Hijabbed Biden State Department official and Tlaib participated in event featuring anti-Semite Linda Sarsour


Rashida Tlaib asks why U.S. bails out big banks but not the rest of us


Activist Linda Sarsour speaks while people participate a protest called March for Racial Justice in New York City (photo credit: STEPHANIE KEITH/REUTERS)



MINKARA: BIDEN'S Special Advisor on International Disability Rights, U.S. Department of State

Mohamad Habehh:


Amr Waked:

Amr Waked


SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/03/hijabbed-biden-state-department-official-and-tlaib-participated-in-event-featuring-anti-semite-linda-sarsour;

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On Sept. 22, 2011, Linda Sarsour tweeted: “shariah law is reasonable and once you read into the details it makes a lot of sense. People just know the basics.” Her position didn’t change over time. On May 12, 2015, she tweeted: “If you are still paying interest then Sharia Law hasn’t taken over America. #justsaying.” And on April 10, 2016, Sarsour tweeted about Sharia again: “Sharia Law is misunderstood & has been pushed as some evil Muslim agenda.”

Sarsour has said that “nothing is creepier than Zionism” and has equated it with “racism.” She is an enthusiastic supporter of the “Palestinian” jihad against Israel and has even claimed that feminists cannot and must not support Israel. She has also defiantly made the ISIS hand signal. She did it while claiming that it meant more than support for ISIS, but one wonders whether all the ISIS supporters who saw the photo and were encouraged by it read her explanation, which doesn’t disavow ISIS anyway, despite the fact that the whole world at this point knows that the upraised index finger is ISIS’ favored signal. Is she anti-U.S.? Well, she has called for jihad against the U.S. government. She also called for jihad against Donald Trump.

Did Biden’s handlers know about all this? Would they have cared if they had?

“Rashida Tlaib and Biden Official Were Featured Speakers at Conference So Controversial It Lost Its Corporate Sponsor,” by Alana Goodman, Washington Free Beacon, March 9, 2023:

Democratic representative Rashida Tlaib (Mich.) and a Biden State Department appointee spoke at Harvard University’s annual Arab conference, even after the conference lost its top corporate sponsor due to the participation of anti-Semitic activist Linda Sarsour.

Tlaib and State Department special adviser Sara Minkara participated in the event, which saw speakers call to “end U.S. support for Israel.” The pair appeared as others abandoned the conference—McKinsey & Company, the white-shoe consulting firm, pulled its sponsorship of the conference after discovering Sarsour “had a history of anti-Semitic comments,” it said in a statement. The company was also scheduled to hold a recruiting session, and some of its employees were slated to speak.

The annual Harvard gathering is the “largest pan-Arab conference in North America” and draws over 1,000 attendees to “discuss key issues with the region’s most prominent politicians, business people, and civil society leaders,” according to its website.

Panelists at the conference over the weekend expressed support for the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, Jewish Insider reported. One speaker, American Muslims for Palestine director of development Mohamad Habehh, reportedly denounced Zionism as a “very stupid ideology” and called to “end U.S. support for Israel.”

Sarsour’s participation comes nearly a year after the insurance company Geico dropped the liberal activist as a diversity speaker due to her inflammatory comments. Sarsour, who has claimed Israel was “built on the idea that Jews are supreme to everybody else” and praised Palestinian supermarket bomber Rasmea Odeh, in 2019 stepped down as a leader with the Women’s March following controversy over her statements. But Sarsour maintained ties with some anti-Israel left-wingers, working on Muslim outreach for Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I., Vt.) presidential campaign and attending events with Tlaib and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.).

McKinsey’s decision to distance itself from Sarsour is also notable, given its willingness to take on controversial clients. The firm has a history of work with China, Russia, corrupt South African authorities, corporate fraudsters, and the opioid industry. McKinsey is a regular sponsor of Harvard events, including a Latinx in Finance and Technology panel last October and the African Business Conference later this month.

“When we learned late last week that a speaker at an event our recruiting team was sponsoring at Harvard University had a history of anti-Semitic comments, we immediately stepped away from the conference, canceled our in-person recruiting meeting, and withdrew two speakers from the program,” said McKinsey in a statement. “We condemn anti-Semitism in all its forms and stand for inclusion and tolerance everywhere.”…

Sarsour and Tlaib spoke about creating an “Arab MENA category on the 2030 national census” and “health access and policy,” according to an advertisement for the conference. Minkara, a Biden appointee serving as special adviser on international disability rights at the State Department, was also listed as a speaker at the event. The State Department did not respond to a request for comment.

Other speakers included Lebanese TV host Ricardo Karam, who has called for a global boycott against Israel and accused the Jewish state of committing “apartheid against the Palestinian people,” and Egyptian actor Amr Waked, who has claimed that Israel has “expansionist, apartheid, and genocide preferences.”…

EXCEPT IF YOUR MUSLIM POLICE STATE New Jersey: Paterson renames street ‘Palestine Way,’ Linda Sarsour calls for ‘Palestine Way in every city’


SEE: https://robertspencer.org/2022/05/new-jersey-paterson-renames-street-palestine-way-linda-sarsour-calls-for-palestine-way-in-every-city;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

There is nothing at all in this NorthJersey.com report, of course, about the relentless “Palestinian” jihad, or the genocidal incitement of “Palestinian” children, or the practice of passing out sweets whenever Israeli civilians are killed, or any other hint that the “Palestinians” are anything but a noble, oppressed people. The involvement of hard-Left anti-Semite Linda Sarsour is not even mentioned, but she was prominently involved enough to be among a handful of people photographed on a lift under the new street sign. Linda Sarsour is a rabidly antisemitic Islamic supremacist who has said that “nothing is creepier than Zionism” and has equated it with “racism.” She is an enthusiastic supporter of the “Palestinian” jihad against Israel and has even claimed that feminists cannot and must not support Israel.

Do Paterson officials care about her history of hateful, incendiary, and anti-Semitic statements? Almost certainly not. Would they care if they did? Almost certainly not.

“Palestine Way: Paterson celebrates street renaming in tribute to community,” by Hannan Adely and Rebecca King, NorthJersey.com, May 15, 2022:

PATERSON — The South Paterson neighborhood is home to stores, restaurants and offices with Palestinian flags and images of Jerusalem hanging on walls. Everywhere, signs of the Palestinian homeland are emblazoned on property names, from Jerusalem Pharmacy to Nablus Sweets to Palestine Hair Salon.

Now, visitors to the area will also find street signs. On Sunday, city officials celebrated the renaming of a five-block section of Main Street, from Gould Avenue to Buffalo Avenue, to Palestine Way.

“Many Palestinians call Paterson home, and this is the day we get to celebrate it,” said Councilman Alaa “Al” Abdelaziz.

The City Council voted unanimously in April for the street renaming to honor the city’s large Palestinian community and its contributions to civic life and business. A bustling street festival, organized by the Palestinian American Community Center, was held along Main Street to celebrate the occasion.

Vendors set up booths selling roasted corn, dresses, bags and more. T-shirts emblazoned with “Palestine Way” were available. Red, white, black and green Palestinian flags were passed out to attendees and draped from buildings and tents. 

“I wish we had something like this every year,” said Lina Ramadan, who was visiting from Jordan and hadn’t been to Paterson in 22 years. She used to live in Union City.

“I feel like I’m in my country,” she said. “Everyone is so happy. It’s very special.”…

Chants of “Free Palestine” and “Palestine Way” accompanied the unveiling of the street sign….

INSTANT REGRET: Geico Apologizes for Hiring Antisemite, Jihadist Muslim Linda Sarsour for Diversity Training

Geico recently announced that Linda Sarsour would be speaking at its diversity event "celebrating Middle Eastern and North African Heritage Month." Following a backlash due to Sarsour's antisemitism, Geico canceled and condemned Sarsour. David Wood discusses the issue. For the Washington Examiner article quoted in this video ("Geico cancels event with Linda Sarsour after backlash from Jewish groups"), click here: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/po...

1000 Rabbis Accuse Linda Sarsour of Anti-Semitism - Your News From Israel

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SEE: https://barenakedislam.com/2020/08/26/pro-sharia-pro-hamas-radical-muslim-activist-linda-sarsour-arrested-again/:


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/robert-spencer/2020/09/24/linda-sarsour-in-louisville-the-leftist-islamic-alliance-in-action-n963162;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Sharia-adherent leftist activist and former Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour tweeted Wednesday: “Justice has NOT been served. Rise UP. All across this country. Everywhere. Rise up for #BreonnaTaylor.”

She meant it: yesterday evening Sarsour, who was bounced from the Women’s March leadership because of her anti-Semitism, was spotted in video from Louisville, walking among protesters and apparently leading them to their next destination. Sarsour’s presence among demonstrators in Louisville, many of whom quickly began rioting (two police officers were shot), was yet another example of the leftist/Islamic alliance.

We saw two other such examples during the riots in New York City several months ago. Urooj Rahman, a Muslim lawyer and activist for the Palestinian jihad, threw a Molotov cocktail into a police cruiser, and in Brooklyn, a Muslim migrant from Bosnia named Dzenan Camovic stabbedan NYPD officer, Yayonfrant Jean Pierre, in the neck while screaming “Allahu akbar.”

Sarsour’s presence in Louisville was no real surprise. She was arrested in Louisville on August 25 at “BreonnaCon,” an earlier protest over the death of Taylor. Back on May 27, she tweeted: “‘A riot,’ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, ‘is the language of the unheard.’ #JusticeForFloyd.”

Sarsour is also an unapologetic defender of Sharia. As far back as September 22, 2011, Sarsour tweeted: “shariah law is reasonable and once u read into the details it makes a lot of sense. People just know the basics.” Her position didn’t change over time. On May 12, 2015, she tweeted: “If you are still paying interest, then Sharia Law hasn’t taken over America. #justsaying.” And on April 10, 2016, Sarsour tweeted about Sharia again: “Sharia Law is misunderstood & has been pushed as some evil Muslim agenda.”

Sarsour tweeted on March 8, 2011: “Brigitte Gabriel = Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She’s asking 4 an a$$ whippin’. I wish I could take their vaginas away – they don’t deserve to be women.” This call for physical violence against someone she hated was a harbinger of things to come, but it received no notice among her sycophants on the left. After all, why would it? They’re committed to the same violence.

Linda Sarsour is also a practiced purveyor of the grievance-mongering that keeps the rioters’ ranks full. She is an energetic purveyor of the “Islamophobia” myth and has hysterically claimed that “Muslim kids” are being “executed” in the United States. She was instrumental in prevailing upon New York Mayor Bill de Blasio to end legal and necessary surveillance in Muslim communities in New York. She was also a frequent visitor to the Obama White House, and even claimed that the jihad underwear bomber was a CIA agent — part of what she claims is a U.S. war against Islam. She is also an enthusiastic supporter of the “Palestinian” jihad against Israel and has even claimed that feminists cannot and must not support Israel.

This is the left today. Sarsour’s anti-Semitism, her embrace of Sharia, her paranoid “Islamophobia” conspiracy-mongering – all that is the mainstream left now. For Linda Sarsour is not alone; other Muslim activists in the U.S. have actively fostered this alliance. Zahra Billoo, Executive Director of the San Francisco Bay Area office of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-SFBA), tweeted: “Non-Black POC, first and second generation immigrant Muslims friends in particular, what are you doing today to support #BlackLivesMatter?” Imraan Siddiqi of CAIR-Arizona tweeted out a video of a hijab-wearing Muslim woman kicking a tear gas canister toward police with the approving comment, “Drop-kick that tear-gas canister, sister.”

Meanwhile, not long ago in Los Angeles, rioters were so grieved and angered by Floyd’s death that they spray-painted “Free Palestine” on the wall of a synagogue. This was in line with Urooj Rahman’s Molotov cocktail back in Brooklyn. In an interview before her attack, she enunciated the common goal of both movements: “This s–t won’t ever stop unless we f–kin’ take it all down.”

In both the interview and during her attack, Rahman kept a Palestinian keffiyeh close to her face. Her sartorial choice was not incidental. With her attempted torching of the police cruiser (her Molotov cocktail didn’t light), she brought Palestinian jihad tactics to the riots in the U.S. She also revealed the congruence between the ideology of the left in America today and that of jihadists, not just the Palestinians, but all over the world.

Meanwhile, the left’s anti-Americanism and determination to “f–kin’ take it all down” has been on abundant display in the recent riots in Louisville and elsewhere, and continues, to the apparent delight of Muslims such as Linda Sarsour, Urooj Rahman, Zahra Billoo, and Imraan Siddiqi. When Rahman was arrested, she was wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan “THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES REGARDLESS.” The Arabic word for “struggle” is, of course, jihad.

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Robert Spencer is the director of Jihad Watch and a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. He is author of 21 books, including the New York Times bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad. His latest book is Rating America’s Presidents: An America-First Look at Who Is Best, Who Is Overrated, and Who Was An Absolute Disaster. Follow him on Twitter here. Like him on Facebook here.

Former CNN Host Reza Aslan Threatens to ‘Burn the Entire F***ing Thing Down’




SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2020/08/joe-biden-condemns-anti-semite-linda-sarsour-after-she-appears-at-the-democratic-national-convention;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The message here is completely and irreparably mixed, and that’s likely to be exactly how Democrat strategists want it. Bernie Sanders loves Linda Sarsour; she was even a surrogate for his campaign. Thus she had to appear at the DNC as part of ongoing efforts to keep Bernie’s base loyal and in line behind Biden. But then Biden condemned her so as to reassure the Jews and supporters of Israel who, apparently blind to what has been happening over the last ten years, still vote Democrat. But this strategy depends on no one noticing the contradictory messages.

“Biden Condemns Former Women’s March Co-Chair Linda Sarsour After She Appears At DNC,” by Thomas Catenacci, Daily Caller News Foundation, August 18, 2020:

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden condemned Linda Sarsour Tuesday after she appeared at a Democratic National Convention council meeting.

“Joe Biden has been a strong supporter of Israel and a vehement opponent of anti-Semitism his entire life, and he obviously condemns her views and opposes BDS, as does the Democratic platform,” Biden spokesman Andrew Bates said, according to CNN’s Jake Tapper. “She has no role in the Biden campaign whatsoever.”

Bates referenced the official Democratic platform, according to Tapper, which says, “We oppose any effort to unfairly single out and delegitimize Israel, including at the United Nations or through the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement.”

Earlier in the day, the Donald Trump campaign tweeted a video of Sarsour’s appearance at the DNC saying her “extreme bigotry is welcomed by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”…



SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2020/02/video-linda-sarsour-warns-against-humanizing-israelisrepublished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
Mehdi Hasan nods along as Linda Sarsour warns against “humanizing” Israelis. The dehumanization of opponents is a bright red flag for anyone knowledgeable on extremism and fascism. pic.twitter.com/djZf2p1myi— Stephen Knight (@GSpellchecker) February 11, 2020  
The Qur’an depicts the Jews as inveterately evil and bent on destroying the well-being of the Muslims. They are the strongest of all people in enmity toward the Muslims (5:82); they fabricate things and falsely ascribe them to Allah (2:79; 3:75, 3:181); they claim that Allah’s power is limited (5:64); they love to listen to lies (5:41); they disobey Allah and never observe his commands (5:13). They are disputing and quarreling (2:247); hiding the truth and misleading people (3:78); staging rebellion against the prophets and rejecting their guidance (2:55); being hypocritical (2:14, 2:44); giving preference to their own interests over the teachings of Muhammad (2:87); wishing evil for people and trying to mislead them (2:109); feeling pain when others are happy or fortunate (3:120); being arrogant about their being Allah’s beloved people (5:18); devouring people’s wealth by subterfuge (4:161); slandering the true religion and being cursed by Allah (4:46); killing the prophets (2:61); being merciless and heartless (2:74); never keeping their promises or fulfilling their words (2:100); being unrestrained in committing sins (5:79); being cowardly (59:13-14); being miserly (4:53); being transformed into apes and pigs for breaking the Sabbath (2:63-65; 5:59-60; 7:166); and more. They are under Allah’s curse (9:30), and Muslims should wage war against them and subjugate them under Islamic hegemony (9:29).
Could that have anything to do with the pro-Sharia Sarsour’s view of Israelis?


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
A captured internal Muslim Brotherhood document states: “The process of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”
Now if you were dedicated to that goal of “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within,” how would you act any differently from how these people are acting?
“US ‘Border Church’ and ‘Border Mosque’ team up for prayer service,” by Alejandra Molina, RNS, October 25, 2019 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
For more than a decade, the Rev. John Fanestil, a United Methodist minister, has held a Sunday service at Friendship Park, a historic meeting place on the US-Mexico border overlooking the Pacific Ocean between San Diego and Tijuana.
While Communion is celebrated each week, Fanestil began the non-sectarian Christian ministry to help preserve the park as a public space where family members separated by their immigration status can interact, even if their interaction takes place through border fencing.
But in recent months, Border Church, or La Iglesia Fronteriza, has blossomed into a multifaith movement that includes a group of Muslims, who call themselves the Border Mosque, that has been joining Fanestil in prayer since April.
On Sunday. the two groups will co-host “Pray Beyond Borders”, a binational day of prayer that will include Indigenous, Muslim, Christian and Jewish leaders, as well as civil rights activist Linda Sarsour.
The event comes a year after new US Government restrictions took effect at the site, limiting the number of people allowed in the park to 10, down from 25, with federal immigration officials rotating people in and out every 30 minutes, Fanestil said.
Dustin Craun, executive director of the San Diego branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said the interfaith work at Friendship Park “is primarily about the families and keeping that space open”….
Craun has also been inspired by the border.
He has worked in El Paso, Texas, and Juarez, across the border, volunteering for a time at Annunciation House, a Catholic non-profit in El Paso that helps refugees. About five years ago, he co-founded MPower Change, a Muslim-led social and racial justice organisation, where he worked with Sarsour and other activists. Among MPower’s achievements is successfully advocating for the Louisville International Airport in Kentucky to be renamed after Muhammad Ali, a Louisville native.
Craun moved to San Diego earlier this year, he said, with the idea of beginning “some type of binational prayer”. When he learned of Border Church, he contacted Fanestil and Border Mosque was born soon afterward. Craun has produced a short film about the work Border Church has done to protect the part of Friendship Park where families meet. The film also documents how Border Church inspired the Muslim community “to stand for justice in the borderlands,” he said….
Sonia Garcia, founder of the Latina Muslim Foundation, said that the Border Mosque is a way for Muslims, who have faced immigration difficulties since 9/11, to expand their activism. Muslim voices, she said, need to “be heard in all borders,” and to stand for deported people and separated families no matter their national origin….


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
This article also was published Sept. 19 by the American Thinker.
A wide-ranging set of comments by Linda Sarsour – the newly designated official surrogate for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders – reveals the full extent of the Orwellian world in which she lives. Her views are even more shocking than what we already know about her pathological fabrication of history, her abject anti-Semitism, her fanatical hatred of the Jewish state, and her growing leadership role in the Democratic Party.
"This sentiment of ending occupation in Palestine, of supporting Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS), or at least at the minimum, the right for people to engage in Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions, the idea that being a staunch critic of the state of Israel does not equal being anti-Semitic. This is just mainstream now," Sarsour said in a rare February interview with Jacobin magazine's podcast, "The Dig."
Since Sarsour claimed to divine what constitutes "mainstream," the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution condemning the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement targeting Israel by a 398-17 vote.
BDS is the campaign to coerce corporations and universities into boycotting or divesting investments in Israel, with the goal of eliminating the State of Israel. A one-state solution that Sarsour advocates would accomplish just that, ending up with the destruction of Israel.
The lopsided House vote includes support from 93 percent of House Democrats. BDS, the resolution says, makes peace more difficult to achieve because it gives Palestinians hope that international pressure, not negotiations, is the best path to achieving their goals.
It specifically acknowledged that "the Global BDS Movement does not recognize, and many of its supporters explicitly deny, the right of the Jewish people to national self-determination." That rejection meets the U.S. State Department's definition of anti-Semitism.
Meanwhile, a resolution filed by Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., defending BDS by placing it in line with the American Civil Rights Movement and argued it was similar to the boycott of apartheid South Africa and Nazi Germany.
During the interview, Sarsour reiterated her support for a supposed "binational" state for Israelis and Palestinians. But even the interviewer, Daniel Denvir, who supports this view, acknowledged that "it does presume that Israel as a Jewish state will no longer exist." Yet Sarsour denies this, falsely claiming that Palestinians – despite the pre-1948 Palestinian pogroms against Jews, the Arab wars dedicated to annihilating Israel, and nearly daily terrorist attacks that have killed thousands of Jews – have always wanted to live in peace with Israel.
"The Democratic Party has to make a choice," she said, "like whose side are you on here?"
This question is indicative of Linda Sarsour's vendetta against people who disagree with her black-and-white worldview. As co-chair of the Women's March, Sarsour used her platform to declare that one cannot be both a Zionist and a feminist.
This past week, Sarsour and two other radicals were dropped from the board. Yet, Sarsour – in what appears was a one for one substitution – was replaced by an official of the Hamas front group CAIR, Zahra Billoo, who has repeatedly called for the destruction of the Jewish state, not to mention denouncing U.S. counterterrorism policies as similar to Nazism. The Women's March dropped Billoo days later after intense criticism.
Yet during the Dig interview, Sarsour praised leaders within the women's rights movement who are "not just preaching intersectionality, but in fact [are] implementing it in the larger movements we're a part of." For Sarsour, intersectionality means bridging diverse agendas – as long as supporters of Israel are left out. "Palestinian rights are at the table because they're part of a larger progressive agenda," Sarsour declared. Israeli rights are not.
There is no room for nuance among U.S.-based Islamists. In an ISNA speech last year, Sansour promoted a modern-day blood-libel by claiming that Jews were behind police shootings of unarmed blacks. But despite Sarsour's radical and anti-Semitic statements, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest Hamas money laundering case in U.S. history (and described by an FBI agent as a front group for Hamas, continues to promote her at high-profile events.
This "othering" dimension to Islamist-speak is only fueling sectarian discord in the United States.
It is ironic to hear Sarsour purport to denounce anti-Semitic preacher Minister Louis Farrakhan during the February interview, as someone whose statements "do not align with our unity principles at the Women's March." But these views did not prevent Sarsour from speaking at a 2015 event organized by Farrakhan, essentially legitimizing the anti-Semitic leader's conspiratorial and racist views. Sarsour deleted a 2015 Instagram post in which she gushed that Farrakhan "does not age, God bless him." She once called the Nation of Islam an "integral" part of the history of Islam.
As expected, Sarsour rails against Israel's military presence in the West Bank and its blockade of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.
"This is an illegal military occupation being paid for by taxpayer dollars. We must be unequivocal when we stand against the murder, the assassinations, the sniping of peaceful protesters in Gaza."
Yet Sarsour provides zero nuance as to why Israel maintains military control over parts of Palestinian territories and its borders with Israel especially against Palestinian terrorist organizations who openly state their aim to destroy Israel.
The "sniping of peaceful protesters" is yet another disingenuous Islamist talking point embraced by mainstream U.S. media outlets. The vast majority of Palestinians killedduring violent protests are operatives of Hamas and other terrorist organizations. This has been repeatedly confirmed by senior Hamas leaders. For years, Hamas has orchestrated near-weekly violent riots, staged lethal attacks at the border, while encouraging Palestinians to infiltrate into Israel to attack civilians. Other rioters throw pipe bombs and IED's over the Gaza fence and deploy Molotov kites, sparking fires in Israeli fields near the border causing massive damage.
Meanwhile, Sarsour is silent when it comes to condemning Hamas or Fatah for the brutal suppression of Palestinian demonstrators within their borders who are routinely repressed and tortured by their governing authorities.
In Sarsour's world, "There has never been a person that I've come across in Palestine that has said to me, Linda, the only way for Palestinians to live in peace is to destroy the state of Israel. It never happened. No one has ever said that, because that's not what the Palestinian people want."
This assertion is not only misleading, it is categorically false, given overwhelming evidence that Palestinian society and organizations systematically incite violence against Israel and glorify Palestinian terrorists who kill Jews. Hamas, an organization that exists to bring about Israeli's annihilation, continues to rule Gaza and remains disturbingly popular.
Palestinians convicted of attacking Israelis receive massive stipends from the Palestinian Authority, totaling tens of millions of dollars. The amount paid to terrorists depends on the length of sentence or on the number of Jews killed, which has become a source of pride in Palestine. Peaceful coexistence with Israel is rejected as traitorous.
Sarsour repeatedly denied that representatives Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are anti-Semitic: "I know them both very personally and they get really hurt by these false accusations of anti-Semitism." Really? But both Tlaib and Omar have a record of making anti-Semitic statements, including peddling accusations of dual loyalties by American supporters of Israel.
"So when you are supporting an anti-BDS legislation, which is anti the Constitution of the United States of America, which you swore to uphold as a member of the US Senate, then Rashida has every right to question, who are you for?" Sarsour said. But this argument precisely feeds into anti-Semitic tropes of dual loyalty. For American Islamists, one cannot be a patriotic American while opposing sanctions against the Jewish state – one of the United States' most staunch allies.
Towards the end of the interview, Sarsour had the audacity to defend anti-Semitic politicians like British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. She absolved him of responsibility for rampant anti-Semitism he has encouraged within Labour since he assumed leadership. For years, Corbyn has praised Palestinian terrorists and supported the worst forms of anti-Semitism.
Sarsour still claims she is "committed to calling out anti-Semitism in the progressive left. And I've done it many times before."
No, Linda, you are the poster-woman of leftist anti-Semitism.


Sanders Doubles Down on Anti-Semite Sarsour

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
Correction: U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders is from Vermont. An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified his home state. We regret the error.
Bernie Sanders has made an odd calculation in his quest for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. He all-but-ceded support from Jewish Democrats during the weekend by announcing anti-Semitic activist Linda Sarsour again will serve as a campaign surrogate.
When Sanders embraced Sarsour's support during the 2016 campaign, we showed how her rabidly anti-Israel views crossed into anti-Semitism. She views Zionism – the belief in a Jewish homeland – as "creepy." She spoke at Louis Farrakhan's 2015 Million Man March, where she called Zionists white supremacists.
Her actions since then, in helping lead the national Women's March and in spreading a blood libel that blames Jews for police shootings of unarmed black people, have only made her hatred for the Jewish state and its supporters clearer.
A Gallup report issued last month found that 95 percent of American Jews view Israel favorably and more than three-quarters "they were at least somewhat emotionally attached to Israel." In 2016, Jews voted for Hillary Clinton over President Trump by 71 percent to 23 percent, exit polling showed. All of this makes Sanders' partnership with Sarsour difficult to fathom.
Is he confident that enough Jewish Democrats will overlook Sarsour and still support him? Or is the bet that the rest of the Democratic base – the primary voters – either agree with her or don't prioritize the issue, and that that is enough to compensate for the loss of Jewish votes? If he were to become the Democratic nominee, what happens to those voters in a general election? Do liberal Jews choose not to vote for president? Or do they switch to President Trump, whom they overwhelmingly opposed in 2016?
Evidence of Sarsour's anti-Semitism is even deeper than it was in 2016:
  • Anti-Semitic incidents within the Women's March leadership forced the movement's founder out. Sarsour was a national co-chair. The problem was so severe it prompted several big-name sponsors, including the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Emily's List and the National Organization for Women (NOW), to withdraw support.
  • She reportedly has used Farrakhan's Nation of Islam for security, both personally and for the March.
  • She's a strong advocate of the BDS movement, which seeks to isolate Israel economically, politically and socially. BDS founder Marwan Barghouti has admitted that "We oppose a Jewish state in any part of Palestine. No Palestinian, rational Palestinian, not a sell-out Palestinian, will ever accept a Jewish state in Palestine."
  • One month after the 2016 election, Sarsour told an American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) gathering that her movement had no room for Jews who don't share her anti-Israel views, especially on BDS..
These ideas may have some momentum with younger, more liberal Democrats, but remain far on the fringe of the party's establishment. The U.S. House voted in July to condemn BDS by a 398-17 vote. It criticized the movement for "encouraging the Palestinians to reject negotiations in favor of international pressure" and because BDS "does not recognize, and many of its supporters explicitly deny, the right of the Jewish people to national self-determination."
By officially announcing Sarsour's role as a campaign surrogate, Sanders – an independent senator from Vermont – seems to see political gain in aligning with the 17 "no" voters.
Sarsour and her allies say that they are merely criticizing Israeli policies, and that cannot be considered anti-Semitic. But rejecting Israel's existence is a form of anti-Jewish bigotry according to the State Department's definition of anti-Semitism.
"I am an unapologetic pro-BDS, one-state solution supporting resistance supporter here in the U.S.," Sarsour told an audience at the Islamic Society of North America's (ISNA) annual convention a year ago, the Investigative Project on Terrorism exclusively reported. It was there that she blamed an Anti-Defamation League program that takes American police leaders to Israel to learn about anti-terror and riot control methods. The program does not include any hands-on training. But that didn't stop Sarsour from falsely alleging that, as a result of the program, police "come back here and do what? Stop and frisk, killing unarmed black people across the country."
Sarsour recently led a failed drive to get CNN anchor Jake Tapper fired after Tapper had the temerity to compare Palestinian rhetoric that incites violence to American political rhetoric and the role it may play in a spate of white nationalist violence in America. "Either tone matters or it doesn't," he said.
Sarsour, through her political group MPower Change, launched a petition demanding Tapper's firing. Tapper's reference to Palestinian incitement and terror glorification, which is well documentedamounted to "the height of unethical journalism," she said.
It wasn't. But the over-reaction says a lot about Sarsour's politics. A 2016 Sanders campaign ad concluded by showing Sarsour saying the candidate "sees all of me."
If he really does, and still embraces Sarsour's support, that might be the most disturbing aspect of all.



An uncomfortable question that Muslim leaders 

must be asked publicly

SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/272802/rahaf-mohammed-linda-sarsour-and-question-apostasy-hugh-fitzgeraldrepublished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
The saga of the 18-year-old Saudi girl, Rahaf Mohammed, has ended. She is now safe in Canada, where she was granted asylum, and was even greeted at Toronto’s airport on January 10 by Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland. She had been on the run from her family who, she said, might well kill her. Her crime? Daring to think for herself. At the age of 16, she had apparently thought for herself, and decided to leave Islam. She did not announce it to anyone in her family, but from that time forth she began to plan her escape from Saudi Arabia. She was in touch by email with another Saudi girl, also an apostate, who had managed to make it safely to the West, and from whose example Rahaf took heart. She initially set her sights on Australia.
When the family traveled to Kuwait on vacation in early January, she saw her chance. Once they were in Kuwait, she managed to evade the rest of her family and returned to the airport, where she took a flight to Thailand. At the Bangkok airport, she was met by Thai officials working with the local Saudis. They took away her passport, but did not take possession of Rahaf herself. She checked into an airport hotel, where she locked herself in a room. Thai guards stood outside. An official of Kuwait Airways came to plead with her, through a closed door, to go back to Kuwait. Nothing doing. Meanwhile, Rahaf Mohammed was contacting her friends on her phone, social media spread the story, and her plight was picked up by major news outlets, including the BBC and CNN.
The huge international outcry led Thai authorities to grant UNHCR (United Nations High Commission For Refugees) access to her “to assess her need for international refugee protection,” the UNHCR said in a statement.
Phil Robertson, the deputy Asia director for Human Rights Watch, said: “Today really was a good day for the cause of human rights around the world, with Rahaf’s tremendous courage and resilience being met with a global surge of sympathy for her. It all came together to persuade Thailand to do the right thing.”
Rahaf was still in Thailand when her father and brother arrived in Bangkok. She refused to see them; she said she was in “fear for her life.” In any case, we can all imagine the kind of performance they would put on if she had finally consented to such a meeting. Aware that they were being filmed, the father would no doubt have promised, in the nicest possible way, not to harm her in the least “if only you come home now, my daughter, and stop making a spectacle that is hurting our family and our country.” His wary daughter didn’t give him that chance.
Rahaf’s public plea for asylum expanded to include Canada, the U.S., and the United Kingdom, as well as Australia. Canada was the first to respond, and now she is safe in Toronto.
It’s a very important case. Thanks to Rahaf Mohammed, the world has been given a good look at several aspects of Islam that deserve to be held up for inspection.
First, there is the demonstration that despite Qur’an 2:256, a favorite verse for Islamic apologists that says “there is no compulsion in religion,” the example of Rahaf Mohammed shows that there most certainly is “compulsion” in the religion of Islam. The threat of death for apostasy, which Rahaf Mohammed clearly fears, constitutes all the “compulsion” any Muslim needs to stay within the faith. As for non-Muslims, it is true that People of the Book, ahl al-kitab — Jews, Christians, and Sabeans — are permitted to remain alive, and even to practice their religions, but they can do so only as “dhimmis,” tolerated as long as they fulfill a long list of onerous and humiliating conditions, of which the most important is the Jizyah tax. And that explains why millions of non-Muslims have, over the centuries, converted to Islam, because they knew it was the only way to escape from the conditions imposed on them as dhimmis. That need to escape dhimmi status constitutes another kind of “compulsion in religion.”
Second, there is the treatment of this 18-year-old girl by her devout Muslim family, which has given the world’s Infidels a vivid idea of Muslim family relations, with a despotic father who exercises total control over his children, and where a brother can similarly act as an “enforcer” for a disobedient sister. For having her hair cut in a way her family did not approve — was it merely a matter of taste, or was it deemed un-Islamic? — Rahaf was locked in her room for six months. This is one example her own story has brought to the world’s attention, demonstrating the kind of power wielded by Muslim males over an errant female family member. It’s a horrifying picture.
91% of the honor killings in the world are committed by Muslims. This is, according to the Wikipedia definition, the “murder of a member of a family, due to the perpetrators’ belief that the victim has brought shame or dishonor upon the family, or has violated the principles of a community or a religion, usually for reasons such as divorcing or separating from their spouse, refusing to enter an arranged marriage, being in a relationship that is disapproved by their family, having sex outside marriage, becoming the victim of rape, dressing in ways which are deemed inappropriate, engaging in non-heterosexual relations or renouncing a faith.”
Rahaf Mohammed’s fear of being murdered by her family in such an “honor killing” was not farfetched. But in Thailand she had become a cause celebre, and had she been forced back to Saudi Arabia, it would have been much harder for the family to punish her in such a manner.
One hopes that that stout defender of women’s rights, Ms. Linda Sarsour, who has managed to present herself as an uber-feminist, and “leader” of the Women’s March, even as she defends that most misogynistic of faiths, Islam, will be asked her views on Rahaf Mohammed. Did she find the girl’s family outrageous for their having locked her in her room for six months as punishment for a haircut? That one should be easy for Linda Sarsour. Of course, she does. But she has been mostly defensive about Saudi Arabia. She has repeatedly tweeted praise of the Kingdom, for example, of its offering 10 months paid maternity leave, as if that should end all criticism of the Saudi treatment of women. She attacks those who think Saudi women should be allowed to choose how to dress — i.e., whether to cover or not, and if so, by how much — by tweeting that it’s a trivial social problem. She’s defended Sharia law — ignoring its severe punishments, for example, for all kinds of sexual behavior, and its unequal treatment of women (e.g., in inheritance laws and testimony in court) — by exclaiming, again deflecting attention from the real issue, “wouldn’t it be great” if all interest payments were abolished as under Sharia. In reply to criticism of the condition of women in Saudi Arabia, she answers that “there are women in the Saudi parliament,” as if that were a suitable defense. You can find more on her defense of Saudi Arabia here.
And what does Linda Sarsour say about those many Muslims, including Rahaf’s family, who think apostates from Islam should be killed? If she denounces that view, she would be denouncing a belief that is central to Islam. As stated by Muhammad in a hadith (Al-Bukhari 9:57): “Whoever changes his Islamic religion, kill him.” Will Linda Sarsour take issue with Muhammad? Or if asked to comment on Rahaf’s case, will she instead meretriciously offer, as I suspect, something to deflect attention such as “look, this girl was trying to get asylum, so she makes all kinds of wild charges about death threats and so on. I’m not surprised. And her little ploy worked — she’s now in Canada.”
By her own brave defiance both of her family and of Islam itself, Rahaf Mohammed has helped bring the subject of how Muslims treat apostates to the world’s attention. Many who knew nothing about how severely those who leave the faith can be punished will have learned, through Rahaf’s own story, of the threats of death she reasonably feared and, one hopes, of the hadith which supports that punishment, in which Muhammad gives his terrifying command to “kill [anyone] who changes his Islamic religion.” That ought to startle a good many people, who until now will not have known about the punishment for apostates from Islam. Her case will ideally lead to widespread discussion of this murderous hadith, which Muslims cannot ever disavow and Infidels cannot ever accept. It will be fascinating, too, to see how Muslim apologists will attempt, as they must, to defend that punishment. For without such a threat, how many millions or tens of millions of “cultural” Muslims, or Muslim-For-Identification-Purposes-Only Muslims, would leave Islam?
Meanwhile, let’s ask Linda Sarsour, our Muslim Feminist Misogynist, if she is delighted that Rahaf’s story has a happy outcome and if she thinks we should all celebrate her bravery. Or does she think that girl should have returned dutifully to her family in Saudi Arabia, a country which Linda Sarsour has for so long defended? Complicating matters for Sarsour, the Saudis, apparently ungrateful for her efforts on their behalf, began in December to assail her for having her roots in the Muslim Brotherhood. What’s poor Linda Sarsour to do — keep defending the Saudis, or deepen the rift not of her making?
And let’s all keep Linda Sarsour in our sights, by asking her, on every conceivable occasion and on every conceivable platform: Do you agree, Linda, that those who leave Islam should be killed? Or punished in any way? Yes or no? How many ways can even Linda Sarsour possibly squirm out of answering that?



SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/point/272827/linda-sarsour-raises-money-muslim-child-killer-who-daniel-greenfieldrepublished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
By American standards, Domineque Hakim Marcelle Ray was a monster. But by the standards of Mohammed, who raped and killed countless people, Ray was a moderate. So why wouldn’t Linda Sarsour fundraise for this monster?
“Domineque Hakim Marcel Ray was executed by the State of Alabama & denied his request to have his imam present. His final request was to AT LEAST have a proper Muslim burial. We can help make that happen,” Sarsour tweeted.
Here’s what Ray did.
His execution comes 20 years after being put on death row, and while he was also serving time for the killings of two teenage boys who were slain the year before Tiffany Harville was fatally stabbed. For the boys’ killings, he was sentenced to life in prison.
One of those boys was only 13 years old.
Tiffany was only 15. He raped her and stabbed her in the head.
Ray’s last words were in Arabic. He made a hand signal consisting of a closed fist with his index finger pointed and looked toward the viewing room where two of his attorneys and spiritual adviser were sitting, along with members of the media.
One of Ray’s attorneys from the Federal Defenders of the Middle District of Alabama, Spencer Hahn, said after the execution, “Domineque was a devout Muslim and a human being. He was a son, a father, a brother. He wanted equal treatment in his last moments. I am beyond appalled at the willingness of Steve Marshall and the State of Alabama to treat a human being differently because he was part of a religious minority. We are better than this.”
We are better than this. That’s why Ray was put down like a mad dog. Lefties, however, are worse than this, that’s why they defend a monster.


Brooklyn Girl with Hateful, Islamist Views

“Despite having a wife in the spotlight, Sarsour’s husband, Maher Judeh (a.k.a., Maher Abo Tamer) believes that Muslim women should censor themselves on social media, saying “they can socialize on Facebook with friends but to an extent [sic].”  Judeh works as a cashier at a deli/convenience store in Brooklyn. The deli is known for selling alcohol to minors.”
“In the past, Judeh has expresses a fondness for Fatah. He praised Palestinian Authority police officer Amjad Sukkari “Abu Omar” as a hero. Sukkari carried out a shooting attack at a checkpoint in Israel. He mourned the death of the brothers (and Hamas “master terrorists”) Adel and Imad Awadallah. Judeh has also spoken of the founder of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), George Habash, in glowing terms.  Habash has been describes by some as the “godfather of Middle East terrorism.”  Judeh at one point in time was allegedly facing deportation.”
“Sarsour is seen as a rising star in the Democratic Party.  However, when she’s not busy with narcissistic self-promotion, she spews hatred.” 
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
Every day more secrets are revealed about the Muslim Brotherhood and the State of Qatar, which stands behind the Muslim Brotherhood and supports it financially and morally through several tools and institutions, both inside Arab countries and in the West, especially in the United States of America, under the cover of the charities and NGO organizations located in those countries.
Linda Sarsour is an Arab American of Palestinian origin and executive director of the New York-based Arab American Society, an association that is administratively linked to the Qatar Foundation International and ideologically follows the Muslim Brotherhood and Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi – a terror promoter — who strongly supports the terrorist Hamas movement and the Qatari government, which is allied with adherents of political Islam. The Qatar Foundation International is closely linked to the Qatari government. Former US Treasury Department analyst Jonathan Schanzer describes the institution  as “an ATM for the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliated groups, the spiritual father of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, as well as funding Hamas and terror groups in Syria.” Schanzer stressed that Qatar’s neighbors from Arab countries were “nauseated” by Qatar’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood.
The Qatar Foundation and the Emir of Qatar established the Al-Qaradawi Research Center in honor of Qaradawi. The purpose of the Center was to promote Al-Qaradawi’s ideas on the basis that he was a pioneer of moderate Islamic thought for Muslims today. In January 2012, the Qatar Foundation (QF) opened a center for Islamic legislation and advocacy. Tariq Ramadan, the grandson of the Brotherhood’s founder Hassan al-Banna and the son of Brotherhood leader Saeed Ramadan, was appointed as the director of research of  the center.
At the same time, the Qatar Foundation has strong ties to the International Institute of Islamic Thought, an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States that was investigated on terror finance issues after the 9/11 attacks. The deputy director of the Qatar Foundation for Islamic Legislation and Advocacy was Jasser Odeh. At the same time, he taught and lectured at the International Institute of Islamic Thought, as he mentioned in his own profile. The Muslim Brotherhood in the United States described the International Institute of Islamic Thought as one of “our organizations and institutions owned by our friends” in a secret memo issued in 1991. The memo states that the purpose of its network in the United States is “a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destructing Western civilization from within.”
Now we come back to Linda Sarsour, who also has suspicious personal relationships. In 2004, Sarsour told the press that the US authorities questioned her and her Palestinian husband Maher Judeh, who was threatened with deportation after living in the United States for seven years. In the same interview, Sarsour mentioned that one of her cousins spent 25 years in prison in Israel, and that a family friend was sentenced to 99 years in prison. She added that her unmarried brother was also serving a 12-month sentence for being a member of Hamas.
The New York Police Department opened an investigation into the relationships of the Arab-American Association, headed by Linda Sarsour, and tried to obtain information about its board members. It found that its chairman was Dr. Ahmed Jaber, head of the Dawood mosque, known as the Islamic Mission in America. Sarsour is constantly trying to portray law enforcement officials and the government as unfair to Muslims, and her claims and fears of terrorist plots are in fact government conspiracies, according to Sarsour.
For example, Sarsour said that New York police detectives fabricated terror cases so they could get funding for the New York Police Department. The government stopped an al-Qaeda plot to destroy an aircraft using an explosive device hidden in a person’s underwear: Sarsour claimed the attacker was actually a CIA agent. In an interview, Sarsour said that “fear of Islam” is merely a manifestation of American persecution of minorities, and the United States remains a democratic state with an authoritarian element. Sarsour is known to launch fierce attacks on Muslim Brotherhood opponents, including Muslim dissidents themselves, so the Qatar-affiliated Brotherhood put its money in the right place when it decided to invest in her organization.
Sarsour was honored as one of the “Extraordinary Brooklyn Women,” and has sparked controversy because of her closeness to Bill de Blasio, the mayor of New York. The newspapers added that in the past, if you wanted to become mayor of New York, you had to campaign to get closer to the Jews and get their votes, but now in a clear shift, you need to race not only to get the support of Muslims, but the voices of those with ties to Hamas, as is the case Linda Sarsour. Sarsour has also been charged with anti-Semitism because of her public pride that she has relatives who have been convicted of belonging to the terrorist Hamas movement.
Linda’s brother, Jameel Sarsour, is accused of belonging to the terrorist group Hamas and being on the terrorist list of the United States government, under the category of a “specialized international terrorist” by the US Treasury Department. It is strange that Jamil Sarsour lives freely in the U.S. although the government has given him this terrorist label. The FBI agents who investigated him, including FBI agent Robert Wright and retired FBI agent John Vincent, are very angry about it.
Despite this, Sarsour was a familiar face in the Obama White House. The Obama administration opened the White House to adherents of political Islam; they attended hundreds of meetings at the White House. Court documents and other records have confirmed that many of these visitors belong to groups that act as fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and other Islamic organizations. These investigations were based on a comprehensive analysis of records of visitors to the White House. These meetings were conducted with groups such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and other groups linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. In 2013, White House officials received a delegation from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, which is now banned in Egypt and many Arab states as a terror group. It seeks to impose Sharia by force. They visited the White House. And Sarsour confirmed that she was  invited to at least seven White House meetings between 2010 and 2014.
Obama is gone from the White House, but Sarsour’s continuing influence on the Left is a bad omen for America, a sign of what will happen in the future.


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:

Muhammad was a human rights activist?
Do Jews count as humans? The Qur’an depicts the Jews as fabricating things and falsely ascribing them to Allah (2:79; 3:75, 3:181, 5:64); loving to listen to lies (5:41); disobeying Allah and never observing his commands (5:13); disputing and quarreling (2:247); hiding the truth and misleading people (3:78); staging rebellion against the prophets and rejecting their guidance (2:55); being hypocritical (2:14, 2:44); giving preference to their own interests over the teachings of Muhammad (2:87); wishing evil for people and trying to mislead them (2:109); feeling pain when others are happy or fortunate (3:120); being arrogant about their being Allah’s beloved people (5:18); devouring people’s wealth by subterfuge (4:161); slandering the true religion and being cursed by Allah (4:46); killing the prophets (2:61); being merciless and heartless (2:74); never keeping their promises or fulfilling their words (2:100); being unrestrained in committing sins (5:79); being cowardly (59:13-14); being miserly (4:53); and more. It tells Muslims that Jews will be their worst enemies (5:82) and that they’re under Allah’s curse (9:30), and that Muslims must wage war against and subjugate them under the hegemony of Sharia, denying them basic rights (9:29).
Do women count as humans? The Qur’an teaches that men are superior to women and should beat those from whom they “fear disobedience”: “Men have authority over women because Allah has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because Allah has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them.” — Qur’an 4:34
Muhammad’s child bride, Aisha, says in a hadith that Muhammad “struck me on the chest which caused me pain, and then said: ‘Did you think that Allah and His Apostle would deal unjustly with you?’” — Sahih Muslim 2127
The Qur’an likens a woman to a field (tilth), to be used by a man as he wills: “Your women are a tilth for you, so go to your tilth as you will” — Qur’an 2:223
It declares that a woman’s testimony is worth half that of a man: “Get two witnesses, out of your own men, and if there are not two men, then a man and two women, such as you choose, for witnesses, so that if one of them errs, the other can remind her” — Qur’an 2:282
It allows men to marry up to four wives, and have sex with slave girls also: “If you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with the orphans, marry women of your choice, two or three or four; but if you fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly, then only one, or one that your right hands possess, that will be more suitable, to prevent you from doing injustice” — Qur’an 4:3
It rules that a son’s inheritance should be twice the size of that of a daughter: “Allah directs you as regards your children’s inheritance: to the male, a portion equal to that of two females” — Qur’an 4:11
It allows for marriage to pre-pubescent girls, stipulating that Islamic divorce procedures “shall apply to those who have not yet menstruated” — Qur’an 65:4
Islamic law stipulates that a man’s prayer is annulled if a dog or a woman passes in front of him as he is praying. “Narrated ‘Aisha: The things which annul the prayers were mentioned before me. They said, “Prayer is annulled by a dog, a donkey and a woman (if they pass in front of the praying people).” I said, ‘You have made us (i.e. women) dogs.’ I saw the Prophet praying while I used to lie in my bed between him and the Qibla. Whenever I was in need of something, I would slip away. for I disliked to face him.” — Sahih Bukhari 1.9.490
Another hadith depicts Muhammad saying that the majority of the inhabitants of hell are women:
“I looked into Paradise and I saw that the majority of its people were the poor. And I looked into Hell and I saw that the majority of its people are women.” — Sahih Bukhari 3241; Sahih Muslim 2737
When asked about this, he explained:

“I was shown Hell and I have never seen anything more
terrifying than it. And I saw that the majority of its people are
women.” They said, “Why, O Messenger of Allah?” He said, “Because of
their ingratitude (kufr).” It was said, “Are they ungrateful to Allah?”
He said, “They are ungrateful to their companions (husbands) and
ungrateful for good treatment. If you are kind to one of them for a
lifetime then she sees one (undesirable) thing in you, she will say, ‘I
have never had anything good from you.’” — Sahih Bukhari 1052

And in another hadith:

The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be
upon him) went out to the musalla (prayer place) on the day of Eid
al-Adha or Eid al-Fitr. He passed by the women and said, ‘O women! Give
charity, for I have seen that you form the majority of the people of
Hell.’ They asked, ‘Why is that, O Messenger of Allah?’ He replied, ‘You
curse frequently and are ungrateful to your husbands. I have not seen
anyone more deficient in intelligence and religious commitment than you.
A cautious sensible man could be led astray by some of you.’ The women
asked, ‘O Messenger of Allah, what is deficient in our intelligence and
religious commitment?’ He said, ‘Is not the testimony of two women equal
to the testimony of one man?’ They said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘This is the
deficiency in her intelligence. Is it not true that a woman can neither
pray nor fast during her menses?’ The women said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘This
is the deficiency in her religious commitment.’” — Sahih Bukhari 304

Another statement attributed to Muhammad: “If a husband calls his wife to his bed [i.e. to have sexual relation] and she refuses and causes him to sleep in anger, the angels will curse her till morning.” — Sahih Bukhari 4.54.460
And how about non-Muslims? Are they humans? Here are some more quotes attributed to Muhammad in the Hadith:
“I have been made victorious through terror.” — Sahih Bukhari 4:52.220
“Fight against those who disbelieve in Allah. Make a holy war…When you meet your enemies who are polytheists, invite them to three courses of action. If they respond to any one of these you also accept it and withhold yourself from doing them any harm. Invite them to (accept) Islam; if they respond to you, accept it from them and desist from fighting against them…. If they refuse to accept Islam, demand from them the Jizya. If they agree to pay, accept it from them and hold off your hands. If they refuse to pay the tax, seek Allah’s help and fight them.” — Sahih Muslim 4294
“I have been commanded to fight against people so long as they do not declare that there is no god but Allah, and he who professed it was guaranteed the protection of his property and life on my behalf except for the right affairs rest with Allah.” — Sahih Muslim 30
“May Allah curse the Jews and Christians for they built the places of worship at the graves of their Prophets.” — Sahih Bukhari 1.8.427
Well, Sarsour may have this quote from Muhammad in mind: “War is deceit” (Bukhari 4.52.268).

“U.S. Political Activist Linda Sarsour: The Prophet Muhammad Was a Human Rights Activist; We Don’t Need the West to Teach Us about Feminism,” MEMRI
December 13, 2018:

On December 2, 2018, American political activist Linda
Sarsour spoke at the 2018 Salam Annual Banquet, which was held at the
Salam Community Center in Sacramento, CA. She criticized President Trump
for moving the American embassy to Jerusalem, saying: “I declare to all
of you here today in Sacramento that Jerusalem is and always will be
the capital of Palestine.” She said that the Trump administration is
fascist and encouraged Muslims to become involved in politics even if
their mosques usually avoid politics, because simply being Muslim is a
political act. She said that the Prophet Muhammad was a human rights
activist, and that there is no need for workers’ rights movements,
environmental justice movements, Black Lives Matter movements,
anti-racism, or feminism because Islam has taught these values long
before they were hashtags or movements. She added: “I don’t need people
in the West, people in Europe, or people in the United States… to teach
me what feminism is.” The video of Sarsour’s speech was uploaded to the
Salam Center’s YouTube channel on December 13, 2018.

Following are excerpts:
Linda Sarsour: This administration also went against the
international community and thought it was a good idea to move the
American embassy to Jerusalem. This President stood up and declared, and
thought it was just about words, [and] that he has so much power that
he can stand up and declare that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.
Since he thinks it’s as easy as words, I will declare to all of you here
in Sacramento that Jerusalem is and always will be the capital of
This administration is not like any other administration. We are
talking about a time in the United States of America when we are living
under fascism. These are fascists.
I go to a lot of mosques or community centers and this is what they
say to me. They say: “Sister Linda, we know that you’re very political,
but in my mosque, we try not to be too political. We don’t like politics
here.” This is what I want you to tell anybody who says to you: “I’m
not political, I don’t know about politics, I don’t know if I want to
engage in politics, at my mosque that I go to they aren’t really
political…” Here’s my answer to these people. If you woke up this
morning, and you are breathing and you are Muslim, [then] you’re
I tell people all the time that I went to public school. My parents
couldn’t afford to send seven children to Islamic school. But on the
weekends, we went on Saturdays and Sundays to Islamic school. As I grew
older, I realized that I got cheated out of my Islamic education.
You know what I feel like I got cheated out of? Nobody told me that
my beloved Prophet Muhammad was an activist. He was a human rights
We don’t need a workers’ rights movement or an environmental justice
movement. We don’t even need a Black Lives Matter movement, because our
religion has taught us that black lives mattered way before there was
ever a hashtag, or a movement, or people protesting outside on these
streets. Our religion has always been an anti-racist, feminist, and
empowering religion. I don’t need people in the West, or people in
Europe, or people in the United States of America to teach me what
feminism is.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:

Linda Sarsour appeared to criticize American Jews of a
dual loyalty to Israel in a Facebook post calling for support for
Congresswoman-elect Ilhan Omar, following a backlash over her
announcement that she supports boycotting Israel. Sarsour wrote….that
Omar is “being attacked for saying that she supports BDS (Boycott
Divestment Sanctions) and the right for people to engage in
constitutionally protected freedoms. This is not only coming from the
right-wing but some folks who masquerade as progressives but always
choose their allegiance to Israel over their commitment to democracy and
free speech.

Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East; it is surrounded by
Muslim countries that seek to obliterate it simply for being the Jewish
state. It is no secret that from the day of its birth in 1948, Israel
has fought for its existence, after the Holocaust that was aided by

It was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Mohammed Amin al-Husseini, who “proposed an Arab revolt
all across the Middle East to fight the Jews,” and who ultimately
worked with Hitler and Eichmann in executing the Holocaust. In 1942,
during World War II, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), Hassan
al-Banna, established MB branches in Transjordan and Ottoman South Syria
(what is referred to as “Palestine”). The MB propaganda against Israel,
and its aim to obliterate it, has thus been the dominant ideology in
the Palestinian territories since World War II.

Sarsour supports the jihad against Israel, but pretends that she is
standing for “democracy” and “free speech,” neither of which have any
place in the Palestinian territories and in the Islamic states that
surround Israel. BDS is nothing more than a calculated scheme to
delegitimize the Jewish state of Israel. It is a sly promotion of
anti-Semitism, and aims ultimately to destroy Israel via economic

Benjamin Netanyahu ignited a firestorm when he rightly stated at the 37th World Zionist Congress three years ago:

“Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews at the time,
he wanted to expel the Jews. And Haj Amin al-Husseini went to Hitler and
said, ‘If you expel them, they’ll all come here.’ ‘So what should I do
with them?’ he asked. He said, ‘Burn them’.”

Prior to Netanyahu’s words, it was relatively easy to find this
historic reference to al-Husseini’s conversation with Hitler, but when
one does a Google search now,  Netanyahu’s reference is central and is
surrounded by remarks about how shocking Netanyahu’s words were. What is
actually shocking is the Grand Mufti’s remarks. And those of Ilhan

Omar’s tweets about Israel have earned her notoriety in
the pro-Israel community. In 2012, she said that Israel had “hypnotized
the world” to ignore its “evil doings.” Defending that tweet earlier
this year, she said on the same platform that calling attention to the
“Israeli apartheid regime” was not anti-Semitic…The statement
appears to contradict her comments during a candidates’ forum at a
Minneapolis-area synagogue in which Omar affirmed her support for
Israel’s right to exist under a two-state solution and said she did not
support BDS.

The Muslim Brotherhood and other stealth jihadists are the ones who
have hypnotized the world with their deceptions, promulgated under the
guise of “diversity,” “anti-racism,” and concern for “human rights.”

Israel has defended itself from obliteration while Sarsour and Omar
cast it an “apartheid regime.”
Meanwhile, scores of Arab Israelis openly
discuss with tourists their happiness living in Israel compared with
the abuses of their own people by the Palestinian Authority. Worse is
that Sarsour and Omar have been aided in spreading their anti-Semitic
propaganda by Westerners who mindlessly support the BDS movement and
share its willful and shameless ignorance of history.

Although Sarsour claims to support human rights, she is silent about
the gross abuses committed by her coreligionists against non-Muslims,
gays and women. Add in the ongoing efforts to obliterate the tiny Jewish
state, surrounded by large Muslim nations that are Muslim nations today
because they were conquered by the vilest of means: bloody jihad,
torture and the sanctioned taking of infidel sex slaves. What an
advocate for human rights Sarsour makes.

“Muslim Activist Sarsour Accuses American Jews of Dual Loyalty to Israel,” JTA, November 19, 2018:

Activist Linda Sarsour appeared to criticize American
Jews of a dual loyalty to Israel in a Facebook post calling for support
for Congresswoman-elect Ilhan Omar, following a backlash over her
announcement that she supports boycotting Israel.

Sarsour wrote in the post on Thursday that Omar is “being attacked
for saying that she supports BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) and the
right for people to engage in constitutionally protected freedoms. This
is not only coming from the right-wing but some folks who masquerade as
progressives but always choose their allegiance to Israel over their
commitment to democracy and free speech.”

Sarsour, a leader of the Women’s March who has come under fire for
not disassociating herself or the movement from Nation of Islam leader
Louis Farrakhan, who has made anti-Semitic and bigoted statements for
decades, most recently comparing Jews to termites, also called for
people to post messages of support to Omar on social media. “You don’t
have to support BDS and have every right not to but we cannot stand by
idly while a brave Black Muslim American woman is targeted for saying
she will uphold the constitution of the United States of America as a
member of the US Congress,” Sarsour wrote.

In the comments section on the post in response to the criticism,
Sarsour singled out the Anti-Defamation League. In an online petition in
support of Omar, Sarsour wrote that she was alarmed by “organizations
like the ADL using their platforms to attack a trailblazing Black Muslim
woman in order to undermine advocacy for Palestinian human rights.”

The post raised the ire of the American Jewish Committee which
responded in a tweet that: “Accusing Jews of dual loyalty is one of the
oldest and most pernicious antisemitic tropes. No surprise to see it
coming from @LSarsour. How long will progressive leaders continue to
look the other way in the face of this hate?

Ilhan’s campaign on Wednesday told the Muslim Girl website that she
“believes in and supports the BDS movement.” It added that she “does,
however, have reservations on the effectiveness of the movement in
accomplishing a lasting solution.”

The statement appears to contradict her comments during a candidates’
forum at a Minneapolis-area synagogue in which Omar affirmed her
support for Israel’s right to exist under a two-state solution and said
she did not support BDS. She said that BDS “stops the dialogue” and is
“counteractive” to achieving a two-state outcome….


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
The Left is busy dehumanizing all of those whom it hates, so this is no surprise. And a pro-Sharia Muslima such as Linda Sarsour will be eager to dehumanize the Jews, who are already amply dehumanized in the Qur’an. The Qur’an depicts the Jews as inveterately evil and bent on destroying the well-being of the Muslims. They are the strongest of all people in enmity toward the Muslims (5:82); they fabricate things and falsely ascribe them to Allah (2:79; 3:75, 3:181); they claim that Allah’s power is limited (5:64); they love to listen to lies (5:41); they disobey Allah and never observe his commands (5:13). They are disputing and quarreling (2:247); hiding the truth and misleading people (3:78); staging rebellion against the prophets and rejecting their guidance (2:55); being hypocritical (2:14, 2:44); giving preference to their own interests over the teachings of Muhammad (2:87); wishing evil for people and trying to mislead them (2:109); feeling pain when others are happy or fortunate (3:120); being arrogant about their being Allah’s beloved people (5:18); devouring people’s wealth by subterfuge (4:161); slandering the true religion and being cursed by Allah (4:46); killing the prophets (2:61); being merciless and heartless (2:74); never keeping their promises or fulfilling their words (2:100); being unrestrained in committing sins (5:79); being cowardly (59:13-14); being miserly (4:53); being transformed into apes and pigs for breaking the Sabbath (2:63-65; 5:59-60; 7:166); and more. They are under Allah’s curse (9:30), and Muslims should wage war against them and subjugate them under Islamic hegemony (9:29).
Sarsour was speaking at the annual conference of the Islamic Society of North America. “The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) was established in July 1981 by U.S-based members of the Muslim Brotherhood with a background as leaders of the Muslim Students Association (MSA). As author and terrorism expert Steven Emerson puts it, ISNA “grew out of the Muslim Students Association, which also was founded by Brotherhood members.” Indeed, Muslim Brothers would dominate ISNA’s leadership throughout the Society’s early years. Striving “to advance the cause of Islam and serve Muslims in North America so as to enable them to adopt Islam as a complete way of life,” ISNA was highly dependent upon Saudi funding during its early years.” — from Discover the Networks
In its latest filing before the federal district court in Dallas on behalf of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and its affiliate organization, the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) in the Hamas-terrorism financing case, the ACLU has made a noteworthy admission.
Rather than deny that there is copious evidence tying ISNA and NAIT to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, the brief argues that such evidence is merely dated. In a curious footnote on page 7, the reply states:
Assuming the authenticity of documents’ dates, the most recent documents to mention either ISNA or NAIT are dated 1991, Gov. Exhs. 3-3 and 3-85, but the majority of the documents are older. Almost all of the numerous exhibits that purport to show financial transactions and that contain any mention of ISNA or NAIT are dated 1988 and 1989 (there are two dated 1990), almost a decade before the majority of the overt acts the government alleges in support of its conspiracy charges against the HLF defendants.
So ISNA and NAIT are not saying that the documents tying their organizations to Hamas are “inauthentic,” but that the problem with the evidence is just that it is old. Then, even more curiously, the reply goes on to argue something that the government has not even alleged:
Even if the “evidence” provided some basis for alleging criminality against petitioners, the government’s discussion of it shows the government utterly fails to grasp the singular weight and consequence that an official accusation of criminal conduct carries in our criminal justice system and in our society.
But, of course, the government has not charged ISNA or NAIT with criminal conduct, or the two groups would be indicted in their own right, rather than un-indicted co-conspirators who worked with the Holy Land for Relief and Development (HLF), the defendant and alleged Hamas-front. The reply brief then, as Shakespeare might write, “doth protest too much.”
“Linda Sarsour: Muslims should not ‘humanize’ Israelis,” by Gary Willig, Israel National News, September 9, 2018:
Left-wing activist Linda Sarsour said that American Muslims should not humanize Israelis during an Islamic conference, the Algemeiner reported.
Addressing the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) convention in Houston, Texas, Sarsour accused American Muslims who were not sufficiently active in supporting the Palestinian Arab cause of being “complicit in the occupation, of Palestinians, in the murder of Palestinian protesters.”
Sarsour warned against normalization or friendly relations with Israelis. “If you’re on the side of the oppressor, or you’re defending the oppressor, or you’re actually trying to humanize the oppressor, then that’s a problem sisters and brothers, and we got to be able to say: that is not the position of the Muslim American community.”
Sarsour, who was propelled into the national spotlight as a leader of the Women’s March following the election of US President Donald Trump, has been criticized for expressing support for anti-Semites and terrorists who murdered Israelis….


Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed, a Muslim candidate for Governor in Michigan declared his open support for the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a designated terrorist organization.

Investigative journalist Laura Loomer traveled to Michigan with The United West to investigate Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed who is running as a Democrat Socialist. El-Sayed is a Sharia compliant Muslim who openly supports Islamic terrorists.

Will the mainstream media ignore the fact that a supporter of Islamic terrorism is running for office?

 Exposé – Abdul El-Sayed – Marxist Jihad in Michigan – MUST WATCH!
Democrat candidate for Governor of Michigan, Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed has a proven history and background with Muslim Brotherhood alignment and associations. His Marxist Jihad interactions in support of Mohamed Morsi during the Arab Spring, the supporters of his campaign – Linda Sarsour, Bernie Sanders, ISNA, and CAIR, and his Sharia compliant Islamic practices all relate the real plan he has for Michigan.


Abdul EL-Sayed Signed Support of Jihadist MB leader Mohamed Morsi 
Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate Abdul El Sayed CONFRONTED Over His Practice of Sharia Law
Investigative journalist Laura Loomer traveled to Michigan with The United West to investigate Abdul El-Sayed, a Muslim candidate running for Governor in Michigan as a Democrat Socialist.

El-Sayed is a Sharia compliant Muslim, but his political platform and talking points directly contradict Islamic law.

When Loomer attended one of Abdul’s campaign events in Michigan, she asked him about his practice of Sharia Law and if he recognizes the conflict of being a devout Muslim while also campaigning on a Marxist political platform. The Democrats claim to be pro-women, pro-LGBTQ, and pro-equality, but each of those things are prohibited under Islamic law, which Abdul himself has said he practices.

When confronted with hard questions from Loomer, Abdul ran away.

Sharia Crime Stoppers Warns: Will Michigan Stand for US Constitution or Sharia In 2018 Mid-Term? 
Investigative journalist Laura Loomer traveled to Michigan with The United West to investigate Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed, a Muslim candidate running for Governor in Michigan as a Democrat Socialist. El-Sayed is a Sharia compliant Muslim, but his political platform and talking points directly contradict Islamic law.

Dick Manasseri, Co-founder of Sharia Crime Stoppers, an organization focused on getting local law enforcement trained to understand the criminal behavior sanctioned under Sharia and what Officers could encounter on the streets of America.

Loomer sat down with Mr. Manasseri and asked him about why it’s important to know about Sharia and what people need to know about El-Sayed. Is El-Sayed practicing Taqiyya in order to become the next Governor of Michigan and advance Islam in the United States? Michigan voters will decide!

Linda Sarsour Asks World Trade Center Terrorist To Support Muslim Candidate for Michigan Governor 
Investigative journalist Laura Loomer traveled to Michigan with The United West to investigate Abdul El-Sayed, a Muslim candidate running for Governor in Michigan as a Democrat Socialist.

El-Sayed is a Sharia compliant Muslim, but his political platform and talking points directly contradict Islamic law.

When Loomer attended one of Abdul’s campaign events in Michigan, she asked him about his practice of Sharia Law and if he recognizes the conflict of being a devout Muslim while also campaigning on a Marxist political platform. The Democrats claim to be pro-women, pro-LGBTQ, and pro-equality, but each of those things are prohibited under Islamic law, which Abdul himself has said he practices.

While speaking to a group of Muslims at the 54th Annual ISNA Convention, Pro-Hamas activist and Democrat mouthpiece Linda Sarsour, who has been campaigning for Abdul El-Sayed in Michigan, expressed how much she admires her “mentor” Siraj Wahhaj, and asked him to financially support Abdul’s campaign. Siraj Wahhaj is a co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing.

Former Muslim Explains Abdul El-Sayed’s Politics
Investigative journalist Laura Loomer traveled to Michigan with The United West to investigate Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed, a Muslim candidate running for Governor in Michigan as a Democrat Socialist. El-Sayed is a Sharia compliant Muslim, but his political platform and talking points directly contradict Islamic law.

Laura interviewed someone who has seen Sharia’s impact and knows the Islamic tenets first hand. Because of that, she has asked to be disguised, including her voice for security reasons. She talks about how Islam promotes lying as a means to reach an end goal when it is required to convince non-muslims to follow a set target. Lying in Islam is called taqiya and every Muslim is required to use it to promote world domination, and it is clearly used in the 2018 campaign race for Michigan’s Governor by Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed. Example of that is Abdul’s platform and the use of the LBGTQ community when Islam has clear mandates for what should happen to that community.

Ex-Muslim Woman Warns: “Abdul El-Sayed Is Practicing Taqiya To Become Michigan Governor.”
Investigative journalist Laura Loomer traveled to Michigan with The United West to investigate Abdul El-Sayed, a Muslim candidate running for Governor in Michigan as a Democrat Socialist.

El-Sayed is a Sharia compliant Muslim, but his political platform and talking points directly contradict Islamic law.

Farrah Prudence is an ex-Muslim. Loomer sat down with her and asked her about El-Sayed. According to Farrah, El-Sayed is practicing Taqiya in order to become the next Governor of Michigan and advance Islam in the United States.

Ex-Muslim Woman Warns: “Do not vote for Abdul El-Sayed For Michigan Governor.”
Investigative journalist Laura Loomer traveled to Michigan with The United West to investigate Abdul El-Sayed, a Muslim candidate running for Governor in Michigan as a Democrat Socialist.

El-Sayed is a Sharia compliant Muslim, but his political platform and talking points directly contradict Islamic law.

Farrah Prudence is an ex-Muslim. Loomer sat down with her and asked her about El-Sayed. According to Farrah, El-Sayed is Sharia compliant and his policies pose a direct threat to women in America given his devout practice of Islamic law, which is inherently misogynistic.


Linda Sarsour: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is the Hope We Have Been Waiting For

https://democracynow.org – Tuesday was a big day for progressive Democrats. In New York, former Bernie Sanders organizer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeated Rep. Joe Crowley. In Maryland, former NAACP chair Benjamin Jealous won the Democratic gubernatorial primary. We speak to Linda Sarsour of MPower Change about what the victories mean for the Democratic Party.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Linda Sarsour has renewed and revived her jihad against Trump and her veiled incitement to violence.

Sarsour first states:

Two days after the executive order, I became the lead plaintiff in Sarsour vs. Donald J. Trump, a lawsuit filed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations against the Muslim ban based on Trump’s clear anti-Islam bias during his campaign.

The temporary ban was against countries of concern to minimize
threats to Americans from jihad attacks, violence and cultural practices
not fitting for any democracy; but Sarsour teamed up with CAIR to
present the ban as a victimization of Muslims. Jihad by immigration is
one form of conquest for Islamic supremacists. Trump’s ban stymies that
global objective.
Sarsour goes on:

Amidst the vitriol directed at me as a Palestinian
Muslim-American activist, the hardest thing for me as a mother has been
explaining to my beautiful, aware, Palestinian Muslim-American children
why the country they love is banning people who look like them and share
their faith from coming here.

Banning people “who look like them?” In terms of looks, how, pray
tell, can one definitively tell who is a Muslim Palestinian? In the case
of Sarsour herself, she once admitted that it was her hijab that transformed her from “some ordinary white girl in New York City” into a “person of color.”
The disturbing aspect to Sarsour’s words is that she has revealed
that her children (and likely others) are being taught the worst
propaganda against Americans. They’re being indoctrinated with hate,
which feeds jihadist sentiments. America is not anti-Muslim, which is
why mosques are everywhere and even free to preach the hate that has
been widely discovered in them.

There is a pattern to be observed in Sarsour’s message, reminiscent
of the indoctrination of Palestinian children against Israelis.

Palestinians are coaching children to value terrorism in its school curriculums by teaching hate and victimization; and they are taught to hate Israel in UN-funded camps.

And as reported by the New York Times, there are:

thousands of examples of Palestinian incitement against
the Jewish state and the Jewish people. There are even numerous
instances of the glorification of Hitler on the Facebook pages of some
government-supported Palestinian schools and in children’s publications
funded by the Palestinian Authority. Such messages, propagated daily in
P.A. media and classrooms, are internalized by the population at large —
and children in particular.

Sarsour plays the ultimate victim card as she issues her propagandist
call to uprising “shoulder to shoulder,” resembling a Palestinian
intifada in which the Palestinian people view themselves as oppressed
victims of Israel despite their repeated (and ongoing) attempts to
obliterate Israel:

There have been dark times like slavery, the treatment of
native Americans and the internment of Japanese Americans. During those
dark times, a silent majority turned a blind eye to grave injustice,
and we cannot let it happen again. Let us commit to standing shoulder to
shoulder against the coming storm. People are counting on us.

Arabs are still holding black slaves, wiping out Christianity in the
Middle East, throwing gays off the highest roof headfirst, murdering
apostates, infidels, minority groups and raping infidels. The usual list
goes on, while Sarsour and her ilk turn a blind eye to these grave
injustices and spread their propaganda, getting their water-carriers to
do the same. Linda Sarsour is stirring uprising against Trump and
against any movement that stands in the way of her Islamic supremacist
“Linda Sarsour: Trump’s Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Helps Unite America Against Him”, by Linda Sarsour, Time, January 30, 2018:

It was almost a week after the 2017 Women’s March —
possibly the largest single-day protest in U.S. history — that President
Trump signed an executive order temporarily banning immigrants and
refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries. At the time, I was
sitting with friends in Los Angeles and found myself in tears. I
couldn’t believe it.
The new administration was wasting no time in keeping their campaign
promises to target the communities I love and belong to. Soon after the
executive order was signed, a tweet went out asking people to show up at
airports across the country in order to stand up against the order.
I went to Los Angeles International Airport and saw an image that
continues to fill my heart with hope — hundreds of people demanding
entry for Muslim immigrants and refugees from countries placed on the
travel ban. As a Muslim American who has been working to defend the
rights of Muslims in the post 9/11 era, this act of solidarity was
especially important and meaningful.
Two days after the executive order, I became the lead plaintiff in
Sarsour vs. Donald J. Trump, a lawsuit filed by the Council on
American-Islamic Relations against the Muslim ban based on Trump’s clear
anti-Islam bias during his campaign. We were not going to sit back. We
were going to organize and fight back regardless of the consequences.
Over the past year, this administration has put forth multiple
versions of the Muslim ban, worked to rescind the Deferred Action for
Childhood Arrivals, targeted undocumented immigrants in mass deportation
sweeps and employed manipulative, hateful rhetoric against our
communities. Their shameless use of the courts to defend what they know
is immoral and unconstitutional further shows their disregard for our
nation’s laws. It has been both a privilege and an inspiration to stand
with people resisting each effort, because behind the policy arguments
are real people whose lives are being upended.
Each Muslim ban has separated families, many of whom live in my
community in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.
I know Yemeni-American fathers who are
longing to see their children but are in visa limbo in countries like
Ethiopia, Egypt and Djibouti. Syrian refugees — who have already
suffered in the journey to leave their homes — have been further
separated from half of their families because of the ban.
As a result of my advocacy on behalf of Muslims and standing
unapologetically against this administration, I have been met with
vicious attacks, smear campaigns and death threats. Amidst the vitriol
directed at me as a Palestinian Muslim-American activist, the hardest
thing for me as a mother has been explaining to my beautiful, aware,
Palestinian Muslim-American children why the country they love is
banning people who look like them and share their faith from coming
here. How do I explain to teenagers why this administration has such
contempt for them and their faith? The key for them has been our friends
and their acts of solidarity, which have helped me and my children cope
with this pain and trauma.
Since the horrific attacks of 9/11, Muslims in America have been met
with racial and religious profiling by all levels of law enforcement.
We’ve endured unwarranted and blanket surveillance, deportations and
registration programs. We’ve also been erroneously placed on no-fly
lists and experienced an exponential rise in hate crimes against our
communities. We often found ourselves advocating in small groups, or
But over the last year, I felt a shift.
This year was the first time we saw allies mobilizing for Muslims and
fighting back against the racism and bigotry directed at us. My visible
participation in the Women’s March in 2017 and the very successful
anniversary earlier this month has been a heartwarming experience for
Muslims across the world. It was inspiring.
No matter how many Muslim bans or other ugly policies are introduced
by Trump and his administration, one thing is clear — when we fight
together, we win every time. Muslims cannot do this alone, and we should
not do it alone. I ask my fellow Americans not to be distracted and to
keep the focus on building power…


 “We As Americans”: Linda Sarsour is Suing Trump Over ‘Muslim Ban’



 In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie focuses on: The Left’s Manhattan Massacre, unveiling how the utopian dream fuels Islam’s killing machine.

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Glazov Gang: Sarsour Stopped NYPD’s 
Monitoring of Jihadist Saipov’s Mosque


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
 Elder of Ziyon has made the most amazing discovery: Linda Sarsour “magically
 changed from white to a ‘woman of color’ in an instant,” just by putting on a 

Sarsour says in the above video: “When I wasn’t wearing hijab I was
just some ordinary white girl from New York City.”
That comes from a Vox video published in January 2017.

But in an April 2017 interview, there is this:

After watching Michelle Pfeiffer’s character in Dangerous Minds,
Sarsour decided to become a high school teacher, “inspiring young
people of color like me, to show them their potential.” She graduated a
year early, gave birth to her eldest son, and enrolled in community

I’ve often argued against the idea that opposition to jihad terror is
“racist” by pointing out the Islam is not a race, and that converts to
Islam don’t change their race when they change their religion. But now I
see how it works, courtesy of Linda Sarsour: conversion to Islam, or at
least devout observance of Islam, really does change one’s race! It’s
magic! Sarsour should help a sister out and call Rachel Dolezal to tell
her that all she has to do in order to become a member of her preferred
race is don a hijab.


 Published on Jul 25, 2017

Anni Cyrus exposes Linda Sarsour’s newest Jihad of finance and practice of Sharia’s jizya (FORCED TAX) on people of America.

 Thank You, Linda Sarsour

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

Through the Looking Glass’ – An Analysis of Linda Sarsour’s July 1, 2017 Speech at the 54th Annual ISNA Convention

Where ever you came from, you came to America. And you came for one reason – for one reason only – to establish Allah’s deen [a complete way of life, governed by a system of law]. Imam Siraj Wahhaj, November 15, 1991

As long as you remember that if you get involved with politics,
you have to be very careful that your leader is for Allah. You don’t get
in politics because it’s the American thing to do. You get involved in
politics because politics can be a weapon to use in the cause of Islam.
Imam Siraj Wahhaj, November 15, 1991

Before beginning an analysis of Linda Sarsour’s speech at the 54th
Annual ISNA Convention, I’d like to thank Ms. Sarsour for doing all of
us here in America (and the West) an invaluable favor.

What favor, you may ask?

Linda Sarsour has graciously accompanied us right up to the shore of the Great Sea of Islam, and allowed us to capture a rare glimpse into its impressive breadth and depth.

However, this thoughtful gesture comes with caveat, because even
though Ms. Sarsour has granted us this unique opportunity to see Islam
more clearly, we must still overcome the strong temptation to either
hide our eyes (and ears), or to simply walk away entirely.

Perhaps now, thanks to you, Ms. Sarsour, we’ll all be delivered from the powerful grip of ignorance and delusion about Islam, and we’ll finally be able to gain a better, correct understanding of The Religion of Peace ®.

More specifically, Thank You, Linda Sarsour, for so graciously showing us:

*how to use social media to blatantly distort and mischaracterize the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in real time

*how to lie (and distract) with a straight face about the deliberate and intentional efforts of Muslim Brotherhood front groups such as the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA), to impose (“normalize”) the malevolent statutes of Islamic Shariah on our Constitution, and our unalienable, endowed rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

*how to criticize women with more vindictive obscenity and cynical sarcasm than anyone on the alt-right could ever imagine

*that female genital mutilation (FGM) is barbaric, but NOT an Islamic practice, that “has no place in Detroit or anywhere else in the world,” (while ignoring the well-established fact that it is considered obligatory according to Shariah law)

*how to skillfully use ad hominem attacks on your opponents (your “oppressors”), whenever facts (such as previous public statements) get in your way

*how to enthusiastically endorse your special roster of convicted murderers

*how to extend heartwarming, sincere praise to your chosen mentor, motivator and encourager (your “favorite person in this room”), who was himself an dedicated protégé of the murderous Blind Sheikh

*that since the Muslim terrorists who massacred the Charlie Hebdo staff had “avenged the Prophet,” you would not stand with the victims, especially since the magazine was “a bigot and a racist” for publishing Muhammad cartoons, which served to “vilify my faith, dehumanize my community [and] demoralize my prophet.”

*that advocating violence against right wing Zionist media outlets, Israel and Israelis=Jews, while insisting that “nothing is creepier than Zionism,” is now considered acceptable in the red-green alliance you so passionately represent

*that support of the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions movement (BDS), under the banner of true feminism and social justice, has become so obviously avant-garde and progressive

*that for all those Islam-bashers out there who “spout anti-Muslim, xenophobic and white-supremacist beliefs” (along with “right-wing Zionists, and Islamophobes”), you are our self-proclaimed worst nightmare

Yes, Linda Sarsour, Thank You, for showing us the best possible
reflection of what a first-generation, native born Palestinian-American Champion of Change really should look like.

Analysis of Linda Sarsour’s July 01, 2017 Speech At The 54th Annual ISNA Convention

His announcements and his talk have made an incredible measure of mischief [to] the American Muslim people group.

ISNA President Azhar Azeez, June 30, 2017 (referring to President Donald Trump’s efforts to reform immigration)

This is a “through the looking glass” analysis of Linda Sarsour’s July 01, 2017, speech at the 54th Annual Islamic Society of North America Convention, entitled Hope & Guidance Through the Quran, which was held in Chicago, IL from June 30 through July 3, 2017.

Just above, I summarized several years of opinions and public
statements that have made Linda Sarsour a highly visible media figure.
This is the “looking glass” (mirror) that the general public gets to

Meanwhile, as we’ll see in the following phrase-by-phrase
analysis of Linda Sarsour’s ISNA speech, there is an entirely different
dimension of meaning that lies camouflaged behind the everyday words
and phrases she used during her presentation.

Let us now walk through this looking glass, into Sarsour’s ISNA-endorsed
world of the Quran, Hadith and Shariah, as we examine the deeper
Islamic meanings that lie hidden behind the veil of common American

Also, we should keep in mind that the federal government has already proven that the ISNA is a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood, the parent organization of Hamas, and that for nearly 10 years, the ISNA has remained listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) trial, still the largest terrorist financing trial in American history.

It should also be noted that the ISNA is prominently listed in a May 5, 1991 document entitled An Explanatory Memorandum On the General Strategic Goal for the Group In North America, as one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s self-described “organizations of our friends.”

The same Muslim Brotherhood strategic document, which was drafted for
internal review as early as 1987, also lists the ISNA Fiqh Committee,
the ISNA Political Awareness Committee, and the ISNA+Dr. Jamal Badawi Foundation (Islamic Information Foundation), as friends of the “Muslim Brotherhood Group in North America.”

In addition, Jamal Badawi, who also remains listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the HLF trial, has been an ISNA member since its inception on July 14, 1981. Dr. Badawi joined the ISNA Board of Directors (Majlis Ash-Shura) in 1988
and also served on the board of the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT)
from 1991 until 1993. Along with the ISNA and the Council on American
Islamic Relations (CAIR), the NAIT was also named as an unindicted
co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trail.

With all this in mind, we might ask: Who was the real target audience
for Linda Sarsour’s speech? Was it the American general public, or was
it the ISNA’s core leadership (Majlis Ash-Shura), who were assembled there at the annual conference?

A partial answer to this question will be found in a particular phrase on Page 1, Paragraph 1, of the Explanatory Memorandum. In Arabic, the phrase is Al-Qaeda Al-Islamia Al-Moltzema, while in English, it is translated as the Observant (Obedient) Muslim Base.

Yes, Al-Qaeda, the word translated here as “Base,” is the very same
word we commonly associate with Jihadist groups throughout the world.
However, in its original meaning, Al-Qaeda is actually an important
socio-political concept, i.e., a “base of operations,” rather than a
violent terrorist organization operating somewhere far away in
Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria.

In the context of her ISNA-endorsed speech, this is the “Base,” (audience), i.e., the ISNA Board of Directors, or Majlis Ash-Shura, that Ms. Sarsour was specifically addressing.

Ms. Sarsour’s calls to socio-political tactical action are actually
based on well-established Islamic strategic principles, and were closely
parallel to the call(s) to action (and Quranic warnings) found in a
carefully-written document entitled AMJA Post-Election Statement: Principles and Roadmap, which was published by the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA) on November 28, 2016.

A careful analysis of this 14-paragraph document, which regards the election of Donald Trump as President a disruptive calamity and source of oppression (see Sarsour’s comments on oppression below) for the Muslim community, can be found here. Officially known in Arabic as the Majama Fuqaha Al-Shariah B’Amrikia
(Group of Shariah Specialists in America), the AMJA is openly promoting
the implementation of Islamic Shariah, right here in America.

This is in direct violation of Article 6 of the U.S. Constitution, which reads:

This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall
be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be
made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law
of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby.

To put this all in context, Sarsour’s speech before the ISNA leadership echoes the strategic and tactical plans of both the “Muslim Brotherhood Group in North America,” as outlined in the Explanatory Memorandum, drafted thirty years ago, and in the AMJA Roadmap, published just two weeks after the November 2016 election.

Note: This analysis is presented in a chronological
time sequence. Specific comments or phrases are cited by marking the
time they occurred in Ms. Sarsour’s speech, e.g., (3:01)

Honoring Imam Siraj Wahhaj as “My favorite person in the room” (1:50-2:33)

Much has already been written about Siraj Wahhaj, Imam of Masjid At-Taqwa in Brooklyn, NY, who was listed as an “unindicted person who may be alleged as co-conspirators” in the 1993 World Trade Center
bombing, and stated that the bombing was a terrorist attack staged by
the U.S. government and possibly Israel as a “conspiracy” against Islam.

What does it say about Ms. Sarsour, who considers Imam Wahhaj to be her mentor,
when Wahhaj supported Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, who was charged
with the attempted assassination of Egyptian leader Anwar Al-Sadat, and
said while leading the Al Farouq mosque in Brooklyn that, “We must
terrorize the enemies of Islam and…shake the earth under their feet.”

In fact, what does endorsing and supporting Siraj Wahhaj say about the leadership of the ISNA?

To be fair, we should also ask why the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC would feature Siraj Wahhaj as their ‘Grand Imam’ at its first everJumah [Gathering] At The DNC”?

Allah is the Best of Protectors (3:01)

This phrase is taken directly from Quran 3.150 and Quran 12.64, Allah is the Best of Protectors (Al-Hafiz in Arabic).

For more on this concept from an Islamic perspective, especially the
severe admonition not to take non-Muslims as helpers or protectors, or
against obeying disbelievers and hypocrites, because such obedience
leads to utter destruction in this life and the Hereafter, see here, here and also see Tafsir Ibn Kathir for Quran 3.150.

In America, Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism (5:32-5:45)

Patriotism in your home country is different than patriotism in
these United States of America. In this country, in the land of freedom
of speech, in the land of democracy, dissent is the highest form of

Is Linda Sarsour correct? Is dissent really the highest form of patriotism in America?

Apparently, the earliest documented use of this phrase is found in a 1961 Friends Peace Committee publication entitled, The Use of Force in International Affairs: “If what your country is doing seems to you practically and morally wrong, is dissent the highest form of patriotism?” The Friends Peace Committee is a Quaker anti-war group that was founded in the 1880’s.

It was also used repeatedly during the Vietnam era, as when New York Mayor John Lindsay declared during an October 15, 1969, speech at Columbia University, “We
cannot rest content with the charge from Washington that this peaceful
protest is unpatriotic…The fact is that this dissent is the highest form
of patriotism

In a July 3, 2002 interview, Howard Zinn said, “While
some people think that dissent is unpatriotic, I would argue that
dissent is the highest form of patriotism. In fact, if patriotism means
being true to the principles for which your country is supposed to
stand, then certainly the right to dissent is one of those principles.
And if we’re exercising that right to dissent, it’s a patriotic act.

While dissent may truly be a form of patriotism (depending on the
circumstances), so is defending the freedoms and liberties that our
Creator endowed us with, as documented in the Declaration of
Independence, and the U.S. Constitution.

Whether or not dissent is a higher form of patriotism than defense of
our Constitutional freedoms depends entirely on motive, i.e., is it
designed to undermine or supplant the Constitution, or strengthen and
support it?

Sorry, Ms. Sarsour, but according to Article 6, Islamic Shariah will never
be compatible with the Constitution, which means that, here in America,
dissent for the sake of Islam cannot possibly be the highest form of

Policies that Oppress the communities that they came from…(5:45-5:55)

This is the moment when Ms. Sarsour introduces the central theme of
her speech, which is the volatile Islamic concept of fighting or
striving (Jihad) against Oppression (Fitnah فِتْنَةَ, which occurs at least 60 times in the Quran). Fitnah is also translated as Affliction, Confusion, Disbelief (Shirk),
Discord, Dissention, Distress, Domination, Mischief, Sedition, Strife,
Testing, Trials, Tumult, Opposition, Persecution and Punishments.

To further build her case, Ms. Sarsour goes on to say that if you [the ISNA audience] maintain the current status quo that not only oppresses Muslims…you, my dear sisters and brothers, you are aligned with the oppressor…if you are neutral in the face of oppression in this country…you are not a patriot, you are aiding and abetting the oppressors in these United States of America (6:09-6:35)

The concept of fighting or striving (Jihad) against Oppression (Fitnah)
is a 1,400 year old doctrine, deeply embedded within the founding
ideology of Islam. From such a Quranic perspective, the consequences of
transgressing the statutes and commandments of Shariah law, or of oppressing (opposing or preventing ) the Islamic community from following the laws of Allah, warrants a Shariah-authorized violent response toward all such ‘rulers and tyrants.’

For example, in 2014, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, wrote to President Barack Obama about his views on the situation in Iraq, Gaza and Palestine, while also commenting about “Muslim oppression at the hands of the West in general and the United States in particular.”

For three explicit Quranic examples, see Quran 2.190: Fight in the way of Allah those who fight you but do not transgress. Indeed, Allah does not like transgressors, Quran 21.9: Then We fulfilled for them the promise, and We saved them and whom We willed and destroyed the transgressors, and Quran 2.193 Fight
them until there is no [more] Fitnah [oppression] and [until] worship
is [acknowledged to be] for Allah. But if they cease, then there is to
be no aggression, except against the oppressors

The concept of Oppression is also discussed in extensive detail in the Hadith (Bukhari), Volume 4, Section 43, and in Tafsir Ibn Kathir for Quran 8.73

What is the Best Form of Jihad, or Struggle? (7:02-7:04)

After introducing the concept of Oppression (Fitnah), Ms. Sarsour segues into a discussion of fighting or striving (Jihad) against Oppression, by recounting a passage from the Hadith: “What is the best form of Jihad”?

Paraphrasing the Hadith, Ms. Sarsour then provides the answer, which is, “A word of truth, truth in front of a tyrant, ruler or leader, that is the best form of Jihad.”

At this point, it is also important to note that the phrase “The best Jihad is speaking the truth to an unjust ruler” also occurs in Chapter Q1.2(3) of Reliance of the Traveller, which is the world’s most authoritative English translation of Islamic Shariah.

Also, Chapter Q2.4(4) of Reliance begins a section entitled Being Able To Censure, which includes the following incredible endorsement of what we call lone-wolf terrorists, or lone-wolf Jihadists:

There is no disagreement among scholars that it is permissible for a
single Muslim to attack battle lines of unbelievers headlong and fight
them even if he knows he will be killed…Such censure is only
praiseworthy when one is able to eliminate the wrong and one’s action will produce some benefit.

The phrase eliminate the wrong in Chapter Q2.4(4) is just the theological equivalent for what we call Socio-Political Activism in the secular (non-Islamic) arena.

All of Book Q in Reliance is under the main heading of THE OBLIGATION TO COMMAND THE RIGHT (AND FORBID THE WRONG), which is derived from Quran 3.104.

For additional detail on the concept of enjoining Al-Maruf (all that Islam orders) and forbidding Al-Munkar (all that Islam has forbidden), see Tafsir Ibn Kathir for Quran 3.104.

It is disingenuous, at best, for Ms. Sarsour to claim that she wasn’t talking about violence, or that she is being persecuted by the alt-right, for her statements about the Best Form of Jihad, when she is well aware (and so is her ISNA audience), of the deeper, inflammatory, theological connotations of her remarks.

A Note on Linda Sarsour’s use of the phrase “A Word of Truth” (7:10-7:18)

In his July 11, 2017 article entitled Linda Sarsour Defends Her Call for Jihad Against President Donald Trump, writer Neil Munro made the following observation:

Sarsour’s “word of truth” phrase seems like a Western-style appeal
for debate, but for Muslim activists, truth is only found in the Koran’s
transcribed instructions from Allah, which include his frequent calls
for warfare against his enemies.

That ‘word of truth’ phrase also evokes the dramatic courtroom
defense strategy adopted by the “Blind Sheik” Omar Abdel Rahman, who was
accused by the Egyptian government of urging the murder of Egyptian
dictator Anwar Sadat in 1981.

Shortly after Sadat was murdered, Rahman was accused by the Egyptian
government of urging the murder of Sadat in prior religious tracts. But
Rahman pressured the Egyptian government and judges to declare him
innocent by portraying himself as merely a blameless messenger of the
Koran’s denunciations against oppressors.

This is what “A Word of Truth” looks like, when you go through the looking glass, and look at the world through the eyes of Islam.

And I hope…that Allah accepts from us that as a form of Jihad, that we are struggling against tyrants and rulers…but here in these United States of America (7:23-7:29)

This is the part of Ms. Sarsour’s speech that received the most attention (and criticism) in the media. In an attempt to defend her comments, she posted a July 09, 2017 editorial in the Washington Post, entitled Islamophobes Are Attacking Me Because I’m Their Worst Nightmare.

In her editorial, Ms. Sarsour made the following assertions:

Most disturbing about this recent defamation campaign is how it is
focused on demonizing the legitimate yet widely misunderstood Islamic
term I used, “jihad,” which to majority of Muslims and according to
religious scholars means “struggle” or “to strive for.” This term has
been hijacked by Muslim extremists and right-wing extremists alike,
leaving ordinary Muslims to defend our faith and in some cases silenced.
It sets a dangerous precedent when people of faith are policed and when
practicing their religion peacefully comes with consequences.

At this point, an obvious question arises: Is Linda Sarsour correct that the term Jihad “has been hijacked by Muslim extremists and right-wing extremists alike”?

Let’s start with Chapter O9.0 of Reliance, which defines Jihad in the following manner:

Jihad means to war against non-Muslims, and is etymologically derived from the word Mujahada signifying warfare to establish the religion. And it is the lesser Jihad. As for the greater Jihad, it is spiritual warfare against the lower self (Nafs), which is why the Prophet said as he was returning from Jihad.

Then, in Chapter H8.17 of Reliance, in a section entitled Those Fighting for Allah, we find the following discussion of Jihad:

The seventh category [of giving charity] is those fighting for Allah,
meaning people engaged in Islamic military operations for whom no
salary has been allotted in the army roster (O: but who are volunteers
for jihad without remuneration). They are given enough to suffice them
for the operation, even if affluent; of weapons, mounts, clothing, and
expenses (O: for the duration of the journey, round trip, and the time
they spend there, even if prolonged. Though nothing has been mentioned
here of the expense involved in supporting such people’s families during this period, it seems clear that they should also be given it).

In addition to what is found in Reliance, it is also important to note that variants of the root word Jihad occur about 40 times in the Quran. In virtually every case, it is obvious from the plain Arabic meaning of the text, that Jihad means to wage war against non-Muslims.

It seems pretty obvious that the leaders of Turkey recognize the full meaning of Jihad, too. On July 22, 2017,
Ahmet Hamdi Çamlı, a deputy of the governing Justice and Development
Party (AKP), participated in a debate about the introduction of the
concept of jihad, or holy war, into the national school curriculum.
During the debate, Çamlı said it is useless to teach math to a child who
does not know the concept of jihad, while also asserting that jihad is
one of the main pillars of Islam. The previous week, Ankara Minister of
Education İsmet Yılmaz said, “Jihad is an element in our religion; it is
in our religion…”

Fascists, and White Supremacists and Islamophobes reigning in the White House (7:30-7:38)

This is another subject that is discussed extensively in the Quran (for example, see verses 10.83, 28.19 and 40.35), and in Reliance. Chapter P13.0 of Reliance is entitled The Leader Who Misleads His Following, the Tyrant and Oppressor. Section P13.1 refers to Quran 42.42,
which says: “The dispute (lit. ‘way against’) is only with those who
oppress people and wrongfully commit aggression in the land; these will
have a painful torment.”

In Section Q1.2(4) of Reliance, it is
written: The Prophet said, “When you see my Community too intimidated by
an oppressor to tell him, ‘You are a tyrant,’ then you may as well say
goodbye to them.”

The Tafsir Ibn Kathir for Quran 40.35
says, “[Tyrants] who attempt to refute truth with falsehood and who
dispute the proof without evidence or proof from Allah, Allah will hate
them with the utmost loathing. It is greatly hateful and disgusting to
Allah, and to those who believe…”

From an Islamic perspective, Ms. Sarsour is well aware of the
volatile implications of calling President Trump a tyrant, fascist, white supremacist or Islamophobe.

Islamophobia Industry…if those who choose to vandalize our masjids [mosques]…if they are treating us like we are one community, why are we not acting like one community…(8:42-9:06)

According to Nathan Lean, author of The Islamophobia Industry,

Fear sells and the Islamophobia Industry – a right-wing
cadre of intellectual hucksters, bloggers, politicians, pundits, and
religious leaders – knows that all too well. For years they have labored
behind the scenes to convince their compatriots that Muslims are the
enemy, exhuming the ghosts of 9/11 and dangling them before the eyes of
horrified populations for great fortune and fame.

Their plan has worked. The tide of Islamophobia that is sweeping
through Europe and the United States is not a naturally occurring
phenomenon. It is their design.

A June 24, 2016 Al Jazeera article entitled Report: Islamophobia Is A Multimillion-Dollar Industry claims that,

More than $200m was spent towards promoting “fear and
hatred” of Muslims in the United States by various organisations between
2008 and 2013, according to a fresh joint report by the Council on
American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the University of California,

Released on Monday , the report [Confronting Fear]
identifies 74 groups, including feminist, Christian, Zionist and
prominent news organisations, which either funded or fostered
Islamophobia. “It is an entire industry of itself. There are people
making millions of dollars per year from promoting Islamophobia. They
often present themselves as experts on Islamic affairs when they are
not,” Wilfredo Amr Ruiz, a spokesman for CAIR, told Al Jazeera.

At least 32 states have introduced and debated anti-sharia or
anti-foreign law bills. And, according to our research, 80 percent of
legislators who sponsor this type of legislation also sponsor bills
restricting the rights of other minorities and vulnerable groups.

If Ms. Sarsour wants to put an end to the Islamophobia Industry, she
should simply stand up for the Constitution, and stop promoting the
normalization of Shariah in America.

Potentially horrific time that could come (9:20)

This is a direct parallel to Paragraph 8 of the AMJA Roadmap, which states:

Islam, with respect to its belief and legal foundations is unalterably fixed. It does not accept any replacement for change…A
Muslim must comply with his faith and refer confusing or troublesome
matters to the well-grounded scholars. AMJA is of the view that there
has yet to occur – and they do not expect to occur – a situation in
which one is required to flee with one’s faith, or wherein one is excused from performing some parts of the faith’s teachings.

Note on the phrase Flee With One’s Faith’: This refers to the Hijrah (Migration),
another fundamental concept in Islam, with connotations going back
1,400 years, to the founding history of Islam. At this point, the
Roadmap introduces the possibility that Muslims in America may have to
flee to a safer location, for the sake of their faith. Socially, this is
a very provocative (and potentially inflammatory) statement by the
AMJA. It engenders immediate animosity and tension, and serves to
further alienate and marginalize the Muslim community in America.

Notice also that in this time of crisis, the AMJA is not encouraging
Muslims to assimilate into American mainstream culture, but instead
advises them to further distance themselves from it, while surrounding
themselves with the protective wall of Shariah law, and preparing for the possibility of leaving the country entirely.

We need to build coalitions; we need allies…in communities who are marginalized and oppressed in this country (10:23-10:32)

Ms. Sarsour also refers to building coalitions as “creating intersectional alliances within communities of color, and other oppressed minorities,” while her biography
says she is “most known for her intersectional coalition work and
building bridges across issues, racial, ethnic and faith communities.”

Remarkably, building coalitions is also specifically called for in Paragraph 11 of the AMJA Roadmap:

Among the most important of obligations
during these days is to open our doors to all sectors of our society and
to reach out to the other ethnic and religious groups as well as
political movements on both the left and right of the political
spectrum. This will be the only way to stop those who deal in hate.

This is AMJA’s call (and official authorization) for American Muslims
to form coalitions with a diversity of ethnic and religious groups, as
well as movements on the left and right of the political spectrum. In
other words, to start forming new alliances, in as many different arenas
as possible, to build a wall of resistance.

Some of the organizations involved in this AMJA-authorized effort to develop common-cause alliances include the 2017 Women’s March on Washington, the Black Lives Matter movement, ANSWER Coalition, the Tides Foundation, and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

In Islamic terms, phrases like creating intersectional alliances and building bridges across issues, racial, ethnic and faith communities are socio-political substitutes for what is known as Dawah, which means to invite or summon someone, in order to teach them more about Islam.

Quran 16:125
calls Muslims to, “Invite (all) to the Way of your Lord with wisdom and
beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most
gracious.” Dawah is mentioned at least 19 times in the Explanatory Memorandum. In fact, Mohamed Akram Adlouni, the author of the memo, signs the Foreword with the salutation, May God reward you good and keep you for His Daw’a, Your brother, Mohamed Akram.

Paragraph 12 of the AMJA Roadmap reinforces this premise:

From among the most important obligations during this
stage is to support those institutions and organizations that serve the
Muslim community, such as those interested in defending freedoms, civil
rights and political activism, those dedicated to social services and
relief, and those dedicated to Dawah,
religious instruction and providing religious rulings. It is most
unbelievable that there are some who cry over the state of the community
and then they are too stingy to donate their time or money to such
organizations. Worse than that are those who are even too stingy to pray
for them or give them a kind word. But the worst of all are those who seek to destroy such organizations.

U.S.-based Shariah-promoting organizations include the AMJA itself, as well as the Fatwa Center of America, the North American Imam’s Federation (NAIT), and the Institute of Islamic Education (IIE), which is part of a network of Islamic schools (Madrassas) operating across America.

So, when we go through the looking glass, we find out that Linda
Sarsour is channeling (mainstreaming) the strategic goals of the Muslim
Brotherhood here in America, as found in both the Explanatory Memorandum, and in the AMJA Roadmap.

We also discover that creating intersectional alliances is
really just the cynical use of American style politics and social
activism for the promotion of Islam, and, ultimately, to push us toward
acceptance (normalization) of Islamic Shariah.

Giving support to ICNA Relief, ISNA, CAIR, MAS (13:43-13:48)

All four of these organizations are known front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR and ISNA remain unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation trial, while ICNA Relief and the Muslim American Society (MAS), have also been linked to support of terrorism (specifically, to the support of Hamas).

What does it say about Linda Sarsour, that she would encourage
(exhort) Muslims in America to increase their financial support of these
known pro-Shariah, pro-Jihad Muslim Brotherhood organizations?

And we still as a community find ourselves unprepared, in so
many moments…Why, sisters and brothers, why are we so unprepared, Why
are we so afraid of this administration, and the potential chaos, that
they will ensue on our community…? (14:10-14:45)

At this point, Ms. Sarsour reinforces her basic theme, which is to
resist the tyrannical, racist, relentlessly Islamophobic Trump
administration. She also uses the word ‘chaos,’ which is just another
adjective for the Islamic concept of Fitnah.

From an Islamic (Quranic) perspective, she is now calling for the Muslim community in America to Prepare themselves fight Jihad against the Fitnah of the Islamophobic Trump administration.

The motto of the Muslim Brotherhood is Wa’a’idu (وَأَعِدُّو), which is translated “Be Prepared,” or “Make Ready.” Make ready for what, exactly?

The answer is found in Quran 8.60 (Al-Anfal – The Spoils of War), which says:

And prepare against them whatever you are able of power
and of steeds of war by which you may terrify the enemy of Allah and
your enemy and others besides them whom you do not know [but] whom Allah
knows. And whatever you spend in the cause of Allah will be fully
repaid to you, and you will not be wronged.

Also see Tafsir Ibn Kathir for Quran 8.60,
which makes it very plain that this entire verse (in fact, the entire
Chapter) is about preparing to wage war against unbelievers.

Once again, the Explanatory Memorandum has already laid the groundwork for the path that Ms. Sarsour (and the ISNA) are now following. In a section entitled Understanding The Role Of The Muslim Brother In North America, the following emphatic declarations are made:

The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the word means. The Ikhwan [Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad
in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and
“sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the
believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious
over all other religions. Without this level of understanding, we are
not up to this challenge and have not prepared ourselves for Jihad yet. It is a Muslim’s destiny to perform Jihad and
work wherever he is and wherever he lands until the final hour comes,
and there is no escape from that destiny except for those who chose to
slack. But, would the slackers and the Mujahedeen be equal.

Page 8 of the Memo also addresses the theme of being prepared:

And in order for the process of settlement to be completed, we must plan and work from now to equip and prepare ourselves,
our brothers, our apparatuses, our sections and our committees in order
to turn into comprehensive organizations in a gradual and balanced way
that is suitable with the need and the reality

All of this sounds remarkably similar to the major themes that Linda
Sarsour emphasized during her ISNA speech. In fact, Ms. Sarsour was
obviously warning her ISNA audience, as well as the wider Muslim
community, not be caught unprepared, or to be numbered among those who
are counted as ‘slackers’ by Allah.

Now that we’ve gone through this part of the looking glass, we can
finally get beyond the outward persona, and the social media hype, and
the cultural barriers, and the gender sensitivities, and just listen to
the actual words that Ms. Sarsour is saying.

When we do that, we soon discover that she is speaking a dialect of English that is 100 percent pure Muslim Brotherhood.

When I think about building power, I think about brothers
like Abdul Sayed, who is in this room today, who is running to become
the first Muslim Governor of the state of Michigan (14:49-16:07)

To set an example of taking direct action (i.e., political Jihad),
Ms. Sarsour now endorses Abdul Sayed [Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed],
who was seated in the audience, while urging the audience to donate to
his political campaign (cue the applause).

At the same time, Ms. Sarsour also criticized “establishment
Democrats” who have blocked Muslims from succeeding within the
Democratic Party in the past, and declared that brother Sayed would
change that.

On February 25, 2017, Dr. Abdul El-Sayed announced his bid to become the Democratic candidate for Governor of Michigan. Dr. Sayed graduated from the University of Michigan on June 11, 2007,
where he served as Vice President of the Muslim Students Association
(MSA), and was also chosen for a [Paul & Daisy] Soros “New American” Fellowship.

With nearly 600 chapters located in the United States and Canada, the Muslim Students Association (MSA)
is the most visible and influential Islamic student organization in
North America. The MSA was incorporated in January of 1963 by members of
the Muslim Brotherhood at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign,
with the goal of “spreading Islam as students in North America,” and for the specific purpose of Dawah (promoting Islam, as discussed above).

Dr. Sayed has grown up in an environment saturated with Muslim
Brotherhood ideology. If he is selected to run as the first Muslim
Democratic candidate for Governor of Michigan, it will likely draw
national (and international) interest.

We have to stay outraged…We as a Muslim community in these
United States of America have to be Perpetually Outraged every single
[day] (18:52-19:01)

Even this concept – Staying Perpetually Outraged – is alluded to in Reliance. The title of Book Q is COMMANDING THE RIGHT AND FORBIDDING THE WRONG, which is based on a passage
from the Hadith, “Command the right and forbid the wrong, or Allah will
put the worst of you in charge of the best of you, and the best will
supplicate Allah and be left unanswered.”

To add further context, Book Q of Reliance specifically discusses how Muslims should actively oppose the unjust leader (the tyrant,
the oppressor), who does not rule his people according to Islamic
Shariah. Perhaps now, we can better understand why Ms. Sarsour’s
determination to stay perpetually outraged is actually authorized by Islamic law.

Then, Chapter Q5.0 of Book Q, which is entitled THE ACT OF CENSURING,
provides eight ‘degrees’ (levels) of authorized response when a Muslim
encounters a non-Islamic ‘wrong act.’ Each one of these progressively
more violent eight levels of response has ‘various degrees of severity
and rules.’

For brevity, I will just include the main title of each one of the eight authorized degrees of response to a wrong act (i.e., Fitnah).

Q5.2: Knowledge of the Wrong Act

Q5.3: Explaining that Something is Wrong

Q5.4: Forbidding the Act Verbally

Q5.5: Censuring with Harsh Words

Q5.6: Fighting the Wrong By Hand

Q5.7: Intimidation

Q5.8: Assault

Q5.9: Force of Arms

Ms. Sarsour, haven’t we been told repeatedly that Islam is a benign, harmless religion of peace?

Do not ever be those citizens that normalize this
administration, because when the day comes that something horrific
happens to us, or to another community…you will be responsible for
normalizing this administration…(19:18)

Once again, we can turn to the Quran, and to Reliance to find the deeper source of what Ms. Sarsour refers to as “normalization” of a corrupt, tyrannical regime.

For example, Quran 4.89 warns Muslims that:

They wish you would disbelieve as they disbelieved so you would be alike. So do not take from among them allies until
they emigrate for the cause of Allah. But if they turn away, then seize
them and kill them wherever you find them and take not from among them
any ally or helper.

Quran 5.51 gives an even more specific warning:

O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies.
They are [in fact] allies of one another. And whoever is an ally to
them among you – then indeed, he is [one] of them. Indeed, Allah guides
not the wrongdoing people.

Section R7.1 of also Reliance reiterates this theme:

It is not permissible to give directions
and the like to someone intending to perpetrate a sin, because it is
helping another to commit disobedience. Allah Most High says, “Do not
assist one another in sin and aggression” (Quran 5.2).

Once again, as we go through another part of the looking glass, we
find that Ms. Sarsour’s use of the term “normalization” is just a
secular (political) equivalent of the well-established Islamic concept
of opposing (“striving against” = Jihad) tyrants and unjust rulers.

Our number one and top priority is to protect and defend our
community; it is not to assimilate and to please any other people in

The admonition to avoid assimilation
into non-Muslim cultures is found in multiple places in the Quran (as
in verse 5.51, cited above), as well as in the fundamental Islamic
doctrine known as Al-Wala’ Wa’l-Bara (Loyalty and Enmity; see here and here), and in the Explanatory Memorandum, as stated here in paragraph 7 of the section entitled The Process of Settlement:

The success of the [Islamic] Movement in America in
establishing an observant Islamic base with power and effectiveness will
be the best support and aid to the global Movement project…the global
Movement has not succeeded yet in “distributing roles” to its branches,
stating what is needed from them as one of the participants or
contributors to the project to establish the global Islamic state. The day this happens, the children of the American Ikhwani [Brotherhood] branch will have far-reaching impact and positions that make the ancestors proud.

In other words, more than thirty years ago, the leadership of the
Muslim Brotherhood movement in North America was already looking ahead,
to the time when an entire generation of American children would be
raised under the influence of orthodox Ikhwan ideology, with the hope that this future American Muslim generation would play a central role in the establishment of a Shariah-compliant, global Islamic state (= Caliphate).

Nor is this strategic goal of non-assimilation and separation unique
to North America. Islamic communities in many western countries are in
the process of balkanizing, as they rapidly transform into Shariah-compliant “no-go zones.”

Finally, if we refer one last time to the AMJA Roadmap, we find that
in this time of calamity, chaos and crisis (i.e., the tyrannical Trump
Administration), the AMJA scholars are not encouraging American Muslims
to assimilate into mainstream culture, but instead advising them to
further distance themselves from it, while building a protective barrier
of Shariah, and preparing for the possibility of leaving the country entirely.

No wonder, then, that Linda Sarsour would feel compelled remind the
audience of the ISNA, the premier Muslim Brotherhood organization in
America, that their top priority is to “defend and protect our community; it is not to assimilate.”

Our top priority…even higher than all those [other] priorities, is to please Allah, and only Allah (19:52)

The concept of pleasing only Allah is found in at least 110 verses in the Quran, such as this example from Quran 5.55:

Your Guardian [Friend, Helper or Protector] can be only Allah; and His messenger and those who believe, who establish worship and pay the poor due, and bow down (in prayer).

As Linda Sarsour has said, we must be prepared.

Even if you don’t believe me (yet), then at least take a look at the world around you.

It remains my hope that America will never succumb to the temptation to hide our eyes (and ears) from the threat(s) we face.



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