Migrant Surge Brings Killers and Criminal Gangs And the Dems’ “sanctuary city” policies make the danger worse.

SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/migrant-surge-brings-killers-and-criminal-gangs; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

Former New York City Police Department Commissioner Ray Kelly, the department’s longest-serving commissioner, cautioned on Sunday that New York City’s quality of life “has really deteriorated.” Migrant crime is a major reason.

Venezuela’s notorious Tren de Aragua gang and El Salvador’s feared MS-13 — what former FBI Assistant Director Chris Swecker calls “prison-spawned gangs” — are threatening to take over American cities. They bring “mindless knuckle-dragging violence,” warns Swecker. They’re the “most dangerous gangs on the planet.”

Swecker speculates that countries are emptying their prisons deliberately. Gang leaders setting up crime rings in the U.S. “come out of the muck and the slime of the South American prisons.”

While law enforcement officials here are warning us about the collapse of public safety, left-wing pols deny there’s a problem. Ana Maria Archila, co-director of New York’s Working Families Party, calls the “chaos and insecurity” people are feeling a “false sense.” She blames it on racism and xenophobia, not reality. Open your eyes, Ms. Archila.

Public safety is visibly spiraling downward: migrants beating cops in Times Square; migrants running prostitution rings; migrants on mopeds robbing pedestrians; migrants shoplifting and stripping retail stores; and now a migrant who recently left New York has been arrested for killing a Georgia nursing student, Laken Riley. Not everyone violating the border is a hardened criminal, but President Joe Biden’s open borders are allowing the worst to get in.

When Mayor Eric Adams was asked on Feb. 20 about stabbing incidents and violence against cops at the Randall’s Island shelter, Adams said that “even the most peaceful person — being confined to an area with 3,000 people … there comes a time where it just irritates you.”

“Irritates”? Adams is downplaying a serious threat.

New York’s misguided “sanctuary city” policy makes the danger worse. If a migrant is arrested in New York, the NYPD is barred from communicating with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement to determine whether the migrant should be deported, jailed or allowed back on the street. On Monday, Adams stated clearly that sanctuary status must be changed so migrants who commit felonies can be picked up by ICE and deported. He’s said it before. Now it needs to happen.

Jose Antonio Ibarra, 26, entered the U.S. from Venezuela illegally in September 2022, was granted “parole” under Biden’s policy and came to New York on a bus. While here, he was arrested once but not detained. Now he’s charged with murdering Riley, who was out jogging on the University of Georgia’s Athens campus.

Swecker suggests that “this man did not burst spontaneously into a criminal overnight. This is someone who has committed crimes before.”

After moving to Athens, Georgia, Ibarra was arrested three times, including for shoplifting. But Athens is also a sanctuary city, and he was always released.

On Saturday at CPAC, Donald Trump likened “migrant crime” to the deeds of fictional killer Hannibal Lecter, who eats victims. Not such a stretch in Ibarra’s case, considering he’s charged with “murder with malice” for bludgeoning Riley’s body until it was disfigured.

The vicious gang MS-13 is resurging and may join forces with Tren de Aragua. In 2017, an MS-13 gang hacked and beheaded four Long Island teens, using machetes, knives and a chisel. Gruesome.

The Left denies migrant crime is a problem. The public knows better. A new Pew Research Center report says 57% of Americans believe the huge influx of migrants is leading to more crime.

On Saturday, Adams stood in Times Square, boasting that it’s safe. But saying it doesn’t make it so. Just two days earlier, a teenager visiting the “Crossroads of the World” for the first time was knifed by a gang of masked attackers, including several migrants. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital with a collapsed lung.

Migrant gangs pose the biggest danger, but pervasive sex trafficking is also a scourge. Watch at about 6 p.m. each day as women exit shelters and get picked up in cars, leaving their kids behind for the night. It’s happening in all five boroughs, according to Homeland Security Investigations Deputy Agent in Charge Darren McCormack.

Are neighbors who criticize what’s happening xenophobic and racist? No. They just want a decent life, and they see it disappearing fast.

Betsy McCaughey is a former lieutenant governor of New York and chairman of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths.

Report: Migrant Gang From NJ Requesting $6K A Person To Smuggle Illegal Immigrants Into U.S. From Canada

Report: Migrant Gang From NJ Requesting $6K A Person To Smuggle Illegal Immigrants Into U.S. From Canada

(Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images)

OAN’s Elizabeth Volberding
3:00 PM – Sunday, February 4, 2024

SEE: https://www.oann.com/newsroom/report-migrant-gang-from-nj-requesting-6k-a-person-to-smuggle-illegal-immigrants-into-u-s-from-canada/; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

A recent report shows that a migrant gang based in New Jersey is paying $6,000 per person to smuggle large amounts of undocumented immigrants into the United States through the Canadian border.

According to a report published by Daily Mail, a well-known people-smuggling organization headed by undocumented migrants who began entering the country illegally in 2019 and are now charging $6,000 per person to bring others into the United States.

After being freed by ICE, a number of the migrants relocated to New Jersey, where they currently operate the gang. 

According to the report, the ringleaders were migrants from Guatemala and Colombia who sneaked across the Mexican border to establish themselves in New Jersey. There, they ran the profitable scheme while dodging authorities.

The Jersey-based gang is credited with igniting an under-the-radar surge in border crossings while United States Border Patrol agents struggle with an overwhelming influx of asylum seekers from Mexico, the outlet reported.

“With the huge asylum-seeker concentrations and with all of those people crossing the border and with the huge increase in the amount of enforcement that is going on on the southern border, it is probably, if you have an option, a lot easier to try to get in without inspection across the Canadian border,” said Philip Kasinitz, a CUNY Graduate Center immigration studies professor stated.

Additionally, the Daily Mail reported that the smugglers of migrants are making the most of this situation by offering a large reward for smuggling people out of Quebec and into Vermont, where there is less intense surveillance.

Elmer Bran-Galvez, an alleged smuggler’s driver, was reportedly stopped by border guards in Franklin, Vermont, in June while carrying four illegal immigrants. He explained to authorities that he was paid about $1,800 for each illegal passenger, but he wasn’t charged, the outlet stated.

An indication of the massive influx across the northern border was the fact that over 10,000 migrants were arrested last year while attempting to enter the United States illegally from Canada, which is nearly five times the number expected in 2022.

Even though federal authorities eventually apprehended two of the New Jersey gang’s leaders, Jhon Reina-Perez, 34, and Victor Lopez-Padilla, 35, the migration flow has not slowed down.

In order to gain entry into the United States more easily, migrants may choose to travel to Mexico as it is listed as a “visa-exempt” country by Canada, if they have the funds to do so.

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7 Men Gang-Rape Toddlers at Mall, Record It, Media Yawns. Can You Guess Why?

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster
A video posted on an invitation-only dark-web site shows seven men males raping two boys, one two years old and one three years old, in the men's room of a Galleria mall in Houston, Texas.

The alleged ring leader of the pedo rapist cabal, Arthur Hector Fernandez, 29, is a kiosk employee at the same mall. He was arrested by the FBI after being contacted by an anti-child-trafficking organization called the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation who discovered the videos in a secret pedo forum online.

Using an open-source photo repository and pictures on social media, the FBI was able to identify one of the young boys.

They showed an expurgated picture of the child to the boy's family, one of whom recognized the bracelets Fernandez was wearing. The feds found photos online of Fernandez wearing the same bracelets.

Fernandez was arrested and is being held without bail. He is looking at life in prison. He is the only person arrested thus far.

FACT-O-RAMA! In prison, child molesters are called "chomos" and are considered the lowest life form behind bars. They have a knack for "dying" sooner than people imprisoned for other crimes. 

Fernandez allegedly appears in three of four videos depicting the heinous assaults, filmed in various locations, including the mall.

How did seven pedophiles gain access to the two children?

The FBI was able to identify the second victim and locate that boy's mother as well. Both mothers work in the same mall where Fernandez was employed and claim that Fernandez was a "friend." At times, when the women could not find babysitters, they brought their children to work. Both admitted to allowing Fernandez to take their toddlers for walks through the mall at various times. One of the mothers said Fernandez also took her son trick-or-treating.

One of the attacks seen on video is believed to have taken place in December 2022.  

PEDO-RAMA! Fernadez's Instagram page is private but shows two "pride rainbows" emojis. It also shows a cash app handle, though it is not clear what Fernandez provides for money. 

Why haven't you seen this story blow up? I think you know.

Related: 'Born This Way' Gay Married Couple Caught Raping and Pimping Their Adopted Special Needs Boys

Lefty media tends to downplay child sexual predator stories when the attackers are members of the LGBTCHOMO crowd. They'd rather inundate you with stories like that of the pregnant "racist Karen," who was put on leave from her job after a video surfaced of her arguing with a black teen who tried to swipe the Citibike she had just rented. 

Most articles you read about this latest crime won't even mention that the victims are boys. Nor have I seen a lot of mention of the two rainbow emojis on Fernandez's Instagram page.

This story is developing and will be updated as more of the Houston-area gay pedo-monsters are busted and brought to justice.

The far-left Pravda news outlets also do not want you to read this article about a bumper crop of sexual attacks by transgender people on kids, most of which also took place in public restrooms. 

Heinous stories about pedophiles who are gay tend to draw the ire of Big Brother. There is a really good chance this article will be demonetized. Sure, if the kiddie rapists were clergy, or say, "white supremacists," it would last longer than that fruit cake you got for Christmas, but when the predators are members of the LGBTLOL crowd, the stories disappear—but not until after they are demonetized.

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