Minneapolis: Four Mohameds Convicted of $250,000,000 COVID Fraud

SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2024/06/minneapolis-four-mohameds-convicted-of-250000000-covid-fraud; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

I’ve been covering the massive Feeding Our Future fraud case for a while now and it’s an insane story made only madder by a last minute twist.

In 2019, Feeding Our Future distributed $3.4 million in taxpayer food aid funds to the non-profits it was sponsoring, In 2020, that shot up to $42 million and then up to $197 million in 2021.

Glahn in an American Experiment found that, “Feeding Our Future had 312 authorized sites for the program, approved for a maximum of 126,000 children.” That’s a lot of hungry Somali kids.

The Feds staked out various Feeding Our Future meal sites and found no one at the places that were supposed to be feeding 50,000 children.

According to the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, S&S Catering led by Qamar Ahmed Hassan received $13.8 million in federal funds. The FBI warrants note that, “Qamar Ahmed Hassan wrote approximately $27,000 in checks from S&S Catering bank accounts… to Amax Travel, a travel agency that specializes in Haji travel packages.”

Haji is the Islamic obligation for every Muslim to visit their holy city of Mecca.

Then suddenly a few days ago there came the $120,000 bribe dropped off at a juror’s place.

A juror in a Minneapolis trial related to $250 million in stolen pandemic aid reported that she had a sack with $120,000 in cash delivered to her door — and a note promising more if she voted to acquit.

It didn’t work and the four Mohammeds and one Abdaziz are done.

After three days of deliberating, the jury found five defendants, Abdiaziz Shafii Farah, 35, Mohamed Jama Ismail, 51, Abdimajid Mohamed Nur, 23, Mukhtar Mohamed Sharif, 33, and Hayat Mohamed Nur, 27, guilty of most crimes related to the scheme, according to a Friday Justice Department (DOJ) news release.

That’s a lot of Mohamed.

Of course, this just means that we’re going to spend millions more on them in the justice system. That’s Catch 22 on migration from corrupt terror states. Even when they get nailed, we still pay for it.

Trump Blasts Biden For Conviction Of J6 ‘Praying Grandma’~Trump Says He Doesn’t Support National Abortion Ban, Would Instead ‘Let States Decide’

Trump Says He Doesn’t Support National Abortion Ban, Would Instead ‘Let States Decide’

Former President Donald Trump arrives for a rally on April 02, 2024 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. At the rally, Trump spoke next to an empty lectern on the stage and challenged President Joe Biden to debate him. The Wisconsin primary is being held today. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

OAN’s Brooke Mallory
6:20 PM – Monday, April 8, 2023

SEE: https://www.oann.com/newsroom/trump-says-he-doesnt-support-national-abortion-ban-would-instead-let-states-decide/; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

Former President Donald Trump has stated that he does not support a federal ban on abortion and instead believes that individual states should set their own abortion limits.

The statement contradicts what Democrats have been claiming about him over the last few months.

Nevertheless, many detractors of the former president have still gone as far as to say that Trump is “lying” and that he is only claiming this in order to “get more votes.” 

“At the end of the day, this is all about the will of the people,” Trump said in a video posted to Truth Social.

“My view is, now that we have abortion where everybody wants it from a legal standpoint, the states will determine by vote or legislation, or perhaps both, and whatever they decide must be the law of the land,” Trump said.

In a video released on Monday, Trump also reaffirmed his total support for exceptions in situations of rape, incest, and to preserve the mother’s life.

The former GOP president went on to say that he believes every state should pass its own abortion legislation, but he did not name the specific laws that he is in favor of. This goes against the views of some notable Republican officials, who want a federal law that restricts or outlaws reproductive rights nationwide.

Trump’s “division between federal and state laws,” according to President Joe Biden and his allies, is “meaningless.” Biden has elevated abortion to a significant political issue in the presidential election, attempting to instill fear in Democrat voters that if they do not vote “blue,” then their “abortion rights,” in Biden’s own words, could be taken away indefinitely.

Democrats further claimed that Trump had long been a threat to abortion rights since he had “appointed justices to the Supreme Court who had reversed the historic Roe v. Wade decision.”

“President Trump supports preserving life but has also made clear that he supports states’ rights because he supports voters’ right to make decisions for themselves,” said Brian Hughes, a Trump senior adviser. He added: “President Trump thinks voters should have the last word.”

Meanwhile, Susan B. Anthony, Pro Life America President Marjorie Dannenfelser expressed her “deep disappointment in President Trump’s position” on the issue. Dannenfelser has lobbied Republicans to accept a nationwide ban that is based on weeks.

“Saying the issue is back to the states’ cedes the national debate to the Democrats, who are working relentlessly to enact legislation mandating abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy,” she said. “If successful, they will wipe out states’ rights.”

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