Five Nauseating Reasons Why Joe Biden Is a Terrible Human Being

Five Nauseating Reasons Why Joe Biden Is a Terrible Human Being
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President* Joe Biden has spent his entire career fomenting his faux “blue-collar Joe” persona but as his actions show, he is at best a repugnant reptilian.

The headline for this piece could just as easily be, “579 Nauseating Reasons Why Joe Biden Is a Terrible Human Being” if I wanted to go back and list every time he lied, called a college girl a “lying dog-faced pony soldier,” was said to have taken a huge bribe, or perhaps plagiarized from a person with a brain not made of mashed potatoes. But I thought I’d stick with the most repulsive examples that show our Salamander-in-Chief is a bacon strip.

FACT-O-RAMA! As per Urban Dictionary, a “bacon strip” is an amusing name for stained underwear, defined as,”brown marks that are left on the inside of one’s underwear as a result of improper butt wiping.”

5. Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley, wrote that he showered with her when she was a girl

It would be easy to shrug off this horrific suggestion as a phony smear if Biden’s FBI hadn’t searched the homes of three journalists from Project Veritas involved with Ashley’s lost-and-found diary.

It would be even easier if we didn’t now know with certainty that the diary belongs to the Big Guy’s daughter, but it would appear that Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. did take “probably not appropriate” showers with his young female offspring.

4. Biden was accused of sexually assaulting a young staffer

ATTACKED-O-RAMA! In 2019, Gropey Joe Biden apologized for touching women inappropriately.

Summoned to bring Gropey Joe his gym bag back in the 1990s, young Tara Reade found herself alone with Biden. “There was no exchange, really, he just had me up against the wall,” Reade stated to podcast host Katie Halper.

BBC News reported in 2020:

“I remember it happened all at once… his hands were on me and underneath my clothes.” He then penetrated her with his fingers, she said.

“I remember him saying, first, as he was doing it ‘Do you want to go somewhere else?’ and then him saying to me, when I pulled away… he said ‘Come on man, I heard you liked me,'” she said.

“That phrase stayed with me.”

Sure, it would be easy for your purple-haired, trans-pansexual sister harpie-in-law to scream, “Eighty-eight women have accused Trump of sexual assault, KDJ!” But none of Trump’s accusers had their mothers call into Larry King’s show in the 1990s to ask for advice on how to deal with a senator who attacked her daughter.

“Yes, hello. I’m wondering what a staffer would do besides go to the press in Washington,” Reade’s mother asked King. “My daughter has just left there, after working for a prominent senator, and could not get through with her problems at all, and the only thing she could have done was go to the press, and she chose not to do it out of respect for him.”

FACT-O-RAMA! Joe Biden deserves no respect.

You can watch Tucker Carlson break the story of the contemporaneous confirmation of Reade’s claim below:

STALK-O-RAMA! Jill Biden’s ex-husband recently stated the Biden family persecuted him for years after he and Jill divorced.

3. Biden got 13 American heroes slaughtered in Afghanistan

We all know about the humiliating Afghanistan debacle that occurred when Biden decided to abandon Afghanistan. Biden deserted a strategically important airbase 400 miles from China, leaving nearly $80 billion worth of military equipment to our enemies in the Taliban (which then needed to be replaced — score one each for the military-industrial-complex, the Taliban, and China). Worse, he got 13 American service members killed and 18 wounded. He also got 169 Afghans killed and left thousands of allies at the mercy of the Taliban.

SHAME-O-RAMA! Marine Sgt. Tyler Vargas-Andrews testified he and his team had been following the suicide bomber who killed the service members “throughout the entirety of the day,” but they were told not to take him out.

This segues directly into the next reason Joe Biden is a stain.

2. Biden continues to use his son’s death for sympathy, even with Gold Star families

We've recently heard from the mother of a fallen service member killed in Biden’s Afghanistan calamity, who stated that the presidential reptile pretended, again, that his son Beau died in battle.

“His words to me were, ‘My wife, Jill, and I know how you feel,'” Cheryl Rex, the mother of deceased Marine Lance Cpl. Dylan Merola stated. “‘We lost our son as well and brought him home in a flag-draped coffin,'” Rex continued.  “My heart started beating faster and I started shaking, knowing that their son died from cancer and they were able to be by his side.”

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Biden has also frequently claimed his first wife, Neilia, and their young daughter, Naomi, were killed by a drunk driver. This is blatantly untrue. Neilia and Naomi died tragically in an accident while the family, sans Joe, was going to get a Christmas tree. Sadly, their car collided with a truck — the driver was not drunk.

“It was an errant driver who stopped to drink instead of drive and hit a tractor-trailer, hit my children and my wife, and killed them,” Biden has stated for years.

Evidence shows Biden’s first wife may have actually caused the accident, but why let that prevent Biden from using the Christmas-time tragedy to rack up a lifetime of sympathy points?

FACT-O-RAMA! Joe Biden, who has long propagated the myth that “white supremacy” is America’s greatest threat, couldn’t be bothered to visit Waukesha, Wisc., after a black nationalist and domestic terrorist plowed into a crowd of people at a Christmas parade, killing six and injuring 62 more. He did, however, visit Jacob Blake, a black man who was accused of sexual assault and domestic abuse by a former girlfriend and was shot by police when they stopped him and he reached for a knife

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I asked my fellow PJ Media teammates to help me come up with the #1 reason Joe Biden is a detestable reprobate. We have so many options: Biden allegedly using his crackhead son as his bagman for his international bribes; his history of racist remarks; ignoring his grandaughter in Arkansas; and the highly irregular 2020 election. The options are limitless, but I can pick only one.

Choose wisely, KDJ!

1. Joe Biden is allegedly a puppet for China

There is overwhelming evidence that the Biden racketeering family has taken in mad stacks from nations around the world. The Oversight Committee has produced and continues to produce a steady flow of documentation and witnesses demonstrating that Biden used his power to line his pockets. But the most terrifying aspect of his potential treason is his never-ending willingness to lick the boots of our greatest enemy — China’s leader, Xi Jinping.

No one seems to be able to otherwise explain why Biden would:

  • sell our strategic oil reserves to a Chinese company with ties to the commies in Beijing and to Hunter Biden while the U.S. was reeling from rocketing gas prices;
  • allow a spy balloon to float unfettered over American military bases;
  • keep the southern border open, allowing the Chinese to bank billions of dollars while killing 80,000 American every year with fentanyl;
  • stop chasing Chinese spies.

There could be a very good reason Biden allows China to get away with these monstrosities, but the evidence strongly suggests that China, our greatest adversary, has something on Biden.

Perhaps it’s the $31 million Chinese communists “allegedly” paid the Bidens.

I can name at least one anti-commie columnist and funny commie-chasing radio host who believes Joe Biden is a globalist who is handing our nation over to the Chinese-dominated slimesters in the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, and the International Monetary Fund.

I can’t think of anything more loathsome for a president to engage in.

Federal Judge Orders Southwest Airlines Attorneys to Attend ‘Religious Liberty Training’ From Conservative Group

Federal Judge Orders Southwest Airlines Attorneys to Attend 'Religious Liberty Training' From Conservative Group
(AP Photo/David Zalubowski, File)
A federal judge ordered three Southwest Airlines attorneys to attend “religious liberty training” from the Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative legal advocacy group well known for its high-profile defense of conservative causes.

Naturally, left-wing heads exploded all across the country. You can’t do that! Only left-wing judges can demand that right-wing fascists attend ‘sensitivity training’ and other bogus seminars.

More than that, the left immediately leaped on the charge that ADF was a “hate group” because the Southern Poverty Law Center says so. Since they’ve never been wrong, it must be so. Well, almost never.

The fact that the judge in the case was appointed by Donald Trump only added to the left’s hysteria.

The Southwest Airlines lawyers got exactly what they deserved. District Judge Brantley Starr sanctioned the lawyers for violating his rule in a religious discrimination case. In a case involving flight attendant Charlene Carter last year, a jury found that both Southwest and Transport Union Workers discriminated against Carter when they fired the flight attendant after she “expressed her pro-life beliefs to her union president.”

It’s what happened after the verdict that got the Southwest Airlines lawyers in trouble with Judge Starr.


Following the verdict, Starr ordered Southwest to reinstate Carter and take several other corrective actions, including requiring both the airline and the union to “inform Southwest flight attendants that, under Title VII, they may not discriminate against Southwest flight attendants for their religious practices and beliefs, including – but not limited to – those expressed on social media and those concerning abortion.”

But in messages sent by three Southwest attorneys to the company’s employees, according to a sanctions order handed down by Starr, the airline instead said that “Southwest does not discriminate against our Employees for their religious practices and beliefs.”

The judge said Southwest also sent around a memo to flight attendants in which the company “lambasts Carter” by taking issue with the conduct she was fired over.

Blatantly violating the orders of a federal judge is not a way to win friends and influence people — unless the judge was appointed by Donald Trump and the people you want to impress are left-wing hacks.

“The Court concludes that training on religious freedom for three lawyers at Southwest the Court finds responsible (Kerrie Forbes, Kevin Minchey, and Chris Maberry) is the least restrictive means of achieving compliance with the Court’s order,” the judge said. “The Alliance Defending Freedom (‘ADF’) has conducted such training in the past, and the Court deems that appropriate here.”

Actually, ADF has no such formal training program on religious freedom, although they indicated they would be happy to create one for Southwest Airlines. And the choice of ADF to conduct the training is a little strange, considering that the Alliance Defending Freedom wasn’t even formally involved in the flight attendant’s case in the first place.

That will probably matter a great deal when the appeal is filed.

In fillings submitted ahead of Monday’s order, attorneys for Southwest urged the judge not to order the trainings, saying that “ordering religious-liberty training would be an inappropriate remedy for the alleged civil contempt.”

“Although Southwest contends the Email Notice still substantially complied with the judgment, Southwest has already offered to purge this alleged contempt by providing a corrective notice replacing the ‘does not discriminate’ language with ‘may not discriminate,’” they wrote. “Put another way, there is no conduct for religious-liberty training to remedy.”

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Law Dork Chris Geidner, who broke the news on the sanctions, wonders how the religious liberty training was added to the punishments.

It’s not precisely clear how religious-liberty training, let alone ADF, became a part of this. ADF is not representing the plaintiff, Charlene Carter, or in any other way involved in the case at all that I can tell.

Carter and her lawyers did not ask for anything like this “religious-liberty training” when she filed her motion for sanctions on Dec. 30, 2022.

It wasn’t until Starr filed an order on May 16 that he announced he was considering adding “religious-liberty training” into his sanctions order in the case.

Judge Starr apparently took it upon himself to include the religious liberty training in the sanctions against the Southwest lawyers. And those sanctions — regardless of whether they pass muster on appeal — were well-deserved, considering the arrogant dismissal by the attorneys of the judges’ orders.

Ex-Stripper Says Hunter Biden Is an Easily Manipulated ‘Puppy’

Ex-Stripper Says Hunter Biden Is an Easily Manipulated 'Puppy'
AP Photo/Patrick Semansky
An ex-stripper from Hunter Biden’s past has come out and revealed that Hunter — as we all know — is simply a patsy who can be easily manipulated.

Like father like son, right?

Hunter was an easily manipulated “puppy” according to the ex-stripper, who goes by the name Kennedy.

Kennedy admitted that she was able to manipulate Hunter into giving her $2,000 during her relationship with him, which lasted from 2018-2019, according to the New York Post.

This was around the same time Hunter had falsely portrayed himself as an intelligent and honest international powerbroker who raked in millions of dollars for his corrupt family.

“He was like a dog that I dragged and led on,” Kennedy told investigative organization Marco Polo. “I just led him on and played with him like a walking ATM.”

“I had a few guys like Hunter who I would lead on and take tips and shopping from and leave them ‘hanging.’ It’s part of the stripper gig. Get all you can out of these idiots and move on,” Kennedy added. “I was able to finesse Hunter without sex because I’m beautiful and smart. I saw a whale and took advantage, It was that easy.”

Kennedy told Marco Polo that her relationship with Hunter began “through the strip club,” and admitted they were once intimate with one another.

“He’s a piece of s—t but most addicts are,” Kennedy noted. “He was a f—king crackhead. Hunter became useless when I couldn’t extort him any longer.”

During her one-year relationship with Hunter, Kennedy said she garnered nearly $20,000.

However, Kennedy was recently interviewed by the New York Post and tried to walk back her comments concerning Hunter.

She said that she didn’t actually meet Hunter at a strip club, but rather at a tanning salon she owned. Kennedy also insisted she never slept with Hunter in exchange for money.

“The girls I knew would meet Hunter when he would frequent the club. He asked one of the girls, ‘Do you know where I could get a good spray tan?’ and they gave him my card,” Kennedy said. “He came to my one-room salon that I rented and got a spray tan. He tipped me $500 and I was like ‘WTF? Who is this guy?’ And one of the girls texted me that we gave Joe Biden’s son your card.”

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Kennedy said that around the time revelations of Hunter’s abandoned laptop surfaced, Hunter approached her and told her not to believe any of the things being said about him in the news.

“I was at a beauty convention in Philadelphia and he said to me, ‘I need to talk to you, let’s meet for dinner.’ He said, ‘There are things about me that are coming out. I want you to not believe them. None of them are true,’” she said. “The last time I saw Hunter he said to me, ‘Promise me that you will just be my friend.”

Religious Persecution: Youth Pastor Arrested for Peaceful Protest at Drag Queen Family Event

WATCH: Young Street Preacher Arrested for Reading Bible at Drag Queen 'Family' Event
AP Photo/Joseph Kaczmarek
It’s increasingly and terrifyingly clear that the First Amendment is dying in America, and that religious persecution is becoming more mainstream. A young street preacher was just arrested in Wisconsin for peacefully protesting and reading Bible verses near a drag queen event for families.Men in dresses sexually grooming children are not a problem, but a young man reading Bible verses into a microphone on a public sidewalk is apparently a problem. The young street preacher, Marcus Schroeder, was arrested by multiple burly cops, and he was accused of resisting arrest after slightly twisting away from the mob of cops and objecting when they snatched his microphone.

Schroeder was charged with “unlawful use of sound amplification and resisting arrest.” Incidentally, a group of people with Nazi symbols were parading around also protesting the drag event but were not arrested, according to The Post Millennial. In America now, police actually object more to Bible verses than to swastikas. So much for freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

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According to The Sentinal:

Police arrested and detained several young people in Watertown, Wisconsin, on Saturday while they were preaching the gospel at a public drag queen event targeted toward children.

Video circulated on social media showing multiple police officers arresting Marcus Schroeder as he was reading from the Bible. One officer was recorded aggressively pulling a microphone out of his hands and walking him away in handcuffs. Nick Proell, another young Christian, was detained and removed from the venue but later released with a warning.

Jason Storms, who recorded the viral video, said in remarks provided to The Sentinel that the young people, who attend Mercy Seat Christian Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin, were some of more than 200 individuals from various groups assembled to protest the drag show.

“The police, per orders from city leaders, arrested several young people. Three were arrested earlier in the day while inside the park praying and talking to attendees, and then released with warnings,” said Storms, who serves as minister of evangelism at Mercy Seat Christian Church. “It was open to the public, thus the public’s right to free speech carries with them. One was arrested later in the day for preaching on the public sidewalk outside the venue and is being charged with unlawful use of sound amplification and resisting arrest.”

One policeman grabs at Schroeder’s microphone and then disconnects it. “They said we can speak out on the sidewalk freely?” Storms says, also clarifying that the group wasn’t told they couldn’t use amplification. “You can speak but there’s no amplified devices,” an officer announces. This would seem to be the real-life version of what Elon Musk calls “freedom of speech but not reach,” which suppresses free speech while pretending to allow it.

Eventually, the police grabbed Schroeder. “You guys are acting like thugs,” Storms, Schroeder’s pastor, said as they handcuffed him. “He has every right to be out here engaging in speech!”

But Schroeder refuses to be intimidated by his experience. ”It was worth it. It’s actually an honor to be counted worthy to stand with the cloud of witnesses who have gone before us and been arrested for the sake of spreading Christ and his kingdom,” he told The Sentinel. “If the police wanted to try and set an example for others or anything like that, the only thing I’ve seen is actually the exact opposite, where more and more people are seeing the severity of what’s going on and being called to more action.”

Nick Proell, a fellow young Christian also detained and removed from the venue, said that he has no regrets either. “I’d do it all over again if it gives me an opportunity to share the good news and rescue innocent children being sexualized by their parents,” he declared. “God will use it for good. We will stand for truth even if we stand alone.”

A Drag Queen Hits #1 on the iTunes Christian Music Charts

A Drag Queen Hits #1 on the iTunes Christian Music Charts
A.-K. D., CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
I’m going to make some of you mad here. But then if I didn’t want to make people mad, I should never have become a columnist. I am not a fan of Contemporary Christian Music. Now, before you start throwing guitar picks and capos at me, hear me out. I admit that I harbor a love of liturgy and the “smells, bells, and yells.” So when it comes to sacred music, I lean toward Gregorian/Eastern Orthodox chants. But I also understand that for some, CCM provides an important element to church, so you do you. It’s all good.

There were several nails in the coffin when it came to CCM for me. Although during my time as an evangelical, I really tried to get on board with the genre. One was a young woman who called K-LOVE to thank the station for its playlist that “saved” her husband. Pardon my skepticism, but if your husband was saved, madam, it was by Jesus. Not the jocks at K-LOVE. Another came when I visited a mega church in Texas and the worship band was so loud that it gave me a brief bout of tinnitus. The church members found that hilarious. Still, another was hammered in when I worked at a Christian radio station. The GM told me that the station did not play CCM since the music was groomed and tuned to mimic whatever the popular sound was at the moment. And that the whole thing was a money grab. For reference, find that episode of “South Park” where the boys realize that they can become a Christian band by taking popular songs and replacing the word “baby” with “Jesus.”

But really, the moment that I began to doubt came when I was at my original church. The earnest young worship leader stood up with his guitar to lead the congregation in a song that I believe was called, “Your Love is Marvelous.” One of the lines went something to the effect of wanting to “smell God in the secret place.” I know what the songwriter was trying to convey. But the truth is, wanting to smell someone “in the secret place” just sounds creepy. I don’t want to smell anybody “in the secret place.” God included.

Sorry if I offend anyone, but CCM could probably use an overhaul.

So with all of that in mind, it should come as no surprise that a drag queen is currently topping the charts in iTunes’ Christian Music. According to the online magazine Them, a drag queen who goes by the name Flamy Grant recorded a song called “Boys Will Be Girls” by Derek Webb. The song is about LGBTQ+ people who have been rejected by their churches. In the video, Grant performs the song in full drag, complete with a blue wig. Here is a sample of the lyrics provided by Them:

I heard Jesus loved and spent his life with those who / were abandoned by proud and fearful men / So if a church won’t celebrate and love you / they’re believing lies that can’t save you or them / ’cause you’re so beautiful by any name.

Grant, who is a former worship leader, is enjoying the ride to the top thanks in part to a feud with Sean Feucht. Feucht’s website refers to him as “a missionary, musician, activist, author, and speaker. He married his high school sweetheart Kate, and together with their four children Keturah, Malachi, Ezra, and Zion, Sean travels the world sharing the life-changing power of the Gospel.”

Feucht took issue with the song and Grant fired back:

That speaks volumes about Grant. But Feucht reportedly served as a worship leader at Bethel Church in Redding, Calif. Bethel has had its own issues with theology over the years.

Be that as it may, there is a spiritual problem with the trans movement that makes it incompatible with Christianity. Yes, there is the sexual component, but that is not what I am referring to. The trans/Pride movement is predicated on drawing attention, accolades, and affirmation for oneself. Not only is there a demand to be accepted, but a demand to be celebrated and a concerted effort to convert others to the lifestyle while condemning anyone who disagrees or who is just not interested. And in Christian terms, the movement wants to remake the church and God in its own image. It wants to dictate the nature of God and force God to become what it wishes Him to be. Aside from self-obsession, this is idolatry in its purest form. As such, it is the worship of the self and not the Divine.

Anyone who has sat through sermons by recent bible school grads has heard dissertations on the woman at the well and the woman condemned to be stoned for adultery. Usually, the focus of the sermon is that Jesus accepted the person in question. While that is true, Jesus did not leave those women as he found them. He left them changed, renewed, and aware of something greater than themselves. The people who followed Jesus allowed themselves to be changed by him, and those that refused were left to go their way.

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Sin can certainly be sexual. And as a child of a man whose mother tried to trans him, sexual sin can reverberate in ways of which one cannot conceive. But in this case, the sin is indeed pride. The pride that says that the world and God Almighty must bend themselves to one’s own whims and wills. One then chooses to succumb to one’s sins rather than wrestle with them. After all, succumbing to sin can make one happy, at least in the short term. And isn’t that what God wants for us? Well, no. God would prefer that we be holy rather than satiated. And that is admittedly not an easy task for anyone.

And in that respect, Grant is no more guilty than many other Christians. In churches across the nation, people seek to create God in their own image. I was still at my old church when “Duck Dynasty” became a hit. Overnight, people began to see the Louisiana Duck hunting family as the epitome of what it meant to be good Christians. People started wearing camo and at one point, the preacher told the congregation that “Jesus was a redneck.” The problem was that “Duck Dynasty” was a popular show. The Robertsons are vocal Christians. And because of that, millions of Christians began to chase the world. The Robertsons were famous, and so they became who to follow. All of a sudden, the world was dictating what it meant to be Christian. I would hope the Robertsons would be the first to admonish such people. I briefly worked in a Christian bookstore as a side gig, right when the “Duck Dynasty” fad was starting to wane. But the t-shirts, decorations, and books kept rolling in. At times it was next to impossible to find space on the shelves for it all. The world is fickle. God is not.

It does not matter if Grant’s single was propelled to fame by the trans community or by Christians chasing the world and the popularity it promises. In both cases, people are thumbing their noses at God and favoring themselves. Rather than rebuking the Pharisees, they are indulging in Original Sin.

EX-CATHOLIC MIKE GENDRON: Deceived and Defiant Against the Gospel



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

As ambassadors for our Lord Jesus Christ, we have the privilege to proclaim His Gospel to an unbelieving world. It is not only a royal privilege but an awesome responsibility because those who are perishing need to hear the Gospel of Christ (Romans 10:17). Clearly, the most difficult people to evangelize are those who are defiantly opposed to the Gospel because of religious bondage and deception.

Self-Conceit Leads to Self-Deceit

As prince of this world, Satan holds undiscerning people captive with religious pride and deceitful indoctrination. When you witness to them, their stubborn arrogance exposes their willful ignorance of God's Word. Their stiff-necked self-conceit leads to their unyielding self-deceit. Whenever prideful people are confronted with their self-deceit, they dig in their heels to prove they are right. A frequent example of this is when Roman Catholics are asked to repent and believe the Gospel. A common response is, "I was born a Catholic and I will die a Catholic." My reply is always the same. According to the Bible, you were born a sinner and you will die a sinner unless you repent and believe the Gospel.

Religious Arrogance Blinds People

One of the most powerful tools Satan uses to "blind the minds of the unbelieving so that they might not see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ" is religious pride and arrogance (2 Cor. 4:4). We see a vivid example of this when "Stephen, full of grace and power, was performing great wonders and signs among the people" (Acts 6:8). Some arrogant Jews rose up and argued with him because they were unable to cope with the wisdom and Spirit with which he was speaking. Stephen responded, “You men who are stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears are always resisting the Holy Spirit; you are doing just as your fathers did" (Acts 7:51). Because of their religious arrogance, they were brutally resistant to the truth, and with gnashing teeth, they stoned Stephen to death.

Deceitful Indoctrination Creates Pride

Many Catholics are deceived into believing they belong to the one true church. This deceitful indoctrination creates a lot of pride and strong resistance to any teaching from non-Catholics. If Catholics were intellectually honest with themselves, they would have to acknowledge that their church looks nothing like the first-century church. That is because it drifted into apostasy by departing from the faith of the apostles. Paul warned that "in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons" (1 Tim. 4:1). Catholics need to be warned that any teaching contrary to the written Word of God is either a lie of the devil or a doctrine of demons. Every man's teaching must be tested by the supreme authority of Scripture (2 Tim. 3:16; Acts 17:11).

Catholic Responses to the Gospel

This ministry has been engaging Catholics with the Gospel for 32 years and we have heard some incredible responses. Following are several examples.

"I could no more renounce my Catholic faith than I could gouge out my eyes! What type of people are you? You have no idea what Christ teaches! I am a proud Catholic who is also proud to say that he respects all religions that seek peace in love. I am offended by your insults! They will lead to everlasting torment!"

Another proud Catholic responded this way. "You are so misinformed it is pathetic. I have the authority of Christ’s Church. Protestant sects have nothing. I know the Church back to front and I have loved the Catholic Church since I was born."

Still another boastful Catholic said: "There is nothing in the teachings of the Catholic Church opposed to Sacred Scripture. I will ask Mary, the Queen of the Universe, to pray for you. I will offer up your soul to Her Immaculate Heart that she may present it, perfect and blameless, before God. Your ministry is inspired by Satan. The main function of the pope is to ensure that nothing is added or deleted from the Bible. The Catholic Church is the only church which takes the Bible seriously."

God's Grace Is Greater than Man's Defiance

No matter how defiantly people respond to the Gospel, we know stubborn hearts are no match for the penetrating power of God's grace. The apostle Paul was a zealous persecutor of Christians before our Sovereign Lord knocked him off his high horse and granted him repentance. One of the thieves mocking Jesus on the cross had lived a life of sinful rebellion, but in his last hour, God granted him repentance and faith in the Savior (Luke 23:39-43). These two examples of the saving power of God's grace should encourage us to never give up hope for our friends and loved ones. Knowing that God is opposed to the proud but gives grace to the humble, let us pray that they will exchange their pride for humility and submit to God's Word (James 4:6). Let us also pray that they will come under strong conviction by the Holy Spirit of sin, judgment and righteousness (John 16:8-11). May God be exalted and honored as He answers our prayers for His glory and the salvation of perishing souls!



East Texas Bishop Faces Investigation After Criticizing the Pope and Taking Political Stances

Strickland has taken political initiative by describing President Joe Biden as an “evil president.”



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

TYLER — East Texas Bishop Joseph Strickland is facing an investigation by Pope Francis after criticizing the church’s leadership and speaking out politically.

Appointed in 2012, Strickland has expressed concerns about certain aspects of Pope Francis’ leadership and has called for Catholic Christians to embrace Jesus Christ rather than over-adhere to the Pope’s directives.

In May, Pope Francis initiated an apostolic visitation—a critical visit from a papal representative—because Strickland had endorsed several controversial videos and repeatedly called out the Pope for poor leadership. The visitation lasted for nearly a week, as it included several interviews with clergy members and laity.

Bishop Strickland took to Twitter to voice his position, stating, “It is time for me to say that I reject his program of undermining the Deposit of Faith. Follow Jesus.”

Moreover, Strickland previously endorsed Texas Priest Frank Pavone, who was subsequently defrocked in December of 2022 for his staunch anti-abortion stance and commitment to conservative values.

In addition to his criticisms of Pope Francis on Twitter, Strickland has taken political initiative by describing President Joe Biden as an “evil president.” He has also endorsed videos strongly discouraging Catholics from voting Democrat in political elections.

The self-described “red-pilled” bishop has amassed more than 124,000 followers on Twitter. Yet, despite his large following, Strickland has not commented on the visitation.

According to Elizabeth Slaten, the communications director for the Diocese of Tyler, the process was handled with the utmost confidentiality, thus preventing her from speaking on the matter.

“The whole process was very confidential,” Slaten told National Catholic Reporter. “[She was] not free to speak on behalf of Mother Church and the nuncio.”

The investigation into Bishop Strickland’s actions and statements underscores the looming tensions within the Catholic Church, as many are calling on the Internal Revenue Service to strip the Diocese of Tyler of its tax exempt status.

Exclusive: Charlie Kirk Calls Out ‘Cowardly’ Churches Adopting Left-Wing Politics

BY Katherine Hamilton


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Left-wing ideology has infiltrated many Christian churches in the United States because they bow down to the “false god of being nice” and the “false god of tolerance” to win approval from the world, Turning Point USA (TPUSA) founder Charlie Kirk told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview.

Breitbart News asked Kirk, who travels to Christian churches all over the country for TPUSA Faith, to comment on the battle being waged for the soul of America’s churches, and pointed to the rising support for abortion and the LGBTQ+ agenda in some denominations, as well as a general decline in fervor.

In this April 19, 2019, file photo, a gay pride rainbow flag flies along with the U.S. flag in front of the Asbury United Methodist Church in Prairie Village, Kan. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel, File)

“We as Christians are not called to be tolerant — and people don’t like it when I say that,” Kirk said at the 2023 Turning Point Action Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, last week. “But we shouldn’t be tolerant of sin. We shouldn’t be tolerant of rebellion from God. We should have compassion. We have kindness, sympathy, and love. But love without truth is not love.”

“And so the Christian church has bad theology. They don’t want to offend people,” he said. “The Gospel is offensive, and because of that, we see a lot of churches that are then taken over by these parasitic left-wing idea pathogens.”

Part of the reason solid biblical teaching has become rare in America’s churches is because many pastors are “afraid to speak the truth” or they “don’t even know what the truth is” because they are not comprehending what the Bible says, Kirk said.

“And it’s really too bad because the American church is the great bulwark against tyranny. Liberty is not man’s idea. It is God’s idea,” he said. “And so I’m going around to churches — I speak at a lot of churches trying to encourage them to speak out on these issues. I think without a strong church, the country completely and totally falls apart.”

A man is outside with a Bible preaching (Unsplash/Ben White).

A man is outside with a Bible preaching (Unsplash/Ben White).

While traveling to churches around the country, Kirk often encounters church leaders who say they avoid talking about politics because politics are “divisive.” But, Kirk asserted, quoting Luke 12:51, the “Gospel is divisive,” and “Jesus did not come to unite the world but to divide the world.”

“So if they don’t want to talk about politics, do they want to get rid of Jeremiah 29:7, where [the Bible] says to demand the welfare of the nation that you are in because your welfare is tied to your nation’s welfare? Or get rid of Daniel? Joseph was a political figure. Joseph was a counselor to the Pharaoh in Egypt to end the famine. Esther was a political figure. Mordecai was a political figure. Nehemiah was a political figure,” he continued.

“The Book of Deuteronomy is an unbelievably political book, where the Founding Fathers quoted Deuteronomy more than any other author, secular or religious, more than John Locke, more than Montesquieu, more than Rousseau, more than Machiavelli, more than Aristotle,” he added. “They quoted Deuteronomy because out of Deuteronomy comes the civil law, this idea of separation of powers, an independent judiciary. So if a pastor says that, they’re not very smart, or they are deciding to be a coward, and I hope they change their ways.”

When asked if he thinks churches across the United States are growing wary of potential oncoming persecution from the government and/or a left-wing political movement hostile toward Christianity, Kirk said he believes many churches “don’t care.”

“Which is really too bad,” he said. “We’re seeing a mass erosion of freedom and liberty. You show me what you’re not allowed to make fun of — that is your true god. You’re allowed to make fun of Christianity. You’re not allowed to make fun of trans stuff.”

Department of Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary for Health transgender Admiral Rachel Levine speaks after having attended a roundtable on gender-affirming care and transgender health on Wednesday, June 29, 2022, in Miami (Wilfredo Lee/AP).

“They’re coming after the churches hard,” he continued. “They locked down the churches during the virus. They called them nonessential. They took Easter away. They took Pentecost Sunday away. We have the most suicidal, alcohol-addicted, drug-addicted generation in history. And where is the church? The church is kind of doing the bidding of the world, and it’s too bad.”

Bishop Michael Boulette prays as he leads a televised service to an empty church in San Antonio, Texas, Sunday, March 29, 2020. Due to the coronavirus outbreak churches in the area are closed and many are televising services or holding services online. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Bishop Michael Boulette prays as he leads a televised service to an empty church in San Antonio, Texas, Sunday, March 29, 2020. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, churches in the area are closed and many are televising services or holding services online (AP Photo/Eric Gay).

Kirk concluded that while “there are some great churches out there,” they are “small and far and few in between.”

“The vast majority of churches are cowardly. They’re not biblically based. They’re just kind of a shell of what they could be,” he said.

Katherine Hamilton is a political reporter for Breitbart News. You can follow her on Twitter @thekat_hamilton.

Patriot Nurse: This Sign Tells of a Nation’s Impending Doom. Have You Seen It?

In this video, Patriot Nurse discusses the disturbing trend of a rise in antisemitism and overt Jew hatred. This sign has been the hallmark of a dying nation, from Czarist Russia to the Weimar Republic. whether it was the propaganda of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion or the Weimar notes accusing Jews of debasing the currency, a nation can be assured of demise if it stoops to cursing Israel.

Islamic Republic of Iran: Over 50 Christians in five cities arrested in new crackdown



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Then Khamenei goes on Twitter and disseminates self-righteous lies about how tolerant Iran is compared to the evil West. The West is no paradise of tolerance these days under increasing Leftist tyranny, but as repressive as it is, the Islamic Republic really has no leg to stand on in this regard.

“Over 50 Christians in five cities arrested in new crackdown,” Article 18, July 18, 2023:

More than 50 Christian converts have been arrested in a rash of new incidents across five Iranian cities over the past seven days, with fears the number could rise much higher as fresh reports keep coming in.

At least 51 of those arrested at their homes or house-churches – in the cities of Tehran, Karaj, Rasht, Orumiyeh and Aligoudarz – remain in detention on unknown charges, while others have been released on bail.

Article18 cannot at this time share any more details about the incidents, but after very few publicly reported arrests of Christians so far this year, the news marks a clear change in approach.

Mansour Borji, Article18’s advocacy director, commented: “The reason for this sudden surge in nationwide arrests of Christians is not clear at this stage. What is obvious is that Iran has begun a fresh crackdown on civil liberties, and the traditionally vulnerable groups, like Christians, are on the front line of those targeted.”…

Gutting the Catholic Church with Deep Tongue Kisses

Pope Francis paves the way for an even more radical successor.



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

In one photo, he’s standing in front of an image of Christ that at first glance looks like a contorted statue of the Buddha. He’s dressed in a skin-tight unflattering pull-over that highlights body flab. Around his neck is a long wooden rosary, a misplaced use of a sacramental.

In other photos, his eyes seem to slant in a locked Machiavellian, snake-in-the-grass stare.

Who is he?

His name is Victor Manuel “Tucho” Fernandez, an Argentine Catholic Archbishop and friend of Pope Francis.

Archbishop Tucho is also a Beat Café style poet, who published ‘Heal Me With Your Mouth: The Art of Kissing,’ a small volume of poetry and prose about the art of open-mouth kissing. (Think: ‘Story of O,’ Terry Southern’s ‘Candy,’ Linda Lovelace in ‘Deep Throat,’ and Allen Ginsberg’s famous line, “This form of life needs sex.”)

“The penetrating kiss is when you suck and slurp with the lips. The penetrating kiss is when you stick in your tongue. Watch out for the teeth,” Tucho writes.

Also from Tucho:

“My boyfriend gets a hard mouth when he kisses me. He hasn’t yet learned how to loosen his lips. Lovely!”

“What I like the most is the kiss of peace at Mass. That was the first kiss with the hottie I have now.”

“I love kissing his fingertips. It gets more affectionate than anything else.”

“I once went crazy with the pleasure I was given from being kissed on the eyes. But I didn’t say this because it’s going to leave me blind.”

Tucho, now referred to as “the kissing archbishop,” says that he wrote his book on kissing to “motivate [young people] to release the best of yourself in a kiss.”

He wanted his young, passionate readers to “kiss better.”

In his little book, he warns of certain pitfalls like bad breath, yet he refrains from suggesting a particular brand of mouthwash.

Clever poet that he is, he refers to kissing as “a thermometer of love.”

Surf the Web and you’ll find, as I did, articles on how to kiss if and when you travel to Argentina. Argentines, we are told, kiss on one cheek unlike the double-cheek Europeans, and the triple-kiss Russians.

“In Argentina, it is customary to give certain people a beso, or kiss, on the right cheek when you say hello or goodbye. If you are not expecting this to happen, or don’t know that it is a thing down here, you will definitely be caught off guard the first couple of times that it happens,” one tourist guide warns.

This in no way it meant to suggest that the country of Eva Peron is all about kissing.

In 1970, the New York Times published a piece, “Militant Leftist Priests Troubling Church and State in Argentina.”

“…The Government is concerned that a bloc of leftist Argentine priests and bishops have become a militant political force in national affairs, including labor strikes, demonstrations and violence,” the Times stated.

In addition, a state security official was quoted as saying that, apart from Communist guerrillas and terrorists involving Peronists in bed with Marxists, “the greatest threat by far facing Argentina today was the militant leftist priesthood.”

Tucho, for instance, who has just been appointed by Pope Francis to head the Vatican’s Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, is no gun-carrying leftist, but he was Francis’ ghost writer for Amoris Laetitia, a 2016 exhortation on love that seems to suggest that sexual morality can change over time (just as kisses can change from surface pecks to deep mouth explorations).

Tucho was rector of the faculty of theology of the Catholic University of Argentina from 2009 to 2018.

He was made Archbishop of La Plata, known as the capital city of the Buenos Aries Province, in 2018.

As Archbishop of La Plata, the prelate put his kisses aside when he issued two successive decrees in 2018 that heavily restricted the use of the Traditional rite of the Mass, despite Pope Benedict XVI’s freeing up of the old rite in 2007 in Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum.

Francis himself, as archbishop of Buenos Aries, did everything he could to suppress the old rite while supporting puppet Masses and sexy Tango Masses (sans kisses).

When it comes to dancing and popes, however, Saint Pope Pius X (1835-1914) always maintained that the Argentine Tango was a boring dance made for slaves. He also believed that it was off-limits for Catholics.

News of Pope Francis’ appointment of Tucho as the guardian of Catholic orthodoxy sent shockwaves throughout the Catholic world.

The controversy certainly put Tucho on the defensive.

“They refer to a book of mine that no longer exists, that talked about kissing,” the archbishop wrote on his Facebook page.

“I was inspired by a phrase from the time of the Church Fathers that said incarnation was like a kiss from God to humanity.

“At the time I was very young, I was a pastor and I was trying to reach the young. So it occurred to me to write a catechesis for teens based on what kissing means. I wrote this catechesis with the participation of a group of young people who gave me ideas, phrases, poems etc.,” the archbishop added.

Sounding somewhat like William Burroughs in ‘Naked Lunch,’ Tucho added that he wanted to warn young people that “love is in danger” when they have sexual intercourse without kissing.

You can’t just seduce waitresses by slamming them up against a wall like Neal Cassidy and Jack Kerouac did in “On the Road.”

All of this might be fine advice coming from an artist or a poet who doesn’t also claim to be a successor of the apostles.

When Pope Francis was taken to the hospital in early June for abdominal surgery, traditionalist Catholic commentators were quick to write and talk about the pope’s health, urging audiences to pray for him, the successor of Saint Peter, “even if you think he’s a heretic.”

Yet underneath this plea for prayer one felt a certain hopeful ‘something’: could these be the last hours of a pope whom many say has done more to harm the Church than any pope in 1,000 years?

Is this terrible pontificate finally—finally– coming to an end?

When photographs of a noticeably (post-hospital) weakened Francis surfaced, some wondered if the pontiff had been through a ‘purgatorial transition’ in which his globalist transgressions had finally been revealed to him by the Holy Spirit.

Had he had a “blinding light” conversion like Saul of Tarsus?

Would he retract his suppression of the Latin Mass?

Would he rebuke his obsession with the Synodal Path of the German Church and its encroachment into the Universal Church?

To have such hopes is like wishing speeding bullets would stop in midair and descend to earth like punctured hot air balloons.

Francis, abdominal sutures still in place, accelerated his globalist vision with an attack on Bishop Joseph E. Strickland of the Diocese of Tyler, Texas.

Bishop Strickland, a conservative firebrand who once accused Pope Francis of “undermining the Deposit of the Faith,” was the subject of a Vatican investigation a few weeks ago. These investigations, called Apostolic Visitations, usually don’t fare well for the one being investigated.

As the Catholic News Agency reported,

“News of the inquiry into Strickland comes following his participation in a Eucharistic procession and prayer rally in Los Angeles on June 16, organized to protest Major League Baseball’s Los Angeles Dodgers for honoring an anti-Catholic drag group at the team’s annual Pride Night game.”

Then, in a rush against time (and ill-health), Francis appointed 21 new cardinals, prelates in total alignment with his woke theological and Synodal Path obsessions, all but guaranteeing that the next pope will be something of a mega-Francis.

Francis’ revolution, as one Catholic observer noted, is an “unending revolution world without end.”

Among Francis’ picks for the red hat in October, will be the kissing Tucho archbishop who says that when we kiss we should “Watch out for the teeth.”

In the meantime, this disastrous pontificate rolls on its merry way, expelling faithful priests who offer the traditional mass, and promoting fake Catholic (criminal) families like the Biden’s in Washington.

“Ten years after that catastrophic vote [to elect him] in the Sistine Chapel,” writes Vatican observer Damian Thompson, “We have reached a moment of extreme crisis in the life of the Church.

He continues:

“Francis is tightening his control of the Vatican’s machinery, with no plans to retire. A new pope would have been nice—a couple of years ago. Now I think it’s too late. The Church may never recover its moral authority.”

Afghanistan: Christians face regular raids on their homes, frequently receive threats, and lack access to education



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Why is one of the world’s most self-consciously strict adherents of Islamic law so intolerant of Christians? The pope and many others assure us that Islam is peaceful and tolerant. Why doesn’t the Taliban get this?

“Freedom Focus Report: Afghanistan’s Christians Fight to Survive Under the Taliban,” International Christian Concern, July 13, 2023:

07/13/2023 Afghanistan (International Christian Concern) – Since the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021, religious and civil liberties have rapidly deteriorated under Taliban rule. Under the current regime, former government officials and civil servants, and religious minorities like Christians endure intense governmental and societal pressure and scrutiny. They face regular raids on their homes by the Taliban, frequently receive threats against their jobs and families, and lack access to educational opportunities. 

The Taliban are attempting to cut contact between Afghani citizens and any Western groups and have practically eradicated on-the-ground relief efforts by NGOs. Any group looking to provide long-term relief efforts, such as livelihood relief, must be wary of Taliban spies among their workers. 

The state of religious freedom and Christian tolerance in Afghanistan has not improved since ICC reported Afghanistan as one of the worst places in the world to be a Christian in the 2022 Persecutor of the Year report. The Taliban are working to completely erase Christianity or any religious minority from the country, even stating that there are no Christians in Afghanistan, an obviously false claim. Many Christians have gone underground to avoid being kidnapped by the Taliban “courts.”  

Poverty, Betrayal, and Torture 

The rising starvation rates and increasing poverty in Afghanistan create an even higher security threat to these believers since now the Taliban are offering financial compensation to anyone who reports on Christians. In an interview with Mission News Network, Lana Silk, CEO of USA at Transform Iran, said, “The Taliban are offering money for Afghans to turn in any Christians they know. And Afghans are desperate, further heightening the security risk [to] Christians.” 

Unless ransomed by their families, Christians captured by the “courts” face brutal torture and even death. If redeemed, the survivors and their families, often bankrupt from the exorbitant ransom demands, must flee their homes to avoid repeated kidnappings from the various Taliban gangs.  

Pakistan’s Refugee Crisis 

Because of the persecution, many Christians escape to Pakistan and risk capture and death by the Taliban. Even if they make it to Pakistan, they must conceal their faith for fear of receiving worse treatment in already poor conditions. Some Christian refugees decide to return to Afghanistan, deciding they have a better chance of survival under the Taliban than in Pakistan.  

The Pakistani government, unprepared for the influx of refugees, has begun to crack down on immigration. Many immigrants cannot find work to provide food or rent for themselves and their families….

Pope Kowtows to Chinese Communists, Accepts Cardinal Appointed by Beijing

Pope Kowtows to Chinese Communists by Accepting a Cardinal Appointed by the State



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

In 2018, Pope Francis and the Vatican signed an agreement with the Chinese Communists that, among other things, gives both sides a say in the appointment of bishops. This agreement was ignored by Beijing three months ago when they unilaterally named Bishop Joseph Shen Bin to lead the Diocese of Shanghai.

Instead of standing up to the Beijing bullies, Francis gave in and announced on Saturday that he had accepted the Communist’s appointment despite Beijing’s blatant violation of the 2018 accord.

The Church in China is sharply divided between the “official” Catholic Church sanctioned by the government and an “underground” church that follows the Vatican. It puts Francis in a difficult position, but is he so naive as to believe that every time he gives in, the Communists won’t take advantage and push the agreement a little farther?

Cardinal Joseph Zen, a former bishop of Hong Kong, and other critics have complained that the agreement is “a betrayal of the country’s underground Catholics loyal to the pope,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

The “official” Catholics have very little freedom.

Religious groups have been required to revise their practices and teaching in accordance with Communist Party doctrine and to develop what Xi has called “socialist religious theories with Chinese characteristics” through a process of “sinicization.”

The Vatican has acknowledged that the results of the deal have been meager so far. Only a handful of new Chinese bishops have been ordained under the agreement since 2018.

Last November, the Vatican accused Beijing of violating the deal by transferring Bishop John Peng Weizhao from his Vatican-approved post as bishop of Yujiang to a new role as auxiliary bishop of Jiangxi, a diocese not recognized by the Vatican.

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Cardinal Secretary of State, said that Pope Francis wanted to “remedy the canonical irregularity created in Shanghai, in view of the greater good of the diocese and the fruitful exercise of the bishop’s pastoral ministry.”

“Canonical irregularity”? It’s important to properly prostrate oneself when paying homage to the Mandarins in China.

Related: FBI Wants to Deny Catholic Advocacy Group Access to Spying Records

Parolin said that the Pope’s “intention is fundamentally pastoral” and will allow the bishop to “work with greater serenity to promote evangelization and foster ecclesial communion.”

In other words, Francis is waving a big white flag and will now write a “strongly worded letter” to let the Chinese Communists know they can continue to walk all over him and the Catholic Church.

National Catholic Register:

In an interview with Vatican News published with the announcement of the Chinese bishop’s appointment, Cardinal Parolin underlined that it is “indispensable, that all episcopal appointments in China, including transfers, be made by consensus, as agreed, and keeping alive the spirit of dialogue” between the Holy See and China.

The Holy See first entered into a provisional two-year agreement with Beijing on the appointment of bishops in 2018, which was renewed in 2020 and again in 2022.

One month after the Holy See agreed to renew the deal last October, the Vatican said that Chinese authorities violated the terms stipulated in the agreement by installing Bishop John Peng Weizhao as an “auxiliary bishop of Jiangxi,” a diocese that is not recognized by the Vatican.

There are 10-12 million Catholics in China, and the Vatican apparently feels little responsibility to stand up for them in their bid to win the freedom of worship. “Indeed, the dialogue between the Vatican side and the Chinese side remains open and I believe that it is a path that is in some way obligatory,” Parolin said.

As long as the Chinese see that “obligation” going one way, nothing is likely to change.

Why are Churches Still Using Bethel and Hillsong Music?!?!?

Despite Controversies, Worship Leaders Keep On Choosing Hillsong and Bethel Songs



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Despite the storm of scandals and controversies swirling around the bruised and battered Hillsong Church in Australia and the Bethel Church in California, worship leaders are not shying away from incorporating songs from these two megachurches into their worship sessions. 

recent study unveiled this week shows that worship leaders gravitate towards these songs not because they top the worship charts but because they have a personal connection with them, often discovered online, at conferences, or through friends’ recommendations. According to the study:

“The most influential factors in discovering a new worship song are peer endorsements and personal experiences. Worship leaders mainly trust their friends and fellow church leaders to provide them with song recommendations.”

The study draws on responses from over 400 worship leaders across the U.S. and Canada, seeking their insights on music production and their song selection process for worship. 

Demonstrating a woeful lack of discernment, a mere 16% of worship leaders admitted to being less inclined to choose a song associated with Hillsong. In comparison, 27% expressed a similar hesitancy towards songs linked to Bethel. 

On the other hand, a significant 62% confessed they were likely to pick songs from Hillsong, with a slightly lesser 48% saying they would likely opt for songs associated with Bethel. 

Three months ago, Worship Leader Research reported that four megachurches were responsible for producing and releasing nearly all the top worship songs released in the last decade, with Hillsong and Bethel being two of them. 

Top 10 Weirdest Things Hillsong Leaders Expensed to the Church  
Top 10 Most Expensive Meals Brian and Bobbie Houston Expensed to the Church 
Top 10 Luxury Hotels Hillsong Leaders Expensed to the Church (Spoiler: The Cheapest is $8457.42)

Illegal Immigration and Western Spiritual Sickness

Enforcing the law has become abnormal.



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The usual suspects have weighed in on recent belated efforts to enforce U.S. immigration laws.

Our now bankrupt media, the corrupt government of Mexico, and the Diversity/Equity/Inclusion apparat have damned a series of laws recently passed by the Florida legislature and signed by Governor Ron DeSantis that enforce existing federal immigration laws.

Such critics seem oblivious to the current violence that is paralyzing Europe in general, and in particular France—as if such European chaos offers no lessons for the U.S. or any other salad-bowl, open-borders Western nation.

Florida decided no longer to provide de facto and illegal exemptions to foreign nationals who entered and now reside in the state illegally.

Gov. De Santis is conveying a message to the country that not enforcing the laws, exempting those who break them, or treating foreign nationals as if they had a birthright to enter the U.S. illegally, does not even win gratitude from those who violate U.S. law.

Such American magnanimity is seen, and rightly so, by illegal immigrants and the government who sends them here, as Western spiritual decadence. Thus illegal immigration is to be unapologetically leveraged and forever manipulated—and rarely to be reciprocated with any appreciation.

The Mexican government was not only more fearful of destroying the U.S. border during the Trump years; it oddly also gave the hated Trump more respect than it had shown either the supposedly messianic Barack Obama or compliant Joe Biden.

Indeed, the more Mexico praised and manipulated Obama and Biden, the more contempt it showed the U.S. Paradoxically, the more Mexico denounced Trump, the more it conceded to Trump that it must begin to cease its export of multimillions of its own citizens.

No one is now arguing that Florida is breaking any laws by enforcing them.

Again, the outrage is instead over the state’s legal adherence to the law.

No one privately believes the illegal aliens affected by the new enforcement are euphemistically merely “undocumented migrants.”

In truth, illegal aliens never sought nor possessed nor intended to possess immigration “documents” in the first place, although millions of would-be law-abiding immigrants easily do just that. Instead, they have shown contempt for U.S. laws and those who made and enforced them.

So “illegal alien” is precisely the correct term. Most other euphemisms are designed deliberately to obfuscate criminality and brand anyone a racist who would seek to differentiate legal immigrants from illegal immigrants, and legally residing aliens from illegally residing aliens.

The Hostility of Mexico

Note that the Mexican government now routinely urges those of its expanding expatriate community that are legal U.S. citizens to vote against Republican candidates in general, and De Santis in particular. Such interference is simply a warning sign of how much illegal immigration has warped the entire political landscape of America.

Imagine if a Republican U.S. president urged the 1.6 million American citizens now residing in Mexico to speak out against Mexico City’s immigration policies. Or what if he hectored millions of Mexican citizens now residing in the U.S. to become politically active in opposing the Obrador government? Would the Mexican people applaud that interference?

Note that Mexico never shows appreciation that some 20-30 millions of its citizens have entered the U.S. illegally and with impunity and been treated as if they were citizens. Instead, it is always a demand for more, more and more. Indeed, any mere suggestion of enforcing our own law—not Mexico usurpation of it—is again smeared as “racism.”

Why does Mexico feel it has an inherent right to mock U.S. laws—aside from the natural contempt it holds for America for reacting in such logical fashion to its aggression?

Remittances via illegal immigration is a $30 billion profitable Mexican enterprise. U.S. cash sent southward is the largest source of its foreign income.

Exporting human capital reduces social welfare costs for a racialist Mexican government that does not extend sufficient social welfare for many of its own largely indigenous people in the south.

Through illegal immigration, Mexico creates a favorable expatriate community that helps to influence U.S. policy to transition illegal aliens to citizens through blanket amenities.

It encourages those to enter the U.S. without background checks, on the self-interested rationale of also sending northward felons and others deemed undesirables by the Mexican government.

Moreover, Mexico attacks any smidgeon of U.S. immigration law enforcement on the strategy of putting Americans on the defensive as “racists” and “xenophobes.” That way it softens any American pushback to the cartels’ exportation of Chinese-reformulated fentanyl to the U.S.

Apparently, the billions of dollars the cartels harvest from their drug profits that pour into the Mexican economy outweigh the dangers such criminals pose to the rule of law in Mexico.

Mexico City acts as if the 100,000 norteños gringos that die from illegally imported Mexican opioids are tolerable collateral damage. In some sick way, does weaponizing cartel fentanyl serve Mexico by creating a sort of deterrence against enforcing the rule of law across the entire border—as in ”close the border—and you’ll get even more of our drugs!”?

In a word, any unbiased and disinterested observer would interpret the behavior of the Mexican government as at war with the U.S.

The European Mess

We are beginning to see something similar now coming to a head in Western European countries such as France, the Netherlands, and Sweden in particular, but also Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Greece. While European illegal immigration differs from the American brand, the same parameters of Western spiritual bankruptcy persist.

Mexico and its citizens accept that millions in Mexico prefer to live in the United States even though America is premised on principles antithetical to Mexico.

They also assume that by smearing the American hosts as racists, xenophobes and nativists, they will achieve greater concessions.

So too millions of North Africans, Middle Easterners and sub-Saharan Africans flee without legal sanction to Europe.

The premise shared by such illegal immigrants, their host country, and their home governments is that literally hundreds of millions of people would prefer to move to Europe—and abandon their own homes, extended families, and familiar landscapes to enter a completely alien and antithetical culture.

Such illegal aliens, like those who enter the U.S., likewise assume they can lodge preemptive indictments of their hosts as racists, nativists and xenophobes—largely on the brief that after leaving their own poorer and often most failed states, they did not magically obtain near parity soon enough after arrival.

Illegal aliens in Europe further feel they can enter a mutually beneficial relationship with Western Leftists. The Left will normalize and amnesty their illegality. It will claim their own governments and people are racists for looking askance at illegal immigration. And it then will leverage illegal aliens to form a large new demographic bloc that will support leftist causes, either in the street, or legally through acquisitions of amnesty, green cards, and eventually citizenship.

In other words, the Left increasingly has realized in both Europe and North America that its policies on immigration, identity politics, climate change and fossil fuels, crime and the economy are nihilist.

Their agendas eventually transform their large cities into precivilizational enclaves. And they are losing popular support. Thus the international Western Left needs both new voters and new dependents to be whipped up to serve as blameless victims of their conservative enemies.

The Illogic of Illegal Immigration

One could argue over whether 18th and 19th-century Western imperialism and colonization of Asian, African, and New World landscapes proved solely lethal and toxic or sometimes beneficial to native peoples or both.

And further few can agree whether colonization proved in the long run and in a cost-to-benefit analysis, even predictably profitable for European interlopers, colonists and imperialists.

Yet whatever one’s take on past European colonization beyond the borders of Europe, what is indisputable is that most colonized people eventually rose up and threw out colonials—whether by violence in Algeria, Kenya, Rhodesia or Vietnam, or transitionally and over time in India, Libya or Egypt.

Apparently, sinful Westerners were once spit out abroad, but as penance now are to be hosts to millions from those lands they fled.

But on what logic or premises exactly?

Did the former victims of colonialism announce, “We hated you and yours so much in our country that we are now risking our lives to join you in yours?”

Or was the subtext the placard slogan used by demonstrators on the closure of the once huge American base at Subic Bay in the Philippines, “Yanquis, go home!—and take me with you?”

In surreal terms, the old anti-colonialist mantras of the 1950s and 1960s of “our country for ourselves” has now become something like, “Keep out of our country, but don’t keep us out of yours.”

What is far more astounding are the actual illogical absurdities of illegal immigration as it is practiced in the West.

One is the failure to integrate and assimilate into the culture of the host. Note again the logical fallacies. If the immigrant wishes to import his culture and seeks to retain it in Europe and if then that ensuing culture were to become the dominant one, would not the immigrant wish to move away from the very thing he had created—in the manner he had already done so in the past by leaving home?

In other words, if North Africans succeed in xeroxing Algeria or Somalia in France, why would they stay in France, since they already had fled to there precisely because it was not Algeria or Somalia?

Second, what about the ancient relationship between the guest, or rather the uninvited guest, and the host? Has it ever been a custom in any culture, country, or civilization in any era, that the guest enters the home of his host and makes demands upon it?

Or more absurdly, do uninvited guests ever fault the furnishings, the food, or the ambience of what the host has offered to him? Did Homer and his gods approve when the suitors made demands on the house of their host Penelope?

The answer is, of course no, because of an ancient comeback—so often caricatured but never refuted by the Left—that if the present wares are so bad, then why not just be free of them, leave and return home to paradise?

If President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico is so critical of the U.S., then why does he not block the border and insist that his citizens stay home safely far distant from a toxic host and its contaminating culture?

But again these are mere word games because we know the answers to all the above paradoxes and absurdities.

Western Spiritual Sickness

The non-West sees a richer, more leisured, and more relativist West as something akin to H.G. Wells’s posthuman Elois—strangely effete creatures who coast on the fumes of a distant past that once bequeathed to them their present wealth and leisure. Yet these perceived unworthy inheritors of the work of prior generations are seen as hardly deserving of respect. Indeed, they rightfully earn from illegal immigrants even greater contempt for not defending what they enjoy.

Thus, millions with impunity swarm American and European borders. Many are defiant in smearing their would-be hosts as racists or worse for daring to enforce the sort of immigration laws taken for granted in their own homelands.

In Paris, they riot and burn on the assumption that the soft West deserves what is dished out. The host apparently is seen as some sort of sick masochist who enjoys being told how sinful the West was and is—and how deserving it is of a comeuppance of riot, arson, mayhem and violence.

If that logic seems preposterous, then why does the violence periodically break out to such devastating effect? Exploitation? Racism? Yet, in Europe there is less of both than in his prior homeland, evident by the vote of his own two feet.

The Ethiopian in Italy, or the Algerian in France apparently sees his European host also as a sheep that merely bays when given a needed periodic sheering—albeit with the care of the sheerer to clip away at, but not extinguish, his bountiful host.

A Middle East immigrant to Sweden would never act as he routinely does in Malmo if he were in Budapest, much less in Singapore or Beijing. An illegal immigrant knows that as much as he detests the French and loathes the Dutch, he needs more of the French and more of the Dutch than more of himself in the land of the French and Dutch—if his dreams and agendas of living differently from where he came from are to be reified.

None of these irrationalities are about race. Instead, they pertain to human nature and culture. And the fault is not all the on the part of the illegal alien, and his plethora of self-serving hypocrisies.

His host is culpable as well. The West demands little of the illegal entrant, whether defined as obedience to laws, or to melt into and absorb the culture that he has voted for with his feet. The Westerner’s greatest fear is not even hostile, violent, and unassimilated illegal aliens, but the perception that such a community judges the Westerner as illiberal.

Instead, the post-civilizational Westerner has lost all confidence in his homeland, his traditions, his values, and his very future, to the point that he is well beyond the inability of defending his civilization—given that he no longer even knows how to define it.


Incorruptibles and Relics-Living Divine Mercy TV Show (EWTN) Ep.95 w/ Fr. Chris Alar


"What does science have to say about a saint's body when it is found to be incorruptible? Why do Catholics venerate relics? Is this science or superstition? Is it faith or paganism? Join Fr. Chris Alar, MIC, to hear about this "fascinating" subject. And hear the story of a man who made his living as a chef, feeding bodies, to become a priest, feeding souls."




Frank Gaffney interviews Christine Douglass-Williams on the Christian-Muslim alliance against the LGBTQ++ agenda



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Frank Gaffney interviewed me about the aggressiveness of the LGBTQ++ agenda that is being opposed by Muslims and Christians, but is there more that we should be watchful of than meets the eye? Is this alliance unified on the cause of religious freedoms for all?


As the alliance between opponents of the aggressive LGBTQ++ agenda and Muslims grows, Westerners have been quick to see that Muslim groups get the results that Christians have been unable to gain so effectively on their own. Christians are generally not confrontational and are easy targets, as we saw in Alberta, Canada, when Pastor Derek Reimer was thrown in jail for “hate” after protesting a drag show for kids at a local library. Awareness about the alliance with Muslim groups is key. While Christians and Muslims can agree about the abhorrent imposition of the trans agenda, as well as the open nudity and vulgarity of some members of the LGBTQ++ community, there are other points of divergence that it is prudent to consider.

In the coverage by mainstream media — which is notorious for its lack of knowledge about Islamic tenets and laws — some have been describing Muslims who oppose the LGBTQ++ agenda as “conservative Muslims.” The term “conservative Muslims” has nothing to do with Western notions of conservatism and/or partisanship; it has everything to do with these Muslims’ level of dedication to Islamic law (the Sharia), and is a term usually reserved for describing the likes of Iranian mullahs, the Taliban and Salafists in general. The misuse of the term “conservative Muslims” in the mainstream media creates the deceptive impression that these Muslims are supporters of Western conservatism or parties that support conservatism. Most of these activist Muslims against the LGBTQ++ agenda are more likely still Democrats or Liberals, given the long established Islamic/Left alliance. There are indeed some Muslims who are aligned with Western conservatism. Also, aside from questions of partisanship, not all Muslims ascribe to Islam’s supremacist tenets, or support the murder or punishment of  gays; however, such liberal-minded Muslims are not regarded by the mainstream as Muslims at all, but as apostates who have shunned the divine Sharia.

Some Muslims, despite being shunned by the authorities of normative Islam, are indeed allied with Westerners who are fighting for the freedom of religion, as enshrined in American and Canadian constitutions.

As stated in the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

In Canada:

Under section 2of the Charter, Canadians are free to follow the religion of their choice. In addition, they are guaranteed freedom of thought, belief and expression. Since the media are an important means for communicating thoughts and ideas, the Charter protects the right of the press and other media to speak out. Our right to gather and act in peaceful groups is also protected, as is our right to belong to an association like a trade union.

But the focus of this Preamble and of the interview above is not the Muslims who stand in unity with non-Muslims for religious freedom and equal rights for all. Some of the Muslims are aligned with Sharia tenets, which are held by groups ranging from the Iranian regime and the Taliban to the Muslim Brotherhood in the West. Westerners need to be aware that the LGBTQ++ woke aggression will be used and is being used as a launching pad for the expansion of the scope of the Sharia.

A new document, Navigating Differences: Clarifying Sexual and Gender Ethics in Islam, was endorsed by over 300 Islamic scholars and preachers across North America. While one may be quick to support it at first blush, it explicitly lays out the normative Islamic position on sexuality and gender ethics in Islam. It unequivocally states this about Allah:

God says, “It is not for a believing man or woman—when God and His Messenger decree a matter—to have any other choice in that matter” (Quran, al-Aḥzāb:36). By submitting to God, we declare that only He possesses absolute knowledge and wisdom. Therefore, it follows from this submission that the ultimate source and basis of morality is Divine guidance, not just reason or societal trends.

This is non-negotiable, immutable and supremacist. This new document proclaims Islam above all as a basis for confronting the LGBTQ++ agenda. It is hence not a document that fights for the freedom of religion across the board.

In this new video, Frank Gaffney interviews me about the encroachments upon religious freedom from an aggressive element within the LGBTQ++ community and how Muslim communities have joined in opposition to this agenda, but we also address the nuances, which requires diligence as we labor to protect religious freedom across the board. Normative Islam, after all, does not support the freedom of religion.

Another issue discussed (first on the recording): Sweden’s prime minister vows change in his country’s migration policy to the “EU’s strictest” amid soaring violent crime rates.

A Meltdown of Christianity as We Have Known It

By Roger Oakland (Understand the Times)


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Since the turn of the millennium, in particular, since September 11, 2001, when America was attacked by terrorists triggering a global-wide spiritual paradigm shift, Christianity as we have known it has experienced a major meltdown. While many are saying Christianity is on the brink of a great revival and even a “new reformation,” in reality, we are witnessing the greatest apostasy in modern-day history.

In one word, Christianity is being redefined. Scores of pastors have chosen to abandon the Bible in favor of postmodernism (that is, what they view as progressive and culturally relevant). Light has turned into darkness. What was once believed to be true is now proclaimed to be a lie. Those who once claimed to be followers of Jesus and the Bible are now following men and their philosophies, and all without question.

Rather than reaching out to the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, pastors, professors, and Bible teachers are abandoning the Bible and embracing the world. They look for ways to market what they call Christianity by incorporating sensual gimmicks that are supposed to attract the masses. Hymn books are tossed out of churches from the pews. Pews have been replaced by soft theater seats and in some cases, even include credit card terminals. Being comfortable while attending church has become the standard. Don’t mention sin or that Jesus shed His blood on the Cross to pay for our sins because that would be offensive.

The God of the Bible, who created all things according to the Book of Genesis, has been rendered to be nothing more than an ancient religious myth. The theory of evolution has become the science that proves that an explosion plus time and chance is the formula for the origin of all life.

The New Age movement has infiltrated the evangelical churches; they have been Hinduized as growing numbers of Christians think Yoga is a Christian exercise. To hear God’s voice, Christians are humming mantras, “getting centered,” or practicing the “presence of God” (i.e., eastern mystical contemplative prayers that will put your mind into a “sacred space”).

Countless Christians are overtaken with extra-biblical experiences such as getting drunk in the “Spirit” because of the “transferrable anointing.”

Have multitudes of Christians had their minds snatched by seducing demons as worldwide delusion becomes the norm? Are Christians being prepared for a great revival, or are they being seduced by another spirit?

Then there are those who are embracing the ecumenical agenda that plans to unite the Protestant church to the Roman Catholic Church and eventually unite all religions into one common body. They say the term Protestant is a word that should be retired to the past and has no significance in the church today.

Charismatic leaders claim there is no difference between the Pentecostal Jesus and the Catholic Eucharistic Christ worshiped and adored in a Roman Catholic monstrance (the container used when a priest consecrates a wafer). They have forgotten that in the past many Christians underwent torture and death over this very issue because they understood that inherent to the Eucharist is a works-based gospel offered to “another Jesus.” Or perhaps they believe these martyrs simply died for no reason at all!

And an alarming number of proclaiming Christians believe Jesus is nothing more than a cosmic “Christ” that sees all is one, and one is all. This “Jesus” is the universal Jesus of the New Age. Those who don’t believe in this “Cosmic Christ” are deemed as outdated, paranoid, intolerant, and not willing to unite with the rest of humanity to bring it into a harmonic convergence.

Then there is the charismatic bridge located on the road to ecumenical unity. It provides a connection for the gap that once existed between Roman Catholics and the separated brethren. But many of those on both sides realize that “ecumenism” to the Catholic clergy does not mean mingling but absorption; it means finding a way to get those on the Protestant side to cross over the bridge that is headed to Rome.

Some are calling for a Second Pentecost claiming that the world will turn to Christ and establish the kingdom of God here on Earth without the presence of the King. Many are on this path already, and it’s a path lined with apostles and prophets who are more than willing to point the way to go.

Further, Israel no longer has a significant place in Scripture. Jews and Israel are a problem to the “new” progressive church. Adherents of replacement theology (where the church replaces Israel) have ignored the Israel of the Bible and replaced God’s chosen people with a church that plans to establish the kingdom of God here on Earth. In other words, Christianity has been reformed, and those who refuse to accept this are standing in the way of world peace.

Bible prophesy and the warnings about apostasy are totally relegated to a museum. A one-world religion for peace is in the making. The postmodern mindset has hijacked true biblical Christianity and made God into a god of their own imagination. The Word of God has been degraded into a myth.

Churches that stress the Bible and salvation through Jesus Christ alone are being pushed to the sidelines, and the shepherds of these usually smaller churches are being pressured by anxious elder boards and congregations who want to see “success” and get with the flow. The big get bigger and the small are getting smaller. It appears that Bible-believing Christianity is on the verge of becoming next to extinct.

Scattered, Shattered, Battered, and Gathered

Nearly everyone has thought about death at some point or another. Eternity is a long time to spend in the afterlife. The Bible teaches that the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23), and without salvation, Hell is our destiny. A person dies when the heart no longer beats and life signs such as pulse, respiration, and brain activity have ceased.

Now another significant issue is at hand. Where will you or I spend eternity? The answer to this question is very simple, but we need to make a decision regarding Jesus the Savior, the Good Shepherd. When someone accepts the free gift of eternal life, that person will live with Him forever. When you reject who He is and what He did for you at Calvary and choose some other belief system, your works are of no value. Jesus is the One whose life was sacrificed for sin. His blood was shed as the perfect sacrifice. All that is required is a willful choice to accept Him and ask for forgiveness. “He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9). His Spirit then dwells within us.

Now here is the rub! Life is brief and like the passing wind. It comes and goes sometimes before we know it. In some cases, friends and relatives perish without warning. We should always be prepared for the final bell as there are no second chances.

Further, there are many complications. Sometimes people believe they have believed but instead are deceived. Jesus mentioned this on more than one occasion. It is actually possible to believe in the Savior intellectually in name only without knowing Him personally and trusting in Him as Lord and Savior.

Therefore, everyone should examine their personal lives carefully. Even people of spiritual stature can be deceived. This includes pastors, teachers, elders, and members of church boards. The Bible says . . . there will be those who think they are going to stand before Jesus as their Savior when instead He will turn out to be their judge, not because He is unmerciful but because they refused to hear the call of the Good Shepherd.

Following Men Instead of the Good Shepherd

History has revealed many common patterns over time. Often men and women are easily influenced. This is why the Bible equates humans with sheep and preachers with shepherds. For some unknown reason, humans are easily misled. Men and women who desire power often gather weak sheep into their folds and take advantage of them.

While the Bible makes it clear that strong leaders must be biblical, Satan knows the weakness of humans and provides apostate deceivers. Often, pastors, teachers, and evangelists are clever manipulators and use the Scriptures to trick the sheep into thinking they are sound when they are actually dangerous.

As the old adage by the poet Robert Burns states: “The best laid schemes of Mice and Men oft go awry and leave us nothing but grief and pain.” Simply speaking, following men will nearly always lead to a catastrophic end. Knowing this in advance and knowing the Bible is true, it would be best to ignore following men and be led instead by the Holy Spirit rather than driven by deceived men. A true shepherd will continually guide his flock with the Word of God and point them to the only Good Shepherd who is able to seek and to save. Like John the Baptist, he is willing to decrease that the Lord may increase. But too many shepherds want ownership of the flock, not realizing the awesome responsibility of the sacred trust they have been given.

Perhaps few have counted the cost of the disastrous results of following false shepherds. These are men who are really wolves in sheep’s clothing. Many have done untold damage as they have ravaged flocks of sheep that were once in folds. They are now scattered and forlorn. Comparatively speaking, they are like ships without a rudder and sailboats without a sail. They bob up and down on the waves of the ocean, wandering souls seeking help and counsel.

He Is Faithful

Many sheep have been scattered, shattered, and battered. Sheep without a shepherd are in the balance, and there are those who are willing to battle for the truth. The truth is the Word of God (John 17:17) states the Bible. Thy Word!

In these last days of time as we know it, is it possible that God will raise up a standard? Will the stones from the rubble and the burned gates be reconstructed so that the Gospel will go forward? Or is all hopeless, and the remnant will be snuffed out?

The biblical answer to these questions is simple. God has not forgotten His people! He never has. He is the Creator of the universe, the God who knows all things and who is omnipresent. He will raise up the standard, and He will continue to warn until the Day of Judgment. He is the God of Salvation. He is the God who loves us. Yes, apostasy is on the rise, just as the Bible predicts; but as the darkness gets darker, the light will shine brighter.

Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, and our bodies washed with pure water. Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful . . . ) (Hebrews 10: 22-23)

The article above is from Roger Oakland’s book, The Good Shepherd Calls.

Target, Kohl’s, Girl Scouts Team up with Child Corrupter GLSEN



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The betrayal of Target gets more horrifying the closer you look. The growing movement to boycott the retailer is justified by its sale of offensive “pride” items to adults as well as children. And then there’s Target’s partnership with an avowed satanist designer.

But at the top of my long list of Target sins is the company’s proud support of one of the most radical groups existing in America today.

Target has been a generous donor to the tune of over $2 million to the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, GLSEN, and a senior brand manager at Target also serves on the GLSEN board as treasurer.

What’s the problem with GLSEN? The group’s three- decade goal has been to insert the homosexual and gender distortion agenda into K -12 schools through a variety of actions and I would say that the word “target” absolutely describes what GLSEN has been doing to other people’s children.

But Target is not alone in linking arms with pawns of the devil. Kohl’s also donates to this group. And now the Girl Scouts award a “pride” badge after Scouts complete a number of questionable activities. They can report on the “contributions” of homosexual outlaws such as Harvey Milk (a known pederast) or learn “key concepts and terms” (i.e., the phony “pride” lexicon) from GLSEN. And to complete the seduction of wide-eyed innocents, Girl Scouts may consult GLSEN’s book recommendations.

Why not just send Girl Scouts directly to porn sites? Because that’s what these books contain. More on that later.

Allow me to share for a moment the reasons I have tracked and reported on the actions of GLSEN for over twenty years. It grieves my heart to think about impressionable children and teens being exploited by this organization, its activities and its teacher members.

Often the children most attracted to exploring “LGBTQ” identities and behaviors are those who are lonely and lost, neglected at home, given little supervision about online garbage they may encounter (including porn), and usually unchurched. They may have been molested somewhere along the way. They crave a sense of belonging and are easy to manipulate. At the most pivotal and vulnerable time of adolescence, here comes the ice cream truck selling rainbow-and -“love”- adorned poison.

Poor, deceived kids!! Where is the church of Jesus Christ in calling out to stop the evil actions of GLSEN and other groups like them? I wrote an article several years back urging people to pray for GLSEN and other groups. And we absolutely should.

But until these folks turn to the Lord, the damage they are doing needs to be stopped-- in a civil way, of course, using our votes, our voices and our wallets.

GLSEN’s first mission was to establish high school homosexual clubs, called “gay-straight alliances.” Current clubs are often called “gender and sexuality alliances“ to include all the many genders these extremists sadly persuade children they can be. After high school clubs, GLSEN pushed middle school clubs and now even a few elementary schools offer this blatant corruption to children.

Then, GLSEN also had an early goal to promote homosexual-themed books for adolescents featuring a “Book Link” that listed the group’s recommendations.

I spent some time reading those early books. After I stopped crying (and then screaming) about the deviant content, I was determined to do what I could to expose GLSEN’s vile  “outreach” to youth.

The content of those early GLSEN books is uniformly pro-homosexual and pro-gender distortion. They subtly or overtly mock and twist Christianity with unflattering portrayals of believers. There’s no balance, no “inclusion” of the sweet fellowship of the body of Christ, of the beauty of sexual virtue as God designed, and the positive impact Christ’s followers have on communities and America.

And even in 2002, GLSEN chose books with graphic sex scenes between homosexual teens, including hook-ups. Several titles featured adults reminiscing about their first sexual experiences as teens, encounters which involved adult partners.

In other words, GLSEN was giving tacit approval through these narratives for sex between adults and minors.

After several years of publicizing GLSEN’s predatory “Book Link,” I noticed that the link was no longer available. But that didn’t mean GLSEN was quitting. No, in more recent years, GLSEN’s determination to reach children morphed into its book collections that companies like Target and other donors can sponsor. These are then donated, unfortunately, to schools.

The reality is that there are now hundreds of books for kids with “LGBTQ” themes, many more than existed when GLSEN began this project. Virtually all of them include twisted “woke” sexual and gender ideology and many also feature XXX- rated material. Consider just one, for instance—a book called George by Alex Gino, which appears on both the middle and high school recommendations. “Age inappropriate” does not begin to cover the problems with this book.

So GLSEN is a purveyor and promoter of pornography. Target, Kohl’s and Girl Scouts, by promoting GLSEN, are helping to distribute obscene material to children throughout the country.

GLSEN also conducts an online survey with invalid results, its “School Climate Survey.” Sadly, this survey is often used in legislative testimony to advocate for elements of the “LGBTQ” agenda. The survey is a sham. I know of conservative adults who have taken the “Climate Survey” posing as “LGBTQ” teens, just to see if they could. It worked. Which means that this survey’s results can be manipulated by faux participants to achieve whatever findings GLSEN wants. Anyone can log in, pose as an adolescent, and claim to be misunderstood or “unsafe.”

This is GLSEN’s term for being around people who object to homosexuality and gender distortion, and physical violence is not the issue. That’s already punished under every school conduct code. Kids who have been persuaded to identify as “LGBTQ” are told they are only “safe” around those who verbally approve. Disapproval is not allowed. This is “inclusion,” GLSEN believes. GLSEN produces  “Safe Space” posters so that teacher/counselor supporters can mark their territory (and thereby exclude those without the right viewpoint).

Then there’s GLSEN’s recent support of excluding parents from the lives of children. Many schools have adopted secret “transgender support plans” that allow for teachers and staff to accommodate a child’s gender confusion during the school day while concealing that action from parents. GLSEN has a model policy that has sadly been adopted by many school districts.

And to round out its anti-parent, child corruption reputation, the GLSEN web site recently added escape instructions for kids. “Leave this site safely“” appears on a pop-up screen at the initial site visit, apparently for kids who want to conceal their visit from parents.

So GLSEN is not a friend to parents. But Target, Kohl’s and the Girl Scouts love them.

Just one more reason, friends, to boycott all of them. And also, while we’re at it, to eject GLSEN from every school in America.

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