MO) and Jeff Landry (LA). These revelations prove that the Biden regime is a fascist government, in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

At least 45 Biden officials worked with Big Tech to silence Americans

More than one federal agency reached out to Facebook and Twitter employees, instructing the social media giants to flag specific information as “misinformation.” This vast censorship enterprise included at least 45 identified federal employees. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Health and Human Services (HHS), the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, and the Office of the Surgeon General were all involved. These agencies repeatedly pressured Facebook and Twitter to censor specific topics, and they even directed the platforms to suppress speech using official, government-approved narratives.

“We have already received a number of documents that clearly prove that the federal government has an incestuous relationship with social media companies and clearly coordinate to censor freedom of speech, but we’re not done,” said Schmitt in a joint statement. “The Department of Justice is cowering behind executive privilege and has refused to turn over communications between the highest-ranking Biden Administration officials and social media companies. That’s why, yesterday, we asked the Court to compel the Department of Justice to produce those records. We’re just getting started – stay tuned.”

CDC worked regularly with Facebook to control speech

A CDC official coordinated monthly meetings with Facebook employees to deploy “debunking” strategies. Facebook employees waited for official CDC narratives to be crafted before they went ahead and censored Americans with this “debunking” strategy. These “debunking strategies” were used to protect public health officials who were causing serious harm throughout society (e.g., Anthony Fauci). One White House Official coordinated with Facebook to take down parody accounts that exposed Anthony Fauci.

Instead of working on ways to improve public health, the CDC spent its resources on conducting regular “be on the lookout” calls. CDC employees surveilled social media to find messages that they wanted to censor. Most of the censored speech was speech that held the government accountable for all the fraud, deception, and malice they were causing as part of their covid-19 response.

Twitter was also in on these crimes, and even scheduled meetings with Biden White House officials to identify “vaccine misinformation.” Almost all of this “vaccine misinformation” from a year ago was either proven true at the time or would eventually be proven true. YouTube provided communications about content moderation that was directed by eleven federal officials, including officials with the Census Bureau and the White House.

The U.S. Surgeon General’s office devised a “misinformation health advisory” in July of 2021 and worked with a senior Facebook official to implement its conditions throughout social media. In the email, the Facebook official acknowledged Meta’s compliance with the speech directives. “I know our teams met today to better understand the scope of what the White House expects from us on misinformation going forward.” That same Facebook official discussed numerous steps to censor freedom of speech with HHS officials.

For more on the feds' collusion with Big Tech, check out Censorship.News.

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INSTITUTIONAL RACISM: University of Pennsylvania eliminates MCAT requirement for non-White medical students

Image: INSTITUTIONAL RACISM: University of Pennsylvania eliminates MCAT requirement for non-White medical students

The campus of the University of Pennsyvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-08-26-institutional-racism-upenn-eliminates-mcat-nonwhites-medical.html;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) Because non-Whites are apparently not smart enough to face the full rigors of medical school, the University of Pennsylvania has decided to dumb down its admissions requirements – but only for people with dark skin.

“Minority” and “underrepresented” applicants to Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine now receive “special criteria” for admissions that include a waiving of the Medical College Admission Test requirement, also known as the MCAT.

Normally, a student must pass the MCAT in order to get admitted to medical school – but not at Penn. A special program, which recently “broadened” to include more transfer schools, was created to cater to non-White students who are not cut out for medical school but who are being admitted anyway in order to create “equality.”

Instead of having to take and pass the MCAT, non-White applicants to Perelman will instead be allowed to simply complete “three semesters of a roster of rigorous science courses,” as well as complete an AP (advanced placement) credit in at least one STEM field, or provide “evidence of strong ability on timed, multiple-choice tests in STEM courses.”

“Students must also have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA, with 3.2 by graduation, according to the website,” adds The College Fix. “PASS students are not required to take the MCAT, according to the guidelines.” (Related: In order to graduate from an American medical school, a student must now acknowledge hatred for Whites as a prerequisite.)

Be careful to never let a doctor or surgeon who graduated from Penn touch your body

According to the Perelman School of Medicine Admissions website, this special PASS program exists solely for students who are “underrepresented in medicine,” which we are told means exclusively non-Whites.

“PASS students who meet PSOM’s academic and professional requirements, are offered linkage admission to the medical school, without an MCAT requirement, and upon review and approval by PSOM’s admissions committee,” the site adds.

When pressed for answers about how these special exemptions will affect the quality of doctors and surgeons who come out of Penn, school media representative Hannah Messinger simply deferred to the news release without answering the question.

What this suggests, of course, is that Penn knows it will now be churning out piss-poor quality medical “experts” who will botch surgeries, give patients the wrong medicine, and ultimately make a mockery of the medical system – as if modern health care was not already a joke in and of itself.

The PASS program was first created back in 2008, and at that time only included a handful of transfer schools. Since that time, the program has continued to expand as Penn churns out increasingly more unqualified medical “professionals” who skipped the MCAT and coasted right through the program due to their non-White skin color.

According to Dr. Diana Blum, a neurologist who works in a private practice, this lowering of standards is unacceptable, especially for something like medicine that requires utmost care and knowledge to ensure patient safety.

“The stakes are too high (life and death) to start lowering standards or taking shortcuts with basic fundamental scientific knowledge necessary for developing critical thinking skills to diagnose and properly treat diseases,” Dr. Blum is quoted as saying.

“If the school wants to improve diversity in the applicant/acceptance candidate pool, it would be better to focus on providing resources (perhaps free MCAT prep classes?) to lift the caliber of diverse candidates up and get them better prepared for the challenges of medical school instead of lowering the standards (which indirectly insinuates that these students are somehow not as capable).”

The latest news about the total destruction of the medical system at the hands of “woke progressives” can be found at Collapse.news.

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Crimes against humanity: Mary Holland of Children’s Health Defense says everyone who violated Nuremberg Code during covid needs to be prosecuted


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-08-26-mary-holland-prosecute-covid-tyrants-crimes-humanity.html;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) At a recent Action Alliance event in Nuremberg, Germany, Children’s Health Defense (CHD) President Mary Holland issued a call to action about not letting those behind the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic off the hook for their crimes against humanity.

Holland spoke about the importance of the Nuremberg Code, which was codified after World War II to prevent atrocities like the Holocaust from ever happening again.

Built on the medical and legal ethics established in Germany before the Nazi regime, the Nuremberg Code also laid the groundwork for how to deal with anyone who might try to impose another mass genocide, which is exactly what those behind the plandemic set out to do.

“For more than 75 years, the Nuremberg Code has been a beacon of light – all medical and legal norms have been based on it since 1947,” Holland said. “The Nuremberg Code is the foundation for modern medical ethics.”

“The code has been incorporated into U.S. federal and state law, and U.S. courts have recognized the Nuremberg Code as a universal, international legal standard – like the norms prohibiting slavery and piracy.”

Forcing people to mask in solitary confinement and submit to experimental “vaccines” violates the Nuremberg Code

Even if entire nations or continents decide to scrap the Nuremberg Code in practice – which is what most of them did by imposing wide-scale medical fascism – this does not nullify its tenets.

Every individual has the right to just say no to drugs, in this case, Fauci Flu shots, regardless of what the government says. Every individual also has the right to just say no to masks, which are an unproven and dangerous medical device.

“Tragically, in the last two-and-a-half years, we have witnessed a global assault on the Nuremberg Code,” Holland lamented. “Governments, medical establishments, universities, and the media have violated the very first principle and every other principle of the code’s 10 points.”

“They have coerced people into being human guinea pigs.”

Holland is committed to seeing every last person responsible for destroying people’s lives and livelihoods with plandemic tyranny brought to justice. It starts with calling them out, followed by actions such as lawsuits.

“We must stop this,” Holland said. “And we must ensure this does not happen again.”

Unfortunately for those who already took the jabs, no amount of justice will give them back their natural, healthy immune systems. Many of them will face a lifetime of illness or premature death as a result of their compliance.

“We live in dangerous times. If world governments and their collaborators continue to flout the Nuremberg Code and censor those of us who criticize ‘The Big Lie’ – we know where this leads,” Holland warned.

“It leads to atrocities. It leads to a legacy of ashes.”

Throughout the plandemic, these atrocities included children and teenagers becoming disabled or dying due to the jabs; adults and elderly people being denied life-saving treatments, and families being separated from one another in “quarantine camps.”

These crimes against humanity must stop. And people must take a stand and just say no to medical fascism whenever, and wherever, it rears its ugly head.

“It is in our power to say, ‘No more! Respect and uphold this code!'” Holland explained. “And let’s not forget: we are winning.”

“The narrative that these injections work is over. The narrative that we must lockdown is over. The narrative that we must test asymptomatic people is over. The narrative that our ‘leaders’ know what they’re doing is over. Let us let that sink in.”

More of the latest about efforts to hold those behind the plandemic accountable for their crimes against humanity can be found at Pandemic.news.

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Scientists discover that all covid vaccines “without exception” contain mysterious metallic toxins

Image: Scientists discover that all covid vaccines “without exception” contain mysterious metallic toxins


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-08-25-covid-vaccines-without-exception-mysterious-metallic-toxins.html;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) Independent researchers from Germany have found that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” contain an array of hidden, toxic components – most of them metallic – that are not labeled as ingredients.

“Without exception,” the group says, every sample tested from Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson (J&J), and AstraZeneca contained the following metallic elements:

Alkali metals: cesium (Cs), potassium (K)
• Alkaline earth metals: calcium (Ca), barium (Ba)
• Transition metals; cobalt (Co), iron (Fe), chromium (Cr), titanium (Ti)
• Rare earth metals: cerium (Ce), gadolinium (Gd)
• Mining group/metal: aluminum (Al)
• Carbon group: silicon (Si) (partly support material/slide)
• Oxygen group: sulfur (S)

Using modern medical and physical measuring techniques, the researchers determined that all of these metallic substances “are visible under the dark-field microscope as distinctive and complex structures of different sizes, can only partially be explained as a result of crystallization or decomposition processes, [and] cannot be explained as contamination from the manufacturing process.”

These findings build upon the work of others who have made similar discoveries, one of them being the Health Ranger – be sure to check out his report showing that the clots created by Fauci Flu shots are not blood clots, but rather metallic clots.

Blood from fully vaccinated people shows “marked changes,” researchers find

Dr. Janci Lindsay, Ph.D., a toxicologist who was not involved in the study but who has performed similar work, says there is, indeed, a pattern of discovery to suggest that covid injections are not what the government claims they are.

“The number and consistency of the allegations of contamination alone, coupled with the eerie silence from global safety and regulatory bodies, is troublesome and perplexing in terms of ‘transparency’ and continued allegations by these bodies that the genetic vaccines are ‘safe,'” Lindsay is quoted as saying.

Those involved with the Germany study, which is still preliminary, say they have submitted the findings to both government and media entities in the hope that someone will address it. So far, no one is willing.

Another thing the researchers discovered that is worthy of note pertains to the blood of the fully vaccinated, which they say showed “marked changes.” Adverse events associated with these changes were also found to be a factor of “the stability of the envelope of lipid nanoparticles,” these being the fat-soluble membranes carried as “cargo” by messenger RNA (mRNA).

“Using a small sample of live blood analyses from both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, we have determined that artificial intelligence (AI) can distinguish with 100% reliability between the blood of the vaccinated and the unvaccinated,” the study explains.

“This indicates that the COVID-19 vaccines can affect long-term changes in the composition of the blood of the person vaccinated without that person being aware of these changes.”

At best, Chinese Virus shots are widely contaminated unintentionally. At worst – and this option seems more likely – the shots were designed to implant metallic substances inside people’s bodies that purposely self-assemble into deadly clots.

“We have established that the COVID-19 vaccines consistently contain, in addition to contaminants, substances the purpose of which we are unable to determine,” the study further explains.

In the comment section, someone pointed out that vaccinated people with altered, metallic blood can no longer safely donate blood – which is something to keep in mind for those who need a transfusion.

“As with all vaccines and all drugs, ‘the full quantitative composition’ of all Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ is a trade secret, protected from disclosure due to commercial sensitivities,” pointed out another.

“Pfizer’s own raw composition table, 3.2.P.1-1, released for my FOI request, suggests likely 6 redacted manufacturing ingredients.”

The latest news about Chinese Virus injections can be found at ChemicalViolence.com.

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Pope Francis claims that getting vaccinated for covid is an “act of love”

Combination photo of Pope Francis, left, and the Rev. R. Albert Mohler Jr. Photos by Gregorio Borgia and Emil Handke


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-08-22-pope-francis-vaccinated-covid-act-of-love.html;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) One powerful way to show love for “God” and your fellow man is to get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), according to Pope Francis.

New promotional advertising from the Roman Catholic Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development reiterates Pope Francis’ sacrilegious position that rolling up one’s sleeve for an abortion-tainted DNA modification injection is an “act of love” that is divinely inspired and ordained.

With so-called “flu season” soon on the way for the Northern Hemisphere, Pope Francis is once again tying “God” into his push for mass jabbing this fall. The Vatican is currently on its third installment of “The Pandemic and the Magisterium of Pope Francis” propaganda project, which aims to guilt more Catholics into getting shot.

This project, we are told, aims to “explore the Pope’s teachings on the global health crisis, reaffirming that one does not come out of the crisis the same, but either better or worse.” (Related: Pope Francis also loves transgenderism and openly promotes LGBT perversion.)

Reading between the lines, it becomes clear from that description that the plandemic was launched as a social catalyst to drive people either further into the matrix system of pharmaceutical slavery, or out of it completely. Those who rejected the lockdowns, masks, and “vaccines” came out better, in this writer’s view, substantiating Revelation 18:3 which reads:

“Come out of her, my people, that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues.”

Remember when Southern Baptist leader Al Mohler told Christians to get jabbed for covid, claiming it was “part of our mandate” from “God?”

The entirety of Revelation 18 talks all about Mystery Babylon, which “is become the habitation of devils,” and its eventual fall. We are witnessing that fall in action right now, though many are unaware it is taking place – including many religious people who still believe their lying popes, pastors and leaders.

False prophets like Pope Francis continue to push people to get injected with the crown jewel of Mystery Babylon’s pharmakeia (pharmaceutical sorcery), also known as covid vaccines, claiming that getting injected is an “act of love.”

Another false prophet we warned you about previously is Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Albert Mohler, who similarly pushed Christians to get jabbed with Fauci Flu shots because the shots are a “successful” example of mankind’s “dominion” over the earth, he claims.

Both Pope Francis and Al Mohler are spreading doctrines of demons while claiming to speak for God. Such blasphemy will not go unpunished, just to be clear, as divine justice awaits these two – and many more like them.

“Being vaccinated with the vaccines authorized by the competent authorities is an act of love,” Pope Francis is seen stating in the latest propaganda video from the Vatican, “and contributing to ensuring the majority of people are vaccinated is an act of love. Love for oneself, love for one’s family and friends, love for all people.”

The “poorest and most vulnerable” should get shot first, Pope Francis further says, while the “richest” are moved to the back of the line.

“It would be sad if this vaccine were to become the property of this nation or another, rather than universal and for all,” Pope Francis further believes about how Chinese Virus shots should be given to everyone for “free.”

Anyone who suggests otherwise, he continued to explain in the video clip, is guilty of spreading “misinformation.” According to Pope Francis, covid injections are our collective salvation, and they are the key to ensuring that we are all “saved together.”

“We will get better if we get better together,” Pope Francis contends.

More related news about Pope Francis and Al Mohler can be found at Evil.news.

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Fauci FINALLY RESIGNING In 2024 With MASSIVE Retirement Package~How Fauci Could Become MORE Dangerous and Powerful in “Retirement”


Attorney Thomas Renz tells Mike Adams that Fauci and others will be PROSECUTED

Kim Iversen: How Fauci Could Become MORE Dangerous and Powerful in "Retirement"

Image: Old video resurfaces of Fauci admitting that the best “vaccine” is to simply get infected and develop natural immunity

Old video resurfaces of Fauci admitting that the best “vaccine” is to simply get infected and develop natural immunity 


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-08-19-video-fauci-best-vaccine-infected-natural-immunity.html;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) Despite continually and aggressively pushing Americans to get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), career criminal Tony Fauci is on the record as stating that the “best vaccination is to get infected yourself” and recover, which generates true and lasting natural immunity.

An old video of Fauci saying this recently resurfaced, exposing the goon as a liar and a fraud – watch below:

“If she got the flu for 14 days, she’s as protected as anyone can be, because the best vaccination is to get infected yourself,” Fauci stated in the interview, responding to a question from the host about whether or not a woman who had already had the flu for 14 days should still get a flu shot.

“If she really has the flu, she definitely doesn’t need a flu vaccine. She doesn’t need it; the most potent vaccination is getting infected yourself.” (Related: Fauci’s wife Christine Grady authored a paper pushing for children to be enrolled in Fauci Flu shot trials.)

Fauci has destroyed the lives of hundreds of millions of people with his fraudulent guidance

Even though he was talking specifically about influenza, Fauci’s words about natural immunity being the best immunity apply to the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) and all other diseases – weaponized or otherwise.

The human body possesses the ability to learn from initial infection, preventing a second or third infection from forming. Jab-induced “immunity,” comparatively, is short-lasting and questionably effective, at best.

“… it’s common knowledge that for most if not all diseases, the best way to inoculate oneself is through catching it – after all, the vast majority of vaccines include a small portion of the virus they attempt to protect against to introduce it to your immune system,” writes Jesse Martin for 100percentfedup.com.

“In fact, studies have already shown that this is just as true for COVID-19 as it is for anything. Your natural level of antibodies against COVID-19 are highest if you have been infected without having received a vaccine.”

Fauci knows all this, having openly admitted it in public long before the Chinese Virus arrived. Once covid appeared out of nowhere, Fauci’s tune changed and suddenly there was no possible way to ever develop natural immunity to the disease.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now admits that everyone who is unvaccinated has natural immunity and is protected, but that is not what Fauci has been saying for the past two-and-a-half years.

Fauci’s guidance contends that the only way to stay “protected” against the Fauci Flu is to roll up your sleeve for an mRNA (messenger RNA) injection – even though we now know that doing so reduces immune protection and makes a person more prone to getting sick.

Had nobody listened to Fauci, covid would have been long gone ages ago. Now, it has become a disease of the “fully vaccinated,” as the only people who seem to be getting ill again and again are those who took the shots – and especially those who took the “boosters” as well.

“Fauci is the biggest mass murderer ever in the entire history of the world,” wrote a commenter about how once this all catches up with people’s immune systems, the death toll from Fauci Flu shots will be astronomical.

“Remember how he pretended to be puzzled at herd immunity?” wrote another about Fauci’s bad acting when questioned about his ever-shifting guidance. “Well, that definition was changed, too. To have immunity, you have to be ‘vaccinated,’ according to the government.”

As more information about covid injections comes to light, we will keep you informed about it at VaccineWars.com.

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Sen. Kennedy has a message for Dr. Fauci following his decision to step down

Dr. Fauci exposed the 'incompetence' of the federal government: Whiton 



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