Yazidi woman was raped regularly while kept as a slave by Islamic State jihadis for four years

SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/11/yazidi-woman-was-raped-regularly-while-kept-as-a-slave-by-islamic-state-jihadis-for-four-years;

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The Qur’an teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use (cf. its allowance for a man to take “captives of the right hand,” 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30). The Qur’an says that a man may have sex with his wives and with these slave girls: “The believers must win through, those who humble themselves in their prayers; who avoid vain talk; who are active in deeds of charity; who abstain from sex, except with those joined to them in the marriage bond, or the captives whom their right hands possess, for in their case they are free from blame.” (Qur’an 23:1-6)

The rape of captive women is also sanctioned in Islamic tradition:

Abu Sirma said to Abu Sa’id al Khadri (Allah be pleased with him): O Abu Sa’id, did you hear Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) mentioning al-’azl? He said: Yes, and added: We went out with Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) on the expedition to the Bi’l-Mustaliq and took captive some excellent Arab women, and we desired them, for we were suffering from the absence of our wives, (but at the same time) we also desired ransom for them. So we decided to have sexual intercourse with them by observing ‘azl (Withdrawing the male sexual organ before emission of semen to avoid conception). But we said: We are doing an act whereas Allah’s Messenger is amongst us; why not ask him? So we asked Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him), and he said: It does not matter if you do not do it, for every soul that is to be born up to the Day of Resurrection will be born. (Sahih Muslim 3371)

It is also in Islamic law: “When a child or a woman is taken captive, they become slaves by the fact of capture, and the woman’s previous marriage is immediately annulled.” (Umdat al-Salik O9.13)

The Egyptian Sheikh Abu-Ishaq al-Huwayni declared in May 2011 that “we are in the era of jihad,” and that meant Muslims would take slaves. In a subsequent interview he elaborated:

Jihad is only between Muslims and infidels. Spoils, slaves, and prisoners are only to be taken in war between Muslims and infidels. Muslims in the past conquered, invaded, and took over countries. This is agreed to by all scholars—there is no disagreement on this from any of them, from the smallest to the largest, on the issue of taking spoils and prisoners. The prisoners and spoils are distributed among the fighters, which includes men, women, children, wealth, and so on.

When a slave market is erected, which is a market in which are sold slaves and sex-slaves, which are called in the Qur’an the name milk al-yamin, “that which your right hands possess” [Koran 4:24]. This is a verse from the Qur’an which is still in force and has not been abrogated. The milk al-yamin are the sex slaves. You go to the market, look at the sex slave, and buy her. She becomes like your wife, (but) she doesn’t need a (marriage) contract or a divorce like a free woman, nor does she need a wali. All scholars agree on this point—there is no disagreement from any of them. […] When I want a sex slave, I just go to the market choose the woman I like, and purchase her.

Around the same time, on May 25, 2011, a female Kuwaiti politician, Salwa al-Mutairi, also spoke out in favor of the Islamic practice of sexual slavery of non-Muslim women, emphasizing that the practice accorded with Islamic law and the parameters of Islamic morality.

A merchant told me that he would like to have a sex slave. He said he would not be negligent with her, and that Islam permitted this sort of thing. He was speaking the truth. I brought up [this man’s] situation to the muftis in Mecca. I told them that I had a question, since they were men who specialized in what was halal, and what was good, and who loved women. I said, “What is the law of sex slaves?”

The mufti said, “With the law of sex slaves, there must be a Muslim nation at war with a Christian nation, or a nation which is not of the religion, not of the religion of Islam. And there must be prisoners of war.”

“Is this forbidden by Islam?” I asked.

“Absolutely not. Sex slaves are not forbidden by Islam. On the contrary, sex slaves are under a different law than the free woman. The free woman must be completely covered except for her face and hands. But the sex slave can be naked from the waist up. She differs a lot from the free woman. While the free woman requires a marriage contract, the sex slave does not—she only needs to be purchased by her husband, and that’s it. Therefore the sex slave is different than the free woman.”

In January 2016, a female al-Azhar professor stated that Allah allowed Muslims to rape non-Muslim women in order to humiliate them.

“FIGHT FOR JUSTICE I was raped by Brit ISIS ‘Beatle’ Aine Davis and sold 15 times as sex slave – jihadi monster must face trial in the UK,” by Imogen Braddick and Alan Duncan, The Sun, November 18, 2023:

A BRAVE Yazidi woman claims she was raped by a suspected British ISIS “Beatle” while she was kept as a slave by jihadi monsters in Syria for four years.

Lina – whose name has been changed by The Sun to protect her identity – was held at an ISIS brothel in Raqqa for six months where she says she was raped at least 10 times by London-born Aine Davis.

Davis – who was jailed this week for eight years on terrorism charges – is linked to the ISIS death squad dubbed The Beatles due to their British accents, with Davis suspected of being “Paul”….

In 2014, ISIS militants launched a brutal attack on the Yazidi people – a religious and ethnic minority in northern Iraq….

Some women were handed out as gifts to fighters who took part in the siege, while other women were sold for $50, and children for $35.

Thousands of Yazidis who were kidnapped and kept as slaves by ISIS beasts remain missing, mass graves remain unexhumed, and Iraq has never prosecuted ISIS members for their crimes….

China Recruits BLM to Protest for Slavery

Will the next race riots be Made in China?

SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/china-recruits-blm-to-protest-for-slavery;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Remember how Russia supposedly elected Trump using only the television ad budget of a failed congressional race in Amish country?

The Senate intelligence report actually found that “most of the videos” put up by Moscow “pertained to police brutality and the activist efforts of the Black Lives Matter organization”.

The Russians had created their own Black Lives Matter groups, activists, and protests. Their favorite ‘Black Russian’ hate groups included Marxists who under their “gender non-conforming” leader marched through Atlanta shouting, “Kill the police! To get free, you’ve got to kill the pigs.”

Not to be outdone, the People’s Republic of China decided to join the fun by paying black nationalists to organize rallies against a ban on solar panels produced by its slave laborers.

In a historical irony, black nationalists went out to protest in defense of slavery.

At least two known protests were organized in Washington D.C. where a crowd waved signs outside the White House with terrible slogans like  ‘Solar Panels are Paneless, Leave Them Alone’, and ‘I’m Getting Heated,- Leave My Solar Panels Alone.’ Coverage of a previous rally by an alleged Chinese propaganda outlet claimed that “except for Caucasians, other races are restricted by law in terms of rights, and they even do not have the right to participate in politics.”

The organizer of the first rally has since been identified as Imani Wj Wright, a black nationalist activist who told CNN that he was hired through a gig work site to set up a flash mob. The organizer of the second rally is unknown but a photo displayed on Chinese propaganda sites featured a woman holding up signs related to the Socialist Worker organization. It’s unknown if the British leftist group actually took part in the solar panel protest in Washington D.C.

While the Chinese effort to recruit Black Lives Matter to its cause may seem more amateurish than the Russians, Beijing is slowly picking up on the vocabulary of wokeness. Chinese propaganda coverage of its own protests claimed that “anti-racist educators link racism and white privilege, insisting that they are essentially intertwined concepts—as long as there is any form of racism, a certain form of white privilege will work” and that, “before advocating global peace and democracy, the US should resolve its domestic conflicts and protect people’s livelihood rather than go bare-handed on the world stage.”

That was big of the People’s Republic of China which had responded to the outbreak of the Wuhan Virus by blaming it on African workers and expelling them from hotels and housing to stop the disease. Then there was the time that Communist state television decided to celebrate its relationship with black people by having a Chinese woman in blackface with a fruit basket on her head accompanied by a monkey shouting, “I love Chinese people! I love China!”

And this was Chinese state television actively trying not to be racist.

The Chinese Communist dictatorship obviously doesn’t have any respect for its useful idiots, but this latest revelation is a reminder that black nationalism remains a dangerous fifth column.

There had already been evidence of collusion between Chinese front groups and BLM activists during the race riots of 2020, but here the Communist dictatorship appeared to be recruiting black activists to explicitly campaign for its own economic goals inside the United States.

In 2020, Black Lives Matter riots inflicted the worst enemy assault on American cities since 9/11. It’s not surprising that on seeing the handiwork of the racist domestic terrorist movement China is interested in being in the BLM business. Chinese propaganda outlets have amplified and tried to incite racial conflict after police shootings. Xinhua, a state propaganda outlet, has tweeted out the racist BLM hashtag and showed up to interview people in hot spots.

Chinese diplomats practicing confrontational ‘Wolf Warrior’ diplomacy have used slogans such as, “I can’t breathe” and accused America of racism. This follows an extended history of alliances between Maoists and black nationalists. When Robert F. Williams fled the United States, he headed to Castro’s Cuba, then to China where he wrote and dispatched his propaganda to the United States. In China, Williams tried to form ties between the Nation of Islam and the Communist regime for a joint campaign to overthrow America.

“Let me thank our great leader and teacher, the architect of people’s warfare, Chairman Mao Tse-tung, for his great and inspiring statement in support of our struggle. And to our great Chinese brothers and true revolutionaries throughout the world, we revolutionary Afro-Americans vow that we shall take the torch of freedom and justice into the streets of racist America and we shall set the last great stronghold of Yankee imperialism ablaze with our battle cry of Black Power!” Williams, who is remembered as a civil rights leader, had declared.

Communist China had welcomed a Black Panther delegation led by domestic terrorist Huey P. Newton. “What I experienced in China was the sensation of freedom,” Newton claimed after meeting with Premier Zhou Enlai. It’s a long way from that to paying a few protesters to march around Washington D.C. chanting, “Solar, solar, you are not the controller”.

China is trying to rebuild its relationships with black nationalist groups. The trouble though is that while the PRC is officially Communist, it’s not the brand of brutal revolutionary mass murder that convinced Williams, Newton, and others that the future lay with Maoism, not with Moscow.

Maoist China was able to convince black nationalists that it represented a revolutionary vanguard, but today it all too obviously stands for nothing except a Han Chinese oligarchy. And how better can Beijing demonstrate that than by organizing black nationalists to chant in favor of Chinese slave labor solar panels. While China may not especially excite the “trained Marxists” of BLM, the existence of a fifth column remains an ongoing national security threat.

If Beijing decides to invest enough money in BLMers, the next race riots may be Made in China.

‘Not Enough’: Chicago Suburb Begins Paying Reparations to Black Residents

‘Not Enough’: Chicago Suburb Begins Paying Reparations to Black Residents


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/robert-spencer/2023/07/14/not-enough-chicago-suburb-begins-paying-reparations-to-black-residents-n1710763;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

At long last, justice has come: the Chicago suburb of Evanston, Ill., has begun paying reparations to black residents. So now that historic wrongs have been righted, a new era of racial harmony will dawn in northern Illinois, right? Wrong: one local “civil rights activist” is already complaining that the payouts are too meager and more money is needed. Despite the discontent, however, supporters of the scheme are optimistic, with one even terming it “a test run for the whole country.” Yeah, that’s the problem.

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that Evanston will shell out $25,000 to around 140 black residents of Evanston by the end of this year. This is just a small part of $10 million in reparations payments that the city approved in 2019, so lots more free money is coming. Meanwhile, the party has already begun for sixteen Evanston residents who have already received their dough and are now experiencing the bliss of ancient injustices redressed. These people have been suffering from the racism of the white supremacists in Evanston for a long time; a Thursday report in Slay noted that “individuals must have been at least 18 years old and resided in the city between 1919 and 1969 to qualify for the payments.”

One would think that Evanston would be ringing with hosannas for this dawning of Democrat vote bribery, uh, that is, racial justice, but somehow the joy of equity is still proving to be elusive, at least for some Evanstonians. Alleged civil rights activist Bennett Johnson, according to Slay, is not satisfied at all. He complained about the fact that the city set 1969 as the cutoff year, saying it was “totally arbitrary”; however, that was the year that Evanston passed a fair housing law. The righteous Johnson claimed that black Americans in Evanston continued to be “discriminated” against and “hurt,” and so presumably the payments should extend far beyond 1969.

Slay noted that Johnson “also contended that the payments were not enough.” He said angrily: “I believe that [Evanston is] doing the same thing that we’ve done in the past, downgrading the ability of black people to do things for themselves.” Now wait a minute, Mr. Johnson. Isn’t that exactly what reparations do: downgrade the ability of black people to do things for themselves? Isn’t the very premise of the reparations frenzy the idea that black people have been simply unable to overcome all the racist roadblocks that Whitey has fiendishly put in their way?

Doesn’t the idea of reparations also assume that these roadblocks have remained in place long after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, via innumerable structures of systemic racism that are so insidiously subtle that they can only be discerned by highly-paid instructors in Critical Race Theory? Isn’t the idea of reparations predicated on the assumption that black people can’t do things for themselves and that this is Whitey’s fault, and so Whitey needs to give black people a special boost in the form of a generous cash payout?

Yet Johnson insists: “We could realize that if we don’t let black people control this, we [are] still doing the same thing that we’ve done in the past.” Well, in a certain sense, we are indeed doing the same thing we’ve done in the past, or at least Evanston is. By paying money to black residents, Evanston is paternalistically assuming that they can’t make it on their own. That’s the same sort of assumption that justified slavery and a host of other ills. But this time, Democrats are calling their racism and paternalism “racial justice,” and that makes it all okay.

And where is the money coming from for all this? From taxes, of course. The initial payouts were “supposed to come from marijuana and real estate transfer taxes,” but “marijuana sales tax revenue slowed after the opening of a second dispensary in the city was delayed,” so a non-stoner solution had to be found: “City officials anticipate that the entire program will be funded, in part, due to Evanston’s graduated real estate transfer tax.”

Related: Racist Newsom Won’t Endorse Task Force’s Reparations Recommendation

That’s great, but what happens when white taxpayers begin leaving Evanston in order to avoid being penalized for a crime they did not commit for the benefit of those who were not victimized? If Evanston housing laws were unfair until 1969, that’s a terrible shame, but an Evanston resident who is 65 years old now was all of eleven years old in 1969 and so unlikely to be responsible for all the racism that the racist rednecks of Chicago, the parents, and grandparents of those who attacked Jussie Smollett, inflicted upon the area’s black population.

Justin Hansford of the Thurgood Marshall Civil Rights Center at Howard University was nevertheless happy, saying that Evanston’s reparations scheme was “a test run for the whole country.” Yeah, that’s what’s wrong with it. Reparations efforts are the prelude to wealth redistribution on a larger scale, with money confiscated from those considered undeserving and transferred to those whom the all-knowing, all-powerful state decides ought to have it. Every society where this has been implemented has become impoverished, as wealthy producers either flee or stop producing. Evanston, Illinois, and America in general, will be no different.

The Threat Behind Biden’s Latest Lie~Was the speech written by Jesuit Pope Francis?~The Ominous Reason Why Biden Keeps Repeating His False Claim About a White Supremacist Threat

What happens when everyone who opposes the Left is labeled a white supremacist terrorist?

Biden Decries White Supremacy And Hate In Commencement Address To Howard University


SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/the-threat-behind-bidens-latest-lie/;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Old Joe Biden gave the commencement address at Howard University on Saturday, and as he has done so many times during his presidency, he stoked the flames of racial hatred, resentment, division, and mutual suspicion. That’s par for the course for this conscience-free, senescent corruptocrat, but his words at Howard had an ominous edge that all Americans should not fail to discern. Biden wasn’t just lying, as he always does. He was signaling future plans of his regime.

Biden repeated his frequently repeated lie that Donald Trump had called Nazis “fine people,” and also said: “But on the best days, enough of us have the guts and the hearts to st- — to stand up for the best in us. To choose love over hate, unity over disunion, progress over retreat.  To stand up against the poison of white supremacy, as I did in my Inaugural Address — to single it out as the most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy. And I’m not saying this because I’m at a black HBCU.  I say it wherever I go.”

What’s a “Black HBCU,” Joe? “HBCU” stands for “Historically black colleges and universities,” so our alleged president, who is sharp as a tack and not at all in the throes of advanced dementia, was saying that he was speaking at a “black historically black college and university.” This ridiculous phrase could be the result of Joe’s speechwriter making lazy use of the acronym, but it’s more likely that Biden was going off-script and saying something incoherent. Again.

Old Joe lied yet again when he said that he repeats the lie that white supremacists constitute the nation’s biggest terror threat everywhere he goes, but he has indeed said it before. And not just Biden, but also Gestapo chief Merrick Garland, and the FBI have told us so, and they wouldn’t lie to us, now, would they? In November 2021, FBI and Homeland Security Department officials increased investigations of “domestic extremists,” reiterating the claim that they are today’s foremost terror threat. Yet no matter how often Biden and his henchmen repeat this, actual white supremacist terrorists in any significant numbers have been conspicuously lacking.

Ever so conveniently for Biden, no sooner had he uttered this false claim again at Howard on Saturday than a couple of hundred actual white supremacist terrorists miraculously materialized in Washington. All were young, physically fit men; not a single fat Nazi in the bunch. All wore the same blue shirt and khaki pants uniform, all with their faces covered, and once again, the feds showed no curiosity about who they are and made no attempt to determine where they came from or where they went. This clumsy false-flag operation was widely exposed and ridiculed on Twitter, but conservative writer Chris Brunet pointed out:

“What’s sad about this clip is that everyone here on my side of Twitter instantly knows this is a glowie/fed operation… pure theatre. But it is actually a really effective psyop, they keep doing it, because it works. Ask any normal person on the street, ask your mom, ask your sister, and they will be terrified of this clip and fall for it hook-line-and-sinker.”

The FBI has also been busy fashioning a white supremacist threat in other ways. Whistleblowers have revealed that Old Joe’s pure-as-the-driven-snow FBI has been hard at work pressuring agents to classify cases as “domestic violent extremism” (DVE) when they aren’t, and rewarding them when they do. That’s how you create a white supremacist terror threat.

This revelation came last year in a letter that Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) sent to FBI top dog Christopher Wray. Jordan stated that “from recent protected disclosures, we have learned that FBI officials are pressuring agents to reclassify cases as ‘domestic violent extremism’ even if the cases do not meet the criteria for such a classification.” This was no surprise. This is, after all, the same FBI that investigated angry parents who protested at school board meetings against the imposition of the woke agenda in public schools.

That’s the threat that was contained in Old Joe’s words at Howard. Old Joe said it plainly last September in his ominous red and black speech: “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.” The parents at the school board meetings were just the beginning. This regime aims to criminalize political dissent, and that will require demonizing and stigmatizing fully half of the electorate. Before too long it will be clear that when Biden claims that white supremacists are the biggest terror threat the nation faces, he means ordinary Americans who have never broken any law but who oppose his agenda. If everyone who opposes him is a white supremacist terrorist, then the nation has over a hundred million of them. Arrests and prosecutions on false pretenses will follow. That’s the threat that was contained in his words at Howard.


The Ominous Reason Why Biden Keeps Repeating His False Claim About a White Supremacist Threat


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/robert-spencer/2023/05/16/the-ominous-reason-why-biden-and-his-henchmen-keep-repeating-their-false-claim-about-a-white-supremacist-threat-n1695717;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

As Ben Bartee noted Saturday, Old Joe Biden’s commencement speech at Howard University “included a hearty condemnation of the alleged scourge of White Supremacy™ in America.” In fact, the alleged president called white supremacy “the most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland.” Then on Sunday, Homeland Security Secretary and failed Disinformation Governance Board overlord Alejandro Mayorkas agreed with Old Joe, emphasizing that “domestic violent extremism is our greatest threat right now.” Many other Biden regime officials have said the same thing in the nearly two and a half years now that they have been inflicting themselves upon us. The reason why they keep making this false claim is clear and ominous.

At Howard, Biden first repeated his oft-stated lie that Donald Trump had called Nazis “fine people.” Then he said: “But on the best days, enough of us have the guts and the hearts to st — to stand up for the best in us. To choose love over hate, unity over disunion, progress over retreat. To stand up against the poison of white supremacy, as I did in my Inaugural Address — to single it out as the most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy. And I’m not saying this because I’m at a black HBCU. I say it wherever I go.”

A “black HBCU”? As opposed to all the white historically black colleges and universities, Joe? But anyway, Old Joe’s lie about white supremacists being the nation’s biggest terror threat has also been repeated by Gestapo chief Merrick Garland and the FBI. In November 2021, FBI and Homeland Security Department officials increased investigations of “domestic extremists,” reiterating the claim that they are today’s foremost terror threat.

Yet no matter how often Biden and his henchmen repeat this, actual white supremacist terrorists in any significant numbers have been conspicuously lacking. Yet on MSNBC (of course) Sunday, “journalist” Jonathan Capehart perpetuated the myth, asking Mayorkas: “The president, yesterday at his commencement address for Howard University graduates, called white supremacy the major domestic terrorist threat in this country. Is that correct?”

Mayorkas, of course, answered in the affirmative: “It tragically is. And the terrorism context, domestic violent extremism is our greatest threat right now. Individuals are driven to violence because of ideologies of hate, anti-government sentiment, false narratives, and personal grievances. Regrettably, we have seen a rise in white supremacy. The principle underlying our work is that when one community is targeted, Jonathan, when one community is targeted, we as a country are targeted.”

Note how Mayorkas related “anti-government sentiment” to “white supremacy.” Old Joe revealed the game that is being played here last September when he said in his ominous red and black speech that “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.”

This regime aims to criminalize political dissent, and that will require demonizing and stigmatizing fully half of the electorate. It is increasingly clear that when Biden claims that white supremacists are the biggest terror threat the nation faces, he means ordinary Americans who have never broken any law but who oppose his agenda. If everyone who opposes him is a white supremacist terrorist, then the nation has over a hundred million of them. Arrests and prosecutions on false pretenses will follow. That’s the threat that was contained in his words at Howard.

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And ever so conveniently for Old Joe, no sooner had he uttered this false claim again at Howard on Saturday than a couple of hundred actual white supremacist terrorists miraculously materialized in Washington. All were young, physically fit men; not a single fat Nazi in the bunch. All wore the same blue shirt and khaki pants uniform, all with their faces covered, and once again, the feds showed no curiosity about who they are and made no attempt to determine where they came from or where they went.

This clumsy false-flag operation was widely exposed and ridiculed on Twitter, but conservative writer Chris Brunet pointed out: “What’s sad about this clip is that everyone here on my side of Twitter instantly knows this is a glowing/fed operation… pure theatre. But it is actually a really effective psyop, they keep doing it because it works. Ask any normal person on the street, ask your mom, ask your sister, and they will be terrified of this clip and fall for it hook-line-and-sinker.”

Indeed they will. They still have no idea what game is being played. But as Old Joe’s henchmen continue to move to make it possible for only their point of view to be enunciated in the public square, their objectives will become obvious to everyone.

The Soros Activist at the Heart of California’s $800 Billion Slave Reparations

George Soros succeeds in turning black people against each other.

Citizens Club of Springfield, IL Conversation with IL Supreme Court Justice Lisa Holder White


SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/the-soros-activist-at-the-heart-of-californias-800-billion-slave-reparations/;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

In 2021, the Equal Justice Institute celebrated a settlement with the University of California in which the system agreed to stop using SAT and ACT test scores, objective merit-based metrics, in college admissions, until 2025. The racialist lawsuit claimed that test scores violate the California Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause as “indicators” of race.

The “SAT is a barrier to equal opportunity”, Lisa Holder, a counsel with the Equal Opportunity Institute, claimed.

Like a lot of destructive leftist activists, Lisa Holder received a Soros Justice Fellowship from the radical billionaire’s Open Society Foundation. The similarity in the names of the Equal Justice Society and Soros’ Open Society Foundation is more than strictly coincidental as Soros was one of the EJS’ founding donors.

Beyond drawing six figures in compensation from the Equal Justice Society, Lisa Holder has her own law practice that focuses on racial issues and occasionally draws a check for teaching at UCLA.

Holder is also a member of California’s Reparations Task Force which has proposed to bankrupt the state and its taxpayers with as much as $800 billion in racial reparations in a state that was never a slave state. Among the various aging machine politicians (along with Kamala’s minister) who staff the task force, she may be the most important and effective racial campaigner on it.

Lisa Holder had fought to end California’s ban on racial discrimination through affirmative action in a proposition backed by $1 million from George Soros’ Open Society Policy Center, along with former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, the wife of Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and major corporations and nonprofits. Despite all the billionaires and companies in her corner, Californians turned down the proposition to legalize racial discrimination.

What voters wouldn’t go for, California’s extremist one-party legislature did. Holder claims credit for drafting two bills, AB 241 and 242, which mandated indoctrination in racist woke ideologies for doctors, lawyers, and judges. Implicit bias training has been linked to all sorts of racist ideas and discriminatory practices associated with critical race theory including ‘white privilege’. It has also been shown to encourage medical professionals to dispense treatment and prioritize triage based on race rather than medical need potentially using racial discrimination to kill people.

AB 242 claimed that “all persons possess implicit biases”, but that “most people have an implicit bias that disfavors African Americans and favors Caucasian Americans” and “other socially stigmatized groups, such as Native Americans, immigrants, women, people with disabilities, Muslims, and members of the LGBTQ community”.

Conveniently, Lisa Holder is also a “recognized racial justice scholar and equity consultant”.

The reparations proposal is a whole lot bigger than legalizing racial discrimination through affirmative action or forcing doctors and lawyers to hear about their white privilege.

Racial reparations had also been a longtime Soros cause. In 2021, former Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, since dispatched as Biden’s ambassador to India after an aide’s sexual misconduct scandal, revealed that the Soros network had offered funding for a racial reparations program in Los Angeles. The billionaire’s extremist network has also funded a variety of reparations activists including Nkechi Taifa, a senior policy analyst in the Soros network, described as a “principal player and catalyst in the reparations movement” and a “founding member of the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America”  (N’COBRA)

Taifa is also a commissioner of the National African-American Reparations Commission (NAARC). Another NAARC commissioner, Cheryl Grills, is also a member of the California Reparations Task Force. Jeremiah Wright, the bigoted Obama mentor who cheered 9/11, is an honorary member of NAARC.

While it was a foregone conclusion that the panel would vote themselves millions of dollars, the real controversy within the reparations movement and the dozens of organizations that have sprung up to lobby for free money was whether it would be limited to the descendants of slaves or would be given out to all black people or perhaps all Africans: which might include Elon Musk.

The California task force brought in members from both camps. The National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America has vocally argued that all black people should get reparations. NAARC claims support for this position from BLM and other racist hate groups. That is also N’COBRA’s position. However, groups like the National Assembly of American Slavery Descendants and the American Descendants of Slavery have forcefully made the argument that only the descendants of slaves should be eligible for a check. This is at least legally tenable.

In January, the split commission voted to limit reparations to descendants of slavery by 5 to 4. That is the position of the more established black community and it was championed by chairwoman Kamilah Moore, but opposed by Lisa Holder and Nkechi Taifa. And the debate is still going on with pro-race activists claiming that tracing genealogy is unworkable and that black immigrants should be eligible for reparations because America is so fundamentally racist.

With a $22.5 billion deficit in the state, the difference between limiting reparations to those who can prove that they descended from slaves and everyone with the right skin tone could be massive. The $800 billion estimate widely discussed is based on the state’s over 2 million black residents. Limiting reparations to the descendants of slaves would produce a smaller, but likely still wildly unworkable number.

Cheryl Grills of NAARC condemned the “preoccupation with a dollar figure”, but the dollar figure remains the best argument for those advocating for limiting reparations to those whose ancestors were enslaved along with their contention that purely race-based reparations would be shut down by the courts. The Soros network’s activists however remain committed to universal reparations and $800 billion in payouts.

While the debate has largely played out within the black community, the intervention of the Soros network on the side of the most destructive and impossible position is typical.

The Soros networks, like all leftists, seek destruction, not healing, and making reparations as universal and as unworkable as possible would stimulate the most outrage and anger.

And that would further divide the races and tear apart not only California but America.

George Soros has dedicated his life to dividing people of all nations and backgrounds. With California’s racial reparations, the activists he has supported have turned black people against each other.


SOUTH DAKOTA GOVERNOR Kristi Noem warns Biden wants to ‘enslave’ the U.S.~What Happens When Millions of Gun Owners Become Felons May 31st 2023?

What Happens When Millions of Gun Owners Become Felons May 31st 2023?


SEE: https://www.ammoland.com/2023/04/chairman-jordan-to-atf-what-happens-when-million-gun-owners-become-felons;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

U.S.A. — In a heated exchange during the House Judiciary Committee’s Oversight hearing of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on April 26th, Chairman Jim Jordan questioned ATF Director Steven Dettelbach on the upcoming deadline for pistol brace owners.

On May 31st, 2023, millions of American gun owners could potentially become felons for possessing pistol braces, a fact that Dettelbach acknowledged.

Jordan questioned Dettelbach on the impact that this rule change would have on millions of Americans.

Jim Jordan: “..so you told them [American Gun Owners] not once but twice that it was okay, and I’m just asking does it bother you now that [what] you are doing, that you’re making the change that’s going to impact millions of Americans?”

The ATF Director replied that the rule was necessary to address inconsistencies in the definition of pistol braces. He further explained that specific products get presented for classification, and these products sometimes change. Therefore, the rule change was necessary to ensure consistency.

Jordan then accused Dettelbach of contradicting what ATF had previously told American citizens, and now millions of law-abiding citizens will be impacted by this rule change. Dettelbach denied this accusation, stating that only specific products would be impacted, and those impacted individuals would have several options, including detaching the brace from the firearm and keeping both, attaching the brace to another firearm, removing or destroying the brace, getting a longer barrel, turning in or destroying the firearm, or registering the firearm.

Jordan then asked what would happen to those who do not take any of these actions and let the deadline expire.

Dettelbach replied that it would depend on the facts and circumstances of each case, and if a person were unaware, they would not be prosecuted, even though they were now breaking newly created rules. However, if they were aware, they could potentially become a felon.

Jordan also questioned how the ATF would enforce this rule and questioned Dettelbach whether ATF would inspect people at gun ranges or go to manufacturers and look for lists of people they sold braces to. Dettelbach mumbled something about ATF would consider it as one of the charges when doing a search warrant in a drug case and discovering an unlawful item.

Finally, Jordan asked if the Gun Control Act or the National Firearms Act clearly and unambiguously prohibits pistol braces. Dettelbach replied that it doesn’t prohibit anything and calls for increased controls on short-barreled rifles. Jordan cited a court decision this week in the Sixth Circuit, where the court ruled that the statute does not clearly and unambiguously prohibit bump stocks. In that ruling, the court also stated that for a decade, the ATF maintained that a bump stock was not a machine gun part, and the ATF’s own flip-flop on this position is one of the reasons why the court ruled in favor of those opposing the rule.

The exchange between Jordan and Dettelbach was intense.

The ATF’s flip-flopping on rules and Dettelbach’s inability to answer questions about the impact of the rule change on millions of Americans is a serious issue for American gun owners, whose only crime was following those same rules. The lack of accountability and poor decision-making by a rogue federal agency raises concerns about the risk of law-abiding citizens being turned into felons. The exchange was intense, with Jordan accusing Dettelbach of contradicting himself. At the same time, Dettelbach defended the Biden-ATF’s decision, stating that it was necessary to ensure consistency and address inconsistencies in the definition of pistol braces.


SEE: https://www.ammoland.com/2023/04/congressman-gaetz-grills-atf-director-dettelbach

SEE ALSO: https://www.ammoland.com/2023/04/dems-2023-war-on-guns-continues-battles-in-minnesota-pennsylvania


San Francisco NAACP Unhappy With $5 Million Slavery Reparations Plan


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/rick-moran/2023/03/19/san-francisco-naacp-unhappy-with-5-million-slavery-reparations-plan-n1679640;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

PJ Media’s Stephen Green covered the nearly unbelievable story of San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors Approving 100 recommendations from the African American Reparations Advisory Committee, which included such goodies as a $5 million payout to every eligible black resident, $97,000 a year for the next 250 years, forgiveness of all debts, and the ability to purchase homes in San Francisco for $1.

I’m sure there’s a demand somewhere in those recommendations that every white male practice self-flagellation and wear sackcloth and ashes for a year.

But the NAACP isn’t happy with the plan.

Amos Brown, the president of the SF NAACP and pastor of the Third Baptist Church supports the idea of reparations but criticized how the city is handling the draft plan.

NBC Bay Area:

According to the SF NAACP, the much talked-about lump sum $5 million payment is not likely to be put in action by the city and is therefore giving Black residents of San Francisco false hopes.

“Not one member of that board said ‘we support reparations with cash payments.’ And with a definite plan of how to do it. And a timeline of how to do it,” said Brown.

A draft of that plan, put out by The African American Reparations Advisory Committee in December, currently has over 100 recommendations for how San Francisco can address the legacies of systemic racism in the city. Some of the most notable are a one-time payment of $5 million to eligible adults, guaranteed annual incomes of at least $97,000, and $1 homes for African-American families.

The organization added that it supports cash payments, but called the $5 million “an arbitrary number” in a news release. It said “the payments should have a public rationale for the dollar amount and a method for how the money will be allocated.”

Who knew that “restorative justice” could be so expensive?

Of course, $5 million is “arbitrary.” What else could it be? Putting a price tag on slavery is idiotic. How do you price the abominable “middle passage”? How do you price the indignity of being treated like cattle? How do you value a lifetime of work with little pay?

There’s more, but you get the picture. The real problem is advancing the idea of collective guilt — specifically, the collective guilt of a single race.

History tells us there’s enough guilt to go around when it comes to the slave trade. And if we’re going to hand out reparations for black slavery, why not go after the Italians or Greeks for the slaves their ancestors kept 2,000 years ago? Or the slaves kept by the Aztecs? Or black African tribes?

Slavery is a timeless evil, and to arbitrarily single out black slavery for reparations as it was practiced in North America 200 years ago is massively unfair. The SF NAACP had it exactly right. Any price tag you put on slavery is arbitrary and, therefore, an injustice.

YOUR MONEY IS NOT SAFE! – Cashless BAIL-INS & What It Means For You!

Josh Sigurdson talks with Kirk Elliott Ph.D. about the most recent moves to destroy financial freedom as we see a massive global currency shift for the history books in 2023 and the creation of a cashless society.

As the Federal Reserve moves to launch its digital currency this year, we also see members of the FDIC openly calling for misleading the public about their lack of actual funds as well as pushing for bail-in regimes where they could essentially just empty your bank account to pay for their debts. This is an alarming development for most, but for many of us, it is simply a vindication of what we've been warning about for years.

Tie this in with a new world reserve currency system like BRICS and the energy crisis teamed with a supply chain crisis and inflation and it's the perfect monetary storm.

In this video, Kirk Elliott Ph.D. breaks down the dangers and the solutions to this epic problem and what people should know right now to save themselves from what's to come.

Biden apologizes to African leaders for the ‘unimaginable cruelty’ of slavery, pledges $55 billion for Africa


SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2022/12/biden-apologizes-to-african-leaders-for-the-unimaginable-cruelty-of-slavery-pledges-55-billion-for-africa;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

When did Biden own slaves? How can he apologize for something he had nothing to do with? Biden and other American Leftists act as if the United States invented slavery or were somehow uniquely implicated in it. I’m sure that during his meeting with African leaders he didn’t mention that the slaves were sold to the slave traders by their fellow Africans, many of whom were Muslims selling non-Muslim captives.

“‘My nation’s original sin’: Biden apologizes to a delegation of African leaders for the ‘unimaginable cruelty’ of slavery and offers them $55billion – as Rwandan president mocks US in front of laughing crowd,” DailyMail.com, December 15, 2022:

Joe Biden on Wednesday apologized for the ‘unimaginable cruelty’ of slavery, which he referred to as America’s ‘original sin’, and pledged $55 billion in investment to the continent.

Speaking during a gathering of almost all African leaders in Washington DC – the first since Barack Obama convened a summit in 2014 – Biden expressed regret for the past, but insisted: ‘The United States is all in on Africa’s future.’

During a White House dinner honoring African leaders and their spouses, Biden addressed what he called America’s ‘original sin’ – the enslavement of millions of people – and honored their descendants and the broader African diaspora community in the United States.

‘Our people lie at the heart of the deep and profound connection that forever binds Africa and the United States together,’ he said.

‘We remember the stolen men and women and children were brought to our shores in chains, subjected to unimaginable cruelty.’

Singer Gladys Knight later serenaded Biden and the visiting leaders with a performance in the White House State Dining Room.

The White House announced that $55 billion was being directed to Africa in the areas of health, climate change, trade and women’s initiatives – but the money was met with scorn by some.

Paul Kagame, the president of Rwanda, was asked earlier on Wednesday whether the 2014 summit yielded concrete results.

‘Well, at least we had a good meeting,’ he replied, to laughter from those assembled.

Biden’s outreach attempt was seen by many as a way of limiting the power of China, which has invested more in Africa than any other nation.

Beijing has held its own high-level meetings with African leaders every three years for over two decades.

Chinese trade with Africa is about four times that of the United States, and Beijing has become an important creditor by offering cheaper loans – often with opaque terms and collateral requirements – than Western lenders….

Webinar | UNRESTRICTED WARFARE | Emperor Xi’s Colonial Build-out: The Belt and Road Gambit for Enslaving the World » Committee on the Present Danger: China

SEE: https://presentdangerchina.org/webinar-emperor-xis-colonial-build-out-the-belt-and-road-gambit-for-enslaving-the-world/;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

SEE: https://rumble.com/v1ri10m-webinar-emperor-xis-colonial-build-out-the-belt-and-road-gambit-for-enslavi.html

Emperor Xi’s Colonial Build-out:
The Belt and Road Gambit for Enslaving the World

The fall of Brazil to Lula da Silva, a Communist former president previously convicted and incarcerated on bribery charges, ensures that the colonization by China of Latin America’s biggest country and economy began on his previous watch will move forward inexorably. Unfortunately, Brazil’s enslavement is being replicated in over 140 countries around the world under the banner of Xi Jinping’s so-called “Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).”

The extraordinary level of penetration globally of the BRI is attributable to the CCP’s tempting promises of vast investments in the targeted nation’s infrastructure and its seductive financing arrangements, often accompanied by bribes of the relevant host-country officials. As a growing number of BRI participants have learned the hard way, however, what amount to Chinese pay-day loans cannot be sustained over time, allowing Beijing to foreclose upon and seize the ports, rail or road networks, seaports, electric grids, telecommunications systems, etc. that it has constructed.

Later, if not sooner, the Chinese Communists will be able to utilize these sorts of assets not just to dominate the country in question and some or all of the region in which it is located. Even more ominously, the CCP will have the option to make use of such infrastructure to project power internationally. Should it do so, a conflict with China could readily become global in scale.

This webinar in the CPDC “Unrestricted Warfare” series examines where Emperor Xi has insinuated his Belt and Road colonial infrastructure build-out; the negative impact it is having on participating nations; the strategic implications for the national security of the United States and other freedom-loving nations; and what must be done to counter this surpassingly problematic attack-vector in the CCP’s unrestricted warfare against America.


- Frank Gaffney, executive chairman of the Center for Security Policy, host of Securing America with Frank Gaffney on Real America’s Voice Network, and vice-chair for the Committee on the Present Danger: China


- Steven Mosher: President, Population Research Institute, Author, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Pandemics,” and “Bully of Asia: Why China’s Dream is the New Threat to World Order” – Topic: “The Belt and Road Initiative: A Threat Assessment”

- Joseph Humire: Executive Director of the Center for a Secure Free Society, Former Director of Institute Relations at the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, Author of “Iran’s Strategic Penetration of Latin America” –Topic: “The CCP’s Colonization of Latin America”

- Dr. Stephen Blank, Ph.D.: Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy Research Institute; former Professor, Army War College; Author, “Light from the East: Russia’s Quest for Great Power Status in Asia” – Topic: “The CCP’s Colonization of Russia”

- Se Hoon Kim: Director of the Captive Nations Coalition for the Committee on the Present Danger: China – Topic: “The CCP’s Colonization of Asia”

- Christine Douglass-Williams: Nine-time award-winning journalist and television producer; former Director, Canadian Race Relations Foundation – Topic: “The CCP’s Colonization of Canada”

- Nathan Carson: Vice President, Chemical Dynamics, Inc., an expert on food security, fertilizer industry, and supply chain management – Topic: “The CCP’s Colonization of the United States”



New Jersey Elementary School Ditches Founding Father From Its Name


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/chris-queen/2022/08/21/new-jersey-elementary-school-ditches-founding-father-from-its-name-n1622779;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The movement to erase history because great figures from the past didn’t comport to the sensibilities of the modern left continues to roll on. The latest example of this comes from an elementary school in New Jersey that is renaming itself because its namesake is a slaveholding founding father.

Thomas Jefferson Elementary School in South Orange, N.J. will rename itself for Delia Bolden, the first black female high school graduate in the area. The student body chose Bolden’s name from a list that included names of notable people with local connections and generic names not tied to a person.

The school district claims that students led the initiative to rename their school, although it’s hard to imagine a group of kids on the playground saying, “You know, that Thomas Jefferson sure was problematic.”

According to a report from Fox News, one school board member appears to have started the conversation over the summer.

“I want to make that point that Thomas Jefferson owned over 600 slaves,” board member Qawi Telesford said at a June meeting on the issue. “He freed two while he was alive and seven after he died, which basically means I have a 1.5% chance of being free in Thomas Jefferson’s world. So, I am not thankful to him. I am thankful to the people who made sure that I could actually be free and be on the board with you today.”

“Seeing the work that (the students) did, I think, exceeded the expectations of all of us who participated in that conversation, when that was the final outcome, to really engage our students and make this a real-life civics lesson with really strong connections to governance,” stated Superintendent Ronald Taylor about the decision.

If there’s an upside to the decision, it’s that the students chose to name the school after someone who grew up in the school system.

Our founding fathers and other historical figures weren’t perfect, but their failings shouldn’t eclipse the great things they achieved. Here’s hoping the tide of historical revisionism and the erasure of important American figures come to an end sooner rather than later.

Everything is Worse, and You are Just Supposed to Take It~Lower your expectations, serfs.


SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2022/08/everything-worse-and-you-are-just-supposed-take-it-kurt-schlichter/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

If you peasants can be convinced to settle for less, that would sure be convenient for our garbage ruling caste since it has proven itself utterly incapable of even marginal performance in achieving merely the bare minimum standards of its job. Do you have security? How about prosperity? Does the future look bright?


No, everything is much, much worse now than it was just a few years ago, and you are insane, stupid, and/or an insurrectionist for merely noticing, much less saying so. It's all a conspiracy theory, the "conspiracy" is seeing and talking about what everyone sees is happening right in front of us. 

Speaking of worse, why are 90% of airplane passengers complete idiots starting the moment they get on board? 

This is a free preview of my weekly VIP column. But we have a special offer for YOU! If you are not a member yet (and you should be), join VIP GOLD today. Use promo code KURTBOOK, and Townhall will send you a signed copy of my new book, "We'll Be Back: The Fall and Rise of America(in addition to giving you 10% off your membership). 

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Now, enjoy the rest of this column... 

Lower Your Expectations, Serfs

You are asking for too much, you terrible person. You want cheap gas and a functioning supply chain, air conditioning and not to eat bugs. But most of all, you expect the elite to actually do its job, and for that, you are terrible. And racist. 

Bums litter our streets figuratively and – in ghastly form – literally. Criminals run rampant unmolested by the gendarmes, who have been told – expressly and impliedly – to let the crooks be. Our economy is sensational, groovy, glorious – except for the inflation and the hollowing out of your 401K. Try to buy a house instead of renting – just try. 

The globalist elite has failed in doing what we want, but it seems to be doing what it wants. It is gathering power and payoffs unto itself, and that is precisely the goal. If we are worrying about feeding our families – and they control the food – then we are less likely to get uppity and demand that our elite not suck. 

The problem for them is that, at least in America, we still have some power to change things without conflict. But elsewhere, where the path to peaceful change is blocked by undemocratic regimes, it's getting ugly. In Sri Lanka, where the government decided to ban fertilizer because some Davos nimrods wished to appease an angry weather goddess, they rebelled. In Holland, the Dutch farmers are rebelling in order to save their farms from a similar fate. But in Canada, the truckers rebelled, and they were crushed. Now, Trudeaussolini is trying the same fertilizer scam. Who had "Famine in Manitoba" on his 2022 bingo card? 

And here in America, they tried to ban modern guns. I wonder why. 

The real defining election issue for the next couple of decades is going to be whether we choose to move into a future of shared prosperity, where everyone lives free and safe and well, or toward the WEF feudalism model where we own nothing, have no freedom, and obey our unaccomplished overlords. That is how we need to put it. If you vote for a Democrat, you vote for tampon shortages and auto burglaries, at least for the time being until they ban private automobiles. Oh, and let's not forget mutilating your kid both mentally with CRT and physically with surgery via elite gender nonsense. 

They really do hate you, and they really do want you dead or enslaved. And until every Republican politician gets that, until they learn what time it is, we're going to merely manage the decline instead of going on the counter-offensive and wreaking these people and their trash ideology once and for all. 

Are People on Planes Getting Dumber?

Yes, definitely. 

I have had to fly a lot in recent weeks in connection with my new non-fiction book, "We'll Be Back: The Fall and Rise of America" – six weeks, six trips. One thing has become abundantly clear. People are getting dumber, and there's no better demonstration than taking a flight. 

First of all, flights are unbelievably expensive. It's incredible. An economy ticket is what a first-class fare would have been when Trump was in office, and now a first-class ticket requires your firstborn. And for some reason, the crews now feel like they have to talk to you all the time. Safety briefing? Fine. But I don't need the pilot's musings on his thoughts about life. Fly the damn plane. If we're hitting turbulence, warn us. Tell us when we are arriving. Otherwise, silence. I want to sit there and stew unharangued.

And no, I do not need to hear about your wonderful credit card offers or be warned not to drink my own booze – like every normal person, I hit the bar before I fly instead of sneaking snorts of McCallan in my seat like a teen raiding dad's liquor cabinet. Here's one idea, though. Adequate ground staffing so that there is more than one person checking luggage for 300 people. It's like every flight is a surprise – "Gee, who would have thought a 777 would hold a lot of people?" 

And the passengers… cue the circus music. Look, I don't think you need a top hat and tails to fly, but a lot of these people dress like hobos who got vomited up by other hobos. The boarding process is a parade of muffin tops and tacky tatts. Thanks for the glimpse of your pierced navel, lady – here's an idea: Wear a shirt.

Carry-on luggage…who is unaware that bin space is tight and that your steamer trunk won't fit? Check your damn bags, people. I was consigned to steerage once, and this dude from some bizarre foreign country is sitting there and in the foot space where my feet go is this giant lute – I think it was an oud. And he looks at me like I'm the idiot when I say, "Hey, you need to get your blanking oud out of my seat." We did not chat on the flight, so some good came of it. 

Crying kids. I get it. Been there. Crying kids are part of life, and we need to deal. I am not complaining about that. We need strong young to fight communists, so children should be encouraged and parents rewarded instead of hassled. But you don't have to let your kid sing a song. Unless it is "Love Will Tear Us Apart" or "Anarchy in the UK" – that would rock. 

Then there are the masked people with their masked children. I don't wear masks because I am a man, so I get dirty looks when they have to sit around me. Drones. Oh, and another thing – do not have long, loud cell chats as we board. "Hi, getting on the plane. Call you when I land." That is the totality of an appropriate cell call on a plane, not some lengthy digression about how Lou in marketing was telling Sheila to get her TP46 forms organized, but she thought he said TP47 forms, and shenanigans ensued. Just sit there on the plane in uncomfortable silence as Team Dumbass tries to figure out how storage bins work. 

Rant complete.



Now James Madison’s Home Gets an Anti-American Makeover


CEO of the Carlyle Group Co, David Rubenstein, at a session

CEO Series Special Edition: Bret Baier and David Rubenstein

Not Just Jefferson: Now James Madison’s Home Gets an Anti-American Makeover


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/culture/robert-spencer/2022/07/17/not-just-jefferson-now-james-madisons-home-gets-an-anti-american-makeover-n1613542;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

It’s clear now: the Left has embarked upon a concerted effort to rewrite American history and make Americans ashamed of our heritage at the very sites where it should be most celebrated. Last Sunday I reported that Thomas Jefferson’s home has been taken over by Leftist America-haters, and they didn’t stop there: now the same woke revisionists have gotten their clutches on the home of James Madison, and it’s easy to see why they would want to target the fourth president. He is, after all, known as the Father of the Constitution.

Madison’s home has the feel of having been taken over by an invading army, and in a certain sense, it has been. The New York Post reported Saturday that at Montpelier, Madison’s Virginia plantation, “not a single display focuses on the life and accomplishments of America’s foremost political philosopher, who created our three-branch federal system of government, wrote the Bill of Rights and the Federalist Papers, and served two terms as president. Instead, blindsided tourists are hammered by high-tech exhibits about Madison’s slaves and current racial conflicts, thanks to a $10 million grant from left-leaning philanthropist David M. Rubenstein.”

Rubenstein is no ordinary philanthropist. The Post has noted that he is behind the woke-ification of Jefferson’s Monticello also, forking over $20 million for that. Oh, and here’s a shocker: Rubenstein is “on the boards of the globalist World Economic Forum, China’s Tsinghua University, and the Council on Foreign Relations, among others.” Who could have guessed?

And so now the hapless visitors to Montpelier plunk down $35 for the privilege of seeing only three of the 22 rooms in Madison’s mansion. The tour guides have much more important things on their mind at James Madison’s house than anything so bourgeois and trivial as showing you James Madison’s house. According to one “10-minute multi-screen video,” the “Hurricane Katrina flooding, the Ferguson riots, incarceration, and more all trace back to slavery.” On the grounds, “dozens of interactive stations seek to draw a direct line between slavery, the Constitution, and the problems of African Americans today.”

In one exhibit, visitors learn that every last one of the nation’s first eighteen presidents, including John Adams, who fiercely opposed slavery, and Abraham Lincoln, who ended it altogether, actually “benefited from slavery in some way” and are thus to be condemned. In the gift shop’s children’s section, you’ll find American classics on the order of Ibram X. Kendi’s Antiracist Baby and Chelsea Clinton’s She Persisted.

Meanwhile, the only material you’ll find about the Constitution at the home of the Father of the Constitution “appears in a display that pushes the claim, championed by the controversial 1619 Project, that racism was the driving force behind the entire American political system.”

Related: Thomas Jefferson’s Home Has Been Taken Over by Leftist America-Haters

Montpelier, says a tour guide, “made Madison the philosopher, farmer, statesman, and enslaver that he was.” It’s surprising that they put “enslaver” fourth instead of first, as that’s the primary lesson one takes from today’s Montpelier tour. One visitor noted bitterly that even the American flag doesn’t fly at Montpelier: “On the Fourth of July, we drove four hours to visit the home of the ‘Father of the Constitution.’ You could not find a flag with a search warrant. Very odd. Rather we were treated to a one-hour Critical Race Theory experience disguised as a tour. As one tour member said ‘I’m surprised Madison had time to write the Constitution as he was abusing his “enslaved Americans” full-time.’ Pathetic and insulting experience.”

Another visitor called the tour “historically inaccurate and highly biased,” and added, “But the worst part were the gross historical inaccuracies and constant bias exhibited by the tour guide. This is a historic house owned by James Madison, who probably did more to bring the US Constitution to life than any other person. And given the times and his economic status he owned slaves. Both are worthy of discussion, but not at all the balance we got on this tour. Constant discussion of slaves, including a genetically disproven story that one of them had a child by him.”

“I was kind of thinking we’d be hearing more about the Constitution,” said another tourist. “But everything here is really about slavery.”

Board member Mary Alexander said that what made Madison distinctive and great was being ignored: “There were hundreds of thousands of slave owners. But not hundreds of thousands who wrote the Constitution.”

But sanity and patriotism aren’t likely to return to Montpelier anytime soon. Alexander said that new board members at the National Trust for Historic Preservation, which owns Montpelier, want to turn it into “a black history and black rights organization that could care less about James Madison and his legacy.” 

Don’t expect help from Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin; the Post reports that he “refused to comment on Rubenstein's donation — although the two were close allies at the Carlyle Group investment firm, where both made their fortunes.”

So what can be done, when those who would have us hate Madison, and America, have all the money and all the power? What is to become of a nation where, whenever one visits the home of one of its founding figures, one hears about what evil oppressors they were? Nothing good.


SEE ALSO: https://philanthropynewsdigest.org/news/david-rubenstein-pledges-10-million-for-jefferson-memorial-upgrades

SEE OUR PREVIOUS POST: https://ratherexposethem.org/2022/07/12/jeffersons-monticello-is-woke-wants-you-to-hate-jefferson/

Thomas Jefferson slammed by woke tour guides:

Slavery at Jefferson's Monticello: Descendants reflect on landmark exhibition

More than one million people visited this thought-provoking exhibition while it was on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History between January and October 2012. The landmark exhibition Slavery at Jefferson's Monticello: Paradox of Liberty was organized by Monticello and the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture. Descendants of enslaved men and women who lived and worked at Monticello reflect on the exhibition opening.

Jefferson’s Monticello Is Woke, Wants You to Hate Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson slammed by woke tour guides:

Brownstone Institute founder Jeffrey Tucker explains what he experienced when he toured Thomas Jefferson's Monticello estate on July 4.

SEE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0pk8m0bYak


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/culture/robert-spencer/2022/07/10/thomas-jeffersons-home-has-been-taken-over-by-leftist-america-haters-n1611824;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

“Who controls the past controls the future,” writes George Orwell in 1984. “Who controls the present controls the past.” Were he with us today, Orwell would be getting tired of being right all the time, but he has just been proven right again: Thomas Jefferson’s famed mansion Monticello has been turned into a fount of woke propaganda that denigrates Jefferson and treats unsuspecting visitors to an over-the-top orgy of victimhood and white guilt regarding slavery. The Left hates America and wants very much for you to hate it, too.

Jeffrey Tucker of the libertarian Brownstone Institute said Saturday that “the whole thing has the feel of propaganda and manipulation. People on my tour seemed sad and demoralized.” That’s exactly the goal, Mr. Tucker: make Americans sad and demoralized and vulnerable to those who would have them believe that this nation has been evil from the beginning and is in drastic need of a thorough overhauling of its political system and society in general. Tucker added that when he was at Monticello, his guide was “surly and dismissive” of Jefferson’s remarkable achievements.

Monticello is no longer about Mr. Jefferson’s achievements. According to the New York Post, Monticello’s “new emphasis is the culmination of a 10-year effort to balance the historical record, officials of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, the nonprofit that owns the estate, have said.” “Balance the historical record”: that’s a calculated and clever way of saying “Do everything we can to denigrate Thomas Jefferson and make those who admire him enough to visit his home come out hating him.”

Accordingly, the Post reports, “visitors complain that employees go out of their way to belittle Jefferson and his life.” One visitor wrote on Facebook that “the tour guides play ‘besmirchment derby,’ never missing a chance to defame this brilliant, complex man.” Another wrote: “Always enjoyed visiting Monticello in the past. The workers are super friendly and helpful. Unfortunately on this guided tour, we were lectured more on slaves and Sally Hemmings than the man himself. Half of the comments on Jefferson were critical. I expected for, the price, to have enjoyed it more. Even my 11 yr old daughter noticed the bias. We all are aware of the tragedy of slavery during the early part of this country’s history. Please center your presentations on the man and his accomplishments rather than promoting guilt.” Not a chance.

A third visitor said: “Visited a few years ago and had a great experience and got to learn a lot about Thomas Jefferson. This time every video slandered his name and the entire focus was on his mistress. Very disappointing and shocking to see how they are trying to rewrite history to make it seem like the founding fathers were terrible immoral creatures that happened to start a country.” Ah yes, now you’re getting the idea.

At this point, Monticello might as well be renamed Guilt Plantation. The Post noted that even the ticket booth to the place gets into the act: it’s “decorated with a contemporary painting of Jefferson’s weeping slaves.” In Jefferson’s music room, “a grim modern painting of a faceless figure with a matte black head now looms over the room, positioned so that it directly confronts visitors as they enter the mansion.” This masterpiece, according to Monticello guide Susan Woodward, was “commissioned in honor of Juneteenth” and was intended to be “quite provocative.” A card next to this painting explains that its “hands and face of featureless tar” are meant to signify “the faceless lives of all who served in bondage, witnessing but never recognized.”

Related: Thomas Jefferson Statue Removed From NYC Council Chambers

Meanwhile, “guides begin their outdoor tours of Monticello’s gardens and grounds by invoking the Native Americans who once lived on the land.” A placard asks: “Is ‘all men are created equal’ being lived up to in our country today? When will we know when it is?” In the gift shop, visitors can pick up books by race grievance propagandists Ibram X. Kendi and Ta-Nehisi Coates. The Farm Shop store offers five books about Jefferson’s slaves, as compared to only one about Jefferson himself.

Not surprisingly, “The Thomas Jefferson Foundation is run by a roster of big-money Dem donors and former Democratic officials.” Monticello’s descent “has largely been funded by left-leaning philanthropist David M. Rubenstein, who donated $20 million toward that effort in 2015. Rubenstein is “on the boards of the globalist World Economic Forum, China’s Tsinghua University, and the Council on Foreign Relations, among others.” Now it’s beginning to become clear why all this is happening.

The endgame is not just to make Americans despise Thomas Jefferson, but to make the average American ashamed of being American. That’s what this has been about from first to last. If the complexities of human experience have to be obliterated in the process, with cartoonish one-dimensional heroes and villains put in their place, so be it. We cannot celebrate Jefferson for all that he did to lay the groundwork for the freest society the world has ever seen. We cannot see him as a remarkable but flawed human being who was exemplary in some ways but not in others.

What’s more, the reason why the Left hates him with such burning intensity is not that he was a slave owner. Leftists love Fidel Castro, who enslaved an entire nation. They love all manner of authoritarians, totalitarians, and mass murderers. They’ve never minded the eggs that have to be broken to make their socialist omelets.

No, the real reason why the Left hates Thomas Jefferson is for all the things for which he should rightly be celebrated: Because he fought against tyranny. Because he helped create a free republic. Because he placed statements in those founding documents that would ultimately lead multitudes of the citizens of the new nation to believe that slavery was wrong and immoral and give their lives to bring about its abolition.

Jefferson is just the sort of man whom the fascist thugs of Antifa, busy smearing ACAB on the sides of buildings and hurling obscenities at police in pursuit of their vision of socialist utopia, and their moneyed backers would despise and fear. They want a docile American populace, frightened into submission to their authoritarian vision. The example of Thomas Jefferson could inspire Americans instead to pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to preserve our hard-won freedoms. Can’t have that. Jefferson’s name must be made anathema to Americans.


“Juneteenth” Was Not the End of Slavery


SEE: https://thenewamerican.com/juneteenth-was-not-the-end-of-slavery/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

As President Joe Biden was only able to sign into law the observation of “Juneteenth” (June 19) as an official holiday of the United States two days before the date last year, this year was the first year that the holiday was fully observed across the country. While Juneteenth is often celebrated as the end of slavery, slavery did not actually end in the United States until the ratification of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution several months later.

Like other federal holidays that fall on Sunday, this holiday is observed today, the following Monday.

In addition to this historical inaccuracy, the new holiday has several other problems, perhaps chief of which is its official name of Juneteenth National Independence Day. Representative Thomas Massie of Kentucky was one of only 14 members of the House of Representatives to vote against the new holiday, and he explained his principal objection: “(N)aming this day ‘national independence day’ will create confusion and push Americans to pick one of those two days as their independence day based on their racial identity. Why can’t we name this ‘emancipation day’ and come together as Americans?”

Representative Chip Roy of Texas expressed it similarly. “This name [of national independence day] needlessly divides our nation on a matter that should bring us together by creating a separate Independence Day.”

The Emancipation Proclamation of President Abraham Lincoln is what has caused the confusion as to when slavery came to an end in the United States. It is commonly believed today, contrary to the historical evidence, that the North and South simply lined up and fought a four-year war to settle the issue of slavery, with Union soldiers fighting a grand crusade to end slavery and Confederate soldiers ready to die to keep their slaves.

In reality, the war was fought over the question of whether a state had a legal right to secede and leave the Union. Both Lincoln and Congress explicitly said early in the conflict that the war was not being fought to end slavery, but rather to keep the southern states from leaving the Union. When Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteers to enforce the tariff in the South, he did not call for an invasion to free any slaves. When Lincoln issued his call for volunteers, which did lead to the Civil War, more states where slavery was legal were still in the Union than were out.

So why do so many people — probably a majority — believe that the War was fought to end slavery?

When the War dragged on for several months, with the Confederates winning more battles than they lost, it began to look as though the Confederate States of America would become an independent nation. By the fall of 1862, Great Britain (and France) were poised to recognize the new nation. In desperation, Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation to prevent that possibility.

But had he proclaimed the freedom of slaves in states that were still in the Union — Missouri, Maryland, and Kentucky — those states might very well have seceded, as well. So Lincoln “threaded the needle,” so to speak. He ordered slaves freed in states that did not recognize his executive authority (i.e., the Confederacy), while leaving them enslaved in those states that recognize him as their president.

Even if Lincoln’s executive order had been legal — which it was not — it would have freed no one.

But it was enough to keep Britain and France out of the War since they did not want to be seen as supporting slavery.

Despite these historical facts, many today believe that the Civil War was fought to abolish slavery and Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation completed that objective. (The absurdity that the War was fought to end slavery should be clearly seen by the Emancipation Proclamation itself. After all, if the war was being waged, from the beginning, to end slavery, why issue the Emancipation Proclamation a year and a half into the war?) This falsehood has slandered the hundreds of thousands of Confederate soldiers who fought in the war, with many of their own descendants damning them for supposedly fighting to keep human beings in bondage. The reality is that only a tiny minority of soldiers had any slaves at all.

If Lincoln had no legal authority to issue the Emancipation Proclamation, and the war was not fought to end slavery, then just what did end it?

The legal end of slavery was a result of the 13th Amendment, ratified on December 6, 1865, months after June 19, 1865 — the date now celebrated in American law as Juneteenth National Independence Day.

So what did happen on June 19, 1865? That was the day that General Gordon Granger led his Union troops into Galveston, Texas, and announced that the Civil War was now over and the slaves were free, basing his decree on the executive order known as the Emancipation Proclamation.

When Granger arrived in Galveston, the slaves there were apparently unaware of Lincoln’s executive order. Slave owners living in the Confederate States of America, in which Lincoln was not recognized as president, had mostly ignored the order until federal troops implemented it by force.

Following Granger’s announcement, some ex-slaves continued working on the farms of their former masters, only now for wages, or for room and board. Many eventually became — along with poor whites in the economically devastated post-war South — “sharecroppers,” in which a portion of their crops was used as a substitute for rent payments (money being exceptionally scarce in the former Confederate States). Most probably fled the farm on which they had been enslaved, taking employment elsewhere — if they could find it.

But at least they were free, and that is no doubt something to celebrate. As former slaves and their descendants spread out across the South, they would spread the story of General Granger’s proclamation on June 19. Combining the two words led to the term Juneteenth. The day was celebrated with church picnics, speeches, and reminiscences.

Certainly, the end of slavery in the United States is something to celebrate. But it should not detract from the great principles of liberty enshrined in our Declaration of Independence, which made the freeing of American slaves even possible and has led to greater freedom for all Americans.

Hopefully, the celebration of Juneteenth will not lead to any de-emphasis on America’s Independence Day on the Fourth of July.

“I’m Not Even Sure We Can Make It To November” Says Wayne Allyn Root

MUST SEE: National Talk Show Host Sir Wayne Allyn Root Joins Ben Armstrong in a discussion about the future of America.

World Economic Forum believes people are “useless eaters,” and views their “brains and bodies” as product that can be hacked, controlled and discarded

The Easiest People to Manipulate Are People That Believe In Free Will

God Is Dead It Just Takes a while to Get Rid of His Body

"We Don't Need to Wait for Jesus Christ" In Order to Overcome Death


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-05-02-world-economic-forum-believes-people-useless-eaters.html;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) One of the brains behind The World Economic Forum (WEF), is the self-proclaimed prophet, Yuval Noah Harari. He believes in the Great Reset, transhumanism, culling the population, and using a global government to control humanity at the bio-metric level. He is praised by Bill Gates, Barack Obama Mark Zuckerberg, and Klaus Schwab, leader of the WEF.

Harari talks about “useless human beings” who do not have meaning or purpose. He said the greatest fake news is the Bible. He said Christianity is wrong, that humans are here on Earth for “nothing.” “Jesus Christ is fake news,” be balked. He believes there is “no great cosmic plan” that humans have a role to play in. Instead, he views humans as “useless eaters” who can be hacked and manipulated using digital surveillance under their skin.

He also believes in culling the population. “What do we need so many humans for?” he is quoted as saying while promoting his latest book.

Meet Yuval Noah Harari, a trans-humanist who wants to hack and manipulate human populations

In a recent interview, Harari said the world is entering a new industrial revolution, but the products will not be physical goods. Harari said science, technology, and industry’s greatest challenge of the 21st century will be “to try to gain control of the world inside us, to learn how to engineer and produce bodies and brains and minds.” He says these are likely to be the “main products” of the 21st-century economy.

He said, “Once you know how to produce bodies and brains and minds so cheap labor in Africa and South Asia, it simply counts for nothing.”
“The biggest question in maybe economics and politics of the coming decades will be what to do with all these useless people,” he said with a straight face. He said technology will ensure that everyone is fed, so “food is not the problem.”

“The problem is more boredom, and what to do with them, and how will they find some sense of meaning in life, when they are basically meaningless, worthless.” He prescribed drugs and computer games as solutions to entertain “useless” people’s brains.

He said a global government will collect and use data on every person to learn how to engineer bodies, brains, and minds. He says data and biometrics will be used to hack human beings and re-engineer the future of human life itself. He said, “intelligent design” never existed and any notion of a Creator God will be driven out of society, as humans become hackable, programmable. Harari even claims that the laws of natural selection and organic biochemistry will be eliminated and replaced by a trans-humanist future, where humans become hackable animals, manipulated and controlled.

“We have the technology to hack humans on a massive scale,” he said. He added crises should be exploited to implement more surveillance throughout society so “elites” can monitor, collect data, and engineer the future trajectory of human life. Much of this surveillance will “come under the skin” as biometric data become a pathway to manipulate human populations. Harari said we already have the ability to go under the skin and collect biometric data, allowing “elites” the power to re-engineer life itself. “We are upgrading humans into gods,” he said.

He said in an emergency, people trust the “scientists.” He used the example of priests and ministers shutting down their churches worldwide in 2020 to prove that God is dead. Going forward, people will put their faith in the scientific elite and global government, he balked. “Even the religious leaders trust the scientists,” he said.

This video is provided by Free 2 Shine on Brighteon.com

Sources include:



DAVID WOOD: Without Lies, Islam . . .~Ramadan: A Time to Celebrate Murder, Bloodshed, and Slavery

Ramadan: A Time to Celebrate Murder, Bloodshed, and Slavery

The Islamic holy month has more to offer than fasting.


SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2022/04/ramadan-time-celebrate-murder-bloodshed-and-raymond-ibrahim/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Raymond Ibrahim is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

During the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, Muslims fast, pray, engage in acts of piety and charity, and reminisce over warfare and bloodshed in the name of Islam.

Virtually every Ramadan features various Islamic authorities, personages, and/or institutes reminding Muslims to take pride in and celebrate various historic battles between Muslims and non-Muslims, or “infidels” (as in this hour-long televised special). Among other things, such victories are meant to demonstrate the power, and thus truth, of Islam.

This alone should underscore Islam’s innate militancy in comparison to other religions. It further suggests that Islam is a worldly religion, one that takes pride and finds validation in something as corporeal and temporal as a victory in warfare (with all the attendant collection of booty and slaves that entails).

By way of analogy, and to better appreciate Ramadan-time celebrations of jihad, imagine Christians gathered together in church during Christmas or Easter.  Then, the officiating pastor eulogizes the bloody military conquests Christians had over non-Christians during Christmas or Easter—even as the congregants cheer or at least feel deep pride in their Christian faith.

Not only is such a scenario exceedingly difficult to imagine—a reflection of how utterly different Christianity and Islam are from one another—but many of today’s Christians have become so anti-war as to characterize even self-defense as “un-Christian.”  That, at least, is what the head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, seems to think: recently, while condemning war, he went so far as also to condemn Just War, the idea that war is legitimate when waged for just reasons (self-defense, liberating conquered peoples or territory, etc.)

Hence the double irony: most of the wars that took place on, and which Muslims celebrate every, Ramadan had nothing to do with just war, and were in fact aggressive and imperialistic in nature.

An article by the popular website AboutIslam.net makes all this clear.  Titled, “7 Remarkable Islamic Victories That Took Place in Ramadan,” it opens by saying, “Ramadan is a special month that’s full of blessings for the Muslim Ummah. It is not only famous for fasting and charity, but also for great Islamic victories that changed the world.”

Examining the list, however, there is no question that at least five of the seven military episodes it mentions—the battle of Badr and the conquests of Mecca, Spain, Crimea, and Nubia—were unjust, meaning they had nothing to do with Muslims engaging in self-defense or liberating their conquered territories and everything to do with Muslims waging unprovoked wars of conquest in search of plunder.

For example, although much extolled in Islamic historiography for being Islam’s first major victory over infidels, when stripped of its hagiographical veneer, the battle of Badr (624 AD) appears to have been little more than a caravan raid, driven by the lust for booty.

Similarly, Muslims were the aggressors in the various conquests highlighted by AboutIslam.net for taking place during Ramadan.  During these conquests, Muslims invaded non-Muslim territories, butchered and enslaved their inhabitants, and appropriated their lands—and for no other reason, and under no other logic, than that they were “infidels,” non-Muslims.

The eighth-century invasion and subsequent conquest of Spain, for instance, featured hordes of invading Muslims slaughtering countless thousands of Christians and torching their churches (in one notable incident in Cordoba, the Muslims managed to kill two birds with one stone when they torched a church with its inhabitants trapped inside).

Same with the Crimea.  Originally inhabited by Slavic peoples, Muslims—Turks and Tatars—brutally conquered it in the fifteenth century and turned it into an emporium of white flesh.  An estimated three million Slavs—Poles, Lithuanians, Russians, and Ukrainians—were enslaved and, according to a contemporary chronicle, sold “like sheep” between 1450 and 1783.

This is what Muslims are supposed to remember and celebrate during their holy month—during their equivalent of a “Christmas” or “Easter” season: the unprovoked invasions and bloody subjugations their ancestors undertook in the name of Islam against people whose only “crime” was to be non-Muslims.  (Little wonder that, so riled, Muslims not infrequently murderously assault infidels in their midst during Ramadan.)

Incidentally, taking pride in Islamic violence is not limited to “radical” sheiks or websites; it is quite mainstream.  Thus, not only is the popular English language website, AboutIslam.net, considered “moderate” and meant to put a good face on Islam before infidels; but the aforementioned article celebrating seven battles/conquests during Ramadan was published by the website’s “Family & Life” team.

Before closing, and lest Muslims truly believe that Ramadan is exclusively a month of victorious jihads, let it be noted that Muslims also lost a fair bit of military engagements during their holy month—the pivotal Battle of Tours (732), when outnumbered Franks halted Islam’s advance into Europe, being just one of the more memorable.

Deep State Using Communism to Enslave Humanity

The Deep State has been openly cooperating with and using communists and communism to destroy civilization and enslave humanity for over a century, warns The New American magazine's Alex Newman in this episode of Behind The Deep State. Using proof from a variety of different sources, Newman shows how the Deep State and its minions inside the U.S. government have been deliberately betraying whole nations into communism, beginning with the Soviet Union and later Communist China and Cuba. Congress investigated this and found that even the great Deep State tax-exempt foundations were working to so alter life in the United States that it could be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union. This evil agenda continues today as the Communist Party USA and Black Lives Matter, with connections to Deep State power players, "utilize" the Democrat Party as they work to overthrow America's constitutional Republic. Communism is basically a tentacle of the Deep State and its war on humanity.  🇺🇸 The New American: http://www.thenewamerican.com/

Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Favorite Book is a Racist Critical Theory Text That Says Racism is Permanent~SHE doesn’t know when life begins; pro-abortion



Biden’s SCOTUS Pick: “I Don’t Know” When Life Begins


SEE: https://robertspencer.org/2022/03/ketanji-brown-jacksons-favorite-book-is-a-racist-critical-theory-text-that-says-racism-is-permanent;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The path from Ketanji Brown Jackson to critical race theory and racism it turns out is a very short straight line. This has turned out to be a pattern with Biden nominees and that’s no coincidence. Obama was also a big fan of Derrick Bell. 

Ketanji Brown Jackson’s interest in critical race theory has been highlighted before, but this focuses in on Derrick Bell.

In a 2020 lecture, Jackson highlighted Derrick Bell, “the godfather of critical race theory,” saying that her family had Bell’s book “on their coffee table for many years.”

Bell’s 1993 book “Faces At The Bottom Of The Well: The Permanence Of Racism” has been lauded as “a pioneering contribution to critical race theory scholarship.”

Bell believed that “the Constitution was like ‘roach powder,’ that whites might commit ‘racial genocide,’ and that his motto was ‘I live to harass white folks.’”

The same lecture also has Jackson gushing over BLM riots.

“And I will finish with what might be my favorite civil rights photograph of modern times. This iconic image, which was taken by Reuters photographer Jonathan Bauchman during a 2016 protest of the police-involved fatal shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, has won several awards and has a name: it is called “Taking a Stand in Baton Rouge.” The picture features a nurse from Pennsylvania named Leshia Evans, who had traveled to Louisiana to attend her first protest. She was arrested by the two heavily armed officers you see in that photograph, and spent the night and most of the following day in jail.”

During her lecture, Jackson mentions, “Professor Derrick Bell, who was a civil rights lawyer and the first tenured African-American professor at Harvard Law School, wrote a book in the early 1990s about the persistence of racism in American life that he entitled “Faces At the Bottom of the Well”. My parents had this book on their coffee table for many years, and I remember staring at the image on the cover when I was growing up; I found it difficult to reconcile the image of the person, who seemed to be smiling, with the depressing message that the title and subtitle conveyed. I thought about this book cover again for the first time in forty years when I started preparing for this speech.”

As Christopher Rufo points out, Derrick Bell was a racist who hated America. And  “Faces At the Bottom of the Well” reflected that.

“Smart and super articulate, Minister Farrakhan is perhaps the best living example of a black man ready, willing, and able to ‘tell it like it is’ regarding who is responsible for racism in this country,” Bell has said.

There’s also the antisemitism.

Bell denounced Henry Louis (Skip) Gates for writing a New York Times op-ed condemning black anti-Semitism: “I was furious. Even if everything he said was true, it was inexcusable not to mention what might have motivated blacks to feel this way, and to fail to talk about all the Jewish neoconservative racists who are undermining blacks in every way they can.”

The very same interview began as follows: “We should really appreciate the Louis Farrakhans and the Khalid Muhammads while we’ve got them.” Khalid Muhammad was Farrakhan’s right hand, who made a name for himself referring to Jews as, among many other things, “bloodsuckers” whose “father was the devil.”

This is what Biden wants embedded in the highest court in the land.








Biden’s SCOTUS Pick: “I Don’t Know” When Life Begins


SEE: https://thenewamerican.com/bidens-scotus-pick-i-dont-know-when-life-begins;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, revealed to the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday that she does not know when human life begins. The next day, Jackson said that she “did not want to speculate” about a preborn baby’s viability.

During committee hearings Tuesday, Senator John Kennedy (R-La.) questioned D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Jackson about the Supreme Court’s role in deciding rights and laws and asked her one of the most fundamental questions of constitutional jurisprudence.

“When does life begin, in your opinion?” asked the senator.

It took Jackson a couple of seconds to force out herself, “Senator, uhm…” She shook her head, looking puzzled. “I don’t know,” Jackson finally replied with a nervous chuckle.

“Ma’am,” Kennedy followed up, “Do you have a belief?”

Jackson replied that she has “personal, religious, and otherwise beliefs that have nothing to do with the law, in terms of when life begins.” When asked about her personal beliefs, Jackson specified that she has a “religious belief” which she “sets aside” when ruling on cases.

Then Kennedy asked the Supreme Court Justice wannabe another question that Jackson did not have an answer to.

“When does equal protection of the laws attach to a human being?” he inquired.

“Well Senator, uhm… I believe that the Supreme Court, uhm… Actually, I actually don’t know the answer to that question,” Jackson said. “I’m sorry. I don’t.”

Here, Jackson, as pro-abortionists typically do, tried to separate theological beliefs — “my personal religious belief” — from the actual science.

Americans have already learned that biology is not Judge Jackson’s strongest skill. During hearings on Tuesday, she failed to answer the question, “What is a woman?” and excused herself by stating that she was “not a biologist.”

Just as in the case of the definition of sex, science is settled on when human life begins, and it is surprising, at best, that such a well-educated and experienced judge as Jackson does not know it.

LifeSite News points out,

Long-settled biological criteria and mainstream medical textbooks establish that a living human being is created upon fertilization and is present throughout the entirety of pregnancy. Many abortionists and abortion defenders have admitted as much; in 2019, University of Chicago Department of Comparative Human Development graduate Steve Jacobs found that 96% of more than 5,500 biologists he surveyed agreed, despite overwhelmingly identifying as “liberal,” “pro-choice,” and Democrats, and a majority identifying as “non-religious.”

According to an article posted in the National Journal of Medicine in 2004,

Life, in a true sense of the word, begins when the chemical matter gives rinse, in a specific way to an autonomous, self-regulating, and self-reproducing system.

At the same time, one could assume that Judge Jackson wouldn’t consider anyone any less than alive for not self-regulating or reproducing. A man or woman is not any less alive if he or she is unable to have children. Likewise, a person with impaired motor skills or an inherited metabolic disorder is equally alive as someone able. Logically, if a person is not autonomous, it does not mean he is not alive.

As an expert in the law, which she is supposed to be, Jackson must also know that law and science are closely connected. For example, 38 states have written and passed laws against fetus homicide. Of those, 29 have distinguished that life exists even during the early stages of gestation. Therefore, killing a pregnant woman is viewed as a double homicide in many states throughout the nation.

During the hearings on Tuesday, Jackson was asked by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) about her thoughts on Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, two Supreme Court rulings that established the right to abortion without an undue burden.

Roe and Casey are the settled law of the Supreme Court concerning the right to terminate a woman’s pregnancy. They have established a framework that the court has reaffirmed,” Jackson said.

She added, “in order to revisit, as Justice Barrett said, the Supreme Court looks at various factors because stare decisis is a very important principle.”

On Wednesday, Jackson was questioned about her understanding of fetal viability, or the point at which a preborn child can survive outside the womb, by Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas). Cornyn wondered if the Supreme Court could repeal its cases over time. The senator implied that today, with medical and scientific advancements, a baby can survive at much earlier stages than in 1973, when the SCOTUS ruled on Roe.

“I hesitate to speculate,” Jackson responded, “I know that it [fetal viability] is a point in time that the court has identified in terms of when the standards that apply to the regulation of the right.”

She yet again reiterated that she was “not a biologist.”

Asked the same day by Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) if she knew that a 20-week-old pre-born baby can feel pain, she said she did not know.

As reflected in her background, Jackson’s stance on the matter isn’t surprising.

As an attorney, she co-wrote an amicus brief in 2001 for pro-abortion organization NARAL Pro-Choice America in favor of free-speech “buffer zones” outside of abortion clinics. In that document, she described pro-life protesters at the abortion clinics as “hostile,” “noisy,” and “in-your-face.”

As a judge, Jackson ruled against President Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) effort to limit federal funding of Planned Parenthood.

If confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice, Jackson will almost certainly be a “yes” vote for the expansion of women’s access to abortion.


DR. JOSEPH MERCOLA: The Great Reset’s 5G Cyborg Ecosystem



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:


  • The Great Reset is a globalist plan that is moving forward at lightning speed. The COVID-19 pandemic was part and parcel of that plan, but to really fulfill the technocrats’ ambitions, a war of some kind is likely needed
  • They need chaos, mass casualties, and financial chaos in order to create the desperation necessary for people to give up their freedoms and give in to tyrannical control
  • The World Economic Forum (WEF) has for years promoted the implementation of digital identification, and ensuring that everyone on the planet has a legal, digital identity is part of the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals
  • There’s a big difference between identity and identification. Identification refers to documents that prove you are who you say you are. A digital identity is NOT merely a form of identification. Your “identity” is who you actually are, and a digital identity will keep a permanent record of your choices and behaviors, 24/7. These data can then be used against you
  • The WEF has clearly stated that our digital identity will determine “what products, services, and information we can access — or conversely, what is closed off to us”

Whether people realize it or not, The Great Reset is a globalist plan that is moving forward at lightning speed. The COVID-19 pandemic was part and parcel of that plan, as detailed in Klaus Schwab’s book, “COVID-19: The Great Reset,”1 but to really fulfill the technocrats’ ambitions, a war of some kind is likely needed. As reported by Dr. Vernon Coleman with The Exposé:2

“Now that they’ve got most people cowering behind the sofa or under the bed because of the fake COVID threat, they have introduced two new threats to the menu: war and storms ... they were always going to do this ... To keep us on our toes some of the storms will be ferocious. Those will probably be the manufactured ones.

And there will be heat waves, heavy snow falls and probably a tsunami or two (easily created, as I previously explained, with an underwater explosion). You can’t kill billions with bad weather of course but you can push up the prices of food and energy and kill millions through wrecked economies, poverty and starvation.

The recent storms in the UK led to immediate closures of schools and railways (‘just in case a tree fell down and hurt someone’) and the halting of supermarket deliveries. All this was patently overkill to do more damage to society and the economy. We have to remember that population control is one of the purposes of everything that is happening.

Wars are coming too — as they threatened some time ago. We’re clearly heading for another long Cold War with Russia and China on one side and America and Europe on the other.

It is difficult to avoid the feeling that Schwab is behind the scenes pulling strings and if, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the West does decide to intervene militarily, it will be because the conspirators want it to happen and see it as a way to further damage the global economy and cause a few million deaths.

Remember that ruining the global economy is an essential step on the route to the Great Reset. The rhetoric coming from Washington and London certainly suggest that both Biden and Johnson are desperate to exacerbate the situation, cause more terror, push up energy prices and terrify everyone.

Once you realize what their plan is it is easy to see what is going to happen next ... Remember: the COVID fraud was just the beginning. The conspirators have only just started their campaign to take total control.”

Total Control Through Digital IDs

Sadly, he’s correct. There’s no doubt calamitous weather events and world war have been part of the plan from the start. They need chaos, mass casualties, and financial chaos in order to create the desperation necessary for people to give up their freedoms and give in to tyrannical control.

But the stick is not the only tool in the technocrats’ toolbox. They also use carrots, and perceived convenience is an oft-used one. Case in point: digital IDs. The World Economic Forum (WEF), founded by Schwab, has for years promoted the implementation of digital IDs, and ensuring that everyone on the planet has a legal, digital identity is part of the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.3

“Convenience” is a key incentive for digital IDs. With a central digital ID on your phone (and eventually an implanted chip), you’d be able to do everything from checking into a doctor’s office to securing a mortgage.

In an article4 arguing for digital IDs, the WEF also stresses that millions of people who flee their homelands due to war or persecution cannot secure refugee status due to the fact that they lost their identity documents in the confusion. Apparently, they want us to believe that no one would ever flee a situation without the cell phone holding their digital identity. Or perhaps they’re jumping straight to implants?

They also claim nearly a billion people have no legal identity and therefore cannot open a bank account, get a loan, or vote. But is that really justification enough to foist digital IDs on everyone, whether you have a real need for it or not? No, it’s not about need. It’s not about convenience. It’s about them getting control over us.

Financial Transparency — Who’s It Really For?

In that same article,5 the WEF reviews a digital ID app with an ingenious “transparency engine.” The argument is that this feature would enable charities to “follow the money they send to projects.” This way, they can account for where all the donations went.

Anyone who has looked into the WEF’s plans for mankind knows that this example is pure baloney. A system of financial transparency is never going to be used to give regular folk insight into an organization’s financial dealings. It will be used to give the ruling technocracy insight into our financial transactions — yours and mine.

The Canadian Freedom Convoy and prime minister Justin Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergencies Act offered a rare glimpse into the power they want over your finances. They want to be able to single out every single person that contributes to an anti-establishment cause, even if it’s just a few measly dollars, and seize everything you have in retribution. Trudeau had to invoke extraordinary emergency powers to do that.

In the future, the ruling cabal wants to be able to do it automatically and continuously. Make no mistake, the digitization of your identity and finances means they’ll have the power to throttle your finances if you misbehave. In a worst-case scenario, they’ll have the power to turn you into a non-entity, locking you out of your identity credentials altogether.

I really cannot overstate the danger of digitizing and linking together all of your personal records. As noted by the WEF itself, our digital identity “determines what products, services, and information we can access — or conversely, what is closed off to us.”6 Doesn’t that tell you everything you need to know?

Understanding the Scope of ‘Digital Identity’

In an article on The Sociable, Tim Hinchliffe warns:7

“Your digital identity can be used against you in the event of a great reset ... [W]hile digital identities show great promise towards improving the livelihoods of millions, they are also used by authoritarian governments to profile and police citizen behavior under a social credit system.8

The idea behind digital identities is simple enough. All the data collected from every online interaction you make with the private and public sectors goes into forming your digital identity. This data can include your personal:

Search history

Social media interactions

Online profiles

Device location

Medical records

Financial ledgers

Legal documents

And more

By connecting your every online/offline interaction, the WEF envisions your digital identity being linked to:

Every click, comment, and share you make on social media

Every financial transaction you record

Your location and where you travel

What you buy and sell

Your personal health data and medical records

The websites that you visit

Your participation in civic functions (i.e. voting, taxes, benefits, etc.)

How much energy you consume

And more

Thus, your digital identity becomes an account of your social behavior, which can be policed ... [T]here will be a class system where people are given access to privileged information, products, and/or services based on the data recorded in their digital identities.”

The graphic below, from the WEF, illustrates their idea of how your digital identity will interact with the world. Every last thing you can think of is to be connected to your digital identity, and your behavior, beliefs, and opinions will dictate what you can and cannot do within society. It will unlock doors where someone like you is welcome, and lock the ones where you’re not.

If you think the idea of vaccine passports is insane, wait until your access to critical infrastructure and services is dependent not just on your vaccination status, but also on what books you’ve bought, what ideas you’ve shared, and who you’ve given money or emotional support to.

digital identity

The Difference Between Identification and Digital Identity

Hinchliffe accurately notes that there’s a big difference between identity and identification. Identification refers to documents that prove you are who you say you are. A digital identity is NOT merely a form of identification. As you can see from the short-lists above, it’s much, much more. Your “identity” is who you actually are, and a digital identity will keep a permanent record of your choices and behaviors, 24/7.

“Identity encompasses everything that makes you unique,” Hinchliffe notes,9 “and your identity is what the WEF is really interested in. Step out of line, and every social media interaction in which you partake, every penny you trade, and every move you make can be used against you.”

Indeed, having access to everyone’s digital identity is the key to successful manipulation and control of the global population. Writing for Coin Telegraph, hacker and tech executive Trent Lipinski also pointed out that:10

“With a few tweaks of code, blockchain can be corrupted by authoritarians to build social credit enslavement systems. If world governments legislate encryption technology for their own purposes and pervert consensus mechanisms for their own centralized enslavement systems, we will end up with digital currencies that can be used against the people of the world.”

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

People aren’t merely confused about what digital identity actually entails. Most also don’t understand the intended scope of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, another concept invented by Schwab and promoted through the WEF.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is really just another name for transhumanism. I suppose they decided it would be easier to fool people with that term than to call it what it actually is.

Schwab and his technocratic allies dream of turning mankind into cyborgs with limited or no capacity to free will. My guess is that for most, that sounds more like what nightmares are made of. The inability to comprehend or accept just how twisted and power-hungry these individuals are is a psychological hurdle we need to overcome.

Schwab himself has stated that “the Fourth Industrial Revolution will lead to a fusion of our physical, our digital, and our biological identities.”11 Beyond your own “enhanced” 5G cloud-connected self, the WEF foresees a near future in which everyone’s digital identity is connected to each other through an Internet of Bodies (IoB).12,13

The Internet of Bodies

In its 2020 briefing document on the IoB,14 the WEF describes the IoB as an ecosystem of “an unprecedented number of sensors,” including emotional sensors, “attached to, implanted within, or ingested into human bodies to monitor, analyze, and even modify human bodies and behavior.”

See, I’m not the one predicting they might want to modify your behavior and control your psychological reality. THEY are the ones stating that this is what they intend to do. Every new technology, every new surveillance opportunity they bring forward is to further this aim.

“Now, who could possibly benefit from the massive consolidation of every intimate detail of your life?” Hinchliffe asks.15 “According to a recent RAND corporation report,16 the IoB ‘might trigger breakthroughs in medical knowledge […] Or it might enable a surveillance state of unprecedented intrusion and consequence.’

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has taken the notion of the IoB to create an Orwellian surveillance state that pegs the digital identities of its ‘netizens’ to a social crediting system.

From ‘deadbeat debtor’ contact tracing apps that alert citizens with a warning whenever they come with 500 meters of someone who is in debt17 to the DNA phenotyping18 of over 1 million Uyghurs sent to ‘re-education camps’19 — the CCP is a living example of some of the horrible ways in which digital identities can be exploited ...

The great reset is not a mandate from the people — It is a manufactured ideology concocted by a group of un-elected globalists trying to sway ‘stakeholders’ into creating a new economy and social structure out of the destruction of the old ... But should society’s fate be mandated from the Davos elite?”

We’ve Been Played Like Fiddles

The shocking reality is that the COVID pandemic was not an “act of God.” It was part of the plan, like everything else. In 2018 and 2019, this global cabal planned, practiced, and coordinated their responses during pandemic tabletop exercises (Clade X and Event 201). The solutions concocted during these pandemic scenarios “were in lockstep with The Great Reset,” Hinchliffe notes.20

In other words, all of the pandemic countermeasures we’ve all lived through for the past two years had one goal, and it had nothing to do with saving lives. It had to do with furthering The Great Reset goals, which require top-down governance.

Schwab himself has bragged about grooming and installing political leaders across the world’s governments,21 which answers the question as to how and why so many leaders have willingly gone along with policies that are clearly destructive to their own economies and societies.

The only way this makes sense is by accepting that the technocratic cabal, which for decades has been secretly pulling levers behind the curtain like the Wizard of Oz, wants economies to fail. They want them to fail so they can replace them with a new all-digital system where they have access to your wallet and can control your behavior through financial penalties for undesired behaviors.

They want small businesses out of the way, so their monopolies are all that’s left. They want mass deaths because robots and artificial intelligence are taking over the bulk of currently available jobs. The plan is to institute a universal wage, so the fewer people there are, the better.

They want frightened, uneducated, and socially inept children because they’re easier to mold into obedient nonthinkers who will accept things like emotional trackers and AI that tells you when to take a pill.

They don’t care about what you want, because to them you’re not even human. They’re human; you’re just a commodity, and they’ve figured out how to profit from every move you make, and then some.22

All this talk about the common good, fairness, and equity, that’s just PR. Technocrats’ idea of fairness and equity is everyone being the same level of destitute. As declared by the WEF, “by 2030, you will own nothing.” Who then will own everything? They will.

Is a Cyber Attack Next?

In another more recent Sociable article,23 Hinchliffe highlights emerging cyber security risks and the WEF’s July 2022 Cyber Polygon24 event, which will focus on “raising global cyber-resilience” in sectors that use cloud services, such as finance, retail, health care, transportation and more. According to Schwab, “lack of cybersecurity has become a clear and immediate danger to our society worldwide.” In 2020, he stated:25

“We need vaccines to immunize ourselves. The same is true for cyberattacks ... We need to build IT infrastructures that have digital antibodies built-in inherently to protect themselves ...

We all know, but still pay insufficient attention to, the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack, which would bring a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole ... The COVID-19 crisis would be seen ... as a small disturbance in comparison to a major cyber attack.”

Based on how other exercises have magically manifested in the real world, it’s not unreasonable to suspect that a major cyberattack is being planned by the very same people who claim they want to prevent it.

But even if that doesn’t happen, one thing we can be completely sure of is that whatever cybersecurity measures they come up with will serve the technocratic agenda, which again, is to enslave humanity in a 5G cyborg ecosystem and elevate themselves to the status of gods, micromanaging the lives of every person through the use of algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Preventing it will require an unprecedented level of unity and solidarity among the people of the world. There are billions of us and perhaps only a few thousand of them, but their technological and financial control still makes this a David versus Goliath battle.

The difference between our real-world situation and the Biblical version is that no one David can win this fight by himself. We must unite and stand as one, like billions of ants forming a single body. We may not have the weapons they do, but we have the advantage of sheer numbers.

I believe the answer is to refuse any and all “solutions” coming from this global cabal, en masse, and to build our own parallel societies and industries — a “reset,” but one that we actually want and not the one they’ve planned for us. It won’t be easy, but the alternative is the destruction of humanity.

Pizza Hut Teaches Kids America is Built on Slavery and Genocide

A fast-food chain that makes bad pizza wants to talk to your kids about white privilege


SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2022/03/pizza-hut-teaches-kids-america-built-slavery-and-daniel-greenfield/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Pizza Hut, unsatisfied with making kids fat, also wants to make them racist.

The stale franchise chain has supplemented its menu of lightly charred cardboard covered in tasteless glops of something that a blind hobo might mistake for cheese with racism.

While Pizza Hut focuses on poisoning children with such horrible concoctions as cheeseburger crust pizza, fish and chips pizza, and sushi cream cheese pizza, the Pizza Hut Foundation is hard at work teaching students that America is racist and white people suck.

The training materials intended for use in the classroom want teachers to ask 10-year-olds, “How often have you thought about your race in the last 24 hours?”

If demanding that 10-year-olds spend all their time thinking about race sounds crazy, another Pizza Hut pamphlet with tips for "talking to kids about race" claims that by "6 months, babies notice racial differences" and that 4-year-olds "show signs of racial bias."

The Empowering Educators Toolbox presented by the Pizza Hut Foundation urges teachers to tell their students that everyone is defined by race, that "everyone has a racial identity", and that race defines American life. Forget MLK, the stale pizza franchise chain wants your kids to believe that they're defined by their skin color, not the content of their character.

A sane country wouldn’t take its cues on race from the people who decided to combine hot dogs and pizza into something that looks like a dachshund got run over by a garbage truck, but in a nation of woke corporations, Pizza Hut would like your children to violently hate America.

"America is a country built on a foundation of slavery, genocide, and white supremacy," a pamphlet for teachers stamped with the Pizza Hut logo declares.

Pizza Hut is built on a foundation of turning kids into fat butterballs waiting for a heart attack.

The actual best practices for teachers would be to teach your students to love America and avoid Pizza Hut unless they want to close off their minds as thoroughly as their arteries.

When Pizza Hut isn’t serving up junk food, it’s serving up junk history and junk factoids.

A Challenging Conversations pamphlet claims that the "police force is the sixth leading cause of death for black men."

According to the CDC, it's actually diabetes. But it's understandable that Pizza Hut, which makes millions giving black men heart disease, strokes, and diabetes, wants to blame the cops who are the only people keeping the underpaid employees of their struggling franchisees alive..

1,055 people were shot and killed by police officers in 2021. 234 of them were white and only 139 were black. 632 of those who were shot were waving guns. Only 34 were unarmed.

459,540 black people died in 2020. With heart disease, strokes, hypertension, and diabetes accounting for around 30% of deaths, Pizza Hut and the rest of the Yum! Brands' family probably kill more black men in one day than every single police shooting in a century combined.

Not satisfied with being blamed for Michael Jordan's food poisoning during the 1997 NBA finals, Pizza Hut's handout to teachers rants about "white privilege" and quotes a false claim that white teachers who refuse to "recognize their privilege" are harming their students.

The hateful pamphlet also promotes demands for race reparations by millionaire racist author Ta-Nehisi Coates who wrote that the police officers and firefighters who died on September 11 “were not human to me.”

Good to know Pizza Hut agrees.

A guidebook to teachers marked with the Pizza Hut logo  and with an introduction co-signed by Artie Starrs, then Yum!'s CEO of Pizza Hut, claims that "racism" has been part of America's "collective history since the first English colonists arrived in 1607." It's a good thing that the Spanish who were there a century earlier and enslaved and killed the Indians weren't racists.

"Science has proven that race is not biological," insists a pamphlet for teachers produced by a fast-food chain that understands science almost as well as it knows history and cooking.

Don't question any of this. According to the Pizza Hut branded pamphlet, saying, "I don't see color", "white privilege doesn't exist" and "all lives matter" are all racial microaggressions.

Never mind that Pizza Hut’s entire existence is an ongoing hate crime against Italians.

Pizza Hut's bad education materials come in three flavors, racist lies, woke lies, and lies that could be easily disproven if someone is involved in the racist pamphlets, which also promote fact-checking and warn against “misinformation”, bothered to spend 30 seconds on Google.

For example, the Pizza Hut indoctrination pamphlet falsely claims that the Atlanta spa shootings were a hate crime against Asian people. The shooter was actually struggling with sex addiction and was never charged with a hate crime.

"Anti-bias, antiracist instruction should happen year-round," Pizza Hut demands.

What does that mean? The Pizza Hut hate pamphlets defend critical race theory and promote the Black Lives Matter hate movement, racist authors like Ibram X. Kendi, and the 1619 Project.

But that’s what happens when you get your history from a subsidiary of Yum! Brands that once infuriated Vietnamese-American refugees by using a Communist red star in a logo.

The obvious question is why is Pizza Hut trying to poison kids in a whole new way?

The answer, as Pizza Hut's new Chief Equity Officer Chequan Lewis said, is equity.

“Pizza Hut is introducing a new chapter in our long-standing commitment to literacy – focused on the intersection of equity and education,” Lewis said.

Literacy now means corporations turning kids into Marxists at shareholder expense.

Pizza Hut's Literacy Project emphasizes Young Activists. "Find amazing examples of activism and get your students involved," a program backed by a garbage pizza chain insists.

Corporate Marxism has become as ubiquitous as it is infuriating. But wokeness is also a symptom of a declining corporate power.

Domino's beat Pizza Hut around the same time that Trump beat Hillary. Pizza Hut sales fell in 2020 even as the pandemic helped boost Domino's and Papa John's by 17.6% and 15.9%. The largest Pizza Hut franchisee, with over 1,300 locations, filed for bankruptcy in 2020 after struggling with $1 billion in debt. Pizza Hut’s garbage pizza is as woke as it is broke.

Having destroyed pizza and its own company, Pizza Hut now wants to destroy America.

What You Need to Know About Vax Passports, Digital IDs, CBDCs


SEE: https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2022/02/27/nick-corbishley-vaccine-passport.aspx;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

  • A key concern that vaccine passports bring to the fore is related to privacy. If implemented, they will strip us of most of the privacy we’re used to, as they are a precursor to digital identity and a far more invasive digital surveillance apparatus
  • Another key concern is that vaccine passports and digital IDs can force compliance in any area of life
  • The vaccine passport is a platform to which they can add a digital ID and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). This would give them near-total control over your life, as they can “cancel” your existence and ability to live if you dissent
  • If we accept vaccine passports, we’re basically giving our consent to everything that comes after
  • Another global economic crisis is a mathematical inevitability, so work on improving your resiliency, food security and self-reliance through community

In this interview, we take a deep dive into vaccine passports with Nick Corbishley, author of “Scanned: Why Vaccine Passports and Digital IDs Will Mean the End of Privacy and Personal Freedom.”

In my mind, there’s little doubt that the primary reason for the rollout of the COVID jabs was not for public health but to justify the rollout of vaccine passports, which in turn are just the first iteration of a much broader mechanism to surveil, track, manipulate and control the population of the world.

Corbishley has been a journalist, writing about politics, finance, and privacy issues for the past decade. While based in Barcelona, Spain, he’s been contributing to two U.S. blogs since 2013.

“Israel was the first democratic country to launch digital IDs, in February, 2021, and when I started to see what was going on there, I began to get very concerned,” Corbishley says. “I wrote an article in April 2021, raising my concerns about the risks these vaccine passports posed.

Then, little by little, I began to see what's happening in Europe. I began to see what was happening in Italy, in France, when the so called Green Pass was launched in June. This was a document that was supposed to be created to enable travel between countries in Europe.

Very quickly, it began to be used to control access to public services, access to public places within one's own country. We were beginning to see restrictions that we'd never seen in our lifetime.

So, I began to write more and more and this brought me to the attention of the Vermont-based publisher, Chelsea Green. We had some conversations and we decided that there was an opportunity to write about something that everybody should know about. Even at this stage. It's not being talked about anywhere near as much as it should be.”

Two Key Concerns

One of the primary concerns vaccine passports bring to the fore is related to privacy. If implemented, they will strip us of most of the privacy we’re used to. It’s quite clear that they are a precursor to digital identity and a far more invasive type of digital surveillance apparatus.

“The passports essentially function as a gateway to allow government to herd us into a totally new reality where our actions, our movements, our thoughts, our behavior are tracked and surveilled,” Corbishley says.

But it's not just about surveillance. It’s also about forcing compliance, and that’s the second key concern.

“If we've learned one thing about the vaccine passport, this is about changing the way we relate to government, and it's about changing the way government relates to us, the governed.

If you do not do exactly what the government says going forward, whether that is putting one jab inside your arm, whether is putting two jabs inside your arm, or however many jabs inside your arm, you will be deactivated. You will not be able to access the most basic services and the sort of places that we need to be able to participate in society and economy.”

Surveillance on Steroids

Of course, we’ve been under surveillance for many years already. All Google-related technologies are tracking and surveillance technologies. Our cell phones track and surveil us. Ditto for Facebook and other social media platforms. They’re all harvesting personal information and keeping tabs on everyone’s whereabouts.

We also know these technologies have been used to influence and manipulate people’s thoughts, beliefs, and behavior. Up until now, however, all of that manipulation has been covert. The system that’s being erected now is unique and new in that the forced compliance will be, in many cases, overt — blatant and indisputable, as punishment will be tied to things like your personal finances and travel privileges. 

Clearly, the vaccine passport is a platform to which they can add central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). So, as an example, the government could put out a political narrative, and if you vocalize disagreement, there goes access to your bank account. Or your travel privileges. Or your loan application.

With Google-based smart homes, it’s not even impossible to foresee a future in which you could simply be locked inside your home if you were to be labeled a dissenter. Or locked out of your home. Or they could shut off your utilities.

The possibilities to punish dissenters are endless when everyone and every THING is digitally identifiable, trackable and wirelessly connected. With a single keystroke, someone you don’t know can shut down your life, rendering you homeless and helpless.

Chances are, there won’t even be a live person anywhere for you to contact with your grievances. Much of the system will be run by artificial intelligence and various algorithms. It’s important to realize that if we accept vaccine passports, we’re basically giving our consent to everything that comes after, Corbishley warns. We’re accepting that this is our future.

Why We Must Reject Digital IDs and CBDCs

We must also remain alert to the rollout of other control mechanisms that are just as problematic as the vaccine passports, especially digital IDs and CBDCs, but also any number of other digital and biometric controls. As explained by Corbishley:

“Right now, in Canada, we've got the premier of Ontario saying that they are going to withdraw the vaccine passports. We've got Alberta saying it's going to withdraw the vaccine passports.

This is the message we're getting from all over the Western world. It's like, ‘It's time to take a step back. We are now going to let you live your life. We're going to let some kind of normality return.’

You're seeing Scandinavia talking about doing away with vaccine passports altogether. So, it's interesting to see some countries using that language. But I think you have to be very careful because as they're talking about doing this, they're ushering in digital identity systems, which are going to be on a much grander scale than the vaccine passports ...

They are instituting digital identity that is going to allow not just this kind of control of your vaccine status, but control of your tax records, control of your employment records ... And they will include ... your vaccine status. So, it's extremely disingenuous. I think they are misleading their populations in a very dark way ...

All of these things are happening, but the ultimate step is probably the central bank digital currencies, which are likely to come on board in the next three to five years.

The chairman of the Bank of International Settlements, Agustín Carstens, who used to be the chairman of the Bank of Mexico, openly said that the wonderful thing about central bank digital currencies is that it allows them to track everything you do.

What he didn't say is that it allows them to deactivate an account. It allows them to stop people from being able to transact. They didn't go that far. But he said that this is so different from cash. So yeah, people are not realizing just how this control grid is being built, little by little, piece by piece, but they need to start paying attention before it's too late.”

They’re Building a Social Credit System

By now, many are familiar with the social credit system in China or have at least heard of it. How does this system compare or relate to vaccine passports and digital IDs?

“I think that the social credit system in China is, to a certain extent, a template. It's where governments probably want to go. They would like to be able to use the new technologies we have to nudge people into the right sorts of behaviors without having to use more overt punishment.

You can either reward people for doing the right sort of things, or you can give them a little digital spank every now and then when they're doing the wrong sort of things. I think that that is where China is leading the way.

Ironically, in the research I did for my book, I found that while China’s ambitions with the credit social credit system are essentially unfettered — they want total control — they're not there yet.

They're still running quite a few pilot schemes. So, it depends where you are in China, the extent to which you are exposed to this kind of system, where you're getting points for good behavior and where you're getting points deducted for bad behavior.

But the template is there. You've also got companies like Ant Financial and Tencent. These are the equivalents of Google, Facebook, whatever, that are running their own social credits schemes within their own little universe. So, it's a very complex situation in China. It's not as complete as some might believe, but the intention, the ambition, is huge.

I would say that we are definitely seeing examples of this beginning to feed through into the West. We're seeing banks talk about using our social media behavior to determine our credit score, which is very similar to what they're doing in China. There's clearly the means, and there's clearly a desire to push in that direction.”

Unity Is the Challenge of Our Lifetime

The challenge we now face is that, to have any chance of preventing this control grid, we need to be unified. The problem is, many simply aren’t able to see the dangers. Most people under the age of 30 are used to doing just about everything on their phones, and the convenience of digital IDs and digital banking is alluring.

Organizations such as the World Economic Forum and many of the central banks that are pushing the rollout of this control grid can also make it impossible or near-impossible to live without a digital ID and CBDCs. Already, we’ve seen leaders saying, out loud, that their goal is to make life as difficult and inconvenient as possible for anyone without a vaccine passport. They’ll do the same for digital IDs and CBDCs.

“One of the best examples is Italy,” Corbishley says. “If you want to see a country that has really gone into sixth gear with the vaccine passports, it’s Italy. They’ve said, ‘Look, if you don't have this document, you cannot work. You cannot get on a bus and go across town. You cannot get on the metro. You cannot access retail premises apart from supermarkets, pharmacies, petrol stations and pet stores.’

You have basically closed down, narrowed down the existence to such a limited one that most people end up just saying, ‘OK, let's do it. I don't have an alternative. I'm not going to survive this way.’

If you have a mortgage and your finances are already tight, and your government is telling you, you're not going to be able to work, most people crumble, and so they're able to do it ...

A journalist in Canada was talking about the truckers, the Freedom Convoy. He was saying, ‘These guys don't represent Canadians; 90% of Canadians have taken the vaccine and they're all perfectly happy with the restrictions, the mandates.’ It's like, how do you know how many of those 90% actually took the vaccine because they had no choice? It was a very disingenuous argument.”

How to Prepare for the Inevitable

While the situation is bleak and dire, Corbishley doesn’t believe vaccine passports, digital IDs and CBDCs are inevitable. “I think we're in the midst of a major battle,” he says.

The question is, how can we win when all the cards seem stacked against us?

“I think that we have to, No. 1, inform as many people as possible. That's why I wrote the book. I wrote the book hoping to reach people who maybe had been vaccinated, but were beginning to have certain doubts, people who were on the fence.

I mean, I know plenty of people who have had two shots, who are wary about having a third one. I know plenty of people who have had two shots, have had Omicron, and they're now thinking, ‘Why the heck am I having to take a third shot?’ People are beginning to question this.

I think that we are in the midst of what can only be described as an existential battle. If we lose this battle, it can be very difficult, as individuals, to protect ourselves because the degree of control they will have over us is going to be huge.

I think there will be this creation of a parallel community, a parallel society, where people are able to function. We're seeing signs of bartering beginning to take place within a community like that in Italy. They are surviving as best they can — and we're talking about millions of people who haven't crumbled. They've not given way yet.

That gives me a certain amount of hope. I think the fact that people have grown tired of the restrictions means that government is having to, to a certain extent, reconsider, but at the same time, they are pushing through digital IDs.

I think this is what is really important for people to understand. While they’re saying, ‘We are going to abandon the vaccine passports,’ in most countries where they're saying this, that is not the case. In the U.K., they've not done that. They have simply shifted from a mandatory vaccine passport to a voluntary vaccine passport.

You've got vaccine passports very much in use for international travel. So, if you're British, you want to travel to mainland Europe, if you've not got your vaccine passport, you're not going to be able to go mainland. It’s the same if you're European and want to go to the U.S.

So, there is so much happening it's hard to keep track. That is coming from somebody who spends most of his day trying to keep track of these things. If you are just someone who is working a 9-to-5 job and you get home and you've got three kids to look after, it's going to be much harder to keep abreast of these developments.

I have a certain amount of hope that they haven't won yet. But it's an immense amount of power they have. We are talking about organizations like the World Economic Forum, which represents hundreds of the most powerful companies on the planet. We're talking about the most powerful governments on the planet.

So, it's going to be a huge battle, and they've got most of the advantages in this battle. But I do think that what's happening in Canada suggests a resistance can be formed. I think that resistance is growing in Germany. It's certainly growing in Austria. The government is beginning to have second thoughts about the vaccine mandate.”

Expect Economic Collapse

There are also the growing economic risks, globally, to consider. The central banks around the world have painted themselves into a corner and they can’t get out. We are almost certain to see another financial crisis. It’s only a matter of when.

There is already clear evidence we are in the early stages of economic collapse, and that’s a parallel issue that needs to be taken into consideration when trying to predict what might happen with digital IDs and CBDCs, as they’re all connected. To prepare for an inevitable economic collapse, I would suggest focusing on improving your resiliency on a local level.

For example, make sure you have access to water supplies other than your tap, grow your own food, and develop relationships with other local growers and farmers to build your food security.

These are very basic things that can save your life when everything collapses and your dollar, drachma or euro becomes fit for use as toilet paper. Having food, water, shelter, and community makes you far more resistant to tyranny because if you don’t have these things, you need the government to provide them for you.

“I think the community is essential,” Corbishley says. “Having people who are of a similar mindset, of a similar worldview, people you can definitely count upon ...

Resilience is going to be very tough. As a result of the lockdowns, small businesses are in serious straits. They've had to take on huge amounts of debt just to weather the lockdowns … There's no doubt that large companies have much easier access to cheap debt than small companies ...

This is tragic because small businesses are a fundamental cornerstone of the community. They're a fundamental part of the global economy and, even more important than that, small businesses are run by independent people. If we begin to see a massive culling of small businesses, then we are going to see less independence and more dependence. So, that is one area which deeply concerns me ...

I think the most important thing, and the hardest thing, is to maintain your humanity. I think that is fundamental and that is why having a community around you that you love and that loves you is absolutely essential to surviving this. I don't think you can be an island and get through what’s coming.

Another thing I would suggest, if you do have money, if you have investments, is to diversify as much as possible — probably not best to have all your money in a bank, and especially not one bank ...

If you look at countries like Mexico, going through the Tequila Crisis in the 1990s, or Brazil, going through the huge hyperinflation it had, how do you survive that relatively intact? When you own real assets, you own property. Maybe you own precious metals ... In Turkey, inflation is absolutely surging and people are using gold, they are looking at cryptocurrencies. They are doing anything except keeping their money in Turkish lira.”

More Information

So, in closing, the best you can do right now is to educate yourself about the impending digital control grid, share information, resist and oppose any and all attempts to implement vaccine passports or digital IDs, take a stand for freedom, build community and prepare for deteriorating economic conditions by diversifying your monies and investments.

To learn more, be sure to pick up a copy of Corbishley’s book, “Scanned: Why Vaccine Passports and Digital IDs Will Mean the End of Privacy and Personal Freedom.”

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