JUST IN: Possible MISTRIAL in Trump NY Case – Judge Merchan Issues Letter on Juror Misconduct!

BREAKING: Mistrial in Trump's New York Case? Judge Merchan Issues Letter to All Parties Acknowledging Potential Juror Misconduct on Social Media EXCLUSIVE: Judge Merchan's Letter Reveals Juror Misconduct - Mistrial in NY Case? Breaking: “Juror’s Cousin” Celebrated Trump Conviction on Facebook Before Verdict Announcement

Gaetz Corners Garland, Massie Unleashes Legal Armageddon on Corrupt Trump Case

In this explosive special report, we dive into the heated confrontation between Rep. Matt Gaetz and Attorney General Merrick Garland over the controversial connections surrounding Judge Merchan and DOJ official Matthew Colangelo in the Trump prosecution. Gaetz grills Garland on Colangelo's suspicious move from the DOJ to DA Bragg's office, insinuating a politically motivated effort to "get Trump." Meanwhile, Rep. Thomas Massie dropped a bombshell, questioning the very legality of Jack Smith's Special Counsel appointment and submitting a powerful amicus brief by former AG Edwin Meese challenging its constitutionality. As Judge Cannon opens the door for this debate in the courtroom, the fireworks are just beginning. We'll explore the shocking details, the potential legal ramifications, and what this means for the future of the Trump case and the integrity of our justice system. You won't want to miss my final thought on this developing story. Like and subscribe to more hard-hitting reports that the mainstream media won't touch. Get ready for a jaw-dropping exposure that could change everything.

Deep State Manufactured Trump Court Cases & Indictments with KrisAnne Hall

We'll take a look at who is really behind the chaos happening on college campuses around the nation. And the multitude of manufactured court cases and indictments against Trump is enough to make your head spin -- we'll break it down with KrisAnne Hall. Plus, over in Tennessee we have one small win for children's safety in schools. And California Governor Greasy Gavin Newsom -- released the most absurd propaganda piece regarding abortion in Alabama.

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