MICHELLE MALKIN: The Cowardly American Corporation

The Cowardly American Corporation

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I no longer bubble with rage when a new outbreak of corporate wokeness erupts across our fruited plain. It’s just another day in the pathetic life of the Land of the Greedy and the Home of the Enslaved. To wit: this week’s parade of U.S. companies ostentatiously trumpeting “health care coverage” for employees who want to travel to Planned Parenthood-beholden states to destroy the lives of their unborn babies in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

You know and I know that these firms aren’t leaping forward to shower “health” benefits (translation: fetal homicide subsidies) on workers out of compassion or principle. It’s not even about straightforward financial calculations. Yes, of course, covering workers’ quickie trips to eliminate inconvenient life is much cheaper than footing the bill for extended maternity leaves. But the bottom line is this: Corporate aborti-mania is driven by abject fear and quivering compliance with cultural authoritarianism.

The woke bullies of American capitalism (LOL) are not really bullies at all. They’re yellow-bellied pimpers of Chinese-made goods and globo-homogenized services who are captives — not captains — of the regime. They are mortified by boycotts and terrified by bad press (see what happened to Pepsi in January after abortifa targeted the company for its donation to the Texas GOP). So they surrender to the violence-threatening wrath of a miserably hideous minority of hysterical harridans online and on the ground.

The CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods, Lauren Hobart, announced on her LinkedIn account that the company is “prepared to ensure that all of our teammates have consistent and safe access to the benefits we provide, regardless of the state in which they live.” That means forking over $4,000 per worker, spouse or dependent’s abortion. Outdoor clothing retailer Patagonia followed suit, with a press release filled with gooey rhetoric about “caring” for their employees’ “choices.” Again: LOL.

No one is fooled by Big Business leaders wrapping themselves in “My Body, My Choice” rhetoric. (Hello, Alaska Airlines, Google, Citigroup, Apple, Microsoft, JPMorgan, Columbia Sportswear, Nike, Adidas, Uber, Netflix, Disney, etc., etc., etc.) Everything is performative theater. Never forget: The companies who ruthlessly cracked down on maskless autistic toddlers and senior citizens on respirators — the same ones who threatened, punished, and fired vaccine objectors en masse — are now preening loudly about their “culture of care,” “equity” and commitment to sacred health care “rights.” The corporate enforcers of COVID-19 tyranny are now the corporate enforcers of abortion-as-health-care extremism because that is what the Beltway swamp decrees and the TikTok mob demands.

The late dissident playwright and Czech president Vaclav Havel exposed the motivations of today’s woke banner-wavers in his “greengrocer” parable, detailed in his seminal 1978 essay, “The Power of the Powerless”:

A shopkeeper places a sign in his grocery store window proclaiming, “Workers of the world, unite!”

“Why does he do it?” Havel asks. One answer: to avoid conflict. “If he were to refuse, there could be trouble. He could be reproached for not having the proper decoration in his window; someone might even accuse him of disloyalty. He does it because these things must be done if one is to get along in life.” It’s a signal of capitulation and conformity.

“I, the greengrocer XY, live here and I know what I must do. I behave in the manner expected of me. I can be depended upon and am beyond reproach. I am obedient and therefore I have the right to be left in peace,” Havel decoded the placard’s slogan. “This message, of course, has an addressee: it is directed above, to the greengrocer’s superior, and at the same time it is a shield that protects the greengrocer from potential informers” (or online snitches and outrage manufacturers in modern-day).

Communist ideology, like today’s corporate woke ideology, “is a veil behind which human beings can hide their own fallen existence, their trivialization, and their adaptation to the status quo,” Havel declared. “It is an excuse that everyone can use, from the greengrocer, who conceals his fear of losing his job behind an alleged interest in the unification of the workers of the world, to the highest functionary, whose interest in staying in power can be cloaked in phrases about service to the working class.”

These corrupt American corporations and their comrades above and below have less might than either they or we think they do. Abortion is murder, not health care. 1+1 = 2. Ignorance is an abyss. If individual citizens conscientiously conduct the business of their own lives in truth, not trepidation, the power of the powerless cannot be suppressed.

“I’m Not Even Sure We Can Make It To November” Says Wayne Allyn Root

MUST SEE: National Talk Show Host Sir Wayne Allyn Root Joins Ben Armstrong in a discussion about the future of America.

Exposing the Counterfeit Theology of Progressive Christianity








SEE: https://thenewamerican.com/exposing-the-counterfeit-theology-of-progressive-christianity/;

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Franklin Graham, President, and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and of Samaritan’s Purse took on the deceptive progressive theology posing as Christianity in an article published on Wednesday at Decision magazine. He called it “the Eternal Peril,” accurately portraying it as Satan’s lie dating from the serpent’s confrontation with Eve in the Garden of Eden.

The lie, he wrote, “has cropped up in the halls of seminaries, infiltrated the pulpits of thousands of churches, and been propagated by a godless liberal media. It is bent on casting doubt and undermining the foundational principles of God’s Word.”

The counterfeit theology attacks the basic foundational structure of Biblical Christianity at every point, seeking to destroy it and then replace it with a man-centered worldview. On gender identity, Graham writes:

Although Scripture clearly says that marriage is between one man and one woman, proponents of progressive Christianity twist and distort the truth of God’s Word on sexuality, focusing on such nonsensical trends as gender identity.

They deny God’s distinction of the sexes, and instead invent their own misguided standards, unguided by the Word of God.

Progressive Christianity rejects God’s plan and replaces it by affirming same-sex marriage. It accepts the use of pornography, one-night stands, and same-sex encounters — virtually any sexual activity as long as it reflects a “concern for each other’s flourishing,” according to promoter Nadia Bolz-Weber.

It accepts Satan’s assurance to Adam and Even in the garden:

“You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman. “For God knows that when you eat from [the tree of the knowledge of good and evil] your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” — Genesis 3:4-5

The fruit was enticing, the promise was enthralling, and the invitation to assert her own independence from God was overwhelming. Her sin was not in itself eating the fruit of the tree; it was her decision to deny God, His warning, and especially His sovereignty.

When she ate and didn’t immediately die, Adam fell for the lie as well, thus fatally infecting their progeny right up to the present day.

From there, Progressive Christianity goes downhill. The Bible isn’t the infallible Word of God, but merely an ancient travelogue, a wonderful work of literature that reflects only what people believed about Him when the words were written thousands of years ago.

It denies Genesis 1:1 (“In the beginning, God”) and replaces it with the lie of evolution. As progressive authors, David Felten and Jeff Procter-Murphy wrote:

Far from being fallen creatures trying to return to a mythical Eden, human beings are emerging as a species from more primal and baser instincts to become more responsible and mature beings.

It denies the deity of Christ as the only son of God, and instead considers Him as just a good example to follow, more of a “big brother” than the Creator of the universe “Who made us, and not we ourselves.” (Psalm 100:3).

It denies the crucifixion’s purpose as the only possible redemption for sinners and instead declares that it reveals God as a monster inflicting unspeakable abuse on His own Son. It asks, as did one proponent: “Who originated the Cross? If God did, then we worship a cosmic abuser, who in Divine Wisdom created a means to torture human beings in the most painful and abhorrent manner.”

It reinterprets the resurrection (which it cannot deny) as an example “to show us,” writes believer Alisa Childers, “how to forgive our enemies by allowing Himself to be crucified by an angry mob.”

It denies the total depravity of man, ignoring Biblical revelations such as these:

  • Man’s heart is “deceitful and desperately wicked” (Jeremiah 17:9);
  • Man is “dead in transgressions” (Ephesians 2:5);
  • Man loves sin (John 3:19; John 8:34);
  • And therefore, he will not seek God (Romans 3:10-11);
  • Because he loves the darkness (John 3:19);
  • The depraved lifestyle embraced by Progressive Christianity reflects the gospel of Christ as foolishness (1 Corinthians 1:18);
  • Because it is unable to accept it (Romans 8:7).

The deception of Progressive Christianity is fueled by its attractiveness, seeming to many as an option to the true faith — more acceptable, more likable, more palatable in an increasingly sinful and declining world. Progressive Christianity, as Will Vining noted in The Christian Post, is “most deceiving when it looks and feels like the Truth.”

Graham ended his post with this reminder from the apostle Paul’s letter to his protégé, Timothy (2 Timothy 4:2-5):

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.

In South Dakota schools, ‘Marxist propaganda designed to divide kids from their parents’ and ‘from their country’


SEE: https://robertspencer.org/2022/05/in-south-dakota-schools-marxist-propaganda-designed-to-divide-kids-from-their-parents-and-from-their%EF%BF%BC-country;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

“South Dakotans flame school board meeting over ‘pornographic’ books: ‘This is the Marxist global revolution,'” by Hannah Grossman, Fox News, May 6, 2022:

South Dakota locals expressed outrage during a school board meeting Tuesday over novels they deemed inappropriate and “pornographic” that were once slated to be taught in Rapid City Area Schools’ (RCAS) 12th-grade English. 

For example, a graphic novel called “Fun Home” depicts nudity and sex acts, and “Girl, Woman, Other” follows the journey of women of various sexual and gender identities.

“The pictures in [‘Fun Home’] … are graphic and depict two women performing oral sex, images of masturbation and drug usage. I do apologize if there are children [present],” a local woman said. “There is a difference between teaching what sex is and teaching how to engage in it. And that’s what’s happening in this book.”…

Another speaker at the meeting said the books “have merit in our curriculum” because they highlight marginalized voices such as “Black and brown characters … [and the] LGBTQIA+ community.” 

Florence Thomas, the president of South Dakota Parents Involved in Education, said, the overall picture was that of a “Marxist revolution.”

It’s not this little issue. It’s not this little book or this little school or this little district. This is all going on all over. And these books are not here by accident,” she said. “Our education system has been taken over to a large extent from the federal level … and we need to start saying no at the local level. We’re not going to do this to our kids. We’re not going to do this to our community.”

Thomas, who is also a former school psychologist, continued, “Where’s all this coming from?  … This is the Marxist global revolution – it’s the Cultural Revolution – and this is what is coming into our schools. It is Marxist propaganda. It’s designed to divide the kids from their parents, divide the kids from their country, divide the kids from their culture, and even in many cases, divide them from their very selves. So it is very dangerous.”



Casey Scott was on probation and not a member of the teachers' union at Trafalgar Middle School (Image via Facebook/Make Education Great Again)

SEE: https://www.sportskeeda.com/pop-culture/news-who-casey-scott-pansexual-teacher-cape-coral-claims-fired-discussing-orientation-students

DR. STEVE TURLEY: A woke teacher is fired in Florida and she’s blaming the Parental Rights Law signed by Ron DeSantis! We’re going to look at the firing and the circumstances that led to it, we’re going to see how the legacy media is trying to blame DeSantis, and we’re going to find that’s all too little too late, the woke ship has sailed and parents across the nation want nothing more to do with it! You are NOT going to want to miss this!

Florida Trafalgar Middle School Teacher Casey Scott FIRED After Discussing THIS In Class, 5 May, 2022

Florida Targets Math Textbooks for Including CRT


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/rick-moran/2022/04/16/florida-targets-math-textbooks-for-including-crt-n1590296;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The Florida Department of Education has determined that a large number of math textbooks attempted to “indoctrinate” students through the inclusion of critical race theory and other prohibited subjects and have been rejected for the 2022 school year.

The department did not list specific textbooks that were rejected nor did it give any examples of why a textbook was rejected.

Fifty-four of the 132 textbooks that publishers submitted for the state’s review were “impermissible with either Florida’s new standards or contained prohibited topics.” The ax fell heaviest on textbooks designed for grades K-5 — 71% of materials were rejected.

Miami Herald:

“Reasons for rejecting textbooks included references to Critical Race Theory (CRT), inclusions of Common Core, and the unsolicited addition of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in mathematics,” the press release said.

The decision comes as efforts to challenge books surge in local school board meetings across the nation. In Florida, Republican lawmakers approved a new law that offers more transparency in the book selection process, casting the issue as one about parental rights.

If it were just an issue of “parental rights,” the state would take much greater pains to explain exactly why certain books were rejected and what was objectionable about them. 

“We’re going to ensure that Florida has the highest-quality instructional materials aligned to our nationally-recognized standards,” said Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran. “Florida has become a national leader in education under the vision and leadership of Governor DeSantis. When it comes to education, other states continue to follow Florida’s lead as we continue to reinforce parents’ rights by focusing on providing their children with a world-class education without the fear of indoctrination or exposure to dangerous and divisive concepts in our classrooms.”

There’s nothing wrong with a little divisiveness in classrooms. Socrates encouraged it. It makes for a far more enriching learning experience if students challenge what’s being taught rather than sit there like a bump on a log and listen to a teacher drone on.

The state has a textbook adoption cycle that rotates through subjects every six years. When buying books for their schools, districts turn to the state’s approved list to make sure they align with state standards.

Next up is social studies, and many educators have predicted the effort will be more confrontational than in past years — particularly after the approval of a new law that will require schools to open to the public committee meetings where books are reviewed for purchase, and to make all materials available for public review before it is approved.

We should applaud these efforts to give parents more say in their child’s education, and all attempts at left-wing indoctrination should be resisted.

Related: LOL: Beto O’Rourke Flip Flops on Critical Race Theory

But what’s extremely worrying is the slap-dash approach to determining what books are in violation of these standards. Critical Race Theory is a philosophy — a specific, defined set of ideas and principles. But what we’re seeing is that many issues having to do with the teaching of slavery, of discrimination, of segregation — issues that need to be taught and discussed — are being carelessly lumped in with the concepts of CRT.

This is worse than left-wing indoctrination. It denies our children a true picture of their heritage and history. The fact that it’s not a pretty picture is irrelevant. It happened, and each of us has to deal with that history in our own way as Americans.

There is no “collective guilt.” But there won’t be an understanding of why unless there’s a clear-eyed view of the past that includes the glorious with the horrible, the sublime with the shameful.

Is Florida giving that complete picture to its students?

Families now bailing on Disney parks, films, merchandise over company’s insanely “woke” counterculture push that seems steeped in pedophilia

Image: Families now bailing on Disney parks, films, merchandise over company’s insanely “woke” counterculture push that seems steeped in pedophilia

Bob Chapek Talks 'Mandalorian' Season 2 and Future of Disney Movies - Theme Park Professor

Florida revoking Disney's self-governing status marks 'major shift' for state Gov DeSantis

Candace Owens Calls to Boycott Disney


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-04-05-families-bailing-on-disney-insane-woke-counterculture-push.html;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) The Walt Disney Company was founded by a man who believed it good, clean, wholesome, family entertainment that observed and upheld traditional American values, but if he could see what those who are running his company today have turned it into, he would have made sure such people never got control of it.

What Disney has become is just another major vehicle that is being used not to uphold and preserve traditional American culture, but to destroy it and replace it with an aberrant, left-wing, anti-American ideology that Walt Disney would not recognize and would never have approved of.

And in the process, the company is shedding business and support from a nation full of Americans who are sick and tired of spending their hard-earned money on a company that hates their values, hates what they think, and believes they are Nazis and cretins.

Fox News reports:

Some families across the country are reconsidering their previously Disney-friendly stance in their homes or their lives — including the movies, the streaming service, the theme parks, and other offerings from the entertainment and media conglomerate. 

That’s partly because Disney’s CEO, Bob Chapek, has opposed a new bill signed into law this week by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis; it’s known as the Parental Rights in Education bill. 

The law prohibits Florida teachers from instructing very young students — those in kindergarten through third grade — about gender identity and sexual orientation. Initially, Chapek had not taken a public stance on it, but some people believe he ultimately caved to a minority of far-left “wokers” who are upset about the new law.

Patti Garibay, the executive director and founder of American Heritage Girls, a faith-focused alternative to the Girl Scouts from Ohio, who is a parent and grandparent, told Fox News Digital this week via email, “It is time to void your household of all things Disney.”

“Walt Disney most often cited his most important lesson as that of ‘goodwill always triumphs over evil.’ Today’s Disney promotes a full spectrum of lifestyles that rarely align with the biblical values of good and evil, which God calls us to,” she told the network. “It has been said before and it bears saying again, ‘Walt would turn over in his grave’ to see what his beloved company has become.”

A father from Tennessee, who has an infant daughter, said, “As a new father, I have decided not to expose my baby to any of Disney’s products — anything they stream, or the theme parks. There are so many other wholesome options for her.

“I will let her watch the older Disney films on DVD that I was raised on — they taught values that kids need and can understand, things like loyalty, friendship, working through obstacles, and the love of family,” he added. “Disney doesn’t seem to understand that parents have so many options now. Ultimately, I think they’re going to lose on this wokeness gamble.”

“I gave up on Disney years ago when they started opening the parks up for gay pride activities while families were there,” a mother and grandmother in her early 60s who lives outside Boston, Mass., noted further. “A children’s theme park is no place for this. You can’t promote both innocence and sex at the same time. This was a clear signal to families about where they are headed as a company.”

“As a Christian grandmother, my job is to protect, guide and love.” She said that “participating in anything Disney forces me to abandon all three,” she noted further.

The Disney of old is long gone, but only Americans voting with their pocketbooks will change the company’s far-left insanity.

Sources include:




Critical race theorist Derrick Bell on racism

African American Legends: Derrick Bell, New York University

Taped: 04/03/1995



SEE: https://robertspencer.org/2022/03/ketanji-brown-jacksons-favorite-critical-race-theory-book-rejects-the-constitution;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

A judge who does not believe in the Constitution, but believes in critical race theory, is unfit.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

The existence of a speech by Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson, praising Derrick Bell, the godfather of critical race theory, and citing his book, “Faces At the Bottom of a Well”, as an influence has been widely reported. Conservatives have covered Bell’s racist views, his praise for Farrakhan, his antisemitism, and attacks on America. Much of this was already hashed out during the exposure of the relationship between Barack Obama and Derrick Bell.

But it’s important to specifically focus on Jackson’s interest in “Faces At the Bottom of the Well.”

In her speech, Jackson mentions that Bell, whom along with his wife she praises throughout her speech, “wrote a book in the early 1990s about the persistence of racism in American life”.

The subtitle of the book, which few people have mentioned, is, “The Permanence Of Racism”.

Persistence and permanence are not the same things. But this is another example of Jackson subtly distorting Bell and his book in order to make their extremism seem more moderate.

Jackson goes on to say, “My parents had this book on their coffee table for many years, and I remember staring at the image on the cover when I was growing up; I found it difficult to reconcile the image of the person, who seemed to be smiling, with the depressing message that the title and subtitle conveyed. I thought about this book cover again for the first time in forty years when I started preparing for this speech.” That would have made her ten years old.

As others have pointed out, “Faces At the Bottom of the Well” was published when Jackson was in her early twenties during Bell’s tantrum against Harvard University. It’s unlikely that Biden’s Supreme Court nominee grew up with the hateful text, but it’s entirely plausible that she was influenced by the book which came out when she was at Harvard and then Harvard Law.

Since Bell began his racial strike against Harvard Law before she had completed her undergraduate degree, it’s unlikely that she had taken any of his classes, but the former member of the faculty was clearly an influence on her. Perhaps Jackson’s memory is faulty or she’s deliberately backdating the book’s influence on her childhood to make it seem more innocent. Surely no one could blame a ten-year-old for being attracted to a racialist text.

“Faces At the Bottom of the Well” is the sort of racist book that could conceivably appeal to a bright ten-year-old. Bell, despite his position, was never much of a legal or constitutional scholar, and Faces, like the preceding “And We Are Not Saved”, conveys its message that the constitution is just a facade for a white racist agenda through science fiction short stories.

Where “And We Are Not Saved” transports the protagonist back to the Constitutional Convention to denounce the Constitution, “Faces At the Bottom of the Well” indulges in more hyperbolic science fiction scenarios including the rise of a new continent of Afroatlantis and space aliens offering Americans profits in exchange for selling black people into space slavery.

While the scenarios are absurd, they’re there to illustrate Bell’s argument that the Constitution is nothing more than what benefits white people at any given time. This is the same argument that the godfather of critical race theory had repeatedly made throughout his career, contending, for example, that the ban on segregation was not a rejection of racism, only a ploy by white people to defeat the Soviet Union and Communism by showing that they weren’t racist.

(Likewise, Faces, along with a defense of Farrakhan and condemnation of Jews for opposing black antisemitism, portrays Jews as protesting against the plan to sell black people into slavery only because in the absence of blacks, “Jews could become the scapegoats”.)

Such racial conspiracy theories, ubiquitous in the work and thought of black nationalists and supremacists, who always begin and end with the premise of white evil, pervade Bell’s work. 

“Faces At the Bottom of the Well” was a way to popularize and communicate this central idea at a level that even a child or a not particularly bright Harvard student, already nursing resentments, would be able to understand by depicting scenarios in which the white society and white people would cheerfully revamp the Constitution to bring back black slavery.

Thus near the end of the “Space Traders” story, Bell has the Supreme Court unanimously rule that, “if inducted in accordance with a constitutionally approved conscription provision, blacks would have no issues of individual rights for review” and tells us that, “By 70 percent to 30 percent, American citizens voted to ratify the constitutional amendment that provided a legal basis for acceptance of the Space Traders’ offer”. Behind the SciFi is the message that the majority of Americans, the Supreme Court, and the Constitution would allow black people to be enslaved again and that therefore black people should not rely on whites or the Constitution.

The Constitution, according to Bell, is merely the whim of a white agenda that serves its purposes. To the extent that the law has outlawed segregation and slavery, it did so only because it temporarily served white purposes and the moment that it would serve white purposes to enslave black people again, it would be done within the Constitution.

That is the message of “Faces At the Bottom of the Well”: the book that influenced Jackson.

Does Jackson believe that the Supreme Court would rule that black people could be sold into slavery? Like everything about her record, we know we can’t expect an honest answer.

And yet her speech, which touches not only on the racist rants of Bell and his wife but on the 1619 Project, introduces the idea that our founding documents are racially untrustworthy.

Praising the racial revisionist history of the 1619 Project, Jackson touts Nikole Hannah-Jones’ “provocative thesis that the America that was born in 1776 was not the perfect union that it purported to be” and that only black civil rights activism made America “the free nation that the Framers initially touted.”

Much like the 1619 Project, this description is rife with historical anachronisms and fundamental inaccuracies that is even less befitting a Supreme Court justice than a New York Times hack, but also implicitly echoes the critical race theory understanding that the civil rights struggle was not about upholding the Constitution, but overcoming it, that America’s founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were racist and remain the enemy.

In the process of her lecture, Jackson invokes critical race theory, the pernicious concept of “white privilege”, and intersectionality. 

The radicalism oozes around the edges of Ketanji Brown Jackson’s talk.

The Supreme Court nominee praises Gloria Richardson who, in Jackson’s words, “took part in several protests that ended in violent clashes with white residents” and “indirectly challenged SNCC’s non-violent ideology.” She quotes Richardson as saying, “[w]hen we were attacked at demonstrations, [we women] were the ones throwing stones back at the whites.”

Gloria Richardson was a wealthy leftist organizer with political connections during the Cambridge Riots who had contemptuously dismissed Martin Luther King and asserted, “We weren’t going to stop until we got it, and if violence occurred, then we would have to accept that.” 

Black nationalists hail her because she’s seen as breaking the embargo on local nonviolence in protests. And Richardson had emphasized that to the extent to which she used nonviolence was as a “tactical device”. To Jackson, most of the law seems to likewise be a tactical device.

And that’s the problem.

Absorbing the paranoid racism of the godfather of critical race theory during her formative years at Harvard makes for a bad judge and a worse justice. Bell’s approach to the Constitution, like that of black nationalists, was that it was a trick to lure black people into lowering their guard. 

White people, he believed, could never be trusted and all that mattered was seizing power.

Any laws or documents made by white people would only serve them. Only black people could secure the rights of black people. Like the Nazis, the ultimate truths were race and power.

Everything else was a distraction.

If that is Ketanji Brown Jackson’s worldview, she cannot be expected to come out and say it. But the highest court in the land is the last place for racial paranoia and nationalism. The Supreme  Court is charged with upholding the Constitution. A judge who does not believe in the Constitution, but believes in critical race theory, the 1619 Project, and white privilege is manifestly unfit to decide the fate of a nation and its hundreds of millions of people.

Derrick Bell and his hateful ideology believed that white racism was the only abiding truth.

There’s no room for that kind of thinking on the Supreme Court.



EXCERPTS BELOW FROM: https://adnamerica.com/en/united-states/scotus-nominee-jackson-argued-critical-race-theory-should-be-considered-during



G.D.S. ANTI-RACISM ACTION PLAN-https://www.gds.org/academics/diversity-equity-and-inclusion/anti-racism-action-plan

The school also allows 2nd graders to "explore and claim their identities in a yearlong multidisciplinary study and project," while 4th graders lead the annual Free to Be Me Assembly, which "celebrates all kinds of families, self-determination, LGBTQ+ pride, inclusion, and comprehensive belonging."

Free to Be Me Assembly 2021

FULL VIMEO VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/560517119


The annual Free to Be Me Assembly is one of GDS’s cornerstone assemblies and celebrates all kinds of families, self-determination, LGBTQ+ pride, inclusion, and comprehensive belonging. The virtual assembly this year, led as always by the 4th grade, facilitated the intentional inclusion of the performing and visual arts, centered and uplifted LGBTQ+ voices, and highlighted student voices. The 4th-grade students did nearly all of the talking—one kindergartener remarked, “Wow, they are doing so great. They sound like parents!” 

  • https://www.gds.org/academics/diversity-equity-and-inclusion
    … Free to Be Me Assembly 2021 Jun 9 The annual Free to Be Me Assembly is one of GDS’s …
  • https://www.gds.org/tenley-testing/story/~board/gds-news/post/free-to-be-me-assembly-2021
    … free-to-be-me-assembly-2021-1.jpg 20210609_free-to-be-me-assembly-2021-2.jpg 20210609_free-to …
  • https://www.gds.org/about/news/story/~board/gds-news/post/free-to-be-me-assembly-2021
    … free-to-be-me-assembly-2021-1.jpg 20210609_free-to-be-me-assembly-2021-2.jpg 20210609_free-to …
  • https://www.gds.org/tenley-testing/story/~board/gds-news/post/pride-week
    … record and send one now! Please note, the Lower School Free to Be Me Assembly will also take place virtually …
  • https://www.gds.org/about/news/story/~board/gds-news/post/pride-week
    … record and send one now! Please note, the Lower School Free to Be Me Assembly will also take place virtually …
  • https://www.gds.org/academics/lower-school
    … Free to Be Me Assembly 2021 Jun 9 The annual Free to Be Me Assembly is one of GDS’s …


JACKSON'S MLK, JR. DAY SPEECH TRANSCRIPT HERE: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-supreme-court-nominee-jackson-nyts-1619-project

Black Women Leaders In The Civil Rights Movement Era And Beyond
 Ketanji Brown JacksonUniversity of Michigan Law School MLK Day Lecture January 20, 2020



Canada: Home Depot Calgary trains employees to ‘check’ their ‘white,’ ‘Christian,’ ‘heterosexual’ privilege’

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Leaked Home Depot Employee Training Pamphlet Sparks Debate ...

WOKE: Leaked Home Depot Employee Training Pamphlet Sparks ...

Former Home Depot CEO Bob Nardelli on Home Depot getting backlash from activists for not getting involved in Georgia voting law protests


SEE: https://robertspencer.org/2022/03/canada-home-depot-calgary-trains-employees-to-check-their-white-christian-heterosexual-privilege;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

If the “woke” ever woke up, they might realize that their offensive, hateful anti-white propaganda would never be tolerated if white racism were really as severe and endemic as they claim.

The Woke Brigade’s malarkey was on full display at a Home Depot outlet in Calgary, Alberta, in a “leaked training pamphlet”:

The flyer that was reportedly posted in a break room at a Calgary, Alberta, Home Depot showed the home improvement giant’s logo and was titled, “Leading Practices: Unpacking Privilege.” It asks employees to literally “check” their “privilege,” whether it be “white privilege,” class privilege,” “Christian privilege,” “cisgender privilege,” “able-bodied privilege,” or “heterosexual privilege.”

The flyer:

Whoever was ultimately responsible for this should realize that advocating for human rights does not entail bashing any other group. Battling discrimination and racism is one thing. To zero in on a target unjustifiably is another. Also, blacks are still held as slaves by Arab Muslims in Algeria, Mauritania, Sudan and Libya. Many Arabs are anti-black. Afghans are at the back of the bus in Iran. China is openly racist against blacks and overweight people. The largest “Black nationalist organization in the US,” the Nation of Islam, spreads virulent hatred against Jews, whites and LGBTQ groups. Muslim rape gangs also view white girls as “worthless” and “trash.”

What do the woke think? That discrimination and racism are exclusively a white problem? Or that racism from other groups is parked at the border in an era of multiculturalism and open-door immigration?

Shame on Home Depot in Calgary, which has chosen the woke path of exclusivity rather than inclusivity in its divisive and discriminatory practices. It is also insulting to visible minorities, who are perpetually deemed to be helpless victims who are in need of handouts and patronizing sympathy from the woke.

Aburrahman Muhammad, an imam who was once with the International Institute of Islamic Thought but had the good sense to leave, observed:

This sense of victimization has now reached a point – especially given the consistent rhetoric of groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations – that many rank-and-file Muslims now genuinely believe that they are a persecuted and oppressed group.

This applies also to many blacks in America, Canada, and elsewhere. It isn’t only whites who were oppressors.

Hate against any and every group as such as wrong. That includes the perpetual targeting of whites for past wrongs, which is often done by those who at the same time exonerate non-whites for current and ongoing human rights abuses. Ironically, it is the white woke working alongside supremacist groups such as Muslim Brotherhood-linked organizations and the Communist-rooted Black Lives Matter, who perpetuate anti-white “privilege.” It’s a method of manipulating societal and individual weakness to stir up race wars, in pursuit of the goal of destroying Western democracies from within and supplanting them with Marxist regimes. The average Leftist believes these claims. Many BLM leaders have also lined their pockets, playing the victimhood card and betraying their own people.

America had a black president. That would have been unthinkable just a few decades before he was elected. Too many Western countries have evolved to the point of (as they say in economic terms) diminishing returns.   

Fighting discrimination and advocating for equal rights and human rights is admirable, but the likes of Home Depot and the woke brigade, who incessantly parade their superiority (“privilege,” they call it) while spreading the propaganda of victimhood groups are the real racists.


Martin Luther King Jr. was commonly attacked by his critics as being a “mouthpiece for the white man,” a criticism that came from leftists.

Pronoun Passports for children Are Coming to schools


SEE: https://www.missionamerica.com/article/pronoun-passports-are-coming/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Insanity over pronouns has hit the Midwest. Children and teachers are being pressured to declare their pronouns and parents are livid.

In the Olentangy school district near Columbus, a middle school language teacher required all the students to stand up and declare his or her pronouns. A high school teacher in that same district told the class to let her know if she should change a student’s pronouns when contacting parents.

In the Dublin (OH) City Schools, a class of elementary students was asked to name their individual pronouns. At Hilliard Davidson High School (a Columbus suburb), teachers are called to the principal’s office and forced to apologize to a student if an unwanted pronoun is used. At that same school, an assistant principal now signs his correspondence with “he/him” following his name.

How long before children are called to the principal’s office for being unwilling to state their pronouns? Or will all of our children go along with this? They will unless their parents spell it out for them.

T-Y-R-A-N-N-Y is what’s going on here. The “LGBTQ” folks are serious about obliterating “heteronormativity” and your children are their change agents.

Is it any wonder three percent of Ohio public school students have been removed in the past two years [53,000 students]? And Christian and Catholic schools are bursting at the seams?

Of course, pronoun insanity is already law in New York City, where “malicious” pronoun misuse by an employer or landlord can result in high fines.

But most of the country is still in touch with reality-- or so we thought. And little kids were, until recently, still spared from the “LGBTQ” bizarro fantasy world.

What I am wondering is, how long before this is a required identifier after each child’s name in not just a few, but most public schools? While we were frustrated about masks, special interest activists have been hard at work, securing lavish Biden administration American Rescue Plan funding for “safe re-opening” (i.e., “make sure all the radical agendas are set in stone”). In Ohio, $6.5 billion has been distributed from federal sources. Money, money, money!

Now, a flood of recent “diversity, equity and inclusion” staff positions have been filled to enforce uniformity, partiality, and exclusion. And a slew of counselors and social workers have been hired for “social-emotional learning” initiatives, so radical teachers are empowered and loaded for bear.

You, conservative Christian parent, are the bear. Do not mess with us while we tutor your child and his teacher in the ever-expanding perversion lexicon of invented human categories like “non-binary, gender fluid, genderqueer, two-spirit” to replace “male” and “female,” which are said to be “sex assigned at birth.” Reality is just too threatening, apparently.

Here’s what one Ohio mom wrote to me: “My son was surveyed by computer as to how he identified sexually by asking him to provide his preferred pronoun.” These parents were not notified in advance that their 12-year-old would be asked this question.

Unless outspoken parents can roll this back, pronouns will be a new form of passport affirming that a child is “ready to learn” ( aka, ready to be indoctrinated). Yet who among our bravest will stand up and say, “I refuse”? Because it really has to be done, by brave young warriors at as many schools as possible.

This is not just a manipulative way to compel acceptance of gender deviance, but it’s also an assault on our common language. One presenter at a recent teacher training workshop in Hilliard schools, an open advocate of homosexuality and gender deviance, mused that some activists globally are pushing to change languages that have embedded gender cases-- for instance,  French. And to her, this is a good thing.

Many French-speakers are rebelling against linguistic activism because it unnecessarily complicates the language as an article in Forbes explains: “France doesn’t have a pronoun for ‘they’– in the third person plural, people must choose between the masculine ils or feminine elles.”

Praise God.

And even though radicals are pushing for a “non-binary” French pronoun like “iel,” it hasn’t happened yet, not even in Canada—unless progressive dictator Justin Trudeau will force this on his country, too.

In the U.S, activists persuaded Merriam- Webster to adopt “they” as a singular pronoun, and the dictionary publisher declared it the “word of the year” in 2019.  Sigh.

But do children have to be forced to use such nonsense? Clear language reflects clear thinking.

Back to Ohio. Teachers in Parma schools, Hilliard schools, and Mariemont schools have been tutored in pronoun nonsense, with valuable professional development time spent on the nuances of using mythological pronouns like “ze/zir” and so on. The Mariemont presenter, who appears to be a female, goes by pronouns “they/them."

In Hilliard, teachers were instructed to engage in an exercise where they introduced themselves to one another adding their pronouns after their names. Many cooperatively went along with this lunacy.

Those who cooperate with pronoun tyranny are affirming the following:

1. That gender change is possible and is a worthwhile behavior, even for the developing child

2. That you “respect” the idea of gender change

3. That you are okay with fudging the science of male/female biology for the greater good of an invented “non-binary” standard

4. That religious objections do not need to be respected and should be scorned or ignored

Be sure this is okay with you. If it is, may God open your eyes and soften your heart.

If it’s not, then get ready to stand on your convictions--- and show our children how they can do the same.

UN Warns Individualistic Conservatives Threaten the Planet

"Save the world from free speech. Before it’s too late"


SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2022/03/un-warns-individualistic-conservatives-threaten-daniel-greenfield/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

If you blinked you might have missed the momentous occasion of the release of the second part of the UN IPCC’s sixth assessment report of how we're all going to die unless we all board jets and attend global warming conferences. Or give lots of money to those officials who do it for us.

Since no one reads these things anyway, by the time the fourteenth chapter of the second part of the sixth assessment rolled around, everyone was drunk and decided to take shots at conservatives.

Chapter 14 was on North America and warned of the threat posed by "individualistic" conservatives who refuse to accept "collective responsibility" for driving pickup trucks.

Once upon a time, we agreed to disagree about things. Those were the good days.

The liberalism of, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it", has long since been replaced by, "You're spreading misinformation and I'm going to tell on you to Mark Zuckerberg."

The IPCC, or Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which changes its predictions of the incoming apocalypse more often than a phone psychic, is very upset about misinformation.

Misinformation contradicts the science and under the IPCC’s current chair, Hoesung Lee, who has a Ph.D. in Economics from Rutgers, and was, according to the IPCC, named one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People in the World, the UN body is all about the science.

Even though economics is as much of a science as the chicken entrails of global warming.

But say what you will about Lee, who used to work for ExxonMobil, he still has better credentials than the former chair, railroad engineer, and sexual harasser Rajendra Pachauri. As a Nature obituary put it, Pachauri, who shared a Nobel Peace Prize and sexual misconduct allegations with Al Gore, died "following a prolonged battle with multiple heart ailments and charges of sexual harassment."

Forget climate change, it’s the sexual harassment allegations that will really kill you.

“If there's no action before 2012, that's too late,” Rajendra Pachauri said in 2007. In 2009, he claimed, “we have just about 6 years left in which we will have to bring about the peaking of emission.” It’s 2022, Pachauri is dead, and the planet is very much alive. Sadly, so is the IPCC.

With a past history like this, you can understand why the IPCC is sensitive about misinformation.

If there were a Nobel prize for misinformation, the IPCC would win it hands down. And that’s the only Nobel prize that it deserves. Unless there were another Nobel for blowing the most hot air.

A year after Pachauri was ousted over his personal contribution to global warming, Hoesung Lee took over and began warning that it's not too late to save the planet from cheap energy and a decent standard of living.

Six years later he's still at it.

IPCC WGII 6, the latest alphabet soup report that no one read, directs the blame for the imminent destruction of the planet at “resistance from individuals with conservative political ideologies” and “individualistic worldviews” who oppose “regulation”.

Save the world from free speech. Before it’s too late.

The IPCC’s preferred solution to the conservative problem (at least the one that it’s willing to put in print) is more media censorship. The report complains about the "journalistic norm of balance” that give "equal weight to climate scientists and contrarians" and are "unevenly amplifying certain messages that are not supported by science".

I don’t know which planet the IPCC is reporting from, where the media provides equal weight to both the establishment and its critics, but it isn’t this one. But the one thing we know about the IPCC from all its reports on the state of the planet is that it doesn’t know much about Earth.

The media is already saturated with the IPCC’s chicken little propaganda. Big Tech companies actively censor those who dissent from the notion that only high taxes can change the weather. To say nothing of the even more outrageous suppression of any other point of view within the scientific community and Corporate America than the one making Big Green investors very rich.

Nevertheless, the IPCC report complains that “much online social media discussion of climate change takes place in ‘echo chambers’”. These echo chambers, unlike the ones operated by the IPCC and the establishment, are obviously a threat to all intelligent life on earth.

A category that no one involved in the IPCC and the media qualifies for anyway.

The censorship will continue until everyone comes to believe that the world is ending as many years from now as it takes to create a sense of crisis while still making it possible to cash in.

The UN solution to all of those “individualistic” and “conservative” Americans is for “the rest of the human collective” to adopt “collective conduct” from “indigenous” people. Unfortunately, the United States has no indigenous people, only immigrants from various eras, tribes traveling across a land bridge from Siberia, paddling canoes, and then Columbus and his three ships.

But the UN might want to check in on Africa and see how the “indigenous” people of that continent exercise their “sense of duty or responsibility toward human and other-than-human relations” by wiping out endangered species and killing entire tribes with equal gusto.

Or Hoesung Lee might want to look toward Manchuria where his distant ancestors came from and examine just how that region shows us that we can “(re)learn from Indigenous cultures to (re)consider our responsibility/ies to the land”.

The idea that a native population is less likely to pollute the earth and water, hunt animals to extinction, and treat their territory like a trash heap is more white nonsense, as Lee knows.

The noble savage is the romanticized invention of European fourth-generation colonists who condescendingly presume that their neighbor is less likely to want an SUV or a weekend at the shore because his ancestors had a lower technological level and less civilizational scope.

The native population consists of stone, iron, and bronze age colonists who wiped out whatever indigenous peoples there were and then got down to the business of killing each other until the Europeans showed up. Your average American and Canadian tree hugger has as much of a mystical relationship with the great outdoors as a California casino owner or the Hawaiian businessman whose many times great-grandfather killed and enslaved the natives he found living there after he finished making the long imperialist canoe journey to colonize the islands.

The lead authors of the North American chapter who urge us to learn magical indigenous skills of collectivism are largely the descendants of European immigrants. And they know a whole lot more about collectivism than North American Indians who were a good deal more independent, conservative, and individualistic than the hive mind of two dozen authors behind a UN report.

But if the UN really wants to model respect for the land, it should lead the way by demolishing its Manhattan headquarters and returning Turtle Bay back to the turtles.

The one mystical quality that the IPCC does have is magical thinking.

After failing to convince Americans that the planet will burn unless everyone gives environmental consultants more money to change the weather, the IPCC is convinced that suppressing political dissent will surely convince those individualistic conservatives.

As everyone knows, using your power to silence people wins the argument every time.

It’s not American individualism that threatens the planet. The environmental movement not only stole trillions and spent it on trips and worthless windmills and solar panels, it brought the planet closer to war by making the world dependent on Middle Eastern and Russian fuel. After generations of wars that could have been avoided with cheap nuclear energy and domestic drilling, there is yet another war that is being fought over energy resources in Ukraine.

Conservative individualism doesn’t threaten the planet, environmental collectivism does. 

With Americans Unable to Buy Gas, Biden Wants to Spend $2,000,000,000 on Global Gender Equality


SEE: https://robertspencer.org/2022/03/with-americans-unable-to-buy-gas-biden-wants-to-spend-2b-on-global-gender-equality;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Americans are struggling to pay for gas, buy bread and meat, but the progressive regime always has money to burn on its political causes.

President Biden will request $2.6 billion for foreign assistance programs that promote general equality worldwide, he announced on International Women’s Day on Tuesday.

How about promoting the ability of Americans to work, eat, drive, and be able to pay their bills?

“Ensuring that every woman and girl has that chance isn’t just the right thing to do — it’s also a strategic imperative that advances the prosperity, stability, and security of our nation and the world,” Biden falsely claimed.

No, moving money to assorted leftist international groups is not a strategic imperative for America, just for the Left.

It has nothing to do with our “prosperity, stability, and security”.

If Biden wants to aid our “prosperity, stability, and security,” he can start by stopping the spending machine so that inflation doesn’t eat Americans alive.

And if he wants to help women, he can stop smelling their hair, groping them, and sexually assaulting them.

Pizza Hut Teaches Kids America is Built on Slavery and Genocide

A fast-food chain that makes bad pizza wants to talk to your kids about white privilege


SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2022/03/pizza-hut-teaches-kids-america-built-slavery-and-daniel-greenfield/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Pizza Hut, unsatisfied with making kids fat, also wants to make them racist.

The stale franchise chain has supplemented its menu of lightly charred cardboard covered in tasteless glops of something that a blind hobo might mistake for cheese with racism.

While Pizza Hut focuses on poisoning children with such horrible concoctions as cheeseburger crust pizza, fish and chips pizza, and sushi cream cheese pizza, the Pizza Hut Foundation is hard at work teaching students that America is racist and white people suck.

The training materials intended for use in the classroom want teachers to ask 10-year-olds, “How often have you thought about your race in the last 24 hours?”

If demanding that 10-year-olds spend all their time thinking about race sounds crazy, another Pizza Hut pamphlet with tips for "talking to kids about race" claims that by "6 months, babies notice racial differences" and that 4-year-olds "show signs of racial bias."

The Empowering Educators Toolbox presented by the Pizza Hut Foundation urges teachers to tell their students that everyone is defined by race, that "everyone has a racial identity", and that race defines American life. Forget MLK, the stale pizza franchise chain wants your kids to believe that they're defined by their skin color, not the content of their character.

A sane country wouldn’t take its cues on race from the people who decided to combine hot dogs and pizza into something that looks like a dachshund got run over by a garbage truck, but in a nation of woke corporations, Pizza Hut would like your children to violently hate America.

"America is a country built on a foundation of slavery, genocide, and white supremacy," a pamphlet for teachers stamped with the Pizza Hut logo declares.

Pizza Hut is built on a foundation of turning kids into fat butterballs waiting for a heart attack.

The actual best practices for teachers would be to teach your students to love America and avoid Pizza Hut unless they want to close off their minds as thoroughly as their arteries.

When Pizza Hut isn’t serving up junk food, it’s serving up junk history and junk factoids.

A Challenging Conversations pamphlet claims that the "police force is the sixth leading cause of death for black men."

According to the CDC, it's actually diabetes. But it's understandable that Pizza Hut, which makes millions giving black men heart disease, strokes, and diabetes, wants to blame the cops who are the only people keeping the underpaid employees of their struggling franchisees alive..

1,055 people were shot and killed by police officers in 2021. 234 of them were white and only 139 were black. 632 of those who were shot were waving guns. Only 34 were unarmed.

459,540 black people died in 2020. With heart disease, strokes, hypertension, and diabetes accounting for around 30% of deaths, Pizza Hut and the rest of the Yum! Brands' family probably kill more black men in one day than every single police shooting in a century combined.

Not satisfied with being blamed for Michael Jordan's food poisoning during the 1997 NBA finals, Pizza Hut's handout to teachers rants about "white privilege" and quotes a false claim that white teachers who refuse to "recognize their privilege" are harming their students.

The hateful pamphlet also promotes demands for race reparations by millionaire racist author Ta-Nehisi Coates who wrote that the police officers and firefighters who died on September 11 “were not human to me.”

Good to know Pizza Hut agrees.

A guidebook to teachers marked with the Pizza Hut logo  and with an introduction co-signed by Artie Starrs, then Yum!'s CEO of Pizza Hut, claims that "racism" has been part of America's "collective history since the first English colonists arrived in 1607." It's a good thing that the Spanish who were there a century earlier and enslaved and killed the Indians weren't racists.

"Science has proven that race is not biological," insists a pamphlet for teachers produced by a fast-food chain that understands science almost as well as it knows history and cooking.

Don't question any of this. According to the Pizza Hut branded pamphlet, saying, "I don't see color", "white privilege doesn't exist" and "all lives matter" are all racial microaggressions.

Never mind that Pizza Hut’s entire existence is an ongoing hate crime against Italians.

Pizza Hut's bad education materials come in three flavors, racist lies, woke lies, and lies that could be easily disproven if someone is involved in the racist pamphlets, which also promote fact-checking and warn against “misinformation”, bothered to spend 30 seconds on Google.

For example, the Pizza Hut indoctrination pamphlet falsely claims that the Atlanta spa shootings were a hate crime against Asian people. The shooter was actually struggling with sex addiction and was never charged with a hate crime.

"Anti-bias, antiracist instruction should happen year-round," Pizza Hut demands.

What does that mean? The Pizza Hut hate pamphlets defend critical race theory and promote the Black Lives Matter hate movement, racist authors like Ibram X. Kendi, and the 1619 Project.

But that’s what happens when you get your history from a subsidiary of Yum! Brands that once infuriated Vietnamese-American refugees by using a Communist red star in a logo.

The obvious question is why is Pizza Hut trying to poison kids in a whole new way?

The answer, as Pizza Hut's new Chief Equity Officer Chequan Lewis said, is equity.

“Pizza Hut is introducing a new chapter in our long-standing commitment to literacy – focused on the intersection of equity and education,” Lewis said.

Literacy now means corporations turning kids into Marxists at shareholder expense.

Pizza Hut's Literacy Project emphasizes Young Activists. "Find amazing examples of activism and get your students involved," a program backed by a garbage pizza chain insists.

Corporate Marxism has become as ubiquitous as it is infuriating. But wokeness is also a symptom of a declining corporate power.

Domino's beat Pizza Hut around the same time that Trump beat Hillary. Pizza Hut sales fell in 2020 even as the pandemic helped boost Domino's and Papa John's by 17.6% and 15.9%. The largest Pizza Hut franchisee, with over 1,300 locations, filed for bankruptcy in 2020 after struggling with $1 billion in debt. Pizza Hut’s garbage pizza is as woke as it is broke.

Having destroyed pizza and its own company, Pizza Hut now wants to destroy America.

Army Hands Down Rules on How to Treat “Transgender” Soldiers


SEE: https://thenewamerican.com/army-hands-down-rules-on-how-to-treat-transgender-soldiers/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The U.S. Army, once led by men such as Generals George S. Patton and Jumpin’ Jim Gavin, is preparing for war the modern way: with “gender identity” training that teaches soldiers how to treat “transgender” military personnel. 

It was bad enough that President Joe Biden opened military service to the tragically mentally ill individuals, who need treatment, not “validation.” But now, the real work begins: Jamming leftist “gender” ideology down the throat of everyone who wears the uniform of his country. 

The latest madness occurs, as the Washington Free Beacon’s Adam Kredo noted in his disturbing report, as Russia brutally rolls over Ukraine, or so the leftist Mainstream Media tell us.

Treat With Respect

The Army’s new policy on “transgenders” serving “openly” took effect in June, pursuant to Biden’s order in January last year to put “transgenders” in the foxhole.

Now, the fruit of that crazy order — forcing sane military personnel to validate the pronouns of the mentally ill — is falling from the tree.

“The Army allows transgender soldiers to serve openly,” the policy says. “An otherwise qualified soldier shall not be involuntarily separated, discharged, or denied reenlistment or continuation of service on the basis of gender identity.”

The guidance includes “vignettes” that show radical “transgender” subversives and sex deviants who now control U.S. military personnel policy.

“Soldier who was assigned male at birth says he identifies as a female,” one such scenario begins:

Soldier lives as a female in his off-duty hours. He has no medical diagnosis, does not plan to seek medical treatment, and does not experience significant distress relating to his gender identity. Soldier is not requesting to be treated as a female while on duty.

Aside from treating the soldier with “dignity and respect,” the vignette says, military personnel must kowtow to him and pretend he needs a new “gender identity,” not a discharge and psychiatric treatment:

If Soldier later requests to be identified as a female during duty hours and/or experiences increased distress relating to his gender identity, inform Soldier of the Army’s transgender policy and recommend that he see a military medical provider. Gender transition in the Army begins when a Soldier receives a diagnosis from a military medical provider indicating that gender transition is medically necessary.

A second vignette is about a soldier “assigned female at birth. She tells her first sergeant that she identifies as male and would like to be treated as a male. She has not yet seen a military medical provider”:

Inform Soldier that the Army recognizes a Soldier’s gender by the soldier’s gender marker in DEERs. Coincident with that gender marker, the Soldier is responsible to meet all standards for uniforms and grooming; body composition assessment; physical readiness testing; Military Personal Drug Abuse Testing program; and other standards applied with consideration of the Soldier’s gender.

DEERs is the Defense Enrollment Eligibility System.

Note that the Army used standard pronouns in these directions, not the newly created nonsense pronouns that “transgender” ideologues would prefer. Xe and xim won’t be far behind.

No Surprise

The trouble for the military began even before Biden took the oath of office. In November 2020, he appointed a man who masquerades as a woman to run his transition review of the Department of Defense.

Just days after assuming office in January 2021, he opened the armed services to the mentally ill “transgenders.” There followed drag queen shows at Nellis Air Force Base, and worse still, naming a Navy ship after homosexual politician Harvey Milk, a statutory rapist.

The latest move is particularly concerning given that the military focus has, as expected, shifted from winning wars to promoting “diversity” and sexual deviance. 

A recent recruiting advertisement for the U.S. Army features the story of a “soldier” named Emma Malonelord, who operates a Patriot missile defense system. She was a “little girl raised by two moms.”

She marched for “equality” — meaning “gay rights” — as a kid. “I like to think I’ve been defending freedom from an early age,” Emma says.

Emma grew up a privileged girl, and with sorority sisters who traveled to Italy and climbed Mount Everest, needed “my own adventures, my own challenge.” 

Emma joined the Army as a “way to prove my inner strength and maybe shatter some stereotypes along the way.”

The advertisement is also notable for its opening, which features five battle-dressed personnel who transform into cartoon caricatures of themselves. 

Apparently to show the Army’s diversity, not one is a white man. As of 2020, official data showed, 67.9 percent of the Army’s active-duty personnel were white; 84.5 percent were men.

ACLU, ALA, PEN Fight ‘Censorship’ in Schools, That Is, Parents Resisting Leftist Indoctrination


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/culture/robert-spencer/2022/03/01/aclu-ala-pen-fight-censorship-in-schools-that-is-parents-resisting-leftist-indoctrination-n1562809;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Freedom of expression is under more concerted attack than it has faced in years, and as the censorship efforts of Big Tech demonstrate, that attack is coming from the Left. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the American Library Association (ALA), and the anti-censorship group PEN America, however, would have you believe that the real threat is coming from the big, grey conservative machine that looms so large in far-Left propaganda. AP ran a story on Tuesday about these admirable warriors, entitled “Activism grows nationwide in response to school book bans.” It is, as you might expect, a near-total inversion of reality: what the Leftists in the story characterize as censorship is actually the effort of parents to roll back at least some of what the Left has done to transform American public schools into centers of Leftist indoctrination.

We are first introduced to a woman named Stephana Ferrell, who was moved to become politically active when her Florida county decided to remove a graphic novel entitled Gender Queer: A Memoir from the local high school’s library. “By winter break,” she says, “we realized this was happening all over the state and needed to start a project to rally parents to protect access to information and ideas in school.” Along with another parent, Ferrell then founded the Florida Freedom to Read Project, which labors to “keep or get back books that have gone under challenge or have been banned.”

This is a deft spin, but it’s a spin nonetheless. Ferrell and her ilk aren’t fighting against some entrenched conservative establishment that is banning books left and right that don’t conform to the MAGA worldview. There is, of course, no such establishment. There is, rather, an educational establishment that is wholly under the control of the Left, and that has been pushing to get books such as Gender Queer: A Memoir into schools in order to break down traditional morality even more than it is already. Some parents have taken it upon themselves to try to resist this effort. And now, for AP, as well as the ACLU, the ALA, the National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC), PEN America, and others, they’re the censors.

The ACLU, PEN America, and the NCAC have been astroturfing this effort to strike back at the supposed censors. According to AP, the three groups “have been working with local activists, educators and families around the country, helping them ‘to prepare for meetings, to draft letters and to mobilize opposition,’ according to PEN America’s executive director, Suzanne Nossel.” These people are awash in cash: “The CEO of Penguin Random House, Markus Dohle, has said he will personally donate $500,000 for a book defense fund to be run in partnership with PEN. Hachette Book Group has announced ‘emergency donations’ to PEN, the NCAC, and the Authors Guild.”

These well-heeled activists also have the ACLU mounting legal battles for them, fighting the removal of books including Gender Queer. “The civil liberties union has also filed open records requests in Tennessee and Montana over book bans, and a warning letter in Mississippi against what it described as the ‘unconstitutionality of public library book bans.'” Vera Eidelman of the ACLU cited a 1982 Supreme Court case stating that “local school boards may not remove books from school library shelves simply because they dislike the ideas contained in those books.”

Related: Ibram X. Kendi Is Marginalized? Hey, It’s Banned Leftist Books Week!

The irony couldn’t be thicker. Local school boards, contrary to the impression that AP gives, are not hotbeds of reactionaries and anti-intellectual yahoos. Up until the recent book controversies, they were generally as dominated by Leftists as everything else in America today. Conservative parents are only fighting back now because they have begun to be aware of the effects of decades of Leftist domination of the educational establishment. The Leftist activists AP celebrates in its article aren’t fighting to get books defending the traditional family, arguing against the wisdom of encouraging and celebrating transgenderism, or praising Washington, Jefferson, and other Founding Fathers out of schools, because for the most part, those books aren’t there in the first place. The Leftist activists are just fighting to preserve the gains that the Left has made in recent years in the culture wars.

The AP article concludes by telling a story about how the Round Rock Black Parents Association in Texas fought to prevent Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You by Ibram X. Kendi and Jason Reynolds, a piece of race-hate agitprop, from being taken off middle school reading lists. A Leftist activist recounts proudly, “We had children speaking up in favor of this book, even though it was traumatic for some of them to read. We had everyone from middle school students to grandmothers and grandfathers stating their reasons why this should remain on the shelves. The board ended up voting in our favor and the book is still there.” Heartwarming.

Imagine, however, the outcry if a book calling for racial equality and arguing against Critical Race Theory had somehow gotten onto the curriculum in Round Rock. In the first place, that never would have happened at all. But if it did, there would be an outcry in the establishment media, the book would be removed, and that would be that. Censorship is usually the act of the powerful, silencing the powerless. The powerful in America’s schools today are all on the Left. AP’s propaganda won’t change that.





Delaware governor talks state’s vaccine incentive program

State of the State Address 2022 - Delaware Governor John Carney

John Carney wearing a suit and tie smiling at the camera


Carney lifts school mask mandate while trial to end it is underway


SEE: https://delawarelive.com/carney-lifts-school-mask-mandate-while-trial-to-end-it-is-underway-2;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

A Hockessin mother suing to stop the state’s school mask mandate got most of what she wanted in the middle of the trial Monday when the governor’s attorney informed the court that the mandate would be lifted on March 1 at 6 p.m. 

Janice Lorrah appeared in the Delaware Court of Chancery at the Leonard L. Williams Justice Center in Wilmington where she argued that the mandate violates state statutes and due process and causes irreparable harm to schoolchildren. 

At the end of the proceedings, Vice-Chancellor Paul Fioravanti said he would review the case and issue a bench ruling later Monday.

The trial began on a raucous note when a group of several unmasked citizens entered the courtroom demanding to be seated. Court officials tried to explain the facility’s rules concerning masking and social distancing but the group shouted back at the officials, saying such things as “It’s my human right not to wear a mask,” and “I’ll take your silence as acquiescence.” 

In response, Fioravanti cleared the courtroom of everybody except attorneys. He initially ruled that the trial would be held behind closed doors but reversed course after Lorrah implored him to allow the public in with the guarantee that everyone would remain masked. 

Some members of the public sat behind attorneys’ tables to accommodate social distancing requirements. Others who refused to comply with the clearly-posted rules were escorted out of the building.

After Lorrah detailed her complaint, the Department of Justice attorney told the court that his client, the governor, had notified him that the mandate would be lifted.

Following the announcement, Fioravanti said to Lorrah,

“It sounds like you can declare victory and go home?”

“No, Your Honor,” Lorrah responded. “This is a matter of public importance that has the potential to continue because COVID is not going away.”

She argued that the governor violated the law by initially setting March 31 as the date for the mandate to be lifted despite the order expiring on March 2. 

“At a minimum, the question of whether or not an emergency order can extend beyond the date of emergency is a matter of extreme public importance.” 

Fioravanti said he can only rule on the facts in front of him and respond to the complaint at hand.

“This mask mandate in schools is going to go away tomorrow,” he said. “That does not mean necessarily that your complaint goes away — you may still be able to litigate the issue for purposes of a preliminary injunction.”

“But what is there for me to enjoin other than to enjoin the mask mandate for the next day and a half,” he asked.

Lorrah argued that if the governor violated due process the harm does not go away with the lifting of the mandate.

Fioravanti said he would need to review the case and would issue a bench ruling later Monday. 

“I am not going to rule at this moment on this issue,” he said. “I do think that this has largely become moot because of the announcement today that the school mask mandate will be terminated at 6 p.m. tomorrow.”

Carney declined to comment on the lawsuit Monday.

Following the trial, Lorrah said she believes the governor’s decision to lift the mandate was a “direct response” to her lawsuit. 

Carney, however, said he was lifting the mandate because of the Centers for Disease Control’s Friday announcement that said masking is no longer recommended in areas rated as either low or medium transmission risk.

“I would still like to see the judge issue a ruling on the merits of the injunction,” Lorrah said.

Even if the judge doesn’t rule in her favor, she said that she would still be happy with the outcome.

“I put forth the best case that I possibly could in a short amount of time and with the resources that I had,” Lorrah said. “I am just happy that people were listening.”

She’s not totally satisfied, though. 

While her lawsuit has become highly politicized, Lorrah said it was never supposed to be about the efficacy of mask-wearing or the virtue of mask mandates generally. It was supposed to be about stopping government overreach and ensuring that — even in the midst of an emergency — due process is followed and protected. 

“There’s not much resolution on that front,” she said. 

“It matters because what’s going to happen next time? COVID is not going away — and maybe it’s a different emergency issue,” she said. “But we need to have something on the record that says: Here’s an emergency, here’s what you can do, here are the boundaries and you can’t step over the line.”




You probably heard that Gov. Carney removed the mask mandate for schools, but do you know why?

NO, it wasn't motivated by the CDC as the flippant press release indicated. Some may say that it was because of the upcoming state of the union address. 

NO, the sudden shift came in the MIDDLE of today's hearing against the Governor's unlawful extension of the mask mandate. 

There's more to the story and you won't get this information from the media, but it needs to get out.
All indicators pointed to a judgment against the Governor for overstepping his constitutional and statutory authority. However, when the Governor removed the mask mandate, the lawsuit became moot. Literally, the press release was published while the hearing was going on.
Two important points you should know:

1. One person, who is equipped and strategically placed, will take territory.

If you've been with us for a while or have been to any of our monthly lunch meetings, you've heard this before.
That's exactly what mom, Janice Lorrah, did. 
She used her legal background to file a masterfully written, jaw-dropping lawsuit against Gov. Carney's illegal mask mandate extension for students. 

Like so many other parents, the thought of masking little children for another 7-8 weeks felt absolutely hypocritical and illegal, since the mandate was already lifted for adults! 
“This is not about whether masking is good or bad, or whether masks are even effective,” Ms. Lorrah said. “It is about following the rule of law.”

Drawing from an 8th grade student in NY.

2. The decision about masking children now moves to local school boards.

Many have meetings the first Tuesday night of each month, which means in a few hours. Some may call an additional "emergency meeting," like Appoquinimink School District has done, outside of their typical schedule. Make sure you're watching!

Use this School Board Look-Up Tool to identify the school board members for your district. Find out if there's a meeting and try to attend; be heard on this issue. 

Lastly -- we know how this works. It matters when people like Janice make a stand.

Supporting, equipping, and encouraging those who boldly stand with courage on the right principles is what we do. Folks call us daily for counsel - it could be a student, pastor, parent, legislator, business person, or anyone in between. Click Here to stand with us. Your support is vital.

Nicole Theis

Delaware Family Policy Council
Delaware Strong Families
Read More:
Here's the Lawsuit
Here's how the State DOJ responded
Here's how Janiceresponded
Janice Lorrah's press release on 2.28
Open Letter to Gov. Carney from the House
Carney ends school mask mandate a month early
Delaware Live's report of the lawsuit
P.0. Box 925 Seaford, DE 19973 



Biracial GOP Candidate Rips CRT in Front of North Carolina School Board

WATCH: Dad Says There's No Racism Here —Except From the Government and Media

Rumble — A North Carolina dad dropped by his local school board meeting to speak about CRT, gender ideology, and more. Love seeing moms and dads showing up to speak up for the kids.


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/vodkapundit/2022/02/18/biracial-gop-candidate-rips-crt-in-front-of-north-carolina-school-board-n1560316;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

CRT got blown away by a massive truth bomb dropped by North Carolina dad — and local GOP candidate — Brian Echevarria at his school board meeting on Monday.

“As a parent, I speak to other parents,” he told Cabarrus County School Board members, “And there are a few things we don’t want.”

“I’m biracial, I’m multilingual, I’m multicultural. The fact is in America and North Carolina, I can do anything I want — and I teach that to my children. And the person who tells my little pecan-color kids that they’re somehow oppressed based on the color of their skin,” he justly insisted, “would be absolutely wrong and absolutely at war with me.”

Echevarria started off by thanking the board for passing a non-discrimination resolution but quickly segued into a now-viral attack against what he calls the “big fat lie” of critical race theory.

“What the masks showed us is the parents, the most powerful group in the country, [are] taking back the wheel.”

What a great dad.

He isn’t alone, either. As I reported for PJ Media VIP supporters, three “woke” school board members didn’t just lose a recall election in San Francisco on Tuesday, they lost by a jaw-dropping three-to-one margin.

Parents everywhere are waking up to the wokeness, and insisting that teachers teach the three Rs, rather than the poison of CRT.

CRT, Echevarria says, teaches children to “look at your black neighbor and say they’re oppressed and you look at your white neighbor and say they’re evil — regardless of the experience you’ve had with them.”

If Echevarria was looking to jumpstart his campaign, I can’t think of a better or more timely way to do it.

“Parents Have Rights,” in fact, is the first issue listed on his campaign website.

Echevarria is running as a Republican in North Carolina House 73rd district, and with his ability to garner positive attention with a strong and timely message, he might not stop there.

Watch the whole thing. It might be the best three minutes you’ll spend all day.

If candidates like Echevarria are becoming the new face of the GOP, it’s a welcome change from the pre-Trump stodginess and timidity we’d all grown far too accustomed to.

Seek and Destroy: CAIR Brags They Are Targeting and Destroying America (Video)

Hamas-Linked CAIR's Ibrahim Hooper Justifies Hunting & Destroying Opposition


SEE: https://rairfoundation.com/seek-and-destroy-cair-brags-they-are-targeting-and-destroying-america-video/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

“We demand” is the operative phrase used by CAIR to target people they want to destroy. CAIR’s cancel culture works on the famous and not-so-famous alike. The term “Islamophobic” is thrown around like so much confetti at a New Year’s Party.

What is CAIR? The Council on American Islamic Relations bills itself as a Muslim advocacy and civil rights organization. Yet instead of promoting “civil rights” for everyone, they will target anyone who opposes special rights for Islam. They are even willing to fire one of their own if that person begins cooperating with outsiders. In December of 2021, they fired Romin Iqbal, a former director, and legal counsel, for allegedly recording CAIR meetings and giving them to the Investigative Project on Terrorism.  

“Islamophobia” = Term Invented by the Muslim Brotherhood

As previously reported at RAIR Foundation USA, “The term Islamophobia was invented in the 1990s by a Muslim Brotherhood front group to help export blasphemy laws to the West. Similarly, the term “Hate speech” is the Marxist version of Islamic blasphemy laws.

The “Islamophobia” and “hate speech” scams are insidious because they shut down the most important of American values, freedom of speech.”

The mere mention of the term “Islamophobia” is often enough to destroy the person who makes an off-the-cuff remark about Muslims. Take the example recently of Rep Lauren Boebert, whose comment about Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) not having a “backpack” was enough to put her in the crosshairs of CAIR and the Muslim members of Congress. As a result, they want her stripped of her committee assignments, an action that nearly deletes a Congress member’s ability to do anything.

As a reminder, the term “Islamophobia” used by CAIR and other jihadis, even other leftist groups, to target their opposition is a term that is used interchangeably with “slander” in the Quran. Slandering their prophet carries an extremely harsh penalty, so they believe they are justified in getting people fired or their reputations destroyed.

As an example, they set out immediately to destroy President Trump after he issued a travel ban on some Muslim countries early in his presidency. Never mind that Obama did the same in 2015; Trump was immediately labeled an “Islamophobe” and “racist.” That targeting continued for his entire four years in office and moved into “white supremacy” when no such situation existed. The Islamophobe label is extremely effective – and keep in mind that Black Lives Matter, an admittedly Marxist group, and CAIR often work together to target people and police.

CAIR’s Cancel Culture

Nihad Awad, the Chief Executive Officer of CAIR, continually pitches the destructive Islamophobic narrative.

“A law signed by President Obama in Dec. 2015 required additional security for arrivals from Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Sudan and any other country designated by the Department of Homeland Security as a source of legitimate terrorism concerns.

Two months later, Obama’s DHS added Somalia, Yemen, and Libya to the list of “countries of [terrorist] concern.”

Awad of CAIR said Monday that Trump’s new order “still stigmatizes the faith of Islam and Muslims. It does not make America any safer. But it does make America less great.”  CNS News

CAIR also spends time and money targeting speakers who oppose their position. Take the case of Counterterrorism Expert John Guandolo and his team from Understanding The Threat (UTT). They train law enforcement and countries in the dangers of Muslim jihad, using Guandolo’s knowledge of the Quran and its meanings. CAIR will not tolerate informed opposition and often uses local media to target them and prevent them from speaking or training people to a proper understanding of Islam. They appear to have far more influence over governments and media the last few years than they once did. Events have been canceled when local media uses the label “Islamophobic” as a weapon to force compliance. The labels of “racist” or “hate speech” go a long way toward destroying reputations. Hate speech is the leftist equivalent of blasphemy and operates by exact mechanisms.

A letter targeting Mr. Guandolo signed by several Muslim organizations, including CAIR, is at this link.

“In a letter dated August 14, 2014, addressed to the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Lisa Monaco, 75 progressive and jihadi organizations called for “immediate action to end the use anti-Muslim training materials inside the federal government, and singled out UTT’s founder John Guandolo, noting he continues to train law enforcement officers across the country….

CAIR hunts people, searching for anyone who opposes Islam

CAIR’s Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper justifies literally hunting for the opposition as “we have to know what’s going on.” He stated it requires CAIR to “monitor the various news sources.” CAIR keeps a database of people opposed to their agenda, and even if people say something against Islam in a small town, they’ll pick it up. They don’t seem to care whether or not that person is just an ordinary citizen who makes a remark or a public figure.

CAIR targets law enforcement as well, using the same tired rhetoric that Black Lives Matter has used to foment ire and hate against police. Jaylani Hussein, one of CAIR’s directors, is fond of using a megaphone to stir up the crowd and has a habit of showing up during BLM protests to help advance their labeling tactic against police. It’s part of that “monitoring” the news situation that Hooper spoke about.

CAIR is tied to Hamas, a designated terrorist organization. It was an “unindicted” co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Trial. Hamas is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood- an organization listed as terrorists in many other nations, even Muslim ones such as Egypt. CAIR denies any connection to either organization, but the connections are real and were established in court. They all have an agenda, and that agenda ultimately is to destroy the United States and all the non-Muslims within it.

“The Ikhwan [brothers] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and god’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.” Explanatory Memorandum  On the General Strategic Goal of Muslim Brotherhood 5-22-1991 (The first few pages of this memo are in Arabic, you have to scroll down further to find it in English.)

Maryland Parents Shocked to Learn Children Were Given Race and Gender Scorecards to Calculate Privilege


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/ethanreese/2022/01/11/maryland-schools-give-students-race-and-gender-scorecards-to-calculate-privilege-n1548484;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

A mother in Carroll County, Md., reported that students, including her daughter, were recently given race and gender privilege scorecards to complete as part of their preparation for an upcoming reading assignment in English class:

Courtesy of Concerned Parents of Carroll County Maryland
Courtesy of Concerned Parents of Carroll County Maryland

Accompanying the scorecards were other media elaborating on the concept of privilege, including this video:  

When the daughter questioned her teacher on what privilege has to do with learning English, expressing concerns that the material seemed “racist towards whites” and that it “portrayed the police in a negative light,” the teacher reacted by saying it was actually good to have those feelings and that the purpose of the lesson is to foster uncomfortable conversations.  

The girl’s mother sees things differently, calling such topics in the classroom “absolutely appalling.” She continued: “They’re teaching our kids to view and treat people based on their skin color, rather than treating each other as individuals. How this belongs in an English class is beyond me.”

The Concerned Parents of Carroll County Maryland, a local group organized to remove political indoctrination in schools and promote common-sense COVID policies, were originally sent the classroom documents. The group has received similar reports from many students and parents throughout their community’s school system. 

On Wednesday, the local Board of Education will vote on a “political neutrality” policy, which aims to position teachers as neutral moderators when discussing political topics while reinforcing a focus on the basics: reading, writing, and arithmetic.   

Concerned Parents Chair Bryan Thompson urges local parents to “show up” to the board meeting and to “demand that political indoctrination remains out of our schools and that repeat offenders are held accountable”. 

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