The Blood on Biden’s Hands

The blood of every American murdered by an illegal alien.

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President Joe Biden has blood on his hands. It’s actually not “on” his hands, it’s through them, marinated all the way to the bone. It’s the blood of Laken Hope Riley, but it’s also so much more. It’s the blood of every American murdered by an illegal alien – of 2-year-old Jeremy Poou Caceres, of three wounded police officers in Washington, DC, of the 14-year-old girl raped and stabbed in Louisiana, and so many more I can’t fit in here. The blood of Americans who, had the President and his fellow Democrats not seen political advantage to allowing a flood of illegal aliens into the country, would not have been spilled at all. Every last drop of it is their responsibly, and they simply do not give a damn.

The murder of Laken Riley is thought to be an unintended consequence of the President’s open border policies, but it really is not. It’s not unintended at all.

You’ve likely heard some version of a story about an auto company that knew they had a defect in their car, something they could fix for a very small price on an individual car basis, but would cost a fortune to address on every car they’d sold. Fixing it on all cars would save dozens of lives, but the cost of doing so was too great to justify it – settling wrongful death lawsuits would be more affordable – so they let their defective product stand.

Whether it’s true or not, or just partially so, does not matter, the principle does. By refusing to enforce our immigration laws, Biden and the Democrats knew they’d be inviting in a large criminal element from the third world, they just didn’t care. The “cost” of lives was cheaper than what they saw as the benefits to them, so they let it happen.

You can’t force Utopia into being without breaking a few eggs.

The murder of Laken Riley is just one case, the true extent of illegal alien crime cannot be known. Not because it’s impossible, the government could easily collect that data, but because the government will not allow that data to be collected.

We’ve been repeatedly told how illegal aliens are not only the “economic engine” of the country, which kind of makes it odd how every liberal city where a few thousand have been bussed by Texas is now crying about how they’re broke and in desperate need of federal funds, but also how these people who broke our laws to be here commit far fewer crimes than we scummy Americans do. They’re better than us in any way.

While I’d question the intelligence or morality of anyone with gangland tattoos on their face and neck, Democrats swear they’re great. Those same Democrats forbid the collection of data to see how many of our sweet, nourishing illegal alien superiors actually commit crimes. It’s really hard to find something when you forbid people to look for it, isn’t it?

I know Democrats want us to have sympathy for the illegals, I just don’t. I care about Americans, period. Democrats do not. Well, they do care about some Americans, just not others. If you’re in their tribe, they will care.

When probable Democrat and undoubtedly devoted MSNBC viewer Aaron Bushnell burned himself to death in front of the Israeli Embassy over the weekend, I honestly could not have cared less. I do give him credit, unlike most progressive leftists, he didn’t kill a bunch of innocent people before killing himself, he just cut to the chase. The Washington Post lost a reader and Democrats lost a voter, but whatever. At least he didn’t harm anyone else.

The White House was very upset, however. The “historic” Karine Jean-Pierre was asked if the President was aware of what had happened to someone who was likely his former voter. KJP (so “historic”) responded, “Yes, the President is aware.  And we can — I can say that it is — obviously, is a — it’s a horrible tragedy, and our thoughts are with the family of the service member at — during this — I could — we can’t even imagine this hor- — horrible, difficult time.   The Department of Defense and the Metropolitan Police are looking into this.  So, we’re not going to get ahead of that.  So, I would certainly refer you to them.  But it is — it is a horrific tragedy, what — what occurred the other day.” (Emphasis added, but it was actually said, on camera, from the podium in the White House.)

Aside from the verbal diarrhea her inability to speak coherently burped up there, it’s worth nothing how she kept saying it was some version of a horrible tragedy.

The White House was also asked about Riley’s murder. They released a written statement, not attributed to anyone beyond a person in the communications department, that contained all the warmth and concern of a Windows Terms of Service Agreement. It read, in its entirety, “We would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of Laken Hope Riley. People should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law if they are found to be guilty. Given this is an active case, we would have to refer you to state law enforcement and ICE.

Not one use of the word “horrible,” not a single human emotion at all. Just a quick statement of fact and a wiping of the hands of the whole thing.

Only they can’t wipe their hands of it. Were it not for them and the actions they have willingly taken, the statement would not have been necessary. The blood on the hands of the President and every Democrat supporting open borders cannot be wiped off or ever removed. The indifference to the suffering of Americans in the pursuit of their political agenda is not only what they do, it’s who they are. You can’t wash that away.