Nebraska Democrat With Transgender Son in Hysterical Rant Against Republicans Trying to Protect Children

Megan Hunt becomes the first openly LGBTQ person elected to the legislature


Freedom From Religion Foundation Co-President Dan Barker and Director of Governmental Affairs Mark Dann speak with Nebraska state Sen. Megan Hunt. Hunt is openly atheist and bisexual and was the first openly LGBTQ person elected to the Nebraska legislature.

Nebraska Needs Comprehensive Sex Education

QUOTE: "My testimony at the State Board of Education hearing on the framework for K-12 health education in our state. The second draft of the standards was released in July and is a complete departure from what medical experts, education professionals, and decades of research clearly demonstrate is effective health education. The second draft significantly weakens the inclusion of medically accurate and age-appropriate essential elements—STD and pregnancy prevention, sexual orientation, gender identity, consent, and diverse family structures—resulting in a complete departure from what medical experts and decades of research clearly demonstrate is effective health education. By removing these topics, the second draft fails to align with not only best practices in the health education field but also the State Board of Education’s own Nondiscrimination and Equitable Educational Opportunities in Schools Position Statement, which states that all students should be “known, heard and supported.” The opposition wants us to teach values, but just their values. However, that is not the role of a public school system, and we have 304,000 children to keep safe, alive, and thriving. Research shows that medically and scientifically accurate sex education decreases the number of teen pregnancies, decreases the incidence of abortion, and delays the average age when students begin engaging in sexual activity."

Interview with Freedom From Religion Foundation

Megan Hunt: Champion of the First Amendment Awardee by FFRF

Ban Religious Indoctrination Camps! Senator Megan Hunt on the attacks on LGBTQ, Drag Queens & Trans

Ban Religious Indoctrination Camps! Senator Megan Hunt on the attacks on LGBTQ, Drag Queens & Trans Why did Nebraska State Senator Megan Hunt amend a bill to ban children from attending “religious indoctrination” camps? Amber gets the chance to ask her! You won't what to miss what she has to say on this subject. Senator Megan Hunt is a small business owner, community activist, and mother first elected to the Nebraska State Legislature in 2018 and re-elected in 2022 to represent District 8; becoming the first LGBTQ+ person ever elected to the Legislature, and the first woman ever from the district. A sixth-generation Nebraskan, Megan has lived and worked in the district for the past 18 years. Megan founded Hello Holiday, a community-facing boutique and e-commerce company in 2012. Today, she is the owner of a stationary shop in Benson. Senator Hunt currently sits on five committees in the Legislature; Business and Labor, Urban Affairs, Government, Military and Veterans Affairs, Committee on Committees, and State-Tribal Relations. The opportunity for public service through elective office opened for her in 2015 when Hunt’s public school district was considering a new comprehensive sex education curriculum to educate students about sexual health, consent, and healthy relationships. Since then, she has remained committed to uplifting the voices of the marginalized and forgotten. Megan is passionate about public education, reproductive justice and gender equity, workforce development, and reducing the brain drain in the Midwest. Since taking office, she has worked with other senators from across the state to tackle food stamp reform, tenants’ rights, access to healthcare, and affordable housing in Nebraska. Megan has introduced 45 bills and cosponsored 131 bills, 46 of which passed with bipartisan support and were signed by the Governor. Megan is the founder and Vice President of Safe Space Nebraska, a 501(c)3 working to end harassment and assault in nightlife establishments. She is a trustee of the Business Ethics Alliance and has served on the boards of Charles Drew Health Center, Friends of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, Friends of the Nebraska AIDS Project, and Omaha Area Youth Orchestras. Megan’s work and impact have been featured in dozens of publications including Forbes, INC, The Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, the Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and others. In acknowledgment of her legislative efforts, she has been awarded the Henry Toll Fellowship, David Bohnett Leaders Fellowship, Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance Leadership Award, and CSG’s Bowhay Institute for Legislative Leadership Development Fellowship, among others. As a business owner, community leader, and parent, Megan has worked with commitment and discipline to help people from all walks of life prosper in our state. Her track record stems from her belief that the more everyday Nebraskans are empowered and supported to improve their quality of life, the easier it is for all of us to live the good life in the Cornhusker State.

Nebraska Legislature: Sen. Megan Hunt speaks about gender-affirming care

Sen. Megan Hunt addresses a would-be ban on gender-affirming care for minors in Nebraska. She revealed on the floor that her son is transgender and plans to filibuster the bill and other bills to keep it from passing.

We Cannot Codify Hate in Our State Laws

QUOTE: "LB574, introduced by Senator Kathleen Kauth, represents an extreme government intrusion into the private lives of families. Lawmakers have no place in legislating healthcare or discriminating against LGBTQ+ youth. We cannot enshrine this lack of safety into our laws which will only contribute to higher levels of suicide, substance abuse, and physical abuse."



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Nebraska Democratic state Sen. Megan Hunt is on a crusade. And she wants everyone to know it.

Hunt has decided to filibuster the last two and a half months of the Nebraska legislative session to block the passage of a bill that would prevent “gender-affirming care” for minors. Listening to Hunt, who has a transgender “son,” you might think the GOP was planning mass murder.

The bill would ban gender surgeries and the prescription of hormones to minors. But for Hunt and other Nebraska Democrats, the bill is going to murder children.

“I will burn the session to the ground over this bill,” warned state Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh.

Hunt and her colleagues were just getting warmed up.

“If this bill passes, all your bills are on the chopping block, and the bridge is burned,” Hunt warned the chamber.

“We have made it clear that this is the line in the sand,” Hunt said to lawmakers on Thursday.

“People have said, ‘What if we go after your bills? What if we put a bunch of bills introduced by progressives up on the agenda? Are you going to filibuster those, too?’ Yes, because we’re not like you,” Hunt explained. “We have a principle and a value that actually matters that much to us that we’re willing to stand up for.”

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Are we allowed to look at such nobility, such greatness in the eye? Perhaps we should have the Republicans in the Nebraska legislature knee-walk into the chamber while averting their gaze?

Apparently not.

“Don’t say hi to me in the hall, don’t ask me how my weekend was, don’t walk by my desk and ask me anything. Don’t send me Christmas cards ― take me off the list,” Hunt warned. “No one in the world holds a grudge like me, and no one in the world cares less about being petty than me. I don’t care. I don’t like you.”

Oh, sure. I’ll take her name off my Christmas card list right away, you bet.

The topper may have come when another Democratic female legislator broke down in tears after reading a letter from a psychologist.


On Wednesday, Day cried in the chamber while reading a letter from a psychologist who said the bill “will result in the deaths of transgender and gender diverse adolescents, likely before the end of the school year.”

“I want all of you to go into the rotunda and look into the eyes of those parents and tell them that you’re voting for this bill knowing that it could potentially kill their child,” Day said with tears.

Sen. John Fredrickson, the first openly gay man elected to the Nebraska Legislature, also cried in the chamber before reading a letter from a constituent who said that without gender-affirming care, her son would likely have taken his own life as a teenager.

Just as an aside: there is no evidence that “gender-affirming care” improves the mental health of children. Teens are usually suffering from comorbidities unrelated to gender dysphoria and are still at risk even if they receive treatment.

But inconvenient facts like that can be ignored in service to the greater good. The fact is, Megan Hunt is a new kind of radical nutcase. A small-minded, bitter, closed-off white woman. If I were the Nebraska child services, I would investigate her to determine how much she influenced her “son’s” gender dysphoria.

This is a woman looking for a cause, and she has apparently found it.

Dan Ball WITH Tina Ramirez: UNHINGED ‘Journalist’ Calls CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES On Mom Over Columbus Day, 10/12/22

Journalist Calls CPS on Virginia Senate Candidate for Teaching Daughter About Christopher Columbus

Journalist Called Child Protective Services on State Senate Candidate—for Celebrating Columbus Day with Her Daughter

The Christopher Columbus statue is shown at Manhattan's Columbus Circle, Sunday Aug. 27, 2017, in New York. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Yes, you read that right. A leftist journalist called Child Protective Services on a Republican state Senate candidate and single mother because she teaches her daughter to celebrate Columbus Day. Apparently, celebrating the man who made it possible for America to exist and for us to live here falls under the leftist definition of “abuse.”

Self-described “Award-Winning Multimedia Journalist” David Leavitt called Child Protective Services (CPS) on Republican Virginia state Senate candidate and single mom Tina Ramirez for being pro-Columbus Day. The drama began when Ramirez referenced PayPal’s recent attempt to fine “misinformation”-spreaders $2,500. Ramirez tweeted, “Only women can be pregnant. Do I owe PayPal $2500 now?” Leavitt replied with the highly rational comment, “Why are you celebrating torture, rape, murder, and enslavement?” Ramirez, apparently realizing that Leavitt was referring to Columbus Day, tweeted, “I teach my daughter real American history. I refuse to join the radical left’s campaign to erase history.”

Leavitt, who has over 330,000 Twitter followers, tried to start a harassment campaign against Ramirez, tweeting, “Can someone please call child care services on Tina Ramirez who’s teaching her child to be a racist?” He then evidently decided that he couldn’t wait for anyone else to report Ramirez, because he began to post an extended tweet thread complaining about how long the wait was on Virginia’s child abuse hotline. Perhaps the wait time is long because woke journalists call the hotline to complain that mothers are teaching their children history?

Ramirez fired back at Leavitt’s stunt, tweeting, “Mighty bold and liberal of you to lecture a Hispanic mother with a black daughter on racism. What’s next? Are you going to lecture me on women’s rights?” Leavitt sneered, “Having a black child doesn’t make you any less racist.” The journalist also retweeted dozens of comments bashing Ramirez and her pro-Columbus tweet, including comments like “Slavery is American history” and “I feel very sorry for your daughter. She will learn the truth one day and hate you for not helping her navigate racism, back lives matter, and all the ‘history’ you choose to ignore.”

Since Leavitt’s tweets revealed that he spent over an hour on the CPS line waiting to report Ramirez, the Republican candidate tweeted, “Radical leftist @David_Leavitt didn’t just call CPS to level accusations against me. He waited an hour on hold, tying up the lines of our CPS professionals trying to help Virginia’s children. The radical left is willing to put our children at risk to cancel conservatives.”

Despite calling CPS on Ramirez, Leavitt later cluelessly whined on Twitter, “I’m being the subject of targeted harassment by someone who’s celebrating the torture, rape, murder, and enslavement of indigenous peoples.” The “harassment” he quote-tweeted just said, “Poor Davey is upset about Columbus day 🙁 Get well soon, pal.” The journalist then claimed he’d received a death threat. He also tweeted about “#IndigenousPeoplesDay,” which is the left’s new name for Columbus Day but is apparently unaware that Columbus Day was established as a holiday to counteract violent prejudice against Italian Americans. The holiday’s purpose is to fight racism.

Related: Another Faux Native American Is Outed

While unjust deeds were done by Columbus’s men (often against his instructions) and Columbus did make mistakes, he was not a “murderer” of natives. He was, in fact, remarkably eager to treat the natives humanely. And there were natives who were very happy to see him. As Meridian Magazine explains, native chief King Guacanagari asked for Columbus’s help in defeating an enemy tribe of cannibals, who were “destroying” Guacanagari’s tribe. Columbus assisted Guacanagari to defeat the cannibals, and then sent captured cannibals as slaves to Spain. But his motivation for the latter action is far more humane than you might think, as he wrote to the Spanish monarchs, “We send by these two vessels some of these cannibal men and women, as well as some children, both male and female. Their Highnesses can order them to be placed under the care of the most competent persons to teach them the language.” Columbus added that he hoped the slaves “may one day be led to abandon their barbarous custom of eating their fellow creatures. By learning the Spanish language in Spain, they will much earlier receive baptism and ensure the salvation of their souls.” Columbus wanted to help even cannibals and enemies in the best way he knew how — by trying to get them to Heaven. Would Leavitt be that generous to men who had previously tried to kill and eat him?

The American Spectator wrote that the “crimes” of which Columbus is perpetually accused, including genocide and mass enslavement of natives, are “a total fabrication.” The Spectator cited original documents and noted that Columbus even defended natives against the Spanish.

Meridian Magazine describes Columbus by noting, “His relations with the natives tended to be benign. He liked the natives and found them to be very intelligent.” It’s too bad there isn’t more intelligence to be found from woke journalists.


California to legalize state-sponsored trafficking of children combined with child mutilation and castration surgeries in the name of transgenderism



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(Natural News) Is California on the verge of becoming a sanctuary state for child transgender trafficking? The state’s legislature is definitely trying to make it happen.

Senate Bill 107, introduced by Scott Wiener, a prominent Democratic state senator, was recently passed and now awaits a signature from Gov. Gavin Newsom. If signed, SB 107 would allow the Golden State to take custody of out-of-state minors who want to become “trans,” but who are prohibited from doing so in their home state.

Even if parents object, minors would still be allowed to travel to California and receive “gender-affirming care” in the form of surgical castration, a hysterectomy, and whatever Big Pharma gender-bending pharmaceuticals are needed to become their “true selves.”

The bill received “overwhelming Democratic support,” passing both the House and Senate in California on August 31. (Related: California legislators have also tried to force Christian pastors to promote LGBT perversion from the pulpit.)

Newsom reportedly has until September 30 to either sign or veto the bill. He has not yet taken any action but is expected to sign the measure into law before the deadline.

Scott Wiener wants to turn California into a pedophilia and perversion paradise

Wiener, a well-known Democrat pervert, is also responsible for introducing other legislation that would allow children 12 years of age or older to get vaccinated without parental consent. He also supports mandating “Drag Queen Story Hour” events in grade school, as well as relaxing the punishments for child sex offenders.

Wiener claims that his latest child-targeting legislation is necessary because underage kids in more conservative states face increasing barriers to getting their developing breasts surgically removed in the case of females, or having their outward genitalia turned inwards in the case of males.

Efforts to protect children against this type of irreversible genital mutilation represent “brutal attacks on transgender children,” according to Wiener, who seems to be shamelessly obsessed with child sexuality and bizarre pedophilic perversion.

SB 107 comes with no restrictions or qualifications once signed. If Newsom picks up and uses that pen, underage children from anywhere will have the ability to come to California to become trans, even without their parents’ permission.

California’s courts would have the ability to assume full custody of such children, becoming their new “parent.” And these children’s parents would not have any say in the matter.

“All the court would need to prove is that the minor has been ‘mistreated or abused’ which is defined as being ‘unable to obtain gender-affirming health care,'” reports The Gateway Pundit (TGP).

“As of now, it is unclear if the child has to enter California before the law takes effect, or if the state can interfere and assist the child in traveling and accommodations.”

The bill would seem to suggest that physical presence in California is “not necessary” for a child to become the property of the state. As long as “abuse” is confirmed according to its tenets, California would be allowed to pursue custody.

“Either way, this law goes far beyond any established form of government intervention in personal family matters,” TGP explains.

The California Family Council issued its own scathing statement against the bill, warning that radical activists will surely “weaponize” it to prey on vulnerable out-of-state children.

“It’s not hard to see how activists could quickly weaponize SB 107,” the group warns about its implications.

“Since the bill instructs state agencies to ignore the circumstances of how a child came to the state for gender transitioning, SB 107 invites children to run away from their families or even be trafficked across state lines.”

More related news can be found at

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Parents SUE over their children being abducted by CPS due to investigator’s “hurt feelings”



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) An Illinois family is suing the state after a child welfare investigator vindictively abducted three of their children for over a year due to “hurt feelings.”

Jacob and Patricia Krueger’s three children were taken into custody by the Department of Children and Family Services (DFCS) in 2019 after one of the children was supposed to have been discharged from the hospital for a complex medical issue.

Aaron Rapier, the attorney representing the Kruegers, explained that Dr. Channing Petrak, the DCFS contractor in question, was at the hospital when the child was set to be discharged after a year-and-a-half-long investigation but reneged after feeling slighted by something that Jacob Krueger said.

In a reactionary emotional response to feeling “embarrassed,” Petrak decided to hurt the Kruegers. Instead of relying on the facts of the case to make a decision, Petrak instead went with her emotions and feelings, which greatly harmed the family. (Related: Child Protective Services (CPS) is also now using artificial intelligence to decide which children to abduct.)

“While [Petrak] went into the meeting intending to discharge this child home to the family, which means of course that she didn’t suspect any abuse or neglect at that time, she did a complete 180 after she was embarrassed in front of a colleague,” Rapier told Center Square.

CPS is a kidnapping front pretending to advocate for children’s welfare

The lawsuit further explains that Petrak was not the doctor of the child in question. She simply inserted herself into the situation as a dictator, wielding her perceived power in a weaponized way to cause harm because of her personal feelings.

“Jacob told Defendant / Petrak he did not want her involved in [the child’s] care, treatment, or discharge planning,” Rapier says.

“Defendant / Petrak was offended and embarrassed by Jacob’s statements. She left the room, as requested, but Defendant / Petrak was not done with the Krueger family.”

Petrak apparently responded to having her feelings hurt by falsely claiming that the child in question was being “medically abused,” even though this was an absolute lie.

The Krueger family had already endured a painful 17 months of investigation by the DFCS, which found that there was no medical neglect taking place. But Petrak lied and claimed otherwise at the last minute, resulting in all three of the Krueger children being abducted from their family by the state for 467 days.

“[The child with the complex medical problem’s sibling] was illegally seized and unlawfully detained by Defendants for no reason other than that he is [her] brother and the adult Plaintiff’s son,” the lawsuit explains.

Likewise, the third child “was illegally seized and unlawfully detained for no reason other than his relation to the other Plaintiffs. Defendants did not have a court order, consent, or the exigent circumstances necessary to seize him.”

“It’s just too scary that someone has that much power and can act so arbitrarily,” Rapier added about Petrak’s abuse of power and authority.

Michelle Weidner, executive director of the Family Justice Resource Center, also told Center Square that “a wrongful allegation can happen to anyone.”

“For children under about the age of three, any birth injury, medical condition, or accidental injury can launch an investigation,” she added in a statement.

“When children have complicated medical situations, the parents need to be able to trust the hospitals and providers to make their child better. All too often though, when a child has an unexplained medical finding the hospital calls in a child abuse pediatrician who DCFS relies upon to find abuse and write medical opinions in anticipation of litigation.”

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Stephanie Hamill with Jeff Younger: Father fighting to stop ex-wife from subjecting son to gender modification





Starbucks Employee Claims to Have Spit in a Conservative Student’s Coffee



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

A Starbucks employee claims to have spit in a prominent conservative student leader’s coffee in Denton, Texas. University of North Texas (UNT) student and former YCT (Young Conservatives of Texas) President, Kelly Neidert, found the post on Yik Yak, an anonymous Twitter-style social network popular on college campuses.

UNT is the same campus where dozens of far-left activists shut down a speaking event featuring Texas State House Candidate Jeff Younger earlier this month. Younger gained widespread recognition following a lengthy custody battle over his son James, where Younger’s ex-wife, Dr. Anne Georgulas, diagnosed their son with “gender dysphoria,” which is a psychological disorder characterized by a child’s “consistent and insistent” expression of “cross-gender statements and behaviors.”

A jury said Dr. Georgulas had the right to “transition” her son, who she has reportedly renamed “Luna.” Younger eventually lost custody of his son last August.

Kelly Neidert played a big part in organizing the event for Younger, which was hijacked and ruined by dozens of far-left agitators. The extremists pounded on tables and shouted “**ck you fascist” until Younger and the event organizers were forced to leave. The group was later attacked by more far-left extremists as they exited the event.

Police ultimately had to hide the 22-year-old in a janitor’s closet due to the mob’s threats. Neidert said she had already coordinated with police prior to the event because she had been receiving “death threats and threats of violence” at school prior to the event.

A little over a week after the event, Neidert discovered a Yik Yak post in which a Starbucks employee claims to have spit in her drink. “Kelly from the right came to my Starbucks this morning and she got a BIG spit in her drink,” reads the post. “Starbucks employees spit in my drink because they knew I’m conservative! Conservative Twitter, do your thing,” the UNT student leader wrote in response.

According to Neidert, the incident took place at Starbucks Store #11149, which can be reached at 1-940-382-0242. The Starbucks location did not respond to National File’s request for comment.

Loudoun County School District Called CPS on Dad for Asking Questions About Bad Teachers



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

We were all shocked and horrified when the Daily Wire broke the story about the Loudoun County dad who was dragged out of a school board meeting for trying to speak out about the massive coverup of the rape of his daughter that occurred in the girls’ bathroom by a gender-fluid boy in a skirt. But that’s not the only horror Loudoun County schools have been hiding. Luke Rosiak, the same reporter who broke the rape story is back at it again, and this time he uncovered how a Loudoun County school official called Child Protective Services on a dad for asking questions about county test scores. The New York Post has the story:

To hear Loudoun County, Va., educators tell it, Brian Davison is a violent lunatic, a physical threat, someone who should be in jail.

Davison is a ginger-haired 48-year-old who earned two degrees from MIT, then spent much of his career as a Navy officer. By profession, he is a nerd who specializes in “operations research,” finding ways to make organizations function more efficiently. After he had two kids, he figured he could volunteer his number-crunching skills to help their schools.

He’s not a monster. To teachers, he’s something more threatening: a mathematician.

That mathemetician discovered that the schools were counting metrics wrong. When he used FOIA to get his hands on the data, the county refused to give it up.

In 2014, Davison asked for a copy of the growth scores under the Freedom of Information Act. Loudoun County Public Schools told him it did not have them. In fact, no one in the school system had ever looked at them.

Not only is the county supposed to have those scores, but they are also supposed to report them to the federal government in order to receive funding. It doesn’t look like they have been doing it.

He requested the data from other school districts in the state, which told him essentially the same thing. Educators were so opposed to looking at these numbers that they were willing to systematically lie, apparently ignore the law, and jeopardize vast sums of federal funding. They were doing it for the same reason the information was so important: It revealed which teachers were good and which were not.

This is a thing that teachers’ unions have been fighting for forever. They never want their jobs tied to student scores. They would prefer that teachers take no responsibility for the growth of students, blaming instead their parents, their environment, or the budget for any failures.

RelatedLoudoun County Rapist Who ‘Scares’ Judge Will Not Have to Register as a Sex Offender

Davison had to file a suit to get the FOIA information he requested, and that’s when he became a target of Loudoun County. Davison was then labeled “dangerous.” Debra Rose, a former congressional staffer, and school board member went on the attack against Davison. She attempted to have him removed from a board meeting in 2015 for asking uncomfortable questions about the test results. The officer she instructed to remove Davison refused to do it. She then called the police while she was at her home to report Davison as a “threat” to her. She did not give police any specific information as to what kind of threat he posed but told him “he made her feel extremely uncomfortable,” according to the Post’s investigation. Again, the police took no action.

In May, another call to police, this time from Rose’s husband, took place alleging that Davison was “posting links” on the internet to Rose’s campaign website where photos of her and her children were. According to the police report as reported by the Post, “this may not be a crime because this certain post is a link to his wife’s campaign website.” The campaign against Davison was well and truly underway. This is a common tactic by the left where they will call the police to “build a record” against an enemy. It was done to me when I went up against a corrupt library board in Illinois that was allowing men to watch porn (and masturbate) in a building full of children. They ended up calling the police on me eleven times for nonsense (with no charges ever filed). One call was about a song I wrote on YouTube about a Smith and Wesson gun. Seriously. You can read all about that in my book called Shut Up!

RelatedWinning: Matt Walsh Trolls Woke Loudoun County School Board—and It’s a Sight to Behold

Rose then called Davison’s father to complain about him and emailed his employer several times, presumably to have him fired. When Davison refused to stop raising questions about the testing issues at a PTA meeting, the school’s principal, Tracy Stephens, banned him from the school premises. This ban then allowed the school to continue harassing Davison with police, according to the Post.

The day the no-trespassing order was posted to Davison’s front door, Stephens called the police on him while he waited off school property to pick up his kids. She refused to allow his children to join him. The police told the principal that Davison was entitled to pick up his children, but, according to the police report, Stephens demanded, “I want him arrested!”

When the police would not arrest Davison, Stephens called CPS and lied about him being a danger to his children and told them she suspected him of being a child abuser. These accusations were based on his child coming to school wearing rain boots instead of gym shoes and seeing the children with him on one occasion when they were “straight-faced” and not smiling.

In 2016, Davison won the FOIA suit that he filed in 2014, and a judge ordered the board to turn over the testing information and pay him $35,000. But what’s incredible about this story is that Davison found in the data that there were teachers who the district knew were underperforming, and yet they stayed employed anyway. And despite this knowledge, and with the teachers’ unions fighting every step of the way, a Republican-controlled Congress passed a bill called Every Student Succeeds Act that snuck into it exactly what the unions wanted. “Buried in it was a provision forbidding the government from asking or incentivizing states to use student-growth data to evaluate teachers. The change came following lobbying by the unions.”

How can every student succeed when a bunch of them are stuck with crappy teachers? You tell me. What’s also incredible about this is the change in the testing that outed the bad teachers who came under Obama. So it was an Obama plan to find out which teachers were doing well and which ones weren’t, and the people who destroyed it were Republicans. Go figure. It’s tough to tell who the bad guys are these days, but for sure the teachers’ unions should top that list.