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California Passes COVID Policy Law Silencing Doctors


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A new law in California will punish doctors if they give their patients information related to COVID-19 that does not conform to “contemporary scientific consensus” and can be deemed “misinformation” or “disinformation” by the California Medical Board or California Osteopathic Board.  Assembly Bill 2098 was sponsored by State Senator Richard Pan, a pediatrician, and signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom on September 30, 2022. It is scheduled to go into effect Jan. 1, 2023, and allows doctors to be charged with unprofessional conduct and put on probation of no less than five years or be suspended and lose their medical license.1 2 3 4

The California Medical Board and California Osteopath Board will have the authority to investigate and adjudicate claims that a doctor violated the law.5 If a physician is found to have departed from the government-approved “standard of care” policy related to COVID-19,  one of the California medical boards could revoke his or her medical license.6

COVID Standard of Care Policies Have Frequently Changed Over Time

The government, employers, schools, colleges, and universities have often changed their policies on masking and COVID vaccinations over the past three years, which demonstrates that the government’s position on COVID-19 facts and policies changes and what is considered “standard of care” may be true one day but not be true the next. Even so, doctors in California who dissent from the government’s official positions on COVID-19 prevention and treatment could lose their careers for using their best professional judgement in caring for their patients.7

Highlighting that the bill is another attempt to eliminate free speech, lawyer Jonathan Turley said:

The problem is they are targeting the very people that we want to feel free to express concerns and doubts. These are the people that we need to be part of the debate, and they are chilling that debate.8

This new law effectively maintains that the current government-backed “contemporary scientific consensus” is the only medical advice that a doctor should be allowed to share with their patients about the ever-evolving SARS-CoV-2 virus, whether or not that “scientific consensus” evolves over time or current government policy is considered by a doctor to place a patient at risk because, for example, it is contraindicated by the individual’s medical history.9

Even staunch supporters of the COVID shots and mask-wearing have expressed concern with this new law censoring doctors’ private conversations with and treatment of their patients. Eric Widera, MD, professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco warned:

… the standard of care has changed a lot in 2½ years… What was misinformation one day is the current scientific thinking another day.10

Newsom Signs Assembly Bill 2098 Into Law Claiming It is “Narrowly Tailored”

On Sept. 30, Gov. Newsom signed the bill into law stating:

Assembly Bill 2098 provides that the dissemination of misinformation or disinformation related to COVID-19 by physicians and surgeons to a patient under their direct care constitutes unprofessional conduct.11

Gov. Newsom defended his actions claiming that the bill was…

narrowly tailored to apply only to those egregious instances in which a licensee is acting with malicious intent or clearly deviating from the required standard of care while interacting directly with a patient under their care.12

The governor’s opinion is not supported by the language of the bill itself. There is nothing in the bill to suggest that it is “narrowly tailored” and only applies to “those egregious instances in which a licensee is acting with malicious intent” as Gov. Newsom suggests.13

The bill sets forth…

It shall constitute unprofessional conduct for a physician and surgeon to disseminate misinformation or disinformation related to COVID-19, including false or misleading information regarding the nature and risks of the virus, its prevention and treatment; and the development, safety, and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines.14

The words “egregious instances” or “malicious intent” cited by Gov. Newsom are not mentioned anywhere in the text of the law. Perhaps that is because it is egregious to assume that a doctor, who shares a professional opinion about what would be in a patient’s best interest based on the individual’s medical history, is doing that with “malicious intent.”

Apparently, the California Medical Board plans to decide on a case-by-case basis what constitutes inappropriate professional behavior that requires punishment after receiving a complaint that a physician has disseminated “misinformation” or “disinformation” related to COVID-19 to a patient.15

According to California Medical Board spokesman Carlos Villatoro, when a complaint is received, the Board…

uses physicians who are experts in their field to review the individual facts and circumstances involved in the situation under investigation, and opine on the appropriate standard of care that should have been followed at that time. No two cases are the same, and the Board would make this determination based on the facts and circumstances of the given case.16

Since decisions will be made by California medical licensing boards based on facts and circumstances at the time of the complaint, doctors may unwittingly put their license on the line when they treat patients using their best professional judgment.17

Dr. Pan said that he proposed the bill to stop doctors like Simone Gold, MD, who founded America’s Frontline Doctors during the pandemic and formerly practiced in Beverly Hills, from providing patients with what he termed “misinformation” about COVID-19. Dr. Pan led the effort to remove the personal belief vaccine exemption from California public health laws in 2015 and, in describing this law, ominously said:

When someone blatantly provides misinformation, totally inaccurate information—especially with intention—that harms patients. That takes away the patient’s ability to make appropriate decisions.18

Dr. Pan’s statement raises two serious issues. First, it appears that he believes patients should only be allowed to receive COVID information and make “appropriate decisions” about their health care if he and the California Medical Board are the arbitrators of what constitutes an “appropriate decision.” In addition, the law does not speak about intention. If intention is not a component of the law, how can the California Medical Board infer or take a physician’s intention into consideration when doling out punishment?

Physician Critics of the New Law Speak Out

Jay Bhattacharya, MD, epidemiologist, and professor of Health Policy at Stanford University Medical School wrote an article warning:

The language of the bill itself is intentionally vague about what constitutes “misinformation,” which makes it even more damaging. Doctors, fearing loss of their livelihoods, will need to hew closely to the government line on Covid science and policy, even if that line does not track the scientific evidence… What is abundantly clear is that this bill represents a chilling interference with the practice of medicine. The bill itself is full of misinformation and a demonstration of what a disaster it would be to have the legislature dictate the practice of medicine.19

Dr. Bhattacharya points out that doctors have an obligation to treat their patients according to their individual needs and health history. This law contradicts that principle by requiring doctors to act as agents of the state, who are only allowed to repeat what some characterize as “scientific consensus” but others may characterize as government-backed propaganda.20

Legally, doctors owe a duty of care to their patients. This duty of care extends to warning and advising patients of the benefits, risks, and side effects of taking a medication or biological and allowing the patient to make an informed, voluntary decision about whether or not to take the risk, which supports the informed consent principle.21

When doctors are prevented from informing patients about the inherent risks of taking a novel vaccine or a drug that could potentially cause harm based on an individual’s health history, or a doctor is too afraid to say anything at all out of fear of being prosecuted for professional misconduct and losing the right to practice, it seems doubtful that this new law will protect doctors with a valid defense in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Liberal activist Leana Wen, MD wrote in a Washington Post column:

While well-intentioned, this legislation will have a chilling effect on medical practice, with widespread repercussions that could paradoxically worsen patient care… The problem is that medical practice is rarely black and white. Much of the time, broad recommendations are intended to be tailored to the individual patient… Indeed, another lesson from covid is that science is constantly evolving. In a public health emergency, official guidance often lags cutting-edge research. Consider how long it took the CDC to acknowledge that the coronavirus is airborne. Should doctors have been censured for recommending N95 masks before they were accepted as an effective method for reducing virus transmission?

Kevin Kiley a California Assembly member predicted the courts will not allow the new law to stand and tweeted:

On Friday Newsom took a sledgehammer to the First Amendment by signing the medical censorship bill. The courts will strike down AB 2098 in short order.22

Lawsuit Already Filed in US District Court by Two Physicians

Two California doctors, Mark McDonald, a psychiatrist, and Jeff Barke, a primary care physician have already filed the first lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California asking for the law to be revoked. The doctors are represented by Liberty Justice Center and claim that the new law must be struck down because it violates the First and Fourteenth Amendments. A motion seeking a preliminary injunction has also been filed.23

Daniel Suhr, managing attorney at Liberty Justice Center, explained:

We rely on our doctors to give us their best medical advice, yet the State of California is stopping doctors from doing just that. That’s not just wrong, it’s unconstitutional. Doctors enjoy the same free speech rights as other Americans. The State of California cannot define a so-called scientific consensus on an issue and then punish anyone who dares challenge it.24

It is difficult to believe that the law will survive constitutional challenges and leaves open the bigger question: how could a bill that is overtly vague and unconstitutional on its face have been signed into law in the first place?

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New COVID Bio Weapon Developed At Boston University With 80% Kill Rate

Video Sources:

  1. NewsNationNow.com - Boston University researchers create new COVID strain
2. InfoWars.com - Dr. John Campbell on the Excess Death stats



GOT CLOT SHOT CARDITIS? Myocarditis commercial for CHILDREN conveniently leaves out the most likely cause

Image: GOT CLOT SHOT CARDITIS? Myocarditis commercial for CHILDREN conveniently leaves out the most likely cause


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-10-18-myocarditis-commercial-conveniently-leaves-out-most-likely-cause.html;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) Is your child suffering from Pfizer-carditis? He or she is not alone. In fact, millions of children around the world suddenly develop a severely inflamed heart after getting the Fauci Flu shot, and the medical industry just can’t seem to figure out why. Actually, they know, and it’s made more than obvious with the latest commercial about how there’s a growing number of children whose hearts are suddenly swollen and inflamed but don’t worry, because that won’t ruin their dreams. The parents just need to drag their kids back to the doctor for lots of diagnostic tests run by the same folks that injected them with millions of toxic spike protein prions that clogged their blood and inflamed their heart muscles. Simple as that.

According to the vaccine industrial complex commercial, there is no link between the Covid-19 clot shots and myocarditis, just some strange new phenomenon of the last two years where kids’ heart muscle and surrounding tissue become severely inflamed and they need drugs, counter-shock treatment (pediatric cardioversion), pacemakers, and possibly critical surgery to survive.

Here’s the commercial that completely ignores the vaccine-induced myocarditis that the vaccine inserts actually warn about (that nobody reads, including doctors and nurses to their patients):

Pfizer-carditis now sweeping the nation and world, affecting even healthy adults, teens, and kids

Got clot-shot-induced carditis, also known as Pfizer-carditis? When a human being has long, rubbery clots that contain blood, sodium, and heavy metals clogging their vascular system, the heart becomes strained and can beat irregularly. The clot-shot makers can’t admit this on television or YouTube because that’s where all of their allopathic-brainwashed “traffic” goes to get their information. Follow the bouncing ball, like a little kid doped up on clot shots.

Yes, the VSRF (Vaccine Safety Research Foundation) is shining a light on the latest pandemic to sweep the country – Clot Shot Carditis. Has your child been complaining of CSC and “stomach aches?”

The commercial says you better run them to the hospital for some diagnostic tests, so they can later tell you it’s a genetic problem that’s inherited. Let’s strap the kid onto the table and start that pediatric cardioversion treatment. Maybe get a coronavirus booster shot while you’re there, and “kill two birds with one stone” (or maybe two birds and a child).

Last year Pfizer ran a commercial recruiting children for their clot shot clinical trials, and now, one year later, there’s a commercial that mysteriously addresses a massive uptick in pediatric heart inflammation cases, without even mentioning the Fauci Flu jabs every single one of them most likely received. Hello, elephant in the room.

Still, it’s all about being “brave” and “helping others” when you’re in a hospital bed, wondering why your heart suddenly doesn’t function correctly anymore and you’re just a kid or teenager. What kind of dream is that? Sounds much more like a real-life nightmare.

Hey kids, do you have the “courage” to ruin your heart, your immune system, and your vital cleansing organs by filling them with virus-mimicking spike protein prions? Just step right up and roll up your sleeve, this won’t hurt a bit until your Pfizer-carditis develops and you need shock treatment to live.

Whatever happened to the FDA removing harmful products from the market that are proven to cause health detriment, serious side effects, and death? Bookmark Vaccines.news to your favorite independent websites for updates on experimental “vaccines” that cause children, teens, and adults severe inflammation of the heart.

Sources for this article include:




SUICIDE SCIENCE: Boston University creates new chimeric COVID bioweapon with 80% KILL RATE… has humanity learned NOTHING?


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-10-18-suicide-science-boston-university-creates-new-chimeric-covid-bioweapon-with-80-kill-rate-has-humanity-learned-nothing.html;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) Today we call for the arrest and criminal prosecution of the scientists at Boston University who have apparently violated US law and engaged in dangerous gain-of-function research to create a chimeric covid “superstrain” that achieves an 80% kill rate in mice. This bombshell news was broken by the UK Daily Mail in an exclusive story that documents how Boston University scientists combined a spike protein from the Omicron strain with the “original Wuhan Covid strain” to create a new super strain that kills 80% of mice upon exposure.

“The revelation exposes how dangerous virus manipulation research continues to go on even in the US, despite fears similar practices may have started the pandemic,” writes the UK Daily Mail, which also quotes two experts warning of the potentially devastating consequences if this strain is “accidentally” (on purpose) released onto the world:

Professor Shmuel Shapira, a leading scientist in the Israeli Government, said: ‘This should be totally forbidden, it’s playing with fire.’

Dr Richard Ebright, a chemist at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, told DailyMail.com: ‘The research is a clear example of gain of function research.’

He added: ‘If we are to avoid a next lab-generated pandemic, it is imperative that oversight of enhanced potential pandemic pathogen research be strengthened.’

The effects of the new chimeric super strain include “severe disease” in exposed mice, followed by a “mortality rate of 80 percent,” reports the UK Daily Mail.

You can read the original research paper (which is not yet peer-reviewed) at this link (PDF):

The title, abstract, and other details about the research paper are found here:

The organizations involved in this research — all of which should be immediately investigated for criminal violations of gain-of-function research prohibitions in the United States — include:

Department of Biochemistry, Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, MA, USA
National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories, Boston University, Boston, MA, USA
Department of Microbiology, Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, MA, USA
Cleveland Clinic Florida Research and Innovation Center, Port St. Lucie, FL, USA
Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA, USA
Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, MA, USA
Center for Regenerative Medicine of Boston University and Boston Medical Center, Boston, MA, USA
The Pulmonary Center and Department of Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, MA, USA

Take note of all the organizations and individuals involved in this dangerous research, for if this chimeric, deadly bioweapon escapes their hold, this time the U.S. won’t be able to blame China. It’s home-grown biological terrorism this time.

If you build it, it will leak

Boston University is one of over a dozen BSL-3 laboratories in the United States, most of which have suffered lapses in viral containment at one time or another. As humanity has learned the hard way with covid and SARS-CoV-2, if you build it, it will leak. Thus, the very construction of these dangerous pathogens is equivalent to “suicide via science” for the human race.

After the leak of SARS-CoV-2 from the Wuhan lab in China, the entire corporate media lied about its origins, helping to cover up the fact that mad scientists unleashed a global pandemic that resulted in an extreme overreaction by national leaders who shut down local economies, causing widespread economic damage and supply chain collapse. Now, thanks to the lying corporate media and the arrogant, insane practices of virology “science,” they are practically begging for another pandemic to further destroy human civilization.

It’s almost as if Boston University has a death wish for all of humanity. Did they learn nothing from the covid catastrophe? Just because you can play God with the morphology of pathogens doesn’t mean you should. But modern scientists have abandoned all remaining ties to ethics, morality, or safety and appear to be rushing head-first into self-induced annihilation.

Is this all a cover story for the next pathogen release that will threaten humanity?

Informed observers will note that this information coming out about Boston University may have been deliberately publicized in order to create a narrative for the next pathogen release that threatens humanity. With this deadly super strain now known to exist, the powers that be can simply arrange for a “theft” of the pathogen by so-called “terrorist groups” (which they might designate as conservatives, Christians, anti-vaxxers, etc.) and the subsequent release of this pathogen across US cities. (Perhaps an aerosol release via drones…)

Almost instantly, the United States would be thrust into another “great emergency” that would justify another round of money printing, government surveillance, quarantines, economic lockdowns, food supply destruction, and everything else that helps the globalists achieve human depopulation and economic collapse. The pathogen doesn’t even have to be a virus. It could simply be a chemical weapon sprayed into the skies above cities, and all the toxic effects would be reported by the media as proof of another viral outbreak.

It’s absurd to think that this gain-of-function research was taking place in Boston without national authorities knowing about it and approving it. In fact, this research was funded by Fauci’s NIAID, under the NIH, thus proving that it was being carried out with the approval of the federal government. As the research paper openly admits:

This work was supported by Boston University startup funds (to MS and FD), National Institutes of Health, NIAID grants R01 AI159945 (to SB and MS) and R37 AI087846 (to MUG), NIH SIG grants S10-OD026983 and SS10-OD030269 (to NAC), Peter Paul Career Development Award (to FD), and BMBF SenseCoV2 01KI20172A (AE) and DFG Fokus COVID-19, EN 423/7-1 (AE).

Thus, Anthony Fauci is still funding illegal gain-of-function research to develop new bioweapons. It is astonishing — and beyond inexcusable — that this is still happening two years after the release of SARS-CoV-2 into the wild. There can be no scientific justification for such insane acts that risk the lives of billions of human beings. It’s as if these scientists are part of a suicide cult targeting humanity for extermination. And it’s all being carried out with taxpayer money.

Germany’s hospitals are about to collapse

On top of the bioweapons insanity being unleashed in Boston, Germany’s hospitals are on the verge of collapse due to rising energy costs and a supply chain collapse of medical supplies. As German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach recently claimed, hospitals are going broke and will have to start shutting down soon. In his own words, “the hospitals will face a very drastic liquidity problem in the next few months.”

By “liquidity problem,” he means they’re broke. Apparently, paying up to 1,000% higher energy prices to keep your doors open isn’t a sustainable business model.

Perhaps Germany should have thought about this before declaring economic war against Russia and shutting down its own fossil fuel infrastructure in order to appease the virtual signaling rantings of a teenage girl named “Greta.”

This news comes on the heels of the British Medical Association (BMA) declaring a week ago that the NHS was on the verge of “complete collapse” following news that 44 percent of NHS doctors planned to quit or leave UK hospitals.

So now we are watching both the UK health care system and the German health care system crumble. (And it’s not even winter yet.) It begs the obvious question: How will European nations treat all their wounded soldiers when World War III reaches their own borders? How will they treat the casualties of the increasingly likely nuclear bomb strikes that will target cities like London and Berlin?

As winter gets underway, another question emerges: How will these nations treat their own citizens who are dying from exposure to freezing weather due to lack of energy for heat? With hospitals collapsing, food growing scarce, and energy running out, Western Europe descends into a third-world existence. The deindustrialization of Europe —stemming from the lack of energy that was engineered on purpose — only adds to the accelerating demise of the continent, leaving us to wonder if Western Europe will ever recover from the insanity of its own anti-energy, anti-human policies that have brought it to the brink of self-annihilation.

It looks like progressive, virtue-signaling socialism and fascism have finally reached their end game: COLLAPSE. Perhaps all the lunatic socialist Europeans can tell themselves how “progressive” they are as they’re freezing to death and starving from a lack of food and fertilizer. Maybe they can still imagine they’re somehow saving the world as they remove themselves from it. We are not merely watching the fall of European hospitals and health care systems, after all: We’re watching the fall of Western Europe as a civilization.

Get more details in today’s Situation Update podcast here:

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– Migrants rape and murder 12-year-old girl in France
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– Hospitals in Germany are about to close down due to high electricity costs
– Germany on the verge of collapsing into a third-world nation
– Former democrats blast the party for being “intolerable” with its insane exploitation of children

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Bitchute: Bbitchute.com/video/SiktoXKw45Xl/

Rumble: Rumble.com/v1okshf-situation-update-101822-suicide-science-boston-university-creates-new-covid.html

Banned.Video: Banned.video/watch?id=634ec70b2de71b10065963d6


Pfizer’s new Paxlovid antiviral drug being pushed in place of ivermectin is linked to “severe adverse effects”

Image: Pfizer’s new Paxlovid antiviral drug being pushed in place of ivermectin is linked to “severe adverse effects”


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-10-17-pfizer-paxlovid-dangerous-ivermectin-knockoff-severe-effects.html;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) Some of the most common pharmaceutical drugs for cardiovascular disease can have dangerous interactions with Pfizer’s new Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) drug Paxlovid.

According to a new paper published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC), Paxlovid’s combination of nirmatrelvir and ritonavir interacts negatively with the CYP450 pathway, which is involved in metabolizing a number of pharmaceutical medications.

Ritonavir, which was first approved in 1996 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat HIV, is guilty of CYP450 damage, as well as damage to the P-glycoprotein drug efflux pump.

“Co-administration of [Paxlovid] with medications commonly used to manage cardiovascular conditions can potentially cause significant drug-drug interactions and may lead to severe adverse effects,” the study’s abstract reads.

“It is crucial to be aware of such interactions and take appropriate measures to avoid them.”

Paxlovid also interferes with some blood-thinning drugs, increasing the risk of severe and potentially deadly bleeding. We also know the antiviral drug can make statin heart drugs more toxic than they already are.

“Awareness of the presence of drug-drug interactions of Paxlovid with common cardiovascular drugs is key,” said lead author Dr. Saru Ganatra, M.D., who works at the Lahey Hospital and Medical Center in Burlington, Mass.

“System-level interventions by integrating drug-drug interactions into electronic medical records could help avoid related adverse events.”

Paxlovid has risks

Ganatra went on in a statement to warn physicians that they must pay very close attention to patients prescribed Paxlovid because of the very serious risks involved in taking the drug.

Patients already on other potentially interactive medications need to know that they should not take Paxlovid – or at the very least that they should have a “consultation” with healthcare providers and pharmacists to minimize their risk.

The FDA’s fact sheet for Paxlovid states all of this as well, warning that patients could die if they take the drug alongside other interactive drugs, including anti-seizure medications, drugs for irregular heart rhythms, drugs for high blood pressure and high cholesterol, antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications, steroids, HIV treatments, blood thinners, and erectile dysfunction medications.”

“The importance of medication reconciliation before initiation of nirmatrelvir / ritonavir (Paxlovid) cannot be overemphasized to avoid serious drug-drug interactions,” the new paper strongly warns.

The fact that Paxlovid contains an anti-HIV drug component only further affirms that covid “vaccines” are giving people vaccine-induced AIDS, also known as VAIDS. Politicians like Tony Fauci and Joe Biden, who supposedly got vaccinated and later took Paxlovid, further suggest this connection.

“Remember, fraud nullifies immunity,” wrote a commenter about what Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla and the other Big Pharma kingpins involved in this scam have to look forward to. “It’s coming, you b***ards.”

“I certainly hope it’s Fauci first,” responded another.

“If you take any Pfizer product, you’re insane,” said another, pointing to the drug giant’s extensive history of fraud and criminality.

“If you trust Big Pharma, you’re insane,” interjected another about how they are all untrustworthy and guilty of serious crimes against humanity.

Someone else pointed out that Paxlovid is a rip-off of ivermectin that obviously failed, at least in the sense of being beneficial for human health.

“Remember when these same people were telling you ivermectin would kill you?” this person further wrote. “Irony.”

“Not to worry: they are currently testing a new drug to counteract any adverse reactions to Paxlovid,” joked another about the merry-go-round of drugs that Big Pharma continues to dispense.

“So far, only four of the eight mice in the trial have died,” he further joked. “FDA approval expected next week.”

The latest news about the covid scamdemic can be found at Pandemic.news.

Sources for this article include:




Bongino Video: A New Vaccine Study Has Big Tech Panicking

Bongino Video: A New Vaccine Study Has Big Tech Panicking

And desperately trying to cover it up:

In this new video, Dan Bongino addresses the growing threat of a nuclear war, and the latest attempt by PayPal to silence conservatives. He also discusses a new vaccine study that Big Tech is desperately trying to keep quiet.

For show notes, visit https://bongino.com/ep-1869-a-new-vaccine-study-has-big-tech-panicking

Check out the must-hear video below:

‘STOP the Shot Mandates!’ with Dr. Peterson Pierre

AFLDS.org with Dr. Peterson Pierre presents Daily Dose: ‘STOP the Shot Mandates!’ (Ep. 2143 - 10.12.2022).  The Real Story of Good Health ~ in 120 Seconds or Less.

Sources: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=4206070


Covid-jabbed kids 4,423% more likely to DIE than unvaccinated children, official government data show


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-10-12-covid-vaccines-children-death-government-data.html;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) Just hours before Boris Johnson announced his resignation as prime minister of the United Kingdom back in July, an official government report was released showing that children “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) are 45 times more likely to die from any cause than unvaccinated children with natural immunity.

Further, that same report revealed that fully vaccinated kids are 137 times more likely than their unvaccinated counterparts to die from “covid.” This disturbing little factoid flies in the face of everything we have been told for the past several years about how the jabs supposedly protect against the alleged virus.

The U.K.’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) put forth the data in a report called “Deaths by Vaccination Status, England, 1 January 2021 to 31 May 2022.” You can read it for yourself at this link.

The Exposé deserves credit for poring through the ONS data to figure all this out. After all, the government presents it with minimal fanfare and in such a way as to make it difficult to fully ascertain.

One would think that if “saving lives” was truly the goal here that revelations such as these would be all over the news and flowing from the lips of politicians. Instead, we get nothing but silence or flat-out denial about the facts. (Related: Evidence also exists to suggest that Pfizer is secretly adding heart attack pharmaceuticals to the child version of its mRNA [messenger RNA] shot.)

ONS caught trying to disguise “horrific” mortality rates among covid-jabbed kids

In this case, The Exposé figured out that the ONS once again tried to disguise the reality that children who get injected with Fauci Flu shots are a ticking time bomb for sudden death. 

The ONS has done this many times throughout the scamdemic, hiding the truth in its voluminous datasets that are continually manipulated to make it more difficult to suss out the truth.

If you are interested in seeing the methodology that was used to retrace the ONS’ steps in trying, but failing, to hide the risks associated with covid jabs for children, you can do so at The Exposé website.

In a nutshell, the ONS failed to provide the death rate per 100,000 children and teenagers in its dataset, even though this information was provided for all other adult age groups contained in the same dataset.

How The Exposé was able to break through the deception was by piecing together other information that was provided to calculate what that figure would have been had the ONS provided it directly as it did for all the adult age groups.

“… all we need to do is divide each vaccination group’s ‘person-years’ by 100,000, and then divide the number of deaths among each vaccination group by the answer to the previous equation, to work out the mortality rates by vaccination status,” The Exposé explains.

The resulting figures, the outlet further maintains, “reveal that unvaccinated children are much less likely to die of Covid-19 than children who have had the Covid-19 injection.”

“Based on Pfizer’s vaccine efficacy formula, this data reveals that the Covid-19 injections are now proving to have negative effectiveness against death among children,” we also now know.

In the comments, someone wrote that this is hardly a surprise since Big Pharma and the governments it controls have been targeting children for many decades with their deadly injections.

“‘Murder them while they are young!’ is the motto of the evil ones,” this person wrote before then offering a blessing to the victims across time. “Eternal life blessings for Yahweh’s saints!”

The latest news about Chinese Virus injections can be found at ChemicalViolence.com.

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New study: mRNA COVID-19 vaccines can cause brain diseases

Image: New study: mRNA COVID-19 vaccines can cause brain diseases


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-10-13-mrna-covid-vaccines-could-induce-brain-diseases.html;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) A researcher from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has warned that the SARS-CoV-2 spoke protein used in the mRNA Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines could induce brain diseases.

In a pre-print study published Aug. 16 in the journal Diseases, Dr. Stephanie Seneff and her colleagues wrote that the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein acts like a prion. This protein can transmit its misfolded shape onto normal prions, causing neurodegenerative diseases that wreak havoc in the human brain.

She cited “compelling evidence” showing that the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein contains amino acid sequences previously established as prion-like proteins. These proteins responsible for neurodegenerative issues are then produced by the body in the same manner as the proteins responsible for COVID-19.

Seneff and her co-authors added that while tracing the various pathways through which the proteins were expected to travel and distribute throughout the body, they found some highly concerning biological consequences that would be expected to occur with increased frequency as a consequence. Specifically, the contribution of spike proteins to neuroinflammation and neurodegenerative diseases as well as clotting disorders and suppressed prion protein regulation in the context of insulin resistance and health complications that it could induce.

The study authors briefly touched on the hypothesis of the late Nobel Prize laureate Dr. Luc Montagnier on the inserts of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in the SARS-CoV-2 genome, arguing that the virus was most likely engineered as bioweapons. (Related: Vaccinated people found to be 600% more likely to die from covid “variants” than unvaccinated people.)

While the spike proteins from the natural COVID infection do pose risks, those risks are nowhere near the damage that can be potentially inflicted on a person’s body by the spike proteins from mRNA vaccines.

In a separate study, the researchers also found that there are incidents of thromboembolic events and hemorrhagic stroke cases that could occur within 28 days after getting the BNT162b2 or CoronaVac jabs.

Because of this, Seneff urged parents not to vaccinate their children with mRNA shots due to the wide spectrum of harm that they can inflict on the body.

Seneff previously warned of COVID-19 vaccine dangers

This is not the first time Seneff has tried to warn people about the dangerous effects of the COVID-19 vaccines. In 2021, she wrote a paper discussing the safety concerns surrounding the vaccines, especially considering the rapid speed at which they came from controlled trials to mass deployment.

She reviewed the components and the intended biological response to the vaccines, including the production of the spike protein itself, and their potential relationship to a wide range of acute and long-term induced pathologies that include blood disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and autoimmune diseases.

Some of the potential induced pathologies she listed back then discussed the relevance of prion-protein-related amino acid sequences with the spike protein, urging health authorities to clarify the long-term effects of the vaccines to better assess their risks and benefits, especially as they are using novel technologies.

Seneff also called the government’s rushed actions to vaccinate people “perverse” for “getting Pharma to produce expensive drugs, untested, and then throwing them out to the public with the false promise that they’re safe when they’re not.

She insisted even then that it was wrong of public health officials to impede on the ability of doctors to use safe and established natural methods by repurposing drugs to treat COVID and alleviate symptoms early on.

“It is morally reprehensible what the government is doing. They should have been promoting safe methods as they discovered them and instead, they just blocked everything,” she said.

Visit VaccineDamage.news for more about the adverse effects of vaccines.

Watch Dr. Stephanie Seneff explain to the New American‘s Veronika Kyrylenko how the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines induce brain diseases.

This video is from The New American channel on Brighteon.com.

More related stories:

Dr. Stephanie Seneff from MIT issued an urgent warning against vaccinating children against covid.

STUDY: mRNA vaccines present “tragic and even catastrophic” side effects.

Covid vaccines could trigger prion-linked brain degeneration similar to mad cow disease.

For anyone under 80, COVID “vaccines” are deadlier than COVID itself.

Sources include:






Moderna releases new mRNA injection to “repair heart muscle” while people’s hearts are being damaged by mRNA covid jabs

Image: Moderna releases new mRNA injection to “repair heart muscle” while people’s hearts are being damaged by mRNA covid jabs


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-10-13-moderna-injection-repair-heart-muscle-covid-vaccine.html;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) In order to “fix” all the heart damage caused by its messenger RNA (mRNA) “vaccine” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), drug giant Moderna has announced another new “injection” that the company claims has the ability to “repair heart muscle.”

CEO Stéphane Bancel told SkyNews Business Australia that the new shot, which also contains mRNA technology, will “grow back new blood vessels and revascularize the heart” of folks who took the Fauci Flu shot and now suffer from spike protein damage throughout the cardiovascular system.

Describing the new injections as “therapy” and even “science fiction medicine,” a gleeful Bancel called this latest development “super exciting” – though he did also let it slip out in his excitement that the new jab will “inject mRNA in people’s heart[s].” (Related: Moderna’s covid injections also trigger AIDS-like syndrome.)

Moderna plans to inject people with mRNA FOREVER

Moderna is basically admitting that its covid injections have destroyed the hearts of millions of people who now require additional pharmaceutical tampering to keep their hearts going – or so goes the implication.

Chances are these new quick-fix shots will cause even more damage, which will then result in another new mRNA injection from Moderna, and on and on it goes into infinity.

The situation is so bad that just this week, Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo issued new guidance for men aged 18-39 essentially urging them not to take the shots because of the heart risks involved.

All people are at risk from Fauci Flu shots, but young, otherwise healthy men seem to be specific targets for cardiovascular destruction. The latest research shows that young men who get jabbed for covid suffer an 84 percent increased risk of cardiac-related death.

Moderna seems to know all this, which explains why it is now unleashing a new “cure” for the previous round of jabs caused.

“And we are now supposed to just believe and put our lives on the line for proven liars and murderers with an obvious depopulation plan?” wrote a commenter, perplexed that anyone could believe any of this deception anymore.

“The vaxxed are the test subjects for the development of products that they (the ‘elite’) are going to want to use to prolong THEIR OWN lives, among other things,” suggested another, offering another angle to this massive chemical experiment on the unwitting masses.

Albert Bourla over at Pfizer must surely be trying to develop a similar heart-fix injection to compete with Moderna, suggested another person.

“It’s like a race to see who can kill more people faster,” this person added.

It is difficult not to see the obvious parallels between this worldwide pharmaceutical experimentation project and the chemical drug experiments that took place during the Holocaust.

Back then, drug experiments were conducted within the confines of Germany and a few surrounding countries. Today, these drug experiments have gone global with billions of willing participants.

Another person objected to the idea that all of this is experimental in the sense that he believes “these bioweapons are obviously very well-tested-out before being released for their true intended purposes of causing miscarriages, damaged immune systems, sterilization, injuries, and ultimately death for all those deemed as unnecessary.”

“… otherwise, they quite simply would not be devoting such immense funding and effort to distributing this bioweapon program worldwide,” this same person added.

“They would look really silly among themselves if they spent all their resources and the weapon really never worked, and no arms manufacturer would distribute a weapon that never worked.”

Want to learn more about the dangers and ineffectiveness of Fauci Flu shots? Check out ChemicalViolence.com.

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‘Remdesivir Death~Landmark Lawsuit’ with Dr. Peterson Pierre

AFLDS.org with Dr. Peterson Pierre presents Daily Dose: 'Remdesivir Death - Landmark Lawsuit’ (Ep. 2142 - 10.10.2022). The Real Story of Good Health ~ in 120 Seconds or Less.

Source: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/09/wrongful-death-lawsuit-filed-three-california-hospitals-using-remdesivir-covid-19-treatment-without-informed-consent/

FDA Withholds Autopsy Results of Those Who Died After COVID Shots


SEE: https://thevaccinereaction.org/2022/10/fda-withholds-autopsy-results-of-those-who-died-after-covid-shots/;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has refused a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to release the autopsy results of people whose deaths were reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) after receiving a COVID-19 shot. The FOIA request was submitted by The Epoch Times newspaper.1

“VAERS is a centralized vaccine reaction reporting system that was among the safety provisions secured by parents of DPT (diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus) vaccine injured children in the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986,” explains Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder-and-president-of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC). It is jointly operated by the FDA and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).2 3

According to The Epoch Times, the FDA declined to release any autopsy reports of VAERS deaths, even redacted copies, citing FOIA section (8) (A) which allows federal agencies to withhold information from the public if an agency “reasonably foresees that disclosure would harm an interest protected by an exemption,” with the exemption being “personnel and medical files and similar files the disclosure of which would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.”1 4

FDA Refusal to Provide Autopsy Info Attributed to Concerns Over Personal Privacy

The FDA reportedly also cited federal law that blocks the release of “personnel, medical and similar files the disclosure of which constitutes a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.”1 4

One possible reason for the FDA’s reluctance is that neither officials at the FDA nor at the CDC have found (or at least openly admitted)  a “causal association” between the COVID shots and the post-COVID vaccination deaths reported to VAERS. A study published last year in the journal Clinical and Experimental Vaccine Research stated:

These regulatory agencies have not found a causal association, and there is no reason to state that the COVID-19 vaccine causes death. Data from the VAERS and available clinical information (death certificates, autopsies, and medical records) does not establish cause and effect between deaths and reported deaths. Deaths following vaccination equated to deaths caused by vaccines are irresponsible, misleading and scientifically inaccurate.5

To release autopsy reports of people who died after receiving COVID shots might lead to uncomfortable questions about the conclusions reached by FDA and CDC officials and raise the specter of a national re-evaluation and lots of second opinions regarding the safety of the shots.

That does not appear to be a conversation these and other public health officials at the helm of government agencies like the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and, specifically, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), appear anxious to have.

Those responsible for operating these federal agencies, not to mention countless doctors, scientists, and politicians around the country, have staked their reputations on assuring the American public that the COVID shots do not cause harm, much less death. Why indeed would they want to investigate and give space to a conversation by asking legitimate questions and offering dissenting views?

More Deaths After COVID Shots Reported in VAERS Than Any Other Vaccine

It must already be difficult enough having to acknowledge the 16,516 deaths in the U.S. reported to VAERS after COVID vaccinations as of Sept. 14, 2022.1

Still, it is a public conversation that should be allowed to take place. After all, it is no minor thing that, as Fisher notes, “There have been more deaths reported to VAERS following COVID-19 vaccinations than for any other federally recommended vaccine since VAERS became operational in 1990.”2

All of the FDA’s stated concerns about protecting privacy seem rather bogus, as the autopsy results sought through the FOIA request could be released with personal information blacked out. “The personal information could easily be redacted without losing the potential learnings from [the] autopsy,” said Kim Witczak, a drug safety advocate who serves as an adviser to the FDA.1

Besides, Witczak logically points out:

If someone submits their experience to VAERS they want and expect to have it investigated by the FDA. This includes autopsy reports. Autopsies can be an important part of postmortem analysis and should be done especially with increased deaths following COVID-19 vaccination.1

Why is transparency on this issue such a stumbling block for the FDA?

If you would like to receive an e-mail notice of the most recent articles published in The Vaccine Reaction each week, click here.

Click here to view References:

1 Stieber Z. EXCLUSIVE: FDA Withholding Autopsy Results on People Who Died After Getting COVID-19 VaccinesThe Epoch Times Sept. 30, 2022.
2 Fisher BL. More Deaths Reported to VAERS Following COVID-19 Vaccinations Than for Any Other VaccineThe Vaccine Reaction July 11, 2021.
3 TVR Staff. Only One Percent of Vaccine Reactions Reported to VAERSThe Vaccine Reaction Jan. 9, 2022.
4 The United States Department of Justice. THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT, 5 U.S.C. § 552.
5 Lamptey E. Post-vaccination COVID-19 deaths: a review of available evidence and recommendations for the global populationClin Exp Vaccine Res September 2021; 10(3): 264–275.

Calculated CDC Data: 88MM People Had An Adverse Event in US Alone! 20.2MM Needed Med Care after Vax

HOLY COW! BOMBSHELL! This is the Game, Set, Match Moment! A court-ordered V-safe data dump from the CDC shows all sorts of horrifying statistics! CDC knew they were harming millions of people in the U.S. and they didn't pull the vaccine. No, instead they pushed for more people to get it, and still do to this day!

Biotech analyst Karen Kingston unveils PATENTS and documents describing the covid vaccine 5G link, biosynthetic AI nanotech, “soft actuators” and NEUROWEAPONS implanted with needles


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-10-06-biotech-analyst-karen-kingston-unveils-patents-covid-vaccine-5g-link-biosynthetic-ai-nanotech.html;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Image: Biotech analyst Karen Kingston unveils PATENTS and documents describing the covid vaccine 5G link, biosynthetic AI nanotech, “soft actuators” and NEUROWEAPONS implanted with needles

(Natural News) Few people have conducted as much research into the mRNA injections — dare not call them “vaccines” — as Karen Kingston, a biotech analyst who previously conducted contract work for Pfizer, J&J, Thermo Fisher, and other corporations. In a bombshell interview that features key screenshots of patents, scientific journal articles, and corporate documents, Karen Kingston lays out the argument for mRNA covid “vaccine” injections actually being exotic technology implantations that can be used to achieve global enslavement and/or genocide.

Our full one-hour interview is posted below. This interview features video screenshots of several key documents.

Magnetic hydrogels, tissue engineering, and remote control

Far from being a conspiracy theory, remote control of magnetic hydrogels — and “tissue engineering” — is well documented in the scientific literature. Here’s one published paper in ACS Nano that describes this exact thing:

Magnetic Nanocomposite Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering: Design Concepts and Remote Actuation Strategies to Control Cell Fate


From the abstract:

Most tissues of the human body are characterized by highly anisotropic physical properties and biological organization. Hydrogels have been proposed as scaffolding materials to construct artificial tissues due to their water-rich composition, biocompatibility, and tunable properties.

…the intrinsic properties of magnetic nanoparticles enable their use as magnetomechanic remote actuators to control the behavior of the cells encapsulated within the hydrogels under the application of external magnetic fields.

Soft actuators for artificial muscles with self-healing and multimodal locomotion properties

From the journal Nature Reviews Materials, we have a science paper entitled, “Soft actuators for real-world applications.”



In this Review, we discuss new materials and structural designs for the engineering of soft actuators with physical intelligence and advanced properties, such as adaptability, multimodal locomotion, self-healing, and multi-responsiveness.

Finally, we discuss the challenges and opportunities for next-generation soft actuators, including physical intelligence, adaptability, manufacturing scalability, and reproducibility…

Embedded transmission and receiving devices that network to share information, turning human bodies into “cloud” computing platforms

Kingston also reveals how implanted biosynthetic structures have the ability to transmit and receive digitized information, allowing such structures to “network” with each other, even as they reside inside host human bodies. Combined with external AI capabilities that are accelerated by 5G bandwidth speed and low latency, these networking structures can be weaponized against humanity.

One patent cited in this tech is US11107588B2, which discusses, ” The system comprises a plurality of electronic devices comprising instructions to generate an ID and when in the proximity of another such electronic device, one or both electronic devices transmit/receive the ID to/from the other electronic device.”

The technology described in this patent specifically talks about SARS, MERS, coronavirus, and influenza, or any disease that has “influenza-like symptoms.” See this list from the patent:

According to some embodiments of the invention, said virus is a coronavirus.
According to some embodiments of the invention, said virus is SARS-CoV.
According to some embodiments of the invention, said virus is MERS-CoV.
According to some embodiments of the invention, said virus is SARS-CoV-2.
According to some embodiments of the invention, said virus is an influenza virus.
According to some embodiments of the invention, said disease results in influenza-like symptoms.

The following diagram shows how electromagnetic signals can be broadcast and received among individuals who have been implanted or outfitted with digital systems:

That same patent also talks about embodiments of circuitry, human networking, and pathogen spreading, saying things like:

…generating, by circuitry, a predicted likelihood of said subject of transmitting said pathogen based on said physical proximity information, for a plurality of subjects…

…hardware for performing selected tasks according to some embodiments of the invention could be implemented as a chip or a circuit.

A computer-readable signal medium may include a propagated data signal with computer-readable program code embodied therein, for example, in a baseband or as part of a carrier wave.

…some embodiments of the present invention may take the form of an entire hardware embodiment, an entire software embodiment (including firmware, resident software, micro-code, etc.), or an embodiment combining software and hardware aspects that may all generally be referred to herein as a “circuit,” “module” or “system.”

Get the full details and documents in this one-hour interview with Karen Kingston:

– Covid-19 injections contain NEUROWEAPONS embedded in Lipid Nanoparticles (LNP)
– Neurological weapons were hidden through Emergency Use Authorization cover-up
– Shocking patents confirm it’s all true (patent numbers shown)
– Transhumanism assault on humanity is now underway, and people becoming LESS human
– LNPs can be activated via 5G frequencies to achieve physiological changes
– Covid “vaccines” appear to be exotic tech INSTALLED in human hosts
– CCP-linked AI company named “national security threat” in the USA
– 5G infrastructure to be exploited by AI-embedded systems for surveillance

– Post-vaccine “biostructures” are self-assembling biosynthetic weapons

Brighteon: Brighteon.com/0baeff43-2a1d-4df9-8e02-454a459ee9ae

Bitchute: Bitchute.com/video/VQ82yqtbkqsv/

Rumble: Rumble.com/v1mvnzn-biotech-analyst-karen-kingston-unveils-the-covid-vaccine-5g-link-biosynthet.html

Banned.Video: Banned.video/watch?id=633f106fd408083dd71e1632

Or watch here:

Shocking trove of HHS records reveals most aggressive vaccine propaganda campaign EVER: Screenwriters, comedians, church leaders, black doctors and influencers all PAID OFF to pimp the vax


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-10-06-hhs-records-most-aggressive-vaccine-propaganda-campaign-ever.html;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) Judicial Watch has nailed it yet again, suing HHS to acquire a treasure trove of documents that reveal the world’s most exhaustive, heavily funded, and wide-ranging propaganda campaign to try to convince the oblivious masses to be injected with an experimental mRNA concoction that isn’t even a “vaccine.”

“Judicial Watch Uncovers Biden Administration Propaganda Plan to Push COVID Vaccine,” reads the Judicial Watch press release:

Judicial Watch announced today that it received 249 pages of records from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) detailing the extensive media plans for a propaganda campaign to push the COVID-19 vaccine.

One document in the released records was entitled, “PEC (Public Education Campaign) Plan April 19 – May 31, 2021” and featured all the following bullet points and more:

  • Vaccine engagement package to all entertainment talent and management agencies
  • Vaccine engagement package to all media companies and show producers
  • Outreach to major cultural event producers
  • Produce HHS question-and-answer videos featuring local Black doctors discussing the vaccines, how they work, and why the public should get vaccinated
  • Request that Tom Brady create a video with his parents encouraging vaccination
  • Create custom partnerships with social media platforms with algorithms to hit the audience
  • Launch Hollywood comedy writers' video content
  • Work with YouTube on an original special about vaccinations targeted to young people
  • Work with Instagram to produce a series about vaccines for @Instagram (the largest social media account in the world, with 387 million followers)
  • Request major TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram influences to create videos of
    • themselves being vaccinated
    • Request a vaccination special on Christian Broadcast Network featur[ing] Evangelical leaders
    • Request that the major live TV entertainment shows feature hosts being vaccinated on air (ex: the hosts of The Voice)
    • Request that the TV morning and daytime talk shows feature special vaccination reunion moments with everyday Americans
    • Convene an editorial meeting with the publishers of Catholic newspapers and newsletters across the country
    • Place a trusted messenger on the Joe Rogan Show and Barstool Sports to promote vaccination
    • Work with the NFL, NASCAR, MLB, and CMA to request they create content with their talent and release it through their broadcast and social channels

    As Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton stated, “These records show a disturbing and massive campaign by the Biden administration to propagandize and politicize the controversial COVID vaccine. It seems as if the entire entertainment industry was an agent for the government!”

    CONFIRMED: HHS and CDC paid comedians and screenwriters to mock anti-vaxxers

    These documents confirm what I’ve been reporting for over a year: That HHS and CDC paid stand-up comedians to mock anti-vaxxers in their comedy routines. Screenwriters and video production companies were also bribed to push vaccine propaganda in their episodes, and social media influencers were paid off to pimp the vax jabs.

    Part of the covid-19 stimulus push included over $1 billion to the CDC for propaganda payoffs and bribes. They used this money to flood tech platforms, Hollywood writers, and influencers with cash, making sure they all promoted the mRNA jabs in return. This confirms that Hollywood has always been in on the depopulation agenda, which is no surprise when you remember how much Hollywood leftists also promote abortion violence (serial murder).

    This was all taxpayer money, used to brainwash Americans with a massive, coordinated vaccine disinformation campaign run by HHS and the CDC. (At the same time, Big Tech then targeted anyone who disagreed with the propaganda, calling them the Disinformation Dozen even though they were telling the truth.)

    The media was in on it the whole time, of course, and they refuse to report on this bombshell HHS document even now. They’ve been complicit the entire time.

    This was never about immunization… it was about INSTALLING a “platform” into billions of human beings

    When you realize the extent of this propaganda push, it becomes obvious that this was never about immunization or public health. There has been a far larger motivation behind the mRNA jabs which, it turns out, “install” an operating system in your body.

    The amount of money and pressure behind this massive push reveals that the real goal was to make sure every human being on planet Earth was injected with a transhumanism operating system that many experts say consists of self-assembling synthetic biostructures and 5G-influenced nanoparticles. (See the full podcast below, featuring Karen Kingston who explains it all and reveals the patents.)

       Clearly, the real motivation here is something far more conspiratorial and nefarious than public health. This is something on the scale of planetary genocide or even scenarios ripped right out of sci-fi world such as using billions of human bodies as biological hosts to grow AI-controlled biosynthetic parasitic structures of some kind.

Get full details in today’s shocking Situation Update:

– Shocking dump of HHS records reveals world’s largest vaccine propaganda campaign
– The entire entertainment industry was BRIBED to push covid vaccines
– Black doctors were recruited, Evangelicals paid off
– Comedy writers BRIBED to mock anti-vaxxers in comedy routines
– Writers Guild screenwriters pumped with cash to push vaccine storylines
– Social media influencers paid off by HHS and CDC
– Massive campaign was never about immunization or health
– This was actually about INSTALLING human bodies with exotic technology
– Self-assembling biosynthetic structures are GROWING inside people
– Karen Kingston joins a discussion about quantum dots, vax patents, and nanotech
– External (5G) signals known to influence or ACTIVATE these nanostructures
– Humans could be HOSTS to exotic, self-constructing tech that runs on AI

Brighteon: Brighteon.com/7f241a7a-d3a7-456d-b611-2cab8bb39ef7

Bitchute: Bitchute.com/video/k4bX6x4UgLsu/

Rumble: Rumble.com/v1mvj1l-situation-update-10622-mrna-vaccines-actually-install-a-bioweapons-staging-.html

Banned.Video: Banned.video/watch?id=633f073cd408083dd71d4943

See more stories about vaccines at Vaccines.news

‘FREE Legal Help for Vax Choice’ with Dr. Peterson Pierre

AFLDS.org with Dr. Peterson Pierre presents Daily Dose: ‘FREE Legal Help for Vax Choice?’ (Ep. 2139 - 10.3.2022). The Real Story of Good Health ~ in 120 Seconds or Less.

Source: https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/index/news/press-releases/online-self-help-legal-clinic-five-small-stones-self-help-legal-symposium/

SEE: https://vaxxchoice.com/

Doctor Who Promoted Covid Vaccines Calls for Suspension of Covid Vaccinations; Will Hold Press Conference Tuesday


SEE: https://thenewamerican.com/breaking-doctor-who-promoted-covid-vaccines-calls-for-suspension-of-covid-vaccinations-will-hold-press-conference-tuesday/;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra is a British cardiologist who is an internationally renowned expert in the prevention, diagnosis, and management of heart disease. He is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, president of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Public Health Collaboration, and an honorary council member of the Metabolic Psychiatry Clinic at Stanford University School of Medicine in California.

A peer-reviewed paper he wrote about Covid vaccines, entitled “Curing the pandemic of misinformation on COVID-19 mRNA vaccines through real evidence-based medicine – Part 1,” was published September 26 in the Journal of Insulin Resistance.

In the abstract of his paper, Dr. Malhotra says that there is “a greater risk of serious adverse events from the vaccines than being hospitalized from COVID-19.” He also stated, “A pause and reappraisal of global vaccination policies for COVID-19 is long overdue.” (See abstract below.)

Dr. Malhotra will be giving a press conference Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. British time sponsored by the World Council for Health. In cooperation with the World Council for Health, The New American will be live streaming this event at 5:30 a.m. Eastern time. Please use this link:


Also, we will be publishing a follow-up report after this conference.


Background: In response to severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), several new pharmaceutical agents have been administered to billions of people worldwide, including the young and healthy at little risk from the virus. Considerable leeway has been afforded in terms of the pre-clinical and clinical testing of these agents, despite an entirely novel mechanism of action and concerning biodistribution characteristics.

Aim: To gain a better understanding of the true benefits and potential harms of the messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) coronavirus disease (COVID) vaccines.

Methods: A narrative review of the evidence from randomized trials and real-world data of the COVID mRNA products with special emphasis on BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine.

Results: In the non-elderly population the “number needed to treat” to prevent a single death runs into the thousands. Re-analysis of randomized controlled trials using the messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) technology suggests a greater risk of serious adverse events from the vaccines than being hospitalized from COVID-19. Pharmacovigilance systems and real-world safety data, coupled with plausible mechanisms of harm, are deeply concerning, especially in relation to cardiovascular safety. Mirroring a potential signal from the Pfizer Phase 3 trial, a significant rise in cardiac arrest calls to ambulances in England was seen in 2021, with similar data emerging from Israel in the 16–39-year-old age group.

Conclusion: It cannot be said that the consent to receive these agents was fully informed, as is required ethically and legally. A pause and reappraisal of global vaccination policies for COVID-19 is long overdue.

Contribution: This article highlights the importance of addressing metabolic health to reduce chronic disease and that insulin resistance is also a major risk factor for poor outcomes from COVID-19.

TRANSFUSION CONFUSION: American Red Cross caught mixing vaxxed blood with unvaxxed blood

Image: TRANSFUSION CONFUSION: American Red Cross caught mixing vaxxed blood with unvaxxed blood


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-09-26-american-red-cross-mixxing-vaxxed-blood-unvaxxed.html;

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(Natural News) If you or someone you know requires a blood transfusion, you might want to avoid tapping into the American Red Cross. That is because the group is indiscriminately mixing vaccinated blood with unvaccinated blood, we now know.

The reason this is highly problematic is that vaccinated blood is tainted blood, meaning the recipient will receive all the spike proteins and other toxins produced by the shots in the person who received them.

The Red Cross is basically poisoning the bodies of people who are already sick and in desperate need of clean, healthy blood – not blood that contains whatever was pumped in via Operation Warp Speed.

“We don’t label blood products as containing vaccinated or unvaccinated blood as the Covid-19 vaccine does not enter the bloodstream and poses no safety risks to the recipient,” the Red Cross claims.

“If you have safety concerns about potential blood transfusions, please speak with your medical care team.”

Covid jab spike proteins “wander freely through the bloodstream,” expert says

The issue came to light in response to inquiries about the Red Cross’s involvement in providing care following Hurricane Fiona, which ravaged the island of Puerto Rico.

Some were concerned that the Red Cross might be poisoning people with tainted blood, and it turns out their concerns were warranted.

The social media team at Red Cross apparently missed a recently published study showing that Fauci Flu shots do, in fact, enter the bloodstream and cause serious health problems.

The randomized clinical trial found that the excess risk of serious adverse events is much higher in people whose blood has been tainted with Operation Warp Speed injections.

“In the Moderna trial, the excess risk of serious AESIs (15.1 per 10,000 participants) was higher than the risk reduction for COVID-19 hospitalization relative to the placebo group (6.4 per 10,000 participants),” the study explains.

“In the Pfizer trial, the excess risk of serious AESIs (10.1 per 10,000) was higher than the risk reduction for COVID-19 hospitalization relative to the placebo group (2.3 per 10,000 participants).”

We know that the AESIs with risk ratios higher than one, meaning “elevated risk,” include serious conditions like coagulation disorder, acute respiratory distress syndrome, myocarditis, and pericarditis.

Back in May 2021, another study published in Science explains in further detail how covid injections ultimately do end up in the bloodstream, contrary to the claims of the Red Cross social media team.

“The spike protein is not released to wander freely through the bloodstream by itself, because it has a transmembrane anchor region that (as the name implies) leaves it stuck,” explained Derek Lowe.

“That’s how it sits in the virus itself, and it does the same in human cells.”

Lowe went on to state that covid jab spike proteins rest on the surface of muscle and lymphatic cells up in the shoulder near the site of injection.

“Some of the vaccine dose is going to make it into the bloodstream, of course,” he added.

“But keep in mind, when the mRNA or adenovirus particles do hit cells outside of the liver or the site of injection, they’re still causing them to express Spike protein anchored on their surfaces, not dumping it into the circulation.”

The takeaway from all this is that the American Red Cross can no longer be trusted. Its social media team is flat-out lying to the public about its tainted blood, and readers would do well to take note of this and avoid ever accepting a blood transfusion from the group.

More of the latest news about covid “vaccines” and the damage they cause to the human body can be found at ChemicalViolence.com.

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Wuhan Institute of Virology vice-director EXPOSED as CCP official overseeing biosafety

Image: Wuhan Institute of Virology vice-director EXPOSED as CCP official overseeing biosafety


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-09-27-wuhan-institute-virology-exposed-ccp-official-biosafety.html;

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(Natural News) The place where Covid-19, also known as the Chinese Virus, is believed by some to have originated had as one of its top employees a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) official in charge of the regime’s “international cooperation and biosafety,” we now know.

An unearthed email that was sent back in 2013 fully discloses that Yuan Zhiming, the vice-director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), may have played a critical role in the Wuhan coronavirus and its unleashing back in late 2019.

A trove of documents obtained by U.S. Right to Know through ongoing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) litigation uncovered this latest piece of evidence further linking the CCP to the scamdemic.

Former Senate investigator Paul D. Thacker is credited with making the discovery, while the Galveston National Laboratory is credited with having obtained it for later release as part of the discovery process.

While it is no secret that the CCP was more than likely involved with covid, Yuan’s name is new to the party. His official academic biography conveniently does not mention his role as “Secretary of the Party Committee” at the WIV, nor does it provide any details about his identity as a CCP agent. (Related: Remember when the CCP was caught destroying evidence linking the WIV to the Chinese Virus?)

Galveston National Laboratory head knew what Yuan was doing at the WIV

Publicly available data shows that Yuan was still a director at the WIV as of July 2021, well into the scamdemic. The guy claims to have previously worked at the Pasteur Institute in France, as well as at the Royal Danish Academy of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, the Danish National Institute of Environmental Research, and the University of Illinois.

It is currently unknown whether any of these institutions know that Yuan is a CCP official.

Yuan is also tied to James Le Duc, director of the Galveston National Laboratory in Texas. This facility was built by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which we know operates under the same umbrella as Tony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

“The connections between the Wuhan lab and Le Duc go back to at least 1986 when Le Duc spent a year working at the Wuhan lab,” reported The Epoch Times. “Le Duc later trained Wuhan lab staff at his Galveston lab.”

“Le Duc also knew about Yuan’s true role at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, since the 2013 email that exposed it was in response to a request from Le Duc’s staff to the Institute.”

At the time, Le Duc wanted to set up a meeting with Yuan, whom he referred to as “the director of the biocontainment lab.” In reply, a staff member at the WIV wrote back that there are actually two directors there: the nominal director and the “Secretary of the Party Committee,” the latter referring, of course, to Yuan.

“Like almost all Chinese institutions, the lab had an ostensible director and a CCP praetorian,” the Times added. “Le Duc likely knew that the real power was vested with Yuan, whom he subsequently befriended.”

In another email that was sent at the start of the plandemic on Feb. 9, 2020, Le Duc emailed his “friend” Yuan to ask for an “investigation into the possibility that the Covid outbreak was the result of a release from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

Le Duc asked a number of other questions, including when coronavirus handling first began at the WIV, as well as whether the WIV had conducted gain-of-function experiments on coronavirus samples that might have led to the release of covid.

The latest Chinese Virus news can be found at Pandemic.news.

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Deadly remdesivir COVID protocol was fraudulently FORCED onto patients; attorneys suing multiple hospitals and doctors

- Patients were physically and chemically restrained/imprisoned by multiple hospitals, then killed
- Families of the dead are joining the lawsuit
- Multiple hospitals in California, and DOCTORS are named in this lawsuit
- Hospitals earned over HALF A MILLION DOLLARS per victim
- Many "covid" deaths were actually remdesivir deaths


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