Previously “trusted” organizations have become anti-family, anti-Christian, anti-science

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
Most people don't realize that there is a well-organized and well-funded lobbying and propaganda effort to keep state legislatures from protecting people from the radical transgender agenda.
The recent battle in Idaho over the new laws protecting people from the radical transgender agenda – signed by the Governor on March 30 – has revealed a frightening list of radical collaborators. Major corporations, education associations, medical associations, and child welfare organizations teamed up with the national LGBT movement and attempted to stop the protections from being passed.
Here are the two bills that are now enacted into Idaho law: HB 500 says that only females (not males pretending to be females) may compete in girls’ or women’s school and college sports. HB 509 requires that public documents – such as birth certificates and drivers’ licenses – use a person’s biological sex, rather than the person’s contrived “gender identity.” These would appear to be simply common sense – but they infuriated the national LGBT movement.
Most people know that the country’s major corporations support (and fund) the most radical anti-family and anti-religious social movements. But people have been largely unaware that many so-called “trusted” education, medical, and social welfare organizations have completely bought into the destructive quackery of the LGBT movement – and are actively working against the well-being of parents, families, and children.
Keep in mind: All of this opposition arose over a few reasonable bills in Idaho!
ALT TEXT Here's what these corporations and groups are promoting as normal. This is a boy with eye makeup and lipstick, claiming to be a girl. From a video for children on "correct" transgender pronoun use.


On March 27, 40 corporations signed a letter that was delivered to the Idaho legislature. The letter was full of absurdities, such as:
  • These bills were “targeting transgender youth” and “put the authority of state government behind discrimination and promotes mistreatment of a targeted LBGTQ population.”
  • These bills “directly affect our businesses” and will “have a negative effect on our employees, our customers, our competitiveness, and state and national economies​.”
  • These bills "would harm our team members and their families, stripping them of opportunities and making them feel unwelcome and at risk in their own communities.”
  • In a particularly Orwellian statement, they said that these bills are bad because “Fairness, equal treatment, and opportunity are central to our corporate values.”
Luckily, the Idaho Legislature and Governor ignored that nonsense. But you should know which major American corporations wholeheartedly support that lunatic ideology. These are the corporations that signed the letter:
AEO Inc. Airbnb Amalgamated Bank Amazon American Airlines Apple Asana, Inc. AT&T Bayer US LLC Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc. Boehringer Ingelheim USA Capital One Corning Incorporated Chobani CSAA Insurance Group Dow Inc. Dropbox Inc. Eastern Bank Google GoDaddy Hewlett Packard Inc. Hilton IBM IKEA North America Services, LLC Instacart Levi Strauss & Co. Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Lyft, Inc. Marriott International, Inc. MassMutual Microsoft Mobilize Nike, Inc. PayPal Salesforce SunLife Sustainable Food Policy Alliance TechNet Trillium Asset Management Uber Unilever United States Verizon
Make no mistake: These companies (and most of corporate America) are not just anti-family and anti-Christian – but radically and aggressively so. Their top management has fully embraced irrational "gender" ideology.

Major education, medical, and social welfare organizations

Most parents have trusted their children’s school teachers, principals, counselors, psychologists, and others to have a grounding of normalcy, goodwill, and common sense. Unfortunately, in recent years this has changed dramatically. An overwhelming number of these people, as reflected by the bizarre positions of their professional organizations, have embraced the radical LGBT agenda – even regarding “transgenderism.”
On March 19, 2020, the following organizations signed a letter that was delivered to the Idaho Legislature and Governor. The letter included the standard LGBT false and misleading talking points about “transgender” youth, such as:
Transgender youth are already at a heightened risk for violence, bullying, and harassment. In addition, students who would be affected by these bills are among our most vulnerable to experiencing depression and engaging in self-harm, including suicide. These bills exacerbate those risks by creating an unwelcoming and hostile environment in places where students should feel the safest and most supported.​
In fact, the opposite is true. So-called transgender youth will do much better when people do NOT pander to their delusions, but tell them the truth and give them proper therapy.
Here are the organizations that signed that letter. (Click on the links to see some of their bizarre transgender advocacy and activism.)
It’s certainly frightening to realize that these organizations are promoting such a destructive and radical agenda – that often includes horrible “medical” treatments, both hormones and surgeries, that can sterilize and permanently disfigure a youth – instead of telling the truth and promoting healthy lives.
Interestingly, it took this bold action by a state legislature – and MassResistance research – to bring this out of the shadows.
In our next post we will show you what happened when MassResistance asked one of these groups to defend its position. Their answer is even more disturbing!
ALT TEXT What we're all up against: The national activist LGBT group "Human Rights Campaign" teamed up with the National Education Association and other groups to publish this booklet to guide school administrators in pushing the transgender in your childrens' schools. (It even includes training in how to deal with reluctant parents of "transgender" children.)


Joe Biden has been officially named as an accused criminal in a Ukrainian Court! That’s the latest twist in this scandal that’s rocking Biden’s fledgling campaign at its core! We’re going to take a look at the court order, how the mainstream Marxist media is trying to spin it, and how such pathetic efforts at damage control are collapsing as the scandal spins out of control; you’re not going to want to miss this!


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
purposes from:
HOLLY SPRINGS, Miss. (Newsweek)  A church in Mississippi that burned down in what authorities say was an arson attack had previously defied the city’s stay-at-home order and was suing officials over lockdown measures.
The First Pentecostal Church of Holly Springs on Highway 178 was destroyed in a fire in the early hours on Wednesday, WMC reported.
According to the station, investigators found evidence that the fire was intentionally set, including graffiti in the church parking lot that said “Bet you stay home now you hypokrits (sic).” …
WMC reported the lawsuit argued Waldrop was holding outdoor services where possible, but would move them indoors and practice social distancing when the weather was bad.

Mississippi church destroyed by arson was suing city over safer-at-home order

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
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Mississippi church destroyed by arson was suing city over safer-at-home order

HOLLY SPRINGS, Miss. (WMC) - A Mississippi church at the center of an arson investigation is the same church currently in a battle with city leaders over a COVID-19 safer-at-home order.
First Pentecostal Church in Holly Springs was destroyed by what investigators believe is an arsonist.
Investigators found graffiti on pavement in the church parking lot that reads, “Bet you stay home now you hypokrits (sic)."

Holly Springs church fire investigated as arson
Jerry Waldrop has pastored the church for 31 years.
“We’ve tacked our brains and we have no idea,” Waldrop said. “No enemies that we know of. We don’t know anyone that we even think could be capable of doing something like this.”
The fire comes after Waldrop filed a lawsuit in April against the City of Holly Springs. The 14-page document claims local police officers disrupted a mid-week bible study and the church’s Easter service 10 days prior.
According to the complaint, the pastor held outdoor services when possible but would hold them indoors while practicing social distancing during inclement weather.
The complaint also asked for a temporary restraining order to keep the City from preventing services inside the church building.

Fire at north Mississippi church investigated as arson
The issue stems from Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves’ inclusion of churches with essential businesses in the state’s safer-at-home order, but the City of Holly Springs did not.
“It is very clear local municipalities can have guidelines that are more strict than the governor’s guidelines, but they cannot have guidelines that directly conflict with what we have put in place,” Reeves said at a news conference Wednesday.
Holly Springs City Attorney Shirley Byers says they ity did not consider churches essential business in the safer-at-home order issued March 23 but amended the order April 24 to allow churches to hold drive-thru services.
Byers said in an incident April 10 about 35 to 40 congregants were inside the First Pentecostal Church and were not practicing social distancing, which is what led to a citation for violating the local emergency order.
She says although the complaint has been filed, it has not officially been served, meaning they can’t move forward at this point.
Waldrop would not comment on the lawsuit but says he is focused on rebuilding.
“We have a tight group that’s been faithful, so whatever means is necessary that’s what we’ll do," said Waldrop.





Pro-life activists outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in St. Louis.

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
(Fox News)  Thirty-seven Planned Parenthood affiliates applied for and received a total of $80 million in loans from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” has learned — and now the federal government wants the money back, saying the affiliates should have known they weren’t eligible for the coronavirus stimulus payouts.
The Small Business Administration (SBA) is reaching out to each involved Planned Parenthood affiliate explaining that affiliates of larger organizations with more than 500 employees aren’t eligible for PPP distributions, Fox News is told. The Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PFFA) alone has had more than 600 employees.
A Planned Parenthood affiliate in Metropolitan Washington (PPMW), for example, will receive a letter stating that although self-certified that it was eligible for a $1,328,000 PPP loan in accordance with the SBA’s affiliation rules, it will need to return the money. …
The SBA warned more “severe penalties” were possible, beyond mandatory repayment. In particular, incorrect or false eligibility certifications by PPP recipients could result in criminal or civil sanctions if the SBA determined borrowers made knowingly false statements, the SBA letter read.


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
While the Left continues to claim the illegal immigrant population does not place a financial burden on the American taxpayers, the Seattle City Council passed a resolution this week asking Governor Jay Inslee to create a $100 million “relief fund” for illegal immigrants who were ineligible to receive a coronavirus relief check from the federal government.
According to the Daily Wire, the resolution, which passed unanimously by a vote of 9-0, requested the creation of a “Washington Worker Relief Fund” to provide “economic assistance to undocumented Washingtonians during the COVID-19 pandemic.”
The resolution cites statistics from the American Immigration Council, which show more than 250,000 undocumented workers live in Washington and more than 130,326 children in Washington are living with at least one undocumented family member.
Fox News reports the resolution serves as merely a request but is not binding. Whether Inslee’s administration will create the fund remains to be seen. But Seattle’s mayor contends the fund is necessary to keep one of Seattle’s “vulnerable” populations afloat.
“Looking out for the most vulnerable in our community is even more critical in times of crisis,” Mayor Jenny Durkan said. “It is all the more important to ensure we are not pushing people further into the shadows.”
The resolution’s request far surpasses the $75 million California proposed to spend on illegal immigrants in the state, which, according to the Daily Wire, has five times the illegal population of Washington.
Washington’s KTTH 770 AM conservative talk radio host Jason Rantz contends the resolution is irresponsible and ripe for fraud, as it calls for the funds to be administered by community-based organizations. “How would that work?” he asks. “Show up, claim you’re in this country illegally, then get your cash?”
Rantz contends the fund would prove another opportunity for “fraudsters” to benefit from inept government oversight. “Given the state can’t even handle legitimate unemployment claims from taxpayers — sending out $1.6 million to fraudsters,” he opined, “something tells me this whole system would be ripe for abuse.”
Democrats across the country have advocated for coronavirus relieft payments for illegal immigrants. 
PJ Media reports California is using state funds and private donations to allow illegal immigrants to apply for a $500 payment for individuals or a $1,000 check for families, prompting backlash from the Center for American Liberty, which has sued the state in response. The Center asserts the relief money is “not a slush fund for the governor to spend as he sees fit.” And all indications point to the fund running out of money quickly. When the state website opened this week for individuals to apply for the funds, the site was overwhelmed with traffic and crashed.
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot signed an executive order that allows illegal immigrants to receive coronavirus benefits from the city, Daily Wire reports.
Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a $3 trillion bill that would allow illegal immigrants to receive the next round of stimulus checks, Fox News reports. Eligible individuals would receive a $1,200 stimulus check, up to $6,000 per household. The House defeated a Republican effort to prevent undocumented immigrants from retroactively receiving stimulus payments during the pandemic, The Hill reported, though 13 Democrats broke party lines to vote in favor of the Republican effort.
And while no one wants to see any families struggle, especially during a public health crisis that has brought the economy to a halt, talks of relief payments for undocumented individuals underscore the financial burden of illegal immigration on American taxpayers even at the best of times.
A 2019 report by the Federation for Immigration Reform (FAIR) revealed the exorbitant cost of illegal immigration to U.S. taxpayers is $115.9 billion annually. “Illegal aliens are net consumers of taxpayer-funded services and the limited taxes paid by some segments of the illegal alien population are, in no way, significant enough to offset the growing financial burdens [they] impose on U.S. taxpayers,” the report states.
Coronavirus relief payments for illegal immigrants would only serve to overburden an already overwhelmed economy, opponents argue. “I didn't think a global pandemic meant it was time to stop helping American citizens who are desperate for assistance. Now, more than ever, we need to make sure these rebate checks go to Americans who need it," contends Representative Denver Riggleman (R-Va.), who proposed preventing coronavirus relief payments for undocumented individuals.
Of course, the federal coronavirus relief stimulus program has proven to be a financial burden on the economy, with or without the inclusion of payments to illegal immigrants. The U.S. Debt Clock currently stands at $25 trillion, a debt of more than $200,000 per taxpayer. And any "relief" achieved by the federal stimulus checks has long been replaced by financial insecurity once again as Americans reach the end of yet another month of shutdowns.
Critics have long argued for the reopening of the American economy to avoid economic catastrophe (as well as to improve health outcomes) in lieu of stimulus efforts. Some epidemiologists contend the lockdowns served to merely push the inevitable down the line while simultaneously hurting economies. Sweden has made headlines for its decision to avoid strict lockdown measures, opting instead to aim for herd immunity. According to Sweden’s former chief epidemiologist and internationally recognized expert who advises the World Health Organization, herd immunity is the “best” strategy, claiming lockdowns merely delay the inevitable and push “deaths into the future,” rather than prevent them.
Spain’s reports,
While populations in other European countries begin to move about again as lockdown restrictions are eased, which will likely lead to a rise in covid-19 cases and deaths once again, Stockholm will reach herd immunity (the 40-60% rate of infection needed to prevent spread of the coronavirus), by June, according to Dr. Giesecke. The assumption is that when countries count the death toll a year from now, their figures will be similar, regardless of the measures taken, although the economic damage in Sweden will be far less.
Until the lockdowns end and the economy reopens, Americans and residents in the United States, legal or illegal, will continue to suffer financially.


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
(Friday Church News Notes, May 22, 2020, [email protected], 866-295-4143) - 
Darlene Zschech, former worship leader of Hillsong Sydney, has sold her seaside mansion for a reported $4-$4.4 million. The cliffside property, with a nearly 360 degree view of the ocean, is 1,258sqm with three levels, multiple entertainment areas, private movie theater, pool, and several cliff facing balconies (“Former Hillsong Church Leader,” Warwick Daily News, May 13, 2020). Zschech was “worship pastor” at Hills Christian Life Centre, Sydney, for 25 years, and published many of the most popular contemporary worship songs, including “Shout to the Lord,” “This Is Our God,” and “Mighty to Save.” In 2010, Darlene and her husband became the senior pastors of Hope Unlimited Church, but she continues to be involved in music projects with Hillsong. The New York Times reported that Hillsong is “without a doubt the most influential producers of worship music in Christendom” (“Megachurch with a Beat Lures Young Flock,” Sept. 9, 2014). Hillsong pushes one-world church ecumenism. Zschech says, “There is a new sound and a new song being proclaimed across the earth. It’s the sound of a unified church, coming together, in one voice to magnify our magnificent Lord” (“You Shine” album cover). Zschech and Hillsong performed for the Roman Catholic World Youth Day in Sydney on July 18, 2008. Pope Benedict XVI was present and conducted a papal mass. In July 2015, Darlene Zschech and Hillsong joined hands with the pope at the Convocation of the Renewal of the Holy Spirit at the Vatican. On her Facebook page, Zschech said: “Honoured to be singing this week, with Andrea Bocelli, Don Moen, Noa [Israeli singer], with Pope Francis and thousands of worshippers gathering in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican. This is a celebration of unity and peace in the Renewal of the Holy Spirit. Amazing days for the Body of Christ.” Sadly, she doesn’t know the “body of Christ” from a pineapple, has zero spiritual discernment, yet she has vast influence among all denominations, including independent Baptist. In January 2019 and 2020, Hillsong Phoenix hosted the annual Alpha Conference which featured a Catholic mass. Fundamental Baptists and Bible-believing churches that use charismatic contemporary praise music are playing with fire. They will learn, probably too late, that this music brings with it a philosophy that will change the character of any fundamentalist church. It builds bridges to the “broader church,” which is progressing toward the formation of a “one-world church.”

(Friday Church News Notes, May 22, 2020, [email protected], 866-295-4143) - 
The following is excerpted from “How Hebrew Almost Became the Language of America,” Israel Today, May 5, 2020: “William Gifford, an English poet and essayist, received a report that ‘In the rebellion of the Colonies, a member of that state seriously proposed to Congress the putting down of the English language by law, and decreeing the universal adoption of Hebrew in its stead.’ Some believe this was intended as a mockery of the mutinous colonists, but there is sufficient evidence to show that this was a very real and serious consideration. New England Puritans held a profound connection with Israel, the Hebrew language and the Jewish people. In their conviction that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, they held the original Hebrew in great reverence and of particular importance in interpreting and understanding Scripture. ... William Bradford (1590-1657) was a Puritan separatist who immigrated to the Plymouth Colony on the Mayflower in 1620. Bradford, who went on to serve as governor of the new colony for 25 years, taught himself Hebrew because he wanted to read the Scriptures in their original language. On his gravestone he had inscribed in Hebrew, ‘The LORD is the help of my life’ ... Their love of Hebrew led these early New England Christian ministers to develop relationships with Jewish rabbis. Rev. Ezra Stiles, who was driven out by the British in 1776 and immigrated to New England, struck up a close friendship with Rabbi Haim Isaac Carigal. ... With his knowledge of Hebrew, Stiles translated large portions of the Hebrew Old Testament into English. As did many Christian ministers at the time, he understood that knowledge of the original Hebrew was crucial to the proper interpretation of Scripture and even the basis upon which one could properly understand the New Testament as well. Credit is sometimes given to Stiles for proposing that Hebrew replace English as the official language of the newly forming United States. When Stiles was elected president of Yale University, he initiated a course in Hebrew as a freshman requirement. The Hebrew words Urim and Thummim worn on the breastplate of the High Priest, perhaps signifying ‘Light and Perfection,’ became part of Yale’s official seal along with the Latin Lux et Veritas (light and truth).”

(Friday Church News Notes, May 22, 2020, [email protected], 866-295-4143) - 
The following is excerpted from “Dutch Supreme Court Rules,” Reformation Charlotte, May 6, 2020: “If abortion against the unwilling infants still inside the mother’s womb isn’t bad enough, why not legalize abortion against elderly patients with dementia against their will? In a landmark ruling last month, the Dutch Supreme Court said that a doctor who committed euthanasia on an elderly patient with dementia while her family physically restrained her is not legally responsible for any wrongdoing. The Guardian reports: ‘Doctors in the Netherlands are able to carry out euthanasia on patients with severe dementia without fear of prosecution even if the patient no longer expresses an explicit wish to die, the country’s highest court has ruled. The supreme court’s decision followed a landmark case last year in which a doctor was acquitted of wrongdoing for euthanizing a woman in 2016 with severe Alzheimer’s who had requested the procedure before her condition deteriorated.’”

(Friday Church News Notes, May 22, 2020, [email protected], 866-295-4143) - 
The following is excerpted from “Ninth Circuit,” Christian Post, May 15, 2020: “A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has revived a California church’s lawsuit against a state law mandating insurance coverage for abortion. Skyline Wesleyan Church of La Mesa sued the California Department of Managed Health Care over letters from 2014 stating that insurance companies could not limit abortion coverage. ... The [Ninth Circuit] panel vacated the earlier district court ruling in a unanimous decision released Wednesday, sending the case back to the lower court for further proceedings. Circuit Judge Michelle Friedland authored the panel’s opinion, concluding that ‘Skyline has suffered an injury in fact. Before the Letters were sent, Skyline had insurance that excluded abortion coverage in a way that was consistent with its religious beliefs,’ Friedland wrote. ‘After the Letters were sent, Skyline did not have that coverage, and it has presented evidence that its new coverage violated its religious beliefs. There is nothing hypothetical about the situation.’ The Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative law firm that represented the church before the Ninth Circuit, celebrated the panel’s decision. ‘The agency has unconstitutionally targeted religious organizations, repeatedly collaborated with pro-abortion advocates, and failed to follow the appropriate administrative procedures to implement its abortion-coverage requirement,’ said ADF Senior Counsel Jeremiah Galus.”

(Friday Church News Notes, May 22, 2020,, [email protected], 866-295-4143) - 
“I believe it is a mark, that every true believer should be continually at,--to live so as to be ready to meet Christ. ... It is vain to tell me that a man may be a very good man, and yet not be ready for the kingdom of Christ. I deny it altogether. I say that every justified and converted man is ready, and that if you are not ready you are not a justified man. I say that the standard I put before you is nothing more than the New Testament standard, and the Apostles would have doubted your religion, if you were not looking and longing for the coming of the Lord. ... Yet a little while and the last sermon shall be preached,--the last congregation shall break up. Yet a little while and carelessness and infidelity shall cease and pass away. The believers among us shall meet with Christ, and the unbelievers shall be in hell. The night is far spent, and the day is at hand” (J.C. Ryle, Coming Events and Present Duties, 1879). “So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation” (Hebrews 9:28).


According to eyewitnesses around the state of Washington, isolation camps are being established as part of a mandatory requirement to move to “Phase 2.”
“Isolation Camps. Voluntary until they are not. In America.” Says WA Rep. Matt Shea.

📄 Documents from the Washington State Department of Health:…

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Taking the Moral High Ground in the Internment of 2020

Who is it that really cares about lives?
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
Life in the Age of the Great UnReason can be difficult for some of us.
Conservatives and others who now take exception to the Internment of 2020—the reduction of citizens’ homes, towns, and states to what amounts to internment camps from which they are forbidden to leave via “Shelter-in-Place” orders—typically frame their position in terms of “reopening the economy.”   
In doing so, they stack the deck against themselves.
Putting the matter this way cedes the moral high ground to those who want to prolong the Internment, for it invites the latter to depict the conflict as one between those, like themselves, who care about life, versus those conservatives who only care about “money.” 
Indeed, this is exactly what has happened.  
Those of us who have recognized the Great Unreason for what it is from the outset and who demand a restoration of America would be well-served to take a different tack. It is we, and not those who insist upon suppressing the country, who have the moral capital:
Tens of millions of people forced out of work;
Over 100,000 businesses forced to close forever, and thousands upon thousands more that have been made to lose millions;
The inevitable increase of instances of suicide and domestic abuse (here and here);
The exacerbation of such mental health phenomena as despondency, depression, and anxiety;
The higher incidences of alcohol and drug abuse (here and here) that invariably correlate with unemployment and alienation;
The loneliness and accompanying depression of untold numbers of elderly and sick people whose families have been forbidden by state governors from visiting them in hospitals and nursing facilities;
The loneliness and accompanying depression of untold numbers of people from all backgrounds who have been alienated from their friends, families, faith communities, and the myriad of other associations to which they’ve belonged and that define their identities as the specific, unique individuals that they are;
The people who have grown sicker, and who have outright died, because they have been denied medical attention that has been reserved for COVID-19 patients (herehere, and here);
The exponential exacerbation of tensions between the citizenry, particularly those citizens who otherwise have been their biggest defenders, and police officers who attempt to enforce the oppressive decrees of governors;
The de facto indefinite revocation of the United States Constitution (as New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy now infamously, and ominously, told Tucker Carlson when the latter challenged his authority to, in effect, intern the residents of his state: “The Bill of Rights is above my paygrade.”);   
The promotion—via those “Social Distancing” protocols proscribing human contact and requiring the wearing of those stupid, hideous masks—of something bordering on a paralyzing fear of others;
The unprecedented closing of churches and other houses of worship;
The starving of hundreds of millions and potentially billions (see here)of otherwise impoverished peoples from around the planet whose lives will be made that much more wretched by the disruption of the global food supply chains within which America is the most indispensable of links;
And, let us not forget—what the media seems all too ready to forget—the tens of thousands of elderly, immunocompromised nursing facility patients to die from The Virus because governors like Andrew Cuomo in New York and Phil Murphy in New Jersey forced these facilities to accept COVID patients.
These are the consequences that have ensued from the “mitigation” policies—based as they are on the wildly inaccurate models designed by the now disgracedepically and perpetually wrong Neil Ferguson—prescribed by such bureaucrats as Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx, enthusiastically promoted by partisan hacks in Big Media, and imposed upon the citizenry by power-hungry politicians.
This is the incalculable human suffering and death brought about by those who coerced the country into “Social Distancing.”  
Physically; emotionally; psychologically; spiritually; socially—the real crisis, the real existential crisis, confronting all of us is not some virus from which 99.6%-99.9% of those who contract it recover, but the reduction of America to a giant internment camp and its citizens to its prisoners.
It is the mandatory “quarantining,” or “lockdown,” of America that comprises the greatest of all “public health” crises.
Governors, like (#not) my governor, Phil Murphy of New Jersey, style themselves war-time executives.  They incessantly appropriate the rhetoric of war to justify their draconian decrees.  Yet wars have and can only ever be waged against people, not viruses.  It is the residents of their states upon whom they are waging “war”—even if many of the residents are ignorant of the fact that they are the targets of a (sweeping, remarkably successful) psychological operation and the governors justify their actions in the name of “keeping people safe.”
Given the foregoing facts, it is high-time for the opponents of the Internment to take the moral high ground that is rightfully theirs.  I recommend (for now) taking at least the following two steps going forward:
(1) First, while “lockdown” is certainly a term loaded with negative connotations, we may be better advised to select the term used here, for “internment” dredges up in the collective consciousness the memory of a darker time in our history when Americans of certain backgrounds were confined to geographical regions of the country that were made into “camps.”  This is a set of circumstances that most Americans have been determined to never again replicate.  In referring to our present situation as an “internment,” perhaps more people will catch onto its ominous character.
(2) Those in conservative media, especially those on television, like, say, Fox News, should stop with the running numbers of (alleged) COVID-19 infections and deaths and, instead, focus exclusively upon the immeasurable suffering and death brought about by the Internment of 2020.  They could spend countless hours reporting on personal stories from around the country of people who have been adversely impacted by it.
Those of us who detest the Internment have all of the moral capital. 
Our oppressors who have interned the country, imperiling not just hundreds of millions of Americans, but potentially billions of human beings around the planet, have none of it. 
Let’s start acting like the moral superiors on this issue that we are.
Let’s put the Great UnReason behind us once and for all.


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
Why is Ramadan, the month in which Muslims redouble their efforts to please Allah, the “traditional time for girls to be cut”? Reuters shows no curiosity about this. The answer is because female genital mutilation has justification in Islamic law, and Islamic law is considered divine law, superseding all human law.
This story repeats the usual establishment media line: “People in countries where FGM is still common attempt to link it to religion, but the practice has nothing to do with any faith and predates both Christianity and Islam. It has also been denounced by religious leaders worldwide.”
That is only partially true, at best.
Yes, “people in countries where FGM is still common attempt to link it to religion”: “It is a religious thing. Do you want to change religion?” said one Egyptian in response to a campaign to eradicate female genital mutilation. “You only listen to what the West is saying.”
However, the establishment media ignores the fact that actually FGM is mandated in Islamic law: “Circumcision is obligatory (for every male and female) (by cutting off the piece of skin on the glans of the penis of the male, but circumcision of the female is by cutting out the bazr ‘clitoris’ [this is called khufaadh ‘female circumcision’]).” — Umdat al-Salik e4.3, translated by Mark Durie, The Third Choice, p. 64
Why is it obligatory? Because Muhammad is held to have said so: “Abu al- Malih ibn Usama’s father relates that the Prophet said: ‘Circumcision is a law for men and a preservation of honour for women.’” — Ahmad Ibn Hanbal 5:75
“Narrated Umm Atiyyah al-Ansariyyah: A woman used to perform circumcision in Medina. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said to her: ‘Do not cut severely as that is better for a woman and more desirable for a husband.’” — Abu Dawud 41:5251
That hadith is classified as weak, but this one is classified as sahih (reliable): “Aishah narrated: ‘When the circumcised meets the circumcised, then indeed Ghusl is required. Myself and Allah’s Messenger did that, so we performed Ghusl.’” — Jami` at-Tirmidhi 108
If Muhammad had the genitals of his favorite wife, Aisha, mutilated, that is a strong endorsement of the practice from the man who is an “excellent example” (Qur’an 33:21) for Muslims.
Why does it matter whether or not FGM is Islamic? Because the practice will never be eradicated if its root causes are not confronted. As long as those Muslims continue to believe that Allah and Muhammad want it done, for some that will override all other considerations, in Sudan and everywhere else.
“Somalia Sees ‘Massive’ Rise in FGM During Lockdown and Ramadan,” by Emma Batha, Reuters, May 18, 2020 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
Somalia’s coronavirus lockdown has led to a huge increase in female genital mutilation (FGM), with circumcisers going door to door offering to cut girls stuck at home during the pandemic, a charity said on Monday.
Plan International said the crisis was undermining efforts to eradicate the practice in Somalia, which has the world’s highest FGM rate, with about 98% of women having been cut.
“We’ve seen a massive increase in recent weeks,” said Sadia Allin, Plan International’s head of mission in Somalia….
She told the Thomson Reuters Foundation nurses across the country had also reported a surge in requests from parents wanting them to carry out FGM on their daughters while they were off school because of the lockdown.
FGM, which affects 200 million girls and women globally, involves the partial or total removal of the external genitalia. In Somalia the vaginal opening is also often sewn up – a practice called infibulation.
The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has warned that the pandemic could lead to an extra two million girls worldwide being cut in the next decade as the crisis stymies global efforts to end the practice.
Allin said families in Somalia were taking advantage of school closures to carry out FGM so that the girls had time to recover from the ritual, which can take weeks.
The economic downturn caused by coronavirus has also spurred cutters to tout for more business, she said.
“The cutters have been knocking on doors, including mine, asking if there are young girls they can cut. I was so shocked,” said Allin, who has two daughters aged five and nine.
She said restrictions on movement during the lockdown were making it harder to raise awareness of the dangers of FGM in communities….
The UNFPA, which estimates 290,000 girls will be cut in Somalia in 2020, said the spike was also linked to Ramadan, which is a traditional time for girls to be cut….


Bloomberg2020 Podium MikeBloombergCom
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
U.S.A. -( Anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun 
Safety just got religion…sort of. The Associated Press has reported the gun prohibition 
lobbying group “has enlisted more than a dozen religious leaders to boost voter turnout this 
fall in support of candidates who support measures to prevent gun violence.”

This political move could be overshadowed by the Supreme Court’s continued inaction on at least ten Second Amendment cases now pending. Monday’s Court orders did not list any of those cases as either being accepted for review or denied, so the proverbial “can” has been once more kicked down the road. The next High Court conference on cases for the fall term is this Thursday, May 21. Orders from that conference will be released next Tuesday, May 26, according to
According to the Associated Press report, “The group’s partners include representatives from Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and Sikh backgrounds, several of them well-known progressive activists.” There is also an interesting cast of characters reportedly involved in this move, including “evangelical Shane Claiborne, president of the group Red Letter Christians,” the report said, “and Rev. Traci Blackmon, a United Church of Christ executive minister and a central member of the Black Lives Matter movement.”
The AP also identified the Rev. Rob Schenck, “a former evangelical anti-abortion activist who has since shifted to support the Roe v. Wade decision and sought to redefine a ‘pro-life’ agenda as one that supports gun control.”
The “Everytown interfaith project” will reportedly focus on “educating rank-and-file faith voters” about candidates’ stances on “gun matters.” It’s not clear what that means, but it likely will not mean open discussions of incidents in which armed church members prevented mass shooting tragedies.
Last December, several armed parishioners drew their sidearms after a gunman opened fire at the West Freeway Church of Christ near Fort Worth, Texas. The killer was stopped within a few seconds by the leader of a church security team. Jack Wilson stopped Keith Thomas Kinnunen with a single shot, on live video. As they have in the wake of other such successful uses of force by armed private citizens, gun prohibition lobbying groups were uniformly silent, same as they were after Jeanne Assam shot killer Matthew John Murray in the foyer of the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colo. in 2007. Murray took his own life after being seriously wounded.
Although he killed 26 people and wounded 20 more when he opened fire at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas in November 2017, the rampage of murderer Devin Patrick Kelley was brought to an end when church neighbor Stephen Willeford shot him with an AR-15 rifle. The gunman fled but a short distance away after driving off the highway, he killed himself. By no small surprise, the AP story noted, “Several members of Everytown’s interfaith initiative are known as religious critics of (President Donald) Trump’s record.”
The disclosure of Everytown’s alliance with progressive church leaders underscores the importance of this fall’s elections. The Bloomberg-backed lobbying group has already announced it will be spending some $60 million via its Victory Fund to change Congress and state legislatures to gun control majorities. This would bring a halt to President Trump’s effort to balance the federal courts with pro-Second Amendment jurists.
If the High Court eventually does take one or more of the pending Second Amendment cases now waiting for action, it could mean the court is preparing to hand down a ruling that further defines the right to keep and bear arms. Five of those cases involved the Second Amendment Foundation. Earlier this month, the Court instructed the City of San Jose, Calif., to respond to a writ of certiorari from the Second Amendment Foundation in the case of Lori Rodriguez, et al. v. City of San Jose, which involves the city’s confiscation of legally-owned firearms and the city’s refusal to return them. That response is due on or before May 20—this Wednesday—which could be a signal the Court may be taking action on that, and maybe other, Second Amendment cases during this Thursday’s conference.
Meanwhile, Second Amendment attorneys and activists wait patiently for the justices to act, while looking over the horizon at the uncertain outcome of the November 2020 elections that will either take back the House, protect the Senate majority and keep Trump in the White House another four years, or flip everything to Democrat control. That would make what happened earlier this year in Virginia something of a trial run for the nation, and gun owners are all-too-aware of how that turned out.
About Dave WorkmanDave Workman
Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.


Toledo: 911 Lines Flooded With People Reporting Others For "Not Social Distancing"

Police forced to ask snitches to call alternative number.

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
Police in Toledo, Ohio, were forced to give people a different number to report citizens who were “not social distancing” after 911 lines were flooded with calls.
“If you have a concern about people not social distancing at bars and restaurants, please call the Lucas County Health Department at 419-213-4161 extension 4,” states a tweet from the Toledo Police Department.
If you have a concern about people not social distancing at bars and restaurants, please call the Lucas County Health Department at 419-213-4161 extension 4.

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The department had to clarify that the advice was given because too many people were calling 911 to try to report others.
“We are posting this because people are tying up the 911 lines to report others who are not socially distancing. Our goal is to provide the appropriate number for people to call instead of them calling 911,” said the department.
Citizens: We are posting this because people are tying up the 911 lines to report others who are not socially distancing. Our goal is to provide the appropriate number for people to call instead of them calling 911.

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The coronavirus pandemic has been a golden age for the resurgence of the tattle-tale.
As we previously reported, a woman called called the police on a family because they were outside on their front yard weightlifting during the coronavirus lockdown.
Some Californians are also reportedly calling the authorities if they hear neighbors coughing or sneezing inside their own houses.
Karens across the city of Toledo must be gleefully rubbing their hands together at the prospect of being able to grass up wrongdoers to the authorities.


Trump and Doctors Say Hydroxychloroquine Works Against COVID-19

Why is the media so determined to discredit a long-established drug?

SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
Alex Jones covers Trump’s admission to taking hydroxychloroquine and provides numerous examples of MDs who are prescribing it for their patients with amazing results.

PragerU Video: Doctor: Treat Coronavirus Early With Hydroxychloroquine

Safe or deadly? What are the facts?
Is hydroxychloroquine a safe and effective treatment for COVID-19 or not? In the latest must-watch short video from Prager University, Will Witt gets Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s take on the controversial drug. Check it out below:
CDC reverses stance, says coronavirus ‘does not spread easily’ on surfaces
CDC releases more guidelines on reopening; former acting CDC director Dr. Richard Besser weighs in. #FoxNews


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has taken a heavy-handed approach to enforcing the coronavirus lockdowns at both the state and city levels, is continuing his quest to become the “Grinch who stole summer.”
De Blasio issued a firm warning during his COVID-19 press briefing on May 18, saying that the city is serious about keeping swimmers out of the water at its public beaches on Memorial Day weekend. State beaches in upstate New York, as well as in Connecticut and New Jersey, have begun to lift their coronavirus-related restrictions and are all set to be open for Memorial Day weekend.
“Anyone tries to get in the water, they’ll be taken right out of the water,” the mayor told reporters.
De Blasio said the “first half of June is the first opportunity to relax anything,” adding that if “we don’t see the right thing, we’ll have to be stricter.”
De Blasio said that city officials would not put up police barriers at beaches, giving New Yorkers the chance to comply “voluntarily.” Swimming, lifeguards, parties, barbecues, and sports would all be prohibited on the beaches, de Blasio added, and social-distancing rules will still apply. Anyone who has ever played a game of frisbee at the beach might consider the distance between the player to be sufficient to avoid spreading the virus, but that apparently is not good enough for de Blasio.
“It’s a dangerous situation to ever go in the water if there are no lifeguards present,” de Blasio went on. He said that city officials are also concerned that large numbers of people would take the bus or subway to beaches, noting that only residents of the communities surrounding the beaches would be allowed to use the beach as “open space you can walk on.”
It is surprising that social liberals have not complained that the rules are elitist, because they allow residents fortunate enough to live near the beaches to walk on them, while barring the inner-city residents who must travel on public transportation to go there.
Back on Sunday, de Blasio had said that police will take action against people gathering together to drink on sidewalks in lieu of bars. This practice, he said, “violates what we’re saying about social distancing, and that puts lives in danger. We’re not going to tolerate people starting to congregate. It’s as simple as that.”
“So the police department will be out, the sheriff’s office will be out, watching very carefully.”
The Orwellian phrase “Big Brother is Watching You” comes to mind.
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republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
Following a White House investigation of the disgraced United Nations World Health Organization, U.S. President Donald Trump threatened to keep American funding frozen or even withdraw from the global outfit altogether. Blasting the UN agency’s lies and its proven track-record of parroting Communist Chinese propaganda amid the coronavirus pandemic, Trump called for urgent and immediate reforms. If the WHO refuses to act, Trump said the U.S. government — by far the largest financier of the scandal-plagued organization — would withhold taxpayer funds and even reconsider membership. Now, critics of the lawless agency say it is time for Congress to act, too.
Beginning with a statement of facts in his letter, Trump noted that he ordered U.S. contributions to the WHO suspended on April 14 pending an investigation by the administration of the UN agency’s “failed response to the COVID-19 outbreak.” The review, he continued, confirmed many of the serious concerns raised last month. It also identified new concerns that should have been addressed, “especially the World Health Organization’s alarming lack of independence from the People’s Republic of China,” Trump warned. The WHO ignored credible reports of the virus spreading in Wuhan, failed to investigate information that conflicted with Beijing’s lies, and then it spread Communist Chinese misinformation while risking countless lives, the president said.
Among the most serious concerns cited by Trump in the letter to WHO boss Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who is not a medical doctor but helped lead a mass-murdering ethno-Marxist terrorist group, is the fact that the UN outfit has been lying. “The World Health Organization has repeatedly made claims about the coronavirus that were either grossly inaccurate or misleading,” Trump said, putting it diplomatically. He gave multiple examples, including the WHO’s January 14 claim echoing Beijing that the virus could not be transmitted between human beings. Of course, the WHO knew better.
By no later than December 30, 2019, the World Health Organization office in Beijing knew that there was a ‘major public health’ concern in Wuhan,” Trump said, adding that Taiwan also told the WHO about the human-to-human transmission. “Between December 26 and December 30, China’s media highlighted evidence of a new virus emerging from Wuhan, based on patient data sent to multiple Chinese genomics companies. Additionally, during this period, Dr. Zhang Jixian, a doctor from Hubei Provincial Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, told China’s health authorities that a new coronavirus was causing a novel disease that was, at the time, afflicting approximately 180 patients.”
Under WHO’s “International Health Regulations,” governments are supposed to report the risk of a health emergency within 24 hours. But Communist Chinese authorities failed to do that until December 31, days or even weeks after it had learned about the mushrooming crisis. When whistleblowers such as Dr. Zhang Yongzhen with the Shanghai Public Health Clinic Center tried to get the word out, the regime shut down his lab. WHO, meanwhile, remains “conspicuously silent both with respect to the closure of Dr. Zhang’s lab and his assertion that he had notified Chinese authorities of his breakthrough six days earlier.”
Trump also accused the WHO of bowing to pressure from mass-murdering Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping. On January 21, for instance, Xi told Tedros not to declare the coronavirus outbreak an emergency. “You gave in to this pressure the next day and told the world that the coronavirus did not pose a Public Health Emergency of International Concern,” Trump told the controversial WHO boss, adding that it was not until the evidence was too overwhelming to hide that Tedros reversed course and admitted that the situation was serious.
The U.S. president slammed Tedros for praising the Chinese regime for “transparency,” too. Meanwhile, in the real world, the dictatorship was lying and frantically silencing whistleblowers and doctors who were attempting to warn the world about the unfolding calamity. Finally, Trump slammed Tedros for criticizing his decision to restrict air travel from China, even as the disgraced UN leader was praising the Xi regime for its own domestic restrictions. “Your political gamesmanship on this issue was deadly, as other governments, relying on your comments, delayed imposing life-saving restrictions on travel to and from China,” explained the president.
In his conclusion, Trump lays down an ultimatum. “It is clear the repeated missteps by you and your organization in responding to the pandemic have been extremely costly for the world,” he said. “The only way forward for the World Health Organization is if it can actually demonstrate independence from China. My Administration has already started discussions with you on how to reform the organization. But action is needed quickly. We do not have time to waste. That is why it is my duty, as President of the United States, to inform you that, if the World Health Organization does not commit to major substantive improvements within the next 30 days, I will make my temporary freeze of United States funding to the World Health Organization permanent and reconsider our membership in the organization.”
Echoing his “America First” campaign theme, Trump noted that it was his responsibility to protect U.S. taxpayers and American interests. “I cannot allow American taxpayer dollars to continue to finance an organization that, in its present state, is so clearly not serving America’s interests,” the president said, being diplomatic but clear. In fact, not only is the WHO not serving U.S. interests, it is actively undermining them by squandering American money while allowing brutal and murderous dictatorships to amplify their power and reach.
Even establishment-minded analysts have come to the conclusion that it is time for the United States to ditch the WHO. In an op-ed published by the far-left Newsweek, former Bush administration operative John Yoo warned that the Communist Chinese Party had so thoroughly corrupted the WHO that it was time to leave. In the piece, headlined “The World Health Organization Is not Salvageable,” Yoo blasted the agency for pursuing “politics over public health” by helping Beijing spread disinformation. He also pointed to the WHO’s refusal to admit Taiwan — also known as the Republic of China, or free China — into the disgraced global body. “American decision-makers should respond by either pushing China out of any serious role at the WHO or constructing a new agency to take its place,” Yoo said.
The WHO has a long track record of brazen dishonesty. Last year, for instance, The New American reported that the agency was advocating forced vaccines and training medical professionals to lie to parents about them in an effort to squash vaccine “hesitancy.” Among other whoppers, the WHO instructs doctors to tell parents that vaccines cannot cause harmful side effects or even death, that they cannot cause the infection they are supposed to prevent, and that inoculations provide better immunity to disease than contracting it and building a natural immune response. All of those lies are easily debunked. Yet the WHO still has its dishonest training program online in an effort to deceive humanity.
Perhaps even more alarming is the fact that the WHO is led by a man who served on the Politburo of the ethno-Marxist terrorist group known as the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF). The murderous organization joined forces with other communist terrorists to take over Ethiopia, then terrorize and murder the opposition. Ethnic groups such as the Amhara were targeted, too, whistleblowers said. Dissidents were hunted down even outside of Ethiopia, with Tedros reportedly helping lead the persecution. More than a few critics have called for him to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.
Of course, WHO is hardly the only UN agency under Communist Chinese control. As The New American has been reporting for years, almost a third of the UN’s specialized agencies are now run by actual members of the Communist Party of China. At least one senior former official in the Trump administration, former Assistant U.S. Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs Kevin Moley, argued that this ongoing Chinese takeover of “global governance” represents “the greatest existential threat to our republic since our founding.” “This is the fight of our lives,” he told the Epoch Times. “It is a struggle between Western civilization and the Communist Party of China.”
As with the rest of the UN, reforming the WHO will be impossible. It was created by technocrats and tyrants hoping to advance globalism and centralize power — and it is doing exactly what it was designed to do. Rather than focus on futile efforts to “fix” the UN and the WHO, Trump and Congress ought to pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act into law. It would end U.S. government involvement in the UN and all its agencies while evicting the dictator club’s headquarters from U.S. soil. At that point, with the UN being irrelevant, it would not matter whether Beijing controls it. It is time for America to restore her sovereignty and get out of the UN.
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New revelations are rocking the Biden campaign to the core! It appears that Joe Biden has been caught red handed in a blatant quid-pro-quo with Ukraine. A new audio tape just released reveals then Vice-President Biden and the Ukrainian President Poroshenko discussing firing a special prosecutor that was investigating Biden’s son in exchange for a billion-dollar loan! We’re going to take a listen for ourselves to the tape, and see why this promises to be the next bombshell that rocks the already struggling Biden campaign; you’re not going to want to miss this!


SEE:–-coup-attempt-against-trump-frontpagemagcomrepublished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
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This new Glazov Gang episode features Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Fellow at the Freedom Center and editor of The Point at
Daniel discusses Obamagate: The Coup Attempt Against Trump Unveiledrevealing When Treasonous investigators and their instigator become the investigated.
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And make sure to watch Jamie focus on The Obama Movie That Can Never Be, where he unveils the creepy taboo issues about the worst ex-president’s religious journey.
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“All that Russia stuff that they were claiming was going to happen didn’t take place.”

SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
Podcast king Joe Rogan has denounced the ‘Obamagate’ scandal, noting that the outgoing president was “essentially using the FBI to spy on Trump.”

“The exit


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
Big Brother has been calling the shots on school kids for decades. Is the next step a mandate for all?
Major media assure us that help is on the way. “There are reasons to be optimistic about a coronavirus vaccine,” declares The Guardian, “but it will take time.” Public health officials give a 12- to 18-month window, though an experimental version for high-risk groups is said to be on the fast track. Worldwide, as media primes a quarantine-weary public with promises of a quick fix, some see red flags.
Recalling what happened in the 1970s when Congress helped speed a swine flu vaccine to rapid approval, former Texas Congressman Ron Paul, a medical doctor, says he voted against the measure. “They rushed the vaccine through,” he told Dan Dicks in an April Press for Truth interview. “The vaccine was not properly made…. It caused a lot of harm. More people ended up dying from the inoculation than died from the flu that year,” while others suffered serious complications from the faulty med. “But that’s what happens when governments get involved and you do things for political reasons.”
There is even more cause for alarm about a premature coronavirus vaccine because, instead of simply making it available for those who want it, government may force it on everyone. As Dennis Behreandt reveals in the cover story of this edition of The New American, officials are now considering a federal mandate and national immunity ID cards. Those who refuse would forfeit their freedom to shop, travel, attend school or work, etc. Disturbed at plans in the works, Attorney General Bill Barr told Fox News, “I’m very concerned about the slippery slope in terms of continuing encroachments on personal liberty.”
Unfortunately, most Americans are already desensitized to such encroachments in regard to vaccines. Though federal mandates are unprecedented, compulsory vaccines for schoolchildren are the law of the land in every state and are based on recommendations of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC). It started with only one vaccine for a truly dangerous killer: smallpox. In the 1920s, some states began requiring that children receive it in order to attend school. Kids in the 1940s began getting DTP (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis) shots, and to the relief of many parents, polio inoculations joined the fray in 1955. Eight years later an MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine made its debut. Smallpox was eradicated in the 1970s, but the remaining seven medications, given in 23 doses, held steady for roughly two decades. Research and development exploded, beginning in the late 1980s, and vaccine requirements predictably ballooned. Since 2014, children have been receiving 69 doses of 16 inoculations starting the day they are born. Many doctors and parents question the need for them all.
Even chickenpox makes the required list in all states, though before development of the money-making vaccine, the only way chickenpox made TV ratings was on PBS Kids where government downplayed this common childhood malady. (On Caillou, the four-year-old’s mom told him, “They’re just little itchy spots. Nothing to worry about.” And on Arthur, the main character recovered in a few days, enjoying extra attention he got in the meantime.) Now CDC says chickenpox is dangerous “even in healthy children,” and vaccine sales are booming thanks to a government mandate. Cha-ching!
The agency is far less vocal about the officially reported 4,000 serious adverse events and 200 deaths associated with the chickenpox vaccine since its introduction, most cases involving children under six. News such as that spoils the party line that vaccines are safe — the inevitable response to skeptics. The reality is that, like all pharmaceutical medications, vaccines can cause harm and even death. For instance, the whole-cell pertussis vaccine was axed in the 1990s because it inflicted severe permanent brain damage. Health officials pulled the Rotashield rotavirus vaccine only one year after FDA approval because of so many severe reactions in children, including the death of an infant. Another blot on the record is LYMErix, a vaccine for Lyme disease, which lasted less than four years before class-action lawsuits linking it to rheumatoid arthritis forced it off the market.
As for the remaining vaccines, “There are no rigorous safety studies of sufficient power to rule out” complications, warns a 2019 statement to Congress from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), a pro-vaccine organization that opposes government mandates. Likewise, there has never been a comprehensive investigation of the safety of the combination of drugs in the U.S. vaccination schedule.
Manufacturers have no incentive to test vaccine safety because the federal government protects them from virtually all liability when their products kill or injure patients. Federal law passed in 1986 prevents vaccine-injured victims from suing pharmaceutical companies, forcing them instead to petition the U.S. government’s National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), in a process that disillusioned claimants have discovered to be heavily weighted against them. In its 34 years, NVICP has paid out nearly $4.1 billion in claims but has denied far more. Through fedgov’s cozy relationship with Big Pharma, U.S. taxpayers incur the liability costs, while big drug companies reap the profits.
Acknowledging the reality of risks, states have historically allowed medical, religious, and philosophical exemptions to vaccination requirements. As regulations ceaselessly expand, however, the rights of parents to choose which chemicals are injected into their babies’ bodies are under increasing attack, even in relatively low-risk cases.
Consider what happened last summer in New York. On a single day in June, without notice or public hearings, the state legislature slipped a bill (A2371, repealing the religious exemption to vaccinate) out of committee, quickly rammed it through both Assembly and Senate, and plopped it onto the desk of Governor Andrew Cuomo, who dutifully signed it into law. What emergency called for the record-breaking pace of this bill’s approval? The 2019 measles outbreak in New York City and neighboring Rockland County.
People must have been dropping like flies!
Not exactly. In an area with a population of more than 8.7 million people, there were fewer than 1,000 measles cases all year, according to CDC data. When the top official of Rockland County catered to media hysteria by declaring an emergency and banning unvaccinated children from public places, threatening to fine and imprison their parents, a judge had to come behind him and lift the ban. There were simply not enough cases to meet the legal requirement for an emergency declaration.
Nor were these measles victims “challenging public health systems,” as the pot-stirring bastion of yellow journalism, CNN, exaggerated. In fact, of the 1,282 measles cases nationwide last year, CDC reported 128 hospitalizations and no deaths.
But desperate times call for desperate measures, and the pro-government mandate crowd needed a scapegoat — not to save people from measles, obviously, but to remove the state’s religious exemption for vaccines. They found it in two Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn, having the highest concentration of measles cases in the city, as well as a high percentage of unvaccinated families. Though the community’s religious leaders confirm that vaccine refusal is not part of their belief system, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio targeted these limited areas with a mandatory vaccine order, ignoring their civil rights and slapping a misdemeanor charge and $1,000 fine on anyone who refused. In response to the Hasidic Jewish community’s lawsuit against his tyrannical edict, de Blasio rebuffed his own constituents’ concerns in a WCBS news radio interview and bragged, “We will beat them.” And he did — courtesy of the New York legislature and bill A2371. 
California has gone even further than New York. First, the Golden State used 2015’s Disneyland measles outbreak as an excuse to repeal religious and personal exemptions to its vaccine laws. (Incidentally, CDC defines the worrying term “outbreak” as three or more cases of a disease within a limited time frame. Among the 320.7 million people populating the United States in 2015, there were 188 cases, which amounts to a statistically insignificant 0.00006 percent.)
Fast forward to September 2019, a few days after the New York City Health Department declared its outbreak over. That’s when California’s governor signed two bills imposing the strictest vaccine law in the country. The draconian measures place doctors who grant more than four medical exemptions per year under investigation by the Department of Public Health. Both public and private schools with student bodies that do not meet a 95-percent vaccination minimum are also scrutinized. State officials can even revoke current medical exemptions that they deem inappropriate. In other words, bureaucrats can overrule your doctor.
Were these measures necessary to stem some tide of murderous measles mayhem in the state? Hardly. Only 73 Californians caught the virus in 2019 (a whopping 0.0002 percent), and no one died, according to the state’s public health department. Those 73 not only survived but now boast life-long immunity to the disease, a boon the vaccine cannot supply.
Obviously, measles isn’t the deadly killer that bureaucrats and their propaganda-peddling media cronies claim. In fact, CDC data reveal that nationwide only two measles-related deaths have occurred in the U.S. since 2003, out of 3,724 cases. That’s a rate of 0.05 percent, hardly equivalent to the CDC claim that death strikes between one and three of every 1,000 measles victims “even with the best care.” Yet none of these facts have stopped California from usurping the role of a doctor who, unlike a bureaucrat, is actually licensed to practice medicine. When government so decidedly overreacts to such a non-emergency, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to tell that there is an agenda afoot.
Other states are following suit in withholding exemptions to vaccine law. Last year, Washington state stripped its residents of personal exemptions to MMR. Maine is scheduled to lose religious and philosophical exemptions altogether next year. The National Vaccine Information Center reports that exemptions in many other states are hanging by a thread.
Even if there were no threats imposed on individual patients by this cookie-cutter approach to medication administration, it’s disconcerting to ask: What limits can be placed on the power of a government that can tell you what you must inject into your own body or your own children? And despite any threats from coronavirus, do we really want to hand control over our medical decisions to Uncle Sam, when our rights at the state level are already in such jeopardy?


Media, Leftists Flip Out After Trump Says He's Taking Hydroxychloroquine

Nancy Pelosi ‘fears’ for ‘morbidly obese’ President

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
The media spent all night in a frothing fit because President Trump told reporters that he is taking the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, as a precaution against coronavirus.
Trump told reporter that he hopes not to be taking the medication for long, but that he believes it’s effective, and that “people should be allowed to.”
The media immediately called Trump irresponsible, with some vowing that the drug would “kill him” and anyone else who takes it.
Fox News's Neil Cavuto is stunned by Trump's announcement that he's taking hydroxychloroquine: "If you are in a risky population here, and you are taking this as a preventative treatment ... it will kill you. I cannot stress enough. This will kill you."

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Nancy Pelosi seized on the moment to call Trump “morbidly obese”:
“I would rather he not be taking something that has not been approved by the scientists, especially in his age group, and in his, shall we say, weight group: ‘Morbidly obese,’ they say,” says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Pres. Trump’s revelation he is taking hydroxychloroquine.

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Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer called Trump’s remarks about hydroxychloroquine “dangerous.”
“Maybe he’s really not taking it because the president lies about things characteristically,” Schumer said on MSNBC.
He added: “I don’t know whether he is taking it or not. I know him saying he is taking it, whether he is or not, is reckless, reckless, reckless.”
Of course, orange man is still bad:
Even the communist Chinese government got in on the act, claiming that Trump is trying to beat coronavirus with “witchcraft”:
It’s not witchcraft, it’s a drug that has proven effective against the virus. Cutting horns off Rhinos and sniffing them is witchcraft.
If media truly believed hydroxychloroquine were dangerous, they’d be glad Trump is taking it. Today's response was revealing.

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 While Americans lose their jobs, Democrats keep illegal aliens employed
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.
Who are Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Heroes? Based on the $3 trillion HEROES Act that House Democrats have just unveiled, the answer is illegal aliens and criminals.
While the HEROES Act pretends to be about coronavirus relief, its focus is on immigration.
With over 20 million jobs lost in April, the HEROES Act goes to great lengths to make sure that millions of illegal aliens will still be able to keep their jobs, no matter how many Americans lose theirs.
Buried under the misleadingly titled, "Protections for Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers", is a virtual blank check to keep illegal aliens from being deported. The HEROES Act's definition of "critical infrastructure workers" covers cafeteria workers, warehouse janitors, and pet food delivery boys.
Anyone who works in virtually any field involving food in any way is a "critical infrastructure worker". An illegal alien putting out mouse traps at any facility involving food from "wholesale to retail" is a critical worker. A vast array of call center workers and delivery people are covered. Even laundromat employees are critical infrastructure workers under the federal definition used by the HEROES Act.
The HEROES Act doesn't just protect illegal aliens from deportation, but SEC. 191203 declares that "hiring" illegal aliens is not a violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act and that the aliens are "deemed to be in a period of deferred action and authorized for employment."
Americans seeking jobs as essential workers will be forced to compete with newly legalized illegal aliens.
Even while tens of millions of Americans are out of work, Pelosi and the House Democrats are going to great lengths to protect the ability of employers to illegally hire illegal aliens while authorizing them to accept those jobs. And considering how Federal judges have defended DACA’s deferred action, this temporary deferral could effectively become a permanent amnesty for millions of illegals.
The HEROES Act is really a backdoor amnesty that will declare illegal aliens “heroes” for delivering pizza. And these heroes who delivered pizza and sprayed for roaches in a plant somewhere can’t be deported. Instead, they’re going to be honored and legalized while Americans lose their jobs, savings, and lives.
The HEROES Act may end up killing more Americans of employment age than the coronavirus will.
Pelosi’s boondoggle also extends visas for aliens already in this country, regardless of whether they're "critical" workers or not, and 'rolls over' all the visas that weren't issued during this time. The Democrats are determined not to miss a single chance to bring more of their voters into the United States.
The rollover provisions focus on chain migration via "family-sponsored immigrants", "employment-based immigrants" and "diversity immigrants". All of these are aspects of a broken immigration system.
SEC. 191204 or “Supplementing the COVID Response Workforce” expedites processing applications for aliens who "provide healthcare" within 30 days by email. Visa applications can be bypassed with video-conferencing, and interviews are waived. This could allow for bringing Syrian Islamic “health care workers” to this country with virtually no oversight or screening even though the shortage of personnel that is driving this strategy has never actually come into being and American workers are being furloughed at hospitals and medical centers that were prevented from performing most procedures.
American health care workers furloughed because of the lockdown may end up losing their jobs because the Democrats who praise them as “heroes” insist on bringing in foreign workers to take their place.
And these foreign health care workers are being brought in under the broad umbrella of “preventing COVID-19”. If we didn’t have open borders on the ground and in the air, there wouldn’t have been a Wuhan Virus to prevent. But even while claiming to fight a pandemic caused by a foreign virus, Pelosi and the Democrats want more immigration and more open borders to spread more pandemics.
SEC. 191205 seeks to free illegal aliens already in ICE custody with a review of "the immigration files of all individuals in the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to assess the need for continued detention" to free those who are "not subject to mandatory detention laws."
The section also demands that illegal aliens get free video chats, email access, and orders that pro-illegal alien lefty groups be given "broad and flexible access" to illegals.
But the HEROES Act doesn’t just settle for freeing illegal aliens, not when it can also free criminals.
The Dem bill seeks to free "vulnerable and low-risk individuals" in pre-trial detention. The definition of "vulnerable" is any prisoner over who is over 50 or under 18 who has, sickle-cell anemia, or asthma.
And how do Pelosi and her ilk define "low-risk"?
Any criminal who "does not pose a risk of serious, imminent injury to a reasonably identifiable person".
That covers criminals who pose a risk of serious, imminent injury to any random member of the public.
Criminals who pose a risk of serious, but not imminent injury, criminals who pose a risk of imminent, but not serious injury, and criminals who pose a serious, imminent risk of injury to someone who can’t be reasonably identified, could all be considered “low-risk” by the jailbreaking HEROES Act.
Under these parameters, an asthmatic serial killer ought to be considered low-risk because we can’t identify whom he might chop to bits. A paranoid schizophrenic who only seriously assaults people when he goes off his medication could be considered to pose a risk of serious, but not imminent injury.
And, of course, muggers who don’t seriously hurt their victims would be considered low-risk. Ditto for car thieves, burglars, assorted robbers, and any felon who isn’t walking around with a sign reading, “I will kill Andrew next Tuesday”. And even then, we might not be “reasonably” sure which Andrew he means.
These are the heroes of Pelosi’s HEROES Act.
There's also money for "safe and sanitary temporary transitional housing" and facilitating "family reunification" for the released criminals.  And a push for applying "all pre- and post-adjudication release processes and mechanisms applicable to juveniles… as quickly as possible".
That would cover 17-year-old offenders.
Pelosi and her Democrat allies claim to be very concerned about inmates in custody contracting the coronavirus. And yet after months of this, the predicted mass death tolls in prisons haven’t happened. Instead the elderly have been dying in large numbers in nursing homes. If the Democrats were really concerned, they would cut off funding to any municipality arresting people over social distancing.
But the Dems seem happy with a state of affairs in which citizens are arrested and criminals are freed.
The HEROES Act contains plenty that is bad, including a waiver of the Buy American Act that is a free gift to the People’s Republic of China, but its obsession with criminals and illegal aliens, at the expense of Americans, shows who Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats think that they’re really in office to serve.
While Americans are put out of work, the Democrats help illegal aliens hang on to their jobs. And while Americans are locked up for trying to cut hair, go for a walk, or play catch, criminals are set free.
The Democrat coronatopia is a place where criminals are free and everyone else is in prison, and where only government officials and illegal aliens have jobs.


RALEIGH, N.C. — A U.S. district judge in North Carolina has ruled in favor of two churches and a ministry that want to hold indoor services but feel prevented from doing so as executive orders from Gov. Roy Cooper have limited “mass gatherings” to 10 people and a later directive said that larger meetings should “take place outdoors unless impossible.” The judge stated that there is no good reason why churches can’t have indoor services — with social distancing and other protective measures in place — when funeral homes and other locations are allowed to accommodate dozens of people.
“There is no pandemic exception to the Constitution of the United States or the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment,” wrote Judge James Dever III, nominated to the bench by then-President George W. Bush.
“Plaintiffs have demonstrated that they are likely to succeed on the merits of their Free Exercise claim concerning the assembly for religious worship provisions in Executive Order 138, that they will suffer irreparable harm absent a temporary restraining order, that the equities tip in their favor, and that a temporary restraining order is in the public interest.”
In March, Gov. Cooper issued Executive Order 116, declaring a state emergency, followed by a series of executive orders, such as order 121, which defined “mass gatherings” as “any event or convening that brings together more than ten (10) persons in a single room or single space at the same time.” Religious services were specifically held to this 10-person limit, while funeral services were limited to 50 people.
Earlier this month, Cooper issued a new order, Executive Order 138, which allowed religious gatherings of more than 10 people, but with the notation that such gatherings should “take place outdoors unless impossible.”
Guidance issued by the director of Legislative Affairs outlined in further detail on the “impossible” factor, “For example, there may be situations in which particular religious beliefs dictate that some or all of a religious service must be held indoors and that more than ten persons must be in attendance.”
Two churches, Berean Baptist Church and People’s Baptist Church, along with the organization Return America, sued Cooper on Thursday, asserting that the “outdoors unless impossible” requirement violates their First Amendment rights under the Free Exercise Clause.
A rally with approximately 500 people was also held next to the state legislative building that same day, according to the Greensboro News & Record. 
While Judge Dever noted on Saturday that “[n]o constitutional right — including the right of free exercise of religion — is absolute,” he expressed concern that law enforcement would be the final arbiter of whether it is deemed “impossible” for any particular church to meet outside.
He also pointed out that legal representation for Cooper “could not explain why the governor trusts those who run funerals to have 50 people inside to attend the funeral, but only trusts religious entities and individuals to have 10 people inside to worship.”
“Eleven men and women can stand side by side working indoors Monday through Friday at a hospital, at a plant, or at a package distribution center and be trusted to follow social distancing and hygiene guidance, but those same eleven men and women cannot be trusted to do the same when they worship inside together on Saturday or Sunday. ‘The distinction defies explanation, or at least the governor has not provided one,’” Dever wrote.
He outlined that the churches plan to exercise safety guidelines to protect its members and that those who worship are the same people who go to the stores to shop, and they would not behave any differently based on location.
“[C]ommon sense suggests that religious leaders and worshipers (whether inside or outside North Carolina) have every incentive to behave safely and responsibly whether working indoors, shopping indoors, or worshiping indoors,” Dever said. “The governor cannot treat religious worship as a world apart from non-religious activities with no good, or more importantly, constitutional, explanation.”
“Plaintiffs have pledged to adhere to ‘all recommended COVID-19 social distancing and personal hygiene safety guidelines’ in exercising their free exercise rights,” he noted. “They simply want the governor to afford them the same treatment as they and their fellow non-religious citizens receive when they work at a plant, clean an office, ride a bus, shop at a store, or mourn someone they love at a funeral.”
Ultimately, Dever found that the order does not meet the “narrowly tailored” and “least restrictive means” prongs of the strict scrutiny standard in legal precedent.
“The court trusts worshipers and their leaders to look after one another and society while exercising their free exercise rights just as they and their fellow citizens (whether religious or not) do when engaged in non-religious activities,” he wrote. “Plaintiffs have pledged to practice social distancing and other public health guidelines, just like others under EO 138. Accordingly, the equities tip in favor of granting a temporary restraining order.”
Cooper’s office says it disagrees with the ruling but does not plan to appeal.
“We don’t want indoor meetings to become hotspots for the virus, and our health experts continue to warn that large groups sitting together inside for long periods of time are much more likely to cause the spread of COVID-19,” a statement, as reported by local television station WRAL, reads.
“We urge houses of worship and leaders to voluntarily follow public health guidance to keep their members safe.”


 The truth about ‘Life Under Lockdown in the U.K.’ is too much to handle for the Google-owned video platform
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
YouTube continues to enforce its totalitarian Deep State obligations diligently. It appears that a recent Katie Hopkins video, produced by a David Horowitz Freedom CenterGlazov Gang collaboration and uploaded to the Glazov Gang channel on April 22, 2020, simply contained too much truth for the Google-owned video platform to handle. YouTube took the video down, stating that it “has been removed for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service.”  How exactly anything Katie said violated its “Terms of Service,” YouTube did not explain.
Katie’s video saw U.K.’s valiant freedom fighter unveil Life Under Lockdown in the U.K., in which she shed a sober and telling light on The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Katie discussed the dire consequences of socialized medicare under the Covid-19 crisis, the effects of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s handling of the “pandemic,” the lockdown’s consequences on the British economy and on British citizens, and much more. Katie discussed all of these issues in a civilized, factual and scholarly manner. And yet her video was still removed.
We reached out to Katie on her thoughts about YouTube's removal of her video, and she commented:
The most shameful part of the removing of my video is it assumes people are too stupid to be trusted to form their own opinion. @YouTube is saying you are too thick to think for yourselves.
This development is, of course, not much of a surprise, seeing that YouTube is consistently censoring speech that goes against the globalist/leftist agenda. YouTube, for instance, perpetually censors PragerU videos and just recently took down a video of two doctors (Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi) from Bakersfield, California, who held a press conference calling for the reopening of the country. The doctors had dared to argue that Covid-19 is less deadly than is being reported — or has been anticipated.
For the Glazov Gang, this treatment by YouTube also comes as no surprise — as it has had other videos removed, its channel is consistently demonetized and its subscribers are constantly removed.
The Glazov Gang has contacted YouTube requesting a more detailed explanation of how exactly Katie’s video violates YouTube’s “Terms of Service.” No response as of yet.
Make no mistake: This as an attack on free speech. And myriad videos made by various figures are being removed because, as YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki has stated, anything that violates WHO guidelines on the “pandemic” will get taken down. And it is very clear, by this point, who and what WHO is.
Please join the battle on behalf of free speech: Spread this news about YouTube’s censoring of the Glazov Gang’s Katie Hopkins video, Life Under Lockdown in the UK. Also contact YouTube and ask them why exactly they removed Katie's video. Tweet them at @YouTube.
To also help counteract YouTube's unrelenting choking of the Glazov Gangsubscribe to its channel and follow the show on Twitter: @JamieGlazov.
Thank you. It is greatly appreciated.

Katie Hopkins Video: Britain, Boris and Lethal Socialized Healthcare

Life under lockdown in the U.K.
May 19, 2020
SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:

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This video is brought to you by a Freedom Center-Glazov Gang collaboration on a new exclusive webinar series, Teach-Ins for the Twenty-First Century. Join us as some of the leading thinkers and pundits on the scene today discuss key issues related to the coronavirus pandemic and its ongoing implications, confronting the Left, the jihad terror threat, and much, much more. And make sure to ask your own questions of our experts.
Hosted by Anni Cyrus, producer of The Glazov Gang and Founder of Live Up To Freedom. This new webinar features U.K.'s valiant freedom fighter Katie Hopkins, who focuses on Britain, Boris and Lethal Socialized Healthcare, unveiling the disturbing reality of Life under lockdown in the U.K.
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For the tech giants, 1984 is an instruction manual
SEE:;republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
Daniel Greenfield, the peerless Shillman Fellow and FrontPage writer, tweeted the news on May 7: “Google just erased my Sultan Knish blog and Front Page Mag articles from the first pages of results for my name doubt very much this is accidental.” I did too, so I checked for myself, and sure enough: a Google search for “Robert Spencer” now does not bring up Jihad Watch, where most of my writing outside of books has been published for the last seventeen years, but it does give you defamatory and distorted attack pieces from the far-Left Southern Poverty Law Center and the Saudi-funded Bridge Initiative, and nothing that doesn’t portray me and my work in the most unfavorable possible light. This latest example of the tech giants’ determination to silence all dissenting voices reveals one often overlooked fact: they are desperately afraid.
Google is so afraid of Jihad Watch, in fact, that it is going to great lengths to make you think that the site (which you can find here) doesn’t exist at all. Several years ago, under pressure from the Texas-based imam Omar Suleiman, Google changed the algorithm for its search results so as to bury anything critical of Islamic jihad violence or Sharia oppression of women. Jihad Watch, which for years had been the first result in a Google search for “jihad” (back when Google searches were based solely on relevance and the popularity of the site), fell off the front page of “jihad” searches.
Now Google has gone even farther to make sure you don’t see Jihad Watch. Just this morning, I was looking for an old Jihad Watch article from a few years ago that I needed for a citation, and I entered an exact phrase from that article into the Google search bar. What came back were two sites where the article had been republished, but no indication that it had ever been at Jihad Watch at all.
In George Orwell’s dystopian novel of a totalitarian society, 1984, to which far more people refer than have actually read the book, the dissenter Winston Smith’s job in the Ministry of Truth involves erasing from all historical records any mention of people who have been declared “nonpersons.” Foes of the regime aren’t just vilified. Their very existence is erased. Dissent is easy to control if all record of it ever having been enunciated is eradicated, and Google has apparently taken a page from Orwell’s book.
Of course, Jihad Watch is one of the least of the concerns of Big Tech. They’re erasing all manner of people who dissent from the Leftist agenda. Greenfield notes that “Google controls 80% of search. That means it controls what the internet looks like. And it’s continuing to erase conservatives from the internet. I’m just the latest victim. Its censorship and creepy surveillance have reached new heights during the pandemic.”
And help may be on the way: according to the Wall Street Journal, “Both the Justice Department and a group of state attorneys general are likely to file antitrust lawsuits against Alphabet Inc.’s Google—and are well into planning for litigation, according to people familiar with the matter. The Justice Department is moving toward bringing a case as soon as this summer, some of the people said. At least some state attorneys general—led by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a Republican—are likely to file a case, probably in the fall, people familiar with the matter said.”
Another illustration of how brazen the tech giants have become with their censorship came on early Saturday morning, when President Trump retweeted a Michelle Malkin video about tech censorship, with the comment: “The Radical Left is in total command & control of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google. The Administration is working to remedy this illegal situation. Stay tuned, and send names & events. Thank you Michelle!” In a clumsy but sinister confirmation of the urgency of this problem, Twitter then deleted the Malkin video.
Daniel Greenfield is right: “the future of free speech is at stake.” I’m honored that the multimillionaire millennials at Google are so afraid of me and my little website that they have erased all trace of me except for Emmanuel Goldstein-like denunciations, but ultimately the First Amendment will become a dead letter if the tech giants are allowed to get away with sending dissenters down the memory hole in this way. And that will mean a nightmare of authoritarianism descending upon the country. The Administration needs to act on this, and fast. If Biden or Hillary or Bernie or whichever septuagenarian totalitarian wins in November, there won’t be another chance to save America as a free society.
Robert Spencer is the director of Jihad Watch and a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. He is author of 19 books, including the New York Times bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad. His latest book is The Palestinian Delusion: The Catastrophic History of the Middle East Peace Process. Follow him on Twitter here. Like him on Facebook here.


Trump Never Pushed A Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine

Coronavirus vaccine will be completely voluntary despite MSM talking points claiming the contrary

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
Many people in President Trump’s base are concerned about mandatory vaccines. Liberals tend to lean more towards advocating government mandated vaccinations whereas conservatives tend to lean more towards advocating freedom of choice. From the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, both sides have weighed in on their concerns of a COVID-19 vaccination; some love the idea, while others abhor it.
President Trump just announced project “Warp Speed” which will accelerate the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. During his press briefing last Friday, the President made the statement, “vaccine or no vaccine, we’re back”. This statement, by no stretch of the imagination, does not say he’s pushing mandatory vaccination.
“I don’t want people to believe that this is dependent on a vaccine…some people are not going to want to get it.” – President Trump
Before we start demonizing the President’s project Warp Speed let’s look at original source material instead of edited clips and out of context quotes.
The President emphasized his efforts to find “effective treatments and vaccines,” not vaccines alone. Notice he’s emphasizing “hundreds of treatments” with over 530 possible treatments available other than vaccines.
It’s important to realize there are millions of Americans that are demanding a vaccine. Nothing is going to change their opinion on that. So, is it better to allow all of this funding for research to go to the World Health Organization and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, or should Trump work with top American scientists to develop a vaccine that is more likely to be “safer”?
If I had to choose between an American-made vaccine or a Bill Gates-Chinese vaccine, I’m going with the American-based vaccine. But, I’m not going to be forced to make that choice because vaccination isn’t going to be mandatory under the Trump administration. But, if we allow this issue to split Trump’s base, I can assure you it will be mandatory under a Biden administration.


With the high proclivity for government to operate outside of its constitutional limitations, the very real scenario of setting up a police state to ensure compliance with COVID-19 took a step forward with a new resolution introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives.

We’ll look at the TRACE Act 6666 and help you extend the lines to what may happen to your freedom if it passes in this episode of Analysis Behind the News, where we provide the perspective that you can use to restore American liberty and independence.

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If we agree that all of this lockdown fervor can be used as a means of conditioning the American people to willingly give up some of their liberties and rights, then the discussion naturally goes to the question, “What are we being conditioned for?”

We’ll answer that question in this episode of Activate America, patriotically staying active during COVID-19 lockdown.

With that question in mind, let us introduce the May 18, 2020 issue of The New American magazine, titled “Forced Vaccines and Digital IDs.”

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#NoForcedVaccines #NoDigitalID #DeepState

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
Over the last decade, major component agencies of the international Deep State have been working to design an all-encompassing digital ID system that would allow the tracking and control of the population of the entire world.
Here’s what they are planning: a national health ID. This has been under development by international agencies along with the Gates Foundation for several years. Planning for this is being done by ID2020, an organization supported by Accenture, the Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft Corp., the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and others. Of note, among the others is an entity named “Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance,” whose support of ID2020 demonstrates the interest of would-be globalist regulators in tying vaccination to identification. This is all being built as part of an ongoing effort to force all of the world’s peoples, Americans not excluded, into a thoroughgoing digital ID scheme.
Of course, this sounds crazy. First, vaccines are always good, aren’t they? Second, there has to be some means of tracking who has and has not been vaccinated, right? Third, naturally, there needs to be some means of proving who you are. Finally, there can’t be some worldwide coordination on all of this, centralizing it and imposing it on everyone without Americans having come to know about it. That would be impossible, right?
Wrong. Far removed from the day-to-day concerns of average Americans, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and national and international government agencies work together to craft policies without notice being given to citizens, without mainstream media reporting, and without legislative oversight. In this case, for more than a decade these groups have collaborated on two tracks of tracking and control: a general-purpose digital ID to track each of the world’s inhabitants, and vaccination-based health IDs to allow governments and NGOs to track the health of citizens. In the age of COVID-19, the world’s would-be technocrat controllers and oligarchs are working to merge this pair of efforts into a single, foundational ID that would be used to constrain and control human activity.
Conditioning, Then Control
A first step toward implementing a vaccine-based ID scheme is conditioning people to accept the idea that they will need to prove their vaccination and health status before being allowed by government to engage in any activities that, heretofore, were exercised without restriction by a free people. This is perfect for the age of COVID-19, when mainstream media organs and government “experts” have worked overtime to instill extreme levels of fear into the American people, forcing them into what amounts to house arrest to fight the “war” on the virus. Now, to regain freedom, it has been suggested that people will need to prove that they have gained immunity to the virus. To this end, Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and a key member of the Trump administration’s coronavirus task force, admitted that the federal government is considering forcing citizens to use coronavirus immunity cards.
“You know, that’s possible,” Fauci told CNN. “I mean, it’s one of those things that we talk about when we want to make sure that we know who the vulnerable people are and [are] not,” he continued. “This is something that’s being discussed. I think it might actually have some merit, under certain circumstances.”
Importantly, the idea was also floated by Bill Gates, former head of Microsoft and current international supporter of digital ID schemes tied to vaccination. During an “Ask Me Anything” session on the social-media site Reddit, Gates said he supported using immunity IDs. “Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it,” Gates remarked. This is significant, as Gates and his foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, have been among the key players in the decade-old effort to develop both general-purpose digital IDs and vaccine/immunity tracking.
The constellation of efforts Gates has been making around digital identity and vaccination includes funding research at MIT on encoding health and identity data into a quantum-dot based system that can be embedded in the skin. Described by researchers in the journal Science Translational Medicine, the researchers said they had developed an “approach to encode medical history on a patient using the spatial distribution of biocompatible, near-infrared quantum dots (NIR QDs) in the dermis. QDs are invisible to the naked eye yet detectable when exposed to NIR light.” 
The journal translated this into less technical terminology: “McHugh et al. developed dissolvable microneedles that deliver patterns of near-infrared light-emitting microparticles to the skin. Particle patterns are invisible to the eye but can be imaged using modified smartphones. By codelivering a vaccine, the pattern of particles in the skin could serve as an on-person vaccination record.… These results demonstrate proof of concept for intradermal on-person vaccination recordkeeping.”
Records in scientific journal research databases reveal sources of funding for studies such as this one. In this case, funding was provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, along with the National Science Foundation, the National Cancer Institute, and the National Institutes of Health here in the United States. Funding sources also included the Youth Innovation Promotion Association of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the China Scholarship Council, and the National Natural Science Foundation of China. 
WHO Is the Vaccine ID Granddaddy
Fauci and the NIAID have a history of working with the Gates Foundation on worldwide vaccination programs. In 2010, the World Health Organization launched the “Global Vaccine Action Plan to guide discovery, development and delivery of lifesaving vaccines.” 
“The World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have announced a collaboration to increase coordination across the international vaccine community and create a Global Vaccine Action Plan,” said the WHO press release announcing the plan. 
It continued: “The collaboration follows the January 2010 call by Bill and Melinda Gates for the next ten years to be the Decade of Vaccines. The Global Vaccine Action Plan will enable greater coordination across all stakeholder groups — national governments, multilateral organizations, civil society, the private sector and philanthropic organizations — and will identify critical policy, resource, and other gaps that must be addressed to realize the life-saving potential of vaccines.”
The leadership council for this initiative included:
• Margaret Chan, director general of WHO;
• Anthony Fauci, director of NIAID, part of the National Institutes of Health;
• Anthony Lake, executive director of UNICEF;
• Joy Phumaphi, chair of the International Advisory Committee and executive secretary of the African Leaders Malaria Alliance; and
• Tachi Yamada, president of global health at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Among these names, readers of The New American may be familiar with Anthony Lake, who previously served as national security advisor to President Bill Clinton. Lake, who had been nominated by Clinton to head the Central Intelligence Agency, infamously wasn’t sure if notorious Soviet spy Alger Hiss was actually a spy. 
Also noteworthy is Margaret Chan, former longtime leader of the World Health Organization. Before taking the reins of WHO, Chan served as director of public health for Hong Kong. There, in 2004, she came under criticism from the city’s Legislative Council for her handling of the original SARS outbreak that led to 299 deaths and considerable economic turmoil for the city. Reporting in 2004, the Hong Kong Standard noted that Chan was “unanimously condemned” by the council for what was described as “dereliction of duty before and during the early stage of the Sars outbreak,” said Tim Pang from the group Society for Community Organisation, a group representing the interests of SARS victims in the city. Chan’s inaction “had a serious impact on public health and global health, which should disqualify her from working for the WHO,” Pang concluded, according the Standard
Her record at WHO, where she gained the top job after being boosted by Communist China, as reported by Politico, was also not without controversy. In 2009, under her leadership, WHO promoted the idea that the H1N1 swine flu pandemic would be a worldwide catastrophe. In fact, it proved to be much milder than the WHO health bureaucrats promised, prompting noted German physician and one-time member of the German Parliament Wolfgang Wodarg to note in response, “WHO in cooperation with some big pharmaceutical companies and their re-defined pandemics … lowered the alarm threshold.” The organization pushed a mass vaccination program for the swine flu, and these vaccines proved dangerous in some cases, causing narcolepsy in some, according to Politico. Though judged safe by the likes of the CDC, the swine flu vaccine was viewed with increasing suspicion.
Chan was also known for her deferential treatment of communism. She appeared particularly fond of North Korea, where she noted, according to Reuters, that there were no signs of obesity and that “nutrition is an area that the government has to pay attention [to] and especially for pregnant women and for young children.” This in a country where at least 40 percent of the population teeters on the verge of starvation. She also praised the communist dictatorship’s vaccination programs, Reuters reported. “They have something which most other developing countries would envy,” she said of North Korean healthcare. 
Most recently, Chan has worked with Mike Bloomberg’s Task Force on Fiscal Policy for Health. That effort resulted in an April 2019 “study” calling for all nations to raise taxes by 50 percent on sugary soft drinks, alcohol, and tobacco. She is now part of the Council of Advisors for the China-based globalist organization the Boao Forum for Asia, run by former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Zhou Xiaochuan, former governor of the People’s Bank of China, the communist nation’s answer to the Federal Reserve. At the Boao Forum, she is president of the organization’s Global Health Forum (GHF). The GHF’s first annual conference was held in June 2019, and among the organization’s stated goals was to “advance the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.” Among a broad menu of other things, that UN program promises by 2030 to “provide legal identity for all, including birth registration.” This UN program is the framework on which all other world government organizations and NGOs are basing their efforts to build health, vaccination, and digital ID plans and programs.
In its documentation, the World Health Organization’s Global Vaccine Action Plan, led by Chan and Fauci, called for numerous steps, including the use of ID technologies to track those vaccinated. According to the Global Vaccine Action Plan 2011-2020 summary available as a PDF from WHO: “Reaching every community will call for an understanding of the barriers to access and use of immunization; it will also require the underserved to be identified, and micro-plans at the district and community levels to be reviewed and revised in order to ensure that these barriers can be overcome. The rapid expansion of information technology should be leveraged to establish immunization registries and electronic databases that will allow each individual’s immunization status to be tracked, timely reminders to be sent when immunization is due and data to be accessed easily to inform actions. The introduction of unique identification numbers could be a catalyst for the establishment of such systems.” 
Schemes for Global ID Control
Tying vaccine and health data to identification documentation is a twist on an already elaborate, emerging constellation of efforts to subjugate the population of the entire world using a universal digital ID. 
In a 2019 paper, the McKinsey Global Institute (McKinsey) described how a digital ID would take the place of traditional paper IDs. The organization worked with all of the leading players in the development of these ID schemes. “Our understanding of good ID was informed by extensive consultations with our research collaboration partners Omidyar Network, the Open Society Foundations, and the Rockefeller Foundation,” said the McKinsey report. “We also conducted in-depth discussions on the opportunities and challenges associated with digital ID with experts from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Center for Global Development, iSPIRT, the United Nations Development Programme, the World Bank Group’s ID4D initiative, and the World Economic Forum.”
This is a rogues’ gallery of NGOs if there ever was one. The Omidyar Network, for instance, thinks capitalism should be “reimagined,” which is code for being “managed” by planners to “rebalance power,” shifting it from markets to the state and from businesses to workers’ groups in such a way as to explicitly undermine free market economics, which the organization identifies with its bogeyman, the “Milton Friedman-Friedrich Hayek paradigm.” 
In addition to the Omidyar Network, the Open Society Foundations from internationalist mastermind George Soros is the chief NGO involved in the disruption of national sovereignty worldwide, while the Rockefeller Foundation has a deep history of dangerous subversion of individual dignity and rights. The latter organization, to point to just one disturbing example, played a key role in the perpetuation of the eugenics scheme worldwide, including in Nazi Germany. This, of course, sounds preposterous to those unfamiliar with this bit of hidden history. But as pioneering journalist Edwin Black, author of several books on the eugenics movement and Nazi Germany, points out, “The Rockefeller Foundation helped found the German eugenics program and even funded the program that Josef Mengele worked in before he went to Auschwitz.” 
These are some of the key organizations that now want to be trusted to guide the creation of a world scheme of digital identification.
Based on their discussions with these and other organizations behind the scheme, McKinsey reported that a “good ID” (a euphemism preferred by the Omidyar Network) would be authenticated digitally, and could be issued by “a national or local government, by a consortium of private or nonprofit organizations, or by an individual entity.” Technologies used for authentication, McKinsey wrote, could include everything from “biometric data to passwords, PINs, or smart devices and security tokens.”
Building a digital ID platform, McKinsey notes, is needed in order to reach the goals outlined by the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development — the same program guiding the efforts of Margaret Chan’s Global Health Forum. 
Describing digital ID as an opportunity — the main theme of the report — Mc-Kinsey pointed directly to the UN program, arguing that the world body’s “Sustainable Development Goals promote legal identity for all, especially birth registration, by 2030. Furthermore, digital ID is increasingly seen as a prerequisite to participate in the digital economy, for example in digital finance. Digital inclusion is considered so important to promote economic development that the United Nations has highlighted digital inclusion as a key enabler for 13 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.”
That last bit is promoted by those behind the digital ID schemes as a benefit. People provided with these new digital talismans will be able to get financing, secure jobs, purchase products, participate in democracy, and so forth, according to the prevailing propaganda. 
But the reverse is also true. Without the digital ID, freedom will be revoked. There will be no freedom to work for a living, to purchase property, to move about freely, or to trade for goods or services. The digital ID is, in fact, a scheme to restrict or eliminate individual freedom outright and to provide it only on the authority of some NGO or government agency. 
Turn over enough rocks and you’ll find some of those behind the push for a digital ID admitting that the scheme is actually about controlling people and behavior. While pushing for adoption of digital IDs, McKinsey admits: “Without proper controls, digital ID system administrators with nefarious aims, whether they work for private-sector firms or governments, would gain access to and control over data. History provides ugly examples of misuse of traditional identification programs, including tracking or persecuting ethnic and religious groups. Digital ID, if improperly designed, could be used in yet more targeted ways against the interests of individuals or groups by government or the private sector. Potential motivations could include financial profit from the collection and storage of personal data, political manipulation of an electorate, and social control of particular groups through surveillance and restriction of access to uses such as payments, travel, and social media.”
One of the companies building the technological infrastructure for digital ID schemes is arms manufacturer and security firm Thales Group. Partially owned by the French government, the key division of Thales working on Digital ID is Gemalto, a formerly independent company that Thales acquired in 2017 for $5.4 billion. 
As with every other participant in the digital ID scheme, Gemalto points to its alignment with the UN’s goals in its literature on building a digital ID. And it admits that a future digital identity will be necessary for individuals to engage in activities that, today, don’t require an ID. “Without a robust means of proving one’s identity, exercising one’s basic rights, claiming entitlements, accessing a range of governmental services, and conducting many daily activities could be hampered,” Gemalto warns. 
It should be noted that this is not something coming in the distant, far-off future. Digital IDs are already being implemented. For just one example, in July 2019, Thales launched the Gemalto Digital ID Wallet. In a press release the company described the function of this technology:
With Thales’s new Gemalto Digital ID Wallet, governments will issue a secure digital version of official documents including identity cards, health cards and drivers licenses, available to all citizens on their smartphones. Citizens will therefore be able to prove who they are, both online and in the “real world,” and access their rights and services at the touch of a button. The solution uses multi-layered security techniques and sophisticated encryption to achieve robust protection of personal data, whilst offering users complete control over what information they choose to share, with whom, and when.
Solutions such as this would invariably be tied to various databases housing information about each person. It is a trivial matter to include in such databases information about credit scores, consumer behavior, and more. In China, the population is increasingly controlled by the communist regime’s “social credit score.” Writing for Digital Trends in 2018, Luke Dormehl pointed out that the West is closer to China’s system than many think. Of China’s Orwellian plan, he wrote: “In addition to more mundane areas like whether you pay your community charge on time, the system’s reputational algorithm will also factor in your choice of online friends. That person who complains about how the government is doing its job could suddenly cost you some serious social cred. Befriend too many wrongthinkers and you could quickly find yourself classed as a wrongthinker too.” 
It’s disturbing, and it’s not going to be confined to China. “It’s an idea straight out of the oft-invoked George Orwell dystopia Nineteen Eighty-Four,” Dormehl continued. “But it’s also not wholly unique to China. True, the U.S. government isn’t publicly instituting a Social Credit System, but the idea that digital reputation analysis isn’t something that affects us all in 2018 is patently untrue.” 
While somewhat informal and dispersed today in America, a worldwide digital ID would offer the planet’s would-be ruling class — the international “Deep State” if you will — the opportunity to roll out a communist China-like system for everyone, offering a level of control over people never before possible, or even dreamed of by tyrants of the past.
The Health ID Scheme
One of the key international organizations working to integrate digital ID and health ID is the World Bank, through its Identification for Development (ID4D) scheme. In 2018, the world financial body revealed in a report on its ID4D initiatives that it was receiving key support from certain governments and from a pair of the internationalist and subversive NGOs that are prominent throughout the movement to shackle the world’s people to an ID control scheme. “The work of ID4D is made possible through support from the World Bank Group, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the UK Government, the Australian Government and the Omidyar Network,” the World Bank report notes.
The World Bank calls for the linking of a health ID with existing national IDs into a resulting, all-encompassing digital ID called a “foundational identification.” 
“Integration between foundational identification and healthcare systems has the potential to not only improve the delivery of health services and public health management, but also to strengthen identification systems themselves,” the World Bank report notes. “This is particularly the case where there are strong linkages between identification and civil registration systems, the latter of which already relies on the health sector for birth and death registration. Incorporating foundational systems into healthcare can strengthen and streamline these processes and create further demand for identity documents and civil registration.”
On the latter point, generating citizen demand for more ID documents, the World Bank report is slyly admitting that demand for IDs will be driven by restricting services to only those who already have the ID required. “Where a unique foundational identifier is required to enroll in or access health services, it may increase incentives to obtain the ID, as in Estonia and India,” the report notes. Again, that’s because without the new ID, citizens would be prevented from accessing services.
Of course, the World Bank’s 2018 report also pointed out that a “foundational identification” scheme that incorporates health ID would be “useful” during health emergencies. “Stronger vital statistics generated by CR [civil registration] systems also benefit public health by improving the accuracy and timeliness of important indicators — e.g., mortality, morbidity, maternal and child health, etc. — used in health policy and planning and emergency response to disease outbreaks,” the organization says.
Population Control
As if tracking and controlling people isn’t bad enough, there may be a more sinister population-control plan afoot. Speaking at a TED conference in 2010 on the subject of cutting carbon emissions to prevent global warming, Bill Gates pointed to population control as one area where an impact could be made. Among other things, he singled out vaccination as having a role in population control.
“First we’ve got population,” Gates began. “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”
Now, most people make the reasonable conclusion that vaccines, making people less prone to disease and, therefore, healthier, promote population stability, if not outright growth. But Gates, quite curiously, tied vaccines to population control in this talk. 
Subsequently, Melinda Gates attempted to explain his counterintuitive philosophy on vaccines for population control. In the couple’s 2017 Annual Letter, she wrote: “Saving children’s lives is the goal that launched our global work. It’s an end in itself. But then we learned it has all these other benefits as well. If parents believe their children will survive — and if they have the power to time and space their pregnancies — they choose to have fewer children.”
Credible but also creditably disputed claims, especially in Kenya, that some Gates-related vaccines intervened in human reproduction aside, Gates and his organization are interested in population control. Their work for a decade or more on tying vaccination to identification is clearly part of this agenda. Even taking the generous position of assigning to Gates the possibility that he is attempting to simply improve childhood health and reduce poverty does not remove or make illegitimate concerns about using vaccination and health IDs to track the world’s population, as such a scheme creates a system of control for population technocrats to direct the lives of billions of people in a power grab of unimaginable proportions — and consequences.
At least not everyone in the Trump administration is simply going along with the internationalist plan for the implementation of health IDs. 
Speaking to Laura Ingraham on Fox News, Attorney General Bill Barr said he didn’t like the idea of vaccine IDs and certificates to prove immunity to COVID-19.
“I’m very concerned about the slippery slope in terms of continuing encroachments on personal liberty. I do think during the emergency, appropriate, reasonable steps are fine,” Barr said when asked about vaccine certificates. Asked for more specifics, he continued: “I’d be a little concerned about that, the tracking of people and so forth, generally, especially going forward over a long period of time.”
Opposition aside, if technocrats such as Gates achieve their aims, Americans will not be able to shop, work, travel, or do anything else without their vaccine/health ID, which will almost certainly end up in some sort of technological and possibly injectable form. This likely would then be combined in the future with your credit score and other social scores, becoming an all-encompassing tracking and management technology for the world’s population.
Keep in mind, too, the very important point that plans for a digital ID imposed worldwide are not schemes for the far-distant future. The UN development goals motivating the construction of the ID scheme call for implementation by 2030, just a decade away. But already, much of the infrastructure is in place. From Thales and Gemalto already launching digital ID wallets, to pilot projects in places such as Bangladesh and early digital ID operations in Estonia and India, to name just two of many, the electronic control trap is ready to spring. 
“The technology sector is on a mission to equip everyone on the planet with a digital and online presence,” wrote Gavi Vaccine Alliance CEO Seth Berkely in Nature in 2017. “One of the biggest needs is for affordable, secure digital identification systems that can store a child’s medical history, and that can be accessed even in places without reliable electricity. That might seem a tall order, but it is both achievable and necessary,” he concluded. 
Again, Berkely was writing in 2017. The scheme has made great strides since then, and a pandemic is just what is needed to scare a fearful populace into submission.
Contrary to what the Deep State schemers and planners claim, people receive neither legitimacy nor identity from an NGO- or government-administered database or tracking system. Each person’s natural rights are inherent in their humanity and cannot be subjected in any legitimate way to control, management, and regulation by some oligarchic international bureaucracy. 
A digital ID scheme is nothing more than a means of tracking personal activity and limiting and regulating access and behavior. It is antithetical to a free people. That the plans for this have been and continue to be made at international conferences and behind the closed doors of international agencies and NGOs, unreported by the media and without citizen knowledge or assent, tells you much about their essential nature. 
Technocrat oligarchs and planners are not looking to emancipate the peoples of the world, but to enslave  and control them. Don’t let them. 
Live free — oppose the ID! 


MI Governor Says 1st Amendment “Not Appropriate in a Global Pandemic” “Racist,” “Misogynistic”
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
Obey me or pay me! That pretty much sums up the rhetoric coming from Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer who continues to defy the Constitution and chide anyone who might dare to imply that her authoritarian power is limited by that archaic document.
Of course, if you didn’t catch the sarcasm in that, let me help. She’s a tyrant who has no regard for the law and limits on government overreach. None.
Recently, Whitmer apprised her peasants that she alone had the power to determine when, what, and where the economy can reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic asserting that her executive shutdown orders are “not suggestions,” “not optional,” and “not helpful hints.” Nevermind that pesky outdated First Amendment thing:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
That, according to Whitmer, is “not appropriate in a global pandemic.” She continued, “This is calls to violence. This is racist and misogynistic,” comparing protests in the Michigan Capitol to Naziism.
“I do think that the fact of the matter is these protests, in a perverse way, make it likelier that we’re going to have to stay in a stay-at-home posture.”
So let’s get this straight — Whitmer believes she has the sole authority to lockdown an entire state, prevent people from practicing their Constitutionally-protected right to protest the lockdown, slander people by calling them names for doing so, and punish them with an extended lockdown if they refuse to grovel at her divine feet.
By the way, this peaceful protest you see below is what Whitmer says is so
racist, misogynistic, and Nazi-like.
Right. In the words of the great pastor and teacher John MacArthur,
Miss Whitmer needs to “go home!”
Michigan Gov. @gretchenwhitmer calls some protests in her state “racist and misogynistic” and urges others “to stop encouraging this behavior because it only makes it that much more precarious for us to try to reengage our economy.” 
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